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This is the standalone expansion. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 for the PC brings back the fan-favorite real-time strategy game The Soviets created a time-travel device which creates interesting plot twists Play as the Allies, the Soviets, or the Empire of the Rising Sun Red Alert 3 has land units, air units, and naval units, all integral parts of the game. One of the surprise announcements for the Remastered Collection was that the dll files containing gameplay logic (a slightly modified version of the classic game engine) would be open sourced to enable mods, and that it would be. Red Alert 3 cast revealed!

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"Your ruse with Reddington didn’t work. All it managed to do was anger the people who want her dead" The truth, the colossal mess and the ruse

Spoilers through season 7
This was inspired by a post from u/TheDonald1 who brought up the idea that the ruse Dom talks about in Orion may well be the colossal mess he blames Red for that destroyed his whole family.
A comment from u/TessaBissolli on that post inspired me to take a closer look at the ruse and what it could have been. Can we link the ruse to the colossal mess to the truth Red is desperately hiding from Liz? Is this all one big secret or a couple of different ones?
From the very beginning of the series, we've heard that Red is hiding some big secret, some major truth from Liz.
There are many characters who know the truth of Red's identity and his connection to Liz. They all believe he should tell her something, which he has refused to do. So what exactly is it they all think Liz deserves to know?
The most obvious answer, and what the narrative has pointed towards, is that Red is an imposter who's stolen the identity of Liz's father. If that's true, then the people closest to Red would want him to tell her what his real identity is and why he's entered her life.
All of us here, regardless of theory, have probably believed at some point that this major truth is about his real identity. But is that really the big secret Red is hiding, or the only secret? What is he so desperate to keep from Liz and why is he so afraid to tell her, so ashamed of this truth?
Dembe: "You haven't asked my opinion."
Red: "‭No, I haven't."
Dembe: "Why can't you be honest with her?"
Red: "I don't know. I don't know."
Dembe: "Even after everything that's happened? All that's been lost?"
Even after Liz tells Red she knows his real identity is Ilya, then after she knows he's not Ilya...after the secret of the bones has supposedly been revealed and she knows he's not Reddington, Red is still hiding this truth from her. Is this really about his identity or is it something else?
Is there any way of looking back at what is said about this truth to figure it out? Is what we hear about the secret that Red is keeping from Liz the same as the truth they all want him to tell her? Let's take a look at what's been said so far and see if we can tie it all together.
What's important to note, is that the subject of secrets and truths center mostly right before, during and after the bones arc. While there is discussion about Red needing to tell Liz the truth before that, most of the references in the dialogue of those two words come in seasons five and six.
Tom seemed to be looking for this truth in his search for the bones' identity:
Tom: "He will find a way to make sure she never learns the truth."
"I want her to know the truth. That's why I need to ID these bones without anybody knowing."
"Because I know the truth. I know everything. And now Liz is gonna know, too."
Liz certainly believes the truth Red was hiding from her was about the bones, that her father is dead in a suitcase:
Liz: "The truth? The last time I spoke to Tom, he told me, "I figured it out Why Nik died, everything." That's why I went home, to find the truth."
"I got to the truth that you and so many people have died trying to expose."
Even Red and Dembe both speak as if the truth is about the bones:
Dembe: "The truth always comes out."
Red: "It better, or we're not gonna find Sutton Ross."
Dembe: "I'm talking about your truth. It was bound to surface. Ross wants blood. He thinks you ruined his life."
Red: "I didn't give Sutton Ross bogus plans for the Grayscape Seventeen."
Dembe: "But he thinks you did, and because of that, he wants the world to know what's inside the duffel."
Red tells Liz the truth has to do with him:
Red: "I do know, by the way. What Tom figured out. The truth he uncovered has to do with me. I told Tom not to pursue it...An item Mr. Kaplan unearthed that I wish to keep hidden."
Even Kate believed that the truth she needed to give Liz was the secret hidden in the suitcase:
"Masha, I can show you the truth. If you want to know why he came into your life...I can take you. We can go together. But it has to be your choice."
"Elizabeth, if you get out of the car, you choose Raymond. If you stay, you choose the truth."
"I was so focused on you, I didn't see that getting you away from her is unnecessary. All I have to do is give her the truth."
"I don't know what that means."
"Our secret. At Tansi Farms."
"What have you done?"
"I have it, Raymond. I went there and I dug it up, and I'm gonna give it to her."
So far, all of these references to the truth seem to suggest that this is all about the secret hidden in the suitcase. What about the references to the secret Red is hiding? Is it the same as the truth?
Red: "Mr. Kaplan gave you a suitcase. In it was a skeleton she never should have unearthed and whose identity must remain secret."
Tom: "Whatever secret you're hiding from Liz, it'll come out. Family secrets always do."
Red: "This is a secret, not a lie."
Tom: "A secret you've been keeping from Liz, like you always do. Like you have from the very beginning."
Red: "But I am being honest. I do know, but I can't say. I'm not trying to be clever. It's not an ambiguity. It's the truth. I have a secret, and I need to keep it...even from you."
Dom: "You should tell her. Enough secrets. She deserves to know the truth."
Liz: "Tom died so I could know the truth, the secret hidden inside that bag."
Dom: "She may not know your secret, but she knows you've got one. She's never gonna let it go."
Red: "I have secrets. Like the skeleton."
Looking at everything mentioned in the series about the truth Red is keeping from Liz, I feel fairly confident in saying that this truth is about the secret of the bones in the suitcase.
Most people will say that this should be proof that Red is an imposter and he is still even now hiding the truth of who he really is. Case closed on the secret of the bones like Ressler tells Liz:
Ressler: "So the bones in that duffel bag, the truth that Kaplan knew, the one that got Tom killed is that Reddington's an imposter?"
This is certainly what Liz believes after she saw a DNA report at the end of season five, and it's what many people believe as well. But what is notable, is that we have characters who cast doubt and some uncertainty on the idea.
Ressler's first instinct when Liz told him that Red's truth everyone died for was about his identity, was extreme doubt:
"Look, I get that, but is it the truth? I mean, does it make sense that this is the answer he'd kill to keep quiet? That so many people have died trying to find out?"
Ressler also pointed out to Liz that parts of this story she believes isn't adding up:
"But why? I mean, before today, everyone thought Reddington was a traitor. The government, the press, and, still, the imposter chose to take his identity. I mean, he went to a surgeon who could have given him the identity of anyone in the world. He could have been anyone. And yet he chose to be a pariah. He chose the life of a wanted fugitive. Why? Why would anyone do that?"
I've gone into great detail before in previous posts that Kate seemed to believe Red was Reddington. We know that's who Kate believed Red was in 1997. What she says to Red about Naomi being his wife when they were alone suggests she never knew that wasn't true.
Telling Liz to walk away from Raymond like her mother never did in time, indicates Kate still thought Red was the same Raymond that Katarina had an affair with. Other dialogue only adds to that fact. There's really nothing else pointing to Kate believing Red was an imposter, so what truth did she believe she was giving Liz that had to do with those bones?
What Dembe says to Red about Sutton Ross also casts doubt on the bones being RR's. Dembe knows the truth of who Red is and who the bones identified as. If Dembe knows Ross has a DNA report showing that Reddington is dead, he's not likely to tell Red that Ross still believes he's Reddington.
Dembe tells Red that to get his revenge, Ross is going to expose the truth and tell the world what's in the duffle bag, which we know is the bones. So this sounds like Ross' revenge on Reddington is to tell the world the secret Red is hiding, not that he isn't Reddington.
Garvey didn't seem to believe Red was an imposter. What he said to Liz before his death connected the living Reddington as her father, not a pile of bones.
"Reddington’s her father. Now I get it. Reddington and your husband – how they knew each other. Reddington didn’t know you through him. He knew him through you."
Garvey is saying that the Reddington who knew Tom Keen is the same Reddington who he is calling Liz's father. If Garvey believed the bones were Raymond Reddington, then he wouldn't be referring to the living Reddington who he believed was working with Tom as Liz's father.
Not only do some of the characters create doubt on the current narrative of the bones, but we also have some details that don't add up in the identification of those bones in CODIS. Liz tells the audience that she saw a report showing an ID of the skeleton as Raymond Reddington. While we know that up until season five when there was a match made in CODIS, there was no DNA for the man in the system when he disappeared in late 1990.
So then how would it have been possible for the bones to match as Raymond Reddington if his DNA was never collected to begin with? Reddington was an upstanding, respected Naval Officer, not a criminal whose DNA would have been collected. Not to mention, that CODIS didn't become a national database until 1994, well after the man's disappearance.
Red and Dembe believed the bones would be directly identified in CODIS, and that identity would be a secret that not only would be taken public, but would also be valuable as a confirmed death. Red knew that the DNA of RR wasn't in the system, so how did he think the bones would be ID?
With the entire imposter reveal based on a single DNA report that no one has seen, with the biggest secret of the show resting on that one thing, I believe there has to be more proof than that.
Is there anything else we can look at over the life of the series that points to what this truth could be other than Red stole the identity of Raymond Reddington?
Could there be another explanation for what Dembe says about Ross wanting "the world to know what's inside the duffel." that meets the criteria for this major secret Red is hiding from Liz and the world?
Let's look at what else we know.
Besides the front and center mystery of this big secret Red is hiding from Liz, what has also been strongly hinted at from season three forward, is that Red holds some blame in what happened to Katarina. Red has told Liz all kinds of things about her mother. From her being dead, or gone, or not knowing what happened to her, Red has been all over the place. We know he's hiding where she is, so are Dom and Ilya.
If we look at what we've learned from Dom, Red and Ilya, we may be able to put some of this together.
Until Liz fakes her death in season three, we really didn't know much about Katarina or the past. She wasn't even mentioned by name until late season two. Once Red goes to Cape May, and then to find refuge at Dom's house after Liz's faked death, that's when we start hearing more about her.
Cape May was the first time we saw Katarina, as Red also spoke to his hallucination of her. In his grief and despair over losing Liz, he talks to Katarina about a Hobson's choice:
"It was a Hobson's choice. There was a woman and her child. Both were doomed. Both would die. I could either save one or lose both. I chose the child. It was, it was the worst thing I've ever had to do in my life. Worst thing by far."
Katarina's final words to Red in his hallucination seemed to suggest that this choice he made resulted in her death. Or at least the death of the role of daughter, mother, and lover which separated all of them going forward.
"You had no choice. It was me or Masha."
"I'm sorry."
"Raymond, you did save me. Through her. It was the only way. You chose well."
After an apology to his hallucination of Katarina, he goes next to inform Katarina's father and Liz's grandfather about her death. That's when we learn that Dom seems to blame Red for what happened to Katarina as well.
Dom is full of anger for things he holds Red responsible for concerning Katarina and Masha and lashes out:
"She’s gone because of choices you made for both of them. First Katarina and then Masha. As far as I’m concerned, you killed my entire family!"
Dom allows Red to stay in his home and cooks for him, but it's clear that he has a lot of unresolved anger over what he considers Red's choices that cost him his daughter and granddaughter. Dom says that Red is the reason he couldn't see Masha ever again:
"There was nothing complicated about it. We had to back out of Masha’s life to keep her safe, after you made a colossal mess of everything."
Whatever this colossal mess is, it's clear that Dom holds Red responsible.
In the episodes leading to the bones being dug up, we got more of a glimpse into Kate's thoughts of the past. As I've said before, the way Kate acted reverently and lovingly toward the resting place of the skeleton, and the "K" cared into the tree, the signs were there that Kate believed the bones in the suitcase were Katarina's.
Many people had the idea at the time we saw the suitcase that this secret Red was hiding had to do with his role in the death of Liz's mother. What he was frantic to keep her from learning was what had happened to Katarina and his part in it.
One more big clue given to us after Kate dug up the suitcase was the reaction from Red and Dembe. After Red told Dembe that Liz confronted him with a DNA test, this is what is said:
"And she thinks that's Kate's secret?...So she doesn't know about the suitcase?"
"Not yet. It is gone."
"Raymond... I'm not sure Elizabeth will ever be ready to learn about what you did to Katarina."
After Cape May, the scenes between Red and Dom, and seeing Red's reaction to the suitcase being unearthed, there was a lot of evidence pointing towards this big truth being about what happened to Liz's mother, that the bones were hers.
Season five and the bones arc provided us with a match in CODIS, Tom's death at the hand of Garvey to get those bones back, and Liz's search for the truth. And seemed to shift the focus away from what really happened to Katarina.
Liz spent that time grieving the loss of her husband while trying to understand why he died. She also seemed to finally come to terms with being the daughter of the most wanted criminal and what that meant for who she was.
The reveal in 5.22 that the bones, the truth of who was dead in the suitcase being RR, appeared to give the audience an answer to this major secret that Red was hiding. Liz became consumed with finding out just who this man was who stole her father's identity and upended her life. All thoughts from previous seasons about what happened to Katarina, what Red did to Liz's mother, all got lost in Liz's quest to find the truth...until Liz found Dom and her search for her mother began anew.
When Liz finally found her grandfather in late season six, the story he gave her made Red look like a knight riding to her mother's rescue to save her and Masha. But behind that tale, what we saw in the conversations between Red and Dom was a completely different story.
In 6.18, we see that there's a lot of animosity between the men even though Red goes to Dom's for refuge:
Dom: "Have it your way. You always do. You'd take one whether I wanted you to or not...A beer, a life. You do what you want, no matter what I think."
Red hearing what Dom told Liz in Rassvet caused him to storm back to Dom's house in a fury.
"What were you thinking?"
"Don't start with me. You were the architect of this charade. Cost me my daughter and, up until now, my granddaughter and my great. granddaughter."
Lurking behind the bones reveal and who Red is to Liz, what's still evident is that what happened to Katarina is a secret that everyone is hiding from Liz. Whether you believe Dom's story is the truth, a series of lies or misdirections, what's clear is that he blames Red for the loss of his daughter and having to live the last 30 years being hidden from his granddaughter.
As the story shifted again back to Liz's mother with the entrance of blond Kat, we started to learn a little more about the events after the fire, Cape May, and the surgery. Ilya's memories of that time period filled in some of the blanks. What we found out, is that even in Ilya's memories, Dom blames Red for what happened and his plan in Belgrade was a result of what Red and Ilya did.
Young Dom: "Listen to me. Your ruse with Reddington didn’t work. All it managed to do was anger the people who want her dead.... Do you know they’ve assembled a directive? The Russian Vory, KGB, the Americans – her enemies – have pooled their resources and put a bounty on her head. They’re calling it the Townsend Directive."
As we can see, this ruse between Red and Ilya, whatever it was, stirred up Katarina's enemies. If they had once believed she might be dead, this ruse set off a chain reaction which led to the Townsend Directive being formed. Dom says this ruse is what caused a bounty to be placed on Katarina's head, and in turn fueled his decision to sacrifice blond Kat and set her up to die.
Is there any way to identify what this ruse could be? Can we look at the timeline of events after the fire to see when the ruse may have taken place?
There is a severe lack of any set dates we have to go on after the fire. I will try the best I can to identify where the events fall into place, and where the ruse could fit in. Some of these events are based on what the characters say, and some are real life events that are important to the story. This is only meant to be a best guess. The fire especially is an unknown factor as we don't have a concrete date for it other than a graphic in a promo.
December 24th, 1990 (or before): The fire where Liz shot her father
December 27th, 1990: Reddington is reported missing
Spring of 1991: Katarina goes to Cape May to stage a suicide.
Spring of 1991: Two weeks after Cape May, Velov claims that Katarina was spotted at the Crosstown Ferry where her mother boarded the ferry under a new identity.
October 3rd, 1991: Koehler surgery that was arranged by Katarina
Sometime roughly around 1992: Red walks into the banks and takes the $40 million. (In Rassvet, Dom places this about a year after the surgery)
Sometime in 1994:
Fitch says in 2014 that it's been 20 years since he's seen Red.
The DNA Identification Act of 1994 (real life): (42 U.S.C. §14132) authorized the establishment of this National DNA Index. The DNA Act specifies the categories of data that may be maintained in NDIS (convicted offenders, arrestees, legal, detainees, forensic [casework], unidentified human remains, missing persons, and relatives of missing persons) as well as requirements for participating laboratories relating to quality assurance, privacy, and expungement.
Sometime before July, 1995:
The ruse created by Red and Ilya and the formation of the Townsend Directive.
The reemergence of the criminal Raymond Reddington into the public spotlight and into the FBI's radar. (The pilot says 4 years later, but Liz says in 6.01 that the FBI can trace this Reddington forward from 1995)
July 7th, 1995 (real life): The opening of Vukov Spomenik railway station, an underground rail station in Belgrade.
After July of 1995: Dom and Ilya plan to kill blond Kat in the presence of the KGB so that Katarina's enemies believe she is dead. The plan blows up when blond Kat survives and all of Katarina's enemies now know for certain she's alive.
1996/1997: Red hires Kate to work for him to protect Masha from her mother's enemies. (Kate says in 2017 that she's worked for Red for 20 years)
At this point, with the information we've been given, we can only make educated guesses to what the ruse could be. We certainly can look at the timeline and see where the ruse fits in.
Since the Orion episode, many people have assumed that the plan Ilya talks about to become Reddington and get the money from the banks has to be the ruse. That for some reason, when Red went into the banks to get the $40 million, Townsend figured out Katarina must be alive.
We need to remember that these banks were different than the Cypriot bank account they used to frame Reddington for the Gideon. That $6 million was wired out using fingerprints and a password. These other banks must have been set up by Reddington himself since they needed the man to appear in person to access the money. Otherwise, there's no reason to have anyone become Reddington. They could just wire the money out with prints and a password again. So Red walking into the banks should have had nothing to do with Katarina since they were known to be RR's accounts. There would have been nothing to anger Katarina's enemies back around 1992.
What's also important is that Belgrade wasn't right after Cape May and the Koehler surgery. Some time had passed as Ilya looked to be laying low, a little older with a different hairstyle. Blond Kat had remarried and gotten out of the game. When we add in the real life event of the opening of the Vukov train station in July of 1995, it makes Belgrade likely to have taken place in late 1995 at the earliest.
What we also know is that from the end of 1991 until the Townsend Directive was created sometime before Belgrade in 1995, we have no mention of Katarina's enemies hunting for her. Velov tracked her for the KGB for a time in 1991, and then nothing more is said about a prolonged hunt after he lost her trail in Prague. The CIA didn't seem to be making a big effort to find her with their obvious half-hearted effort to investigate the ferry passenger manifest. It all seemed quiet until Dom met Ilya in Belgrade to tell him that this ruse between him and Red angered Katarina's enemies to the point that they got together and created a directive with a bounty to hunt down and kill her.
If most of Katarina's enemies weren't actively looking for her anymore after her staged suicide in Cape May, after the trail went silent, what could have possibly caused them to renew their effort to find her? Wouldn't they have to be alerted to the fact that Katarina was still definitely alive to begin with? Something gave away the fact she wasn't dead. Did Red and Ilya try and fake Katarina's death again and it backfired? That seems the best possibility as she would have needed to somehow appear to be alive after 1991 for them to be hunting her again. Let's look at the events that took place leading up to Belgrade.
Things are relatively quiet after Red got the money from the banks around 1992. What we know is that Fitch met with Red sometime in 1994 and whatever they agreed upon kept a status quo between the men. One real life event that can't be ignored is the creation of the nationalized federal CODIS database in 1994. After these events, we have a ruse created by Red and Ilya that stirred up a hornet's nest of bad guys. Then Red is making a spectacle of himself by selling NOFORN documents and drawing the FBI'S attention in early 1995. All of this led to Dom's plan to make Townsend and the KGB believe Katarina was really dead.
The one very real possibility that u/TessaBissolli and I have speculated on is that the ruse between Red and Ilya involved the bones that we know ended up in the suitcase. After the meeting with Fitch and the creation of the CODIS database in 1994, what if Red's idea was to procure a body similar enough to Katarina and make it appear as if this woman who had been killed was Katarina Rostova? An agreement could have been reached that Fitch would help Red free Katarina from hiding and Red would remain silent about the Cabal and the fulcrum.
We know that Fitch was Katarina's boss in the Cabal and held some high level job in the US government. It would be easy for Fitch to enter the DNA of this dead woman as Katarina Rostova into the new federal database. Then all Red and Ilya would need to do is have the body show up, authorities called and have her identified in CODIS as Katarina Rostova. All of her enemies would know she was dead, and Katarina would be free to live her life with her family. She wouldn't need to live in hiding or on the run. Masha could be reunited with her mother.
But we know something went wrong and Townsend found out about the ruse before the plan could be implemented. Was he also high up in the US government? Did he find out what Reddington had done and realize that the only reason to try and fake Katarina's death was because she was still alive? Something angered Townsend enough to go to such great lengths to find and kill her. One staged suicide and another planned faked death with DNA in CODIS could have made Townsend feel like a fool and want blood.
We know that after Dom's plan to kill blond Kat backfired, he was worried about Townsend finding Masha. The one person who knew where Masha was? Kate. We can also see from the timeline that if Belgrade took place in late 1995 or 1996, that fits with Red going to hire Kate soon after. Keeping Kate close would also keep her quiet and keep Masha safe. Red allowing Kate to believe the dead body (now likely turned to bones by 1997) was Katarina would also give closure to what happened to Katarina and give Kate a renewed mission to help him keep Masha safe.
The original post by u/TheDonald1 prompted me to look at the idea that it was the ruse we heard about in Ilya's memories that is the colossal mess Dom blames Red for:
"Listen to me. Your ruse with Reddington didn’t work. All it managed to do was anger the people who want her dead...."
Because of the ruse which blew up in their faces, that is what led to the Townsend Directive being formed, which led to Dom's attempt on blond Kat's life, which led to Katarina having to remain forever separated from her parents and daughter.
Did the bones in the suitcase begin as the ruse that Red had hoped to prove once and for all that Katarina Rostova was dead? Confirming her death would have kept not only her safe, but Dom, Lena, and Masha as well. Were Red and Ilya trying to help Katarina with a faked death that blew up in all their faces?
We know from all the references to the big truth Red is hiding from Liz that it's the secret in the suitcase. There seems to be no doubt about that. Red was desperate to keep Liz from getting the truth about the bones. The narrative of the show has led us to believe that this secret is about Red's identity, that the bones of Raymond Reddington would give Liz the truth about her father. But what if that's not the secret Red is keeping from Liz? If the bones were the ruse, then this has all been one big secret that he's hiding, which began as the choice he made that kept Katarina away from her daughter forever.
If the bones were the ruse, intended to be a faked death for Katarina...if this is the secret in the suitcase, then does that also line up with the bones being the colossal mess that Dom blames Red for? Dom clearly believes Red is responsible for the mess they are all in:
"She’s gone because of choices you made for both of them. First Katarina and then Masha. As far as I’m concerned, you killed my entire family!"
"There was nothing complicated about it. We had to back out of Masha’s life to keep her safe, after you made a colossal mess of everything."
"Don't start with me. You were the architect of this charade. Cost me my daughter... and, up until now, my granddaughter and my great granddaughter."
When you add what Dembe says to Red standing over the empty grave where the suitcase had been:
"Raymond... I'm not sure Elizabeth will ever be ready to learn about what you did to Katarina."
Then maybe Red's guilt and apology to Katarina in Cape May, Dom's anger, and Dembe's words, all point to one large truth that Red is hiding:
"But I am being honest. I do know, but I can't say. I'm not trying to be clever. It's not an ambiguity. It's the truth. I have a secret, and I need to keep it...even from you."
We also know what Liz finds unforgivable, keeping her from her mother:
"You said the name Masha Rostova had been lost to history until the manhunt. Now it's out there, and someone's looking for me. It's my mother. Who else would care? Who? You were right. Some things can't be forgiven."
Something Red is terrified that Liz will find out:
Red: "If anything happened to me, this was to go to Elizabeth. So she would know. Now I'm not sure I ever want her to know."
Dembe: "Perhaps, Raymond, in this case, what you want is irrelevant. If the universe wants her to know, she will find a way."
The bones could very well be the ruse, that turned into a colossal mess, the truth that Red desperately wants to keep secret from Liz. That what he did to Katarina will make it forever impossible for her to be a mother to her daughter.
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Original Westwood C&C 3 story

Always wondered how it would have ended and is there a way to contact one of the original staff members to reveal even more information about this version of the story. We know some facts, that this game would have included GDI, Nod, Scrin, the forgotten and CABAL as playable and that it would have started with a meteor hitting Las Vegas bringing the Scrin to Earth. Some Details I found on the Internet:
"I've read a bunch of concept ideas Westwood had for the game. Gameplay and story. There were planned to be five factions in the end, with two to be added with expansion packs: Nod, GDI, CABAL, the Forgotten and the Scrin. The Forgotten were going to get psyonic powers that ran from an army-wide mana pool, a thing unique to that faction.
The story had some crazy ideas. One was that the Tacitus was a Martian artefact, not a Scrin one. The idea was that the Scrin had previously sent Tiberium to Mars and mined it clean, leaving it barren. The Martians made a database of Tiberium information and sent it to Earth for the then-primate humans to find when the Scrin eventually came for them too.
Another was that Nod would have psychic units, including Yuri himself. Yuri would end up getting sent on a mission to Area 51 to steal a commando mech suit prototype and while there an old Chronosphere would accidentally activate and send him back in time and he'd create the Red Alert 2 timeline."
Also this german page lists some interesting interviews and quotes and no longer accessible links from the old petrogylph forums
But they only list a few facts of the canon and apparently nobody ever asked the devs how the full story would have been and it makes me sad that we will maybe never know it.
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