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Weapon finesse kotor 2 patch

Weapon Finesse Icon Fix at Star Wars Knights of the Old

Your 0 attack bons unarmed came from being a first level character (+1) with an 8 in strength (-1). The main problem is that there is not much replay value after you beat the main quest. Charred flesh retreated from the heat and shriveled into a huddled black mass.

Star Wars: KOTOR 2 - The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod

The story tells you a side that happens after order 66 (For the fans they know what that means). Overview Darth Nihilus, one of the antagonistic Sith Lords of the game. The reason given by the author is: Game Front is now back online.

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Thanks 1. No, melee finesse is redundant when you're a lightsaber. All the content's been implemented so. Jedi Weapon Master The Jedi Weapon Master focuses on two-weapon lightsaber fighting.

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How to Become the Perfect Jedi Sentinel in kotOR: 6 Steps

Books, data, extensions, music, skripts - cloud connection try this site. How Do You Enable Cheat Mode?: : Kingdoms of Amalur. Skyblivion is a name that most modders of Skyrim or Oblivion may have heard at one time or another over the last 9 years.

Hacked star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Overall, I definitely like KOTOR 2 better. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - Optimal Character https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=1822. I love how the game justifies typical RPG mechanics like leveling up with actual in-universe reasoning.

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Does Finesse nullify strength? - Star Wars: Knights of the. While many know of the sith lords restored content mod and the droid planet mod for kotor, many people are unaware of the. I just started another playthrough of KOTOR 2 to help ease the wait for Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity.

Serial key tSLRCM 1.8.5 file - The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod

The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide - The Vault Fallout. Is this a good choice? He and Bruck Chun collided in a mix of growing limbs and arms.

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The massively popular fan expansion pack to KOTOR makes its way to Nexus. Two Revans try to figure out why they've met. S to rios fichajes 2020 chunhyang indowebster forum view.

Steam Community: : Guide: : Class Combinations & Stat

So touching the boost pads is not possible. I was really excited about this game, as Fallout New Vegas and KOTOR 2, both from Obsidian, are two of my all-time favorite games. It undermines the point of Han's development as a character.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Walkthrough

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Weapon Finesse Icon Fix - Star Wars: KotOR II: The Sith. Cyan Lightsaber Fix by Marius Fett[/url] - Already fixed in TSLRCM (and. The game takes place 8 years after kotor2 where you will find the Jedi Order starting to rebuild as they find their place in the Republic that has been absent of the Jedi Order for some years.

Serial number star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic 2

[KOTOR Modding] Working on a new mod... address. From SB: The Old Republic: JumpChain. See Also Short Lightsaber Lightsaber Forms In-game description Edit This short lightsaber once belonged to the powerful Sith Lord Freedon Nadd.

Patch kotOR II character building: kotor

Education Development Center this hyperlink. AC =26 (at level 3) 10 + 4 (dex) + 1 (dodge) + 3 (shield) + 5 (armor) + 2 (offensive defensive) + 1 (size) level 7 build 1 Dodge 2 Offensive defensive 3 weapon finesse 4 Combat trick. Mira Romance Mod 2.0 Mar 26 2020 Released Jan 11, 2020 Role Playing When KOTOR II TSL came out in 2020, it was a brilliant game but lacking a feature: You could romance Your party members, however sadly You could not romance.

Activity code star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Weapon Finesse Icons Fix * Workbench Skill Check FixKNOWN ISSUES* Buying all of the items from any merchant on Nar Shaddaa may cause the game to freeze on some systemsPATCH NOTES* In order for all the changes to integrate into game content properly, you might need to start a new game. Everywhere I've read so far claims that Strength determines your melee to hit/damage, even with light sabers. Weapon finesse kotor 2 patch.

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KOTOR 2 Character Build and more Guide

With all the Star Wars talk in the sub and a possible LP coming, I wanted to do a simple build guide for KOTOR 2 for anyone interested in playing. Because there is no respec option in the game, it is important to build your character with some planning beforehand so that you can avoid missing things or having to go to easy mode because your character is a mess. This guide assumes you've played or watch the LP of KOTOR 1. Also get TLSCRM for cut content.

Starting Class

In KOTOR 2 you select 3 classes to choose from. Unlike KOTOR 1, you immediately start off as a Jedi. The starting classes are Guardian, Sentinel, and Consular.
This class gets a lot of HP and feats early on. This class also gets the unique granted feat "Force Jump" which allow you to close the gap between you and your target when attacking with lightsabers. This is not a recommended starting class as it has access to the worst Class skills and low skill points for your player character(Demolitions, Awareness, Persuade, and Treat Injury). Class Skills are very important for your player character as it will allow for certain interactions and dialogue options.
This class is a good balance with health and Force Points. Because this class is versatile, you can build for either a combat focused character or force focused character. This class gets the unique granted feat "Force Immunity" which grants immunity to many of the debilitating status effects in the game. This is a recommended starting class as it has access to the best Class skills and the most skill points per level(Computer Use, Stealth, Awareness, Persuade, Security, and Treat Injury). As mentioned above, it is important for your player character to have good skills as it will allow for certain interactions and dialogue options.
This class is a heavy force user class with plenty of force power to spend. This class is best used being more of a caster or support while your allies are upfront taking hits. With the proper feats, you can use close combat if needed. This class gets the unique granted feat "Force Focus" which adds to the Difficulty Class(DC) of force moves making force abilities harder to defend or resist against. This is also a recommended starting class as it has access to good Class skills and the second best skill points per level(Awareness, Persuade, Repair, and Treat Injury). As mentioned above, it is important for your player character to have good skills as it will allow for certain interactions and dialogue options.

Prestige Class

This isn't much of a spoiler as like KOTOR 1, you will gain the option to prestige into a new class. Since you are already a Jedi in KOTOR 2, these classes are advance Jedi Classes with access to new unique feats and stat progression. This prestige is available at level 15 and can be done by talking to a certain companion. It is recommended that once you hit level 15 that you stop leveling up and to save your levels for your prestige class. You will gain access to 3 classes to choose from, but classes will vary depending if you are Light side or Dark side.
When you prestige, any new levels will go only into your prestige class. Thus, your stat progression will differ from your starting class. You will also gain new unique granted feats and powers, but you will also lose access to certain select-able feats. You will gain access to new class skills and the class skills of your previous class will still remain. It is important to note that by this point, class skills and points don't really matter as you should have enough points dumped into the skills that matter.
Weapon Master / Marauder:
This class is the best class to prestige into regardless of starting class. This class has access to the best feats of the 3 to choose from.
For Weapon Master(LS) you are granted "Increase Melee Damage" which increases melee damage, "Deflect" which adds blaster bolt deflection bonuses, and "Inner Strength" which gives a percentage damage reduction.
Sith Marauders(DS) you are granted "Increase Combat Damage" which increases any non-force damage and "Ignore Pain" which give a percentage damage reduction. This class also is granted a new Force Power "Fury", which gives you more strength and Attack per rounds at the cost of defense.
Weapon Master(LS) and Sith Marauders(DS) can also select "Superior Weapon Focus: Light Saber" and "Superior Two-Weapon Fighting" which is a further boost to regular "Two-Weapon Fighting". These classes loses access to "Caution", "Close Combat", "Conditioning", "Empathy", "Gear Head", and "Stealth Run".
Watchmen / Assassin:
This class is only recommended if you are planning to do a sneak attack build. If not, you are better off choosing Weapon Master / Marauder.
For both of these classes, you are granted the feat "Sneak Attack" and the power "Force Camouflage". Force Camouflage simply gives you the ability to stealth without a Stealth field Generator. The mechanics of sneak attack is that you gain extra damage bonus if the target is debilitated, the target is attacked from behind within 10 meters, or attacked from stealth within 10 meters. To get this damage reliably, you need to be able to debilitate your target. The issue is that some enemies in the late game can resist attempts at debilitating or are immune to being stunned or paralyzed. The only move in the game that has no immunity against is Force Whirlwind( not Force Wave). Force Whirlwind has a unique immobilize effect that is different from being stunned or paralyze. You also need have to have very high wisdom modifier to ensure that the enemy is always immobilized. The only difference between Watchmen(LS) and Assassin(DS) is that Assassin can go up to Sneak Attack X while Watchmen can only go up to Sneak Attack IV.
Both classes lose access to "Close Combat", "Dual Strike", and "Regenerate Vitality Points".
Master / Sith Lord
This class has worse Defense Bonus than Consular. The power you get basically boosts your ally's attack damage(LS) or reduce your enemies' attack damage(DS). You are better off sticking to Consular if you want to go full space Wizard.

Class Skills to Invest

Persuade: Max this out for dialogue.
Computer Skill/Repair: This skill is needed to upgrade a certain character. If you don't have one of the two, invest in the cross class Skill feat. Repair is also important for breaking down items at the workbench.
Awareness: Get to minimum 15. You can have your allies invest more for crafting purposes.
Security: Useful for looting but can be invested in by other allies.
Demolition: Invest 1 point. Your allies can invest in demolition to disarm mines.
Stealth: Invest 1 point to use stealth field generators. This skill can easily be boosted by equipment.
Treat injury: Don't invest. Outclassed by Force powers. Have allies invest for crafting purposes.

Feats to Invest

Toughness Rank 2: Get this for 10% damage Reduction
Dueling vs Two-Weapon Fighting: Being a Two handed fighter is technically more dps but, one handed can also be viable if you want to role play.
Class Skill: You can invest a feat to ensure that you can turn a cross-class skill into a class skill. Use this to get either Computer Skill or Repair unlocked depending on your staring class.
Regenerate FP: Increase FP Regen. Get this if you want to use force power more frequently.
Finesse: Use Dexterity as a bonus to chance to hit instead of Strength if Dexterity is higher. Get this if you invested in DEX. Note that Finesse Melee Weapons affect both melee weapons and Light sabers.
Close Combat: Lowers your penalty and the enemy's advantage for you using range weapons up close. Get this only if you want to be a blaster Jedi.
Precise Shot: Adds Damage to range and Reduce Blaster Bolt Deflection of enemy. Get this only if you want to be a blaster Jedi.
There are 6 active attack feats to choose from depending if you want to use melee or ranged. You should only need to invest in one of these active feats.
Flurry / Rapid Shot: Adds bonus attacks per Round with negative penalties to Defense and Attack. This is the safest option as it simply increases your dps especially when combined with "Master Speed". The negative penalties lessen with each rank of these skills. This doesn't require careful weapon upgrading to be used effectively. Both "Flurry" and "Rapid Shot" are affected by Master Speed.
Power Attack / Power Blast: Adds bonus damage to attack with a -3 chance to hit. Also grants 3x critical damage if that attack was a critical. Good option for high burst damage. If your weapon is upgraded with "keen" for critical chance and damage bonus upgrades, you more consistently get the 3x crit boost from this attack. "Power Attack" can also be affected by "Master Speed". Note that "Power Blast" is not affected by "Master Speed".
Critical Strike / Sniper Shot: Increase the Crit Range up to x4 at cost to defense. Good option but requires more careful selection of weapon and upgrades to consistently get critical. With the right setup you can get up to 75% crit chance. "Critical Strike" can also be affected by "Master Speed". Note that "Sniper Shot" is not affected by "Master Speed".

Force Powers

Get this Regardless of alignment:
Master Heal (Rank 3) - Outclasses healing Items.
Force Storm (Rank 3) - Outclasses all other offensive force powers.
Master Speed (Rank 3) - Increases DPS by adding attacks per Round. Also gives Defense.
Good Force Powers
Master Valor (Rank 3) - Increases Attributes by +5. A really good buff.
Destroy Droid (Rank 3) - Droids are immune to many other powers. Use this as you will face many droids.
Force Whirlwind (Rank 2) - The one force power that can immobilize a target without worrying about immunity.
Master Energy Resistance (Rank 3) - Even a Jedi can have a tough time while outnumbered by blaster fire. Reduces damage energy, sonic, fire, cold, and electrical to all allies.
OK Force Powers
Improve Revitalize (Rank 2) - Resurrect your downed party members. Use in case of emergency. If there is at least one character able to cast Master Heal, then needing to cast this is rare.
Stun/Fear - Useful to stun enemies and crowd control early game. Becomes more difficult to stun in late game.
Drain Force - Drain Force energy from all organic enemies. Work even on non force users. Useful if you find yourself running out of FP.
Force aura - Gives defense, but so does Master speed. Its rather annoying to cast too many buffs until you get an ability to cast Aura, Speed, and Valor all at once. Until you do get this, wait on investing in this ability.
Niche Powers
Force Deflection - Deflect without a lightsaber. Get this if you are a blaster jedi
Affect mind and Dominate mind - Jedi mind tricks lead to interesting dialogue options. Dominate mind tends to be more DS.


In order to gain the most dialogue and backstory with your allies, you need to gain influence over them. Some allies will even get special "upgrades" by getting enough influence. You can either gain influence with some characters by talking with them on your ship or having them in the party and reacting to things you do. Some dialogue may require dark side or light side points. Don't worry, as there are many opportunities to correct yourself to either light or dark side. Once all dialogue options have been successfully exhausted, there will be no need to gain influence for that ally.
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Why I think the "Dex is OP" belief will never end

As we all probably have, I have thought about Dexterity as a score and the many ways it is an amazing stat. Something so odd about the discussion is that people tend to be on the extremes; it is either OP or balanced. While I was speaking to a friend about it, I realized something.
I think the reason people have so drastically different opinions about Dexterity's power level has to do with what you want Dex to be, and experiences which often form this opinion.
I think people who has played mostly only 5e tend to think Str and Dex are balanced. It makes perfect sense for them to think so. Str gives higher AC and higher damage as well as Athletics. Dex is weaker for combat but gets initiative, a stronger save and another sort of skills. For them I think it is mostly a question of "Do I picture Boromir or Legolas? Swashbuckler or Barbarian?"
Then for those that have played older editions, they tend to lean more on the side of thinking Dex is too strong. Those from ADnD have never heard of Finesse. They are used to the clear structure of Str for attack and Dex for defense (and archery). Those who played 3.5, Pathfinder or even KOTOR are used to pretty much the same thing as ADnD players, but with the addition of a feat that lets finesse weapons be wielded with Dex. But back then the rapier was 1d6, and you still used str for damage. While the swashbuckler took that feat, the barbarian took power attack (which at low level is -1 to hit, +3 damage if two-handed). With a rule that let you add half your modifier extra to damage if holding two handed, they compared
  • (18 Str, Greatsword, Power Attack feat): 2d6+9 damage
  • (12 Str, 18 Dex, Rapier, Weapon Finesse feat): 1d6+1
That was a damage difference of 11.5, while in 5e it is 2.5 damage. And if you are not wearing heavy armor, rapier and shield is just as good as longsword and shield. This doesn't at all mean that 5e is badly balanced, but for those coming from older editions Dexterity has absolutely seen an increase in power. Dex used to be a defensive and skill oriented stat, and now it can fight as well while Strength hasn't seen a buff. Strength even "lost" the extra two-handed damage and Dex to AC. So it is not difficult to understand why they are upset.
In the end, I think the key-word is preference. I don't think the discussion is actually about whether Dex is better or not than Strength. The real question is, "Do you as a player WANT Dex to have all these abilities?" Younger and unbiased RPG players tend to enjoy the modern way of thinking, while the older players with experiences from earlier editions tend to be reluctant to the change.
It doesn't mean that either way of looking at things is bad. It only means that the people who think that 5e is amazing in all of its simplicity, but doesn't like what has been done to dexterity, are caught between a rock and a hard place. Do they endure the changes they dislike, or do they homebrew more rules and go against the "less is more" mentality that they love about 5e. Or go back to the much clumsier editions such as ADnD and 3.5.
So once again, it isn't necessarily about Dex vs Strength, just do you want Dex to be able to do all of this or not.
Do you want Dex to do all the things it does in 5e or wish it was a bit more like earlier editions?
A last note to think about. Older players are not as active on these sort of sites as younger players. My father for instance, who introduced me to tabletop RPGs (and KOTOR, bless the man), has never heard of reddit and thinks the idea of finesse is awful since he mostly plays ADnD and sometimes 3.5. He just comes from a different era of tabletop RPGs.
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