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Derby nearly grabbed a late equaliser but Matt Clarke's header from Martyn Waghorn's cross hit the post. Various events on the road, unpredictable actions of rivals and much more raise the bar of adrenaline for any competition. In the event of a Rule 4, we pay you at the bigger odds, after the Rule 4 deduction has been applied. Racing rivals hacker v 1.9. CSR Racing 2 for Android - APK Download.

Conjecture: If the Regular Season Ended Today...May 31st Edition

Hello again everybody! For those of you that know what we're doing, this is going to be a brief explanation of all of this so feel free to skip to the beginning. For those of you who are new here, this is a thought experiment where the premise is, quite simply, if the MLB regular season ended today and the playoffs started tomorrow. Simple enough, right? I know it's too early to actually think about the postseason but this is for fun, so without further ado, let's get started!
Note: All WAR stats are courtesy of Baseball-Reference.com and all statistics and standings are courtesy of MLB.com, unless stated otherwise. All statistics, values, and standings are current as of 1:30 PM Eastern May 31, 2018.
American League:
ERA- Justin Verlander (HOU)- 1.11 Wins- 2-tie (Kluber [CLE], Severino [NYY])- 8 SO- Gerrit Cole (HOU)- 109 SV- Edwin Diaz (SEA)- 19 WHIP- Justin Verlander (HOU)- 0.71 Losses- 3-tie (Bundy [BAL], Cobb [BAL], Keuchel [HOU])- 7 Cy Young- Justin Verlander There's really no question behind this award. Verlander leads the AL in ERA (when you're sub-1.50, you deserve the award), WHIP, BAA, is third in strikeouts, and all while second in innings pitched too! The only guys I see even slightly challenging Verlander are fellow teammate Gerrit Cole and former Cy Young winner Corey Kluber. Verlander is having a career year, and while other guys might be, too, Verlander's is historic, at least so far.
Hitting: Average- Mookie Betts (BOS)- .359 Homeruns- 3-tie (Martinez [BOS], Ramirez [CLE], Trout [LAA])- 18 RBI- JD Martinez (BOS)- 47 SB- Dee Gordon (SEA)- 16 OPS- Mookie Betts (BOS)- 1.187 General Awards: WAR Lord- Mike Trout (5.0) MVP- Mookie Betts Rookie of the Year- Joey Wendle (TB) So to mitigate (or increase) controversy this year I instituted a method of calculating who should win the MVP vote. Apply my mathematics to it, I found that Mookie Betts should win the MVP. Trust me, it pains me to say it (go Yankees!) but the math shows that he's just a great player. He's first in average, runs scored, slugging, and OPS, second in OBP, fourth in homers, and while only 11th in RBI, he's second in WAR for the AL. The only guy that really comes close is Mike Trout, who's actually a lot closer to him than I expected him to be (being the WAR Lord helps I suppose) but Betts beats him out by about a length so Betts gets the medal.
The RoY situation is a bit more arbitrary, as I mainly use the players' WAR they've accumulated this season. Based purely on WAR, it goes to Joey Wendle of the Tampa Bay Rays. I spoke about him last month, too, and not too many people seemed to know who he was. Fast forward a month later, and that's probably still the case. Nevertheless, he still leads all AL rookies with 1.9 WAR this year. However, nipping at his heels is Yankees youth phenomenon Gleyber Torres, having accrued 1.6 WAR for himself already. If Gleyber continues at his torrid pace he would eventually surpass Wendle, and probably somewhat soon. Gleyber would also have momentum on his side, too, going into voting, but my vote goes to the guy that has already put up the most, which surprisingly is still Joey Wendle.
As a quick note, thanks to u/DiehardSumoFan, Shohei Ohtani may appear to have been snubbed here but I don't feel that way. Ohtani is a great player, don't get me wrong, but as a pitcher, WAR-wise, he's not even a top 100 rookie and as a pitcher he's not even a top 200 rookie. When you combine the two stats he ties Wendle with 1.9 WAR but I think that they should be treated somewhat independent of one another, pitching and catching that is. They're still important, but they should be weighted slightly. When it comes to impact, Ohtani just hasn't impacted either side of the game enough for me to consider him to be a standout RoY candidate, that's why I didn't initially include him.
Division breakdown: East- Boston Red Sox (39-18) Central- Cleveland Indians (30-25) West- Houston Astros (36-22) Wild Cards- New York Yankees (36-17, +3.0), Seattle Mariners (34-22) Wild Card Game The division races have been somewhat hectic over this first month. The Red Sox blow everyone away, then crumble to the Yankees, then the Yankees crumble to the Red Sox and they've locked horns ever since. The Astros took awhile to take off and ceded the lead in the division to the Angels and nearly to the Mariners. The Indians have held on throughout but up until their current 6-game winning streak they were hovering above and below .500 all year. It's already been surprising but the guys at the top are somewhat stable so let's move on to the WCG.
The Yankees are no surprise to be appearing in the postseason, but it is a bit shocking to see them here instead of on top. Their offense has the power to be extremely explosive and dangerous, but give it a strong opposing pitcher and a decent bullpen and this lion of a lineup becomes little more than a cub that has yet to really prove itself on the large stage. The main weakness of this Yankees squad is the rotation. Severino is a bona fide ace and Tanaka is returning to his usual strong form, but the rest is up in the air. Sabathia has been consistently eh, which isn't to say he's bad; rather, he's slightly below what the Yankees need from him. Gray has just been awful, with fans dreading every time his name comes up in the rotation like he was Hiroki Kuroda. And don't even get started on German! After going 6 no-hit innings in his ML debut, he proceeded to get the loss in 3 games, having yet to earn his first MLB win, and has picked up an ERA of 5.45. With Jordan Montgomery still on the DL and the Yankees reluctant to call upon prospects like Chance Adams and Josh Hader, it looks like the Yankees might be looking outside for a fix (such as Cole Hamels, a deal that would likely include one or both of those two minor leaguers previously mentioned), but regardless it needs to be addressed unless they want to give up more ground to the Red Sox. That's all not mentioning the spotty bullpen, which is more than dominant in the 8th and 9th but can't transition from the 5th or 6th onwards. A prime example is the game against Texas where, after 6 innings, they led 10-5. They lost that game 12-10, thanks partially to an offense that died but mainly to a downright disastrous bullpen. No bullpen should be giving up 7 runs in a whole game, let alone the last 3 innings of a game.
Then you have the Mariners. I'm like a lot of you and absolutely amazed that I am writing about these guys. Seattle hasn't been to the playoffs since 2001, the longest current drought in North American sports, and when they lost Robinson Cano first to the hand injury and then to the 80 game suspension (so long, Cooperstown), no one expected them to keep pace with the rest of the League. Here they are. With James Paxton having the biggest month of his career, capped off with his no-hitter at the beginning of the month, he led the Mariners to where they are. Only 3 teams in the AL are better than them, and if they were in the Central they'd be in first by 3.5 games. They've done what people have mused they could do for about 5 years now, and if things were to wrap up today they'd be here! The promised land of October (or, in our case, June) baseball, where the Mariners have been absent for the entire lives of nearly 20% of the US population. How do they fair in this game?
Better than you'd expect. The Mariners would start Paxton over anyone else, especially with it taking place in Yankees territory. The Yankees are fantastic but the Mariners could stifle their offense early on, allowing only one or two runs through the first 3 innings. Once Paxton is out of the game, though, the Mariners are out of opportunities and need to do something drastic if they want to win, especially if the Yankees outperform my expectations for them. The key to them winning is scoring a lot in the beginning of the game since odds are Sevy won't be repeating last year's Wild Card Game, meaning the only opportunity for them to score is really in the later innings against that bullpen, which, even if it's off, would probably do a good job at holding them back. The Yankees take a 2-0 lead through 3 innings, while the M's put up 1 in the 3rd and another in the 4th. In the 6th, though, the Yankees put up 3, too much for the M's to overcome, even with their putting up 2 in the 7th. The Yankees get another run in the 8th and that's the end of the offense, the Yankees winning another WCG, this time 6-4.
ALDS The first ALDS isn't too difficult to figure out. An underperforming Cleveland team (which has gotten hot lately, but I digress) and a strong Houston squad. Kluber would keep the Astros honest in Game 1 but he'd be pairing up against Verlander, so if I were Tito I'd save Klu-bot for Game 2. However, that would really only extend our series from 100% 3 games to 50% 4 games. The Astros are too strong and too good against a disappointing Indians squad. Chief Wahoo makes his last postseason appearance by being swiftly shown the door as the Astros sweep the Indians out of the playoffs.
The other matchup under the name ALDS is a bit more intriguing to watch. The legendary rivalry comes to a head between the Yankees and the Red Sox facing off in the DS for the first time ever. It would be their fourth ever meeting in the playoffs (the Yankees have won 2, the Red Sox 1), and there'd be a lot of bad blood going into this series. They are the #1 and #2 teams in all of baseball. They both are looking to perform better this year than last. They're both on pace to win at least 109 games this year. They're both good teams. They're both historically good teams. Who walks away with the win, though, is a bit tough to decide.
In their 6 regular season meetings so far this year, they're even at 3-3, and I see this series going similarly. The Red Sox take Game 1 but the Yanks steal Game 2, using that momentum in Game 3 but dropping it, only to pick it back up in Game 4. Game 5, though, back in Boston, is tricky to pin down. It's safe to assume that this will be one of the biggest, most spectacular games in recent memories. Here's how I see it going:
The Yankees tag Sale for 2 runs early, maybe a homerun from someone low down in the order. The Red Sox come back around the 4th, putting 4 up and knocking Sevy out. The bullpen, consisting of David Robertson, Chasen Shreve, Jonathon Holder, Dellin Betances, and Aroldis Chapman, in that order, keep them to 1 more run over the course of the game, making it 5-2 in the 6th. However, in the 7th the Yankees are able to add 2 to make it 5-4, then another 2 in the 8th to make it 6-5. The Red Sox get the tying run on against Chapman in the bottom of the 9th, who then promptly throws a wild pitch to move him up to scoring position, but Chapman holds things down and saves the DS for the Yankees. Yanks win it in 5.
This should be a good series. Yankees vs. Astros. The rematch of last year, this time with both teams looking to have a legitimate shot at winning it all. In one corner you have the Astros, who have the arms of Gerrit Cole, Justin Verlander, and the Yankee-killer Dallas Keuchel ready to taste New York's blood one more time. On the other you have the Yankees, ready to avenge the team from last year that fell one win short of an October Classic appearance. Both teams are young and exciting, and odds are this wouldn't be the last time we see this matchup at this stage with these players. However, these are very different teams this year. The Yankees are off to a torrid start, and while the Astros are doing what they need to do, they started off much slower than anyone anticipated, and it shows in their statistics. Yes, they do lead the MLB in run differential thanks to that pitching core they have, and they do have the Cy Young on their team in Verlander, but the Yankees, who are looking to tie them in their number of wins (per 538) and are on pace to break the single season team home run record, are too formidable. Don't believe me? We already saw this series played out (4 in Houston, 3 in the Bronx) and while the argument of a playoff atmosphere is always applicable, I don't think it is here. Those games felt like playoff games and were played as such, and not only did the Yankees win in Houston, they won 5 of the 7 games against the team that has become quite a rival for them. The Astros have currently faced the Yankees twice in the playoffs (2015 Wild Card Game, 2017 ALCS) and won both of those series (3-0 in the WCG, 4 games to 3 in the CS), but the Yankees are ready for their pinstriped revenge, taking the CS in 5 games and keeping the drought of consecutive World Series wins for anyone going longer still (no team has won back-to-back World Series since the Yankees did it in 2000).
National League: Pitching: ERA- Jacob deGrom (NYM)- 1.52 Wins- Max Scherzer (WAS)- 9 SO- Max Scherzer (WAS)- 120 SV- Wade Davis (COL)- 18 WHIP- Max Scherzer (WAS)- 0.85 Losses- 2-tie (Bailey [CIN], Urena [MIA])- 7 Cy Young- Max Scherzer Mad Max is a beast. No one can deny that. The only major pitching category he isn't in first in is ERA, where he's second. He leads in wins, Ks, WHIP, and BAA, all while also leading in innings pitched and having already pitched a complete game this year (not very amazing but that's the way the game's played today, I suppose). There's no arguing about this here, so I'm not going to try to.
Hitting: Average- 2-tie (Kemp [LAD], Gennett [CIN])- .343 Homeruns- Bryce Harper (WAS)- 18 RBI- 2-tie (Baez [CHC], Suarez [CIN])- 43 SB- Ender Inciarte (ATL)- 18 OPS- Nolan Arenado (COL)- 0.996 General Awards: WAR Lord- Jacob deGrom (3.4) MVP- Max Scherzer Rookie of the Year- Harrison Bader So, about that MVP Award...I know it's an odd choice, but hear me out. Amongst position players, based on my methodology, there would be two players that are essentially tied for winning the MVP, those players being Nolan Arenado and Freddie Freeman. Both are excellent players, but neither one is really an MVP this year to me, at least to this point. Again, I know that's controversial, but there are fewer standout players in the NL than the AL based on my numbers, with guys like Nick Markakis, Javy Baez, Bryce Harper (who I expected to be the runaway candidate for this), and Scooter Gennett as close candidates, so many there are too many standout candidates since the bar for "standout" is much lower than in the AL, again based on my numbers. Based on this, I went to pitchers to evaluate them, and while there were a few that stood out, Scherzer was far-and-away the highest ranking one. deGrom may beat him WAR-wise (which is part of the reason why I decided I needed to check the pitchers) but Scherzer is, in my opinion, the best player in the National League.
The best rookie, though, much like in the AL, is much more arbitrary. Before I checked out WAR, names like Christian Villanueva and Ronald Acuna were the ones I thought would be towards the top, but in actuality it's Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader. With a WAR of 1.7 from the 2018 season, he leads all rookies in the National League, position players or pitchers, in WAR, so I give him the RoY. Division breakdown: East- Atlanta Braves (33-23) Central- Milwaukee Brewers (36-21) West- Colorado Rockies (30-26) Wild Cards- Washington Nationals (32-23, +0.5), Philadelphia Phillies (31-23) Wild Card Game So who could've predicted this? Of the 5 teams to represent the NL in the postseason last year, only two return in this scenario and neither one is in the same position they were last year. We have another division where there are three teams in the postseason but it's the other side of the country being represented this time.
While everyone expected more of the same from the NL division leaders, it's been anything but and the Nationals are a prime example of failed expectations. Well, not quite as much as their counterparts from last year (Cubs and Dodgers), but they still haven't been what was expected of them, or anything close. If someone told you that in the first month three different teams that weren't the Nationals would have a hold on first place in the NL East, you would've ordered a drug test for them. However, that's the world we live in. The Nats did briefly recapture first place from the tag team of the Phillies and Braves, but they've since fallen back to second with Atlanta sitting right above them (by half a game) and the fighting Phils sitting right below them (by half a game). The NL East is turning out to be the division to watch this year, but if the season ended today, there wouldn't be much to watch.
That is, other than this Wild Card Game. With the Nationals hosting, the Phillies will have their work cut out for them, but can a young, hot, surging team like Philadelphia put the hurt on Washington, the team that has only gotten past the DS once in its entire history (1981)? Simply put, the answer is no. With Cy Young and MVP-winner Max Scherzer on the mound for Washington, not to mention having Bryce Harper doing what he's been doing, the Nats are in good shape to continue on. That's not to knock the over-performing Phillies, who likely will miss this real October but will be putting in a strong effort throughout the year and will likely become a mainstay of October baseball in the next few years. I just don't see this team, who's already done more than I anticipated, to do much more. Who knows, though, as baseball is a wacky and wild sport. Still, Washington wins the game. Easy.
The first DS will see the East-winning Braves facing off against the West-winning Rockies. Neither team expected to be here. The Braves weren't even expected to be over .500 this year, but they're winning, let alone that for us they won. The Rockies were expected to regress a bit from last year but were still expected to be good. The Rockies have overperformed where they were put slightly, so that really doesn't account for their success. Why they're successful is mainly thanks to the fact that the Dodgers flat out forgot how baseball worked. After winning the West handily last year and at one point being on pace to win 116 games, the Dodgers are under .500 to this point this year, something no one could have imagined in their wildest dreams. This opened things up for the Giants, D-Backs, and Rox to do something with the head of the race falling back and falling fast. The Giants tried to do something this offseason but so far things really haven't panned out. Arizona was looking great to start things off but then they started to fall like the attendance figures at Chase Field. This collapsing of the rest of the division, combined with just sticking with the norms, has propelled the Rockies into first place in what many saw as a horse race of a division, albeit only by 1.5 games.
So how does this series go? Well, believe it or not, I like the Braves in this series. The whole thing will hinge on how well the Rockies pitching does, and I don't think they match up too well against the Braves bats. With names like Ozzie Albies, Ronald Acuna, Freddie Freeman, and Nick Markakis going up against the Rockies pitchers, combined with a losing regular season record against the Braves (only 1-2, but still), Atlanta moves on to their first NLCS since 2001.
The other series, between the Washington Nationals and Milwaukee Brewers, would actually be a fun one to watch. A lot of people didn't expect this from the Brewers, but to be honest, I did. Going into the regular season I said that the Brewers and Cubs would be fighting it out for first, the loser of that fight, which I figured to be Chicago, would fight it out with St. Louis, and the bottom of the division would be the Pirates and Reds. Sure enough, as of right now, the Brewers are up on the Cubs by 4 games, the Cubs up on the Cards by half a game, the Pirates performing a bit higher than anyone expected, and the Reds on pace to lose 105.138 games. The Brewers are playing over my expectations, I must admit, but to see them on top of the division is no surprise to me, though I am shocked that the Cubs aren't making it more competitive.
Their matchup against the Nationals isn't one I envy, though. For the same reason the Phillies were done away with so quickly I fear for the Brewers continuing on. Going into this series the Nats are obviously the favorites but I think the Brew Crew will make it a tight series throughout. However, they can't surpass the powerful Nationals, who give the city of Washington DC their first team to appear in the Championship Series since, well, ever. The first Senators (now the Minnesota Twins) left in 1960, with the CS not being played until 1969. The second ones, now the Texas Rangers, never went to the postseason when they called DC their home, and the Nats have been historical chokers in the DS. With that said, maybe they win, maybe they stick with history and lose what is honestly a tight contest with Milwaukee.
NLCS Should the Nats break with historical precedent they'll take on their divisional rivals, the Atlanta Braves. The Braves have done a splendid job getting to this point in a year they weren't expected to do anything significant other than call up a few top prospects. Instead, they lead the division by half a game over their opponents in this series. I'd personally expect the Nats to win this series in 5 games, but when you look at the numbers it's much less close than expected. Of the 7 games the two teams have played against each other the Braves lead the series 4-3. I'll give it to the Braves that it'll be a very competitive series, moreso than one would expect when you look closely, but if Max Scherzer can start a second game in the series, or even a third, the Nationals will walk away with the first-ever appearance for the franchise that originally called itself the Expos. World Series: The team with the most World Series appearances, representing the city with the most appearances, versus a first-time performer from a city that hasn't seen the World Series come to town since 1933. Who walks away looking to do better next year, who walks away with the trophy? This is a matchup I'm looking forward to potentially seeing in real life. When the Yankees were going to play the Nats in Washington, the first game was going to be Masahiro Tanaka going up against Max Scherzer, and I was so excited to watch that lineup facing off against who is very possibly the best pitcher in baseball right now.
Unfortunately, we missed out on not one game but two as both were rained out and postponed until June, so we have yet to see how this series will be in reality. In our reality, though, we can try to figure out how these things would go. Team-WAR wise, per FanGraphs, the Yankees have 34.3, the most in baseball, whereas the Nats have 29.7. Team batting average, per ESPN, for the Yankees is .256, while the Nats are batting .240. ERA for the teams, also from ESPN, gives the edge to the Nats with an ERA of 3.23 to the Yankees 3.83. FiveThirtyEight has the Yankees with a run differential of +186, the Nats comparing with only +124. With all of those stats taken into account, while it will be a series to watch, I say the Yankees win it in 6, the Nats only winning Scherzer's starts.
So that's my analysis on all of this. For the record, when I started this it was 12:40 and it is now 4:15, so be aware that I put a lot of thought into my decisions, controversial or not. Feel free to leave your thoughts/complaints/notices of abhorrently incorrect information that I always seem to let slide into these and I hope you've enjoyed reading this. The next one will be scheduled for June 30 with another scheduled for July 17, August 1, September 1, and then an analysis of how right and/or wrong I was in these on September 30, accompanied with my predictions. Until next time, enjoy and play ball!
Edit: Added a brief blurb about why I didn't include anything about Shohei Ohtani in the AL RoY section. Also adjusted the ALDS section concerning the Yankees and Red Sox.
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An analysis of MCC regulars

\This post will only include people from MCC6 MCC7 and MCC8, because they seem to be MCC regulars, and i don't know if players like Vikkstar will be returning. I am also excluding players who strictly play for fun (like the simmers), and new players who have been added to the roster in MCC9, as well as players I am not too familiar with.*

Pete is very good and is known to be very good. He is generally agreed to be the best player in the entire event, with the highest coin average. Of course he's good as an individual player, but he also understands how important team chemistry is, making it easy for him to blend into any team, and can also somehow manage to bring out better performances from his teammates. He particularly excels in movement based games such as Parkour Warrior, HITW, Ace Race and Rocket Spleef. He's also pretty good at Buildmart, SoT and Bingo (probably due to the absurd amount of speedrunning he does). There isn't really a game that he struggles in particularly, but his worst performing games are Survival Games, Skyblockle and TGTTOS (which he still manages to performs well in).
Quig is generally ranked either 2nd to Pete or equal to him, and at this point, is the only one who could give Pete a run for his money. He is the player with the most 1st individual placements. Though he may not have the same charisma as Pete, he excels very well individually. It is generally known that your individual points will be boosted if your team places well or wins the event because of shared points in games like SoT, Build Mart and Bingo. However, Quig has managed to place 1st or very close to it multiple times without a high placing team, showing his prowess as an individual player. He particularly excels in PvP games such as Survival Games, Skyblockle, and Battle Box. he is also exceptionally good at movement games like Parkour Warrior, TGTTOSAWAF and Ace Race. Quig is strangely good at Bingo and freakishly good at Rocket Spleef with the most kills globally, by a mile. Like Pete, he isn't necessarily bad at any games, but his weakest performances are generally in HITW and Buildmart.
Dream is the most recent edition to S Tier (which is generally agreed to be DTPQ). Although he hasn’t placed 1st in an event yet, he possesses something that a lot of players lack, consistency. Dream has never fallen out of top 3 which is impressive to say the least. The thing about Dream is that he is incredibly competitive and a meticulous planner. This can be seen in MCC7 where he literally coded a java program and memorised every material needed for Buildmart, or the ridiculous amount of time he put into practicing the parkour warrior course before MCC7 with the 2nd fastest time of 4:37. A lot like Pete and Quig, I really can’t find any games which he’s necessarily bad at. He’s really good at movement games and PvP games like Parkour Warrior, Ace Race, TGTTOSAWAF and Battle Box. He’s also really good at SoT and Bingo. I would say that his worst games are HITW, Skyblockle and Buildmart. If Dream consistently places high or comes 1st a couple times, I could see him rivalling Pete and Quig.
Technoblade is another player commonly agreed to be S Tier. Recently, his performances seem to be on a downward trend, however it is important to remember that he has the highest amount of points achieved in one event. Much like Dream, he is also incredibly competitive and a meticulous planner. He did the same thing as Dream in MCC7 Buildmart, but he actually won the game and went to the extent of not giving all of his teammates the full list of materials, as to prepare for future events where they’re split up. Though not performing as well as Pete, Quig and Dream, he is also exceptional in PvP and movement based games like Parkour Warrior, Ace Race, Skyblockle, TGTTOSAWAF and Battle Box. However, he does lack in performance for more team based games which include Bingo and SoT. Though he hasn’t been doing as well recently, some of it can be attributed to the whole Potato War, and he now seems to focus on team placement more than individual placement. He is still definitely a big threat and has the potential to perform very, very well.
HBomb is consistently a top 10 player, and could be put in S Tier with a couple stellar performances, especially with his recent upward trend. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but HBomb is a really good compliment for players who excel in individual games. This (in particular) applies to players like Techno, Calvin or Fruitberries who excel in individual games, but may struggle a bit in team games like SoT, Bingo and Buildmart. HBomb also possesses a characteristic similar to Pete’s. He has that same charisma, which brings out a better performance in his teammates. He is also very competitive, downright obsessive almost. He's said on stream before that if he was teamed with Techno or Dream, they'd be sitting in a discord call for hours planning and coming up with strategies. He is a very well rounded player. H especially excels in Bingo and SoT but also performs well in Ace Race and Parkour Warrior. He's not really bad at any games, but he doesn't perform as well in PvP games like Battle Box and Skyblockle, which is why I said he's a good compliment to players who strive in those games.
Phil is another player with S Tier potential who's placed top 10 multiple times. He's one of those players who's decent at essentially every game, with no particular weaknesses. People have said that he is very well versed in game mechanics (obviously from his main thing being hardcore minecraft). Therefore Phil seems to excel in games like Rocket Spleef and Ace Race which involve elytra and riptide tridents. He's also pretty good at PvP and PvE, with Battle Box and SoT (despite him not escaping) being strengths. He's also one of the best TGTTOSAWAF players with the most completions overall.
Fruitberries has only been in two events so far. He won his first while coming around 5th place individually and under performed in his second. I think that Fruitberries also has some potential for S Tier. From both his times on the parkour warrior course and his parkour gauntlets, we can gage that his skill in parkour and movement based games is very high, so naturally he'd perform well in games like Parkour Warrior, Ace Race, and TGTTOSAWAF. Personally, I think that Fruit is one of, if not the best Pvper in the entire event. He's practically mastered 1.9 combat and would perform very well in Battle Box and Survival Games. The only thing stopping him from already being S Tier is the fact that parkour and PvP is not the entire event, and he may struggle with Buildmart, SoT or Bingo. He's only played 2 MCCs so far, so we'll have to see how he does this time around.
Mefs is probably one of the players who's slept on the most. I personally don't watch him as much, but I know that he consistently places top 10 when he plays. He performs very well in movement based games, probably being the 2nd best HITW player after Pete. He is also still pretty high up there in TGTTOSAWAF as well as Ace Race, usually placing top 10. From seeing him in practice streams, he also seems to do well in PvP, so games like Battle Box and Survival Games are probably in his strong suit as well. In terms of team based games, it's hard to tell how well he does. His MCC8 team didn't do too well as a whole in Bingo, SoT and Buildmart, so it's hard to gage whether it was just his team, or if it was Mefs himself. However, I have a feeling that he performs at least average in games like these.
Krtzyy is another very underrated player. He placed 4th individually in MCC8 which surprised a lot of people, not to mention he won the first ever MCC. He has a lot of skill in movement, having natural strength in games such as Ace Race and Parkour Warrior. He's also exceptionally good at Skyblockle, placing 1st last tournament, and i can guess that he's not bad at Survival Games and Battle Box either from how good he is at Pvp. The team based games are not his strong suit, but it's not as if his performance isn't adequate.
Sapnap seems to be very similar to Krtzyy in terms of placement and games that they excel at (he's also underrated). Sapnap came 5th individually in both Parkour Warrior and Battle Box in MCC8, showing that he clearly excels in PvP and movement, which is further backed up by his 7th placement in Ace Race. In MCC7, he placed 8th individually, despite it being his first time which is no small feat. In terms of SoT, Buildmart and Bingo, his performance seems adequate. The only real weakness is Rocket Spleef, which he placed 38th in MCC7. To be fair, it was his first time, and Rocket Spleef is challenging to get the gist of at first.
Fundy is a very solid player, winning his first event and placing well when he actually tries. He excels individually even if his team places low, meaning he is good in games such as, Ace Race (excluding his MCC8 throw), Rocket Spleef, Parkour Warrior and TGTTOSAWAF. He may excel individually, but i'm sure he also does fine in games with shared points as well. Overall a very string player who has the ability to place very high.
Calvin is known to be a very good PvP and Parkour based player, however this might not translate into MCC. He deletes all of his VODs, so it is hard to determine how he places. All i know is that he's played 3 events, placed 13th in his first and top 5 in his second. In his third, i don't think he placed too well. His bad performance could be down to the pressure of performing well, but again he deletes his VODs so i dont really know. If i had to take a guess, games that he'd excel at would be Battle Box, Parkour Warrior and Survival Games.
TapL performed pretty decently in his first MCC last time, placing just shy of top 10. He performed very well in Parkour Warrior, coming in tied second place. From his practice streams you can tell that he's not bad at PvP, however his team did under-perform in Battle Box. My guess is that it was down to communication/chemistry because they also didn't do too well in Buildmart. It's a little hard to grasp how good he is from one event, and obviously not all of the games were played, so we'll just have to see how he does in MCC9.
CaptainSparklez is a very well rounded, solid player. He comes in top 15 most of the time. He doesn't have any games that the is distinctively good or bad at apart from Buildmart, which he seems to excel at. However, i'm not sure if this was Captain Sparklez himself, or if it was specifically the Krimson Krakens who came first almost every time, and had very good teamwork. Every other game he has experience in and performs above average in.
It's common knowledge that Tommy is pretty good when he tries and doesn't throw for content. He's pretty well rounded as well, performing well in PvP and Parkour. He also performs well in Ace Race as well as TGTTOSAWAF. Tommy actually tried for about 2 MCCs. Then he started throwing for content and making irrational decisions. In conclusion, when Tommy wants to do well, he can do well.
Smajor is also fairly decent in terms of placement. His lowest performance was in MCC8 where he placed 26th, but this was mainly due to bugs and glitches so i won't be taking that into account. Other than that, he places top 20 if not top 15. Some of his stronger games include Rocket Spleef and Ace Race. He pulls his own weight in team games and is generally a well rounded player.
Smallishbeans was a very underrated player before MCC8, as he was mainly put on for fun teams, meaning it was hard for him to score particularly well. He performed fairly well in Parkour Warrior and Ace Race. However, something he clearly struggles with is PvP, meaning he didn't do great in Battle Box and probably wouldn't do too well in Survival Games if it was played. Individually he placed 13th, which is not bad at all.
As I'm sure a lot of you already know, Seapeekay is the most consistent player in the entire event, only ever having a coin disparity of a couple hundred coins. He's slightly above average, coming in top 20. He's also well rounded, not having any particular weaknesses or strengths, performing generally well across most games.
Although he is usually the worst player in his team, Wilbur isn't actually that bad. He's a consistent top 20 player and a lot of that goes unappreciated because of better players on his team like Phil and Techno. He's done fairly well in parkour previously, tied for 3rd in MCC5. He also did really well in Bingo MCC8 coming in top 5. He's generally okay in movement games like Parkour Warrior and Ace Race. He also does well SoT by volunteering to be the Sand Timer guy which a lot of people seem to undervalue.
George definitely underperformed in MCC7, but i think he redeemed himself in MCC8 by coming in 18th place. I don't know too much about George, so i cant comment on his strengths or weaknesses but im guessing that he's fairly well rounded, but a little inconsistent.
Inthelittlewood is fairly average when it comes to placement. He doesn't do great in PvP, but has shown some movement skill (like his old record in foot race). He's known as a support player alongside Solidarity and can blend into pretty much any team. He's very lively, which tends to make the experience as a whole better. Overall not a bad individual player, but a very good team player with great charisma.
Solidarity is a lot like Inthelittlewood when it comes to being a support player, but is significantly more inconsistent. In MCC2 he placed 5th overall and in MCC5 he placed 9th. However in MCC7 he placed 36th and in MCC8 he placed 28th, bettering his placement a little bit. Both times when he placed top 10, his team did pretty well, placing 2nd and 4th respectively. This means that like a lot of players, he does significantly better on a well performing team. How well he does in games is also pretty inconsistent. In MCC2 he came 3rd in Bingo but in MCC8, he didn't place top 5 and only completed 3 challenges. The same goes for Foot Race, where he's had very good and very bad performances. It's hard to gage his particular strengths and weaknesses.
Shubble has placed in the top 10 twice and won 2 events as well. She's shown that she can place well, but she's also very inconsistent, having placed in the top 10 and bottom 10 multiple times. The other 4 MCCs she has participated in, she seems to place in the 20 - 30 range. From this we can gage that she does significantly better on a winning team or one that places high, which is the case for a lot of players. In terms of individual game performance she seems to put up a consistent performance across most games, meaning that if she does well in a couple games, she'll probably do well for the rest of the event. Mini games that she seems to do slightly better in are probably HITW and Buildmart. In terms of teaming, she seems to fit in to most teams, mainly because she's always been teamed with a friend or someone she at least knows.
fWhip is somewhat like Shubble, being slightly better in terms of consistency. He's had 2 top ten placements, one placement just shy of top 10 and one bottom 10 placement. However, his bottom 10 placement was during his first ever event, meaning that it might've been a one off thing, but we'll just have to see in MCC9 when his team most likely won't place too high. fWhip is known to be a builder and survival player, which unfortunately doesn't really help in MCC apart from maybe Bingo and Buildmart. He's shown to be pretty adequate across the board, having no particular strengths or weaknesses apart from Parkour Warrior. fWhip usually places around 20th in games like HITW, Rocket spleef and Ace Race.
A lot of people think that False is similar to Joel. They've both primarily been on for fun teams, and now that she's not, i think she'll do a lot better overall, and it seems like people have been sleeping on her because of her previous teams. I've only recently started watching her streams, but i've been told that she can perform well in PvP (though there's yet to be hard evidence in MCC), and from her streams, we can gage that she also does fine in Parkour. Overall, games she would fare well in are Parkour Warrior and Battle Box. She also does consistently well in Rocket Spleef, having won more than a couple rounds. People also think that if Blue Bats make it into Dodgebolt, that is a game that False will do well in because of her bow skills.
In my opinion, CaptainPuffy is slept on a bit. She's similar to Eret in the fact that she's more of a support player and doesn't do as well in PvP and Parkour based games. If she's put onto a decent team, she can really shine. However, there are exceptions. She placed 10th in MCC7 which is a lot higher than she usually places (though it's important to note that this in some part was due to picking up Michael and Burren's coins in SoT when coins weren't split). With some good practice, she could be a consistent top 15 player.
Kara is similar to CaptainPuffy in both name and placement. She usually comes in at about 25th-20th place (MCC8 was scuffed due to her team throwing), but let's not forget she has a win under her belt. She's not great in Pvp or Parkour, but she is exceptionally good at Buildmart. She was tied with Captainsparklez for most overall completions in MCC7, but because her MCC8 team just stopped taking the event seriously, her record was broken and that took her down to 3rd. Her strength seems to lie in team based games rather that individual, meaning that if she's put in a team with good chemistry and a generally good placement, she'll perform well.
Don't get me wrong, I love Eret, but a lot of the time he just doesn't compare to a lot of the top tier players. However, it is fair to point out that he is more of a team player, performing better in games like Buildmart, SoT and Bingo. He's a support player and there's nothing wrong with that. If he's put onto a team with good players, he seems to do better as well. He also seems like a very easy player to play with, meaning he can blend into almost any team with ease. Like most players in the event, his performance is also reflected by how well his team places.
Historically, she hasn't had the best track record, but she definitely isn't the worst, placing about upper 30s individually. Pearl has been practicing a lot recently, especially parkour. She also wants to improve since she's been put on a team that isn't for fun this time around. Her main weakness is PvP (which she's improving), however this can be made up for if she performs well in parkour. She's also said that she is pretty good at replicating builds, meaning that she has some strength in Buildmart.
I know this is overkill but i wanted to do it anyways :). If there are any mistakes that i made or things that i missed, please leave them in the comments and i'll edit the post!
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