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I enjoy making videos, but if Dota 2 won't let me use old invoker keys, I can't produce awesome videos for Dota 2. Who knows, with more practice, I might be able to cast 30+ spells with the old keys. Here are the list Warkey for Invoker: Alt+Q = Cold Snap Alt+W = Ice Wall Alt+E = Ghost Walk Alt+A = EMP Alt+S = Tornado Alt+D = Alacrity Alt+Z = Sun Strike Alt+X = Chaos Meteor Alt+C = Forged Spirit Alt+V = Deafening Blast Alt+1 = cast spell. Last game went 2/10/21 and we lost due to complete stupidity by everyone, especially us on bot lane, in our team. He can deal tons of burst damages with his Minus Armor combined with +Damage.

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Invoker (DotA), Invoker (DotA 2) This article is a disambiguation page for Invoker. I've tried to make a keybinding but it doesn't work as below. Invoker builds up a charge of electromagnetic energy at a targeted location which automatically detonates after 2.9 seconds. This name was excised upon Invoker's release in January; the lore currently refers to him only as "the Invoker".

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As a longtime Ubuntu user and Dota player I d like to share some of the different space represents what will be printed if the button isRecommended Warkeys RGC Warkeys by Iamkillingyou Another. Adaptation Species Change: A dwarf in Dota 1 and a Keen in Dota 2. Annoying Laugh: Most Keens are known to have obnoxious voice, but Sniper pretty much is the reigning king of obnoxious voice and laugh, and he's not afraid to shove his laugh to others, which will be heard to everyone in the vicinity. 50 Beautiful DOTA 2 Posters & Heroes Silhouette HD Wallpapers https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=934. Here is the Download for Dota Ai 6.86: For another version you can also Download Dota Ai CN (Dota Ai Reborn 6.86): Dota 6.86 Ai Update and Changelog The Dota Map Ai 6.86 is inspired by the latest Dota 2 Patch 6.86f.

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Other hotkeys in the legacy key template can be re-bound freely. I let you use your brain a bit to complete this script and start owning people ingame. I still have a doubt about the "cheat" aspect of the thing. DOTA Customkey Generator.

Alternate Hero Names

Download the best dota hotkeys for you. Hotkeys are default QWERTY. Last updated 05/05/14 Posted 05/01/2020 by LithiumSedai. A History of Dota: Part 1.

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Having three reagents with him, Quas, Wex & Exort and by combining them you form a new spell. Invoker key dota 1. After his people were broken and scattered to the corners of the earth, Kael was left with only the relics of his once great world. Scourge hero, Invoker (It's like the current Invoker, but has 31 spells rather than the current 10. He was too overpowered, so IceFrog shut him in a small black room for a long time before letting him out).

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No flaming or derogatory remarks, directly or through insinuation. Angry Birds Rio 1.4.4 + Crack + Serial = 100% working. Dota 2 Immortal Spotlight – Immortal Treasure I blog. Last Achievements [DOTA] Invoker AHK boilerplate.

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Install and manage your mods easily with community-made 1-Click mod downloaders. Find all Invoker stats and find build guides to help you play DOTA 2. DOTA 2 Item Give-away.

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Is there an in-game keyboard hotkey that you can execute to see Invoker's skill selection and their hotkeys. Deals damage for each point of mana drained. Hotkeys can be a single key, a combination of keys, middle mouse, scroll mouse, or extra mouse buttons. Since whenever you Invoke the F key spell gets destroyed, I usually tend to run my combos from right to left.

Beginner's Guide to Team Composition and Roles

This is a guide written for new players as well as low-rank players (Legend or below) such as myself.
There's a lot of great guides out there by Jenkins, Elwono and many others to help us new players, and also comprehensive introduction to Dota by Purge which is amazing. This guide is a bit different. While all of those guides focus on how to actually improve your skill and get better at the game, the purpose of this guide is to entertain you and intrigue you with some insights about team composition. If you watch pro games, you may find this interesting, and it may answer certain questions about roles and lanes. I must provide a disclaimer and say that as far as pubs are concerned at our levels, 90% of the discussion below is absolutely irrelevant and will not do anything to improve your gameplay in any way.
So first, let's try to categorize the 5 heroes playing in one team. There are 3 different ways we can think about categorizing heroes:
  1. Lane - The setup of which hero going in what lane
  2. Role - What are the key job(s) of each heroes throughout the game
  3. Win condition - This decides the farm priority of the 5 heroes
We will use the 5 most played heroes in the last 12 months (other than Pudge) as examples: Lion, Ogre Magi, Invoker, Wind Ranger, Phantom Assassin.
1. Team Composition by Lane
The first is the simplest, and the one most familiar to most of us.
Let's say you are radiant. The bottom lane is called the safe lane, and the top lane is called the off lane. Usually, the heroes on your team will play in a 2-1-2 laning formation which means 2 heroes top (offlane), 1 hero mid, and 2 heroes bottom (safelane).
Usually we will see an Invoker going mid. The PA is likely to go bot as the Safelane Carry. Windranger can somehow hold top, so she's the Offlane. Ogre and Lion are supports - between them, Lion is not really that dependent on items early, and can afford to be more selfless. Ogre Magi is also not that much item dependent, but craves the Arcane Boot than Lion craves his first item. So that leaves Ogre Magi as the Soft Support and Lion as the Hard Support. So the team compositions by lanes is:
  • Safelane Carry - Phantom Assassin
  • Midlane - Invoker
  • Offlane - Windranger
  • Soft Support - Ogre Magi
  • Hard Support - Lion
We will usually see the Soft Support go to the Offlane and the Hard Support go to the Safelane, though this is not always the case.
2. Team Composition by Roles
Now going by roles, Phantom Assassin is the carry of the team. The term "carry" means that this hero scales very well with gold (items) and levels, and is capable of carrying the team to victory in the endgame. PA is also capable of initiation, but that is not really her job int he team because there are at least 3 others who do it better.
Invoker is the CC (crowd control). Referring to traditional roles, you could think of Invoker as the Disabler, Nuker, Pusher, Initiator, and Counter-Initiator (Disengage specialist). Among these, Invoker's primary role is Disabler and Initiator (Quas-Wex build), or Nuker and Pusher (Exort build). Invoker can control the crowd through Cold Snap, burn their mana through EMP, slow them down in the Ice Wall, disarm them using Deafening Blast. Invoker also deals massive damage (Nuke) with Chaos Meteor, and Sun Strike. It's Forged Spirits and Alacrity are often great tools for Pushing lanes and taking objectives (buildings). Tornado is a good disabling spell, but you could think of it as Initiation or Counter-Initiation. Similar to Invoker, most mid heroes have some kind of heavy nuke power or at least some pushing power.
Windranger is our offlaner. It's a bit of a weird choice to some because the Offlane role is often associated with a "tanky frontliner" i.e. a durable hero that can soak a lot of damage and enable its teammates to dish out damage to enemy. Essentially an Offlaner is any hero that can 2v1 or even 3v1 against the enemy, and deal with the annoying shit of enemy pulling their creeps etc. It's windrun provides some survivability/mobility, and powershot lets it Nuke down creeps when it's too dangerous to go near for the last hit. In this team, however, Windranger's primary role is not a Nuker or a Disabler. Make no mistake, Shackelshot is a GREAT disable and Windranger can nuke heroes down as well. In the context of this team, Windranger is the de facto Initiator (as many Offlaners often are). With a Shadow Blade (or preferably, Blink Dagger), it can start a teamfight in a way most favorable to the team. Also, as the Offlaner, Windranger is able to create a lot of space for its carry (PA). Windranger does this in a variety of ways - it can gank enemy heroes and delete them, it can pressure a tower through its ultimate, it can make enemy heroes waste valuable time chasing it around in its windrun. This is why it's not so hard to see why Windranger is a very capable and competent Offlaner.
Both Ogre Magi and Lion are capable of being Hard Supports, but traditionally, Lion is the less item dependent between the two. These two heroes have the role of Support and Disable. They are the primary disablers of the team. Once Lion gets its dagger, it arguably the best candidate for Initiator int the team, so that's another of its role. Depending on the matchup, Ogre may decide to roam around and let Windranger solo the offlane. But Lion will stick to Phantom Assassin for sure, acting as a babysitting support against an aggressive lane, or a zoning support in general.
You can learn about all of the common roles here. But I will provide a brief summary below:

Role Short Description Frequency (how often it appears in a game) Popular example in <4k Pubs
Carry Heroes that scale very well with items and levels Almost all games have multiple heroes of this role Phantom Assassin, Juggernaut, Sniper
Support Heroes that are able to do well at low levels without items Typically 2 heroes per team, but sometimes there may be less in greedy or low-level teams Lion, Crystal Maiden, Ogre Magi
Nuker Heroes that can do huge amount of burst damage using spells Quite popular, typically most teams will have more than 1 nukers Lion, Invoker, Zeus, Shadow Fiend, Lina
Disabler Heroes that can control the opposition. Stuns are the most common and "hard" disable, but there are other disables including silence, root, disarm etc. It is difficult to have a team of 5 heroes without ANY disable, but in low-rank games, sometimes a team may lack any real hard disabler Lion, Earthshaker, Axe
Durable Heroes that have a great deal of survivability due to armor, magic resistance, high HP, or any other kind of damage mitigation / health regeneration. These heroes can frontline and soak damage Usually the offlaner is the Durable hero, but sometimes there is no Durable hero in a team (this is not necessarily a problem, but it requires more skill for a team to play without any "tanky" frontliner) Wraith King, Bristleback, Axe
Mobile Heroes with high mobility that are capable of closing gaps or escaping easily due to a spell/ability they have Not really essential to the team, but the sometimes may have a mobility hero Weaver, Anti Mage, Queen of Pain, Slark
Pusher Heroes that have the ability to push lanes well and/or take objectives. There are two kinds: (1) fast creep wave clear and (2) sieging buildings A team should ideally have at least one good pusher, but in low-level pubs, it is a common scenario that the team lacks any real pusher - because of which it is difficult to take towers after winning a fight Nature's Prophet, Invoker, Jakiro are great overall pushers. Heroes like Tinker are great at shoving the lane forward and clearing creep waves but not so great at sieging buildings. Shadow Shaman and Pugna are potent at taking buildings, but not the best at clearing creep waves
Initiator The hero on the team that can open the combat in a way that is favorable for the team. A good initiation means it's never a fair right - its advantageous to the team that has the better initiation Sometimes good initiators are missing in low-level games. In some cases this is due to lack of initiator heroes selected, but in many cases, it's also because a hero that can become a very potent initiator is not played that way (for example, Lion) Lion, Axe, Legion Commander, Earthshaker (all of them are quite blink dependent, but can also initiate without blink in certain situations)
Ganker This is a combination of Nuker and Mobile heroes that have some kind of a high duration or hard Disable. These are heroes that have a lot of burst damage and also the potential to close down gaps in order to "hunt" lonely enemy heroes Not many gankers are played at low-levels, and even when they are, ganking is not too common a practice as players at our level prefer to clump down together and love teamfights Templar Assassin, Riki, Storm Spirit, Bloodseeker, Ember Spirit, Legion Commander
Counter-Initiator These heroes are great at reacting to enemy heroes and are great at turning the tides of battle. Typically not very favored in low-level pubs because counter-initiators are sometimes seen as boring, and not very flashy or aggressive ALL initiators are somewhat good counter-initiators (like Tidehunter and Enigma), but I will only name heroes below that are NOT good initiators: Silencer, Omniknight, Undying, Dazzle, Winter Wyvern
Roamer Not to be confused with gankers. Gankers are typically core/carry heroes that roam around the map in midgame looking for certain KILL. Roamers are supports that start moving around the map very early in order to establish map control and annoy key carries Almost non-existent in low-level games. And when picked, a Roamer is usually flamed by the team because sometimes it's difficult to appreciate and understand how good a job a Roamer is doing (for example, warding all of Alchemist's neutral camps) Bounty Hunter, Earth Shaker, Lion
Jungler I will quote dotapedia here: " Junglers are heroes that can efficiently jungle neutrals at the start of the game, rather than lane". Almost no heroes can jungle that efficiently, and in low-level games, having a jungler usually results in auto-loss due to enemies dominating all lanes and winning the game quite early Fortunately, not as popular as it once used to be. If you are below Ancient, please don't level 1 jungle. Win lanes, win games. Thanks. Nature's Prophet, Axe, Crystal Maiden, Ursa (I did not mention Lone Druid, Chen and Enchantress because these heroes are never picked at low-level games except by smurfs)
3. Team Composition by Win Condition
Once it hits its critical mass of level and items, Phantom Assassin can single-handedly take out the enemy heroes and win its team the game. This is why it can be called the Primary Win Condition.
In the event that PA does not get the job done, Invoker can pull off some amazing combos to kill heroes, and even take objectives very fast. This is why it's the Secondary Win Condition. The hero scales quite well with levels and items.
Windranger scales well with levels and items too, but in this game, PA and Invoker scale better. So Windranger's job is to create space so that PA and Invoker can farm really fast. To do this, Windranger can occupy the time and attention of multiple enemy heroes simultaneously, push lanes, hit towers, force rotations. Also, during "peacetime" in midgame, it is the job of Windranger to farm the unsafe areas of the map and overextended lanes, so that the two WinCon heroes can farm the 2 jungles efficiently.
Ogre Magi's job in this game as the Core Enabler is to make rotations, make plays and do things that help its 3 WinCon heroes (known as Core heroes) to farm efficiently. Efficient farm = farm fast + farm safe. In this process, Ogre Magi might pick up some last hits and gold here and there.
The Position 5 Hero, Lion, is the no-farm hero of the team. What Ogre does for the 3 Core heroes, Lion does for all of its teammates. An interesting difference between the two would be - if there is a Mid Tower that needs defending (mid tower should always be prioritized at it provides enemy access to jungle), and the team is hesitant to go there because enemy heroes are nearby, then it is Lion's job to go defend that mid tower. This is one scenario, and there are many other scenario where this hero makes risky plays, sacrifices, long walks, and buys time and creates space for the rest of the team. In this process it does gather gold over time. When it is near completing a very game-changing item (such as sitting on 1900 gold, about to buy Blink Dagger), sometimes the other heroes should let Lion get some farm to quickly get Blink online.
In some team compositions, due to the nature of the two supports selected (for example, an Undying and a Crystal Maiden), it is clear that Crystal Maiden will be the No-farm support. But in many cases, if two "eligible hard supports" are selected such as Lion and Crystal Maiden, then both can be thought of as position 4.5 from the beginning of the game - and as the game evolves, more farm is allocated to the hero that is likely to have great impact of the game (this depends entirely on what are the other heroes in the team and in the enemy team). Many core heroes can be played as a Position 4 support (Core Enabler) such as Weaver, Zeus etc. But only a handful of heroes can be played effectively as a Position 5 Support. A good litmus test to know whether a particular hero would be an amazing position 5 hero is to ask this question "Will this hero be able to contribute greatly to the team even if it has only brown boots at 12 minutes?" If the answer is either "no" or "maybe", then this is NOT a position 5 hero. Sure, in most cases even the Position 5 hero will have some small items at 15 minutes like arcane boots, Tranquil Boots, Bracer etc. but a good Position 5 hero should be prepared for the scenario where that does not happen so that it can remain effective even without farm and not fall off the game or be a burden for its team.
Putting it all together
So below is the summary of the things I have discussed thus far.
Position Hero Lane Role Farm Priority
Pos 1 Phantom Assassin Safelane Carry Carry Primary Win Condition
Pos 2 Invoker Mid hero Nuker, Pusher, Counter-initiator, Disabler Secondary Win Condition
Pos 3 Windranger Offlane Initiator, Disabler, Nuker, Pusher, Mobile Space Creator
Pos 4 Ogre Magi Support Disabler, Support, Roamer, Counter-initiator Core Enabler
Pos 5 Lion Hard Support Initiator, Disabler, Support No Farm
It's good to think about the TEAM in terms of Role (does my team have enough push, enough nukes, enough lategame potential, enough early game survivability etc.). But when deciding where to lane which hero, the approach of "most carry-type hero goes safelane, typical mid goes mid, tank goes offlane" is a safe, tried and tested approach, but sometimes it can be sub-optimal. It always depends on the enemy lineup where your heroes lane. For example, let's say your team has 3 cores: a Juggernaut, an Invoker and a Bristleback. And your enemy team has 4 standard heroes, and then a surprise last pick Brood. You know it's likely that Brood is going mid. And you know Brood is going to destroy Invoker (or anyone else that gets sent mid). And you know that based on the other 4 heroes of the enemy, Invoker may actually be a very valuable asset in this game. So, what you do is send your Invoker in the offlane. And Bristleback lanes middle against Brood. In this example, did Invoker get downgraded to Space Creator and Bristleback upgrade to Secondary WinCon? Nope. Bristleback is still the space creator and Invoker is the Secondary WinCon - with just swapped lanes. Farm Priority is not always linked to lanes, you see. Sometimes the safelane carry goes offlane and offlaner comes to safelane because of an unfavorable matchup (imagine your Juggernaut going against an Axe and Sand King lane - no thanks).
Dota is a beautiful game and team composition is one of the most fascinating things about it. We often don't think about it as much for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that it's not that relevant to whether we win or lose at lower ranks, since even the best draft of counterpicks will not win the game if you are crushed at the game of last hitting and denying. Another reason is that there is a lot of conventional wisdom about Team Composition that we all "know" and adhere to which kind of keeps our teams in check (5 heroes: 1 typical mid, agi carry in safelane, tanky strength hero in offlane, two supports, one of them can be greedy). But sometimes, the difference between winning and losing can be your 4th and 5th pick. You look at all the heroes of your team and enemy team selected so far and think "what does my team need now?" The answer will not be "Offlaner." The answer will not be "Stuns". The answer will not be Position 3 (Space creator). The answer will be "a hero that can offlane against those two xyz heroes that enemy is likely to put on safelane and disrupt their farm a bit while not dying too much, and this hero should have some decent disables since the rest of my team lacks any, and also the hero must not be too greedy as it needs to be a Space creator (Position 3)". With this kind of thinking, you can great improve your picking. Also, after all 10 heroes are picked, team composition STILL can influence decision making a lot. Where are you laning your heroes? Do you want your safelane carry to dodge a dangerous lane? Do you want to help your carry trilane? Do you want to have a support as a roamer to address their annoying Mid that you don't have any real counter for other than lane harass and warding his camps?
These are very interesting and amusing thoughts, and the more games you watch (both pro games and random pub games of your level), the better you will understand these things and the more fun you will have while thinking about stuff like this. But in your game, your actual game, during playing - you don't have the luxury to think about all of these unless you are an afk Pos 5 support. Because youa are ranked lower than Legend and you should just focus on last hitting, denying, creep aggro, proper itemization according to timings and enemy heroes, taking objectives, and map control. Work on the basics first - then you can maybe think about Team Composition in your free time. But the more you think about Team Composition, watch videos of commentary during draft, or draft analysis, the better you will be about understanding the game at a macro level.
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Will I get banned if I use macro keys?

I have a keyboard with 12 dedicated macro keys and was wondering if I can use this on dota. Like for example, brewing spells with invoker like pressing E 3 times and R to get sunstrike. (Hopefully I make sense) Also if I do this, would this give me a better advantage or not? Thanks!
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