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Includes 4 items: Battlefield 2 (v1.50), Battlefield 2: Special Forces, Battlefield 2: Euro Forces, Battlefield 2: Armored Fury Lock and load, soldier! We have added almost thousands origin, unique and working keys for all countries. Gamers utilize modern weaponry and vehicles to frame a fictional war between the European Union (EU), the Middle-East Coalition (MEC), Russia, and the USA. Trying to connect to a multiplayer server with any weapons unlock cheat can see your CD Key banned, so please be careful.

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In order to install or reinstall Microsoft Office, Windows, or other commercial software, you must have access to a product key (CD Key) for that product. This is the Full Install patch which comes in at around 500mb. Fully compatible with Windows 10; Disclaimer Battlefield 2 is a product developed by EA Games. When Battlefield 2: Special Forces is installed, a new update is applied.

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I can't play Online with that CD Key (obviously) - so how can I change the CD Key to my own Original CD Key so I could play Dungeon Siege 2 Online? Check all the latest Battlefield 2 files, mods, patches, demos and betas on [HOST] 7 results for No CD Battlefield 2. BF2 and BF2142 Installation Guide: : Battlefield 2 General. Contributing/Feedback - If you have any contributions.

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Battlefield Vietnam(tm) v1.2. Deploy on the Battlefield with All Elites, All Weapons and Gadgets, and the Best Customization Content from Year 1 and 2. Learn More Buy Now Join Now Join Now BATTLEFIELD GAMES Battlefield V Battlefield 1 Battlefield 4 ALL BATTLEFIELD GAMES LATEST NEWS. CD Media World: LinkWorld: Music Target: CD/DVD Utilities: L A T E S T G A M E S: For a Complete overview of ALL available Games check the [ Game Index] SEARCH GCW: PC: Game Index - N E W S - N E W S - N E W S -ProtectionID Online again! A valid/legal Serial is still required to be able to play this game.

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Traston, The Bored Magician. An INT hero that can convert his attack damage to magical.

Traston - The Bored Magician.

Traston has long since mastered the arcane arts and has grown quite bored with them. He has since found interest in none other than the martial arts, and applies his brand of magic to them. Traston is a cunning fighter that uses the arcane arts to decimate overzealous mages. He is quick to punish magic users and uses and can bypass an fighters armor with clever magical adaptation. His mastery of magic allows him to protect himself from physical attacks, and add brutal stopping power to his spells.

INT - Melee
Carry Nuker Disabler Durable Anti-Carry

STR: 21 + 2.4
AGI: 18 + 1.4
INT: 24 + 3.0
Attack: 51-58
Time 1.4
Range: Melee
Armor: 2
Movespeed: 310
Turnrate: 0.7


Q - Magicians Blades - Traston torrents an arcane force, using mana to modify his attacks. Convert attack damage type to magical damage, increase range by 150, change damage output by -10%/-5%/0%/+5%, and slows the target by 12/15/18/21%.
Toggle ability.Uses 10/20/30/40 mana per second.(Using this spell would add a cool animation to your attacks. There would be a pair of floating purple swords that appear in the space granted by your increased attack range that mimic the path of the sword swung by Traston himself)

W - Mana Fang - Deal additional damage based on targets missing mana. Adds 3/4/5/6 to attack damage for every 5% of targets missing mana.

E- Energy Sap - Pulls the target to Traston and steals 25/30/35/40% of targets max mana. 50% of the amount of mana stolen is dealt to target as magic damage. Target is is put to sleep for 3 seconds or until they receive damage. Upon waking, target is silenced for 1/2/3/4 seconds.
Range 350. CD 18s. Manacost 110/120/130/140

R - Arcane Focus - Gain 1 armor for every 6/5/4 intelligence points. Activating this spell converts all bonus armor into bonus spell damage% for 4/6/8 seconds.
CD 90/70/50s. Manacost 200


+2 Mana Fang damage - -10 Energy Sap CD
+8% spell amplification - +150 Energy Sap range
-10% Magicians Blade attack reduction - 15% magic resist
200 HP - 20 attack damage

Aghanims Upgrade:

Magicians Scepter. Creates a floating scepter companion that attacks your target for 60% of Magician Blades damage, whether Magicians Blade is active or not. Damage is doubled against Silenced targets.
This means that you will always be adding magical damage to your attacks as a modifier.

Suggested Items:

Phase Boots... (gap close, armor, attack damage)
Kaya And Yasha... (attack speed, move speed, spell amp)
Diffusal Blade... (burn enemy mana quicker = more mana fang damage)
Ethereal Blade...(to be used on target before magicians blade)
Black King Bar... (quintessential)
MKB... (make sure you hit your target, dummy)
Mjolnir... (more magic damage from attacks, crucial attack speed)
Aghanims Scepter... (scale your damage faster)
Dagon... (great combination with ethereal blade + Arcane focus)
Moonshard... (crucial attack speed)
Blink Dagger... (gap close and midgame gank)


Hero Concept: A hero that has the ability to shift it's attack damage between physical and magical damage, giving the hero the ability to attack units affected by ghost scepter. The spellkit is designed around its first skill, and the lore is established from the rest of the spellkit.
Designed to have a variety of build options while exploring a new mechanic in a way that is countered by as many heroes and items as it counters.
Traston counters agility carries by using magicians blade to subvert their high armor, and has his own high armor to counter their high physical damage. He is able to deal damage to other targets regardless of their status due to his ability to change the damage type of his attacks, making him a threat unless he is directly controlled through stuns and other hard crowd control. Catching enemies with low mana reserves means that Traston can Energy Sap the remaining mana of his target and pull them into his slowing Magician Blades, using Arcane Focus to enhance the output of his Magician Blades and Mana Fang damage bonus. He is able to catch the enemy carry player with ease, but has little to follow up on the rest of the enemy team, making him reliant on the right lineups.
Traston has little to deal with groups but can focus a single target with powerful debilitating spell, making him an excellent anti-carry. The Bored Magician is also great against magic users as he is able to steal their mana, and deal increased damage to those with high mana pools, however he can be countered with a lineup of heroes with high HP pools that built into magic resistance, eliminating the option for Traston to use Magician Blades if he wants to output the most damage. Traston is a reliable carry pick that is able to kill nearly any enemy at any stage in the game so long as his teammates are there to help him in fights, as his abilities rely on timing and positioning due to Trastons limited mobility, and his lack of abilities with short cooldowns.
With multiple ways to itemize Traston, he is equipped to handle a variety of enemy team compositions, however, he lacks strong wave clearing ability, and requires both gold and experience to unlock his full potential, making him dependent on his team to secure this for him in order to become a potent force on the battlefield, one that has mastered the balance between magic and swordplay.

Strong against: Agility carries, high mana pool heroes, heroes with no stun, heroes that rely on ghost scepter or ethereal form to stay alive.

Weak against: Lockdown, tempo heroes, magic damage, strength heroes, pipe of insight, arcane boots


He is best played in safelane, collecting farm for Phase Boots, Diffusal Blade. These items allow him to gap close on enemies in early game fights and kill enemies with a 0-4-4-1 build, stealing mana to ensure that he receives maximum bonus damage from Mana Fang. This will be sufficient to take Traston into lategame where he will want to build an Ethereal Blade. With levels finally going into Magician Blades, it will be time to turn your enemies Ethereal to deal even more damage.
It is not suggested that Traston is taken mid, despite the attractive appeal of building a fast Ethereal blade, as having attack damage to use with Magician Blades is needed to fully capitalize on the mechanic. It also takes too long to be able to delete heroes like tinker is able to do. Dagon can be used as a cheese strat alongside Ethereal blade and Energy Sap.

Appearance and Aesthetic:

Traston is an Elf. He is nearly 7 feet tall and slender. He has a long chin with a faded blonde goatee, and long eyebrows. He hides his head beneath a cloth hood, completing the ensemble of his dark grey and purple magicians robes. He carries two sabers as his weapons.
His personality is quite aloof. He makes sarcastic quips and seems rather bored of battle. He seems to know Invoker from quite some time ago, but it is not known how. He was once an understudy to Anti-Mage, but the two have come to many disagreements and now see each other as rivals, though Magina refuses to acknowledge this publicly.


Unique Hero Lines
When killing...
Invoker: "Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-hmmm.. Remember this?"
Silencer: "And that, is how it's done."
Tiny: "Even my magic has never conjured anything as frightening as that."
Anti-Mage: "Without even trying"
Phantom Lancer: "Not agile enough, it seems"

When killed by...
Phantom Assassin: "Tourists.."
Silencer: "You're still a mage in my book"
Sven: "That's not how you swing a sword"
Ogre Magi: "Who was that? Was he our friend?" "Noooooo!"
Anti-Mage: "Now Traston, we've been over this before"
Troll Warlord: "You're holding them all wrong!"
Invoker: "I remember now Traston, what you were about"
submitted by tradebat to DotaConcepts

Yue Fei, Saint of Patriotism

Yue Fei is one of the great war heroes of China, and is worshipped for his loyalty to his country, as exemplified by the 4 words "jin zong bao guo" (Can't type Chinese characters for some reason), which meant "serve the country with utmost loyalty. He is said to be of superhuman strength, and is known for his skill with the spear and the bow. After the Jurchen (Jin) invasion of the northern regions of the Song Dynasty, pushing the dynasty's capital to Handzhou, Yue Fei fought in many battles to defend the now Southren Song Dynasty, which led him to become a famed general in command of his own army, the Yue Family Army. He was loved by the people as their defender, protecting them from the invading Jurchen forces. In his final battle in Kaifeng, the Song Emperor, Gaozong, used 12 gold plaques as orders to call the general back to the capital, in fear that Yue Fei may actually retake the northern parts of China, which may cause the Jurchens to release Qinzong, the rightful ruler of the Song Dynasty. Yue Fei returned to the capital, only to be arrested in 1141, in a ploy by the treacherous and power-hungry Qin Gui. He was later executed under charges of "possible" acts of treason, as Qin Gui and his wife was unable to find actual evidence to execute him. In 1221, a temple was built in his honour, and he is worshiped as a paragon of loyalty and patriotism.
Class: Warrior (His kit will be based upon his valor as a fightegeneral, so a warrior with a spear would fit better than a hunter with a bow)
Role: Solo/Support
Pantheon: Chinese
Pros: High Sustain
Stats Yue Fei is known to be a tenacious warrior who never backs down, so his stats should reflect as such. His Health and HP5 would be on the higher side, so that he is able to sustain through laning and teamfighting. His power should be lower at the start, but have larger growth to compensate for his rather limited kit. Defense should remain on the low side.
Passive: Unrelenting Yue Fei's health regeneration increases by the percentage of his missing health against his total health ie. at 25% health, his HP5 is at 175%
Attack Chain Yue Fei's basic attacks are all AoE attacks, but the area hit depends on the attack sequence. It will be "thrust, thrust, sweep" with the spear, the attack speed being mildly slow since they hit more enemies. The thrusts hit enemies directly in front of Yue Fei, but with slightly extended range due to his long spear * cough cough *. His sweep will hit all enemies in front of Yue Fei, but within standard melee range. These AoE basic attacks will serve as a replacement for an efficient clear, which he will lack.
1st Ability: Hero's Charge Yue Fei pulls back his spear for a brief moment, before rushing forward almost instantaneously in a straight line, dealing 50/80/110/140/180 (+40% physical power) and knocking enemies aside. Enemy gods hit take a 3 seconds cooldown extension debuff on all abilities currently on cooldown. Cost: 65/70/75/80/90 mana Cooldown: 12 seconds
2nd Ability: Retaliation Yue Fei activates his tenacity, becoming immune to damage and banishes (anything that removes Yue Fei from the battlefield) for 2s. Any damage that would be taken is instead charged into his next basic attack. After the 2s ends, any enemy hit by his next basic attack within the next 5s will take the charged damage as physical damage, and be stunned for 1.4 seconds if applied immediately, and be stunned for 0.1s less for every second lapsed, shortest stun being 0.9 seconds, Yue Fei himself taking no damage. If no enemies are hit after 5s, Yue Fei will take 50% of the damage dealt. Any hard cc will deactivate this ability. Cost: 80/76/72/68/65 mana Cooldown: 12/11/11/11/10 seconds
3rd Ability: Hamstring Passive: Being around Yue Fei reassures allies, giving them 60% of his HP5, inclusive of increases given by his passive. Active: Yue Fei pulls out his bow and arrow, and fires an arrow at an enemy's hamstring, dealing 100/155/210/265/320 (+60% physical power) damage and rooting it for 0.8/1.1/1.4/1.6/1.8 seconds. The range of this ability is 130% standard ranged attack distance. Cost: 55 mana Cooldown: 10 seconds
Ultimate: Spirit of the Patriot Yue Fei is suddenly enraged, becoming silenced and gaining 30/40/50/60/70% attack speed and 25% movement speed. His rage is infectious, in that it causes enemies within 20 units of Yue Fei to take 10% of his HP5, inclusive of his passive, in physical damage every 0.5s, and be slowed by 15%. The ultimate lasts 4/6/8/10/12 seconds. This ultimate can be deactivated early. Cost: 50 mana per second Cooldown : 100 seconds
Explanation Unrelenting This will allow Yue Fei to get back from excessive damage rather easily, allowing him to stay in lane or be aggressive, and provide an incentive to building HP5.
Hero's Charge This serves as Yue Fei's movement ability, while having insufficient power for waveclear to keep him balanced.
Retaliation This ability allows Yue Fei to lock down on high burst mages like He Bo, negating their damage, returning it to them, and stunning them, and allowing your team to burst them down instead, provided you can catch up to them.
Hamstring This ability reflects Yue Fei's ability with a bow, and gives him a way to catch up to escaping enemies, and would work as his main damaging ability. Another ability that can lock down on enemies. That is, provided you hit. The passive gives allies a little more sustain in teamfights, which can mean a lot.
Spirit of the Patriot The idea behind this ability is that Yue Fei is a warrior, a melee DPS that is able to stay in combat for extended periods of time, while at the same time doling out sufficient, if not devastating, damage. The silence is to ensure Yue Fei is unable to do any additional cc during the period of the ult, and everything else is for shredding health reliably during the ult.
Overall: I tried as far as possible to put the qualities of this ancient war hero into a god concept. With everything put together, my goal was to make Yue Fei a warrior that doesn't really contribute a lot on his own, but a great asset during a teamfight, which would fit into his history as a general of his own army.
Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism for me; I appreciate any feedback at all.
submitted by TheVictoryXD to SMITEGODCONCEPTS

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