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Fantasy Football Depth Charts (2020) NFL Home middot. We present you 100% working hacks for all the games. So while spamming cities early will help you establish a large territory, it will penalize you in other ways.

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Travian Hack Tools + Cheats 2020! – Travian Hack Tools. Posted on June 4, 2020 by Stan in News. Retro Pixel Art Do you remember the times of classic games?

Youtube interview - RG gets asked point blank "Are you afraid of anything on social media like Reddit or something like that?" Travian CEO jumps on the question, doesn't let RG answer.

Youtube interview - RG gets asked point blank "Are you afraid of anything on social media like Reddit or something like that?" Travian CEO jumps on the question, doesn't let RG answer.

How to reach your audience / Lord British // 05 ◆ Talk in der Alm #15

Travian says they don't block forum access, basically he says they engage the community and what he describes is exactly the opposite of anything Portalarium does. How he answers the question for RG makes Portalarium look like a circle jerk.
Then he calls us trolls.

WTF !?!?!?!

Dear Travian and Portalarium,
  • Why does Russia have different pricing and items in their store after you promised it would always be the same?
  • Why did Russian and Baltic States players get FORCED OUT of the Community?
  • Why don't you get your game rated by ESRB and PEGI and make a small effort to protect children from the exploitative and predatory behavior of your RMT whales?
  • Why don't you offer refunds?
  • Where is the game we backed from KS?
  • When will ALL of the physical rewards ship?
  • When will Episode 1 be complete?
  • When do you expect to release Episode 2?
  • How do you protect people from fraud when they use your forums for RMT?
  • How do you protect people from fraud when they use your game for RMT?
  • Why do you allow everything to be RMT but take no liability?
  • Where is Russia in all of the marketing strategies?
  • How will you keep RMT fraud from happening between Russia, Germany, and USA servers and cash shops?

Seriously, WTF RICHARD?! We're not the trolls in this conversation. We paid for your startup's second chance because you tanked all your investor's money on Ultimate Collector. You pitched us a line of busllshit and we took it hook, line, and sinker. We asked our questions and you chased us away. Your people call us trolls for asking questions about RMT and VAT. Your people call us trolls for being upset for being banned and censored because we didn't phrase our questions properly in the correct thread. Your people call us trolls because we question where all the backer funds and project profits go; do they ever go to investors? Your people call us trolls for being interested in why KS promises are called stupid by your employees. Your people call us trolls for asking why your partners are being watched for money laundering. But everyone calls us trolls because all we do is ask the questions... Why?!? Anything we ask that you don't want to answer, you call us trolls. Why?!

You want someone to come and spend thousands of dollars on houses and decorations in Shroud of the Avatar, but you can't answer any questions about RMT, VAT, GAMBLING, CHILDREN, FRAUD, MONEY LAUNDERING CONCERNS, ANYTHING. Your people call us trolls and say everything is allowed for RMT, but you and your partners are not liable? NEWS FLASH: Smart people are NOT going to spend money on your game when they are concerned it could about illegal activities. Do you even care what goes on in your game, or is all you can care about is money no matter how you get it, the only thing that is important is money? We ask the hard questions that you are afraid to answer, but you think we're the trolls.

In segment 15.4 RG gives out his email address and says anyone can contact him but says it's better to contact him in Twitter (he doesn't have time to read paragraphs). https://youtu.be/p7-jpmlhSwA?t=15m16s

[email protected]

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The MMORTS problem

Greetings! I am an aspiring game designer, on my way to make my first actual, long-term project. And it's going to be a multiplayer, browser based, real time strategy game. I have been mulling on this particular idea for several months and it went through several iterations and modifications in its lifetime. And I would like to share with you some of the problems I have encountered in the design process and some of the solutions I have come up with. This might be a long one, so bear with me.
So, I have always had a passion for RTS games, Age of Empires (the first) being the one that introduced me to the genre. I remember getting the demo from a magazine, and it gave you access to 4 campaign scenarios. They were mostly scripted and not really challenging, but I milked them for all the fun I could. I went so far as to prolong the last scenario in order to cover the whole map with my buildings and armies, even going so far as to completely bypass the game's population limit by having a bunch of priests (wololo) to steal units from the AI enemy. And I guess this is where it started for me. In every other RTS game I tried, I would always look for a kind of permanence, a sort of persistence that none could actually offer. Not only that, but I would look for one that would also challenge me in strategic planning and execution, not just in combat situations, but also diplomatic and economic ones. So, naturally, I began my search for the white unicorn at the end of the rainbow that lays golden eggs that is the MMORTS (I may have my metaphors mixed up there, not sure).
Just to clarify, what I mean when I say MMORTS, can be encapsulated by the idea of an MMORPG (like WoW, or actually more like EVE) in which instead of a single player character, you control a nation. This, to me, sounds like a wonderful and incredibly powerful concept. However, almost immediately, one can think of several problems that can be raised as to the viability of this genre. Namely:
  • 1. The longevity of the game: how long would a game like this go on for? WoW and EVE both have a sort of never-ending story design to it. But a strategy game, I believe, necessitates an achievable goal on which to have a strategy towards. Should it have a clear, achievable victory scenario for a player or group of players, after which the game would reset and the players would all be back to square one? Or should it go on forever and each player's personal objective is theirs to choose?
  • 2. The balance of the game: the longer the game goes on, the more evident the chasm between veteran players and new ones becomes. In a genre which generally rewards efficient resource accretion and expenditure, players with more time will obviously have an ever bigger advantage over the ones with less. So how to keep newer players from getting absolutely ran over by older ones?
  • 3. This is maybe less of a game design problem and more of a technological one, but I figure that the resources needed to maintain such a massive amount of information would be prohibitive for most companies.
  • 4. How would the players interact with each other? What would happen to a player's civilisation when he went offline? Would it disappear and thus provide an easy means to thwart aggression? Or would it remain and provide an easy target for aggressors?
  • 5. How do you lose the game? Is that even possible? If it is, what is the penalty? Is your civilisation destroyed? Do you have to start over in order to continue, and therefore probably lose any chance you might have had of winning? Why keep playing afterwards?
These are the core challenges that any MMORTS game needs to address in some way in order to be called as such, I feel. And I have tried to do so in my game concept and design. Now you might argue that the solutions I have come up with could be better, and I humbly agree. It is, after all, one of the reasons why I would like to have this discussion.
So I started off stating the main goal I wanted for my game, sort of the underlying line which would influence all further decisions. I wanted to create a game that would challenge the players, that would be able to surprise them with obstacles that they could overcome in a variety of ways. Not only this, but I yearned to create something that I could share and discuss passionately with my friends around the coffee table. To be able to tell the story of how I got around a certain resource shortage, how I dealt with that guy that kept raiding me, what kind of tactics I found worked best against this one, etc. With that in mind, I went with the decision that the game could not be infinitely persistent. At least, not in the conventional sense. Unlike most games who opt to go this route, I have decided on a 2-4 weeks average game length to aim for, instead of a period between 6 months to a year. This makes it so that a player's ultimate annihilation comes as an actual loss and instils the idea of avoiding it at all costs (I hope it will become apparent shortly why I felt the need to stress this seemingly obvious point) but it also means that the player can start over again without receiving enough pain to make him quit the game.
At the same time, one can also see a trend that arises within the typically styled MMORTSs like Travian, Ogame, Ikariam and the like, which is a tendency for big, powerful alliances to completely take over the map and bully anything beneath them, often from the start of each new game. And this irks me a lot. Because after all is said and done, the kind of strategic thinking the game is supposed to encourage usually takes the backseat in favour of a "I've got the bigger alliance so get out of the way" sort of game. However, I feel like the most fun I took out of these types of games was when the number of players involved in any given decision was between 4 and 8, on a small scale, with maybe no more than 3 of which being in the same alliance. A sort of healthy rivalry usually emerged and I could put a face to my "enemy", which made things more personal and, therefore, more engaging. And so, it was with some resignation, but probably for the best, that I decided to somewhat curtail the first M of MMORTS. My games would feature no more than 10 players in each instance of the map, with the option of for each of these instances to be able to have some interaction with each other, perhaps with a matchmaking system for a sort of ranked play, using a Warhammer-esque army point system.
So, 6-10 players for each game, lasting up to 4 weeks. Death gets you kicked out of the game, but you can play multiple games at the same time. You can only join a game at the start of it, by creating or joining a lobby with other players and all agreeing on a starting date.
One other thing that also annoyed me with the aforementioned games, is that your armies were either in your cities or somewhere in the ether while moving, being replaced by a timer that told you when they would reach their destination. No account for terrain features or the ability to intercept an army that was already moving. There was no actual physical presence of your army on the map and considering the actual combat system also didn't seem to favour much other than the biggest numbers win, I found the strategic element of these games lacking in depth. So add a formation system to each group of units, making it relevant to choose each's positioning within the army. Also, make the army become an actual moving object in the map, able to target and be targeted according to its coordinates. This also opens up the possibility to incorporate a LOS mechanic to the game, which would serve to limit the information available to the player and inherently enhance the importance of scouting and information gathering.
Since the battle system would be automated and resolved once two armies met each other, based on both armies troops and their tactical disposition, and each players defences could be handled in the same way, I feel confident that a player's online or offline status should have no bearing on their nation's visibility or general stats.
I also decided to add a quest giver mechanic to the game in the form of gods. Worship one of the possible deities and get a quest that will encourage the player to come into conflict or cooperation with another player. Complete the quest and you get a reward to further your chances of winning the game. Other players will now also have an incentive to try and stop you from completing the quest.
I also figured that there should be several victory conditions that players could go for (think Civ games), so as to instigate different routes other than mindless (or mindful) conquest.
Players should start every new game completely fresh, but for the experience and knowledge of past games. I think, however, that an achievement and trophy system would be almost mandatory in order to distinguish players. Also, a cosmetic system could be implemented, both to monetise and to reward players. So every completed game would reward the player would some points that he could save in order to buy these cosmetic elements (amount would depend on victory / defeat, type of victory, if the victory was shared with another player, time played, etc). This would also serve as a reason to keep playing in spite of losses.
Now, I could go on but I feel the post has already gotten a bit too long for something that was supposed to generate discussion. I could go more into the economic and city management mechanics of the game (believe me, I could) but I would much rather see what you guys have to say about things so far. Besides, those aspects of the game aren't as different from the norm than the others mentioned. I should also point out that the reason I am so intent on adding this kind of complexity to the game is that I feel that the pace of the game allows players to be able to handle all the different aspects of the game and to focus on whatever they feel is the most important one at any given time. Considering, also, that I am building it to be accessed by any device, I think players can keep track of progress pretty easily.
So, what do you think? What am I missing? Did I just present something viable? Has it been tried before? What other challenges can you think of to a game of this type? Was I too vague and/or simplistic in my approach? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
(PS: I may as well include some information about the setting I am considering. A pantheon of incredibly powerful, immortal beings create a bloodsport for their entertainment. Not content with just a gladiatorial match between several high powered warriors (those things are so last aeon), they settled for reaching across time and space to bring several different interesting species of sentient beings to compete on a civilisational level, in a dimensional flat plane of their creation. Remove the language barrier and provide an equaliser for the different levels of technological advancement between the species: their own lifeblood, their own sort of ascended energy force, Magic. Players take the role of the gods' own ascended subjects, taking control of one of the species and vying to lead them into victory in order to earn the favour of their masters.)
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