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Verum Weekly: Summary of Streamed Games of the Week (November 5th, 2020)

Hail Travelers,
Welcome to Verum Weekly. A weekly post to summarize all the game sessions that happen in the week prior. Hope you like it.

The Tearing Veil Ep. 5
The party prepares to face against the Nightguard Kyson Kayola. However, as enough Order have been made, they have a decision to use that Order to increase the difficulty of the fight and in return, the party will acquire more loot. Everybody agrees to use 2 Order and “Glorious” becomes one of the boss traits. Slowly through combat, they learn that the Nightguard will summon mana traps around the field that will trigger on certain conditions such moving around or staying still. If the mana trap is triggered, a curse will be applied on the affected player that can either impede that player or aid the Nightguard. In the middle of fight, Angorn finds a pristine opportunity. He tells Raber and Nidhogg to prepare to clash Kyson right as he casts “Task Master” which gives them advantage in their attack. Raber and Nidhogg prepare to do so while Wisp cast “Bardic Inspiration” on Raber, “Bane” on Kyson, and prepare to cast “Cutting Words” on Kyson’s clash. As Raber and Nidhogg strike in unison, the Nightguard uses “Nightguard Clash” which allows her to lose a certain amount HP that she chooses and in return, she gains an additional modifier of the same amount. Using 15 of her health, Kyson parries both weapons destroying them in the process. In their frustration of a failed clash, Flamewrath notices an aspect of the mana traps. Because they are made from mana, if a player were to absorb it and succeed a saving throw, the player’s spell slots will be restored or give them a buff. Wisp gives the flame sword to Nidhogg and Angorn gives his hammer to Raber. With their heads held high, Vim absorbs one of the mana traps and gains Haste. Eventually, the party is able to dwindle her down and on Kyson’s final breath, she begins to transform into a werewolf. Unfortunately, the toll of the “Nightguard Clash” was too much and she is denied of her second phase; Kyson falls to the ground.
Immediately, Vim cast “Darkness” and begins to eat Kyson’s heart. During his feast, a white spider is conjured and rewards Vim for devouring a heart on hallowed grounds. The spider then enters under his skin and Vim can now turn into a swarm of spider. After all that is done, the darkness is lifted, and the party loots her body. Angorn reads the orders on her and it came from Night Lord telling her to cooperate with Orde so the two nations can fight the enemy together. Angorn then throws the order to the ground and scoff at the mere idea of Dalton forming an alliance to Orde. He then burns her body and sacrifice Kyson’s soul to Astaroth. Raber then tells Angorn that he wishes to keep the hammer; Angorn allows him to have weapon and try to subtly indoctrinate him. Finally, the party finds a golden bag because of the “Glorious” trait. In that bag, they find Mace of the Adept (can use spell through weapon), Halberd of the Weeping Guard (does acid damage), Wanderer’s Plate (gives more movement and prevents disadvantage on stealth checks), and Wand of the Silver Sting (25 uses of improved magic missile). The party is also able to attune to the Nightguard’s weapon and armor.
After the loot is gathered and divided, Vim walks to Dalacon’s corpse and tries to grab his heart but he gets a dagger with veins. Flamewrath notices that the dagger contains Dalacon’s soul and after some time, Dalacon’s body will be regenerated. Flamewrath tells Vim that and Vim suddenly breaks the dagger because he hated Dalacon. In the church, Nidhogg sees that since it is now controlled by the Gambler Black, it can be a sanctuary for a long rest and relays it to the party. Everybody assigns their watches, and the party goes to sleep.
In the night during Flamewrath and Vim watch, a masked stranger approaches them asking for directions. Flamewrath offers him a cigarette and he accept. As Flamewrath tries to light his blunt, the stranger stops him as he lights his own flame which shines in violet. They then go into a conversation and learn that the stranger was disappointed in the White Council and the Seven. Suddenly, the stranger speaks in arcane words and puts Flamewrath and Vim in a stasis. Meanwhile, as Angorn was dreaming, a gnome in a fundoshi (Scrumpo from Shattered Crowns) alerts him of trouble. Angorn wakes up and urges the rest of the party to head to the front. The stranger then shows the refracted all their other souls and then gives a proposition. If one of the refracted were to join the violet, they can get whatever they want. The stranger then entices Nidhogg with a violet soul. The party tries to stop the stranger, but all their actions seems to be negated. As Nidhogg tries to consume the soul, voices enter his mind telling him to stop and Nidhogg hesitates. Raber immediately tackles Nidhogg to the ground knowing that he did the right thing. The stranger takes Flamewrath and Vim out of stasis saying that it looks like his offer was denied and he leaves into the shadows.
While the party review the events that had occurred, another figure steps out of the shadows. A well-dress man with the aura of the Gambler Black steps forward (Zacharias from Strange Roads). Zach asks where the violet went but the party doesn’t understand what he meant. Now understanding the state of the party’s knowledge, Zach brushes off the question and heads into the taken church. The Gambler Black is conjured and tells Zach to inform the party of the current situation. Everybody finally introduces them to each other and Zach explains refraction and the violet.

Shadow of Tyre Ep. 17
Before the party enters the labyrinth, Eustace runs into a nearby tent. After a few minutes, Eustace comes out in a costume exclaiming that he is “Mermaid Lad” (It’s Mermaid Man. Happy Halloween). Eventually, the party enters the labyrinth and continue their search of the first floor. They then enter the room with the tree of Yggdrasil and Mirage investigates it further. Because she is a Chord, Mirage can feel the roots of the life tree all through the labyrinth. She then tells the party that there are five other areas in the labyrinth that the life tree can be accessed: Serenity, Suffering, Heat, Silence, and Death. The party finishes their work in the life tree room and head to the rooms across the central hallway.
Moe looks through the door to find an altar with icons from the Green Pantheon. He opens the door and the party follow; further in the room is stone arches surrounding an inscribed stone emitting a soft green light. As Raost approaches the stone, it begins to float. Pieces of the stone break off and reassemble themselves in another fashion. As this happens, Roast notices that the stone is not from Kalkatesh, but from Ori. He slowly touches the stone and feels that something is inside of it. In the furthest end of the room, Ahst finds what seems to be a failed experiment with peeled stone that seem to be resembling eggshells. Suddenly, because a being of Ori interacted with an item of Ori, the egg is awakened. Using 4 Order, the party hatches the egg and unlock a powerful ally.
A long white dragon emerges out of white light and stands before the party. It begins to speak of how odd the place he summoned in was. However, the interesting part is not what it said but how it spoke. This dragon has the “Absolute Speech”, Supernal, meaning that all entities with sentience can understand it. Raost greets the dragon and welcomes him to Kalkatesh. The dragon continues by asking where Tyre is and the party hesitates. Raost shows the key to the second floor and explains that Tyre is gone. The dragon realizes that the party is trying to acquire what Tyre left behind. It then explains that Tyre met this dragon at Ori and it tried to warn Tyre of his future, but every iteration needs a traitor. Moe asks if the dragon has gone through multiple iterations and it confirms Moe’s thoughts. This dragon had trained the first translators and his kin sought to fight the enemy by outlasting him. Roast asks what who it is, and the dragon introduces itself as Hizigori Zokitai or Hiz for short. Hiz can feel the questions in their minds and allows them to ask away.
Moe starts it off by asking what language Hiz is speaking through. It explains that it is speaking the first language, however, it cannot be thought to others as this language is also the language of the enemy. Roast asks what it knows about the enemy and, after a long pause, answers that it knows much but wonders if the violet eye can handle it. Hiz looks at Toot and Moe explains about the curse of the Herald on Toot. Hiz then asks Toot to stand before him. The Kenku walks forward and Hiz explains that it cannot take away the pain of his race, but it can at least do something to him. Hiz breathes the “Essence of the Old Myths” on Toot and a violet light is pulled out of his body. The light squirms and mutters incoherent speech before being extinguished by Hiz. The dragon tells Toot that he can speak freely; Toot immediately falls to the ground in tears of joy as he is freed of his curse.
Ahst then asks about the song guardians and their relation to the traitor. However, Hiz will speak of the story only if the violet eye can handle it. Before anything can be explained, the party must understand the nature of their world and of the prism. Before all of existence, there was Death who was lonely and lamenting, the sprang life and although Death adored life, it grew conscientious of its nature. Death knew how fragile Life was and so, Death promised the 7 Covenants to keep Life safe. Those 7 promises from the 7 parts of the Prism that protects life, each part connected to a color. The Green Triangle took the promise of Life. The Amber Square took Time. The Red Star took Wisdom. The Orange Star took Ambition. The Blue Cross took Dream. The Indigo Scar took Death. Lastly, the Shattered Covenant took the color of Violet, the most powerful.
“The reason, my dear, that the traitor’s blade is a Song Blade is because the traitor was once one of you. For there were four guardians of the lifestream and servants to Inu, secondaries to Amber Sky, wielder, and gatekeepers of the Quadrinox but it was not the Covenant of Time that allowed the betrayal. But the covenant of Mercy. For the traitor’s sorrow, allowance was made. By the traitor’s sorrow, a rule was broken. And for the traitor’s sorrow, Mercy was given and the Prism cracked.* And the time for Mercy has passed.
Moe then explains how they knew that the enemy fear the Astral Traveler’s grave and he ask Hiz what the nature of the enemy and Astral Traveler is. Hiz warns Toot to brace himself and Toot readies himself. (With a wisdom save of 24, bless of 4, and Bardic Inspiration of 2 to a DC of 30,) Toot’s eye glows brighter and brighter until it prism shift to the color of Red. Toot now sees through the eye of the Astral Traveler and the words of Hiz fade away as he learns through the memories of her. Toot watches the sights of the Astral Traveler(link) as she wanders through the rubble of the Twilight Station and Maltos. Memories of the Astral Traveler flow into Toot’s mind showing what these areas used to be before their destruction. She ponders about the deeds of our heroes and looks at a tattoo of a seven-pointed star on her wrist with only two notches left. The traveler walks in a facility in Maltos staring intently at the arcane symbol so that Toot’s can soak it in. Before she can show more secrets, the Astral Traveler notices that Toot cannot take anymore, and she closes her eyes.
Toot’s eye reverts back to violet and Hiz puts him into slumber. Hiz reassures them that Toot will recover and there are still six other eyes that can learn. Moe wonders what they should do and Hiz reminds them to focus on defeating the labyrinth first. The dragon must now go to the northern nebulas to take its role. If they ever need Hiz again, speaks its name at night and it will come. Hiz will bow his head before disappearing.

The Herald's Call Ep. 3 (RoyalCaster)
Jaxon awakens and asks to know what transpired while he was out. Arienne tells Jaxon about the people who had the shattered 7-pointed star on their armor and the key that Midas was able to get from the violet parchment. Jaxon asks for the key, Midas hands over the key, and to Jaxon’s amazement, he tells the party that this artifact was seemingly lost to him and his kind. He calls the 7-pointed emblem the symbol for the Order of the Shattered Star. In the middle of Jaxon speaking, he is cut off by the light. Arienne immediately uses her sight to see what's going. Riku sees that the light is refracting across the room growing in strength. Arienne looks directly at Jaxon and sees that all the wounds, scars, and burns across his body are healing, and Jaxon is in an amazed stupor. Finally, the light in the room for a moment is a silhouette of a long dragon with crimson accents, and white celestial scales along its back. Like a rising dawn, the dragon coils around Arienne and her party. The light returns to as it was. Arienne wells up trembling taking what she saw as a message from the Matron of Fate. She tells the party that Jaxon was healing, and she questions him about what that was. Jaxon takes off his cloak revealing his true form.
Jaxon speaks with own tongue, tears welling in his eyes. He tells everyone to rejoice, as one of the myths has been returned to its place. The party inquires, but he requests that now since the myth has returned and his true form is back intact, the enemy will not allow such a thing to go unabated.
Jaxon takes the party into his quarters to explain what he can without overwhelming them. He informs them that they have involved themselves in something cosmically important. He introduces himself once again as the ember lord in reference to the orange colored things he produces. He says that he is one of five watchers, or rather was one of five who served as the militant arms of the prism. He tells them that they are in the 6th reiteration of this cycle, reiteration being an attempt of stopping the enemy from destroying all things.
They discuss things like the fact that Jaxon is trying to build an army to go against the enemy’s army. Archael asks about the prism and how the red they heard about earlier and Jaxon relate to it. Jaxon goes on to explain that Lord Death, as the guardian of life, had created 7 covenants to keep life safe. Each of those 7 covenants form 7 points forming a prism, shielding their existence. Each covenant represents a concept, and within themselves a color. Azylea and Midas ask about the key and why that one only has a 5-pointed star while the prism has 7. Jaxon explains that the key is from an alternate perspective. They ask about what the perspective within the prism pertains to and Jaxon says that each of the colors represent an aspect of the prism.
The party takes in what they can from this lecture from Jaxon asking that with this knowledge what is their next step. Jaxon explains that the enemy was unsuccessful in taking away the foresight from him, so he knows where the enemy will be when on attack, so he knows where the towers will be blooming. He tasks the party with going to these locations and snuffing out the possibility of them arising. They ask if all the other covenants are truly on the same side. Jaxon confirms all but the traitor’s color. They ask if the violet is truly so dangerous what's the situation with Jaxon and his scarred eye. Jaxon says that because in the past he once thought that he could tame the power of the violet within him, he had been corrupted and the corruption had led to the death of the rest of the 5-pointed key wielders with him as the survivor. They ask that with the key it seemingly revived Jaxon, so Archael asks that if they were to find the other keys would it bring them back. Jaxon doesn’t answer but pulls out his key saying that he’ll bequeath it onto them, once they are together the two keys merge into each other forming a single key with 2 out of 5 points of the star glowing. They ask if it is possible to gather the other keys and Jaxon answers that with the power of the seer they’ll be able to track the shades of violet similar to the one they found the first key in to locate the others. The first task set onto them is to go to Orde and evacuate the city Crestfall. They are to contact an ally of Jaxon in Fireport that will be able to get them into Orde. They are each given a lapel of orange 5-pointed star. Arienne asks about what his vision of the dragon was. Jaxon claims that it wasn’t the key that revived him, but the revival of the mythical dragon.
Once at Fireport they notice a sad old man. He happened to lose his airship while gambling. The party decides to maybe help the old man in getting it back from the gambler. The party heads to the gambling house, they find the matron of the house and ask about the character description that the old man gave them. She shows them to a Tiefling man in an opulent suit, with a hat and horns saying his name is Lucius. Riku approaches the man and they converse back and forth. Eventually, they strike a deal with Lucius to help him transport some kids in trade for the airship. They decide to get back to the task Jaxon gave them and look for someone in a visage of iron. The matron of the gambling house tells the party that the name of the person in a visage of iron is the inquisitor Kalla’jin. Alustious House helps the party and introduces them to Kalla’jin. Arienne tries to Soul Sight on Kalla’jin and the inquisitor looks back at her through that sight. Kalla’jin then warns Arienne to be wary of who she looks at with that sight. Once speaking to Kalla’jin, she says that she will be sending them to a cleric of Vavren called Basan to be able to get them into Crestfall. Once there they will have to either convince the city officials to evacuate the city, or rather convince the people themselves and take them to somewhere safe by any means. The party then mentions using an airship and Kalla’jin agrees that it could help. She sends them all off with a superior healing potion, but the paladin Archael gives him one of her own swords, given to her by the greatest duelist in Kalkatesh. The Sword is named Forbiddance. The party and Kalla’jin part ways but Midas is left alone in the Tellers room they were meeting in Midas investigates around the room, and finds a scroll glowing in orange. He sees that it is a scroll that was hiding the real message it wanted to convey. It says the following: “Take pride in having found your path. Denote this to one known as Jackson. We are the key, and we speak through forgotten things.”
They meet up with the madam of the House and make a deal that once they are done using the air ship that was originally in her ownership. That they’ll return it to her once they are done for 7k gold. Finally, they meet up with Lucious and get to organizing their quest.

Broken Bonds (No Session)

Heart of Tyre (No Session)

Weal and Woe Ep. 1 (rgc0914)
As a new adventure begins and the road darkens. The adventurers are in search of a man named Orin Singebeard. As they arrive at the tavern that Orin is the owner of, they pass by an Altar and Meni finds a man named Jaece Serene at it trying to figure out how to use it and he leads her to the tavern which is called The Dragon's Rest. Once they all arrived Orin gives them a mission to explore a quarry that has had missing people and as they were heading out, Barbie invades Mara personal space and she KOs him. Barbie is healed by a person in the tavern and they set off. Barbie continues this strange behavior towards Mara for the rest of the episode. As they were traveling to the quarry, they meet two brothers named Bosham and Rosham. The party is informed that the brothers were hired to protect a family, but their contacts went missing. When they explored the house, it seems something had taken them. They also find a doll with scorch marks around it. Mara, using her connection with Lorita, prays to her and the scorch marks re-ignite. Mara receives a vision of a child being dragged towards the quarry. The party says bye to the brothers and continues heading towards the quarry. They then scout the quarry and see a huge hole in the middle leading to a mine. Everybody enters the mind preparing for what's ahead.
Lily scouts ahead of the mine and sees a fallen minecart and a desk with parchment. The minecart was bloody and was broken. The parchments were records with the last one saying “We went too far”. They also find an alchemist table that has unfinished sleeping potions. In another table, Mara recogizes tools for torture but notes said that they were trying to cure them. They then explore more north and see a body chained to the bottom of the small pond. Laius pulls the body free from the water. The body was contorted, and the bones were broken due to rapid growth, but the body was not able to finish the transformation. The party continues north but the body rises finishing its transformation.
The party fights the monster and Laius pushes the monster back protecting his allies defeating it quickly with Meni getting the killing blow. The party continues moving forward to the north. Lily hears heavy breathing. In the next room the party sees a mostly naked humanoid that has an orange halo with hands for hair sitting on the middle of the bridge. Lily notices that the being seems to be from another plane. The party asks the being if they can cross the bridge and it allows them. Mara starts to talk to him asking him why he was tied here and why he was in this realm. The being eludes that it was the workers of the mine that set him free. The being continues saying that it was not him that transformed the thing they fought and only looks for its missing piece. The thing says that he was freed from below where he watched a key but now, he is lost without it. They ask about the key and he says, “A key of orange fire of ambition”. Also, the being says its name is Xalax. The party continues forward looking for the child. They walk through the mines until they arrive at a bigger cavern where they see a large statue and they hear another monster from behind them.

Soul of Tyre Ep. 14 (SootheBe11)
We find the party in the dream realm, with Guy as their leader, walking towards a familiar bridge towards a familiar gate. As they walk across the bridge and approach the violet vault, a woman steps forward exuding an amber glow, she speaks to Guy in a soft tone telling him that the guardians are complete, the myth has returned to its place in the north, and their soul bears many refractions. Amber speaks about the Violet Vault, the place that is the edge of creation between memory and dream, thought and action, death and mercy. It is a place made by the seven as a loophole, as a place to where the seven left their remnants for they knew they would fail. It is a place where the enemy could not see and where they could refract. Braktor then refracts to Jonah Three Ravens to speak about the pieces on the other side, people awakening, and that they are working on retrieving the fourth songblade.
Braktor comes back, and Guy proceeds to explain what is on the other side of the vault from his adventures with the Shattered Crowns. The group takes in a deep breath, and walks to the other side of the vault, and all of their refractions refract, opening the gate which has been sealed and the violet eye. What opens before the group is a radiant violet light, but it somehow feels calm, where the party stand is where the violet prism is, where the traitor shattered the union. All of their refractions split of and form into a silhouette of a person, a shade of the seven. The shade leads them to a tower with an indigo scar and unravels the memories that are locked within the tower, crystals that are etched with a slight color of indigo, and within them--souls. It is then learned that this place is the reflection of the obituary towers, whereas the obituary towers marked what was lost in the destruction of the universe, this place represents what was saved from the iterations before.
The first tower, the indigo scar, represents when the betrayal occurred and when the violet severed the prism scarring its neighbour color. The second tower, the second iteration, the blue cross, where the Gods, Goddesses, and deities attempted to use all of their brute force to destroy the enemy upon its return--but their strength was used too brazenly and all those that followed them abandoned them in their time of need. The third tower, the green triangle, an iteration where many places were attempted to be awoken, all the strength that the world could offer to defeat the enemy--but the Violet was too strong and so it consumed all. The fourth tower, a yellow square, where the enemy’s sight and it’s prediction were the focus, where many brave men and women sacrificed their lives to fight, and therefore within the quadrinox, a material was discovered to bound and seal the enemy’s sight. The fifth tower, an orange star, its strength pulsing with need and ambition, the iteration where it took the fight to the enemy itself, but ambition is a difficult tool, and such became its downfall. The sixth tower remains to be fully constructed, the six pointed red star of Annorath, for this iteration is not yet complete, it is the hope that wisdom prevail. The final, untouched tower, the seventh, the tower of the violet itself, this iteration would be the last in which the enemy is not at its full strength, the very last chance for the heroes to succeed, for in the seventh, all of the violet beckon to their master.
The shade reveals further what the towers symbolize. Indigo represents challenge and trial. Blue exhibits the dream, reflection and whimsy. Green constitutes life, health, and abundance. Yellow exemplifies time, preparedness, and responsibility. Orange acts as ambition, avarice, and sacrifice. Red is wisdom, camaraderie, and teamwork. Finally, Violet holds oblivion and the all seeing. The shade additionally tells the party that they may obtain boons from these towers at the cost of order, less than four used will be only upon a certain individual or group, however greater than four would mean that the boons apply to everyone.
The group then talks about what towers they would obtain boons from, and how much order they would use, but they eventually came to the conclusion to read the scrolls to gain a better insight into what’s to come. Hackne unravels the scrolls, and all of them exit their cases, swirling into a storm of knowledge to reveal the movements of the enemy, and the resistance against it. The scrolls reveal the Herald’s movement, current completion rate, and powers that it has access to. The enemy can manifest Violet Prophets that would attempt to corrupt those that would listen, summon Violet Servants to wreak havoc and destruction to weaken Kalkatesh, or summon Violet Spires that act as beacons for all that follow the violet and infuse them with strength to summon them directly to the waking realm. These spires must be destroyed.
The scrolls unravel to show how much longer the Herald has to destroy Kalkatesh, and as of this moment, the Herald plans to arrive in June of 2021. As the scrolls begin to unfurl, knowledge of the enemy’s abilities are known. The Herald Watches: the Herald may turn its gaze onto a violent servant on the battle, and it may augment the circumstances of that battle depending on the servant. Generate Servant: allows the Herald to make new servants. Fate severe: if enough entropy is gained, after a certain threshold, if any single individual in any stream game becomes unconscious, they will be forced to make a death saving throw against violet death using the required entropy.
That is not all that the scrolls reveal, the scrolls also shows secrets, three questions that are completely free of any risk The first question asked is what is needed to be done to repair the broken covenant, and the answer is to gather a world seed, to face the shattered eon once more and defeat so the world seed can be placed in it, and to expend an appropriate amount of order. The second question asked: why does Violet death erase the memory of the diseased, and it is because the covenants require each other, a break in the prism then so to does the ultimate exit of this world be augments the same way, the life stream must continuously flow, but there’s a flow where the life stream leaks away; the further it goes the darker it becomes, violet death is the removal of life from the life stream completely but it does not disappear. And with that revelation, an additional question is granted by a dark presence, the one that showed mercy, the Guardian of Memory that failed in its duty, leading it to be forgotten by all--until now. The third question asked is the exact coordinates of the traitor’s blade, and it learned that it is found within an oceanic rift, in the center of the sickened sea, surrounded by a song of destruction, that destroys all even the violent servants, so they must answer the Herald’s Call to achieve it.

Death and Debts (No Session)

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SA Númenórean Campaign Concept

My Second Age Númenórean campaign is now on a hiatus and it’s a bit up in the air whether or not we’ll get back to it, if I’m honest. But I still very much like the concept of it and someone commented recently on another post, asking if I’d be willing to share notes. I am! If this sounds interesting to anyone, I’m happy to chat about the campaign and share maps I made/speeches and letters I wrote, etc.
One of my players suggested a Númenórean game when we spotted some TTRPG ship models online, and I latched onto the idea pretty quickly—I like the Akallabêth section of the Silmarillion, and my favorite section in Unfinished Tales is definitely The Mariner’s Wife. I thought about working up a campaign during Tar-Aldarion’s sea voyages, but decided that it would be better to have a game with characters my players would be more familiar with—specifically Isildur. Wouldn’t it be cool to play through an adventure where the PCs help Isildur rescue the fruit of the White Tree? I’m not bothered by the idea of bending canon to suit a campaign, so I decided to center a game around that event—and I offered up the role of Isildur to one of my players (more on that in a minute).
Around the time I was building up that concept, I was also binge-watching Black Sails AND the 5e nautical rules in Ghosts of Saltmarsh were being playtested. So the campaign grew into a hybrid of AiME as a base with Saltmarsh ship roles and stats added in. The overall concept is this:
All players are mariners of the Faithful starting at SA 3269, a year before the rescue of the fruit of Nimloth. Ar-Pharazôn usurped the crown 14 years ago. Seven years ago, Sauron was taken “prisoner” and brought to Númenor; four years ago, he was made the chief advisor to the Usurper King. One of the Faithful’s ultimate goals is to somehow eventually get the rightful Ruling Queen Tar-Míriel back into power. As the King’s Men and the Death Cult of Melkor gain more and more power, however, more and more members of the Faithful are forced out of the country or disappear entirely. Soon there will be rumors of war waged against the Valar Themselves, and the sea will grow dark and angry…
All players were part of a ship’s crew—Isildur is around 60 years old which I know is young, but we all decided we weren’t too bothered about what age meant, and using Saltmarsh as a guide, we made him the Captain of our ship. Everyone else volunteered for the other roles in our Session 0: First Mate Quartermaster (I said I was watching Black Sails, right?), Bosun, Quartermaster Navigator, Surgeon, and Cook.
Re: Captain Isildur. I thought about having Isildur as a DMPC, but that felt a little more restrictive than I was comfortable being as an LM. I didn’t want to be calling the shots or giving the whole group orders—and I still wanted to have the group get to that Nimloth adventure. In hindsight now I know I could have done it differently and maybe not had a PC as an important figure in Middle-earth history, but it is what it is, and I think my Isildur player made that role her own for as long as we played through the game.
Session 1 ended up being a small rescue mission in the streets of Rómenna during the crew’s shore leave, setting up the city, the country’s situation, and having an opportunity to roll some dice. Captain Isildur and his Quartermaster were away on business during Session 1 (players couldn’t make it). For Session 2, I leaned into my love of Tar-Aldarion and wrote up a secret meeting inside the great-ship Eämbar, now a wreck on Tol Uinen in the Bay of Rómenna. This meeting was led by Lord Amandil and laid out a few potential missions that my players could choose to go on. Simplified, the options were (1) delivering a letter from “Elentir of Armenelos” to Gil-galad in Lindon (secretly Tar-Míriel asking for aid and to reforge the old alliance), (2) exploratory mission for Faithful refugee settlements on or near the Continent (Pelargir, Lond Daer, etc.), and (3) violence and disruption of King’s Men trade routes to Umbar (just in case they wanted to have a campaign full of battles—you never know sometimes). There were some other ideas I had about trying to resettle Andúnië if they wanted to stay in Númenor, but my Captain ended up choosing to deliver the letter to Lindon.
We played for a year and a half, 16 sessions total and ending our current run with the arrival in Lindon. There were ship battles and storms and a mutiny that was orchestrated by a betrayer within the party—eventually that led to a very cool RP-heavy trial and execution. I had an absolute blast writing and running this campaign for my group. I hope we do end up picking it back up later. I was all prepped for the Audience with Gil-galad and the Undertakings options in Lindon for a Fellowship Phase! We’ll see what the future brings.
This post feels like it’s getting a bit long now, so I’ll leave it by saying that if anyone wants to chat about SA games generally or hear some of the specifics on what I ran, feel free to comment or shoot me a DM.
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