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Key generator quake wars patch 1.5

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 1.5 Full Update (Linux): Free

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Cracked enemy Territory: Quake Wars patch v.1.0 - v.1.5

This thread is archived. The cumulative patch for ET: QW. Changes include bug fixes, UI improvements, AI improvements and much more.

Serial code quake 1.5 Weapon Pack [Quake] [Skin Mods]

The user who removed it appears to have a habit of deleting information, considering it to constitute a game guide but in this case it may have been a. Work on the 1.5 game update for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is steaming ahead at full knots and we're now testing the latest version of it internally to see if there are any glaring issues left to fix. This section lists all the major Enemy Territory: Quake Wars commands and command variables (cvars) by general function, and provides descriptions and recommendations for the important ones. Which side will you choose?

Download patch 1.4 to 1.5 (Linux) - Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Downloads - Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Mod DB. Lemon Amiga home FAQ Search Memberlist Usergroups Search Memberlist Usergroups. Smart Serials: Your serial numbers database https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=757. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - PCGamingWiki PCGW.

Enemy territory quake wars patch 1.5

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Mods, Maps, Patches & News. Official Doom FAQOfficial Doom FAQ. There are no cheats or automated maps to help you here. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars PC Downloads her explanation.

Quake on Windows 10 high resolution: DarkPlaces

Anyone here part of a clan? It does have its downfalls, though, and I'll discuss those first. Territory: QUAKE Wars represents Splash Damage's first full retail game and it would not have been possible if it weren't for the support of id Software, the incredible investment on behalf of the team members over these past four years and the dedication of such an active community around the Demo and the Betas, " said Splash Damage Owner and Creative Director Paul Wedgwood. Enemy territory quake Wars patch 1 5 download discussion seconds using 6 MySQL queries and 13 includes!

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 1.5 SDK - Enemy Territory

Reseller Application; In Development. Quake - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes, crashes, mods. Call of Duty 5 World at War Game Servers from $0.79/Private Slot! Enemy Territory: Quake Wars pits the armies of Earth against the invading alien Strogg in the ultimate online.

Quake Wars Update 1.5 Live

Just a quick update on where things are at with. On the [ETPG] Quake Wars one it was all human last night, that was a blast, but before that, the strogg was all bot, and human was all human, the GDF killed that day, no questions asked. Software-update: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 1.5 my website. Kulkis 1.5 - Unblocked Games 66 - Google Sites more info.

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars interview Part 1: Page 5

Cheat Engine level up TD1. Borderlands 3 Legendaries & Uniques - Google Drive my website. May 28 2020 00: 26: 41 2400 MHz Intel CPU with MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 2 logical CPUs 2 physical CPUs HT not available 2020 MB System Memory 64 MB Video Memory Initializing performance queries Winsock Initialized Found interface: gif0 gif0 - / Found interface: stf0 stf0 - / Found interface: en0 en0 - / Found interface: fw0 fw0 - / Found interface: en1 en1. Quake wars patch 1.5.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars News
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ET: Quake Wars v1.5 Released

This is the beta version of the new Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Full v patch. Quake was an amazing 1st person experience when it came out, and Quake 2 was even better. Infestation Surivor Hacks. Minecraft: Dungeons is a brand new action-adventure style game that was inspired by old-school classic dungeon crawlers.

Patch 1.5 file - Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Mod DB

Taking place in the year, the game lets you play as the GDF or Strogg in one of five unique character classes, either online or offline. The update includes interface changes, a new tutorial mode, Enemy Territory. Quake Wars Enemy Territory Update. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars v1.5 Full Patch Splash Damage and id Software have released the final version of its v1.5 patch.

Key quake Unblocked - Unblocked Games 66 - Google Sites

Allan1080p / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 4.0 Quake Download Links. We use cookies to enable you to log in and set your site preferences. Quake 3 Quake 4 Quake Wars Enemy Territory Red Orchestra 2 Reflex Reign of Kings Rend Renegade X Ricochet Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Rising World ROHK Rust SCUM Sniper Elite v2 Sniper Elite 4 Space Engineers Squad Starbound Starforge Starmade Stationeers Staxel Steam Hammer Survive the Nights Star Wars Jedi Knight Tactix Team Fortress 1 Classic Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine. Unlimited recording storage space.

A list of 80+ really good games that can be run on most older computers

First off, some things about me (feel free to skip ahead for the list if you'd like).
I come from a third world country where its really hard to justify buying a 1000$ gaming computer, especially if you're young and are financially supported by your parents, who are trying their best to raise you properly with all they can. It would be very rare to see expensive computers back then (around 2011), and many did not even have a PC in their home. Most kids would be playing Counter Strike 1.6, it was very popular back then, and fortunately enough most people had a decent enough computer that could handle that. I was among them, playing casually with friends.
I didn't have much knowledge about computer specs back then, nor did I know about games, apart from a few flash browser games and Counter Strike there wasn't much i did with my computer. One day though, I was bored of Counter Strike and i opened this other game that came installed with it, Half Life ( I wasn't aware back then what mods are and also thought that Half Life came with Counter Strike and not the other way around, which later I figured out was the case).
It would put me on this train for what felt like an eternity, and i couldn't get out of it, and 12 yr old impatient me couldn't handle it. So I went to eat dinner, but forgot to close the game. When i came back, i saw that the train door had opened, and there was this cop who was talking to me, and then this huge metallic door opened, and there were these people with white lab coats who all seemed to know me, saying i was late and had to go to this experiment.
Next thing I know, I was in this new world. It felt like a movie, in which I am the protagonist, and for me it was fascinating. After I had completed the game, I immediately wanted more. And then i remembered i had this disc which had a few demos of games (I cant recall properly but they were newer releases, dirt 2 was among them). I installed them and soon after disappointment struck: they didn't run for some reason I couldn't then comprehend. Only then I was introduced to the concept of computers not all being the same, but since loved this game so much there had to be more games to I could play right?
And so begins my low end gaming story. It was the most fun period of my life, even through all the difficulties of having lesser hardware. It shaped a lot of who I am, and even got me more into computers which resulted in me now studying computer science. I have changed my computer a few months ago, and while looking at old files I stumbled upon this list of games I had played and finished in the older computer, and I decided i should share it in this subreddit. Oh how I wish i'd known about this subreddit back then, but at least I can help people (hopefully) who are now in the same situations as I was back then. I sincerely hope you get the best PCs that you've dreamed of, but in the meantime, you can't go wrong with these games.

Below is the specs of the PC i used to play all the games:
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce FX5500 (AGP version)
RAM : 1.5 GB DDR
HDD: 80 GB (5400 rpm) drive

And here's the list containing all the games:

1st Person Shooters:
Half Life 1
Half Life : Opposing force
Half life : Blue Shift
Half Life : Decay
Half Life 2
Half Life 2 : Lost Coast
Half Life 2 Episode 1
Half Life 2 Episode 2
Black Mesa
Call of Duty
Call of Duty 2
Far Cry
Halo : Combat Evolved
Doom 3
Quake 4
Deus Ex
Deus Ex : Invisible War
F.E.A.R - First Encounter Assault Recon
Cry of Fear
Max Payne
Max Payne 2
Area 51
Postal 2
Counter Strike 1.6
Counter Strike Source
Team Fortress 2
Killing Floor
Battlefield 1942
Battlefield 2
Medal Of Honor : Allied Assault
Day Of The Zombie
Serious Sam : The First Encounter
Serious Sam : The Second Encounter
Soldier Of Fortune
Soldier Of Fortune : Double Helix
SiN Episodes : Emergence
Return To Castle Wolfenstein
System Shock 2
Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death

3rd Person Shooters
GTA 3 - Grand Theft Auto 3
GTA VC - Grand Theft Auto Vice City
GTA SA - Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Total Overdose
Cold Fear
The Ultimate Spiderman
Spider - Man 2
Mafia - The Lost City Of Heaven

Role Playing & Adventure games
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Fable : The Lost Chapters
Beyond Good and Evil

Racing Games
Need for Speed : Underground
Need for Speed : Underground 2
Need for Speed : Most Wanted
Need for Speed : Carbon
Ford Racing 3

Casual & Other Games
Age of Empires 2
Tekken 3
Mortal Kombat 4
TAG : The Power Of Paint
Citizen Abel : Gravity Bone
Thirty Flights Of Loving
Pro Evolution Soccer 2004
Ricochet : Lost Worlds
Plants VS Zombies
Subway Surfers
Doodle Jump
Angry Birds
Cut The Rope
Cake Shop
Chicken Invaders 2
Chicken Invaders 4
Bonus: I used to play League of Legends in this computer with 10 fps and I hit gold division doing that while playing Malphite and Maokai only, not recommended!

One more thing: This list contains only games that I've played. All these games ran on my computer at varying settings and varying framerate (though playable since I wouldn't have been able to complete if not) . If you're not sure if you can also run these games, try to use my computer specs as reference. In general, If you have a similar computer, most games from 2005 and below will work.

Hopefully you'll find some games you like, and feel free to add any game that you think also deserves a mention, as I'm sure there are many other masterpieces waiting to be played. Thank you for your time, and glhf!
submitted by TheVarianty to lowendgaming

Champion Concept: Corrin, the Retribution

Intro: The daily life in Piltover revolves around trade and science and progress. It was the city named for it. But all that information, new equipment and things to trade in general... had to come from somewhere no? Corrin's family prided themselves in their endeavors across the land, aided by their masterfully crafted Hextech. Following in the footsteps of those before him, Corrin was a prodigal inventor as well, always finding newer and more efficient ways for Piltoverans to explore the world... until terror is etched so deep into him, Discovery takes a back seat to the insane pursuit of Vengeance.

Info: Corrin is a Marksman/Catcher who augments and upgrades his hextech cannon to dominate late game. A high skill level champion who needs to know how to aim and what to use against his opponents in order to make the most out of his kit.

STATS VALUE (Level 1-18)
Health 561-2050
Health Regen 3-8.25
Armor 25-85.6
Magic Resist 29-40
Movement Speed 325
Mana 230-1100
Mana Regen 6.5-20.3
Attack Damage 55-116.3
Critical Damage 200%
Attack Range 500


Lore: "Where Pride Blooms, Vengeance is Sown."
Within the humid heat of he Ixtal jungles, Corrin Bleau brushed a stay leaf from his hat. Set on the wall of his tent was a map of the vastly unexplored jungles that seemed to push intruders out. Not that different from the map in his parent's study, where they would often discuss for hours about the next expedition they would be off to or new ideas for transportation, extraction machines or even weapons to protect themselves.
Within the Adventurer's Guild, his family had always been renowned not just for accompanying explorers out on their travels, but for being the technological experts behind the possibilities of such expeditions as well. And now he, the youngest of four siblings had the opportunity to be assigned to one among the many mysterious lands of Runeterra, Ixtal. Granted he was here only to tend to the machines the miners used and plan out the safest way to dig and decide which trees were just right for cutting down he still felt honored. They had been here for newly two weeks and were making great progress.
Although, despite this being a grand experience whatever the matter, Corrin just could not find it in himself to fully throw himself into his tasks. He did not want to merely be watching over miners and delegating them their tasks for the day, he wanted to delve into the jungle head first with his trusty hextech Cannon and explore what others have never dared to explore in the past. The thought reminded him of a certain blonde, gauntlet wielding senior of his. Among the guild's ranks, none could shine brighter than the name "Ezreal". How Corrin envied him so for not only being a prodigal explorer but charming to boot!
Finding himself pouting, Corrin failed to realize how much time had passed by and made to exit the tent to see the progress of his miners. Supposedly, there was ancient magic hidden here in Ixtal and while minerals and wood were all well and good, should Corrin be the one to discover any trace of that... maybe then he would ascend to the heights of the great Ezreal... or if not then maybe along the lines of that renowned inventor Jayce or peculiar yordle Professor Hemerdinger. Inhaling the sweet scent of many nearby Parethan Corpse Tulips, he smiles at how their beauty and colors seemed to match the bright and sunny day.
As expected, the miners were hard at work, naturally spurred on by the salaries they were being paid that put bread on the tables for their families. Smiling at their earnest work, he suddenly hears a call from behind him. He turns to the dirt path they had made upon their arrival here to see his parents arriving via a hex-crystal-powered carriage. A prototype of a vehicle they were building that would one day make land travel all the more efficient for everyone across Runeterra. Waving to them, he received a smile in return, his mother holding a rather thick swathe of documents in her hands.
Corrin's eyes widen upon seeing the seal of the Adventurer's Guild. Hopeful but also fearful that it was a mistake, he takes one step towards them but then, there is no earth for him to step on. In an instance, it seemed the entire mining site had gone silent, and the jungle around them care to life. Vines lashed at their machines, the earth quaked and crushed miners and ice pierced any who dared to turn and run away from her. Suddenly, his parents were in action, firing their hextech cannons at the adversary but whoever it was was too quick, evading from within the treeline.
Then she appeared, a woman with bronze skin and hair so white, he thought she were from the Freljord. But her ornate weapon, how she spun it and let the earth ripple in quakes to bury his parents along with their carriage... this was no ordinary mage, much less one of the Freljords.
Scrambling from the rubble, he looks around to see she had decimated the entirety of the camp... and his parents. Looking to her, she no remorse... but rather, satisfaction in her eyes. Terror filled him and silent tears flowed freely down his face. As if further sated by his pathetic state, she swings the ornate weapon and the jungle clears a path for her, one which she uses to make her exit.
The threat gone and grief and terror and helplessness completely sinking in, Corrin crawls desperately to where he can see a bit of the carriage poking out of the large shards of rock along with his mother's arm, papers still clenched in a death tight grip where she held her cannon. Taking her pulse, he let out a sob when he felt none and the papers fell free from her hands. They were plans, a request to adventure to the land across the sea, Ionia... and his name was among the many listed to go, including his parents. Feeling the gravity of that moment and what had instead happened settle in, Corrin wailed to the canopies up above, the Parethan Corpse Tulips in bloom mocking him with their vibrant colors and name.
It is many months later when Corrin sets foot on the grounds of the Ixtal jungle once more, stepping on a Corpse Tulip, the intention of which would only be privy to himself. Toting his newly finished Trinity Canon in hand, he scans ahead with his visor for the troop following behind him. The gun is heavy, but it feels light compared to the load he had been baring ever since he last set foot within this jungle. Reforged from the damage hextech cannons he and his parents used, the renowned Himerdinger himself took a look at it and praised him for the destructive potential it possessed. But Corrin did not build it for destruction alone.
Seeing a path seemingly... straightforward and open, he steps forward and then his visor shows him. An arcology, buildings built in harmony with nature is what is revealed to him. "I Knew it!" he thought, smiling wickedly as he lifts the cannon upwards and adjusting the hex-crystal on it. The barrel hums with power as his troops call out to him. Atop a palanquin, sits a woman with white hair and a familiar face... "Familiar, but not her." he thinks bitterly as his manic smile turns in a scowl... however, a relative would suffice for now. Hearing the pitch of his cannon's hum increase significantly, he smiles and let's loose a beam of raw magical energy, cutting a perfect line through the jungle foliage and the palanquin where the bane of his existence's lookalike sat.
Cheers are heard from behind him as hexplosive experts start working on taking the village down. Discovery... could wait. A mere city could not possibly hold significant secrets. No, Corrin would go to the very root of the jungle and find out what lay at its heart, and what the tale of that damned white haired woman was. As the cannon begins to hum once again, he makes his way through the village with a smile gracing his face once again. He can feel it, the cannon his parent's died gripping collecting the magic of the land here and infusing the several crystals within the Trinity with their energy. Here, in this land where that woman's pride flourished and bloomed, he would make known the weeds of vengeance she had sown within his heart. His gun fires and he laughs at the several Corpse Tulips that fall in the process, littering the actual corpses strewn about the stone streets.


Abilities/In-Game Kit:

Evolving Equipment

Innate (Trinity Cannon): Enemy units that die because of Corrin leave a Magic Rune (5 for enemy Champions) in their wake that lasts over 5 seconds. Walking over it, having attacks hit it or basic attacking it will allow Corrin to collect the Magic Rune stack to save for later.
Innate (Evolving Equipment): Each Rune stack grants him 1 Bonus Attack Damage. These Magic Rune stacks disappear should Corrin die, but when used to upgrade his Trinity Cannon's abilities, become permanent.

Q - Raze Through

Active: Corrin channels for 0.50 seconds and fires a powerful blast of energy in a forward direction, dealing Magic Damage to all enemy units in its path and destroying Brushes for 5 seconds before they grow back.
First Upgrade:
Upgrade Type Upgrade Effect
Power Core Enhanced Blast damage AP modifier gains bonus 10%.
Barrel Enhanced Blast Target Range Increased to 800 and width to 400.
Second Upgrade:
Upgrade Type Upgrade Effect
Power Core Added Charge (Power Core Path Selected) 20% Reduced Mana Cost (Skill Exclusive).
Power Core Further Enhanced (Power Core Path Selected) Blast damage AP modifier gains bonus 20%.
Barrel Modified (Barrel Path Selected) Blast has inner cone (200 width) that deals 10% more damage.
Barrel Further Enhanced (Barrel Path Selected) Blast Target Range Increased to 1000 and width to 600.
Third Upgrade:
Upgrade Type Upgrade Effect
Power Core Maximum Charge (Power Core Added Charge Path Selected) 40% Reduced Mana Cost (Skill Exclusive).
Power Core Augmented Charge (Power Core Added Charge Path Selected) 20% Reduced Mana Cost, 20% Reduced Cool Down (Skill Exclusive).
Power Core Maximum Enhancement (Power Core Further Enhanced Path Selected) Blast damage AP modifier gains bonus 30%.
Power Core Augmented Enhancement (Power Core Path Selected) Blast damage AP and AD modifier gain bonus 15%.
Barrel Optimally Modified (Barrel Modified Path Selected) Blast has inner cone (200 width) that deals 20% more damage.
Barrel Impromptu Modified (Barrel Modified Path Selected) Blast has inner cone (200 width) that deals 10% more damage and gives Corrin 50% of the damage dealt as Shield.
Barrel Maximum Enhancement (Barrel Further Enhanced Path Selected) Blast Target Range Increased to 1200 and width to 800.
Barrel Augmented Enhancement (Barrel Further Enhanced Path Selected) Blast Target Range Increased to 1000 and width to 600, dealing up to 20% more damage the closer the hit enemies are to Corrin.

Stats Value
Mana Cost 50/60/70/80/90
Cool Down 14 seconds
Magic Damage 75/130/175/240/290 (+50% bonus AD) (+45% AP)
Target Range 600
Width 200

W - Escape is Futile

Active: Corrin's cannon launches a barrage of 3 missiles in a target direction that, upon each hitting an enemy, springs a net and Roots them to the spot for 1 second, dealing Physical Damage every half second.
First Upgrade:
Upgrade Type Upgrade Effect
Extra Rocket Fuel 2 extra rockets are added to the barrage.
Charged Runes Root duration increases to 1.5 seconds.
Second Upgrade:
Upgrade Type Upgrade Effect
Experimental Rocket Fuel (Extra Rocket Fuel Path Selected) Rockets travel 20% faster.
Crate of Rocket Fuel (Extra Rocket Fuel Path Selected) 3 extra rockets are added to the barrage.
Enchanted Runes (Charged Runes Path Selected) Damage interval increases to every 0.25 seconds.
Overloaded Runes (Charged Runes Path Selected) Root duration increases to 2 seconds.
Third Upgrade:
Upgrade Type Upgrade Effect
Volatile Rocket Fuel (Experimental Rocket Fuel Path Selected) Rockets travel 25% faster and fan out more as they do.
Perfected Rocket Fuel (Experimental Rocket Fuel Path Selected) Rockets travel 40% faster.
Load of Rocket Fuel (Crate of Rocket Fuel Path Selected) 4 extra rockets are added to the barrage.
Efficient Rocket Fuel (Crate of Rocket Fuel Path Selected) 4 extra rockets are added to the barrage, target range increased to 980.
Wizened Runes (Enchanted Runes Path Selected) Damage interval increases to every 0.20 seconds.
Enlightened Runes (Enchanted Runes Path Selected) Damage interval increases to every 0.10 seconds, but damage dwindles by 5% each time.
Malefic Runes (Overloaded Runes Path Selected) Root duration increases to 2.5 seconds.
Chaotic Runes (Overloaded Runes Path Selected) Root duration increases to 2 seconds, and Corrin's next basic attack on hit enemies will be a guaranteed Critical Hit but will purify the target.

Stats Value
Mana Cost 85
Cool Down 13/12.5/12/11/10.5 seconds
Physical Damage 10/20/30/40/50 (+25% bonus AD)
Target Range 750
Width (Volatile Rocket Fuel) 350

E - Hexperimental Visor

Active: Corrin activates his visor and, for 3 seconds Reveals enemies within a 900 range.
First Upgrade:
Upgrade Type Upgrade Effect
Tactical Features Shows Cool Down of enemy Q and W.
Homing Duration of Reveal increases to 4 seconds.
Second Upgrade:
Upgrade Type Upgrade Effect
Strategical Features (Tactical Features Path Selected) Shows Cool Down of enemy Q, W, and E.
Experimental Features (Tactical Features Path Selected) Shows Cool Down of Q and W and next two items on their build path.
Tracking (Homing Path Selected) Duration of Reveal increases to 6 seconds.
Stalking (Homing Path Selected) Increases target range to 1200.
Third Upgrade:
Upgrade Type Upgrade Effect
Piltoveran Features (Strategical Features Path Selected) Shows Cool Down of enemy Q, W, E and R.
Zaunite Features (Strategical Features Path Selected) Shows Cool Down of enemy Q, W, E and Battle Spells.
Hextech Features (Experimental Features Path Selected) Shows Cool Down of enemy Q, W and next three items in their build path.
Arcane Features (Experimental Features Path Selected) Shows Cool Down of enemy Q, W, E and next two items in their build path.
Radar (Tracking Path Selected) Duration of Reveal increased to 9 seconds.
Past-Location (Tracking Path Selected) Enemies tracked will still be tracked for 400 more units outside of the initial range.
Birds Eye View (Stalking Selected) Increases target range to 1700
Eagle Eye (Stalking Selected) Clears for of War around the target Area for half the duration.

Stats Value
Mana Cost 45/55/70/80/90
Cool Down 12 seconds

R - Trinity Ascension

Innate: Each time Corrin ranks Trinity Ascension up, he gains the ability to seal Magic Rune stacks to upgrade his other abilities to the corresponding Rank Level.
Upgrade Magic Rune Cost
First Upgrade 5
Second Upgrade 10
Third Upgrade 15
Active: Corrin fires a single-target shot to the farthest enemy unit in range that deals Physical Damage and half of that damage that dwindles for every other enemy unit hit on the way. Upon fully upgrading another ability with Magic Runes, Trinity Ascension gains certain boosts.
Stats Value
Mana Cost 80/100/130
Cool Down 100/90/75
Physical Damage 200/350/500 (+75% bonus AD) (+50% AP)
Target Range 900/1100/1300
Width 240
Fully Upgraded Raze Through Increases total damage of target enemy unit for every other enemy unit hit on the way, up to 100%.
Fully Upgraded Escape is Futile Applies a Knock Back on enemies hit on the way.
Fully Upgraded Hexperimental Visor Reveals all enemies hit and 600 around them for 5 seconds.


In Game Interactions:

Pick: "Help me with my quest, I'll help you with yours."
Ban: "Tsk, suit yourself."

Moving: "Another new place to discover... and enemies to decimate."
"The more lands I see, the more I show my parents what they could not."
"The Ixtali... who are they and what secret have they buried at the heart of their jungle?"
"Stand in the way of discovery, I'll go around. Obstruct my path? Trinity will answer you."
"I used to be so curious... naive and weak."
"The strong raze over the weak, and now I'm one of them."
"They say hextech is a blasphemy to magic. Not after a blast from Trinity hits them."
"At the heart of Ixtali may rest the secrets to magic... and the home of my enemy."

First Encounter: "See the size of my gun? That's the size of your problem."
"Pilties are known to be snobs. Heh, not me."

Ally Interactions:
Himerdinger or Jayce: "So what if it's volatile? That just means it's effective!"
Ezreal: "Keep up Pansy Lightfather!"
Qiyana: "... Keep your distance, Ixtali."
Qiyana response, "As to you, Pilt-overan."
Jinx or Ziggs: "So, you like explosions?"
Caitlyn: "Keep that barrel smoking sheriff."

Enemy Interactions:
Himerdinger or Jayce: "We can agree to disagree that Ixtal should be left alone, yeah?"
Ezreal: "Brace for impact pretty boy!"
Qiyana: "This is where you die, Ixtali."
Qiyana response, "We will see, hextech wielding filth."
Zyra: "Out of the way, weed!"
Nidalee: "Show me to the Cardinal Arcologies kitten, otherwise, stay out of my way."
Neeko: "So your a reflection of me? Where's the pain then lizard?"
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