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submitted by pomhey to italy

June Patch!

Greetings, hello, and a fantastic day to all Earth citizens!
How was your month? Hopefully you're keeping active and indulging in lots of calorically intense desserts. Pie? Cake? Chocolate truffles? Honestly, the sky is the limit - what with the world ending, who needs a diet? This of course has nothing to do with the official Road to 56' recipe book we plan on releasing later this year...
Pakistan has a new focus tree, and we've expanded quite a few others. The map is also getting some lovely tweaks and maybe - hold your breath - we fixed that desync bug. I know it's been hard for everyone, but please know that we have suffered along with you in this time of MP instability.
...but that's not the biggest news! Now I'm sure you're asking, "...but Gxp, what could be more amazing than a Road to 56 country cookbook?"
Our team is happy to announce that we are launching our DLC "Eyes Only" for the cold-war strategy game Terminal Conflict this week! It's finally DONE! To celebrate, as well as show off our suave selves, we will be hosting a livestream over on Twitch June 9th! Thinking_Waffle, SpicyAlfredo, and Abraxsas will be there! Also, maybe, your favorite Lumberjack-in-Chief (yours truly).
That's June 9th, 18:00-20:00 CET on Twitch!
We're also going to be giving free copies of the game and DLC to folks that are hanging out with us! So if you want to get into the old Cold War while the new one starts up, we've got you covered! Oh, and the snarky AI is totally included gratis too.
As always, never forget - you are the best. We're glad to hang out with you on Discord and internet high-five anytime.
With much respect and love,

Patch Highlights
  • Compatibility for 1.9.3 "Husky".
  • New focus tree for Pakistan.
  • New political tree for Luxembourg.
  • New political tree for Turkey.
  • New army tree for Saudi Arabia.
  • New game rule toggle for Germany enabling the Vanilla focus tree.
  • New states, including Germany along the Rhine, Yugoslavia, and more.
  • New water crossings.
  • New releasable country: Kosovo.
  • MP Fuel desync fixed.
  • A standing mixer might seem excessive, but there should be no compromise when it comes to delicious food.

Content Additions
  • More spies and better generic agency names.
  • Game rule to increase the number of spies granted by intelligence agencies.
  • Game rule to decide which countries will start with intelligence agencies.
  • Mini 'preview' tree to Spain.
  • 'Revolt of the Arrow Crosses' focus for Hungary.
  • USA alternate history flavor with a couple new advisors, a non-aligned leader, two new generals, and one army high command leader.
  • Commanders and the regency in Iraq.
  • Advisors and commanders for Palestine and reduced compliance to the British.
  • Historical advisors for Argentina and Uruguay.
  • Decisions for unions to recruit generals of reattached countries.
  • Mobile warfare theorist variant of De Gaulle.
  • Mining decisions to replace the scrapped Austrian mining focuses.
  • Prospecting mine decision in northern France.
  • Greater Hungary, Greater Bulgaria, Greater Croatia, Greater Serbia and Kosovo releasable.
  • Complex textures can be created by mixing different types of flour and integrating them loosely. This is how we end up with delicious flavor islands within the culinary continent.

  • States in Germany so the natural borders of France can be achieved.
  • States in Yugoslavia, so everybody can get their share of the Balkans.
  • Northern Chile given a new state to better reflect Bolivia's claims.
  • Water crossings added to make combat less frustrating in certain areas.
  • Don't pack in your dry ingredients when measuring. Scoop into the scoop.

Balance & Tweaks
  • The non-LaR Spanish Civil War will fire in July or if the focus 'Strike First' is completed.
  • Hungarian claims will grant cores in southern Slovakia and Northern Transylvania.
  • Better use of operative portraits.
  • Enriched some name lists.
  • The Austrian tree has been rebalanced significantly in certain areas to be less frustrating.
  • Heavy tanks can no longer be converted from their Great War ancestors.
  • Yugoslavia should be a bit more rational in its choice between the Axis and Allies.
  • Some countries can trigger RSI when puppeting Italy.
  • Fascist Argentina will no longer cause as much world tension.
  • Don't be afraid to make your own syrup. If you have barrels of sugar, or have a giant oak tree in the backyard, why not go for it?

  • Various planes for Sweden, Finland, Austria, Turkey, Lithuanian, and Croatia.
  • Reforming Austria-Hungary as Austria grants Hungarian infantry models.
  • Many Graphics and Portraits replaced with better assets.
  • Even a small amount of presentation goes a long way. A light storm of pepper, oregano, or ancestral blood across the top of any dish can do just that.

  • Behavior paths for Germany which adapt to whatever focus tree you have selected.
  • Behavior paths for Turkey.
  • The Directorate of Ukraine will not be formed by the AI anymore.
  • Italy will be slightly less pushed towards attacking some countries.
  • Greece will be less inclined to attack its neighbors if it's already at war.
  • Fascist non-historical AI Germany will, on average, not die as quickly.
  • Fascist Honduras AI will act more logically.
  • Fascist Bolivian AI will be more active.
  • Paraguayan civil war is more likely to happen in ahistorical.
  • Bananas are not in-fact a good substitute for eggs. Trust us. It was horrifying.

  • Streamlined some elemtents of spying.
  • Removed buttons related to the discontinued 1939 scenario.
  • Milk chocolate is overrated. For a bold flavor, go dark.

  • MP Fuel desync fixed.
  • Scout planes won't cost absurd CP amounts.
  • Fixed research boost that fascist Japan gets when it loses in China.
  • Fixed military decisions for Ethiopia.
  • Fixed some issues with civil wars in Portugal.
  • Fixed wrong Mexican tree loading at the end of a civil war if the rebels won.
  • Fixed the Raj revolt in some cases.
  • Fixed Mengukuo ending at war with Japan if two specific events occured on the same day.
  • Fixed missing event chain related to the "Form the Benelux" focus and decision.
  • USA fascist demagogue and communist revolutionaries will now be mutually exclusive.
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes not listed.
  • Always be sure to chill your cookies ~30 minutes before baking. This is the true test of a true chef - resisting temptation to rush while on the path toward true flavor.
submitted by Roadto56 to RoadTo56

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