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MINIMUM for Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic. Silent Hunter 5 Patch 1.2 Skidrow Crack - 'Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic Patch'. Free Downloads by AYS. Points Notice: First two cheats can't be implemented with a trainer so i had to use edited files, Inside the trainer folder there is another. These Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic Gold cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game. It's best if you avoid using common keywords when searching for Silent Hunter 5 Activation Code.

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When you want to use a text copied before, you only need to access the program and to chose that particular text and then paste it where you need it. This Mod changes graphical look to the environment and sea states. Devil May Cry 4. Your search for Silent Hunter 4 1.4 may return better results if you avoid searching for words such as: crack, serial, keygen, activation, cracked, etc. When you click on the cross and the new window opens up there is a button at the bottom of this window, clicking this gives you a patrol. Silent Hunter 5 1.2 Patch Crack In Drywall read this post here. Silent Hunter 5 Mods Best mods.

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About This Game Step behind the periscope of a German U-boat and take on the Allied Forces in famous battles across the vast Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

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Search for mods or add-ons. What this means to Silent Hunter 5 players is that we can finally play our single player game without being connected to the internet at all! Silent hunter free download - Silent Sniper, Silent Way, Spy Hunter, and many more programs. Gunboat Atami Class: 20 45 6.4 20 1.1 900 25 0 Gunboat Hira Class 20 55 7.9 27.9 1.1 900 30 0 Armed Daihatsu 25mm 9 14 3.3 2.5 1 9 15 0. Patch per Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific. Versione: 1.2 EU: Peso: 77 MB: Arriva l'aggiornamento versione 1.2 per il simulatore di sottomarini Silent Hunter 5. L'update oltre a risolvere una serie di bug apporta dei miglioramenti a livello grafico e migliora le prestazioni del gioco su configurazioni single core.

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All the colors of the kobolds - Part 2: Green and White

See part 1 here, Part 3 for brass and bronze Part 4 gold, silver and copper
Contains mechanics, stats, some lore and example encounters for green and white kobolds. Metallics are coming eventually. I'm not great with the numbers and stats part, so if you see errors, point them out, i'll try to fix them
 Green Kobold 
"I will protect nature." Said the green kobold.
"No thanks, I'm fine" Nature replied.
The most detached from their draconic origins and in tune with their animal part, Green Kobolds are simple-minded creatures that love nature, life and adventure. Rarely nature returns the love.
  • Biology
The Green Kobold is particularly agile and limber, with longer, thinner limbs and stronger claws. They live in all types of forests, being able to adapt easily to tropical, temperate and cold climates.
Green Kobolds have very advanced senses, and enjoy them to the fullest: the smell of ripe fruit or dew on the leaves fills their nostrils. The warmth of the summer sun invigorates their flesh, and the chirping of the birds is music to their large ears.
Since green kobold flesh tastes particularly bad, with a strong acidic and sour taste, most animals ignore and avoid them. This causes them to be able to wander freely and encourages their happy-go-lucky lifestyle.
They are energetic, happy and enthusiastic, sometimes resembling an excited dog.
They can eat insects or fish, but also berries and fruits, tree bark and, if necessary, grass or leaves.
  • Society
Because of their favourable condition, green kobolds don't have to worry about dying as much as their cousins. They build nests on top of trees, simple structures of mud and wood, connected with ropes or rickety bridges that they can easily traverse with their climbing ability.
They can still create burrows in case of emergency, but prefer to use natural caves if they really have to.
Their society isn't rigidly defined, as most of them are instinctively wanderers, but they get together during mating season and spend a few months together, collectively protecting the tribe eggs until they hatch. Their eggs are left in shallow pools of water dug by the kobolds themselves in safe areas.
Green Kobolds are very attached to the places they like, and can rapidly become aggressive if they feel their homes are threatened. They won't mind a hunter killing a few animals, after all they do the same, but will react impulsively and aggressively to large logging operations, fisheries and similar concepts.
Theirs is not the general love of nature than an elf could have, or the spiritual connection of a fey, but an instinctive attachment to something that makes them feel good, and it's often short-sighted or inconsistent.
Green Kobold tribes that are near to civilization may get used to these things, and be more tolerant, but it's likely they'll disband over time and move towards wilder, untouched areas.
Green Kobolds love other sylvan races, like dryads, elves, treants and fairies. Very often these races find the kobolds dirty, annoying and rowdy, so they try to avoid them. Even still, the green kobolds rarely cross the line to the point where it's necessary to drive them away, and they do honestly love the woods, so they are usually tolerated. From a distance.
Green Kobolds favourite pastimes involve jumping from tree to tree, climbing challenges, singing (badly) with the birds, bare-hand fishing, attempting to ride dears and, rarely, alchemy or herbalism. Sometimes, they carve very rudimentary wood flutes.
During winter, green kobolds like to enter in bear caves and snuggle with them while they're hibernating. Sometimes the bear will turn and accidentally crush them, but otherwise he'll leave them be.
  • Mentality and Behaviour
The life of a green kobold is very different from that of most other kobolds: the fear of large predators is a distant concept, food easily available, and there are very few intelligent races they have to worry about: Elves despise them, but they won't enslave or kill them like orcs would. Treants find them much too loud and rowdy, but green kobolds will listen to a treant boring stories for days and clean their bark from mold, so they're tolerated.
This makes green kobolds very naive and impulsive, and extremly bad at reading social clues or respecting personal space.
Like their green dragons ancestors, green kobolds love trickery and misdirection. When threatened or angered, they will avoid direct confrontation and instead fight dirty: Throwing rocks, fruit or poop from the safety of a tree, making loud noises at night to keep their opponents awake and alluring them into a family of boars or a snake nest are all valid tactics.
Since green kobolds are not naturally aggressive and own very few things (sometimes they collect trinkets they find interesting, but rarely find anything of worth. Instead of gold, they prefer funny shaped rocks, chestnuts, bones etc.)
Many Kobolds become druids, or at least attempt to. Loving nature is a good thing, but their base Wisdom is still 6. Most druid Kobolds are lucky if they learn one or two spells, and are usually little more than nuisances for other druids that will eagerly send them away on whatever task they can think of.
Other, less dumb kobolds become rangers or rogues, but most are too unfocused to really pursue any path.
  • Example Encounters with Green Kobolds
1) As the players are traversing a thick jungle, they hear a noise over their heads. A moment later, rotten fruits start raining on their heads while a bunch of green kobolds runs away laughing.
2)The group is camping in a boreal forest, when they find themselves surrounded by Kobolds. The tree under which they're camping is the tallest in the area, and shall be used for the sacred "ascension of the forest king". The players can move and let the kobolds climb freely, or stay and face their wrath.
3)The group ranger is hunting between the trees, and he hits a large dear. That was the local kobold tribe favourite dear. They swear an oath of revenge against the ranger, unless he leaves, then they'll probably forget about it.
4)An evil factory is dumping toxic chemicals in the river, and green kobolds are attempting to stop it with sabotages and attacks against the workers. The players are hired to drive them away by the plant owner, but they could decide to help the kobolds instead.
5)The elf king was taking a stroll through a sacred glade, when he found a group of kobolds licking his favourite sacred tree (they were curious if magical tree tastes better) and has promised to destroy them.
6)A single green kobold survived when his forest was burned down by the heinous overlord, and he has set on a desperate, suicidal quest to stop him. Will the players aid the poor critter, and maybe find him a new home?
Novice Druid Green Kobold
From below a ragged green cloak, a tiny dragon-like head is looking at you with a nervous expression. They hold a wooden stick twice as tall as them. They point their stick in your direction and yells, with a shrill voice: 'Be gone intruders, great druids protect this land and you will know my wrath if you keep on walking.' The creature looks at you with blind confidence, you doubt there is much to back it up.
Small Humanoid (Kobold), any neutral
Armor Class: 13 (+3 dexterity)
Hit Points: 10 (4d6-4)
Speed: 30 Ft. Climbing(wood): 30ft Climbing(others): 15ft
Str 9 (-1) Dex 16(+3) Con 8( -1) Int 8( -1) Wis 6(-2) Cha 6(-2)
Skills Climbing: +5
Senses Darkvision 60ft, Passive Perception 10, Enhanced Senses
Language: Sylvan, druidic
Challenge: 1/8
Enhanced senses: A Green Kobold can smell very well, and distinguish any particular smell in a 500ft range, their hearing is twice as good as that of an average human.
Climbing claws: Green Kobolds have retractile, hooked claws and can climb as easily as they walk, on soft surfaces like wood. They can remain attached to any wooden surface with only one hand or foot and freely shoot ranged weapons from that position
Cantrips (At Will): Guidance, Mending
1st Level (2 uses): Goodberry
Wild Shape: Lasts one hour, favorite shapes: Rat. Squirrel. Common chaffinch. Trout.
circle of the Land: Forest
Actions: Quarterstaff +1 (1d6+1)
Seasoned Adventurer Green Kobold
A tiny green kobold is balancing on a wooden fence on one leg, he's playing a fiddle while looking in the distance. As soon as you get close, he spins on himself and turns towards you. 'Hello, travelers' he greets you with a high-pitched, joyful voice 'Great day for a walk, isn't this a beautiful day? Personally I like that forest in particular, let me tell you of my adventure there-'
Small Humanoid (Kobold), True Neutral
Armor Class: 16 (+3 dexterity, +3 leather)
Hit Points: 42 (15D6 - 10)
Speed: 30 Ft. Climbing(wood): 30ft Climbing(others): 15ft
Str 10 (+0) Dex 18(+4) Con 8( -1) Int 8( -1) Wis 8(-1) Cha 12(+2)
Skills Climbing: +8, Perception +3
Senses Darkvision 60ft, Passive perception: 13: Enhanced Senses.
Language: Sylvan, common, elvish.
Challenge: like 4 or 5
Enhanced senses: A Green Kobold can smell very well, and distinguish any particular smell in a 500ft range, their hearing is twice as good as that of an average human.
Climbing claws: Green Kobolds have retractile, hooked claws and can climb as easily as they walk, on soft surfaces like wood. They can remain attached to any wooden surface with only one hand or foot and freely shoot ranged weapons from that position
Bardic Inspiration: He's a bard, workis just like the normal bard power. 1d6 to a roll.
Favored Enemy: Humans, Orcs, Dragons.
Spellcasting: This is a level 9 spellcaster that multiclasses between ranger and bard
Cantrips (At will): Mage hand. Message.
1st Level (4 slots). Spells known:* Animal friendship; Fog Cloud; Speak with animals.* / Charm person; Identify; Hideous Laughter; Longstrider.
2nd Level (3 slots). Spells known: Lesser restoration; Silence. / Enhance ability; Hold person.
Song of rest and Combat inspiration: Just like bard.
Actions: Multiattack:2; Short sword + 8 (1d6 +4); Short Bow +8 (1d6 +4)
 White Kobold 
The horns blare, the mountains tremble. Where avalanche falls, kobolds follow. - Kids nursery rhyme, whiteridge mountains
In the highest mountains, between the white snow, live the white kobolds, agile bandits of the frozen keeps and unrivaled skiers.
  • Biology
The snowy mountains are cold and dangerous, and as a result white kobolds are quite different from most of their cousins: Finding food is difficult, and preserving energy a necessity, and moving around small ridges and thin layers of ice difficult, as a result white kobolds are smaller and lighter than other kobolds.
Averaging 3Ft tall and around 30 pounds of weight, they're able to safely walk on patches of unstable snow, climb dangerous surfaces that would give out under the weight of a human, and move on fresh snow without sinking.
White kobolds are extremely agile, a necessity in their environment, and they put it to use: their tribes are often located at great heights, in areas where no other creature would be able to live, on the edge of abysses and glaciers, or perched on the side of steep mountains.
They're decent diggers, but they prefer to dig snow instead of rock, and their villages usually consist of many, shallow caves covered with leather tents, or igloos, instead of a single deep dungeon; unless they find natural cavities or passages abandoned by other races.
Their skin is extremely insulating, and makes them almost immune to natural cold: a white kobold can spend an entire day covered in snow and not suffer any problem. White kobold skin is a sought-after material between explorers and ice-climbers, but usually their tribes are too hidden or remote for most hunters.
White kobolds have an advanced understanding of mountains, and can intentionally cause avalanches: firstly, they find a good area with fresh, unstable snow or a large slab of ice, then they dig under it to create a weak area. When their enemy is in position, they start the avalanche by simply digging more and rapidly or rolling rocks down the snow.
White Kobolds use long horns as instruments, similar to the alphorn both for communication and before causing an avalanche. Loud noises causing avalanches is mostly a myth, it can happen but it's quite difficult; but kobolds are more than happy to spread this myth. The sound of their horns strikes fear into many creatures of the mountains that have learned their meaning.
Cannibalism is common between white kobolds, they can't afford to waste any food. Bones are used to craft materials, and their own fat to wax skis (see blow).
  • Society
White kobolds are heavily tribal, a necessity in places so dangerous and hostile, and put the survival of the group above everything else.
Kobolds themselves are very resilient to avalanches: They're usually able to dig through the snow and free themselves if submerged, and are small and light enough that, by simply curling like a ball, they're often able to survive being tossed around.
White Kobolds like skiing. While very simple and rudimentary, they can make functional skis (The oldest records of skiing in the real world date back to 8000 years ago). They are roughly 1 / 1.2 meters long (3.2 to 3.9 feet), arched and covered in animal fat. They're too small to be used by medium-sized creatures.
Kobolds use their skies to rapidly descend mountains, often following in the path of their avalanches. They also use them to transport materials and loot across valleys and as a stealth device to approach their preys silently.
As the art of skiing is extremely rare in the D&D world, white kobolds are technically some of the best at it.
One other peculiarity of the white kobolds is their habit of wearing Snow goggles. goggles made of bone or wood with a narrow slit in the front, held with a leather strap around the kobold head. This is necessary to avoid snow blindness and also protect their eyes when they are submerged in snow.
Sometimes, white kobolds can be found working for other, more powerful creatures: Frost giants, white dragons and Behur hags (Ice hag, it's on Volo's).
The leader of a white kobolds tribe is usually a Voice of the Peaks, an old Kobold that developed minor shamanistic powers. They are wiser than average, and know a lot, but their bodies frail. They support the tribe with their words and the sound of their alphorns, honed by decades of experience.
White Kobolds and Frost Salamanders - The Frost Salamander is a large intelligent elemental, native of the Elemental Plane of Air. Six-legged, white and blue salamanders that love frozen environments, they can sometimes be found working together with white kobolds tribes: The frost salamander finds kobold meat and eggs to taste disgusting, and vice-versa. As a result, the two can live side to side with little fear of each other.
The frost salamander will make its lair in a deeper cave in the middle of the white kobold encampment, and the two races will place their eggs together in the same chamber. This way, both have a strong motivation to protect the other and ensure mutual safety.
White kobolds are much weaker than frost salamanders but much more agile, and can hunt in places the salamander would never be able to reach. They provide food to the salamander, in exchange for protection.
  • Mentality and Behaviour
Similarly to classic kobolds, when alone they are cowardly, weak and easily startled. Their preferred strategy is running away, in the hope they'll be able to climb a wall too steep for their enemies, dash through a thin frozen lake or disappear into some crevasse.
When in a group, white kobolds are much more aggressive, and employ pack tactics to defeat their enemies. One of their favourite strategies is climbing to a high location, cause an avalanche to hit their enemies when they are camped, then ski down the side of the mountain and easily scavenge the bodies or eliminate the few survivors.
Unlike common kobolds, white ones are much more stoic and silent. A necessity in their treacherous homes, where predators can hide everywhere and sound travels far. They'll try to keep their calm in front of enemies, and avoid showing emotions. In this way they are quite similar to the black kobolds.
Only explorers go around alone, even hunters and sentinels move in packs of at least 4 or 5. Hunting groups can reach as many as 10 or 20 members, depending on the size of the tribe.
If cornered, white kobolds are perfectly happy to beg and grovel, pleading for their lives to be spared, and will fight to the death only to protect their eggs.
Maybe because they live so close to the sky, maybe because from their villages they gaze every day at the distant horizon, white kobolds want to fly.
More than any other type of kobolds, they love the idea of flying and will do everything they can to experience it: Skiing, climbing, dangling themselves with ropes over deep abysses, and sliding on the snow on improvised sleds.
White Kobolds, being decent wood and bone carver, also have a penchant for dice and table games: When the weather is really bad, white kobolds are forced to remain inside their homes for long periods of time, and these games are a common pastime for them.
Most white kobolds are rangers or barbarians, some attempt to become druids or clerics of deities of storm and cold, rarely with any success. Even so, an inept spellcaster is still a great asset for their tribe, as many low level spells can be extremely useful to ensure their survival.
  • Example Encounters with White Kobolds
1)The players are traversing a mountain pass, when in the night they hear the sound of horns in the distance. Their guides are already running before they even hear the sound of the plunging snow.
2)The daughter of a white kobolds tribe leader was born a talented sorceress. One day, she accidentally wounded her sister with a spell and run away to hide in a frozen cave, there she wouldn't hurt anyone.
The tribe can't find her, so the sister, desperate decides to contact a group of traveling adventurers. With the help of a strapping young kobold that knows the surroundings, they'll have to reunite the two sisters and save the day. But back at the tribe, a reprobate kobold plots to become the new tribe leader.
3)A supervolcano is about to erupt, because of the machinations of a cult of evil salamanders. The volcano is secluded between the mountains, and no army can reach it in time. A group of heroes is sent to stop it, and when they arrive they find a war between the salamanders and many tribes of kobolds is raging between the peaks.
4)The royal airship fell in an isolated valley between the mountains, and the king is lost. The heroes are sent to save him, but when they arrive they find the place in inhabited by a tribe of white kobolds and one of frost giants, fighting over the remains of the airship. Also a white dragon has been seen between the peaks that overlook the valley.
5)This year, winter seems to never end, in the dwarven city of Deeptalon. Is it the white walkers? No, it's a Behur hag, that enslaved a tribe of white kobolds and is tormenting the region. Heroes are tasked to stop her, but soon they realize something even worse hides in the depths of the mountains.
6)The players are traversing a mountain chain, and are forced to go through a treacherous path at a very high altitude. All of a sudden, they cross path with a pack of white kobolds, going in the opposite direction. The way is narrow, there is no room for both groups. The kobolds are running away from something.
7)The prince was taking a vacation between the mountains, when he saw skiing kobolds in the distance. He thought it would be fun, but couldn't find anyone able to teach him. The prince went with a delegation to meet the kobolds personally, so they could teach him. He never came back, and now his father is about to start a war against the tribe. Are they the real cause of the disappearance? Or is is something else, that stalks between the dark crevassess? The players are tasked to investigate.
8)In the fith layer of the nine hells, , the icy land of stygia, lives a tribe of infernal white kobolds. They are routinely bullied and killed by the local devils, much more powerful. If for some god-forsaken reason the players hannep to stumble here, the desperate kobolds will contact them, assuming everybody from another plane is statistically likely to be less evil than the locals, and ask their help: they want to leave, and go live somewhere else. Possibly the plane of Ysgard, as they've heard there are some giant ass mountains there. Now, sure, they're infernally tainted, Ysgard is a good plane. There are a few issues, but they're so tired of their miserable conditions, they really don't care. They promise they won't cause any trouble, if they're just left alone.
9)The dwarfs have found a long lost tomb, but a tribe of white kobolds is infesting it. The heroes are tasked to clear the ancient crypt, but soon they found much more than they had bargained for.
Statistics: Novice raider White Kobold
This small dragon-like creature stands no more than four feet tall, white as snow. It's wearing two short sticks under his feet, and holds two more in his hands that he, apparently, uses to keep his balance. He's wearing a pair of wooden googles with a small slit in the middle that hide his eyes. Before you can say anything, he pushes his sticks and slides down the side of the mountain at great speed. If you tried to follow him, you'd probably break your neck.
Small Humanoid (Kobold), any lawful
Armor Class: 15 (+4 dexterity, +1 leather)
Hit Points: 14 (4d6)
Speed: 30 Ft.; Climbing(with tools):15Ft; Digging(snow):5Ft
Speed when wearing skis: Top speed of 150 Ft per round, going down. 10Ft. going up, and 15Ft if moving normally on a horizontal surface. Can't climb, disadvantage on all dexterity checks and saving throws and all melee attacks.
Str 8 (-1) Dex 18(+4) Con 10( +0) Int 8( -1) Wis 6(-2) Cha 6(-2)
Skills Climbing: +6
Senses Darkvision 60ft, Passive Perception 10,
Language: Draconic
Challenge: 1/4
Rage: Equivalent to a level 1 barbarian, 1/day. (dvantage on Strength Checks and Strength Saving Throws. +2 damage on bite and greataxe attacks. Resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.)
Skiing: White Kobolds can move at great speed with their skis, but they aren't great for fighting or dodging. A kobold takes a full round to put on a pair of skis, and can remove them with a standard action. Since they are quite light and their tools primitive, they don't go as fast as a normal humans. They can shoot a bow normally, while using skiis, and even shoot while moving.
Cause avalanche: Working for 12 hours in an adequate area, they can trigger an avalanche. Every additional kobold helping with this reduces the time by 30 minutes, to a minimum of 4 hours with 16 kobolds.
Actions: Short bow+6 (1d6+4) or Knife+6 (1d4+4) Or Bite +1 (1d4-1) Or greataxe +1 (1d12-1)
Voice of the Peaks White Kobold
This pale kobold seems old and gaunt, his eyes are of a cloudy white color. The whole tribe treats him with reverence, and you notice his hand often moves to the large alphorn next to him and caresses the instrument, gently.
Small Humanoid (Kobold), any lawful
Armor Class: 15 (studded leather)
Hit Points: 25 (10d6-10)
Speed: 30 Ft.; Climbing(with tools):15Ft; Digging(snow):5Ft
Str 6 (-2) Dex 16(+3) Con 8( -1) Int 10( +0) Wis 14(+2) Cha 12(+1)
Skills Climbing: +7; Performance +5
Senses Darkvision 60ft, Passive Perception 12,
Language: Draconic
Challenge: 1/8
Blow the horn By playing a white kobold alphorn, every kobold that can hear it gains an inspiration die, equivalent to an AoE bardic inspiration effect. This bonus can only be applied to combat situations, and only kobold can receive it only once each day.
Skiing: White Kobolds can move at great speed with their skis, but they aren't great for fighting or dodging. A kobold takes a full round to put on a pair of skis, and can remove them with a standard action. Since they are quite light and their tools primitive, they don't go as fast as a normal humans. They can shoot a bow normally, while using skiis, and even shoot while moving.
Speaking with the spirits Once/day, these old kobolds can use an effect equivalent to a Commune spell (5th level divination ritual). Instead of talking with a deity, the kobold talks with the spirits of their ancestors, so their knowledge will be much more limited, but they'll still offer advice and asnwer up to three questions as well as they can.
Actions: *Bite -2 (1d4-2)
submitted by dIoIIoIb to DnDBehindTheScreen

Anyone else doing terrible since 1.0?

Me and a friend bought the game last June and we played almost everyday until 1.0 came out. Our K/D rarely went below 1.5 and mine even reached 2.0 once. 2 out of 3 rounds ended with us extracting the bounty. I also got 4-5 hunters to level 50.
After 1.0 came out we mostly played trio with another friend. K/D went slowly down to around 0.9 and we were happy to get a bounty extract every ~5 rounds. None of us got any hunters to level 50 either anymore. And then performance issues (both rubberbanding and crashes to the main menu) became more and more frequent and in October we stopped playing because of them. We tried again after 1.1 and 1.2 but neither of them solved the performance issues for us.
Two weeks ago we tried playing duo again (the third guy uninstalled the game) and we haven't had a performance issue since. On the other hand my K/D went down to 0.7, and my friend's to 0.5. In our 3 sessions (around ~13 games) we only had 1 single bounty extract. Now the best case scenario is getting 2 hunter kills in 3 games.
I've no idea what changed. We got used to the sway changes (though I still hope they revert it more) and we mostly get killed at close range anyway. I don't think getting back to the game is the problem either. It's more that the enemy always seems to know where we are and what we're doing. We ran into ambushes twice (even though my PC and my graphics are better now and notice details further out) and the rest were things like me looking for a split second in the other direction and the enemy seeming to know instantly and running at me with a C&K or the enemy shooting through a solid wooden beam through which he couldn't have possibly seen my buddy. Doesn't really matter if we're completely silent either.
Sure, those could be our fault.
The point is that I love the game, but Hunt just became incredibly frustrating since 1.0 came out. Thoughts?

Edit: this post is mostly about bounty hunt, in quickplay I seem to be doing as good as before
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