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Ageod american civil war patch 1.15

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See File/Full details for the list of changes. I read every single post on the Ageod forum for those games. PM, #2. Weasel General: Posts: 5, 299 Joined: Jan 2020 RE: Recovered German Tank. Hoses Hopkins, a colored boy, was caught by the sexton or Uraco church, corner S and Ninth streets northwest, throwing acorns at the win dows on last Friday. This is a very rare machine, especially considering that it fought both on the Russian and the German sides.

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Patch Download patch (MB). Civil War II. Login Store Community Support Change language View desktop. Patch 1.13b [Patch] Posted over 11 years ago; 7 downloads; The 1.13b patch for American Civil War - The Blue and the Grey. First day, we both lost around 30, 000 killed and wounded. I posted a topic about this on the forums for: Ultimate General.

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American Flags: A Unique Collection of Old Glory Memorabilia (The Collector's Eye) 11. b/mecury-books. Ageod - Advanced Uninstaller. Ageod american civil war patch 1.15. Shop with confidence. Thriller Przooowy 1 Alpha Protocol 3 Alter Ego 1 Alternativa 1 American Chopper 1 American Civil War: The Blue And The Gray 1 American McGee.

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The latest patch for AGEod's American Civil War. Some of us are busy doing things; some of us are busy complaining - Debasish Mridha 01-20-2020, 06: 46 PM, #3. Copper Guest RE: Recovered. AACW patch 1.15 version 1.15 by AGEod - How to uninstall it. You can read more on AGEOD or check for application updates here. Happy New Year everyone!

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Patch; Nvidia Human Head Demo 24 May 2020. Would be cool to see some pics! A clarifying post - this is for anyone who owns a John Tiller ACW game regardless if it was purchased through JTS or HPS. Notice that when you click AGEod's American Civil War in the list of programs, the following data about the program is made available to you. Air war; Naval war; Warfighter; Antiquity; Medieval; Renaissance Tercios and Sengoku-Jidai; XVII and XVIII centuries; Wars of the XIXth century; Napoleonic era; World war I and russian civil war; World war II. Advanced Squad Leader; World in flames; Post 1945: Cold & modern wars; Wargames magazines; Wargames in french; Wargames sorted by.

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Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal: Hello. Region Title System Version Edition Languages Serial Status; Gemini Rue: PC: 1.0: Web Order. AGEod's American Civil War is an application marketed by AGEOD. Author downloads 1, 179 (1 last week) Files Added 2. Trending on GameWatcher. The second game, Ageod's American Civil War, is also a realistic historical turn-based strategy game about the American Civil War including political and economic options.

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I like the Ageod games even though I usually only play the shorter scenarios. The game deals with the tactical war elements and lets you experience the bloodiest period in the history of United States, consisting of the American Civil War of. Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 15-07-2020 01. The demo is designed for the GeForce 8800 Ultra, but any 8800 series card should run it quite well - reduce. For King or Country: The English Civil War mod for.

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MobyGames Cheats Hints and Codes https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=511. To the sanitary fair held here during the civil war That tact alone, apart from his great pro fcsional merits, will Insure him a cordial wel come. Is there a curse on American Civil War games? The latest patch for AGEOD's game American Civil War. CW2 is a much better and more playable game than WoN.

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Join the American Civil War Game Club Join the The Blitz Wargaming Club. AGEod's American Civil War - The Blue and the Gray (Version h) (AGEod) (CDV Software) ()The product key should be. Ageod American Civil War II serial numbers, cracks and keygens are presented here. The ultimate source of patches & addons for AGEOD's American Civil War AGEOD, Akella, CDV, Friendsware Patch Download patch (MB). Us of Militia and morale - AGEOD Forums.

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Captain America Civil War Iron On Patch 5" x 3" Free Ship Licensed. Arrowhead ) 4 296 ARMA 2: REINFORCEMENTS 2 297 ARMA 3 Apex-CODEX 5 298 ARMA 3 Complete Campaign Edition-RELOADED 2 299 ARMA Tactics MULTi7-PROPHET 1 300 ARMA Tactics-RAiN 1 301 Armada 2526 1 302 Armada 2526 Supernova v1020 +1400 1 303 Armed and Dangerous 1 304 Armed Forces Corp 1 305 Armello Seasons Board Skins Pack-TiNYiSO 1 306 Armello. Civil War II gets Updated! HQ games is Miguel Santacruz - posts on AGEOD as Liebstandarte. Money Back Guarantee.

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Birth of America 2: Wars in America - 'A Few Acres of Snow" as the British

Hello all, hope folks have some interest in this After Action Report. I was in a 1700s mood and booted up Birth of America 2: Wars in America, an older AGEOD title (not even on Steam). I've been struggling to get good at AGEOD titles for awhile now and I have to say this may be my first real campaign victory and I'm quite proud of my success, spoilers.
AGEOD games can be tough to learn, but once you learn the system you can apply that knowledge to other games by them. I've dabbled in some scenarios before, usually quitting or having a save corrupt on me. I'm happy to say this one lasted to completion.
The scenario played was the 1755-1763 Campaign 'A Few Acres of Snow', covering the French and Indian War (the North American theater of the Seven Years War). WIA is cool because it has full campaigns for this war, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812. I am most fascinated with the French and Indian War because of its fame as the 'Wilderness War'.
The game was played on the normal difficulty, with Historical Attrition for both myself and the AI. This makes traversing the wilderness very difficult, and forces many decisions to be around supply and not starving in the cold winters. You need to really plan expeditions. I opted to play as the historical victor, the British, as the onus is on them to take victory. Speaking of which, victory is determined by either controlling the main objective cites/provinces on the map or being ahead of victory points at the end of the scenario. Holding certain cities gives you more VP per turn, so really it is all about taking and holding territory, at least in this scenario and with this faction. The American Revolution scenarios involve province loyalty, but that isn't in this campaign so no need to worry about any of that. I'll talk a bit about strategy for any folks wanting to give this one a try.
Here is the strategic overview of the map, pardon the crude Paint usage.
Looking at the screenshot you can see there are essentially three main theaters for the British to advance on. There is the Fort Duquesne theater in the Southwest, Lake Champlain theater in the middle, and finally the Fort Louisbourg theater. The red arrows denote the broad advancement paths a British players needs to be successful on to win. In between these paths, in the vast wilderness, are Native American villages. Many are loyal to the French and will cause some annoyances. I believe the French faction can gain VPs for raiding British towns with the Native Americans, will have to try this scenario again as them. There will be lots of raiding in the Carolinas with some militias to try to rein them in.
Britain's great advantage in this scenario is that they get stronger over time with scheduled reinforcements, so as long as you don't collapse and maintain the situation you should gain the force necessary to win. Just watch out on expeditions, you can lose huge armies easily in the winter.
Fort Duquesne Theater
Looking closer at the Fort Duquesne theater, you can see a few things of note. We have Braddock (with George Washington in tow) in Alexandria. Historically, Braddock took his army to assault Fort Duquesne (present day Pittsburgh) and failed. Different than history though is that the French AI will immediately send a force to Fort Cumberland and torch it, in my experience. This leaves Braddock ill supplied for an expedition. However, it is still possible to take Duquesne, at least against normal difficulty AI. What I did in this game was send the stack to Fort Allen, then separated Braddock and the infantry from the slow moving supply cart and cannons (with an infantry escort). Without a supply cart it is very risky to send a large force into the wilderness (especially with no Fort Cumberland between Allen and Duquesne), but Braddock and the infantry can still get to Duquesne with decent cohesion and supply (though a bit battered).
You might find that Braddock becomes deactivated during the journey (dark yellow letter icon), if so, remove him from the stack and let the lesser leaders command the stack. There will be a command penalty, but it should be fine. When I did this in my game I ended up losing Braddock, but no huge loss really. When the stack arrive in Duquesne they must immediately assault the Fort or risk getting caught in the cold with nowhere to go. It may take a turn or two of trying but you can take it. At some point the cannons and supply cart will catch up. As long as you can take the fort by winter your battered forces can recover a bit and begin to project power in Ohio country. If you can't, say goodbye to those forces.
The French AI may torch Fort Venago before you even get to it to deny you safe supply northward. If they do, not much you can do about it for now. You will likely want to get some more supply carts into Duquesne down the road, in order to build a supply depot and increase the maximum supply available. If you are able to take Venango and then LeBouf, you can being to entertain ideas of hitting Niagra from the West as well as Detroit. Unfortunately the AI torched both Venango and LeBouf in my game, which had some disappointing results later as you will see. If you can spare the wagons or cannons, it doesn't hurt to build a depot or fort between Allen and Duquesne, but beware of raids from the West that will aim to torch whatever you build. Capturing the villages will help fend that off.
Lake Champlain Theater
The Lake Champlain theater is where a bulk of the fight is going to occur. Reinforcements will arrive in New York and other major cities and you will want to move them North to Albany and beyond via the Hudson River. Albany is incredibly important because it is your pivot point as the British. Force arrive from the South (New York) and will likely go either West or North depending on the situation at hand. Native Americans to the West can be used to scout and harass Fort Niagra so make sure to do so.
There are two locations on the map (I've circled them in red in the above screenshot) that can provide FREE forts (Fort Oswego and Fort William Henry). The events that place them have criteria I'm not 100% sure of. Seems to be either controlling the provinces or having a stack there at some timeframe. Since you will stomping around those parts anyway don't be surprised when a fort suddenly appears. The Oswego fort will allow you to push further west towards Niagra with safety and also allow for boat support on Lake Ontario while the Champlain fort helps build the bridge North.
Ultimately the goals in this Theater are Niagra, Frontenac (will likely require Ontario boat transport to be effective), and the big prize of Montreal. Remember to make good use of the Native Americans here to scout out areas. Knowing how well garrisoned Montreal is will give you a good feel on when is a good time to attack. Don't make a hard push North until you get larger sets of reinforcements though. Having stacks in the 240-500 power range should be enough to poke around and take some forts. Increase the depot sizes of the forts you own to sustain the advance. The French will likely get an event fort south of Fort Frederic (Fort Carillon) so you will end up with a nice string of forts.
Louisbourg Theater
The last major theater is a naval-siege oriented one involving Louisbourg. At the beginning of the scenario Halifax is an important location for the British, many options provide reinforcements here including scheduled ones. Monckton begins with a decent sized force and will need to tackle four objectives in this rough order: 1. Grandpre (objective city), 2. Saint Jean (to help protect Grandpre from western attacks and limit French projection), 3. Fort Louisbourg (obvious importance but is required to invade the St. Lawrence river region), 4. Quebec (critical to France). Being successful in this theater could be a game winner, as it shuts down Louisbourg, closes the St. Lawrence river to the French, and provides another avenue into the center of the map if you haven't taken Montreal.
There is a British fort not too far from the main action, Fort Halifax, but it will likely be torched by Native Americans early. It is not really needed so don't stress about it. Grandpre is an easy get for the most part but beware of attacking Saint Jean unprepared. The supply situation is harder due to distance and a decent sized force may be there. It is important to take your time in this theater. Attack without proper prep can lead to collapses and you definitely do not want to lose Halifax.
You probably want to wait to take on Louisbourg until a few scheduled reinforcements have arrived. You will likely need to take the 'Send More ships' option a couple of times to have a large navy and transport capability enough to take it. Shoot for a stack of around 600-900+ power, with proper leaders to command it. And don't forget to set your fleet to assist assaults, it is very easy to miss it. Once Louisbourg is down you can leave a force behind to hold it and take a large force forward to Quebec. Beware of supply challenges, both to increase Louisbourg's depot and to keep your Quebec invasion going.
In my actual game I followed these strategy ideas closely, they are the result of what I learned after all. Fort Duquesne was taken in a relatively timely fashion but I had challenges with supply. It took awhile for me to get the supply wagons required to increase supply there so my forces languished for awhile. I struggled with periodic raids but Dunbar and Washington held it together, though I had to burn Delaware Village and Mingo Village to stay safe. The French burned their forts between Duquesne and everywhere else of consequence so the theater was shut down for a long time. I intended to create an additional depot/fort to help leap frog to Detroit or elsewhere but didn't get around to it until the late game (more on that in a minute). At the very least holding power in Ohio country meant the French couldn't do much out that way.
The Champlain theater proved to be a busy one, with numerous captures and re-captures on both sides. The French had an annoying habit of taking my Native villages and poking around Fort Bull and German Flats, eventually burning Fort Bull (to be replaced by Fort Stanwix later). Albany ended up never really being in danger, as I always kept it garrisoned well enough to stave off all but a true French column. Eventually, I was able to take Niagra via marching from Fort Oswego. I was able to send some rangers to go burn down a few Native villages and grabbed Fort Rouille with the same stack that took Niagra (sans one infantry to garrison Niagra). I got a little too aggressive and reckless when I sent a force without supply wagons across Lake Ontario to take Frontenac. Assaults were close but I couldn't seal the deal and the stack ended up starving to death in winter. I forgot that the Lakes can freeze and my boats couldn't retrieve and save them, d'oh! Eventually I got another stack together with proper support and took Frontenac, though lost Fort Oswego. I actually lost it twice, once it was burned in the mid-game, then I got it rebuilt (by event again I think?), then it got captured again towards the late game by a decent sized French stack. This imperiled the whole theater as a lot of forces were tied up near Fort Frederic. I was able to retake Oswego when the stack left and I ended up making the French stack stuck in winter with no home. Gotta love supply. By the end though several Native villages that started on my side were destroyed, because I got tired of defending them...
The actual advance on Champlain was slow but methodical. The William Henry-Carrilon-Frederic line actually went back and forth a bit until I could get sufficiently strong reinforcements involved. That proved to be a challenge when some of those reinforcements were Elites which are harder to get replacements for. I used some boats to surprise capture an un-garrisoned Fort de l'Isle aux Noix. Eventually I combined the Fort Rouille and Fort Frontenac stacks and captured La Presentation which opened the door to Montreal. It took several turns to take and a fair bit of casualties but once that was done the end of the game was in sight.
In the Northeast the Grandpre capture was relatively easy, but Saint Jean was more challenging. My first attempt ended in failure and a harsh march in winter back to Grandpre. It is very easy to get overly brave and lose track of the calendar. Eventually reinforcements aided in the capture and formed the core of the assault force that would take Louisbourg. The siege there took several turns of assault attempts. The funny thing was that I took it in the middle of winter. My idea being that a blockaded and besieged fort would fare poorly in winter as well. This may have been bad on my part but it ended up working out. At one battle the French force actually retreated OUT of the fort which left them out in the cold ill-supplied while my British men ate their croissants. At least that is how I remembered it...
The follow-up on Quebec was easy. I was able to ferry supply to the army and at the point Montreal had been taken. A quick jaunt from Montreal to Trois Rivieres, capturing that, then moving on meant Quebec was surrounded.
War over?
By the end of the year 1759 the war was pretty much over, at least that was what I had thought. The French forces had been broken and their primary Canadian strongholds had been taken. I was leaping ahead in VPs and could have called it a day. However, to get the victory screen I wanted I would need to head far West and take Detroit. The stymied advance from torched forts meant Dunbar and Washington were left to swat Natives around but couldn't project power far enough away to be safe. I resolved to give it a try, first with a stack of rangers to assault and scout Detroit. These ended in failure, as well as my misjudged expedition out of Duquesne. I would spend the next TWO YEARS moving forces, wintering, and moving until I had sufficient force to take it. This involved a botched expedition out of Fort Niagra along the North coast of Lake Erie which I wheeled around to tag up with a battered second Duquesne expedition to take the Miami native village. Using supply carts from both stacks I built 'Fort Miami', which managed to allow my stacks to recover cohesion and replacements just in time for winter. It was a very close call and quite a bit frustrating as I felt I had 'won' and this was just clean-up. Finally, in June 1761 the Fort Miami stack ventured forth and captured Detroit.
Glorious Victory!
I managed to end the war two years early (really four but whatever :P) and come out with 2071 points versus 1129.
Final numbers tally
Total combat loses were 19,319 versus the French's 33,245. I didn't grab every strategic town but Saint-Domingue, New Orleans, and Vincennes were a little out of the way. Only 12 were needed anyway and I had 18.
Overall I had a blast with this scenario, so much so I stayed up way past my usual sleep schedule because I wanted to see it through to completion. Next I'll need to try with the French or do another scenario. This game has a TON of scenarios, so a lot of bang for your buck. Hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any questions I'll try to answer, though I feel like I'm still pretty much a noob when it comes to the AGEOD games.
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ArsGeek reviews American Civil War – Blue and the Grey from AGEod and Matrix Games

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