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Coffee Talk: Control Setup Edition

Been spending a lot of time recently redoing my control setup; I discussed my experiences a bit yesterday, but after further experimentation I think I'm gonna go into a little more detail, just in case it ends up being helpful to anybody else changing control devices.
I started out using an Xbox controller - and it's a really good way of controlling the game - but I recently pulled my old Saitek X45 out of storage and set it up, which was not without its problems, but which all worked out in the end. I've also started using Voice Attack.
So, a few comments about the general process and what I've discovered, just to help people out.


I don't have the killer setup that some others have, as I apparently don't have the money tree they've managed to grow (not hatin', but damn some of you people have really nice setups) but my setup is convenient for me. Decent-sized monitor. X45 joystick (some 18 years old, although half of that was in storage) on the right with throttle on the left. The thing is solid as a tank; not a flimsy all-plastic toy, it's got plenty of metal and hard, heavy, solid plastic construction. I use a set of headphones with a mike attached, and on the right the open drawer is my ghetto desk extension for my metal gaming mousepad. Don't laugh; that mousepad is an excellent surface for the mouse and wasn't very expensive if I remember right. You can see the Xbox controller I had been using just under the monitor.


As I say, I had been using the Xbox controller, and it was a fairly effective setup - I am currently realizing just how good a two-stick setup can be using thumb-sized sticks, especially for two things, landing and taking screenshots. Thumbsticks are pretty precise it turns out, more than I would have thought. The right stick's vertical movement already controls vertical thrusters, and the "alternate control setup" changes the lateral movement to controlling left-right translation rather than yaw, and that's surprisingly effective at landing very smoothly and precisely once you get used to it. I also got fairly good at taking screenshots smoothly and effectively, and I like to think that many of them came out rather nicely if I do say so myself.
If you have no joystick and are considering using that wired Xbox controller (I have no idea how to use a wireless one with PC) for ED, I can tell you it's a very effective solution.


But I always thought about my ol' Saitek X45 that was languishing in my storage unit. I picked it up somewhere in the early 2000s to play a couple Microsoft Flight Simulator games, and it did really well; I can only imagine if I had had the thing back in the days of TIE Fighter and X-Wing. Dug it out of storage and installed it. Now, two important points for anybody at this step in adjusting their setup:
  1. CALIBRATE YOUR JOYSTICK FIRST THING. Seriously, don't even think about skipping this part. No, your Xbox controller doesn't need to be calibrated. Yes, your joystick absolutely does. Don't ask why; I have no idea. I just know that it is so. It is what it is.
  2. TEST YOUR SETUP IN A TRAINING MISSION. I don't care how tired you are of hearing that woman talk all the way through the training mission. It doesn't matter. Would you rather do like I did and just spin like crazy in the station, blow up against the wall, and get labeled an "undesirable" and sent to a penal station? No, you would not. Listen to Florb; use the training missions as your practice missions. When going from the Xbox controller (or, I expect, from mouse and keyboard) to a HOTAS setup is as though you broke both your legs and were in a wheelchair for six months, and now you're in therapy re-teaching your legs to walk. Or imagine somebody replaced the steering wheel and pedals in your car with a joystick and throttle; you'd have to learn to drive all over again.
Ignore one or the other and you'll find it an inconvenience; ignore both those tips and you're gonna earn a rebuy.


After asking here about the X45 and ED I was directed to an older thread that comes complete with a pretty effective control layout to serve as a foundation. I have a few things that I'm not so fond of after trying them out for a while, but on the whole it's a good setup. The control wheels on the throttle I'm using for vertical and lateral translation, and while it's taking a little time to get used to, I think in the end it'll be a fairly decent method of controlling translation thrust. I know that some probably like the idea of using two joysticks, but I'm getting used to what I've got. I won't go into detail about the stuff I figure is just my personal preference, but a few tips for anybody looking to setup a serious HOTAS configuration:
  1. For the throttle, don't use the "full range" option, use "forward only". Set a key and/or throttle/joystick button to reverse thrust, and use the throttle for speed. If you use "full range", expect to have a hell of a time finding the zero-point, even if you set a dead zone. Also, at least in my case, when I tried "full range" the zero point was something like 2/3rds to 3/4ths the way forward, which was simply inconvenient, and now that I think about it, I think that pushing the throttle all the way to the forward stops didn't quite get the ship's throttle to full forward.
  2. If you have only one hat switch, use it for your power distributor controls; it's pretty convenient. If you have a second one, as I do, it's nice for targeting use.
  3. A number of controls allow you to set them to "toggle" or "hold"; the cargo scoop is an example. Toggle means if you hit the button once it's activated and you have to hit it again to deactivate it; hold means that you have to hold the control down and when you release it, it deactivates whatever it was. Experiment with your choices here.
  4. I have found out through experimentation and asking people here that some things simply cannot be set to a key; they can only be activated by assigning them to a fire group and "shooting" them; two examples are the Discovery Scan (except while in FSS) and the Detailed Surface Scan. These cannot be activated by any keyboard control while in flight, only by assigning them to a fire group and "shooting". I think this is an oversight, but it is what it is.
  5. Maximize your use of HOTAS controls and minimize use of keyboard controls. HOTAS stands for Hands On Throttle And Stick, after all, so keep your Hands On the Throttle And the Stick, right? Right. To the extent you have to use keyboard controls due to finite HOTAS buttons, keep the stuff you need in combat or other emergency situations on the HOTAS at all costs, followed by the not-critical-but-still-convenient stuff, and at worse leave stuff like FSD activation to the keyboard.
  6. Don't assign a button to the "dump cargo" function. Just don't.
As I said above, and I can't stress this enough, spend time flying training missions until you're confident you can actually avoid hurtling into the walls of the station as you attempt a takeoff or landing. Definitely fly the starting training mission and the one about travel, just to get used to taking off, navigating the various panels, jumping through hyperspace, and landing at a station.


I had initially learned to use different aspects of the game gradually over the past three months, this part one evening, another part a different evening, and having it all go out the window in terms of controls and having to re-learn a control scheme from the ground up was really daunting, so I finally bit the bullet and installed Voice Attack. Just the free version at first, with one profile and 20 commands, and my experience with that convinced me that it was worth $10 for the full version. Although I had a minor issue with one command being recognized, it seems to have ironed itself out; if having a command execute a second too late is a problem, give that command a second early.
I put together a spreadsheet to list my Voice Attack commands, along with their function, their general category, and the keypresses for them. Copy the spreadsheet and use it for yourself to list your own library of commands.
Note that the keypresses ARE NOT generally chosen with an eye to convenient use on the keyboard. I simply have to assign everything a keypress so that Voice Attack can use them, so what key is assigned doesn't really matter. I started with the default assignments and added from there. If you expect to have to actually use the keyboard as a control device, choose the keys intelligently; if you expect a given function to be used exclusively through Voice Attack, it's less critical which key is used.
Note that the two Bandicam functions you have to specify are for Bandicam, but, and this is important, do not send them directly to Bandicam. If you do that, Voice Attack not only performs the keypresses associated with the verbal command, it actually will minimize your game and maximize Bandicam. Obviously, given its function, Bandicam can receive control input while in the background, so leave the commands going to "active window" even though those two commands are really for Bandicam.
There are some functions I still haven't assigned voice commands to:
  • various functions of the free camera
  • some UI interface stuff that so far seems likely to be easier to control with hat switches and a thumb-type mouse pointer controller on my throttle
  • FSS and DSS controls mostly need a mouse or joystick, but you can assign FSS zoom functions to a key if you prefer.
In short, Voice Attack or a competing product is probably essential for ED in VR, but it's a godsend regardless of display and control scheme. After using it, I am disinclined to return to more primitive control methods.


Much as I hate to admit it, the mouse and keyboard have their place even with a HOTAS and Voice Attack control scheme. There are certain things that are at best clumsily controlled with HOTAS, including some things that were reasonably fluidly controlled with the Xbox controller (I can't explain why, you'll just have to see for yourself) and which would be an abomination if controlled via voice command:
  1. DSS and FSS: I control both the FSS and DSS scanners with the mouse. The joystick is simply not a conveniently precise controller for either scanner, in my opinion, although of course you can do so and it will work, just not as swiftly and precisely as you might have been used to with a game controller. The mouse is both precise and swift, and frankly I could see it being the sort of device somebody might actually use at a sensor station on a real spacecraft. This is why I set the mouse pad and mouse on my right, where I can conveniently use them when needed.
  2. Galaxy and System Maps: Again, although you can control the pointer in both maps with the joystick, this is far from an elegant and precise control setup for either. The mouse works quite effectively for manipulating either map more swiftly than the joystick.
  3. Station Menus: Although I have a little mouse-controller nub for my thumb on my throttle, which I do use to control menus in flight, when in various station menus it's much easier to simply use the real thing: a mouse. Outfitting, mission board, whatever, the mouse is the better control device here.
  4. Free Camera: And finally, although I currently have the HOTAS controlling the camera, I expect that eventually I will end up using a different scheme: my left hand on the throttle, and my right hand on the mouse. The keyboard so far isn't as fluid a control device for controlling the free camera, and I haven't gotten anywhere near my old ability to swiftly and fluidly compose screenshots on the fly and in seconds, while flying at full speed. Hopefully throttle-and-mouse will work better. While voice commands work for some aspects, especially activation and deactivation, I'm certainly not going to use voice commands to control the camera itself; "back up back up back up move up move left move left move left move right zoom out zoom out roll left roll left move right move right move right move right move right zoom out zoom in roll right" doesn't appeal to me as a means of posing and controlling a camera, I think, although technically you can do it that way.


You will have to tinker with your setup for a while before you get back to where you were, but I'm quite satisfied with how using a HOTAS, mouse, and Voice Attack is working out. I basically don't have to use the keyboard at all, which I find very convenient.
You might at times find yourself having some minor issue with the computer accepting a voice command now and then, but in the end don't be afraid to just get your hands dirty and do whatever you have to do to fix the problem.
As always, feedback is appreciated.
submitted by FlorbFnarb to EliteDangerous

Sending Client info

Firstly, don't tell me to just wait. I've been playing TF2 for five years, I know Source loading screens lag like hell.
Secondly, I know this isn't just a standard case of the loading screen taking a while to load. I launched Bandicam beforehand, and it's showing the normal 1 - 5 fps I get on loading screens, except when sending client info, where my fps soars to around 90. This shouldn't be happening. In addition, after waiting for a bit, it just booted me to the main menu.
No error message
No tf_kicked message
Nothing in console.
And all of this occurred after the most recent "update" (In quotes because it took about 4 seconds). I'm gonna see if restarting TF2 fixes this, but it's still odd that casual mode would simply not input any commands or attempt to connect to the actual game (what I assume to be the reason for the fps hike).
Thanks for reading.
submitted by TheEpicBLUpyro to tf2

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