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LF: Tapu Lele codes, Asia Lugia/Zeraora and NA codes FT: Events and other NA codes

Uncloned sheet is for trade for Lele/Mimikyu/Asia Lugia and Zera codes. I also have some NA Zera, Z/R, H/L codes for trade


PGL Shiny Mimikyu and Shiny Tapu Lele clones are available

I dont have many Lele clones on hand so I will be trading them for Lele/Mimi/AsiaLugiaZera codes, NA LL codes and PAL LH codes. This is only for now. I will make them freely available later once I have time to clone and make more trades.

Rates for cloned list-

15 pokemon : 1 Asia Lugia code
20 pokemon : 1 Tapu Lele code
2 pokemon : 1 PAL Zera/LH/KG code
2 pokemon : 1 LL code
1 pokemon : 1 NA code

New Stuff -

PGL Shiny Tapu Lele (Timid)
PGL Shiny Mimikyu
JPN PC Eeveolutions set and KOR eevolutions set
Jolteon - Naive
Flareon - Adamant
Vaporeon - Timid
Espeon - Modest
Umbreon - Bold
Sylveon - Modest
Galceon - Timid
Leafeon - Adamant
Kiawes Turtonator
Lillies Vulpix
Chymia Gardevoir
Hyadain Landorus and PGL Landorus
PGL Delibird
7-11 set (Piplup Lucario and charizard)
KOR Winter attack Gyarados
WORLD 18 Exegutor
PCI 1.0 set - Giovanni's Nidoqueen, Archie's Sharpedo, Maxie's Camerupt, Cyrus's Weavile, Ghetsis's Hydreigon, Lysandre's Pyroar
PCI 2.0 set - Giovanni's Nidoking, Maxie's Crobat, Archie's Mightyena, Cyrus's Honchkrow, Ghetsis's Cofagrigus, Lysandre's Mienshao
Shiny Latios, Cresselia, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem
Clovis Salazzle
Secret Egg Ash's Pidove
2017 Korean World Championship Series Mew
Pokémon Center 15th Anniversary Pokemon
Pokémon Center Tokyo Froakie
Nintendo UK's Pokémon Festival Mew
Mewtwo Strikes Back! 20TH Mew
Toler Webb's Ludicolo
Susumu Mew
2014 Korean World Championship Series Houndoom
2014 Korean World Championship Series Aggron
2014 Korean World Championship Series Tyranitar
2014 Korean World Championship Series Manectric
PGL Delibird
PGL Amaura
PGL Tyrunt
PC Bewear
Eevee House Sylveon
Pokémon Festa Verity's Piplup
PGL Mimikyu 2018

All following pokemon are cloned/genned/injected.

Gen 1

  • Pichu - GAMESTP
  • Pikachu - KOR Fly/Suf Pika, Kyushu Bullet Train Extremespeed Pikachu (shiny and non-shiny), PCO 2016 (020256), 10 ANIV, PC Ash's Pikachu (08245), 7/11 Ash's Pikachu (00711), P-Cafe Pikachu (05276), Shiny Surfing Pikachu from USUM
  • Cap Pikachu - Original, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola Caps
  • Aldora Birds - Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos
  • Collect Pokémon Campaign -
  1. Bulbasaur - False Swipe, Block, Frenzy Plant, Weather Ball
  2. Charmander - False Swipe, Block, Blast Burn, Acrobatics
  3. Squirtle - False Swipe, Block, Hydro Cannon, Follow Me
  • WORLDS16 Starters - Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle
  • JPN Shiny Ditto for breeding (Masuda method)
  • Mew - 20th Anniversary, 7/11 20th Mew, Regular JPN Mew, Aura Mew (20078), FAL2010 Mew (10160)
  • Shiny Mew - Faraway Island event JPN Mew, VC glitch shiny Mew
  • Mewtwo - FEB2012, Regular VC Mewtwo, Pokemon Hills Mewtwo (06153)
  • Shiny Mewtwo - Play!2016
  • JPN PC Shiny Gyarados
  • Regular Chansey with Wish, Protect, Seismic Toss and Heal Bell
  • Saori's Machamp (160206)
  • NA VGC Mark McQuillan's Machamp (07016)
  • OCT2014 Shiny Gengar
  • Kiyo Eevee - with sing (37379)
  • Shiny VGC Eevee
  • SUM2014 Pinsir and Heracross
  • PJCS 2018 Ryota Otsubo's Golduck
  • 2015 Spring Facebook Kangaskhan
  • Powerful tag Ninetails (05072)
  • Giovanni's Nidoqueen
  • Pokémon Center Tokyo DX Snorlax
  • PC Hiroshima Shiny Charzard (12124)
  • Dragonite - Lance's Dragonite, TRU Dragonite, JUN2015 Roaring Skies Dragonite, 10 ANIV, Pokemon game show Lance's Dragonite
  • Pokemon game show Blue's Pidgeot
  • Pokémon North American International Championships - NA Champs Arcanine
  • PC Sapporo Vulpix (Alolan)
  • 10 ANIV pokemon - Bulbasaur, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Dragonite, Alakazam
  • Pokémon Center - Masuda's Psyduck

Gen 2

  • WIN2011 Shiny Entei, Raikou and Suicune
  • Entei - GAMESTP, Movie Entei (06180), 10 ANIV
  • Suicune - 10 ANIV,
  • Raikou - 2018 Legends, 10 ANIV
  • Ho-oh - Corocoro Ho-oh, PC Kyoto Shiny Ho-oh
  • Lugia - JPN Wind Lugia (Bold, Modest, Naive)
  • Celebi - Regular VC Celebi, WIN2011, 10 ANIV, 20th Anniversary
  • Shiny Celebi - Shiny VC Celebi
  • Winter2013 Scizor
  • WORLD13 Smeargle
  • VGC12 Shiny Larvitar
  • Pokémon ORAS National Pokédex Guide Mareep (06055)
  • Regular Blissey with Wish, Protect, Seismic Toss and Heal Bell
  • WORLD10 Crobat
  • Jessie's Wobbuffet
  • Tyranitar - 10 ANIV, PC Kotone Yasue's Shiny Tyranitar
  • Umbreon and Espeon - 10 ANIV
  • Whitney's Miltank (Calm and careful)
  • Yamamoto's Tournament Pokémon - Politoed & Kingdra (02939)

Gen 3

  • JIRACHI! <3 - 20th Anniversary, Tanabata 2017 (170806), Daisuki Club Jirachi (08188), 2009 NZ Jirachi (06199 - touched), Tanabata 2015 Jirachi (07185), Tanabata 2016 pair (08076), WISHMKR Jirachi (20043), Decolora Adventures Jirachi (07013), SMR2010 Jirachi (06260), Tanabata 2013 (08013)
  • Shiny Jirachi! - Tanabata 2014 (08014), Christmas Charity Wristband Jirachi (12014)
  • Deoxys - Oblivia, 10th Movie Deoxys (07147), PC Team Plasma Deoxys (12152), Space C Deoxys (00010)
  • Shiny Deoxys
  • Rayquaza - Pokémon Popularity Poll Rayquaza (02102 - V-Create)
  • Shiny Rayquaza - Galileo (08055), World Hobby Fair '15 (01185), PC Skytree Town Rayquaza (07066 - Celebrate)
  • Kyogre and Groudon - Shiny JPN pair
  • WCSK15 Linoone (03055)
  • Powerful Tag Salamence (02158)
  • XY Torchic (10123)
  • Year of the Dragon Shiny Swablu (08232)
  • Steven's Beldum (11214)
  • Metagross - KOR Suwoong Cheong's Metagross 2018 (180915), Pokémon Game Show Steven's Metagross (11212), Kyushu Trains Metagross (03172)
  • Pokémon VGC Nationals - Ray's Metagross(Ray/05113)
  • Latios and Latias - 10 ANIV
  • 10 ANIV Absol
  • 10 ANIV Blaziken
  • Kyushu Trains Pokemon - Gardevoir, Swampert, Sceptile, Salamence, Blaziken, Ludicolo, Walrein, Metagross, Milotic
  • Milotic - Pokémon Game Show Wallace's Milotic (09164), VGC09 Shiny Milotic (05099), Kyushu Trains
  • WORLD15 Sharpedo
  • Chief Golgo's Sableye

Gen 4

  • Arceus - 20th Anniversary, Michina (11059 - Judgement, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Shadow Force), Corocoro (180115 - ExtremeSpeed), 2009 Movie Arceus (07189 - Special Moves), 2010 Cinema Arceus (12249 - Special Moves), TRU Arceus (11079 - Special Moves),
  • Shiny Arceus - Archjinni of the Rings (03075 - Judgement, Blast burn, Hydro Cannon, Earth Power)
  • Shaymin - TRU (02089), Oblivia, 2008 Movie Shaymin (07198), Character Fair Shaymin (07249), Times Square Shaymin (05010), Movie11 (04019), 2011 PC Shaymin (12191), 2018 PC Shaymin (180425), 20th Anniversary
  • Shiny Shaymin
  • Manaphy - Scrap Manaphy (171201), TRU (09297), 20th Anniversary
  • Shiny Manaphy
  • Victini - 2016 Scrap (12014 - touched), Movie14 (12031 - V-create, Fusion flare, Fusion bolt, Searing shot), 20th Anniversary, PC Tohoku Victini (170630 - Celebrate, V-create), Happy Christmas PC Victini (11252 - V-create, Blue flare, Bolt strike, Glaciate), Eind Victini (아인트/12221)
  • Dialga, Palkia and Giratina - SUM2013 set (shiny)
  • KOR Rise of Darkrai set - Dialga, Palkia and Darkrai
  • Darkrai - 2012May (05092 - has proof), ALAMOS (Roar of time, Spacial Rend, Nightmare, Hypnosis), Homeplus Darkrai(09031)
  • Meloetta - 2018 WORLDS Meloetta (082418), SPR2013 (03013), Scrap Meloetta (171201), 20th Anniversary
  • Shiny Darkrai
  • Shiny Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf
  • Pokémon Game Show Cynthia's Spiritomb
  • Best Wishes Tie-in Oak's Rotom
  • Lucario - Sorrel's Lucario (171209), WORLD08 Lucario (08178)
  • 7/11 Makoto's Piplup
  • PCS Empoleon
  • Jade Infernape
  • Strongest Pokemon - Magmortar (12017) and Electivire (11157)
  • Shiny Heatran (Timid)
  • TRU Regigigas(03089)
  • Pokémon VGC Nationals - Arash Ommati's Shiny Mamoswine
  • Pokémon International Championships Distribution Krookodile
  • SMR2011 - Karrablast and Shelmet (06011)
  • 2012 Birthday Audino

Gen 5

  • Pokemon Movie 2011 - Ash's Zekrom and Reshiram (07161)
  • SPR2012 Zekrom and Reshiram
  • Shiny Zekrom
  • Shiny Kyurem
  • Zoroark - EVENT11 (09161), SMR2011 (06011), Station Zoroark (방송국/06261)
  • Ash's Scraggy (01281)
  • 2011 World Championships Scrafty (08141)
  • Genesect - P2 Laboratory Genesect (01113), Plasma (10072), 20th Anniversary, 2013 Plasma Genesect (01193)
  • Shiny Cinema Genesect (07133 - Blazi Kick, Extremespeed)
  • Anime Tie-in: Tornadus and Thundurus (12161)
  • Shiny Landorus
  • Keldeo - SMR2012 (08272), HVR2013 (01163 - has proof), 20th Anniversary, Shokotan Keldeo (06232)
  • Shiny Keldeo
  • Garchomp - WINTER2013 (11153), Cynthia Garchomp (07226)
  • Best Wishes Tie-in - Cilan's Pansage (08103)

Gen 6

  • Greninja - Ash Greninja (touched - Battle bond), Theatre Greninja (00720 - Mat block, Happy hour), Super Smash Bros Greninja (09134)
  • Vivillon - Fancy and Pokeball pattern
  • Serena's Fennekin
  • Pokémon Game Show - Alder's Volcarona (09180)
  • Korean Nationals 2012 Volcarona (06092)
  • PCTB Inkay (11223 - Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay)
  • Best Wishes Tie-in - Iris' Axew (08103)
  • Pokémon Game Show - Iris' Haxorus (06232)
  • XYZ Shiny Yveltal and Xerneas
  • Non-event shiny Yveltal and Xerneas
  • Zygarde - XYZ, Shiny 2018 Legends, Shiny 10% form 2018 Legends
  • Volcanion - Helen, Nebel
  • WORLD14 Aegislash
  • Pokémon Movie 2011 - Carlita's Hydreigon (06171)
  • Diancie - Hope (07245), NOV2014 (11064)
  • Shiny Diancie - Pokémon Center - Mega Evolution Promotion (12125), Pokémon All-Stars Battle Diancie (08136)
  • Hoopa - Alexander (10036), Manesh (08195), Scrap (07185)
  • Spooky2014 Pumpkaboo

Gen 7

  • Dusk Rockruff event
  • Pokémon Festival 2017 - Mallow's Steenee (170617)
  • Shiny Aether Silvally (102317)
  • Pikachu Outbreakchu Distribution Mimikyu (170814)
  • Ghost Party Tie-In Distribution Shiny Mimikyu (170922)
  • Marshadow - MT. Tensei (1009171 - Jolly and Naive)
  • Tapu Koko - Shiny Tapu Koko event (170317 - JPN untouched, ENG touched)
  • Regular Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu
  • Zeraora - JPN Movie Zeraora (with proof)
  • Poipole - KOR Ultra Poipole (with proof)
  • All shiny Ultra Beasts


  • World Championships 2013 Qualifiers Tournament Pokémon - Se Jun's Liepard, Seung Heon's Cresselia, Do Heun's Hitmontop
  • 2018 Legends - Dialga(modest), Palkia(timid), Entei(adamant), Raikou(Timid), Heatran, Regigigas, Xerneas(timid), Yveltal(naive), Tornadus(timid), Thundurus(timid), Groudon(adamant), Kyogre(modest), Latios(timid), Latias(timid), zekrom(adamant), reshiram(modest), Ho-oh(adamant), Lugia(bold)
  • Strongest Class Pokémon - Dragonite, Scizor, Tyranitar, metagross, garchomp
  • Pokémon Adventure Camp Fossil Pokémon (07192) - Kabuto, Archen, Tirtouga, Omanyte, Aerodactyl, Shieldon, Lileep, Cranidos, Anorith
  • Powerful Tag Pokémon - Lucario, Whimsicott, Ninetails Chandelure (06012)
Thanks for looking!
submitted by Pjay12 to CasualPokemonTrades [link] [comments]

Introduce small Addon for Helping Trade Whisper (Especially people'Exile' who struggling by Korean Language)

Introduce small Addon for Helping Trade Whisper (Especially people'Exile' who struggling by Korean Language)
⁛ 08.04 >
Work in progress...
A. Separating Addon's UI Text English and Korean ( Current version is Mixed UI )
B. Bug Fix, Reflect on User's Opinion&Request by priority.

Hello. This is DeadlyCrush.
First, I would like to thank the Korean community for all the attention and encouragement.

The add-on program i'll be introducing is Deadly Trade.
Based on my previous program, Exile Direction, I added a few useful functions like trade notifications.

After the Mid-June Update of Kakao client, whisper chat log was disabled for its users, due to privacy policy or whatever.
It basically caused a malfunction of previous trade associated add-ons.

So I devised a method that functions properly and abides by the policy.
Deadlytrade supports both KaKao and GGG client, working regardless of the language settings (UI, CHAT).

This version is optimized to 1920*1080 windowed fullscreen mode.
But, Supports other resolution. You can customize addon's function button position and the others.

▶ Video : Detailed English Narration ( Introduce Deadly Trade Beta Functions )


[ prologue ]

Addon development is not a my major job. I'm just ordinary worker occupied at IT Development.
As far as I know, other many addon develpoer's the situation is the same

I made this addon after work or weekend using my free time with pleasure. So, It may contains bug and some issue.
I would appreciate your understanding of this addon making situation.

But, I'm happy to share this addon and I will be supporting language options for add-on's UI and text.
( You can choose English or Korean Addon UI next update)

And Last prologue comment is 'This add-on has not include illegal functions'
Not support that functions like automatic do something.

[ DeadlyTrade : Main features ]

1. Add-on launcher : Configuration, installation and verification
Upon executing the program it checks for available updates, and imports currency data from poe.ninja. Re-importing currency data every launch may seem unnecessary, so you can turn it off temporarily.
Upcoming updates will be done automatically, if there are no critical errors.
And to get rid of the difficulties regarding the POE directory, I implemented an automatic directory detection. Whether you run the game prior to add-on or not, it will locate the directory once the game is running.
  1. When the add-on detects the running game, click start button to initiate it.
  2. After the initiation, launcher minimizes into the tray and 'Main window' of the add-on will appear. You can re-open by double clicking at the tray, and exit by right clicking it. Fairly obvious.

2. Main window

Main Window

Function Buttons with Main Window
■ Basic hotkeys - will toggle the following overlay.

Monster Remains
Remaining monsters count : F2
Immortal syndicate info : F3
Atzoatl incursion info : F4
Atlas cartography info : F6
Go to Hideout : F5

You can move the main window freely by dragging red triangle corner. Double-clicking it will collapse or expand the main window.
Down the left corner is a button that leads to your hideout, just above the game menu button.
Magnifying class icon near the health bar(orb) opens a window for specifying stash positions by coordinates.

Upon each flasks are buttons that toggle flask timer.
There is no need to configure your customized flask hotkeys, as the add-on automatically detects the user's settings.

3. Trade associated functions
When your cursor is placed inside the stash area you can use CTRL+MouseWheel to switch between the tabs.
Regardless of the language, DeadlyTrade can help specify item from a trade whisper chat.

  1. configure the stash location by approximately matching the grid to the top left corner of your stash.
without problems it would work fine with basic add-on setting.
■ Utility buttons : Invite, kick, still interested?, hideout, trade invite.
■ Message buttons : Thanks for trading, wait please, sold already. (Are customizible)
■ Grid notification : Can switch between normal(1x1) and quad(4x4) tab.
■ When you double click on the currency icon a simple currency calculator appears.
■ Notification text will be GREEN if you are selling, RED when you are buying.
Trade Notification - Someone want to buy your item : Green Text
It appears for a short period of time when buyer joins your hideout .
  • 2. GGG client users' trade whisper
When trade whisper originates from a GGG client user. It could be you or others.
They will appear on the notification without any exceptions.

  • 3. Buying as a KaKao user
If you are using KaKao client, information of the item you want to buy would appear on the notification panel. Which was disabled after the June update.
Trade Notification - Your Offer : Pink Text
  • 4. Selling to a KaKao user
When a Kakao client user whispers, we cannot use the notification panel to automatically specify the item, due to the previously mentioned policy.

In this case, you can double click on the magnifying glass button, and enter the coordinates to manually locate the item.
Upon the double click will appear a tool window, location of which can also be modified.
Enter the coordinates to locate the item. Use the checkbox to switch between normal and quad tab.
Find Item by Coordinates (Left, Top)
* After the June update, whispers from KaKao users would not leave its log. Language of the nickname or text is of no problem. Only solution of this would really be the change of law. There could have been other ways, but manual specification was the most policy conforming method.

4. Flask timer
Inspired by the overseer function of MercuryTrade, flask timer does pretty much the same work only with flasks.
Flask Timer : Can Toggle On/Off, Can move position(Lock/Unlock)
  1. With ON/OFF buttons above each flasks, you can toggle their timer function respectively.
  2. You can configure each timer's color and duration on settings window.
  3. You can pin / unpin the timer to customize its location.
  4. Flask timer toggle would be instantly applied.
  5. ▶ Video : Detailed English Narration ( Introduce Deadly Trade Beta Functions )

5. Currency value (from Poe.Ninja) & simple calculator
Check Ninja Real-Time Data in Game without Browser
  1. By importing the data upon add-on launch, searching in-game wouldn't affect performance and will be instant.
  2. Clicking refresh button on top left side will re-import real time currency data of your selected league.
  3. Changing the league will re-import the real time currency data of it.
  4. There is a simple currency calculator functioning on imported values.
  5. ▶ Video : Detailed English Narration ( Introduce Deadly Trade Beta Functions )

6. Map helper
Map Helper
  1. When you enter a Atlas map. Map help automatically provide useful information about valuable items usually Divination Cards.
  2. Also you can use search function simultaneously certain map you want.
  3. ▶ Video : Detailed English Narration ( Introduce Deadly Trade Beta Functions )

6. Functional Overlay
Functional Syndicate Overlay
  1. Immortal Syndicate overlay features searchable information tablet.
  2. By searching the first 2 or 3 character typing certain Immortal Syndicate Member's name.
  3. Search result will highlight each Member and special reward position and reward information.
  4. There are also information about Atzoatl incursion, Atlas cartography. But they are not as utilized Immortal Syndicate one. It will be updated near future
  5. ▶ Video : Detailed English Narration ( Introduce Deadly Trade Beta Functions )

7. Settings window
  1. Hotkeys and flask configurations can be done.
  2. Notification panel settings are available.
  3. Every windows automatically remember its position.
  4. 'Contact me' to share any of your ideas, add-on errors, thoughts,
  5. I'm gladly waiting for your issue/bug report, suggestion, idea. Please contact me in any way. Contact information can be found in settings.
  6. Well, I really hesitated to do this but a donation button is added. They will only be used for development improvements and server maintenance. Will be disabled over a certain amount. You can find a little space for all who supported me in 'Hall of Fame'

▶ Video : Detailed English Narration ( Introduce Deadly Trade Beta Functions )

Github : https://github.com/DeadlyCrush/DeadlyTrade/releases/download/v0.1.0.1Beta/DeadlyTrade_Beta0101Ver.zip
If you face trouble by Font. You can download and install it.
This add-on's source is under verification but you can check this below link.

\* Download at 한국 커뮤니티 (Korean POE Community) : https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/293392

PS. >
Thank you all.
Since the Korean launch of Path Of Exile, Localizing existing add-on programs affected me in many aspects.
MercuryTrade, TradeMacro, POE Compass, Lab Compass, TradeForPoe, CurrencyCop, Exilence and many more...
All are such an amazing and inspiring examples that I can't thank enough.

All of my add-ons including this, DeadlyTrade, started empty handed, completely on my own.
Which means I couldn't have dreamed of navigating through this far without the mentioned frontiers.
Although I had great predecessors that inspired me with the ideas, building a functioning program from a completely blank project meant leaving some little cracks and holes here and there. Which I would love to improve together with you people!

PS. >
After 'GGG's release Korean UI, Gateway and after kakao pre-open service My activity is below .

◆ Deadly Trade with Exile Direction Beta 1.0 (v0.1.0.1Beta) → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/293392
◆ Deadly Trade with Exile Direction Beta 0.9 → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/265222
◆ Exile Direction V2 → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/187103
◆ Exile Direction V1 → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/157722
◆ POE Compass KOR → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/129703
◆ Dekard Cain Based on Neversink Filter → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/103394
◆ Mercury Trade KOR → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/97498
◆ Mercury Trade KOR After jun update → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/212219
◆ About Korean Trade Message after Jun update → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/161357
◆ About KAKAO Client Log file after Jun update → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/96469
◆ How to use TradeMacro in KAKAO Client → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/96469
◆ How to find GGG and KAKAO Client Path(Directory) → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/130773
◆ Syndicate Overlay (+Some Information) → https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/85169

▶ Video : Detailed English Narration

PS. 2019.08.02 >

This add-on has not include illegal functions.
Not support that functions like automatic do something

Flask timer just show progress icon by your time setting on addon not in game's flask. And this addon not scanning any game screen and not capture any network data.

If you have trouble to launch add-on, You will have to temporarily change UI, chat Language and Key Settings option and save it. Rebooting the game once after then it will work properly, and you can reset your settings

This version basically support other resolution. You can move function icons to proper position after click push pin.

I will be supporting language options for add-on's UI and text and chat scanner may be supported next update

Please Visit my 'github'. All repository is public.
And I publishing my source code when code is clear.

This add-on's source is under verification but you can check this below link.

I will try more to improve with Exile people.

Thanks Have a nice day~! GL HF~!

Sorry for my bad English :)
Thanks you!. Have a Nice Day!.

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