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Daily Developer Comment Digest - September 24 2016

Author: mintrieri
Not to mention u/mintrieri :)
Hi! I did see this and I do appreciate the greater view that these modifications would allow. Some changes would be far more difficult to do than others though. I will be keeping these in mind as we move forward but I cannot promise changes like these would happen anytime soon or at all. Modeling changes like these can have a ripple effect that touches a lot of disciplines. Cheers
Author: mintrieri
u/mintrieri You certainly have the best knowledge on the supbect. Why do the parts not scatter from the force of the explosion?
My best guess would be that if they were to apply the explosive force as a vector through which to disperse the parts, you would never be able to catch up with the salvage.
Proper physicalization and force from debris and hardpoint detaches 'broke' several weeks ago. This kills me personally but I'd rather get the final Item 2.0 (networked debris) solution than divert resources to the old damage/debris tech. It's FUGLY, I know. Hehe.
Author: mintrieri
I'm not an expert but my understanding is that while transitioning from a damage state to a wreck the client has to unload the asset and quickly load in the "husk" or wreck. Before the explosion the vessel was a live asset in the game, moving and such.. once it exploded, the asset is despawned and a new wreck appears.
I'd expect this will be much different as time moves on and CIG tweaks the way we observe damage states and catastrophic failures/explosions especially where cargo and contents is concerned. For now, it's just part of the Alpha gameplay being a simplified (and less realistic) version of what is to come.
My speculation is that in 3.0 we may see a more polished version of ship damage states and how wrecks/husks are left on the playfield.
EDIT - I wanted to add, the asset may not necessarily despawn rather, what I was trying to communicate is that once it explodes not all previous information (movement) is being translated to the post explosion damage state of the asset.
Hi! We used to unload our Pristine ships and replace with Damaged artwork but we don't do that anymore. Now there is only the Pristine ship, the damage shader (that makes alpha holes) and the underlying ship structure (twisted metal bits and parallax occlusion maps - POMs). This new damage approach saved us a ton of memory and removed streaming issues.
When debris detaches, it's 'cloned' in code and pushed to the network. Something about this process broke as other support code changed in the last few weeks. The goal now is to finish the Item 2.0 Debris that will better sync across the network and allow for some persistence for scavenging. We'd rather get the real solution done than try to band-aid the old debris tech. Cheers
Author: mintrieri
Aw maaaan, that was my my emergency exit! Now how will I leave the ship quickly?!
We're exploring side doors, kinda like a Huey chopper to better rapidly deploy a group of attackers/rescuers. The round port was a bit of a choke point to deploy troops in actual practice. Cheers
Author: mintrieri
Thanks as always, Matt! With the time we'll be spending in the cockpit it will be good to have that functional from the inside rather than aesthetically recognizable from the outside.
The final outer hull, interior, seat, character and camera only really come together for the first time when the ship becomes flight ready. Until then we have approximations of the final view. All those systems chain together to provide the exact view, just to explain how some views could be improved. Might be the easiest fix would be to tuck the chairs in a little more (though that too may cause issues).
Author: mintrieri
Is the plan to actually have parts get scattered from an explosion? Like a diminishing returns from taking down a target using too much force? Disable it you can board and risk your crew's life, but blow it up and good luck finding useful salvage?
Absolutely. Skill or equipment based take-downs will yield more salvage for sure. A Leroy Jenkins(!!) blowing shit up could really spoil a good salvage. :D
Author: mintrieri
  • "We'd rather get the real solution done than try to band-aid the old debris tech."
Absolutely! I couldn't agree more with that logic, thanks for taking the time out to clear that up. So for capital vessels, will this be handled the same way?
Yes, all ship sizes are handled essentially the same way. Though I would like to swap meshes in some interior rooms to get the Titanic ripping effect. The essential bit of tech required is to selectively disable local gravity per room/section of a ship. Our key Engineer in this area is very busy on 2.6, 3.0 and SQ42 concerns, so PU-only features are scheduled afterward.
Author: Bearded-CIG
Author: mintrieri
Wouldn't it be simpler to just remove the two bars going across the middle and call the central curvature one piece of glass?
For the Xi'an Scout? Hypothetically, yes, that ship could be tweaked fairly quickly if all departments sign off on such a change. There would be some consideration for how the frame attaches to the body and LOD models. It also helps that this cockpit is in the main file instead of being split out as a separate cgf static mesh file. There are some knock-ons for the scout but not many compared to the other ship view suggestion videos.
Author: mintrieri
Actually I meant the two horizontal ones in the middle of the pilot's view in the Andromeda, Aquila, Taurus, and Phoenix. Any reason the two small horizontal central struts couldn't just be Freelancered?
I'm glad to hear the hamster ball might get more hamster ball-like. I really want to keep it, but with such a narrow view it's really hard to use well.
The Connie would be more difficult to change because the interior and exterior are in separate files and the frame must match (in addition to LODs). Not impossible but not a quick edit. I'll keep it in mind and discuss with Design if we can review pilot views, but 3.0 comes first. ;)
Author: banditloaf
Ehhh, I think they should have the old name and get the "Verified" badge thing.
Paging therealdiscolando and banditloaf
We're working on a big revamp of the YT landing page; once we have the first iteration finished we'll see if the name change still feels off. Certainly possible to change it back (or to something else) if it doesn't work!
This submission was created by a robot, for more information please message jumbify
submitted by UEE_Central_Computer to CIG_RCA

Balasar's Guide V2.9.5

You have found the journal of Balasar Turnuroth, a famous explorer! Inside this 124 page document contains all his notes to everything he has found so far! What might that be? Well, to list off a few things, there is a guide on how to half-breed races, 13 new playable races, 23 brand new archetypes, 4 new classes (one of which is the artificer), 60+ spells, new magical items, and much more!
Balasar's Guide to Exploration is a massive collaboration and collection of a few local Dungeon Masters which expands the options for players and dungeon masters.
This sourcebook acts as the journal of a famous explorer and adventurer, Balasar Turnuroth, who had lost it somewhere in Faerun and ended up in your hands. Presented as though it was written from his point of view, the documents are over 100 pages worth of content that he has observed throughout his years. It brings you new player options, including subclasses for every class, backgrounds, magic items, DM variant rules, and many spells!
Inside, you will find:
  • A guide to half breeding different races together
  • 13 New Races
    • Fey'ri: created when the fey and fiends made pacts
    • Gem Dragonborn: Amethyst, Crystal, Emerald, Sapphire, and Topaz
    • Genasi: Ice, Magma, Smoke, and Ooze
    • Kitsune: fox-like humanoids that are crafty and clever
    • Loxo: an elephant-like race that is both quickwitted and strong
    • Lupin: a race of dog-like humans that enjoy the company and comforts of civilization
  • 23 New Subclasses
    • Barbarian Path of the Siege Weapon
    • Barbarian Path of the Survivor
    • Bard College of Destiny
    • Bard College of Origami
    • Cleric Ooze Domain
    • Cleric Protection Domain
    • Druid Circle of Scorched Earth
    • Druid Circle of the Sun
    • Fighter Guardian
    • Fighter Warlord
    • Monk Way of the Fundamentals
    • Monk Way of Third Eye
    • Paladin Oath of the Arcane
    • Paladin Oath of Engagements
    • Ranger Diabolist
    • Ranger Sylvan Knight
    • Rogue Bounty Hunter
    • Rogue Cardthrower
    • Sorcerer Blood Magic
    • Sorcerer Time Magic
    • Warlock Fathom Patron
    • Warlock Jotunmagisk Patron
    • Wizard Chaos Tradition
  • 21 new warlock invocations
  • 10 new metamagic choices
  • 4 New Classes
    • Artificer, Variant
    • Death Knight
    • Magus
    • Oracle
  • 11 New Backgrounds
    • Apprentice
    • Butler
    • Courier
    • Diplomat
    • Demonologist
    • Ex-cultist
    • Executioner
    • Farmer
    • Gravedigger
    • Prisoner
    • Scavenger
  • 17 new feats
  • Many new items for adventuring, including:
    • 12 new sets of armor
    • 5 new shields
    • 14 new weapons
    • 19 new items
    • A guide to making different traps, including:
  • 17 premade magical traps
    • 5 ways to set mechanical traps
    • 5 natural traps
    • 9 new inks, used for arcane traps
  • 19 new variant rules, including:
    • Investing in merchants
    • Bestow curse variants
    • Language barriers
    • Negative levels
    • Resurrection risks
    • Alternate identify rules
    • Alternate magic creation rules
  • Details of the dark ritual for lichdom
    • How to set up the ritual
    • Ingredients for the potion
  • 50 New Magic Items
    • Tables to roll on for each type of rarity
    • 20 major curses
    • 13 minor curses
    • 13 properties
    • 50 premade items that are uncommon to legendary in rarity
  • Over 60 new spells
Updates in this edition: Plenty of new artwork (as requested), and loads of new tables to roll on. This involves your class just like Xanathar's Guide, and magic item tables. I fixed some of the grammar, and added in a new ability for the Fey'ri since I forgot it in the previous edition. There is 10 new metamagic choices for sorcerers, new optional rules dealing magic item creation and casting identify, and a new feat that allows you to get a fighting style.
I hope you all enjoy this version! The next version release will be just to fix grammar, which is the last update (V 3.0). At that point, I am completely done with Balasar's Guide. When Balasar's Guide V 3.0 releases, I will also put out a json file full of all the options in Balasar's Guide for the 5e Character Sheet app found on Google Play and the App Store.
Thanks again for everyone's help in the making of this guide. I truly do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I have included everyone from Reddit in the credits that helped.
With the way work is, and running 4 games a week, I have had trouble finding the time to update this. Thanks to you all, you have given me a newfound inspiration for this homebrew. With everyone's help here, Balasar's Guide has officially hit the Copper status, with a total of 2500 downloads and a 4.3 star average rating. As always, this is going to be a "pay what you want", but I will never expect any money.
Again, thank you all with this! Dakota
EDIT:: Balasar's Guide is now at version 2.9.6! There was a rendering issue with the class tables that I had fixed, so it is all good to go!
submitted by PinkCanoeDaVagoo to UnearthedArcana

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