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[Speculation] The Successor Project, Gray Fox and Big Boss

First theory! I'm sorry if this has been discussed before. I've been lurking here since november but I've never posted. Okay so I had a few ideas, I'm sorry if this has been posted before. I was watching a play-through of Portable Ops and something just struck me.
That's Gene, doesn't his uniform remind you of Kaz during V? Also please watch This, notice the effect when speaks about how his voice has power?
Also there are these, Speech 1 and Speech 2 and these remind me of the scene when Kaz speaks to his troops about how your enemy is amongst you and whatnot, notice the effects when speaks.
Remind you of anyone? And why does Kaz all of a sudden want you to go along with him? Straight after that effect happened. Didn't he want to kill him just a short time ago? And also like everybody knows there's the DD logo's on that base and Pequod is hanging out with Skull Face for some reason. Also The Third boy is clearly seen hovering over Skull Face's chopper. Even deflecting bullets if you fire at it.
Moving on!
About The Successor Project Wiki ''The Successor Project was a top-secret experiment conducted by the United States Government, using military research institutions. Its goal was to create the ultimate battlefield commander to take charge of the Perfect Soldier.The commander selected as a model for the project was The Boss''
Also Gene was created to basically control the minds of soldiers, which also made me think about ''Null'' in portable ops, Null is another word for Zero. And Null is Gray Fox. All this ''From Zero to Omega'' talk made me think that maybe Gray Fox is once again being manipulated somehow. It's all just so weird. Also Null in Portable Ops was placed in a sort of dreamlike state in a pod after every mission where he had his memory reset. Wouldn't that take a very hard toll on the mind after a while? I'm thinking this might be the ACC, because of all the pictures on the walls of his memories, his ''friends'' and ''comrades''. Another effect of the tank was that it helped give him superhuman reflexes and supressed his emotions. MAYBE the ''Medic'' was actually Gray Fox and BB acquired some way to use similar powers to Gene or maybe used another ESP (Like the Third child) to control him again. And maybe that's what made him a monster, using Gray Fox to do his dirty work the same way Gene did. Sorry you guys are better at fleshing out theories, I just wanted to bring up a point to discuss which interested me. There's alot of weird stuff in Portable Ops which also sort of appear in V, one of them is an ESP controlling a Metal Gear with her mind. Which I think is the only other game in the series which this happens besides during V.
About The Perfect Soldier Project Wiki ''The project was backed by the CIA to create the ultimate soldier, based on neuro-physiological data retrieved from the Communist bloc. The soldier had only one purpose to accomplish: to complete the mission. Because of this, the soldier was to be left with virtually no emotions, doubts, or even memories. The process of creating and maintaining the Perfect Soldier was to place the subjects into a special culture tank that shut out all of the soldier's senses, a process compared to a baby coming into the world for the first time, and usually caused people to go mad in minutes. Upon being deployed, the Perfect Soldier, as a result of the tank, had his/her senses heightened to a large degree, causing him/her to predict an enemy's movements at a much faster rate than normal, and being imbued with enhanced reflexes.'' That last part, reflex research anyone?
So what I'm basically trying to say is that I think that Big Boss or someone else might be using the same tricks as Gene used to control Gray Fox(or whomever the Medic truly is, if not him). Also brainwashing him making him believe that he is Big Boss, we already know that memories can be implanted. Before Gene dies he also tells Big Boss that Big Boss is the true successor. And Big Boss doesn't understand what he's talking about, after that he gives BB a microfilm with funds, personel and weapons he had amassed to build his dream, ''Army's Heaven''. This might be where he got that idea. And maybe he appears as Kaz(or makes someone else appear as him) to fool not only The ''Medic'' but us the players aswell, just making us go along with whatever missions he sets up for us. And after every mission we return to the ACC (the pod) and our minds(and GF's) are basically reset to Null again. With the help of Psycho Mantis who knows what is possible? We do know that Psycho Mantis could basically control people at will.
And when does this game take place at all? We only believe it's been nine years since that's what we've been told. However alot of things contradict this, such as music cassettes being in the game which were released AFTER 1984. And we also know that Powerful ESP's can reach out even after death, like what Psycho Mantis did in MGS4. And the Sorrow in MGS3. So it wouldn't be far-fetched to say that maybe Gene or someone else might be reaching out from beyond the grave through Mantis right? Didn't the ghost in PT respond to ''Lisa'', maybe it's ''Elisa/Ursula'' and that would certainly fit in with the [paranormal] theme of the game. Maybe they are even controlling Mantis or influencing him since he seems to be a child with great powers but if he is he probably can't really control them yet. And Gene is also a master manipulator. Also is not Mantis pretty much always present whenever Skull Face is around? But more about ESP's later.
Also there is the fact that we know Gray Fox turns into a Cyborg eventually and Venom's already got that arm. We know that they experimented on him after MG2, who is to say they didn't experiment on him BEFORE that aswell, when he was in Foxhound? Under Big Boss' command. Maybe they used him the same way Gene did and that's why he's regarded as their best soldier ever, always completing his missions without doubt or emotion and with such tremendous skill. The only soldier who ever got the codename ''Fox'' supposedly, maybe he was just running good software haha. Also, maybe he's already implanted with cybernetic technology? I mean he has the ability to directly scan intel into an object that's not supposed to exist and he NEVER gets tired while running for one. He can sprint for miles without getting tired. Also he already for SURE already has that hand, so that might be just what we can see on the outside. Also from the wiki ''After the events on San Hieronymo, Zero procured the battle data from the Perfect Soldier Project and revealed this to his agent Ocelot. This data would ultimately lead to a focus on gene manipulation for the creation of more able soldiers, resulting in such projects as "Les Enfants Terribles" and the Next-Generation Special Forces.'' So we know that they certainly had the option to keep experimenting on Gray Fox if they wanted too.
And Null also broke free, snapped and killed a bunch of his own people during PO because he wanted to kill Big Boss, also listen to the conversation Gene has over the phone during that scene. Does it not feel strange? He also talks about dreaming of corpses. Having some flashbacks maybe? I think even the name ''Shining Lights even in Death'' could be a reference to a reanimated dead man with a bright red shining light on his forehead.
The Hallway of Death Couldn't he be considered the Father of the Next Generation Special forces sort of? Since he was the first one, the research was based on him after all. His project led to both The Snake clones and also the NGSF, then they just added Big Boss' soldier genes in the case of NGSF. I mean like The Boss was considered to be the Mother of Special forces. The Sins of the father seems thematic enough right? And what's more sinful then killing your own ''children?'' And also remember that every other test subject of his program died or went instantly insane. He probably would be sort of messed up in the head even before he became a cyborg, but he somehow got it under control.
He screams for his medicine??? in MGS1. Is that ever explained?
We also know that Gray Fox heard voices in his head.
Another hallway of death covered in red light
Another red light hallway From PT.
Also and this is important, when he was under Gene's control, he was cared for by the FOX Unit's Chief Medic, a woman named Elisa Who had a split personality named Ursula. And she was a also a powerful ESP and the one who later controlled the Metal Gear with her powers. And her eyes would switch from Green to Blue whenever she switched personalities. Remember when you're in the jeep with Skull Face, the helmets of the XOF forces switch pretty much right infront of you from Green to Blue then aswell. Doesn't it look like he leans over and says something to Venom right before the screen goes dark, then they have blue helmets watch closely during the scene transition. Also listen to when she talks about Gray Fox and substitute him with Venom in your mind. She was his primary caregiver and also someone who could strongly influence him with her ESP abillities. Would make sense if she haunted him somehow.
Elisa/Ursula does share a whole lot of propethic stuff when she dies too
And another Medic tie-in with Gray Fox is that he eventually kills Doctor Clark, aka Para-Medic, a member of the Patriots who was also responsible for turning him into a Cyborg after the events of MG2, if that's when it really started. He also murdered her whole research team and destroyed their lab. Maybe he had been put in Quarantine in a lab somewhere before he snapped? She was also the one who put Big Boss into a induced coma after he was burned severely in MG2. Maybe????
And the final Medic connection to Gray Fox is, Naomi who is Gray Fox's adopted sister.
She was the Chief Medic at Foxhound at the time of MGS1. She might have information that we don't and we never really find out which side she is actually on. But it would make sense if she knew this, she might even have known about Fox murdering her parents but also known that he thought he was Big Boss while doing it or just acting on his orders while being manipulated by him. And thus not holding him responsible, maybe even feeling sorry for him on some level. He did raise her after all and she says she loves him, while he is burdend with guilt. After all she had deep knowledge and deep insight into Foxhound operations. Also it would make sense why he would feel compelled to fight Solid on another level aswell since he literally has Big Boss' face and his subconsciene being manipulated lets Solid become an outlet for that hate that he carries buried in his subconsciene (or code). And remember he tells Snake at the end of MGS1, that ''Everytime I look at her, all I can see is her parents eyes staring back at me.'' This is taken from PT during the red hallway, it's filled with pictures of wideopen eyeballs covered in a red light. I think PT is him having nightmares or being in some sort of dreamstate where his subconsciene is just peppering him with guilt. Also in that picture you can see a whole bunch of pills and pictures of a happy couple. Also the character could move superhumanly fast in the red hallway. Just before that, the 204863 tape plays on the radio and the Swedish demon voice starts talking about how your enemies are already among you. Refering War of the Worlds. And he only started running like that and things changed radically AFTER the tape.
And then there is the red light that drapes almost every important mission at some point, mostly when something bad is happening. Like this, this and also this. Just alot of weird, but probably coincidental stuff.
Gray Fox would also ''see red'' when he freaked out. Remember PT, remember the red light scene?
Also there is this scene at the end of portable ops. Where they talk about how Gray Fox is hospitalised together with Campbell. And he's all kinds messed up both mentally and physically. Also in Ground Zereos as Skull Face removes the markings on the XOF chopper he makes a comment about how the ''Trojan horse is in''. The way he says it so clearly and the way the music stops for these words made me think about something else, what if Huey was not a traitor? What if the traitor was Gray Fox, what if he was the one planted the C4 on the strut legs and lead XOF to the command center? They could have gotten to him when he was in the hospital with Campbell. He might have been made a sleeper agent, a manchurian candidate sort of, set to go off just like we see during the ''truth'' mission when he played the N313 tape. He could have been on the inside without even knowing it himself. And wasn't it speculated on in the past about how Campbell might be the soldier with the triangle on his back for a few reasons? One of them being that Campbell used to be in Delta Force and the symbol for delta is a triangle. This might mean nothing at all either, I'm just saying that if Gray Fox appeared there Campbell might also. Seeing as he was there during the formation of Fox-Hound and Gray Fox was last seen getting on an airplane with Campbell. And it wouldn't be that difficult for Skull Face(Or Big Boss) to do if he had access to Gray Fox at an earlier time. We already saw him control Venom with just his words on the helipad. Going from 100-0 in about 2 seconds, without Skull Face even flinching, even though he had a clear shot. He obviously has a way to manipulate his mind, I don't think Venom really CAN pull the trigger on Skull Face at this point, even if he wanted to. Remember how Kaz had to guide him to do it? Also everytime we see Skull Face, the third boy is present. He probably could help hide Skull Face's true identity and he ALWAYS seems to be there when he is. I think that the Kaz we have in the game and Skull Face might be two sides of the same coin too speak or maybe even a snake eating itself. And remember when Skull Face appeared for a second and smiled at us after we supposodly took him out during mission 30? I think it was all a set up and I think we killed a phantom, remember when we dont shoot Skull Face? Then Kaz gets annoyed and guides us, annoyed. Maybe because he remembers that Gray Fox CAN'T pull the trigger on the person he thinks is Skull Face? I think that whole mission is fake, remember on the jeep ride back with skull face? If you look to the sides there are hundreds of soldiers lining the roads keeping you under full surveillance. And the roads are littered with burning corpses. What happened here?Also the destruction of Mother Base might obviously plague his subconsciene with crushing amounts of guilt. If Skull Face was Big Boss, this could have just been him cleaning house. And the rescue mission with Paz being an implanted or altered memory put there to lead us into the actions of TPP. I think that there never was a rescue mission and that Camp Omega is where Big Boss was operating out of. It would also add to another level of extreme cruelty if Big Boss as the one who forced Chico to rape Paz. It would truly make him a monster. Remember this? ''I'm not a kid, I'm twelve!'' Then go to this. ''You're a real man now soldier.'' His innocence is now gone forever. Maybe Chico found out Big Boss had Paz and tried to intervene? There are of course other possibilites. Also we know that Kaz betrayed us during Peace Walker and Zero tapes every damn conversation he has apparently. What if this made it's way back to Snake and it was part of a straw that broke the camels back some how? Just for motive purposes. And this is what made him play along with Cipher, even going so far as to command FoxHound later on. Reminded that he can't trust anyone, not even his supposodly closest man. Kaz did eventually come clean, but only after the fact. Maybe Cipher had more dirt on Kaz that he forwarded to Big Boss or he obtained somehow. He DID record all his conversations. And how do we have those anyway?
Ocelot, oh and Gray Fox cuts of Ocelots Arm. Not sure about this one but could be a clue.
He also fought Big Boss inside a power plant in portable ops.
And then there's this, Hello Kyle Reese This is the original box off MG1, where Solid Snake looks like Kyle Reese, the man who in the year 1984 killed a Cyborg that looked like a man. Only to later have it return two times and then it later also sacrificed himself to save his main target and also the world from nuclear destruction. An advanced AI had programmed him to kill John. But he went against his nature and in the end he sacrificied himself to save John. Kinda like Gray Fox sacrificied himself to save Solid at the end of MGS1, and then later Olga as the Ninja in MGS2. And maybe that was not the first time he had sacrificied himself. He claims it was his destiny to fight him and he might actually be programmed to kill Solid Snake. Which is why I think he keeps coming looking for him. He also said that he felt he was being pulled back to the battlefield for some reason and that's why he left with Big Boss for Zanzibarland during MG2. And I think this is because he somewhere felt he had to complete his mission, programmed into his subconsciene by that last cassette tape, the one marked Operation intrude n313.. We already know that he was present at Outer Heaven and Snake states during a codec call during MGS1 (about Fox) ''He didn't look much like a prisoner to me.'' Maybe the N313 tape is what activated some type of code or mental trigger, kind of like a manchurian candidate. We also know that Psycho Mantis was in Foxhound and could easily have helped mislead Solid into thinking that Fox was Big Boss. He did get Meryl to fight Snake during MGS1 if you remember. Maybe Fox hade to die for Big Boss' (Solids fathers) sins. Kojima also retweeted an image of this box just a few days ago before Bowie passed away, I remember this because it was Bowie own son who made that tweet. There's also a few terminator references in the game, like the ''On your feet soldier!'' line from the very first mission in MGSV, Ishmael says this to you. Which is a very well known Kyle Reese line that he delivers to Sarah Connor while rescuing her from the Terminator. And the ambulance chase. The Terminator was programmed by an advanced AI to kill a man named John who was the leader of a Resistance movement trying to save humanity from total nuclear annihiliaton. It just sort of feels thematic somehow. This might mean nothing but I just found it interesting haha. Thank you guys for all your theorizing, you've kept me up many-a-nights.
You should really look over Portable Ops if you have not played it. Sorry about any spelling errors, english is not my first language.
Lastly I'm not saying that I believe that all of this is true, it's all just pure speculation and me having fun trying to interperate the lore and point out paralells and things I find perculiar. Feel free to discuss and criticize if you feel like it! I'm just trying to have fun on here. Peace o7
Edit: Added some things about Ground Zeroes/Campbell, also a new reference to PT.
submitted by swedishsnake to NeverBeGameOver


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