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When the new RMT rules and revised EULA are made active, what will they say about Trusted Traders and Portalarium employees?

The game is going to become two experiences... I feel this has been coming for a long long time and now on the eve of commercial launch, it's being made official.
Anyone that wants to try the game for free may do so, but without any of the tools to directly participate in the player economy or RMT. You can play for free forever, advance your character to level 50 and experience the game in all it's unsullied glory. LOL, not really, it's a turd and riddled with RMT, price fixing, scams, etc... but whatever. You can play the game without ever having to spend a dime now.

Should you so choose to participate in RMT and participate in price fixing scams, bot farming, macro mining and harvesting, shady trades, tax evasion, money laundering, etc... you will have to buy a copy of the game.
All the new rules and license agreements regarding RMT and players should be published at the end of the week. Everything should be laid out and easy to read, hopefully prior to the next telethon

But what about Trusted Traders and Portalarium employees? For that matter, what about Black Sun Games and Travian Games employees?

  • Portalarium link is a US based publisher and creator of Shroud of the Avatar
  • Trusted Traders link are Official Portalarium Partners
  • Black Sun Game Publishing link is a Russian based publishing partner
  • Travian Games link is a German based publishing partner

I've never read anything regarding the ins and outs of moderators, managers, developers, executives, employees, contractors, etc... participating in RMT. Some people seem to think it's OK, while others believe it would be highly unethical. Seeing as how they can stat-set level their characters and have full unmitigated access to all game content (as well as undisclosed changes to the game), I tend to side with the thinks it's unethical crowd.
Darkstarr participates in RMT: link
120 is the max skill level a player can realistically achieve (hence the brouhaha about me setting my skills at 200 when crafting the gear for the charity auction recently)

Berek has his own scene for marketing the add-on store, and in it he has his own tax free City deed complete with a City sized home. He decorates with add-on store items and throws little parties. link
Welcome to the community Moxiepilot, we're all glad to have you here! Enjoy that house decorating!! Check out Hometown for some house themes and decorating ideas (my house is the 5-story Elven City Home), and of course any player own town or other lot in a city has plenty to reveal on what you can do :).

Everyone knows they take liberties. People have witnessed devs leveling their characters in game prior to PVP participation, they'll even play with god mode on, and they'll drop boss spawns on players for private events and then sometimes when they just feel like it for lulz, causing real drama.

The point being, Shroud of the Avatar employees are very comfortable doing whatever they fuck they want, whenever they want.

With all this talk of RMT and the game economy and how everything has been balanced, I'm wondering if there will be any language in the new RMT policy and EULA designed specifically for Portalarium employees and Portalarium partners.
submitted by papajoker to shroudoftheavatar_raw

Dual(s) needed (IDx)

Account is called “Smiley face”.
We have some pretty awesome tools at our disposal.
Decent capital (server is just done with day 4)
We’re gauls.
We extended our beginner protection, so you have around 40h go get used to the account.
We use gold, so if you Can spit in a bit every now and then (not as much as me, dont worry) that Would be great.
Oh and we’re looking for all timezones. Currently need one for GMT+0ish and Someone who is not from around there :-D.
Info about me? I’m a decent Travian player, and post weird stuff here once in a while.
Add me on Discord @ MrEw0k#9780
submitted by DrenaSalamance to travian

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