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The State of Packet Inspection Tools

I've put together this post as mainly a brain dump of information I've gathered on Albion packet inspection (or "sniffing") and the tools that are allowed to do it. My goal is to get the community aligned in knowing what's possible, what's permitted, and why SBI's communication on this matter has been frustrating for many developers. I don't expect a lot of people to read the whole thing, but I feel it's important to have all this information in one place. I aim to be as objective as possible, though some bias may sneak through (and is generally noted) as I have personally been slammed by SBI's ambiguous policies. Please call me out on anything that seems overly biased and I will update accordingly.

Who Am I?

I'm Reznok, a co-author of the recently released ROAM (Roads of Avalon Mapp) tool. I have direct connections and relationships with Savage, 3mpire, and NEWBY leadership, and am the current guild leader of "Join Baka", though I try to avoid in-game politics as much as possible. I consider myself one of the most knowledgeable people for tool development based off of packet inspection. I have written multiple private/limited release tools such as loot loggers, chest value estimators (RIP), sovereignty map updaters, fame per hour calculators, detailed player inspectors (show death fame, equipped gear value, guild histories, etc. when inspecting manually), and map navigation tools. I have also recently publicly released the ROAM tool (along with theblackavenger) which included a client application to detect ROA portal connections.

What Is "Packet Inspection"?

Packet Inspection / Packet Sniffing is the process of automatically monitoring the game traffic between Albion's servers and a game client. This can be done with generic tools such as Wireshark/Winpcap or tcpdump or using hardware solutions such as network taps or firewalls with logging. For almost every action in the game, there is a communication between the game client and the game server. Typically, you will see a flow such as:
  1. Client requests to do something (move the player, check the market, send a chat message, etc.)
  2. Server validates that the client can do this thing and executes the action on the server
  3. Server sends the results of this action to all affected clients (player x is now at y position, the market results are a/b/c, you receive a new message, etc.)
All of these actions are data sent across the internet in packets. These actions, with SBI's implementation, are all conducted in plain-text with no encryption or intentional obfuscation. This means anyone able to read these packets can see exactly what data is being passed back and forth between their client and the server. This is done completely external to the game client its self and it does not require reading any in-game memory or process state.

What is SBI's Stance on Packet Inspection?

This is the most frustrating question to try to answer. The short version is that Packet Inspection is allowed, except for when it's not. To start, I'll begin with the TOS (https://albiononline.com/en/terms_and_conditions) section 13.3:
Users may only play the Game personally. They are not permitted to manipulate the Game or use technical tools that give Users an advantage over other players. In particular Users are forbidden to… ... - use software enabling “data mining” or which intercepts or captures data otherwise in connection with the Website and the Game.
This should make it open and shut right here, packet inspection is forbidden and anyone doing it is directly breaking the TOS. However, we then get to dev responses on the forums:
There's a lot to unpack here between MadDave and Mytherceria's posts. Some key takeaways though:
  1. Packet Inspection, as long as it is limited to inspection and not modification, is fine and completely undetectable. It's impossible to detect, and the data is not intended to be secret to the client, so MadDave originally came out saying build whatever you want based on it.
  2. In February 2020 Mytherceria put some bounds on this. Anything that gives a direct benefit in PvE, gathering, or PvP, or somehow modifies the game/data or provides an in-game overlay is prohibited. No definitions are provided for "direct benefits". It's also stated in her post that there are cases of "Clearly Cheating" and "Clearly Okay", which is an extremely subjective thing to say in an official post. She suggests e-mailing albion support for future clarification, but as anyone who has dealt with support in the past can attest to, this is an arduous and slow process.
  3. It's not the Packet Inspection that's restricted, it's what is done with the data (which at that point is 100% completely out of the game and SBI's control), that is restricted.
So in short summary: SBI has admitted to being unable to detect Packet Inspection tools but will ban you if they detect the use of a tool that falls in their subjective definitions of cheating.
In an attempt to clear this up with SBI previously, I have already made the following request to Albion Support, which was ignored:
  1. Update the Terms and Conditions Section 13.3 to explicitly define what data is permitted to be captured. or
  2. Enforce the prohibition of all packet capturing tools.

What Tools Exist That Utilize Packet Inspection?

I'll be using this section to go over some approved and rejected tools.

Approved Tools

Albion Data Project

The largest, most well-known, and most-used project has to be the Albion Data Project (https://www.albion-online-data.com/). This tool gathers mostly auction-house specific data and uploads it a central server. The description from their site:
The goal of this project is to collect and distribute realtime information for Albion Online. This is achieved with a downloadable client that monitors network traffic specifically for Albion Online, identifies the relevant information, and then ships it off to a central server which distributes the information to anyone who wants it.
Broderick has truly gone above and beyond with the tools he has developed for the Albion Data Project. He has actively maintained the market data servers and many tools developed to assist in gathering of Albion data (including the best raw data-mining tool out there: https://github.com/broderickhyman/ao-bin-dumps and https://github.com/broderickhyman/ao-id-extractor).
This tool provides publicly available APIs for market data on any item in the game at any location in the game, all sourced from running the data collection client. An example of what this data looks like can be seen: https://www.albion-online-data.com/api/v2/stats/view/T4_BAG,T5_BAG?locations=Caerleon,Bridgewatch&qualities=2
Many, many, many tools have been written that utilize this data collection. I have personally witnessed and written tools that you punch in two cities (Fort Sterling and Bridgewatch for example), and using this data will dump out a shopping list of what to buy in city A and sell in city B as well as your expected profit margins (typically in the 10s of millions for each transport).
In my opinion, and many others, this gives an insane PvP advantage to any players utilizing these tools as the best ones are not publicly available and people are gaining millions and millions of silver each day using them.

Albion Online Stats

This is a handy DPS meter and fame per hour tracker: https://github.com/mazurwiktoalbion-online-stats It does exactly what you would expect of a DPS meter and is all around an awesome project.

Rejected Tools


An Albion in-game overlay radar that shows you players and resources that are just outside your view range but you're receiving network traffic for. I won't provide a link for this one, as this one was rejected; and even with SBI's subjective definitions, it very obviously falls in the cheating category. However, it's worth noting that this project exists and there have been multiple highly-featured spin offs of it.

Roads of Avalon Mapping Tools

Recently to this post (23-08-2020), SBI has come out saying that automatic packet inspection of anything related to Roads of Avalon portal data is explicitly forbidden (https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/135576-Roads-of-Avalon-Mapping-GPS-Tools/?postID=1063766#post1063766). This destroyed many tools that were doing this that were in use by ROAM, Mango (Newby's tool), CIR, and many others I'm sure. The reasoning why this is forbidden is due to SBI taking the stance of ROA maps providing an unfair PvP advantage over other players. There was also a broad sweeping statement saying that generating maps/routes between any portal data is prohibited (https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/135576-Roads-of-Avalon-Mapping-GPS-Tools/?pageNo=1), but as mentioned before, once you have the data (either from packet inspection or manual means), control of that data is completely out of the control of SBI.
In my, admittedly biased, personal opinion: The advantages gained from tools like this are minuscule when compared to the advantages provided by the Albion Data Project. I am of the belief that SBI's current extreme reaction is due to not expecting publicly available fully-featured mapping tools this soon. However, anyone who has played Eve saw tools like this coming the second ROA was announced.

What's Next for Packet Inspection?

I'm hoping that by this point if you somehow managed to read this whole thing, you'll understand the frustration that developers find themselves in. We're forced to abide by ambiguous and arbitrary rules that, as written, make no sense. With this in mind, I again make my same request to SBI:
  1. Update the Terms and Conditions Section 13.3 to explicitly define what data is permitted to be captured and used or
  2. Enforce the prohibition of all packet capturing tools.
SBI, I would love to have a discussion with you guys about the capabilities of packet inspection tools and help work with you to clearly define the bounds of permitted packet inspection. You can reach me on discord at Reznok#0001, or by e-mail (you have it from my submitted support requests).
To the community, this post is only the beginning for me. I plan on releasing boiler-plate projects and tutorials to start building your own Packet Inspection tools. These will show developers how to monitor the game events and deal with the data so that anyone can start easily developing their own tools without having to tear through the approved projects source code like I had to.
submitted by xeznok to albiononline

Make your own KeyLogger in Python

Hello guys! I hope you are fine and safe! I have posted a tutorial in my site to make a KeyLogger in python which captures and sends the keystrokes to your mail! Also please make sure to keep the interval almost at 30 minutes or 1 hour. THIS IS ONLY MADE FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.
Happy hacking!
submitted by Vedant-Bhalgama to Hacking_Tutorials

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