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The BR 05 003 from the German DRG, made in Juli 1937 to win a steam engine speed record.

The BR 05 003 from the German DRG, made in Juli 1937 to win a steam engine speed record. submitted by Max_1995 to trains

Engine Speed Sensor fault!

I do electronics shift support for an engine testing firm. For the majority of my shift I am the only one on site that has any electrical knowledge, so when an engine loom needs correcting, or a sensor fails, I'm 'the' guy.
A little different than the usual tales here, hope ya enjoy the variety and take solace in knowing this tech support shit transcends beyond specific industries.
I cut a lot of uninteresting shit out unfortunately, but there was a lot of climbing around test cells, staring at sensors, replacing wiring, and cross-referencing wiring diagrams. All to satisfy TE....
Cast: (ET) Me - Electronics Support Tech - "I play with wires" (TE) Test Engineer - Guy responsible for managing the engine, the test cell, and collecting the data for the client. (TT) Test Tech - Does servicing and maintenance, runs the test sequences and keeps the engine going.
Day 1:
I get a support ticket request sent to me by my team from the TE, I know this TE, he's shit.
Some say he had been passed over for promotion so many times he's given up. I'm familiar with him, while I don't dislike him, he's just not good at his job. I've learnt that even though he's on an additional £10k than me, it's just easier to involve him at the end and let him know what's happened. Involving him otherwise just wastes my time... But sometimes, as demonstrated below, that can't be helped.
The support ticket;TE: "Engine Speed Sensor isn't working. There's no feedback to the I/O channel and therefore the safeties trips because the test cell thinks there's a driveshaft breakage."Different ET: "Confirmed channel reads fine, problem exists elsewhere"
[We use a dynamometer to start the engines and absorb the massive load. Therefore, if there's any difference in speed measured either side of the shaft, it has to IMMEDIATELY shut down for safety, because that means something has seized, or snapped. Forcing a seized mechanical device can destroy it, spinning a snapped, flailing driveshaft at 6kRPM is terrifying]
I run down to the cell with a frequency source to mimic the sensor, and, as expected, the channel works with not a single Hz of calibration inaccuracy... But that's all the previous technician ET did, and I have to get this turd running.
ME "Hey TE, so I can input this frequency, at the exact same connection point that the sensor connects to. Meaning there is no wiring fault, and the channel is reading correctly. We can keep pursuing this however it's unlikely we'll find anything. Additionally, I shorted the entire wire loop and measure only 1.2 ohms of resistance across the 20m of run- which is insignificant."
TE "The test cell was working yesterday evening, it's got to a sensor fault."
ME *External Sighing, followed by visual inspection.* "Well... Get TT to realign the sensor. It has to be pointing 90degrees directly at the cenre of the flywheel, and using a feeler gauge, it has to be less than 1mm away to get a proper signal, lets start there then come back to me and we can replace the sensor."

Day 2:
TT "Hey ET, I was told to bring you this new sensor so you can put on a connector and it can replace our broken one."
Me "...I mean... Sure, while I do this, can you grab the 'broken' one for me so I can have a look?"
Before I go on, google "orbital speed pickup sensor". This is the sensor we're using, except 1/8th the size. The mechanical guys at my place are great, but they are not graceful. He comes back with about half of the tiny thread completely sheared away, not to mention the at some point the sensor head has clearly come into contact with the flywheel and been ground away.
Me "Yeah, ya gotta be careful with these things, try this one..." *idea* "But FIRST, lets test it against a flywheel we've got set up on a AC motor in the back room."
*tested, and showed the TT how close the sensor has to be, and confirmed it works using a scope, also confirmed that the previous sensor somehow still works, though it'd now be impossible to refit due to the damage*
Me "So the channel definitely works. These sensors definitely work. Please inform TE that the problem is elsewhere."
TT "Yeah, cheers pal, will do."

Day 3:
TE: "Hey ET, any progress on that sensor fault yet?"
*Anger rising.*
Me: "The sensors worked when I gave them to you fresh out of stores, the channel reads my test equipment. There is literally nothing left for my to check.... What do you want me to do?"
TE: "Well TE mentioned you had a rig that could test the sensors. Can you use that to test the sensor 'IN' the test cell? That way we can check 'Full System Functionality' " (This is a made up phrase in my place, just sounds good, like a sound bite... Also a fucking triggering warning for me)
Me: "No. No I can't move a fucking scope, a power transformer, a motor, it's controller, and a set of 5 flywheels. But by all means, you go ahead. The problem does not exist on this channel, and it's not the sensors." (This is not just me being shitty, this test rig is NOT portable, parts of it are literally bolted into place.)
TE: *Gets scared at the prospect of having to touch something with wires on*
TE: "I'll talk to your boss and see if we can create a portable solution... For now, can I atleast get you to supply another sensor with the connector on?"
Me: "A protable solution... to create a frequency output in the cell... That is literally the first thing we did!... Ya know what? Why the fuck not. It's your job number. The sensors are only £40 a pop, so no problem. Let's throw another sensor away."
I go home early, because other than this BS it's a quiet night and there's no urgent support requests .
Phone Call at 10pm:TT: "Hey ET, are you 100% sure it's a not an electrical issue...?"
Me: "...I wish I could say for certain, I just know there's NOTHING left for me to check or replace. Everything is working on my end"

Day 4:
I get in to work and hit up my boss,
Me: "Any word on [test cell] or TE? You still want me to waste some time in there?"
Bossman: "No, but book the time you spent on [1.5x Premium Rate Number] instead of [Flat Rate Maintenance Number]. The driveshaft snapped. If they couldn't read the fucking error message on the screen and by default kick every problem our way, we'll get paid for it atleast"
Me: "Huh, that's funny. The log book says it was working one night and mysteriously it was found not working in the morning."
Bossman: *Boils with rage\*
To be fair, the driveshaft is covered by 4 x M12 bolts. It would have taken atleast 5 minutes to check.
submitted by Colonel_Khazlik to talesfromtechsupport

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