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The Loch Ness Monster

Quick Introduction: Was discussing the addition of a 'Folklore' or a 'Cryptid' Pantheon to Smite with some other people. Folklore figures like, The Loch Ness Monster, Wendigos, Big Foot, Mothman, Jersey Devil, etc. So, here's my first kit to introduce a figure from said not yet existent pantheon. And yes, I'm aware that none of these creatures really play into the theme of Smite and its 'Battleground of the Gods', but I still had fun making this kit and wanted to share it. Besides, we've had skins like Tyr's own King Arthur skin or AMC's own Cthulhu skin - which both have become fully playable characters on their own. So who's to say that trend won't continue with AMC's Mothman skin? It's a stretch for sure, but I'm gonna use any excuse I can for this kit to even be made or discussed in the first place. So, yeah. I'd like feedback!

The Loch Ness Monster's Kit

Class: Guardian (Melee)
Play style: Both an aggressive and defensive tank that is tasked with constantly juggling their rising and falling health bar. Will probably never be at full health.
Pros: High Sustain, High Mobility, Heavy Crowd Control
Spice: The Scottish Highlands have grown scarce with its resources. The lush green of the rolling hills have faded to a drab grey, and the all the nearby wildlife has mysteriously vanished. Legends tell of a huge beast lurking deep below Loch Ness' surface. A beast from a distant past somehow still breathing in the present. But now, with all the necessities of survival depleted, the beast within Loch Ness has become restless and hungry. Desperate for any kind of sustenance. So hungry and desperate in fact, that it might even consider the taste of ... The Gods.
Passive: Water Breather
Nessie loses 2% of its maximum health every second while above water. Cannot be reduced below 1% health. However, Nessie heals for 1% of its maximum health while underwater.
If ever hit with a displacement CC, Nessie switches stances. If Nessie switches stances involuntarily, it cannot switch stances again for 8s. Additionally, Nessie is healed for 10% of its maximum health over the next 5s. Can only occurs every 30s.Note: Start the game in underwater stance. Also, there would be a visual effect indicating if Nessie's passive is on cooldown for both teams.
Ability 1: (Above Water) HEAD STRONG
Nessie dashes forward with its head down and deals damage to all enemies it passes through. Enemy Gods hit with the end of the dash are knocked backwards. Gods knocked backward into walls/structures are then knocked away. Consumes 5% of Nessie's current HP.
Note: Knockback distance of 40.
  • Dash Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 (+30% of Magical Power)
  • Head-Butt Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+40% of Magical Power)
  • Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8 Seconds
  • Cost: 40/50/60/70/80 Mana
Ability Type: Dash / Range: 30Reference: (5 units shorter than Achilles Dash. Knockback into wall interaction would be similar to Anhur's Impale, but instead of being stunned into a wall - you'd be knocked way like Vulcan's Magma Ball. Anhur Impale's knockback distance is 40. Ability targeter would look similar to Hercules's rock pull.)

(Underwater) NAUTICAL BOON
Nessie lets out a soothing hymn that heals and buffs nearby allied Gods. While channeling this ability, Nessie heals and grants reduced movement speed penalties to attacking, backpedaling, and strafing to all allied Gods around it by 40%. Nessie is also granted stacks of 2% Damage Mitigation for each friendly God in range of this ability, up to 5. This ability can only be channeled for a maximum amount of 8s.
Note: Initial heal counts as the first tick. Nessie is immune to knockback while channeling. Nessie also suffers a 50% movement speed slow and cannot use other abilities while channeling. Mitigation stacks dissipate upon canceling or finishing the ability.
  • Initial Heal: 60/80/100/120/140 (+10% of Magical Power)
  • Tick Healing: 15/20/25/30/35 (+5% of Magical Power) every 1s.
  • Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 Seconds
  • Cost: 10/15/20/25/30 Mana every 0.5s.
Ability Type: Area of Effect / Radius: 25 Reference: (5 units larger than Artio Roar. 10% faster than Baron during his ultimate. Movement speed penalty reduction is the same as Atalanta's Bow.)
Ability 2: (Above Water) EARTH SPLITTER
Nessie lets out a ferocious roar and stomps the ground in place, unleashing a cascading quake through all terrain in front of it, dealing damage and slowing all enemies hit. After a 3s delay, a seismic fissure explodes from the ground, knocking all enemies up for 0.2s and dealing damage based on the enemy Gods' current health. Enemies standing in the fissure are pulled towards the center. Consumes 10% of Nessie's current HP.
Note: The Fissure only persists for 3s. The Fissure only does one instance of damage, no DoT effects.
  • Quake Damage: 80/100/120/140/160 (+30% of Magical Power)
  • Quake Slow: 10/15/20/25/30% for 2s
  • Fissure Damage: 8/8/10/10/12% of target's current health
  • Cooldown: 36/34/32/30/28 Seconds
  • Cost: 100 Mana
Ability Type: Area of Effect / Radius: 50 Reference: (Wide as Ah Puch's Ultimate, Long as Olorun's Ultimate, with a Poseidon whirlpool in the middle, minus the overtime damage. That's basically the easiest way I can describe it.)

(Under Water) DEEP SEA DIVE
Nessie rushes to aid an ally God. After selecting an ally, Nessie dives deep underwater and swims to their location, leaving a trail of rippling water behind that grants movement speed to allies. Upon reaching the ally God, Nessie blesses themselves and the ally with a shield and a stack of Block, absorbing the next basic attack received. Nessie's self shield health value is halved and does not receive a block stack.
After casting, if Nessie is swimming towards an ally God and collides with an enemy God instead, the God is stunned and Nessie is then pulled out above water, switching stances.
Note: Water Trail only persists for 3s. Block stack only persists for 2s. Shield does not cleanse CC.
  • Shield Health: 100/110/120/130/140 + 8 per Loch Ness Monster's Level
  • Water Movement Speed: 30%
  • Stun Duration: 1 Second
  • Cooldown: 16 Seconds
  • Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 Mana
Ability Type: Dash / Range: 50 Reference: (Horus' healing leap but it can be interrupted via enemy hit box collision.)
Ability 3: (Above Water) ALL IN
Nessie backsteps, deciding for the perfect time to strike. After a delay, Nessie charges forward and swings with its tail - putting all its body weight into the attack - dealing damage in a line, then in a cone in front of it. All enemies hit with the tail are knocked back. Consumes 5% of Nessie's current HP.
Note: When this ability is finished casting, Nessie will be facing the opposite direction of when initially cast. Backstep distance of 20. Knockback distance of 30.
  • Dash Damage: 40/80/100/120/160 (+40% of Magical Power)
  • Delay Duration: 1/1/1/1/0.5s
  • Tail Swing Damage: 50/90/130/170/220 (+40% of Magical Power)
  • Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 Seconds
  • Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 Mana
Ability Type: Dash, Cone / Range: 30 Reference: (Bellona's Shield Dash mixed with Vulcan Backfire. Also similar to Horus's dash/stun ability.)

(Under Water) TIDAL SURGE
Nessie charges up a blast of water that surges forward for up to 3s, before passing through all units. Allies are healed while enemies are dealt damage instead. The longer Nessie charges this ability, the longer the projectile's range extends and the wider it becomes.
If fully charged, the water surge doubles in size and transforms into a tidal wave that flows forward, trembling any enemies hit.
Note: Nessie grows slower the longer it channels this ability, up to a 30% movement speed slow.
  • Water Damage: 60/80/120/160/180 (+40% of Magical Power)
  • Fully Charged Damage: 100/140/180/240/280 (+50% of Magical Power)
  • Water Heal: 40/60/80/100/120 (+10% of Magical Power)
  • Tremble Duration: 1/1/1/1/1.5s
  • Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 Seconds
  • Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 Mana
Ability Type: Line / Range: Minimum 30, Maximum 60 Reference: (Olorun's Light Ball/Snipe Ability with less range, longer charge up time and slower projectile speed.)
Ability 4: The Loch Ness Monster changes stances. Upon changing stances, Nessie is granted 1s of haste.
AS ABOVE (Above Water): Nessie emerges from the water and has a terrifying presence. While above water, Nessie's presence creates an aura that deals damage to all nearby enemies per second. Also, Nessie's hunger is somewhat filled each time it deals damage. Whenever Nessie deals damage above water, it's healed for a percentage of its maximum health.
SO BELOW (Under Water): Nessie submerges itself underwater and surrounds itself with an aura that heals all nearby ally Gods, including itself, per second. Nessie cannot use auto attacks while underwater.
Note: Nessie's damaging aura does not proc the ability heal. Heals received from basic attacks are instant, while heals received from dealing damage with abilities are restored over the next 3s. Can be healed multiple times per ability cast, depending on how many Gods are hit (up to 5) while above water.
  • Healing Aura: 0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8/1% of Allied God's MAX Health
  • Damaging Aura: 10/15/20/25/30 (+5% of Magical Power)
  • Above Water Ability Heal: 1/2/3/4/5% of Nessie's MAX Health
  • Above Water Basic Attack Heal: 1/1/1.5/1.5/2% of Nessie's MAX Health
  • Cooldown: 1 Second
Ability Type: Buff / Radius: 15 Reference: (Cabrakan's Passive's Aura Range)
Afterword: (Added more text after initial post) There's a few questions that people have brought to my attention regarding this kit and I want to try and address those. So first off, the ability Head Strong was intended to do only ever REALLY do one instance of damage. For instance, you’d either do the ‘Dash Damage’ or the ‘Head-Butt Damage’, but not both. Unless someone pulled off some crazy combo with Nessie where: the enemy eats the dash damage then gets pushed forward, like by a Hercules or Cu Chulainn something, into the head-butt’s damage to get even further pushed away. Again, I envisioned the targeter for this ability to act/look similar to Herc’s knock up.
As for All In, same difference, you’d only really ever do one instance of damage, either the 'Dash Damage' or the 'Tail Damage'. But just like Head Strong, you COULD in theory apply both instances of damage if played perfectly - but I didn’t really intend for both those abilities to do both instances of damage every single time. In fact, I wanted it to be quite difficult to pull off. It'd just feel very similar to Horus' 2, the dash into a cone attack that could be aimed after the fact.
I wanted a to create very unique ability with Nautical Boon; an ability where you solely buff and assist your teammates. It's an ability that is purely reliant on what your teammates, and it doesn't really benefit you at all, unless you were healing out of combat with it. Just thought it'd be a neat idea to try and create an ability that makes rewards your team for playing close together - almost like a mobile sentry - however with the added risk of getting blown up easier by AoE abilities, since everyone's standing so close together.
Lastly, I wanna talk about Earth Splitter. I've always thought the idea of having a 'pseudo ultimate' in a kit was incredibly interesting. An ability that has a long cooldown due to the strength or potential of the move. However, the ability isn't strong enough for it to be an considered an ultimate or have a traditional ultimate cooldown. Which is exactly what I tried to do with Earth Splitter. It's a huge ability with a long cooldown that does a great deal for your team, and it's one that truly shows the power and intensity that a mad, starving Nessie can have.
The other abilities in the kit are pretty self explanatory and straight forward I feel like, so if you have any questions regarding the kit, please comment them! The haste on the stance switch ability is there purely for switching stances and positioning reasons.
Thanks: I just really wanted to create a character with a real sense of urgency. I thought about adding in something extra, like a hunger meter that goes up depending on how much health you've restored by dealing damage - and once full Nessie would gain some benefits or bonuses. BUT I didn't want the kit to be overly bloated - as much sense and as cool as a hunger meter would be.
The Loch Ness Monster is a character that takes a fair deal of thinking to pilot due to the health restrictions. You'll pretty much never be full health as Nessie, unless you're in fountain! I also wanted to play into the whole "Nessie is hungry for food" gimmick by allowing it to regenerate some health by dealing damage. Almost as if it's biting off chunks of the enemies for food. Hopefully, balancing out the health lost while above water.
LASTLY, I don't know if Nessie is a girl or a guy or what, so I just call it an IT to be safe from any nerds out there. I know it's regarded as a SHE by many but ya never know I guess.
submitted by AleksEnglishYT to Smite

Skraxx's Offseason Plan

I did this last year, but let’s do it again. This is not a “the Rockies will exactly do all of these” kinda post, but rather a post of what I would do if I were the Rockies GM. As always, I will provide screenshots for trade values as well as baseball savant. As I’ve discovered recently, there’s a big correlation of Barrel%, and the success of Rockies pitching. Though, that’s not hard of a concept to think about: the fewer barrels the less likely you’ll get hurt at Coors. Anyway, let’s start.
-Jeff Hoffman (DFA): I don’t think Hoffman will ever be good in a Rockies uniform. Had a great start, but just couldn’t maintain it. Props if he figures it out on another team but that team won’t be us.
-Elias Diaz (Waivers): I truly like Elias Diaz. He’s got a cannon of an arm, he has the ability to hit the ball damn hard and actually has a nice ceiling. The problem is, he’s got no options and there’s just someone on this catching market I really want. Maybe another team picks him up, but ideally, we can still keep him in the system.
-Drew Butera (Let Go): Here’s a non-surprise.
-Chris Owings (Let Go): Wasn’t bad, but really not the future for the Rockies either.
-Kevin Pillar (Let Go): Pillar did pretty good in a Rockies uniform, but to me, Pillar only crowds the outfield even further. Besides, if we HAD to get a CF, I'd rather go with someone quality defensively like JBJ. I'm getting someone else though.
-Matt Kemp (Let Go): The best position player on this list and he was certainly productive early on. Though his age is a concern and with the rosters shrinking once again he’s kind of the odd man out.
-JT Realmuto: Even in my usual “trying to 4D chess” kind of thinking, I just don’t see us getting JT Realmuto. As much as we have catching problems, we are far from the only one that would strongly benefit by getting JT Realmuto. Most notably, the New York Mets have a new owner in Steve Cohen. Maybe it’s just my gut, but I feel like Cohen wants to make a splash in his first Mets free agency and Realmuto is exactly the upgrade that fits the bill.
-Other Catchers: McCann I don’t think we’re realistically in on either, as whoever loses the Realmuto sweepstakes will just turn around and get McCann. Outside of Realmuto/McCann, the catching market is a little questionable, and really there’s only one option I’d truly want.
-Free Agency: Really, I don’t actually see many great fits in free agency and I think for the most part I’ll be active in the trade market. There are still some free agent signings, but I will generally avoid the F/A market. Why? Well, I want to save money for….
-Trevor Story (196m/7yr): People say that the Rockies can’t afford two big contacts. What do I say to that? If the Rockies are smart with their spending, its totally doable within their past budgets. Don’t overspend on something unreliable (bullpen) or on something that would ultimately create little impact (not JT catchers in FA). Ok, that’s good and all, but where did I get the contract number? Well, if Lindor is demanding a Betts-Esque contract, I just figured a little less than that. Really though, no more than 224m/7yr for me. Keep in mind though, I am extending not overwriting the current contract, so it works with the covid offseason.
-Tony Watson (3.5m/1yr): We need a lefty out of our bullpen. Our options in that regard last year were James Pazos and Phillip Diehl, yikes. So the obvious answer is to go after a lefty in free agency! Unfortunately for me, there aren’t really many quality lefty relievers who follow my belief of missing barrels being the key to Coors, so my next best option is to find an option who limits hard hits and overall, has a lower exit velocity. Tony Watson, is that guy. According to baseball savant, Watson gave up an average exit velocity of only 84.8 with a hard hit % of 29.6. He limited walks and struck out batters a little more too. Maybe the barrel % looks bad in 2020, but historically he’s quite good at limited barrels. Besides, if it doesn’t work out it’s only a one-year commitment.
-Mike Zunino (9m/2yrs): Look. You may look at his terrible triple slash of .147/.238/.360 and say that it’s an obvious no. But when I look at how much Zunino provides in terms of handling a pitching staff and overall defensive value, signing Zunino is an obvious yes. Both the Rays and Mariners organizations have raved about how good Zunino is of getting the best out of their pitchers. Hell, even on draft day one of his strengths was leadership. This is an ability that’s so important to us, think about how much better Marquez has pitched with Wolters than anyone else, then apply that to EVERYBODY. Plus, aside from 2020 Zunino has been a historically good framer, as well as a great arm overall.
Hell though, if I’ve raved about how important barrel % is for pitchers, the same must apply for hitters too, yes? It’s yet to be determined truly if that’s the case, but if it is, Zunino barrels up the ball at a fantastic rate, his power will most certainly play at our ballpark.
-A 3-Team Deal: If you’ve read The Athletic, yes this is the same trade I proposed to Nick Groke. For the sake of promoting that business, you can read his response here though a subscription is required. Though this trade is still my property so I can use it!
Anyways, while Barrel % is my belief for how a Rockies pitcher can be successful in Coors Field, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make their job easier. My belief for that is the two things that make Coors, Coors, and how to take em away. Those 2 things are the air and the expansive outfield. So how do we take them away? To take away the air, limiting barrels is the answer. Though limiting barrels doesn’t necessarily mean that bloop hits won’t occur, so how do we get rid of that pesky expansive outfield? Well, you can’t literally do that but you can do the next best thing: get a good centre fielder. Kevin Kiermaier is a top 3 defensive CF. He’s got the speed, he’s got the jumps, he’s even got the arm. He’s perfect for what we need.
On the other hand, the Rays have lots of defensive outfielders, and with their cheap ownership, will likely look to unload his contract. They aren’t going to do it for nothing though, so they get a replacement that will make an impact on their squad: Joey Gallo, who they’ve been rumoured to be after the last deadline. So the Rays not only unload a contract bad for their standards but also get an impact bat in the lineup as well. It costs Shane Baz and Shane McClanahan, but in return for giving up two pitching prospects, Carlos Estevez heads back too to offset the pitching lost a little bit.
Of course, the Rangers want top prospects for giving up Joey Gallo. Shane Baz is that high ceiling top prospect they’d want, but also we send hometown kid Sam Hilliard as their direct Gallo replacement. It could be seen as more of a nice thing to send him home to be with his family as his father battles ALS, but Hilliard we also know has a genuinely good ceiling which the Rangers should be interested in.
Oh and we get McClanahan for taking the Kiermaier contract. Never hurts to acquire more pitching prospects.
-Trading for a friend: This trade looks lopsided by the trade machine, but I honestly believe that they really underrate Josh Bell. The point of this trade though comes from a point of need but also coming from a point of keeping players happy.
Ryan McMahon and Josh Bell are similar hitters. They both strikeout a lot, but they both exchange those strikeouts for big exit velocity numbers elsewhere. Though, there are some differences that are quite significant for these two organizations are going forward. Bell’s had more success at the plate, with a strong 2019 season and a fantastic walk rate. Although McMahon has a similar ceiling, he’s still yet to break out. What makes this an intriguing get for the Pirates? Defensive versatility. McMahon allows a rebuilding team to try a lot of things out defensively, without losing much potential overall going from Bell to McMahon.
On the flip side, we as the Rockies, don’t really care. Arenado’s sealed at 3B, Story’s sealed at SS. 2B we need to give playing time to Brendan Rodgers and Garrett Hampson. Fuentes may be blocked a little from first base, but even he has corner outfield versatility and maybe could be taught 2B as well. What Bell provides to us though, is a big time power bat who HAS been successful. Also, a noted friend of Trevor Story (subscription required). If we want Story to re-sign with us long-term, it doesn’t hurt to have his good friend to throw to.
There’s one more piece to this deal, though I think it’s only exciting to me and @mario45t who actually suggested the idea of Stephen Brault. In all honesty, Brault came off his only above-average season but I’m looking for Coors Field fit. His 2020 savant rankings show his ability to miss the barrel and prevent hard hits exactly what I want. Though this isn’t a one-time thing either, as apart from 2018 he’s been well above average at limiting barrels. Besides, he’s being exchanged for Jairo Diaz so there’s not really much of a risk (no offence). He can slot in at the #5 rotation spot, but can also come out the bullpen if we prefer Castellani or Lambert at that spot.
Now, there’s still one more relief spot to fill, as Lambert probably won’t be fully healthy by the start of the 2021 season. So to fill the bullpen, I’d like to add a lefty to the squad. Luckily for us, we have some already in the system. Maybe we can start off with Diehl if we wanna do some service time manipulation, but eventually, I would like to bring up Ben Bowden. If he’s not the only lefty in the bullpen, he won’t have as much pressure. Though he’s still, very much a huge part of our bullpen going forward, and we just have to play him.
So with all that said: What does our team actually look like? Well, here’s a basic 26 man roster that I’ve come up with. An interesting observation is Dahl on the bench. Maybe it would be a good time to trade him for prospects, though I don’t think you get much. So for now, Dahl will be rotated in as outfielders need rest, and eventually, we’ll see who slumps.
Going forward, I do believe that it may be a good idea to trade Jon Gray. We can restock the farm when we do, and we should have an immediate replacement in either Ryan Rolison or Shane McClanahan who we just acquired. Overall though, this is my plan to get the Rockies back on track. It isn’t very expensive, in both the literal way and the prospects way. In fact, I gave up no prospects.
Do we make the playoffs with the additions of Bell, Brault, Kiermaier, Zunino, and Watson? Well, the playoffs are hard to make but I do truly believe that this gets us a much better chance.
submitted by Skraxx to ColoradoRockies

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