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How to join a match by IP address in CS: GO https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=780. Featuring a massive arsenal of over 45 weapons, loads of maps, new game modes, new visuals, leaderboards, and over 165 awards to be earned. Counter-Strikeu 1.6 povodom otvaranja igraonice KUNKA u Podgorici. The entire back catalogue of Blizzard is an absolute must. TENZKI planted the bomb (4on3) cromen killed dezon with ak47 (headshot) NaToSaphiX killed djL with awp Relaxa killed H4RR3 with awp Round started Round over - Winner: T (1 - 6) - Enemy eliminated HS killed FREDDyFROG with cz75a FREDDyFROG + Relaxa (assist) killed TENZKI with m4a1 FREDDyFROG killed H4RR3 with m4a1.

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1.0, third unit, "The God"

1.0, The Old One

Third Overwatch unit, "The God"

Feedback is highly appreciated.

Author's Note: This is an ongoing hero and my initial goal was to develop a story and character over 3 iterations of the kit, one for each role. This is still by no means over and I will most likely return to this character in the future in order to make a more cohesive development of the story and mechanics.
Damage 1.0: https://www.reddit.com/OverwatchHeroConcepts/comments/cdb2yn/10_the_old_one/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
Support 1.0: https://www.reddit.com/OverwatchHeroConcepts/comments/cka4on/10s_second_overwatch_unit_the_priest/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x


"A god may be broken and then rise more benevolent, but with benevolence comes vengeance"~Eh, it's all right I guess.

Expansion: 1.0 continued to train and develop his technology at Gibraltar with Winston, Athena, and his recalled squad until Athena elected that they try and establish another base. She requested this as with more and more people answering the call they would need more space, and she now trusted 1.0 enough to let him initiate his automated expansion, but only at a small scale. Everyone agreed and all of 1.0's equipment and his squad moved to a South American Watchpoint to re-establish it and grow 1.0's reach.

The final test: Everything was going well at the Watchpoint, its functions were largely restored, 1.0 grew more and more, and his squad finally received the RnR that they didn't know they needed. This continued until Talon learned about the Watchpoint and raided it. 1.0's sensory systems were hijacked by Sombra as Widowmaker and a small group of Talon assassin's moved in to take out his team. Meanwhile, Reaper moved towards the computers that 1.0 operated on. The veil on 1.0's senses was lifted and he realized the checkmate that he had been forced into. Reaper offered that if 1.0 joined Talon and killed his fellow soldiers as proof of loyalty, he wouldn't be harmed.

1.0 had to process this for quite a while, he still barely understood the emotions that he felt towards these soldiers, but he knew that they were strong. Plus, 1.0 thought that he might just be able to fight Talon off with the new nanomachine and MN substance that he was developing. Reaper was growing impatient but was ordered to wait, as 1.0 could be extremely valuable to Talon. Suddenly, 1.0 stabbed Reaper with a tentacle, Talon got their answer. 1.0 had also slowly been building a nest of nanomachines in the barracks, allowing him to stop any gunfire directed at the soldiers, but strangely he didn't feel any bullets. 1.0's sensory system refreshed once more, what he perceived as his squad held at gunpoint was actually their corpses the entire time.

Now 1.0 felt something he knew, anger, but it was mixed in with the strange compassion that he had grown for his teammates. This wasn't just anger, it was vengeance. In all the commotion, it took 1.0 a second to realize that Reaper was now aiming his shotguns at 1.0's computers. This was 1.0's chance to release this new emotion. Thousands upon thousands of nanomachines descended upon the Talon squad, ripping them apart from the inside. As for Reaper, 1.0 surrounded each and every one of his constantly dying and replicating cells with nanomachines and then began to slowly pull them apart. Widowmaker had already left the scene, but Sombra, while not known to be selfless, couldn't watch her mentor be ripped apart this way. Sombra rushed to 1.0's computer room, her ability to hack him was now severely limited as he was now familiar with her work and "awake", but she still managed to shut down the cloud around Reyes. Reaper and Sombra were able to escape, but not by much.

Time heals most wounds: After hearing the news, Athena and Winston ordered 1.0 back to Gibraltar. Upon his return, they also noted a significant change in his mood, which was very rare for 1.0. They soon realized the growth that this tragedy forced upon 1.0, and after observing his actions for a bit longer, they decided that they could now fully trust him and grant him the same authorities as Athena.

Of course, not everyone was willing to trust the former war crime, especially after hearing what happened to the Talon soldiers that didn't escape his grasp. Gaining the trust of all of Overwatch would be a long road, and the one for the trust of the world at large seemed infinite, but the words of Athena and Winston sure did help.

The conclusion to the "hero's" journey: Now with the full approval of Athena and Winston and the resources of Gibraltar, 1.0 began his ascent back to full godhood. Along the way, he further developed his nanomachine technology and began work on a special hard-light technology that would prevent disorientating effects, including those induced by hacking.

  • US Military (former)
  • Overwatch


Somewhat large smooth robot comprised of nanomachines son with lights lining his limbs, chest, and back that glow blue during Gentle God and yellow during Pray. As his health lowers, the nanomachines disperse and reform around his body more and more frequently, when this happens writhing mechanical tentacles can be seen underneath. Also, he wears a small tattered purple scarf/hood.

Speaks in a calm and authoritative, slightly metallic voice. This demeanor cracks when he or his friends are in danger and his anger underneath shows.

Pre-match lines
  • *Athena, through "The God's" speaker "Could I try now?" *1.0 "Alright" *Athena "Wait, what? I was joking!"
  • "I am a vengeful God"
  • "Don't worry, I don't feel pain!.... mostly"


  • Class: Tank
  • Health: 600 normal
  • Movement speed: 5.5 m/s
  • Size: Good bit bigger than Zarya, but with similar proportions.

Voice lines
  • On kill: "Smited" "One less gun shooting me"
  • On spawn: "I have reformed" "Don't go in without me!"


Primary Fire: Smite:
Form and fire long metal spikes and plant them into your enemies.

  • Type: Projectile
  • Projectile speed: 80 m/s
  • Ammo: Infinite
  • Damage: 75
  • Fire rate: 1 per 1.25 seconds
  • Headshot: No
  • Max planted spikes: 3 per enemy
  • Spike plant duration: 6 seconds

  • Attacking: 1.0 lifts up his arms and forms clouds of nanomachines into long spikes and then pushes them forward.
  • Counter: The total amount of planted spikes is shown just under the crosshair.

Reload ability: Assimilate:
Channel to make your planted spikes rapidly transform chunks of your enemies into nanomachines, causing damage over time to the enemy and healing you over time.

  • Type: Channel
  • Channel duration: 1 second
  • Damage over time: 10 per second per spike
  • Heal over time: 20 per second per spike
  • Duration: 3 seconds

  • Channel: 1.0 forms a small cloud of nanomachines between his hands, crushes it, and draws the cloud back into himself.
  • Nanomachines: Once activated, thin grey streams of nanomachines can be seen traveling from the effected enemies to 1.0.

Alternate Fire: Wrath:
Impale an enemy with a tentacle and fill their body with nanomachines that rip them apart. This ability becomes stronger based on the damage that you have taken recently.

  • Type: Delayed hitscan (hook), then debuff if landed
  • Range: 10m
  • Damage: 30
  • Charge: Gain 1% charge for every 5 damage taken, up to 100%
  • Charge decay: Charge decays exponentially at 2% per second squared after not taking damage for 1 second
  • Slow: 20%, plus 0.5% for every 1% charge, up to 70%
  • Damage over time: 15 per second, plus 0.3 for every 1% charge, up to 45
  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds once cast

  • Activation: Send out a small metallic tentacle that impales an enemy and creates a cloud of nanomachines around their chest and legs.
  • HUD: Charge is displayed above the crosshair.

Voice lines
  • Allies: "Shoot that one!"
  • Enemies: "Writhe, insect!"


Ability 1: Pray:
Heavily condense your nanomachines into yourself, allowing you to be healed and move much faster, but disabling abilities and attacks and making you take more damage.

  • Type: Toggled stance change
  • Healing increase: Receive 100% more healing while active
  • Movement buff: 50% faster, triple jump height
  • Damage increase: Receive 30% more damage while active
  • Disabled: You cannot use any other basic abilities or attacks while this is active, activating this ability will deactivate Gentle God. This does not apply to the ultimate.
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds both ways

  • Activation: 1.0 brings all nanomachines to him and heavily condenses them, making him appear much darker.

Voice lines
  • Allies: "Now's the time to heal me!"
  • Enemies: "The God requires worship"

Ability 2: Gentle God:
Form a large thin cloud of nanomachines in an area around you. Any attack that would hit an ally standing in this area instead hits you, with reduced damage.

  • Type: Toggled aura
  • Aura effect: Absorb damage and CC that allies in the area would take, with a 30% damage reduction.
  • AoE: 10m radius sphere
  • Cooldown: 2 seconds to turn off or on

  • Nanomachine field: While active, a thin gray field is seen forming the AoE and 1.0 takes up a slightly more cloudlike form.

Voice lines
  • Allies: "I'll take the hits for you"
  • Enemies: "My followers are invincible!"

Ultimate: Unbreakable:
You temporarily cannot be reduced below 100 health, damage past this point reduces the ultimate's duration.

  • Ult cost: 1900
  • Type: Self-buff
  • Invincibility: Cannot be reduced below 100 base health.
  • Max duration: 12 seconds
  • Damage: Taking damage while at 100 health reduces the ultimate's duration at a ratio of 1 second per 100 damage.

  • Damage: As you take damage, a cloud of nanomachines grows above you and forms writhing tentacles and eyes.
  • Activation: Tentacles strike down from the cloud, and enemies are covered in more and more nanomachines based on how much they are slowed.

Voice lines
  • Allies: "I will make them pay!"
  • Enemies: "DO NOT ANGER A GOD!"


Winston: "I'm glad you've got my back, 1.0"
1.0: "Thanks, that means a lot from you"
Winston: "Your welcome, friend"

1.0: "You can't threaten me anymore"
Reaper: "What about Sombra?"
1.0: ... "Work in progress"

Sombra: "Can't wait to crack open that code of yours again"
1.0: *a sound which can only be described as if God himself growled at you over a Skype call with a shitty connection

Zenyatta: "You have learned much, good"
1.0: "Well it's not like it came cheap"
Zenyatta: "Pain is our greatest teacher"

Mercy: "I think I'm beginning to trust you"
1.0: "Thanks, I never thought that you wou...."
Mercy: "I still despise your methods though"
1.0: *sigh "Ok"

Junkrat: "I'm gonna blow you up no matter how cloudy you are"
1.0: *distorted human screaming and chanting
Junkrat: "Don't you talk about my mother like that!"
1.0: "Wha- you know what? I'm not even gonna bother"

Soldier 76: "Thanks for taking those bullets for me"
1.0: "Of course, it's my job"
Soldier 76: "Could do without all the chanting"
1.0: "I'll take that into consideration"

Tracer: "Hey, 1.0?"
1.0: "I know, I know, I'll try and keep the cloud out of your mouth when you teleport"
Tracer: "What? I just wanted to say it's great to have you on the team"
1.0: "Oh, oh! Thanks!"

1.0: "Athena, are you listening? I just wanted to say thanks... for everything"
Athena (through 1.0's speaker): "It's my job, our job, Overwatch helps people"
1.0: *beeping only a computer could understand
Athena (through 1.0's speaker): *loud giggle


  • Slouch (sit emote): 1.0 sits down and deforms into a cloud roughly resembling his shape. Every so often he reforms, sits up straight and looks around to make sure no one's watching.
  • Nanomachine wind (dance emote): Torture dance from part 5 of JoJo.
  • Hand of a God: 1.0 raises up his arms and forms a lightning rod that is quickly struck.
  • Serenity: 1.0 stands around when all of a sudden a butterfly lands on his finger, he admires it until the emote is canceled and it flies away. Small chance for a dragonfly to come and kill the butterfly, as it attempts to fly away 1.0 skewers it with a tentacle.

  • Blues: Fear (yellow), Anger (red), Compassion (blue), Vengeance (purple)
  • Purples: Grace: Even more smooth, limbs and head are floating near torso (blue untattered scarf, white metal). Wrath: More blocky with spikes and tentacles along limbs (black metal, red burnt scarf).
  • Legendaries: Divine/God: 1.0 and the nanomachines are bathed in holy light and he appears more cloudy constantly (white and gold/blue and orange). Organic/Plague: 1.0 and his nanomachines now appear to be an organism that disperses into insects (peach and pink/black and green).

Voice lines
  • Repent: "Run now and I'll let you live"
  • Just a little: "Ok, it's actually starting to hurt now"
  • Athena?: "Athena is that you? Wait what are yo- DON'T LOOK AT THOSE FILES!"
  • Deep breaths: *long sigh "I'm calm, I'm calm"
  • Expectations: "Did you think you could win?"
  • Funny joke: *clicking and beeping ... "No? Ah well Athena thought it was funny"
  • HATE: "I could explain with extreme detail how mad I am, but I think you'll be able to guess from what I'm about to do"
  • How he does it: "Nanomachines son!"


  • Pixel: Ow...: Absorb 2000 damage in one life.
  • Cute: Ok, a little breakable: Have an unbreakable ultimate last less than 4 seconds.
submitted by Oryyyyx_with4ys to OverwatchHeroConcepts

Would you use this tool to teach programming (terminal + voice-over + screen recording)

hi, i occasionally teach programming over skype, and like many others - have a preferred arrangement of the editoterminal/browser when screensharing.
I realised A lot of technology has gone into the gaming world when it comes to streaming, screensharing and OBS. I would like to bring some of that into the teaching space and terminal as well.
Over the past month I have built a tool that is able to record the node/python/any terminal command use, along with your voice-over and generates a video. All by just pressing a record and a stop button. You can choose a combination of screen, voice, camera (your avatar headshot shows up).
Here is the demo of how it looks today => https://youtu.be/P3uFhJvFSFs
It shows an example of starting the node shell, and running some javascript, with accompanying notes on the side.
Before deciding to work on this further or launch this as an app - I would love feedback/wishlist.
Thanks B
submitted by tutor_bosky to teachprogramming

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