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All my ideas for Megapatch 3.

I gathered all my ideas for changes and patches for SCP: Secret Laboratory. Be free to tell me your opinion in the comments.
These are just ideas.
Also no, i dont want serpent's hand.

Small Patches

  • Chaos spawns a bit more often.
  • Scientists spawning with a flashlight has a higher chance.
  • SCP-173 Bug Fix.
  • SCP-096 trigger distance is shorter.
  • An MTF Lieutenant keycard will spawn is SCP-079's chamber.

Minor Class Changes

Class-D/Chaos Insurgency
  • Chaos Insurgents will gain extra spawn-tickets if a scientist escapes cuffed. this is to encourage more cooperation between scientists and CI.
  • Class-D sometimes spawn with a janitor card. The chance of this occurring is 1/6.
Mobile Task Forces
  • MTF Commander cards will have Containment 3 Access. Same goes for CI Access device.
  • MTF Cadet cards can open gates. (It is unfair that Scientists/Cuffed D-Class cant open gates when they escape).

New Additions

  • A new button in the warhead silo appears. This button is used to turn off all tesla gates. Warhead access is required.
  • New SCP Object: SCP-012. SCP-012 exists and counts as an SCP object. This means that Class-D or Chaos Insurgents can use it and sacrifice themselves to earn spawn tickets.
  • New weapon: Uzi. It has a small chance be found in the LCZ ##00 armory. It can also be obtained by upgrading the USP on Very Fine. The weapon is much like the COM-15, however it has a much faster rate of fire. The Uzi uses 9.00mm ammo. Attachments are the same as the USP.
  • New ammo type: 12.00mm. Maximum is 100 rounds.
  • New weapon: Mossberg-500. Mossberg-500 has a small chance to spawn in the SCP-049 and warhead silo armory. Mossberg-500 is a shotgun that uses 12.00mm ammo. It can be obtained by refining the Epsilon-11-SR on very fine in SCP-914. Rate of fire is very slow, trading off for the high damage. Attachments are only suppressor, ammo counter and flashlight.
  • New item: SCRAMBLE goggles. SCRAMBLE goggles will blur SCP-096's face when the wearer sees it. They spawn only once, and can not be created in SCP-914. SCRAMBLE goggles can be found in a locker in SCP-096's chamber. The locker requires armory access tier 3 to be opened. Refining the goggles on any option in SCP-914 will destroy them. They will just need to be in the inventory to work.
Class-D/Chaos Insurgency
  • Chaos Insurgents will have a 2/10 chance of spawning with a "Chaos Radio". It works as a normal radio, but only other Chaos Insurgents or Class-D will be able to hear. Class-D and Chaos dont need other chaos radios to hear the person with the chaos radio, but will need one to talk back.
Mobile Task Forces
  • New MTF Unit: MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil"). Eta-10 units are equipped with an Uzi, flash grenades, weapon manager, disarmer, radio, night vision goggles and a keycard based on their rank. The night vision goggles will function without needing to be held. It will work if its just in the inventory. They will be useful against something ill cover up later. MTF Eta-10 will spawn with Epsilon-11. Up to 2 can spawn at a time. Eta-10 units will not be affected by SCP-012.
  • New MTF Unit: MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"). Alpha-1 units are equipped with a Mossberg-500, frag grenades, weapon manager, disarmer, radio and a keycard based on their rank. MTF Alpha-1 will spawn in groups of 5 and much less frequently than Epsilon-11, Eta-10 or Chaos Insurgency. MTF Alpha-1 have the ability to not trigger tesla gates, even if they're on at the moment.
  • New SCP: SCP-966. If you wish to know more about the SCP itself and not what it will do in-game, click here for the article. SCP-966 are predatory creatures that resemble hairless, digitigrade humans, possessing an elongated face with a mouth lined with needle-like teeth. On each hand, they have five claws that can be up to 20 cm long. Although sharp, these are easily broken, making them unfit for combat. SCP-966's height ranges from 1.4 to 1.6 meters, and they can reach up to 30 kg in weight. Physically, SCP-966 are weak, possessing hollow bones and low muscular density. They do not seem to rest through sleep; instead, they will suddenly cease all movement at seemingly random intervals of time, resuming normal activity three to five minutes later. SCP-966 is slower than a human, making it bad for chasing. It increases its speed when it takes damage, much like SCP-173. SCP-966 is not visible to the naked eye, and can only be seen with night vision goggles. Its attack deals 40 damage, like SCP-049-2. Anyone hit by SCP-966 will be unable to regenerate stamina for 6 seconds. SCP-966 spawns in an end in heavy containment inside its chamber, which is similar to the one of SCP-079. It will need to walk up a set of stairs to roam around
  • SCP-939's amnesia effect has been reworked. Amnesia now makes you unable to run for 2 seconds, after which you cant use keycards, reload and access your inventory. Amnesia can be canceled with adrenaline.

Other Changes

  • SCP-049-2's model now resembles the class of the player before they died.
  • SCP-939's model is changed.
  • MTF Scientists look different than Cadets.
  • Class-D Personnel's hat now looks fancier.
  • SCP-106's pocket dimension is a bit more like in containment breach (not identical).
Hope you like it! Remember that these are just my ideas. Im not making predictions.
submitted by buffreaper-nerfmei to SCPSL

Patch Notes 1.6.7

Frag Pro Shooter - 1.6.7 Patch Notes
A fresh Frag update is now out, and it brings a brand-new interesting character and lots of improvements!
[Frag News is coming on Aug 27]
If you never want to miss cool Frag videos, then be sure to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell button so that you get notified whenever we post!
New Common Character → Cipher
In case you missed it, here’s our latest teaser:
Cipher is a new Digital Attack card that's particularly strong against Mechanized targets.
He has fast movement speed, a quick burst fire rate, but a low magazine (8-8-8-reload).
Cipher Outfits
His ability consists of activating a digital wave which slows down enemies, makes them take increased damage, and keeps them from using their abilities for a few seconds!
Cipher Transparent
STATS (level 6) Hitpoints → 231 Damage/Second → 48-71 Speed → 11.6 km/h Speed while shooting → 7.8 km/h Respawn Delay → 22 sec WEAPON Ammo → 36 Reload Time → 1.4 sec Fire Rate → 628.6 Base Damage → 9.0 Weapon Range → 35 m ABILITY Cooldown → 12 sec Duration → 10 sec Radius → 30 m Slow Effect → x0.5 Damage Bonus → x1.5
As always, you'll be able to try out the new character during 2 Random Draft events, each lasting 3 days.
"Play with Cipher" dates: Friday, Sept 11 → Sunday, Sept 13 Friday, Sept 25 → Sunday, Sept 27
Cipher will be released in chests on October 4th 2020.
Nerfs & Buffs
Main Gun max ammo from 8 to 6
HP +30%
Ability duration from 7 to 6
Ability heal is fixed value instead of percentage
Ability speed effect only apply to allies
Speed while shooting from 4.8km/h to 7.8km/h
Ability Cooldown from 20 to 16
HP +10%
Speed while shooting from 7.8km/h to 11.6km/h
Speed from 12.6km/h to 13.6km/h
Main Gun damage +30%
Ability stun ball is easier to aim with
Ability damage +15%
Main Gun max ammo from 6 to 4
Main Gun dmg +50%
Dmg reduction -30% during ability
HP +20%
HP +15%
Cooldown decreased on frag: -2s
Decrease reload time from 1.6s to 1.1s
Increase firerate
Speed while shooting from 3.9km/h to 8.7km/h
Main Gun dmg -15%
Bug Fixes & Improvements
Fixed T4NKBOT’s hitbox
Fixed a bug that showed duplicated characters during the endgame cinematic
Fixed a bug in the main menu that caused the missions button to change position
Fixed a bug that caused the damage multiplier to not work properly
Fixed the default matchmaking time set to 30s for some users (should be 20s)
Fixed some issues with trophy gains in 2v2
Fixed some issues which could cause new users to be stuck during the tutorial
Fixed an issue where the game wouldn’t be able to reconnect to the server until rebooted
Fixed the cancel button sometimes not working and the user getting stuck in the matchmaking screen forever
Fixed a rare bug where the arena ground is white when starting the game and stays white until changing the arena or rebooting the game
Fixed the Donation medals (bronze, silver etc.) not showing up in the game anymore
Improvements related to disconnecting (Wi-Fi users will now experience fewer disconnects)
Added a timeout to avoid players changing their names too often
Game default quality now set to high or very high on various recent devices (ex: OnePlus 7, Galaxy S20, etc.)
That's it for this time, don't forget to share your thoughts in the game, on Discord, or on our channels:
submitted by 48Monkeys to FRAGProShooter

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