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Why pirate IF you can purchase?

I used to pirate software/games a lot during my ... entire life actually ... till one day I made a Steam Account, NOT to actually buy games, but to know the latest games that have been released so I CAN PIRATE THEM.
I was also known in my entire University as the person 'who seems to find anything on the Internet' and I literally stocked my University's Software Repository with the latest CRACKED software such as MATLAB, LABVIEW, etc. (no, I wasn't awarded any additional marks for those activities).
Fast forward a couple of years, (when I was on job and still pirating everything) when I finally realized how actually piracy degrades the entire software sector, and especially the gaming sector.
Shortest Version Possible - Suppose I pirate a 'game' (as an example) that should have been sold at $60. The main company doesn't get that $60 multiplied by all the people who pirated that single game (sometimes estimated to be millions of USD). Who gets the shaft? The person working at the bottom of the entire organization - the person who has put in unpaid overtime shifts to meet a deadline, gets 'let go off' because the company didn't get to meet their expected earnings (I'm aware that is not a single factor, but is still a factor that companies blame for a loss in earnings).
Being in the software development sector, and even heading spearheading specialized RFID warehouse management software, this was the part where I converted to purchasing the games I can afford and from companies such as KLIE, SuperGiant, etc., and just not purchasing any games that I cannot afford and from the companies that can't treat their customer base properly [EA, Activision, BETHESDA, now UbiSoft as well, etc].
I actually bought 'almost' all the games I could remember I pirated from Steam to try to set things right in some way.
To help cut down pirated copies, STEAM also introduced the mechanic (I think a couple of years back) so if anyone purchases a game, and doesn't like it (after playing for 4 hours I think) can just have it refunded, no questions asked.
Now here is the part that bothers me - except a very very very tiny slice of the Pakistani Population, or people who own an XBOX/PS, no one else pays attention this. I have friends (exceptionally well earners in their respective homes), to whom I have offered free Steam Keys (leftover keys after purchasing a Humble Bundle), but they just outright said "yaaaaaar! torrent is the way to go!". So, after a couple of failed attempts in trying to explain the story mentioned above to them, I just went to the Steam Discord Server, contacted the mods and dumped all the of keys there.
I also told them that since Steam using Regional Pricing, any game that is $60 in the US region, is sometimes less than half price here (it's around -55% in most cases that I've noticed - didn't check every title). Sometimes, it's also interesting to scroll down to the comments sections to find "It's a $15 game" (for a $30 game), and due to regional pricing, you can buy it for $12 on full price, or discounted later on for even less.
The entire 'trickle down effect of piracy' also applies to professional software suites as well, but not to that much extent since a lot of companies have to purchase the licenses if they are operating on a large enough scale, so they can have the technical support to go with everyday problems.
Besides the entire 'rant', I do believe that in certain circumstances when the software is not available at all to purchase even if you have millions lying around, the only place to acquire the said software is piracy. Or go Open Source when available.
TL;DR - I think piracy (except some circumstances) is not right, and most people do not seem to understand how it might effect someone's livelihood.
Anyways, what are your gentlepeople's thought on the above? And my apologies if I got carried away with my thoughts, hence the long post.
EDIT: Thank you kind stranger for the Silver!
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Wizard Tournament: Chapter 36

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      Peter and Faernyl took their positions within the fighter’s boxes and awaited the introductions.
      “Oh good, I made it back in time,” Sylnya said while she dropped into the seat next to Draevin. She was holding two ticket stubs in her hand.
      “You talk to Caelnaste?” he asked her, “Or were you just gambling?”
      “Can’t I do both? Besides, one of these isn’t mine. Peter asked me to put some down on him. The odds aren’t as good since he started that rumor though.”
      “Wait, are you saying that rumor going around about Peter was started by him?” Draevin shook his head. “No, that doesn’t matter right now. How did your talk with Caelnaste go? Did she admit she was involved?”
      Sylnya shushed him and pointed towards the field. “She wasn’t involved; just watch the damn match, Drae.”
      Maeve began the introductions by gesturing with one sweeping arm towards Faernyl. “Faernyl is an elf kinomancer representing the Trenal Logging Syndicate. He is carrying for his item a Wand of Overwhelming Force.” Faernyl was wearing a treen silk jumpsuit with his sponsor’s logo on it, the gold and green clashed somewhat with his red hair. He waved a small wooden wand in the air for the crowd then returned it to a clip on his belt. Cheers erupted from all over at his introduction. Draevin had to admit that Faernyl had built up a sizable fan-base in a relatively short number of years, but it probably was at least in part because of his wish. “Faernyl’s wish if he wins this year’s tournament,” Maeve continued, “is for each of his fans to get one hundred gold.” The announcement of his wish always got a strong reaction from the crowd. Draevin thought the whole thing was just a cheap trick. If he ever actually won Faernyl would probably regret not doing something more useful with his wish.
      Faernyl started throwing kisses out to the crowd and waving while they cheered loud enough to interrupt Maeve’s speech. It was like they each thought they had to prove they were a real fan by screaming the loudest. Surprisingly he’d somehow garnered an unprecedented following in the gnome community, despite being an elf. Draevin could see one gnome boy and girl holding up a sign together that read, “Iᴛ’s Fᴀᴇʀ ᴛᴏ sᴀʏ ᴡᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ!” When Faernyl saw the sign he blew them three kisses back-to-back in an exaggerated manner and they dropped their sign in shock and started hugging each other.
      Maeve’s voice shifted to a monotone for the next part. “The Trenal Logging Syndicate’s new clothing brand, Treen, is now selling Treen Silk and it’s the…” here she paused for a second, glaring in Faernyl’s direction. Faernyl just spun his hands in a circle to encourage her to keep going with a huge smile on his face. “The baddest shit you’ll ever wear,” she finished, earning some chuckles from the crowd. “Men’s leggings start at just three silver, tunics for five. For a limited time women’s dresses are starting as low as eight silver, so get them while supplies last. Tailoring not included.” Though the eldrin announcer kept a rigid smile on her face, Draevin could tell she was not totally on-board with Faernyl’s marketing strategy. While she spoke, Faernyl strutted around in his gaudy silk jumpsuit. He pulled the fabric taut so the audience could see how it caught the light. The fabric stretched remarkably far, but returned to a tight fit as soon as he let go.
      Next Maeve gestured to Peter. “You all met Peter yesterday when he impersonated a judge’s ruling to trick last year’s champion, Korack, into leaving the arena and nearly got disqualified.” This announcement earned Peter some boos from a few scattered lizard-kin and a hearty cheer once again from the humans, whose numbers seemed to have grown. “I would like to take this opportunity to address the rumors going around that Peter is actually a demon in disguise,” Maeve added more seriously. The crowd hushed. “We have found no evidence to support these rumors. And we would also like to remind everyone that lying during admissions is not possible.
      “He really went all out on those rumors,” Sylnya commented.
      “I’ve never seen rumors get so bad the judges felt the need to make an announcement,” Draevin agreed. There was no time to say more though because Maeve was already signaling the judges. The bell chimed to announce the start of the round.
      Faernyl started casting a kinomancy spell right away, his hands moving too quickly for Draevin to tell which spell: before he could even finish though, Peter did something entirely unexpected.
      “Ignis!” he shouted, holding up his fireball scroll. A giant fireball erupted from his scroll and flew towards Faernyl at a blinding speed. The fireball was exactly as big as Draevin expected from his recklessly over-enchanted scroll and powerful enough to pose a real threat to Faernyl. It put the blast of Dragon-fire from Phakos to shame and for a moment even seemed to compete in size with the massive blast of flames Ryldryn had released while wielding all the power of Tel’Andrid. Draevin had not expected Peter to waste the one use of his fireball scroll so soon.
      Faernyl panicked and broke off the spell he was working on to run and dive behind one of the two boulders on his side of the field. He slid in just in time and the crowd let out an, “Ooh!” of released tension as the fire passed him by. The fireball crashed against the barrier of the arena in a crowd-pleasing detonation. When he was visible again it became apparent that Faernyl hadn’t been able to completely escape the fire as his precious Treen silk jumpsuit had caught fire around the ankle.
      Faernyl slapped at his ankle furiously to smother the flames but they just kept growing. He looked alarmed for a minute before suddenly relaxing. He smiled and stood up. “Nice one, bro!” he shouted across the arena grounds. The flames continued to burn on him but he seemed completely unconcerned. He held one hand inside a flame to show the audience that it wasn’t burning him, he even tilted his head comically with a big smile on his face as if to say, “You fooled me.” The illusory flames disappeared once he called Peter out on the trick.
      The crowd collectively gasped when Peter suddenly appeared behind Faernyl wielding a large knife. One of his fans even warned him something was behind him and Faernyl turned around just in time to put his arms up defensively. Peter stabbed at him then faded away in a puff of smoke. Another trick.
      This time Faernyl didn’t laugh. He looked around the field with evident concern. Draevin followed his gaze and found that Peter was nowhere to be seen. Faernyl had to be realizing that Peter was currently invisible and walking around with a dangerous fireball scroll and a deadly knife. Faernyl quickly started casting a defensive kinomancy spell. Before he could finish, Peter appeared a few paces to his right holding up his fireball scroll once again.
      “Ignis!” he shouted again, triggering another fireball.
      Faernyl flinched but finished his spell this time. The fireball passed through him and quickly disappeared—another fake. The air around Faernyl shimmered now from a Force Armor spell. That spell would make a sneak attack with a knife no longer an option and would likely absorb most of a fireball. “Well so much for Peter’s chance,” Draevin commented to Sylnya, “he’s not getting through that.”
      Peter shimmered into view directly in front of Faernyl. “Looks like plan A is a bust,” Peter said. His voice was magically enhanced to carry around the field. “Time for plan B.
      He pulled back his cloak to reveal that he had demonic runes carved into his skin all over his body. Unlike the trick he’d tried to pull on Caelnaste the other day it actually sounded like he was chanting in demonic this time. He also ran his knife across his palm to draw fresh blood.
      Faernyl wasn’t stupid enough to just allow Peter to cast a blood magic rite unobstructed. He cast out a quick dart of force that punched through Peter’s shoulder with little resistance. No resistance actually. When he was revealed to be another illusion, Peter’s body faded away.
      Faernyl finally decided to get serious. He ignored everything and began casting his signature spell that Draevin had seen for himself the other day: Heat Seeking Missile. The spell would be able to target Peter’s heat signature no matter where he was hiding. Peter appeared to Faernyl’s right and cast another Fireball from his scroll, but this time Faernyl didn’t even react. He had used that trick too many times already. The fireball passed over Faernyl harmlessly, and when it was done Faernyl had his spell ready and was scanning the field for Peter’s heat signature. He had his index fingers and a thumb from both hands joined in a sort of triangle and was looking through the hole they made onto the field.
      Draevin noticed a puff of dust coming off of a nondescript patch of dirt at the same time Faernyl did. Faernyl locked onto it with his spell.
      “He finally noticed?” Sylnya said.
      “Noticed what?” Draevin asked. He looked up long enough to see that there was a pink dot of light between her eyes. Draevin hadn’t even thought to cast True Sight himself.
      “Peter’s been sitting there in the dirt this whole time,” she said, “he’s barely even moved.”
      “I don’t wanna hurt you Bro!” Faernyl yelled across the field. “I got a lock on you. If I release this spell you’re toast. Just give up.”
      In response, a version of Peter appeared in Faernyl’s periphery and leapt at him with a knife.
      Peter should have known better, breaking Faernyl’s concentration once the spell was finished wouldn’t mess it up; it would only cause him to release it. Faernyl flinched instinctively at the sudden attack and the Heat Seeking Missile he’d been holding was released. A torrent of purple force-darts exploded out of him in a spiral pattern that resembled a rose. They climbed into the air briefly, then arced towards Peter’s location—his real location, not the illusion with the knife that had just passed right through Faernyl. The crowd howled in anticipation as the attack careened towards its target.
      Just before the attack struck home Peter revealed himself and tried to dive out of the way. The force-darts twisted to follow him hungrily. Peter stumbled to his feet and began to run but the darts chased after him. Somehow, he managed to stay ahead of them. He was running too fast. Way too fast for a human! His speed rivaled even the Hastened sprint Sharack had displayed in his match. Peter darted around one of the boulders with the swarm of force-darts hot on his heels and began running straight towards Faernyl.
      “Did you really think I wasn’t prepared for this spell?” Peter shouted while he closed on Faernyl. His body lifted off the ground, no longer even pretending to be the real Peter, and began to fly around with the force darts following behind.
      “I didn’t know it was possible to make illusory heat,” Sylnya said curiously.
      “That’s because it’s not possible,” Draevin told her. “Not that I’ve ever heard of anyway.” It seemed a lot of things happened around Peter that should have been impossible, so Draevin was willing to accept he might not know as much as Peter about sensomancy.
      Faernyl realized what was happening just in time to do something about it; he quickly cast a strengthening augmentation on his defensive barrier just in time for the illusion of Peter to run through him. Just behind the illusory-Peter Faernyl’s own force-darts slamming into his barrier. It sounded like a staccato drum beat going off as one after another they peppered into the barrier. Each impact flared with purple light.
      The Force Barrier cracked but held. A version of Peter appeared in the center of the arena with his arms crossed. “That could have gone better,” he said, “but there’s always plan C.
      Faernyl was breathing heavily. “What’s plan C, bro?” He asked Peter almost desperately.
      Peter gave him a wicked smile. “I’m so glad you asked.” He gestured behind himself and a line of deep red fire tore through the air. “Faernyl, meet plan C,” he announced dramatically, “Although he prefers to go by Kreath’zint.
      The line of hellfire parted and a familiar goat-headed fire demon peered through. The very same demon Trundle had summoned in his earlier match against the swamp elemental. The demon gave an angry bleat and stepped a hooved foot through the portal.
      Faernyl shook his head and said something that didn’t carry. Peter responded with, “By all means, it’s your funeral.
      The angry goat-demon emerged the rest of the way out of the Hell rift and let out a roar in Faernyl’s direction. The hair on Faernyl’s head blew backwards from the force of the scream. “I ain’t fallin’ for this Bro,” he yelled defiantly, despite his tense stance. Peter merely shrugged and faded away.
      “No way!” Sylnya said with disbelief, “I didn’t think he could do that.
      Draevin glanced at her critically, “Do what? Is that a real demon?”
      He didn’t get a chance to hear her reply though. The demon darted out and lashed at Faernyl’s defenses with one claw. The Force Barrier shimmered from the impact and a white crack of light appeared in the air where the barrier began to fail. The crowd went wild.
      Faernyl stumbled backwards and grabbed at the Wand of Overwhelming Force on his belt while trying to keep some distance from the demon. The wand was a potent item that allowed the wielder to focus all their mana into one powerful attack without the need to cast a proper spell. Draevin hadn’t expected Faernyl to use it in this match, but the young elf didn’t hesitate now. Faernyl pointed the wand at the demon and let loose.
      For a moment Faernyl’s whole body flashed with the white glow of unshaped mana before all of it sucked into the wand. A burst of pure white energy exploded out of the tip of the wand and slammed into the demon. Not through the demon like Draevin would have expected from an illusion, but into it. The demon took the hit and was knocked back into the dirt. Dust kicked up to obscure everything and when it settled it revealed the goat-demon dragging itself out of the crater with hate burning like hellfire in its eyes. The creature stepped out of the hole and started limping towards Faernyl.
      The demon stalked towards him, dragging one limp arm and leaving a trail of black blood in its wake. The crowd was cheering for blood.
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