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[Tournament Report] PT 25th Anniversary. 6th place.

Hey, Lucas Berthoud here, now with the post-tournament tournament report for PT 25th Anniversary.
I am happy beyond belief that we made the Team Series finals, and in a few I’ll hours get to cheer for my friends to try and take down the trophy. I really appreciate all the encouraging comments and people that came to talk to me during the weekend mentioning the reddit posts. This was an incredible event.
Below is my journal from the preparation for the last month. It’s a lot of words, some of it gets repetitive, and I talk a lot about decks that I didn’t even play. Hopefully there’s a little bit to learn for everyone.
02/07 - The ban hammer hits me in the head
We left off with months of playtest being sent to waste (https://www.reddit.com/spikes/comments/8vjthq/tournament_report_mastering_legacy_for_a_pro_tou?st=jjoczoxh&sh=78226a6c).
I went on research overdrive during the night. Here are my first impressions:
  1. BR Reanimator is the new best deck, if nobody else adapts. Chancellor of the Annex gets a huge boost with Gitaxian Probe gone.
1.1 UB Reanimator can also be played if it holds true to the promise of being the combo killer. The old deck lists available look quite bad, though. Just only 8 reanimator spells, not enough blue cards for FoW. It just doesn’t look like a good deck.
1.2. Players should react quickly to reanimator obvious dominance and overload on graveyard hate.
1.3. ewlandon latest list didn’t have a great backup plan to deal with dedicated hate (he was focused on killing Deathrite Shaman and mana screwing the fair decks with Magus of the Moon). So, maybe there could be room for reanimator to adapt to hate, if it wants to try. Doesn’t make sense to play the red creatures in the sideboard anymore. Maybe switch red to blue and play Show and Tell in the sideboard?
  1. Storm won’t miss Probe that much and benefits from the absence of Grixis Delver. The version with Burning Wish, Rite of Flame and Chrome Mox (epic storm) doesn’t rely as much on graveyard and could dodge splash hate aimed at reanimator. Looks incredibly well positioned.
  2. That’s two fast combo decks that got better. This opens room for other disruptive combo decks to either beat them by running their own graveyard hate, or benefit from hate slots from the opposition aimed elsewhere.
3.1. Show and Tell and Infect are what I had in mind for this. Both got beat badly by Grixis Delver. I should investigate how they fare against Reanimator and Storm. I’d imagine both are too slow for Reanimator pre-board but can spare the sideboard slots to fix it. Against Storm, I’d imagine Infect is a little bit better of executing the plan of disruption but Show and Tell can afford the space for the lights-out sideboard plan of Leyline of Sanctity.
3.2. Infect looks like a turn 3 deck, though. Is it too slow? Old reports said that it beat Miracles, Death and Taxes and Sneak and Show. It’s primed for a comeback if the metagame becomes those decks + combo, since it can dedicate more than half of a sideboard for Flusterstorm and graveyard hate. What would keep it in check are B and R based midrange decks filled with cheap removal, aka the decks that are the hardest to rebuild without Deathrite Shaman.
3.3. There is that crazy, brilliant Tin Fins decks with Living Wish. I played it for a while. It’s reanimator with a built-in B plan of Dark Depths. I remember giving up because of Swords to Plowshares backed by minimal disruption, but I could try revisiting it. Realistically, I won’t have time.
  1. A lot of decks were popular based on their good Deathrite Shaman matchups. That’s RG Lands, Mono Red Prison and BG Dark Depths. I don’t see any reason to pick them anymore.
  2. If a deck wants to kill small creatures and stabilize with Jace, what is it supposed to do?
5.1. There is Miracles going, as it was popular before. There are so many bad cards in it that I am scared to pick it up for myself, but I’ll have to respect it as part of opposition. This is now the control standard for Legacy.
5.2. You could pick Dezani’s GP Seattle-Tacoma Sultai Control decklist and keep it mostly the same. Add Birds over Deathrite, and the maindeck is identical. Or you can replace Wasteland and the basics for Fetches and duals, and you can still afford the same colored mana requirements without a mana dork. The early curve could be filled with cheap discards. It feels underwhelming as hell, but if people want to play Hymn to Tourach alongside Leovold and Jace, that’s the way. It’s the kind of deck that needs a more defined metagame to thrive. If we assume the meta is all combo, there is ways to build to beat that, I suppose.
  1. I don’t see a deck that can easily play Kolaghan’s Command for now. This is a big plus for Eldrazi and Death and Taxes, and I guess Mono Red Prison too.
6.1. I read about the first two and I just don’t see those decks thriving on a combo environment. Death and Taxes could hate out Reanimator or Storm with its sideboard (probably not both at the same time, though) and appears to be decidedly weak to both Show and Tell (w/ Omniscience) and Infect.
6.2. I forgot for a moment I had insane Death and Taxes players on my team. Let’s just wait on Thomas Enelvodsen and Michael Bonde to say if it’s good or not, lol.
6.3. I just realized I don’t know enough about Eldrazi. Research needed.
  1. I re-read Marc Tobiasch’s hareruya article on Death’s Shadow. This list is tempting since it sells itself as the combo killer, but I don’t see it ever beating Swords to Plowshares. The deck only plays 7 or 8 real threats, it’s kind of baffling. I imagined redesigning it with Delver of Secrets as an extra threat, and some Lightning Bolts to compliment it in the maindeck. A few goldfish hands later, the deck felt OK in concept, but still “off” and would require a lot of tuning.
  2. RUG Delver is being talked about. Those lists look horrible. Am I supposed to kill people with Nimble Mongoose? And there’s Hooting Mandrills to exile cards from your graveyard too? The deck looks gimmicky and I wonder if it only worked in an age when people were greedy with their mana bases and could be got with Stifles. If I were to play delver in those colors, I’d try Noble Hierarch, Tarmogoyf and True-Name Nemesis. Just good magic cards to go along Daze, Force of Will, Ponder, Brainstorm and Wasteland.
  3. Elves is always puzzling, as time and time again I realize I don’t understand its place on a metagame, or what the cards do, even. Losing Deathrite Shaman appears to hurt it badly, but who knows. That’s too many things that I don’t know and too many directions the metagame could take off. Three weeks of part-time play won’t be enough. Best course of action should be to start playing infect right away and trust my teammates for another deck if it doesn’t work out.
And I got to be careful now. I’ll start a new smurf account, drop leagues at 4 wins and stay away from Legacy Challenges. I hate doing all of that. I’ll abandon LegacyMaster momentarily, but hopefully legacy mastery won’t abandon me.
04/07 - Nobody knows what’s going on
Shared the thoughts above with the team. Thiago Saporito thinks Storm got a lot worse without Probe, and Gonçalo Pinto thinks Delver will be a top 3 played deck. Just shows how many directions the metagame can go. Michael Bonde thinks Death and Taxes could be insane in the right metagame.
05/07 - Is Nimble Mongoose a playable magic card?
So, I was reading people reactions to the announcement and their prediction for the metagame moving forward. Everybody is aiming for reanimator. Still uncertain if the level of hate people pack will be enough. I don’t have a clue on how to build the RUG delver deck. Nimble Mongoose clashes with Hooting Mandrils. What’s the deal with Nimble Mongoose in the first place? It takes a lot of work to become a Wild Nacatl. Tarmogoyf doesn’t clash with it, but, at the same time, what are the sorceries the deck can play outside of Ponder? Something new to try would be a package of Noble Hierarch, Hooting Mandrills, Bomat Courier and True-Name Nemesis.
Why aren’t more people trying to fit in Noble Hierarch in that deck? Deathrite Shaman main use, by far, was as a mana accelerator. I get that Birds of Paradise feels bad, but Noble + Delver of Secrets is quite a reasonable clock. Maybe it’s because it puts too much on strain on having untapped G for turn 1?
I then looked at Alexander Hayne and Jacob Wilson old decklists, and they had the threat package of Nimble Mongoose, Delver and Tarmogoyf, while also being disciplined to play enough sorceries. Solid deckbuilding. Also looked at Owen’s GP:DC 2013 Jeskai Delver deck. Seemed alright 5 years later, curiously. Inspired me to play 20 lands and 4 Spell Pierce moving forward as a compromise of having enough mana and enough early game plays that Dearthrite Shaman allowed in Grixis. Maybe 8 1-mana removal spells are too much, but that’s easily fixable. Deck could run Grim Lavamancer and Preordain.
I gave some more thought to Sultai midrange. The mana still supports Hymn to Tourach, Leovold and Jace, so now it’s a matter of finding enough early game interaction and enough card advantage sources, if you compare it to 4c control decks that had Deathrite Shaman and Kolaghan’s Command. This balance could be achieved by more cantrips and 1-mana discard spells accompanied by Snapcaster Mage. If the metagame moves forward in a way where Snapcaster Mage has uses as a blocker, I could see this shell looking good.
4 Polluted Delta 4 Verdant Catacombs 4 Misty Rainforest 4 Underground Sea 2 Bayou 1 Tropical Island 1 Island 1 Swamp 4 Baleful Strix 3 Snapcaster Mage 2 Leovold, Emissary of Tress 2 True-Name Nemesis 4 Brainstorm 4 Preordain 1 Ponder 1 Thoughtseize 2 Inquisition of Kozilek 3 Hymn to Tourach 4 Force of Will 3 Abrupt Decay 3 Fatal Push 3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor Sideboard 3 Surgical Extraction 3 Tarmogoyf 1 Diabolic Edict 2 Flusterstorm 1 Fatal Push 1 Toxic Deluge 1 Liliana, the Last Hope 1 Nihil Spellbomb 2 Sylvan Library
08/07 - Lightning Boat
I worked coverage at GP: São Paulo. It was a lot of fun and I tried my best, but I don’t think I did a very good job. My voice was failing as the days were getting longer, and people had trouble understanding me. My accent wasn’t clear, I made several mispronunciation of card names, and called some board state wrong. I think I had good insights on some of the games, and I did try my best to give more context on the players shown and on aspects that aren’t often discussed on coverage, such as mulliganing, metagame and mind games, but none of this doesn’t matter if people can’t properly understand what I say.
I really appreciate those who showed me support and apologize if you had a bad viewer’s experience. If I want to improve on that, I should start streaming with some frequency and improve by English pronunciation and ability to analyze magic while talking.
Best part of the week was that I got to hang out with the gang, including Saporito’s birthday party on friday. PV told me that if I keep going undefeated on day 1 of Pro Tours I’ll eventually top 8 again. That’s one way to look at it. The other is that I blown it twice already and I soon won’t even be qualified anymore. It was still nice of him to mention it, though.
Another fun part was searching gatherer for magic card references to all the Disney movie non-sense that PV and Riley were talking on-screen, for the Card Viewer. Lots of it got cut during internet breakdown, sadly. I also accidently put a Black Lotus on screen during the Unlimited Draft, but that part didn’t get cut. I pre-loaded the Power 9 cards to the cold preview screen (the one that doesn’t show on stream, but the director can switch to if needed), so if one got opened I could put it into the stream immediately, which of course trolled everyone passing by on backstage into thinking they were opened.
09/07 - I can’t build fair decks
Long day, trying multiple decks. LegacyMaster is a distant past. LegacySwitchDecksAfterLosing is born. Turns out It’s hard to build fair decks with blue right now. Deathrite Shaman really was the glue that held them together. You can make up the mana fixing aspect by playing better mana, but you can’t make up extra win% against graveyard decks for game 1, so the alternative is to double down on graveyard hate post-board, at a cost of everything else.
Without an accelerator, It’s also hard to press a tempo advantage unless you’re willing to gamble on getting people with Stifle. If you are not playing on tempo, you need a way to beat Chalice of the Void and Stoneforge Mystic. All of it leads me to believe that Kolaghan’s Command is the key card for those fair decks.
I tried Grixis imitating 4c control, except without Leovold. This in turn made me have issues beating other blue decks, like Miracles and Sneak and Show. I had the basic Swamp + Kolaghan’s Command combo against Mono Red Prison, but unless I added more red threats or Gurmag Anglers, I still wasn’t beating Blood Moon. Gurmag was too weak to Swords of Plowshares. At this point I gave up on the deck.
Next step was Grixis delver. I revamped the threat suite by playing 4 Delver of Secrets, 2 Young Pyromancer, 2 True-Name Nemesis and 4 Gurmag Angler, powered by Thoughtscour, which in turn could flip some cards to be returned to hand by Kolaghan’s Command. It was alright, not great. The issue with all those decks are they have a tough time taking game 1 away from combo, chalice, lands, or miracles. Having that many bad matchup pre-board must be a sign of weakness.
10/07 - Plan narrows: play the team deck or an unfair deck
Today’s post on the team group:
“i) If Michael and Thomas think DnT is well positioned, I'll trust you and play the same deck. : D
ii) BR reanimator felt very, very good (4-1, 4-1, 3-2 in leagues, where I messed up a lot). I was worried about its capacity to deal with increased sideboard hate, but the truth is that if you play Thoughtseize over Cabal Therapy, you are well set to deal with whatever they bring, even blindly (it doesn't take a lot of slots to have post-board configuration of 4 weatear + 12 discard spells. This deals with Surgical, Faerie Macabre, Leyline, Chalice of the Void and Graffdigger’s Cage. You can also bring Collective Brutaliy + Grim Lavamancer against decks that play creature-based hate such as Containment Priest, Sanctum Prelate and the new M19 spirit that exiles graveyards). I talked to Michael and wanted to playtest the matchup against DnT to be sure. I am keeping an eye on magic online and scg results. The deck didn't show up on the first legacy challenge, which is good news to keep it under the radar. The major downside of Reanimator is that I think the deck will be targeted, but it looked hard to completely hate it.
iii) I tried Infect over 5 leagues. It felt good against UW and DnT, but it's much worse than I thought against combo (storm and reanimator) and had a tough time against RUG delver. I'm off the deck for now.
iv) I also tried fair versions of Grixis control and Sultai control. They are almost good but would take a lot of time to fine tune them right, so I discarded them.
v) There might a good UB delver with Delver of Secrets, Thoughtscour and Gurmag Angler, but this is also hard to build properly.
vi) RUG delver is much better than I thought and deserves respect, but overall, I didn't play a lot with it.
vii) Storm (w/ burning wish) is doing well again, the deck didn't seem to lose much with Probe. This is another matchup I wanted to playtest against DnT.
viii) Anyone has an opinion on Eldrazi Stompy lists? Show and Tell?”
Gonçalo is high on Death and Taxes. Thomas shared different versions he wanted to try (aggro, toolbox, Shalai lock), and Michael exposed the blueprint of what the meta needs to look like for Death and Taxes to be good. They really know their stuff. I am willing to trust them, but previously I had slaughtered so many versions of this deck that it’s hard to build excitement for the deflection.
Butakov and Andreas Pertensen are interested on 4c Loam. Butakov sees the deck as capable of beating the fair decks game 1 and beat some of the combo decks game 2 (except show and tell, which is unbeatable). So, a matchup-dependent deck.
BR Reanimator isn’t showing up a lot online, but I still feel like the deck is great, for the reasons above. Plan right now is 1) Death and Taxes; 2) BR Reanimator; 3) Storm / Show and Tell.
11/07 - Ban decisions need to more considerate of quality of game play
I never got bored of Deathrite Shaman. 4c and Grixis Delver were peak magic experience, with interaction and relevant decisions at every step. With them gone, there are more glass cannons strategies and games decided by mana screw. How is that a better format? How is that fun? I get that deck diversity is important to a format, but it doesn’t trump quality game play as a metric.
The ban announcement had some questionable reasoning. A 55% win rate by Grixis Delver on magic online isn’t remotely close to making the best card in the deck ban worthy in my opinion. The announcement intentionally mixed facts of Grixis Delver being a good deck to the fact that Deathrite Shaman is seeing play in different decks to paint a picture that it is somehow oppressive. Is it bad that a card enables different strategies?
12/07 - Metagaming
Randomly got paired against Michael in a league yesterday, and he was trying Elves. Also told me that DnT doesn’t look well positioned at the current online metagame.
This puts me in a position where dedicating time to learn DnT might be a risk. I decided to play an unfair combo deck instead, and now need to choose between Reanimator, Storm or Show and Tell.
Reanimator is the most abstractedly powerful, but I have The Fear.
Storm seems crazy well positioned. If people are adding sideboard slots for Reanimator, those come at a cost of Storm hate. There is, however, the matter of how well I can pilot them.
The deck Show and Tell nobody on my team knows about. I am imagining it’s game A plan doesn’t line up well against Reanimator, but other than that it must be insane against the field at large. As a Grixis Delver player, I used to rely heavily on discard to beat them. RUG delver, jeskai delver and Stoneblade decks rely exclusive on counterspells, so it could be a bloodbath. Hey, maybe all those weeks playtesting pre-ban weren’t worthless after all. JPA93’s latest list (https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1183674#paper), which also won the Challenge, had 4 Leyline of the Void in the sideboard, and no Leyline of Sanctity. This is the kind of stuff that shows how Storm can be well positioned.
After reading what I just wrote, a deep dive on Show and Tells feels like the best course of action. Started research. About 15 matches of old videos immediately popped-up (downloaded, watch before bed and during commute/lunch), and there’s a giant mtgthesource thread going strong, started by the very competent Jonathan Anghelescu. Great. There’s always a lot of resources lying around for Legacy decks. Makes the format very accessible to new-comers like myself, outside of, you know, $5,000 mana bases.
Apparently, there are three versions of the deck, one that is classic Show and Tell + Sneak Attack with a lot of Preordain; another that adds 2 Omniscience; and another that goes heavily on Omniscience and Cunning Wish. So, there’s a trade-off in straightforwardness to flexibility. I imagine that if the meta tends to be more Death and Taxes, mirror and Ensnaring Bridge decks, the third gets better.
I remember seeing a google docs link on reddit with a decent-looking primer on Omniscience + Cunning Wish version of it. Can’t find a link anymore, which is weird since I am usually on top of my cataloging game. Could it be that I deleted it from bookmarks after finding out Show and Tell couldn’t beat the Deathrite Shaman decks? Oops.
13/07 - Small updates
Big day at work. No magic played, but I found the google docs primer (it is pretty good): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E5R_yCIDdvyl-s0vte5KsGbvJLQ8JnrrwQTE3WbieGc/edit
Pozzo thinks Show and Tell could be targeted because it won the Legacy Challenger. That’s a risk, but there were other decks performing well, so hopefully players will get distracted by othe....
https://www.channelfireball.com/articles/winners-and-losers-after-week-1-in-post-ban-legacy/ “Winners: 1.Show and Tell”
Ok, so much for that. It still makes sense to play the least hated of Reanimator, Show and Tell and Storm. Reanimator clearly was the enemy for week 1, Show and Tell is the flavor of the week, and maybe at SCG it’ll be Storm‘s turn to dominate (there are a lot of good storm players at SCG events; it’s also very easy to cheer for all of them since Caleb Scherer, Bryant Cook and AJ Kerrigan do a lot of work to share their insights in the deck).
Caparroz told me he is jamming games with Show and Tell and having some good results, but doesn’t love it because of the bad reanimator matchup. Just want to go on record and say he is a great teammate, not only very talented but also a hard worker. Guys like him are exactly why I think it’s important to have a team that mix seasoned veterans with RPTQ winners that have something to prove.
16/7 - Combo weekend
Productive weekend alternating between piloting Show and Tell and Storm. I liked Bryant Cook’s choice for the SCG open, with Xantid Swarm and the second Empty the Warrens in the maindeck, which is exactly what you need to do against RUG delver and miracles.
I asked the team about storm and they said the biggest risk is me not playing it well enough, since it takes practice to extract the maximum amount of value out of all the interactions. It’s a valid point. The insane amount of resources on theepicstorm.com makes picking up the deck easier, and that version (Chrome Mox, Rite of Flame and Burning Wish over Preordain and Past in Flames) seems better positioned overall since it doesn’t rely as much on the graveyard.
Changing subjects, one of the issues with Sneak and Show was that we were beating a lot of the creature decks and brews but having a tough time against different Delver decks and Miracles. So, while our win % was high, we were underdogs at the tier 1 metagame. This could be because our plans for those matchups was suboptimal. I want to try 4 Defense Grid there. It’s the same logic of why Xantid Swarm was a success this weekend for Storm.
I haven’t written off BR reanimator yet. In fact, it didn’t show up at all on SCG, which is great news. However, I don’t have a good decklist since ewlandon’s didn’t get picked by the bots on the weekly dump.
17/07 - Legacy Tutor
Fantastic day as Bryant Cook was kind enough to tutor me over a lot of questions I had about storm. I really wish that for every Pro Tour there is a guy out there with 5,000 matches under his belt with my deck choice to teach me how to play it, especially with the teaching skills that Bryant showed.
It was great, and I couldn’t recommend the tutor sessions any higher for people interested in the deck.
I was honestly surprised more Pro Tour regulars aren’t approaching the legacy specialists for opportunities like this. This is THE Pro Tour to go deep on constructed preparation.
He callled my attention on how I need to pay more attention to the small things, and discussed scenarios where my instinct to take the most aggresive line was misguided. Awesome stuff.
My plan now is to try and get better with Storm, and go through some more matches with Bryant watching over my shoulder.
If I am not confident in my skill with the deck, I still have Sneak and Show as a backup. If my theories about Defense Grid are correct, I could have a sideboarding edge over the field. There’s still reanimator as an option, but that is contingent on what I see coming out of on other players sideboards the incoming weeks.
I promised Michael I’d try his Elves deck, but I couldn’t find time. I did find time to tease him, though: https://imgur.com/a/pwBWhRn
22/7 - Weekend update
This week was pretty rough work-wise and I couldn’t play anywhere near as much as I’d like. I tried to overcompensate by it on the weekend, but by Saturday night I was feeling quite burned out, so I took Sunday off and didn’t even think about magic (not much, at least).
Focusing this much on combo decks is a new experience for me. Lots of times you are playing a numbers game; you like the odds of going off and if they have it, they have it. I can rationalize it well, but by playing over and over, tired and stressed about a lock of a deck choice, it started to affect me emotionally and I kept playing even worse; full spiraling on worse decisions.
23/7 - Legacy Tutor part 2
I set up another tutoring session with Bryant Cook. It was great. He noted I am way more likely to go for a riskier line than he was, which is a good tip that I need to be able to better evaluate long game scenarios. While watching a replay of our sessions, I started making a list of things I need to pay attention during the game, as well as some of the mental shortcuts I was doing. Theepicstorm.com is the ultimate resource to learn about the deck.
Quick mana shortcuts: Lotus Petal and Chrome Mox add one mana. First Rite is one mana, second is two and so on. Dark Ritual is two. LED is three. You need 7 mana and an empty hand to Infernal Tutor for Ad Nauseam. For Burning Wish, it’s 9 mana and two instants or sorceries. Empty the Warrens is way less mana, so 6 mana and an empty hand for Infernal Tutor, or just 6 manas for Burning Wish.
Those mana counts are the first thing I do when I see an opening hand. It takes like 5 seconds to go through them now, but when I first started playing the deck they could be a little bit overwhelming because of the “if” clauses, such as empty hand for Infernal Tutor and spell mastery.
On mulligans: on the unfortunate times where you don’t have 7 fast mana and Infernal Tutor, you need to evalute worst case scenarios. A good heuristic is that any hand with 5 fast mana, a cantrip and a tutor effect is going to be keep. This is because the cantrip is likely to find extra 2 mana right now and you can Empty; if you fail, you’re probably still good to do it by next turn. 7 manas, a cantrip and no tutor is an easy keep for me as well. Those hands are better than a coin flip.
The tougher hands are the ones that are heavy on discard or heavy on tutors, since the redundancy won’t do much to your game plan while exposing you to mana denial plans. I am more likely to rely on a discard-heavy hand post-sideboard.
When going off: I am basically adding in my head the mana I can produce this turn as I am flipping the cards for Ad Nauseam. You need 6 to Burning Wish for Tendrils, or 8 and a LED to Infernal Tutor for it. After I count total mana, I make sure I have enough colored sources, and then I add the storm count.
Weird interactions to pay attention: if you know you have an Ad Nauseam on top of your library, you can cast a cantrip and crack LED in response for mana. You should also do this blindly in emergency scenarios, such as LED in play, Ponder in hand and being dead on board next turn.
Extra Infernal Tutors can double as mana acceleration, which is specially useful for Rite of Flame. This is one of the things that took me the longest to get fixed.
Weirder scenarios in the late game where you need to Past in Flames for value. The singleton Cabal Ritual made them a lot easier, since now you can Burning Wish for PiF, and next turn Infernal Tutor for Cabal Ritual and go off.
31/7 - GP Minneapolis
I am a big fan of the USA and the twin cities have a special place in my heart. Having lived in Roseville during high school, I love being in Minnesota again. Walking around the UofM campus brought wonderful memories. Hopefully I find time to walk around Roseville and Como park again.
Grand Prix Minneapolis, however, I wasn’t a fan. The tournament was fine, but I showed up with no preparation and felt [card]Totally Lost[/card] throughout the day. If it wasn’t for Mike Sigrist’s sealed primer and Marcio’s quick guideline on draft, it would be even worse. I had this terrible mindset that if I lost a couple more rounds, I’d be able to go back to the hotel and playtest legacy.
After the Grand Prix, something special happened and I was winning a lot with storm. Bryant had sent me the updated list with 3 sideboard Xantid Swarm, and I loved it. I was now feeling favored againsts decks that relied on counterspell to stop me.
02/08 - Decklists due
I never played so much magic in my life. Everyone else on the squad has locked their decks and are taking a more relaxed approached to the final strectch of preparation, including lots of soccer. In my trio, Salvatto thinks UW Control is totally broken in modern, and Pozzo thinks BR Aggro is a good choice for standard because the sideboard is very good. On the legacy side, Thomas is in love with Death and Taxes again, Michael loves his elves, Butakov is on his 4c loam that he’s very proficient with, and Gonçalo never stopped liking Death and Taxes. Márcio didn’t have a deck and asked me what he should play between DnT ans Sneak and Show. I told him nobody to stick with DnT because it fits his play style and he would have a good list because of Thomas and Gonçalo.
I, however, don’t have a deck. The last two days haven’t been kind to Storm. I had been facing a lot of bad matchups and prepared opponents. Magic online is historically a good predictor for the PT meta, since it's the same people playing there that are grinding games on a weekday during work-hours. The metagame change that I noticed is that before (1 week ago) there were decks that were slower than storm (sneak, dnt, fair creature decks), and relied heavily on countermagic to stop us (miracles, rug delver). Those were great matchups, but they seem to be on an down swing, looking at our data. Instead, now there is an uptick on chalice of the void decks (eldrazi/aggro), faster combo decks (br reanimator), and decks that combine countermagic with another disruption and a clock (grixis delver and lots of death’s shadow that also had discard, and uw stoneblade with canonist). I feel like storm struggles a bit against all of those.
I still had reanimator and death’s shadow as decks that fit the combination of not being previoulsy discarded, not being too intimidating to play cold, and me actually having the cards. Played two leagues with Death’s Shadow, and I kept feeling that my list (Oliver Tomajko’s from the laster open) had potential but was some cards off. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to fix them less than two days.
Jumped into leagues with reanimator, 4-1. 4-1 again. 3-2, 3-2, 2-3, 4-1, 4-1, 2-3, 2-3. Not great results, but passable. I felt like the deck was a little better than storm in fighting chalice of the void decks. The gamble was on how much sideboard hate people would pack. Around Wednesday night I faced Pascal Maynard on a mirror, and he showed me the deck of Cryptbreaker. Not only it looked insane there, but also felt like an out to decks that agressively mulligan for Leyline of the Void, and miracles. I didn’t have time to test, but theoretically it made sense.
I was messaging Pozzo and Salvatto throughout the day. Pozzo said he still expected death and taxes and sneak and show to be amongst the most popular decks, making storm a good choice, and that I shouldn’t rely too heavily on recent magic online metagame. While I agreed with that logic, BR reanimator also had decent matchups against sneak and DnT, so I wouldn’t miss out too much if the meta PT was the magic online metagame from two weeks ago instead of the metagame from this week.
And so I made my choice. I was on an adreline high with the last minute deck switch that I couldn’t sleep and instead half-assed wrote a post about the Team Series. This was by far the most common subject of me and Carlos conversations this week, so I had that fresh in my mind. They weren’t really conversations, just that lots of times Carlos would stop talking about subject we were on, look to the horizon and say “Imagine if we made it to Vegas...”
Reanimator greatest opponent was sideboard hate. Anyone that wants to beat it, will. I wasn’t seeing a huge amount of hate online, but it was certainly there, and most maindecks were better fine tuned to have sufficient early game interaction. I also got to experience the variance in hands of Reanimator and it’s absurd mulligan hate, which weren’t huge confidence boosters.
Are people going to be ready?
03/08 - Day 1
Wow, what a day. Turns out that even after playing a decent amount of league with Reanimator, I wasn’t proficient with it and definitely made some mistakes. My personal record was 4-3, with the games being against steel stompy (L), eldrazi (w), eldrazi (w), eldrazi (l), death and taxes (w), grixis control (w), rug delver (L).
Salvatto was on fire on modern, his deck looked unbelievably good. Pozzo was having an off day on BR. Still, we salvaged it with 5-2, and the other Hareruya Latin squad open 6-1. Not bad after all of us lost in the first round. I wish I could add more substance to this report by getting through some of the toughest mullgan decisions, but I am too exhausted to remember and didn’t keep any notes.
As a general perception, I noticed I was very agressively mulliganing my first two hands, and then kept a whatever 5-card hand that could get there with some luck. This strategy worked out well for game 1, but when I tried the same concept for game 2 I was getting punished by minimal disruption. So, I decided that optmial strategy was to keep more loose hands post-board, even when they didn’t have the potential to be fast or relied on finding things from the top of the deck, as long as they already had some built-in way to beat disruption. For instance, I kept a no-lander on the draw against Death and Taxes because it had the nuts of Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual, Entomb, Entomb, Unmask, Animate Dead, Exhume.
04/08 - Day 2 - Mission accomplished
I am so happy. Hareruya Latin locks up the Team Series with the #1 seed going into Vegas. It means a lot to us.
My trio finished 6th, and, of course, our brother squad made the top 4! Márcio told me only lost one round in legacy, for the mirror, and that Death and Taxes was fantastically positioned against this field of few unfair decks and lots of Eldrazi and Death’s Shadow.
After they trio won their win and in, Saporito had his face red holding back tears, Carlos was jumping and dancing and yelling, and I kind of lost it myself and got quite emotional.
I played like shit all day long, but my teammates carried me. Best feeling in all of magic. Personal record was 7-6 and didn’t like my deck very much. I had the pleasure of talking to Olle Rade after tournament, someone who beat me with reanimator many many times the last few months in magic online, and he seemed happy with his deck choice.
Here is my ideal list and sb plans, heavily based on ewlandon’s work. An unfortunate note is that I had to switch the 4th Unmask for a Thoughtseize, because the only copies I had available were foil and too bent for tournament play, after I checked with several judges.
4 Animate Dead 1 Ashen Rider 2 Badlands 2 Bloodstained Mire 4 Cabal Therapy 4 Chancellor of the Annex 4 Dark Ritual 4 Lotus Petal 4 Faithless Looting 4 Griselbrand 4 Exhume 1 Marsh Flats 4 Polluted Delta 4 Reanimate 1 Scrubland 1 Tidespout Tyrant 4 Unmask 4 Entomb 3 Swamp 1 Verdant Catacombs Sideboard
2 Abrade 1 Archetype of Endurance 1 Coffin Purge 1 Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite 2 Cryptbreaker 1 Iona, Shield of Emeria 1 Pithing Needle 4 WeaTear 2 Thoughtseize
Miracles (surgical, priest) PLAY -1 Grisel, -1 Unmask, -1 Ashen, -1 Tidespout -2 Therapy, +1 Iona, +1 Archetype, + 2 Thoughtseize, +2 Cryptbreaker | DRAW -1 Grisel, -1 Tidespout, -2 Chancellor, -2 Therapy, +1 Iona, +1 Archetype, + 2 Thoughtseize, +2 Cryptbreaker
UW Stoneblade (surgical, priest, karakas, maybe rip): PLAY -1 Grisel, -1 Ashen, -1 Tidespout -1 Therapy, +1 Iona, +1 Archetype, + 2 Thoughtseize | DRAW -1 Grisel, -1 Tidespout, -2 Chancellor, +1 Iona, +1 Archetype, + 2 Thoughtseize
Leovold BUG (surgical, edicts): PLAY -1 Grisel, -1 Unmask, -1 Ashen, -1 Tidespout -2 Therapy, +1 Iona, +1 Archetype, + 2 Thoughtseize, +2 Cryptbreaker | DRAW -1 Grisel, -1 Tidespout, -2 Chancellor, -2 Therapy, +1 Iona, +1 Archetype, + 2 Thoughtseize, +2 Cryptbreaker
Grixis Control (surgical, edicts): PLAY -1 Grisel, -1 Ashen, -1 Tidespout -1 Therapy, +1 Iona, +1 Archetype, + 2 Thoughtseize | DRAW -1 Grisel, -1 Tidespout, -2 Chancellor, +1 Iona, +1 Archetype, + 2 Thoughtseize
Delver (surgical, cage, edicts): +2 Abrade, +1 Elesh Norm, -1 Griselbrand, -1 Therapy, -1 Tidespout Tyrant
Merfolk (chalice, maybe faerie, maybe relic, maybe cage): +1 Pithing Needle, +2 Abrade, +4 WeaTear, +1 Iona, -4 Cabal Therapy, -1 Ashen Rider, -1 Tidespout, -1 Unmask
Goblins: +2 Abrade, +1 Needle, +1 Iona, +1 Elesh Norm, +2 Thoughtseize, +1 Archetype, -2 Chancellor, -1 Tidespout, -1 Griselbrand, -4 Therapy
Death & Taxes: +1 Needle, +1 Elesh, +1 Iona, +1 Archetype, -3 Therapy, -1 Tidespout
Maverick (surgical, bojuka bog, karakas): +1 Needle, +1 Elesh, +1 Iona, +1 Archetype, -3 Therapy, -1 Tidespout
4c Loam: +1 Pithing Needle, +2 Abrade, +4 WeaTear, +1 Archetype, +1 Iona, -4 Cabal Therapy, -1 Griselbrand, -1 Tidespout, -1 Unmask, -2 Chancellor
Dragon Stompy: -3 Cabal Therapy, -2 Chancellor, -1 Grisel, +1 Abrade, +4 Wear, +1 Iona
Painter (surgical)
Elves (leyline): +2 TS, +1 Iona, +1 Elesh norn, +4 Weatear, -1 Tidespout, -1 chancellors, -4 therapy, -1 gris, -1 unmask
Infect (cage, crop for bojuka)
Sneak & Show (cage): PLAY -1 grisel, -1 tidespout, -2 therapy, -1 swamp, -2 faithless, +1 iona, +1 needle, +2 TS, +1 abrade, +2 cryptbreaker | DRAW -1 griselbrand, -3 therapy, -1 unmask, -1 chancellor, -1 swamp, -2 faithless, +1 iona, +1 needle, +2 TS, +1 weatear, +2 abrade, +2 cryptbreaekr
RB Reanimator (coffin purge): - 4 Exhume, -1 Griselbrand, -2 Cabal Therapy, +2 Cryptbreaker, +1 Coffin Purge, +2 TS, +1 Weatear, +1 Iona
Storm: +1 Iona, +2 Abrade, +2 Thoughtseize, -3 Cabal Therapy, -1 Tidespout, -1 Ashen Rider Eldrazi/Chalice Aggro: +4 Wear, +2 Abrade, +2 Cryptbreaker, -4 Therapy, -2 Chancellor, -1 Ashen Rider, -1 Faithless Looting
Lands: +1 Needle, +4 Wear, +1 Archetype, +2 Cryptbreaker -4 Therapy, -4 Chancellor
If you want to beat reanimator, bring the sb hate, but make sure it’s diversified. For instance, 1 Surgical Extraction and 1 Grafdigger’s Cage is so much harder to beat than 2 of a single option. Basically, a mix of cards that you can cast from hand to disrupt them with hate the sticks on the bord is very difficult to prepare against. The sideboard plans above are made to exploit whatever hate cards people seeemed to have in their sideboard on magic online. Switch that a bit, and you’ll likely get a free win on a sideboarded game.
As usual, I’ll be more than happy to answer questions in the comments below. Thank you so much.
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The Tantrax Entertainment System

Hello, one and all! Welcome to the Tantrax Entertainment System. We are the foremost purveyors of all personal amusement and entertainment in all of Sector 5. Our multi-body amusement park / luxury resort encompasses three planets, four moons, and six Y-class space stations. Our diverse range of entertainment options guarantees fun for the whole family1 or for more intimate holidays.
1 Alternatively, fun for the whole pod/hive/colony

About Tantrax System

(Warning: boring science ahead!)
Tantrax Luminaris [Star #11] is a Red Giant star measuring at 1.8 solar masses and 155 solar radii, spectral type M3. Tests have determined that it is approximately 100 million years into its Red Giant phase. (Unofficially we call this star the Shining Ruby, for it is the crown jewel of our beloved system, and its warm red glow is always a welcome sight for travellers).
Tantrax Belkaris is the first planet from the sun {0.9 Earth mass, 1.1 Earth radii} was probably once a fertile and habitable world, but after the sun expanded, its atmosphere was burnt off and is now reduced to scorched rock (colour: burgundy). It is also suggested there were two other inner planets that got completely devoured by the sun's expansion.
Tantrax Akaris is the most habitable planet in the system. (If Tantrax Luminaris is our Shining Ruby, then Akaris is certainly our Gleaming Sapphire). {1.4 Earth mass, 1.3 Earth radii; atmosphere colour: turquoise} More than 100 million years ago, this planet was frozen and inhospitable, but now it is warm and fertile, teaming with life. There is one mega-continent that runs from the north to south poles, taking up roughly 20% of the planet's surface area. Due to an excess of carbon and oxygen in the atmosphere, much of the continent is tropical, though the equatorial region is baked desert that supports little life (but is great for solar panels, which power many of our attractions!). Only the extreme north and south regions are affected by seasons, where they will freeze solid in the winter but thaw almost completely in the summer. Most of the planet is ocean, with some islands nearby to the main continent, and two great mountain ranges bisecting the planet.
Akaris Principa is the first moon of Tantrax Akaris. Its size is 0.2 Earth radii and analysis of its composition suggests it should have equivalent mass. However, its gravitational field is equal to a mass of 0.8 Earth mass. This is the result of some exotic material introduced to the core to artificially increase the gravity. This allows for easy movement on the surface {within protected enclosures, since there is no atmosphere} and awesome tidal effects on the planet.
Akaris Seconda is the second moon of Tantrax Akaris. 0.15 Earth radii and 0.14 Earth mass, but for real this time.
Tantrax Athoris is the third planet in the system. {0.5 Earth mass/Earth radius; atmosphere colour: green} (the Deep Emerald to continue our celestial jewel set). This is a chlorine planet, home to clouds and seas of hydrochloric acid. Therefore it is fatal to most forms of life, but does have a few native inhabitants. It is also home to many unique rock formations and interesting mountain ranges.
Tantrax Bellerophos is the fourth planet in the system. {0.7 Earth mass, 3.2 Earth radii; atmosphere colour: yellow} (and finally comes our Sparkling Topaz). Bellerophos is a gas dwarf with a low mass given its volume, and a thick atmosphere of Hydrogen, Helium, and Nitrogen. This planet is home to the Guraga.
Bellerophos Principa is the first moon of Bellerophis. 0.1 Earth mass and 0.11 Earth radii.
The asteroid belt rings the solar system past the fourth planet and exists as a valuable source of platinum. [I won't ask you to add this to the image, ophereon]
Tantrax V is the fifth planet and is of little note. Gas giant {0.6 Jupiter mass, 0.9 Jupiter radii; atmosphere colour: yellow}
Edrephos is the first moon of Tantrax V. 0.25 Earth mass, 0.3 Earth radii.
Tantrax VI is a gas giant {1.4 Jupiter mass; 1.6 Jupiter radii; atmosphere colour: white}
Tantrax VII is a frozen outer planet {0.4 Earth mass; 0.4 Earth radii; atmosphere colour: none (grey)}

Brief History

The history of the TES stems from the joining of two unlikely allies and one remarkable visionary.
The Tantrax System was discovered 500 years ago a Centauri colony searching for a new Warp Gate. They found one a short distance outside the orbit of Tantrax Akaris. While going about the process of activating it, they established a base on the nearby moon Akaris Principa and were astonished to discover its artificially enhanced gravity. They reasoned this had to be the handiwork of the Nameless and began searching for other artifacts.
While they didn't locate much in the way of technology, they found the climate on Tantrax Akaris very favourable. Word got back through Centauri ranks and it became a much sought-after post. But everything changed 60 years after first colonization when there was a new arrival in Sector 5. Red Star Line was a company from the Centauri homeworld. It had launched two ships into a deep space, full of wealthy passengers intent on creating a luxury colony elsewhere in the galaxy.
The first ship cryonically froze its passengers, and they woke up much like their old selves. The second ship allowed passengers to live freely, and after four generations, they had descended into a life of indulgence and debauchery. The two sets of passengers were wholly incompatible and not suited for settling into one luxury resort. A few Centauri monks, along with the primary Red Star AI and some of the more intelligence passengers began discussing plans to create a permanent recreational colony. And they began to see merit in the idea of expanding it to be open to members of all different civilizations across Sector 5. But this would require several distinct parts highly varied in their style of accommodation.
After years of debate, it became clear that despite an idea and the technology, they were going to get nowhere without a keen-minded individual who could take charge of the whole operation. A routine survey of the Akari coastline would lead them to discovering just that (and the rest is history!)


(Now that we have those details out of the way, here is what you are really after!)
The Tantrax Entertainment System boasts 3,416 individual unique attractions. You will have to download our Full Park Guide to read about them all, but you can read about our most popular destinations below.
Rassian Bay Water Park. One of our perennially popular attractions located by the picturesque Rassian Bay. The area encompasses 671 individual attractions, including water slides (regular and sonic), log rides, water cannons, whirlpools, Klein sloops, bungee jumps and hyperjumps, and the famous Akaris Aquarium that showcases 6,899 different aquatic species from around Sector 5
Rassian Bay. If you don't want to go the the water park, then the bay and ocean themselves are open for you. Due to the tidal forces, beaches average 9 km wide, so amphibious trams are available for transport. It is a prime location for surfing, although beginners are advised to stick to the training pools until certified. Underwater exploration is popular for both free and scuba diving. There is a strict precaution not to venture beyond the reef unless in a protected submersible. And all watercraft are reminded not to pass beyond the mountain range under any circumstances.
Akaris Midway. The largest contiguous amusement park in the galaxy. It features 88 roller coasters and 212 unique thrill rides, 44 entertainment venues, and 547 games of skill and chance for you to try your hand at.
Pokita and Lomba Resorts. These resorts are both located on the eastern coast of the Akaris landmass, separated by roughly 100 km of rocky coastline. Pokita is a pleasant and relaxing beach destination, where visitors can engage in nature walks, boat tours, sporting activities, and plain old time in the sun. Lomba is for guests looking for less relaxation and more intimate forms of recreation. Lomba Resort is not recommended for asexual species, as they will most likely be confused. For more information, consult the Adults-Only Park Guide.
Skyward Midway. This is another amusement park, featuring thrill rides of all descriptions. But this one, being located on the moon Akaris Seconda, takes advantage of low gravity that allows guests to explore new, dizzying heights. The most popular attraction is the Yando Slingshot, which places guests in a sphere and hurtles them into space, attached to a 20 km tether.
The Athoris Recreation Fields. Due to the highly corrosive atmosphere, there isn't a lot of infrastructure in place here, and what is in place is very carefully maintained. But between the low gravity and the extreme rock formations, it is a popular destination for athletes and climbing enthusiasts (fitted with the proper protective gear).
Bellerophos Lab & Circlet. Bellerophos Principa was originally a mine for Ha-V, but became used for an ultra-low G scientific lab. Guests can take a tour of the whole lab and see various works of Centauri engineering. But if that is too educatioal, you are welcome to take a ride on the Circlet: a roller coaster that wraps the entire circumference of the moon.
Edrephos Star Resort. Located on the distant moon of Edrephos past the asteroid belt, this is the most exclusive resort in the TES. This is for people who truly want to get away from it all. Rooms all come with glass ceilings, allowing guests an unobstructed view of the glittering stars.
Chowai Casino and Hotel. This is located on a space station in orbit around Akaris. Wealthy denizens from all across Sector 5 come to try their luck. Some will walk away very wealthy indeed. The rest will leave with beautiful memories. It also features a hotel, including a number of exclusive theme rooms.
Tantrax Relaxation Sphere. This is for guests who truly need to unwind. The top 6 levels are a spa that combines massage and relaxation techniques from several different world, adapted to numerous physiologies. To read about the lower 8 levels, please consult The Adulst-Only Park Guide.
Tantrax Convention Centre. This space station is divided into 16 separate convention spaces. All are available for booking individually or in combination. On rare occasions the entire station is booked out for a single event. The events this centre is used for vary quite widely. (As of the beginning of year 700SY, there will be an extra 50% added to the damage deposit for Penultimate Parties)

The Staff

The Red Star Line AIs are some of the friendliest in the galaxy. They come in a variety of forms, ranging from short and practical to visually appealing, and they are always happy to help. Some of the most prominent models you will encounter are Saunders, the affable concierge, Wilforth, the level-headed park manager, and Betsy, the compassionate guest services coordinator.
Although AI can serve many valuable functions, our rides often require an organic touch. We are pleased to announce 200 years of cooperation with the Guragae of Tantrax Bellerophos. These folks have a unique physiological trait which makes them only comfortable when in constant motion. This has made them perfect as the pilots for our many hundreds of fast-moving thrill rides. They can operate the rides from inside, responding calmly to any eventuality.


Arrival at Tantrax Entertainmet System is as easy as catching a lift at your nearest Warp Gate. Once through the entry gate, a shuttle will take you to the main entrance on Akaris Principa. From there, many shuttles will be waiting to ferry you to whichever destination you choose. Hyperlane jump points make travel between the most remote parts of the system a breeze.
There is also the increasingly popular option of Doppelganger Transit. Maybe you don't have time to take a long vacation right now. You can always visit a DGT station at any participating Warp Gate. Send your consciousness through the wormhole and have it implanted into a temporary clone on the other end. The clone will enjoy its holiday while you continue with your important work. At the end of its lifespan (typically one week), its new memories will be harvested and sent back through the wormhole, where the original may download them at any convenient time.
DGT is also helpful for creating specialized clones that allow guests to explore areas they otherwise wouldn't. Acid-resistant clones have been created for use on Athoris, which means that guests can enjoy their activities there without the need for cumbersome protective suits.

A Word from the President

Over the past 400 years, the Tantrax Entertainment System has grown from a simple dream hatched on a lonely moon to the greatest tourist destination in all of Sector 5. It has been my privilege to help shape and steer TES in all this time. I could not have done it alone, of course. And I certainly could not do it without our loyal guests who keep returning to us, year after year. To all those guests, I make the simple promise: as long as you stay committed to us, we will stay committed to you.
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