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Alyx Vance appears to have an electronic one about half-way through Half Life 2, which opens all doors in Nova Prospekt and can also hack Combine computer consoles; Subversion: In World of Warcraft, the key to open the Scholomance door is called the Skeleton Key and has a skull-shaped bow, but otherwise is apparently just a normal key that opens one particular door. Directed by Charles Guard, Thomas Guard. But if you dare take this trip across that bridge and into the town of nightmares be prepared for what awaits you. Free Manual Handling Video - Assessing Manual Handling Risks. What Is the Symbolism of Skeleton Keys? . Review by Megan Donovan. Video Production Company & Full Service Agency.

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The Skeleton Key Movie TV Listings and Schedule. Skeleton Key is a helmet that allows its user to control any technological device within its radius, although its range can be amplified to allow worldwide control. It is much easier to understand then the other answer. The film has its fair share of problems, principally. Skeleton Key; Where to watch JustWatch. Honourable Mentions: Skeleton Key 2: 667 Neighbour of the Beast. Join host Mike Geig behind the scenes with Cinder Cone on their upcoming gothic platformer, Skeleton Crew.

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While I accept that this field of technology may have its dangers, I believe that the benefits of genetic engineering outweigh the drawbacks. Film skeleton key 2. It's all about the little ones: doggy sleeping bags, a puppy registry, and. You can effortlessly create videos of your own choice.

Skeleton Argument – University of Edinburgh Mooting Society

When that person is brutally murdered, it leaves. Skeleton Key" Author: George G. Toudouze: Country: France: Language: English: Genre(s) Short story: Published in: Esquire: Publication type: Magazine: Media type: Print: Publication date: January 1937: Georges-G. Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Skeleton Key 2. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns. Borderlands 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Easter Eggs. Marnie (1964) Mini-Review: A Hitchcock Skeleton Key; The Call of the Wild (2020) Mini-Review; Dolittle (2020) Mini-Review; My Year at the Movies – 2020; My Film Awards – 2020; My Favorite Films of 2020; My Most Anticipated Films of 2020; Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2020) Film Review; Why Return of the Jedi is the Best Movie in the. Middle Mouse Button - if you set ammo/status to " force hide ", both no reload and ignore ammo pouch scripts would be rendered useless, as the injection point(s) I used for these 2 scripts would only be executed if.

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Abigail Brady's two-year-old son, Theo, insists on bringing his skeleton, Benny, in. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. The site's consensus reads: "Only the very. Home - The Elder Scrolls Online. The Skeleton Key is presented in an anamorphic 2.35: 1 widescreen format that looks great in just about every way. Thought offers you all the distinctive applications. The Skeleton Key DVD from Private Collection Very Good Condition $ Trending at $ Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

The Cave in the Woods

A short horror story. Would appreciate any feedback :)

I had just turned sixteen that summer. Myself, my parents and my eight year old brother were staying at my grandfather's log cabin up in the mountains. My grandfather had passed away the previous winter and left it to us in his will, so my parents had decided to take us up there for a couple of weeks. I was at an age where I despised doing anything with my parents but I did like getting away from the city for a while. There was just something about the mountains that made me feel relaxed and free. Almost like I could breathe easier.
My parents allowed me to roam around the surrounding woods and valleys as much as I wanted, as long as I was back before it got dark. I spent the first few days exploring, even managing to light my first campfire in a small clearing I had discovered in the woods. It took some trial and error but eventually I got it going, (with some help from my zippo lighter) and sat on a nearby log just staring at it, feeling a sense of accomplishment.
The rest of my time was spent exploring a few of the shallow valleys around the mountain and even finding a few caves, which I wasn't bold enough to venture inside of as I didn't have a torch and could get slighty claustrophobic at times. It didn't help that I had observed there to be small bones scattered around the entrances to a few of them.
During the day my parents would usually hang around the cabin with my brother or occassionally go on little walks together, though they weren't very active people so these tended to be brief. At night they'd drive for ten kilometres to the Roadhouse, which was a kind of bar that serves food, and come home around one or two in the morning. While they were gone I'd have to mind my little brother, but he was quiet and behaved most of the time so this didn't really bother me. The cabin had an old tv that we'd watch and I had brought a few books on the trip to keep me entertained.
My brother liked to ask me about my daytime explorations, which I enjoyed relaying to him. I told him about the fire I had managed to make and the caves I had discovered. However, he was disappointed when I told him that I didn't go inside.
“I wish I could go in them and see what's inside,” he said. “Can you please just look in one so I can know what's in them?”
Not wishing to appear cowardly to my little brother, I relented and promised him I'd take a look inside of one the next day. Part of me did feel ashamed of being afraid to do something a child was so willing to do.
The following morning I set out bright and early, this time remembering to bring a torch as it seemed unlikely I'd be capable of exploring any of those caves without one. It was a pleasantly warm morning but I still wore my boots and jacket just to be on the safe side as the afternoons could be chilly out here with little cloud cover. I had decided on the cave closest to our cabin, which was still at least a kilometre away.
I had always suffered with anxiety to some extent but that morning it was especially bad. Almost a feeling of dread. I kept telling myself that it was irrational, that I would be perfectly safe. My parents had reassured me before coming here that there hadn't been any reported animal attacks in the area in over half a century. Still this sense was slowly taking hold of me the entire walk to the cave, despite of how beautiful a day it was.
To access this particular cave you needed to climb over a series of boulders. The entrance was a good twenty metres off the ground and overlooking the path. After no small effort I arrived at the entrance. Like some of the other cave entrances I had observed, this one had the bones of a small animal on the ground. In this case it was the skeleton of some sort of bird, probably a magpie since there were so many around the area. Come to think of it I hadn't seen any on my walk up to the cave, which was unusual.
After examining the bones of this unfortunate creature for a while and trying to psyche myself
up I eventually turned on my torch and pointed it straight into the gloomy depths in front of me. Both sides of the cave were visable anyway. It was about three metres wide and didn't seem to narrow or widen near the entrance. It was time for me to go inside, so I started taking small, hesitant steps beyond the mouth of the cave. It was utterly silent inside apart from the light dragging sound of my feet and I thought I could make out a faint dripping noise from somewhere way ahead of me. The beam of my torch swept from wall to wall but the way ahead was always empty apart from the odd rock.
After I'd gone in about thirty metres I was starting to get impatient. The initial fear I had felt had begun to dissipate and my sense of curiosity was starting to take over. I started to pick up the pace and before long arrived at a juncture of some sorts. The passage continued straight ahead as normal but to my left was a smaller entrance to another passage accessible only by climbing up a over some rocks. I decided it was best to continue on the main passage for now but made a mental note of this other passage.
After another ten minutes or so of following the main passage I eventually came to a type of chamber. It was roughly double the width and height of the main passage but seemed to be empty apart from some large boulders. Once I had examined the chamber more thoroughly I discovered a pile of branches behind one of the boulders. The way that these branches were arranged almost gave them the appearance of a large nest. Upon closer inspection of this pile I noticed scraps of fabric in amongst the branches as well as a few bones that were definitely too big to be from a bird.
I had also found that this chamber was in fact a dead end so, with some feeling of relief, I started following the passage back the way I had come. At this point I had almost forgotten about the smaller passage until I had returned to the entrance for it. Hesitating at first, I stood there a moment trying to decide what to do. Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I decided that if I didn't check it out I'd probably regret it later, so I started climbing.
This passage turned out to be far smaller than the main one. It was maybe a metre wide and I had to duck to avoid hitting my head on the ceiling, which did not do my claustrophobia any favours. I continued down the passageway, hoping that it would come to an end soon and I could go back. After a couple of minutes it started to narrow even further to the point where I had to start crawling. I had made up my mind that if it got any narrower I would head back, not wishing to die trapped inside a cave. Two more minutes of crawling passed when suddenly a noise up ahead made me freeze.
The sound was a very slight scraping, just barely detectable but a wave of fear came over me when I had first heard it. I didn't move from that position for several minutes, listening intently for any further sounds. Nothing more came from down the passageway but I knew that I had to leave immediately. Very slowly I started to back up, there not being enough room to turn around, moving at a glacial pace so as to make as little noise as possible. At one point the realisation dawned on me that the noise I was making crawling through the passage was eerily similar to the noise I had thought I heard up ahead. Was it possible I just imagined this noise ahead of me? I really hoped so but was determined to leave the cave as soon as possible regardless.
Soon the passage was wide enough for me to stand up and turn around, which I did while still walking as silently as I could. At this point I had mostly convinced myself that the noise was just my imagination but I wasn't taking any chances. Every few steps I would stop and listen just to be sure there were no further sounds. Once I had joined up with the main passageway I started to pick up the pace. After a couple minutes I could see the light from the entrance and started to jog, eager to be out of this cave and put it behind me. I thought about what I would tell my brother, perhaps exaggerating about the bones and the pile of branches. Maybe I'd even tell him I had seen a monster. Finally reaching the cave entrance, I started to climb down.
At this point I was pretty eager to get back to the cabin and relax after the whole ordeal, imaginary or not.
Once I'd reached solid ground again I looked back at the cave entrance and almost let out a scream. For one instant I could see a face looking down on me from the darkness of the cave. It retreated into the darkness as soon as I saw it but was definitely there. I could have sworn it looked more like a person than any kind of animal but I couldn't be sure, having only seen it for a split second. I assumed that it wouldn't come out into the daylight but regardless I immediately ran all the way back to the cabin.
It was afternoon when by the time made it back and my mother was in the middle of making a peanut butter sandwich for my brother.
“You're back early,” she remarked as I came in, without looking up from her task. Ignoring her, I went straight into my room. It had occurred to me on my frantic journey back that I probably shouldn't tell them about what happened. That they would be angry or disappointed in me or something like that. They wouldn't believe what I thought I saw, I knew that for sure. Instead I just sat up in my bed, sweat pouring down my forehead, picturing that face and the cave over and over again.
Had that thing followed me the entire time I was in there? Was it right behind me and I just didn't notice? How could it have been, I was so careful to check behind me and to stop and listen as much as possible? No matter how stealthy it was, it had to produce some sound. That's when I started thinking that maybe I didn't actually see anything. Maybe I had just conjured it up, my mind playing tricks on me from being in darkness and confined space for so long. It had looked exceptionally real to me in that moment though.
Later that day, around dusk my parents left me to mind my brother while they went to the Roadhouse. I was starting to get over my shock, half managing to convince myself that I hadn't in fact see anything and even if I did, it didn't matter because I wouldn't be going back into that cave any time soon.
My brother was aware that I wasn't supposed to go exploring caves so he had the sense to wait until my parents had left before asking me about it.
“Well did you do it?” I couldn't help but smile at the eagerness on his face.
“Of course I did, who do you take me for?” I boasted.
“Was it big? What did you see? Were there any monsters?” He asked excitedly.
“It was enormous. There were bones everywhere. Some belonged to animals and some to little boys!” I said, hoping to scare him.
It definitely worked because he flinched at this.
“You saw the monster?” He asked, surprised.
“I sure did, but don't worry, I beat him up and told him I better not see him around again or he'd be in real trouble!” I said with exaggerated smugness in my voice and beginning to forget my earlier feeling of terror. I loved filling my brother's head with nonsense, he always believed every word I said.
“Wow, you must be pretty strong to beat up a monster,” He said with awe in his voice.
“Of course I am, look.” I said and proceeded to pick him up in one arm, to his amazement. It was so easy to impress him.
After I had cooked us both a dinner of instant noodles we decided to watch some tv. We didn't have any channels but fortunately my dad is one of the few remaining people who still bought dvds so we had brought some of those with us. We decided to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the tenth time because my brother was at that age where if he liked a movie he'd just watch it over and over again without ever getting bored of it.
It was ten o'clock and I was starting to think about making my brother go to bed when there was a noise outside. It was quiet but it sounded like a scratching at the back door. Of course it was windy out so it could have been anything so I just ignored it. After much protesting I managed to get my brother to go to bed once the movie was over and was looking through the dvds for something to watch by myself when I heard the scratching sound again. This time it seemed to come from the window behind the tv. I went over and pulled back the curtain but there was nothing outside. I was convinced that it must be the wind that was causing it but regardless I went and checked all the doors and windows in the house to make sure they were locked. The window in my bedroom was open, but aside from that the rest were locked. Upon returning to the sitting room I chose to watch Gladiator, knowing that it would be long enough to keep me entertained until my parents came back.
It was about an hour into the film and I had been beginning to drift off when I heard that scratching sound again. It startled me a bit because it sounded louder this time. I paused the movie and listened intently in-case it happened again. I wasn't sure exactly where it had come from that time. I went back to watching the movie after a couple minutes of listening intently when I saw a flicker of movement in the corner of my eye and almost jumped out of my skin. My brother was in the doorway looking all nervous.
“What are you doing up? You should be asleep by now,” I asked him, failing to hide the irritation in my voice.
“I can't sleep, I think there's something in my room,”
“There's nothing in your room, come on I'll show you.” And begrudgingly I got up, led him back to his room and turned on the lights. His room was a lot messier than I remembered it being when I had put him to bed. There were several toys strewn all over the floor and numerous mud stains on the carpet that had escaped my notice.
“Look there's nothing in here.” I got on my knees and looked under the bed. There was nothing but toys under there. “Check the wardrobe,” he said and I obliged him, hesitating a second before flinging open the doors to be met with nothing but clothes and more toys.
“See, there's nothing in your room. Now get into bed, mam and dad will be back soon.”
“There was something, I swear!” He said, sounding frustrated.
“What was it then?” I asked.
“I don't know. It was big, bigger than you and it kind of made a noise like it was sniffing for something.”
“And where was it?”
“Over by the wardrobe,” he said, pointing.
“Well if there was anything it's gone now. Come on, back into bed.”
This time I was sure to tuck him in tight. Then I turned on his night-light and went back in to watch the rest of my movie in peace. After a few minutes of this I suddenly sensed more movement out of the corner of my eye. My heart dropped into my stomach and I turned my head to look. It was in the direction of the kitchen on my right which was in complete darkness. I stared for a few moments, not wanting to move but knowing I would have to. My brain knew that it was probably nothing but there was no way that I could relax until I had taken a look. I got up and tentatively walked over to the kitchen and without entering, After reaching inside and flipping the lightswitch to my utter dismay the light didn't turn on.
My torch was in my room so I decided to go and fetch it. As I started walking I could have sworn I heard the faint sound of scurrying and snapped my eyes back to the kitchen. I stood there staring into the darkness for a moment but after not seeing or hearing anything further I turned and went to my room and got the torch. After returning to the kitchen doorway I hesitated a moment. I was tempted to go and get my brother just so I wouldn't have to go in there alone. After internally scolding myself for being so cowardly I turned on the torch and
pointed it into the pitch black kitchen.
There was nothing immediately apparent when I shone my torch inside. I brought the beam up to the lightbulb and found that it was broken, smashed all over the floor. I had heard of that happening to lightbulbs sometimes when they were turned on but I'd never seen it myself. I wondered when it had happened as the last time I turned it on it was fine. Deciding it was time to go in, I put on my shoes to avoid the broken glass and stepped into the kitchen.
The first thing I noticed was that several cupboard doors were open when I was sure I had closed them all the last time I was in there. Then I noticed that the freezer door was open and there was frozen meat all over the floor. I scanned my torch carefully around the rest of the room and stopped suddenly when I got to the corner on the left-hand side from the doorway. I froze solid, the fear I was experiencing stopping my brain from sending signals to the rest of my body. In the corner, facing towards the wall was what I at first thought to be a naked man. This on its own would have been enough reason for what I felt but there was something off about the shape of him, his arms and legs seemed too long for his body and his back was terribly hunched.
After what felt like an eternity and without taking my eyes off of the malformed figure in the corner, I started slowly backing out of the kitchen. For whatever reason the torchlight didn't seem to bother the creature and it remained perfectly still, facing into the corner with its hands covering its face. I took a few steps backwards and ended up tripping over a chair leg and dropping the torch. As soon as it hit the ground I heard an ear-piercing scream like the kind a large pig would make and I immediately bolted out of the kitchen and shut the door. My brother was standing in the sitting room, looking at me with alarm but I didn't have time to explain anything to him. The kitchen door didn't have a lock so I pushed the couch in front of it, hoping that would be enough to hold whatever it was inside.
Once that was done I went to the phone and rang the Roadhouse. One of the bartenders answered and told me that my parents had just left. This was something of a relief as that meant they should be home in the next half hour. I sat on the couch to add my weight against the door and motioned to my brother to be quiet. There was no sound coming from behind the door. Then it occurred to me that one of the windows was open in the kitchen.
I ran to the front door to make sure it was locked and put the latch on just in case. Then I began checking all the windows in the house again. All of them were still closed except for my parents bedroom. I looked out of their window when I went to close it and momentarily froze when I saw a pair of eyes staring at me from the shadows in front of our cabin. The silhouette of the creature didn't seem to be moving but was just crouching there, observing me. After a few moments I came to my senses and shut the window and the curtains for good measure.
I rushed back into the living room with my brother who was scared out of his mind. The next thing that occurred to me was that I needed to find something to defend us with in case that thing managed to get inside. This turned out to be easier said than done as there didn't seem to be anything around the house that could be used as a weapon. I briefly considered a lamp and even a shoe, but soon abandoned those ideas. Then it occurred to me that there were plenty of knives in the kitchen. Dread fell over me as I came to this realization as it would mean removing the barricade and entering the kitchen again, with its window still open.
After considering this for a couple of minutes I decided that the best way to approach this would be to peak out of different windows until I was sure that the creature was still outside. First I looked out of the living room window. The light from inside only illuminated an area roughly five metres from the house, so I stared out for a while and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. Once I was satisfied that there was nothing out there I moved on to my brother's room.
I ended up trying most of the windows in the cabin before finally reaching the bathroom. It took
me a few moments but my eyes detected movement roughly ten metres from the house. Fairly certain I could make out a silhouette of the creature, I closed the blinds and crept softly back to the living room, motioning my brother to remain silent. The two of us moved the couch away from the kitchen door as slowly and quietly as possible and I pressed my ear against it. There was nothing but utter silence on the other side so, after a few deep breaths, I opened the door and saw nothing but the open window and the creature standing right in front of it facing me.
Involuntarily I let out a scream and it responded by opening its mouth impossibly wide and letting out that ear piercing shriek.
Immediately I slammed the door shut, replacing the couch as fast as possible and after what must have been about three seconds there was a deafening thud against the door, followed by another and another. With the amount of force that was hitting the door you would be forgiven for thinking it was a grizzly bear on the other side. My brother and I just braced the couch as hard as we could and after what felt like an eternity the thudding subsided.
By now we had accepted that the kitchen was off limits so we just sat on the couch in silence for a while, listening intently. We both knew that our parents should be home any minute and were just hoping that the creature didn't find a way in before they arrived. We sat listening for about ten minutes, hearing some scratching noises from various parts of the cabin but not daring to get up off the couch to investigate. Then we heard a car pull up outside. I motioned to my brother to stay on the couch while I got up and went to the door. I looked out the peep-hole and saw my parents get out of the car and come up to the door. Feeling an overwhelming sense of relief I slid down to my knees and listened to my dad fumbling around with the keys. Suddenly there was a violent thud against the door and the sound of my mam screaming as I sprang back up to my feet. I looked through the peep-hole again and saw my mam running back to the car, getting in and locking the doors.
Red liquid started seeping under the door and I felt something drop in the pit of my stomach as I realized it could be my dad's blood. I backed away from the door, tears filling my eyes in a state of blind panic. My dad was hurt, possibly dead, my mam was trapped in the car and my brother and I were trapped in the house. That was when I remembered the phone. I didn't know why it hadn't occurred to me sooner, I could call the police. As this dawned on me I started to hear a sound coming from the front door. My curiosity got the better of me and I strained my ears to hear. For some reason it reminded me of our old German Shepherd eating his wet food from his bowl. Then I bit down on my knuckle as I realized that the sound coming from just outside the front door was the sound of chewing.
After taking a deep breath to try and pull myself together and try not to think about whatever was going on outside I darted into the sitting room, picked up the phone and called the police. The operator on the other line put me through immediatly and as soon as there was an answer I blurted out what was happening as best I could without bursting into hysterics. Of course I referred to the creature as a crazed man which for all I knew it could be, or at least that was what I told myself.
“Officers are on their way, please just sit tight and make sure all doors and windows are secured until they arrive,” the frustratingly calm man's voice on the other end of the phone told me. After thanking him I hung up.
I did a quick once-over of all the windows in the house just to make sure they were all still locked. Once I'd done this I went back to the front door and listened. The chewing sound had stopped and I felt a small pang of relief. I put my eye up to the peephole and looked out. Nothing was visible outside except for the inside of the car illuminated by the light my mam had on. She was sitting bolt upright moving her head around in different directions, looking for the thing that attacked my dad. I felt so helpless looking at her but leaving the house was out of the question. Suddenly I realized that I hadn't seen my brother in at least ten minutes. I'd forgotten
that I'd left him sitting on the couch against the kitchen door. After returning to the sitting room to check on him I discovered that he was gone. Not wishing to draw the creature's attention by shouting, I started searching the house and calling for my brother as quietly as I could.
Once I'd checked all the rooms and hadn't found him, I stood in the hallway trying to think and that's when I heard the scratching sound coming from the ceiling. Noticing that the hall closet door was slightly ajar I walked over and swung it open to see that the ladder leading into the attic was down. After some slight hesitation I decided that I had to go up there so I grabbed the torch and climbed up slowly, pointing it in front of me.
When my head was through the hatch I scanned the torch over the attic and saw some movement down the other end, where I couldn't see properly. I called out for my brother and the scratching stopped. Against my better judgement I climbed into the attic and walked down to the other end where I found my brother staring at the wall.
I yelled at him in frustration; “Why the hell wouldn't you answer me? I've been looking everywhere for you!”
Then the scratching started again only louder and faster this time. I shone my torch on the wall where my brother was looking and to my horror there was an arm coming through it, frantically clawing out bits of plaster and wood. I tried to drag my brother away but he grabbed my arm and said “It's ok, he's not here to hurt us. He told me so.”
Not willing or able to process this new information, I picked my brother up over my shoulder and climbed out of the attic as quickly as possible, shutting the hatch behind me.
The noise in the attic continued as I scolded my brother.
“What the hell were you doing up there? You need to stay away from that thing, it wants to hurt us!” I snapped.
“No he doesn't, he told me that he's lonely and he just wants to be friends. He's been by himself for years out here and he needs someone to talk to.” I just looked at my brother with my mouth agape for a few seconds, trying to take this in and deciding it must have been his imagination as whatever that thing was, it was not a human.
“Shut up and get back in the sitting room!” He begrudgingly obeyed and I braced a chair against the closet door and joined him in the sitting room. We sat on the couch for what felt like an eternity, just listening. Then there was a crashing sound and scurrying footsteps coming from the ceiling. Sweat poured down my face and neck as I prayed that it would not find its way out of the attic. After some time the sound stopped all together and I started to calm down a bit. My brother was starting to look rather bored but I didn't care, so long as he stayed put. Suddenly there was a knock on the front door. It was a strange, subdued kind of knock, like whoever made it wasn't in any kind of a hurry. I thought it must be the police.
Slowly I rose from the chair and crept towards the hallway. There was another knock, followed by a voice. “Ciara? Let me in honey. It's ok now, I promise.” It was my mother! “Mam!” I shouted as I leapt to the door. When my hand was on the handle I paused. Composing myself, I looked out of the peephole. To my relief I could see my mother's face, though not very well given the limited lighting outside. I swung open the door and froze in shock as I saw the creature standing upright holding the head of my mother.
submitted by notagoblin91 to creativewriting

(SPOILERS) Moira MacTaggert is in a quest to save Jean Gray and is the reason behind all the plot holes in the X-Men movies

So. This might seem crazy but hear me out.
Yesterday I was watching First Class for the very first time. I don't know why I never watched it but I saw it on HBO max and decided to watch it with my brother. Early in the film Moira MacTaggert's character is introduced. I was surprised, i knew she was part of this movies but had completely forgotten about her character.
When i saw Moira I immediately started talking to my brother about the House of X storyline from the comics.
For those who don't know House of X is an X-Men comic event from last year in which (SPOILERS FOR HOUSE OF X) Charles Xavier suddenly decides that a peaceful co-existance between humans and mutants won't be possible. instead he decides to segregate and isolate the mutants to the island of Krokoa. Creating their own country with the help of the X-Men and their villians (its a really good story. You should read it).
What does this have to do with Moira? Well Moira is the very reason Charles had changed his idea. During the end of house of X (AGAIN, SPOILERS FOR HOUSE OF X) it's revealed that Moira herself is a mutant and that her power is resurrection. She has lived 9 lives and in 8 of them the mutants had gone extinct. She is currently in her 10th and during her previous lives she attempted to stop the extinction of mutant kind but was never successful. On her current and final life Moira decides to let Charles see all her past lives. Explaining his sudden and radical change of ideology.
The way I think this applies into the movies is that the movies we see are actually 5 of Moira's lifes and her goal (Even if she doesn't know it) is for Jean Gray to survive.
Disclaimer: you could go with the idea that Moira only had 5 life's but 10 is a very important number in the X-Men mythos (10=X).you could also re-arrange the life's differently as long as the Days of future past life is last for the theory to work. Its also up to the Reader if Moira knows that Jean's survival is the key to saving the mutants.
Miora's first 5 lives are a mistery but following the comic's story, we know that they failed.
Life #6: Dark Timeline.
Events similar to the ones in First Class happen but with differences. The cast being much younger and mystique being a different character (she possibly didn't go with Magneto and instead went on her own).
Days of Future past does not happen (this explains why mystique doesn't have wolverines body in apocalypse) and trask dies.
The events of Apocalypse happen (Wolverines first meeting with the X-Men).
The events of Dark Phoenix happen (Jean Dies. Timeline ruined).
Jean having access to the Phoenix in apocalypse can be explained by the idea that she is such a powerful telepath that she managed to somehow tap in to the Phoenix's power which made it travel to earth looking for her.
Life #7: Bub Timeline.
The events of X-Men origins Wolverine happen(The X-Men exist during the 70s. Wolverine and Sabretooth are brothers. And Charles is much older).
Moira's life ends due to unknown reasons (This movie sucked so hard I couldn't connect it to another without causing a continuity error).
Life #8: 2000s Timeline.
The events of the first trilogy happen without disturbance. Jean eventually dies making the timeline not work(Moira appears to be much older than in the prequels. The characters have to be born during different time periods for the theory to work. charles, Magneto, Psylock so on and so on).
Life #9 "holding your heart" timeline.
The events "The wolverine" and "Logan" happen (Jean died Prior to the Events of the Wolverine ruining the timeline).
There is a plot hole in this timeline that I can't explain which is wolverine re-acquiring his metal claws. But we could just assume that he got a weaker version of his Adamantium skeleton which led to the poisoning in Logan.
Life #10 Future past timeline.
The events of First class happen. Mystique kills Trask (who looks completely different for one reason or another). Eventually the Dark future from the begining of Days of future past happens. Jean dies once again but Moira survives and decides to live her last life even in this desolate and dystopian future. The X-Men in their last stand (no pun intended) send Wolverine back in time to stop mystique from killing Trask. He succeeds and once he returns to his time all the dead X-Men have come back to life (including Jean).
Which must mean that she survived having the Phoenix and possibly still has it (I believe she managed to control the Phoenix because there were 2 ENTIRE movies dedicated to it. So it has to be her destiny).
In any case, she is alive and this is the timeline in which the mutants win.
What causes the extinction?
I have no clue. In the original Story its usually humans but its only assumption in the movies. Extinction can happen by many means (Logan and Days of future past) but to stop it, Jean has to be present
Why Jean?
The only time the X-Men win and have a happy ending is when Jean is alive. This is also the only timeline were she lives (presumably)
Though a next generation of mutants is teased in Logan, The movie doesn't end this timeline I refuse to believe that the world would change so drastically in between 6 years.
Side note:
if you believe Deadpool to be connected to the Fox X-Men because of the easter egg in DP2 it could just be another separate life.
I addressed all the plot holes I could think of. If you noticed some that I didn't mention, just let me know.
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