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heres a mixed skin with uhhh mami nanami from Okarishimasu, Kanojo mixed with reowotuna's skin ples enjoy this skin, i made it in like a day but the effort is kinda promissing yes OwO

download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/8dm9ra71ageq1ae/-_reOwOmamichan1.1_-.osk/file
screenies : https://imgur.com/a/FvdeIKy
my osu profile OwO : https://osu.ppy.sh/users/14831389
creator of reowotuna1.1 skin : https://www.reddit.com/OsuSkins/comments/hys4dz/reowotuna_v10_by_mekami/
pls enjoy game yes
submitted by fernspee to OsuSkins

[GUIDE] Getting the most out of your PS3 XMB with PS1 Games

[GUIDE] Getting the most out of your PS3 XMB with PS1 Games
Here are some things you're going to need to download!:
  1. PSX2PSPv 1.4 - This tool will convert our .ISO or .BIN to an EBOOT.PBP, which we will need to use later on. Download also includes '_Fix_EBOOT.PBP_.exe' which is an essential tool for this process. (https://mega.nz/file/S9oGzaBb#rwN0lRc12AScIweprsDe-RSSOoxgqM8A-KJ48wJOUTQ)
  2. imgburn - This tool will convert our physical media to a file we can use on PC. (http://imgburn.com/index.php?act=download)
  3. TrueAncestor PKG Repacker - This tool will pack our files in to a .PKG we can then transfer to & install on our PS3. (https://mega.nz/file/r9oARKBZ#d7RqT1PF1OJ3dOtkUOxNAQq7w9iFOm_F0S1F1hPZiA0)
  4. PS3 Resigner Master Tool - Necessary for HEN/HAN users. Not necessary for CFW users, but using this tool does make the process easier. Success rate when not signing is touch and go. Recommend resigning everything. The password for the archive is: Smart Game Tech. (https://mega.nz/file/BFhxHCpK#zDr7DDOtZWkGrrhZVAzhj0-xlkgEjwBUtNbRXfwxI7Y)
  5. WinRAR - Needed for extracting .RAR archives. (https://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0)
  6. PS3 4K Pro.pkg - Optional, but recommended. (https://www.psx-place.com/resources/ps3-4k-pro.595)
  7. RetroXMBCreator - Optional, but recommended. (https://www.psx-place.com/resources/retroxmb-creator.529/)
  8. PS3 Icon Templates - Optional, but recommended. Useful templates that can be used in conjunction with paint.net to create icons, descriptions & backgrounds for our .PKG. (https://www.psx-place.com/resources/playstation-playstation-2-classics-icon-template.902/)
  9. paint.net - Optional, but recommended. Useful tool for manipulating and creating layered & transparent .PNG images, required for .PKG production. (https://www.getpaint.net/download.html)
  10. CDMage - Optional, but recommended. Tool to unpack contents of a .BIN / .ISO file. (https://www.emuparadise.me/links-and-downloads/General_CD_Utils/CDmage_1.02.1_Beta_5/20)
Let's Begin.
Lately I have been testing out different ways to clean up the PS3 XMB and have everything looking clean, concise and where it should be. PS3 4K Pro does an amazing job of this, organising our XMB into specific categories, and it is even more helpful if we have webMAN installed. A genuine must have for any CFW PS3 user. STEP 1: DOWNLOAD & INSTALL 'PS3 4K PRO' TO YOUR PS3 CONSOLE: After installation, your XMB should now look something like this:
Whilst cleaning up my XMB, I noticed that the .ISO files (of games that you legally own & have ripped to your system) will show up in a different place, than if you were to buy a PSX Classic from the PSN store and install the downloaded .PKG. This is just a reflection of how the PS3 system handles different types of files, and not at all a fault of PS3 4K Pro. Nonetheless, it is something that ideally we would attend to for consistency. With a bit of effort, we can avoid potentially having half our games in one location of the XMB, and the other half of our games in another location. We do this by creating our own .PKG's instead of simply dumping the PSX Disc's .ISO/.BIN file to the console. I generally prefer to convert all my physical PSX games to PKG format for my PS3. Aesthetics being the main reason why, and you will see why shortly.
Now that PS3 4K Pro is installed & our XMB is looking nice, it's time to begin preparing our .PKG.
STEP 2: DOWNLOAD & INSTALL 'imgburn' TO YOUR PC: For the sake of this guide, I will be using my copy of Crash Bandicoot [PAL] for PS1. Insert your PSX Disc into your PC. When your PC reads the disc, the disc's VOLUME_NAME will be the PSX Game's GAMEID. Take note of this GAMEID, and create a folder on your desktop named (GAMETITLE_GAMEID).eg. CRASH_BANDICOOT_SCES-00344.
Finalised CRASH_BANDICOOT_SCES-00344 folder.
Open 'imgburn' and select 'Create image file from disc. In the 'Destination' field, navigate to the directory of the newly created GAMETITLE_GAMEID folder on your desktop. imgburn will automatically name the created .BIN & .CUE files to 'GAMEID'.BIN & 'GAMEID'.CUE.
Sweet! we've converted our physical PSX disc to a .bin and a .cue!
STEP 3: unRAR the 'psx_classics_new_2' file we downloaded and place the resulting folder in a memorable place, such as My Documents: Open 'PSX2PSP' (found in the 'PSX2PSP 1.4' folder). Open 'Convert Menu'. Click the 3 Dots near 'ISO/PBP File' and navigate to the .BIN we created earlier with imgburn. In 'Output PBP Folder' navigate to the working folder we have been using on the desktop (in my case, CRASH_BANDICOOT_SCES-00344. Click 'Convert. Inside the 'Working Folder' we have been using, PSX2PSP will create a folder named GAME_TITLE, with an EBOOT.PBP inside it. This file is essentially the 'foundation' of our .PKG conversion.
STEP 4: Copy the EBOOT.PBP file we generated with PSX2PSP and place the EBOOT.PBP file in the root of the 'psx_classics_new_2' folder. STEP 5: Drag the generated EBOOT.PBP file onto '_Fix_EBOOT.PBP_.exe': This .EXE will unpack the EBOOT.PBP and place the required files into the .PKG folder (by default, it is found in the same folder as '_Fix_EBOOT.PBP_.exe'). During the process, you will notice an ISO.BIN.DAT and a ISO.BIN.EDAT file appear. Wait until both of these files disappear as well as the original EBOOT.PBP. It might look like the process has frozen (especially if you are packaging a big game!), but be patient, it's just taking a little time to process the files! Once all three files have disappeared, COPY. COPY. COPYYYY the PKG folder in 'psx_classics_new_2' to the original working folder on the desktop we have been using throughout this tutorial. (in my case, CRASH_BANDICOOT_SCES-00344. Rename this folder to the GAMEID we took notice of, and inserted into our folder name before. In my case, I renamed my folder to 'SCES00344'.
OPTIONAL STEPS: CUSTOMISING THE XMB FEATURES OF THE PKG: All PSX Classics PKG's follow the same folder structure. USRDIR, ICON0.PNG, PARAM.SFO, PIC1.PNG, & PS3LOGO.DAT. Optional additional files are PIC0.PNG (For PS3), PIC2.PNG (For PSP) and SND0.AT3.
ICON0.png is the icon of the PKG that shows up on your XMB when it is installed.PIC0.png is the description of the game.PIC1.png is the XMB background that will show when our installed .PKG is hovered on.SND0.AT3 is the background music that will play when our .PKG is hovered on.
First, let's make an icon (ICON0.PNG). Extract the contents of the PS3 Icon Templates.zip and place them in the 'psx_classics_new_2' folder. In this archive are the templates which we will use. Open [PS1] ICON0.png in paint.net. Next, we must paste in a PSX Cover. Here is one helpful site I found, with a nice collection of PSX covers. Download a cover for your game and open it in paint.net, alongside the ICON0.PNG template. Highlight the image, minus the PlayStation vertical banner. Use 'CTRL+C' to copy the contents of the canvas. Navigate to ICON0.PNG in paint.net and press 'CTRL+V' to paste the PSX Cover we copied earlier. If it says 'The image being pasted is larger than the canvas size' just select 'keep canvas size'. Manipulate the image so that it fits into the empty box of ICON0.PNG. When you are happy with your icon, select 'Save As'. Once again navigate to the working folder on the desktop, and name the newly created image ICON0.png. Just select 'OK' if any dialogue shows up. REMEMBER: THE FILE MUST BE SAVED AS A .PNG!!
Finished ICON0.PNG
Cool! We have our own 'custom' icon. Want to make a Background?: Typically, the background (PIC1.PNG) for any PS1 Classic bought off the PSN Store looks like this:
Default PIC1.PNG.
If you'd like to use the standard Background, just copy the [PS1] PIC1.PNG template to your working folder and rename it to PIC1.PNG. Easy done!! However, If you'd like to customise the background a bit more, we can either source an image off the internet, or delve into the PSX disc a bit further to find some image files. The success of this differs from game to game, and sometimes it really is just easier to find an image on Google.I'll offer a few tools you can use to delve a bit further into the PSX disc, if you would like to. This gets a bit messy, and sometimes might be more trouble than it's worth. It borders on reverse engineering, and is NOT necessary for creating the .PKG. However if this peaks your interest, like it did mine, then read on. Without being an expert in PSX games, I have found that within the .BIN file there are files such as .HED, .WAD, .TIM, .BOB, .SPR, .XA, .NSF files... the list goes on. What on earth are these files?? It seemed to me that some files are solely dependent on the developer that produces them. Some tools to unpack these files are made on a per game basis, i.e CrashEdit for .NSF files. This evidence led me to the conclusion that although finding original files in the original PSX disc may be rewarding, it really depends on1.) Which game it is and 2.) How much time you are willing to sacrifice extracting & investigating files. Some files found in PSX .BIN / .ISO files: WAD - Container, needs a corresponding .HED to be opened. TIM - Screen Image Data.XA - Music Playlist File. STR - Stream (Movie) File. Usually the cinematics we see in the games. Sometimes handy for making SND0.AT3. BOB - Bob Ray Tracer software. Stores a bitmap image. NSF - Literally a 'Naughty Dog Software File' XD. Mainly found in Crash Bandicoot games.
Tools for unpacking these files: WADTool v1.0 - (http://www.mediafire.com/file/ccy63r49c268jdf/wadtoolv10.7z/file) - Usage Notes: You will be asked to pick a WAD file only, which means that HED should be located in the same directory. hedwadtool - (https://github.com/DCxDemo/WAD-Tool/releases) - See above. PSMPlay - (https://www.zophar.net/utilities/psxutil/psmplay.html) - For viewing .STR, .TIM, .MOV, .IKI & .XA files. XnView - (https://www.xnview.com/en/xnview/#downloads) - For vieweing .BOB files & converting them to .BMP format. If your .BIN has .BOB files, use this. *Download 'XnView Extended Setup' To extract the .NSF Files in Crash Bandicoot games, download CrashEdit.
A BRIEF GUIDE ON UNPACKING PSX GAMES: Usually if I'm going to unpack a game, I like to create a folder called GAMENAME_UNPACKED, to avoid confusion with files. Use CDMage to open the .BIN we created. CDMage will ask you what image type the .BIN is. Select 'M2/2352 track'. Right Click on 'Track 1' under 'Session 1', and select 'Extract files'. Point the extraction to the GAMENAME_UNPACKED folder, which should be inside the folder on the desktop we have been using throughout this guide. From here, I used CrashEdit to analyse the .NSF files within the .BIN. The Crash Bandicoot PSX Disc does have a .WAD on the root of it, however there was no corresponding .HED file and I was unable to open it. Weird. As I said before, this process differs game to game. With CrashEdit, I couldn't really find any images or audio that would work well on the PS3 XMB. From here, I'll either Google an image or use the default PIC1.png for my Crash Bandicoot .PKG. As the Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy has been released for the PS4, I am going to use a promotional .JPG that is already in 1920x1080 format for my PIC1.PNG. Convert any 1920x1080 file to the correct format by simply opening the downloaded .JPG in paint.net and saving it as PIC1.PNG in our working folder. Nonetheless, not all games are the same, and for the sake of the tutorial, I will demonstrate a quick way to extract .BMP files from another game I own, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Use imgburn to create a .BIN like earlier in the tutorial. Open the .BIN in CDMage, select the correct parameters, and extract the contents of the .BIN to a folder named something like THPS_UNPACKED. Create a new folder inside THPS_UNPACKED and call it WAD. Use WADTool v1.0 to extract the WAD created by CDMage & extract it to THPS-UNPACKED -> WAD. Look for any files that may be of interest. Usually menu backgrounds look great as XMB backgrounds.
Here I found main_h.bmp. It will make a good background.
Remember to open any file you find in paint.net, save it as a .PNG and rename it appropriately (PIC1.png). Save it to the working folder on the desktop. Cool! We have our own 'custom' Background. Want to make a Description? (PIC0.PNG): In the PS3 Icon Templates archive we downloaded earlier, there are two .TTF files. Play-Bold.ttf, and Play-Regular.ttf. Right-Click each of these items and select 'Install', granting Administrator privileges if necessary. These fonts are the official fonts used in any PIC0.PNG image from any official PSN Store PKG download. Use these fonts to create your own PIC0.PNG. If you'd like to create your own PIC0.PNG, in paint.net open 'PIC0.PNG' found in the PS3 Icon Templates folder we downloaded earlier. You can use the Play-Bold.ttf & Play-Regular.ttf fonts to accurately replicate the authentic font that is found on the XMB of any official PSN Store PKG download. I found Font Size 72 worked well for the game titles, depending on how long they were.
Experiment with the font size for your game descriptions to fit in as much text as you can. If you'd like to use the authentic game descriptions, head over to https://psxdatacenter.com/. This website also provides a nice alternative to the PSX Covers website mentioned earlier, with a great collection of cover art for PSX games. Just Right-Click on any Cover-Art you see on the site & Select 'Save Image As'. Navigate to the working folder on the desktop and Save the .JPG.) You can use this file when creating your ICON0.PNG, just remember to export the final product as a .PNG file!!
To find Game Covers at https://psxdatacenter.com/, Find the GAMES LISTS button at the top of the page and navigate to either NTSC-U, PAL, or NTSC-J.- Within these directories will be the games we are searching for. Simply click the green 'INFO' button on the left of the desired game. On this page will be a Game Description that we can paste into our PIC0.PNG project in paint.net, and also a PSX Game Cover. We will likely have to manipulate the text to make it fit in the PIC0.PNG template. When it comes to text boxes in paint.net , the Arrow Keys and SHIFT+ENTER are your friend. If you would prefer to use some prebuilt PIC0.PNG's, here is an archive of PIC0.PNG's for 138 PSX games not available on PSN Store. Unpack the archive, and browse the PIC0 folder. If there is a PIC0.PNG that corresponds to the game you are converting, copy the file to the Working Folder archive on the desktop, and rename it PIC0.PNG. (HINT: You can find the games you are searching for, by looking for the corresponding GAMEID in the PIC0 folder).
Cool! We have our own 'custom' Description. Want to make an XMB audio file?: I like to use the native audio from the games, albeit sometimes the files are a bit hard to find. If you have an easily accessible song / audio file in mind, go ahead and prepare that particular file in .wav format. Extracting audio files from .STR files: If your .BIN file has .STR files inside them, these files are a great way to extract the audio we will need for our Menu Music. Open any .STR file in PSMPlay to view them. When the PSMPlay interface loads, Right-Click the 'i' icon, and select File -> Open Media File. Load your .STR (INTRO.STR might be a good place to start). You can use PSMPlay to preview the .STR files, although it does crash sometimes. If it ever does, just CTRL+ALT+DEL & end the process then restart the program. If you are happy to use the audio from the loaded .STR, Right-Click the 'i' icon again, this time selecting 'Output WAV'. Browse to the working folder on the desktop and name the file 'SND0_WAV.wav' A Dialogue box will appear in the top left. Click 'Start' and wait for PSMPlay to do it's thing. Creating .WAV from .PSF Files: Alternatively, if there are no .STR files on your .BIN, or, if you don't want to reverse engineer a video file just to get an audio file (Hey, this is supposed to be fun remember? :P), Zophar's Music Domain has an awesome collection of .PSF (PlayStation Audio) files. The files on this site are .RAR downloads, and they essentially contain the background music for all the levels of any game. They are really helpful for making menu music. .PSF files cannot be opened by Windows or macOS natively, so to be able to utilise and convert them, we're going to need to use a piece of software called foobar2000. In order to read and convert .PSF files, foobar2000 also needs this .PSF decoder. Go ahead and download/install both of them. Now, download a .PSF archive from Zophar's Music Domain and unRAR it with winRAR. Select all the files in the directory and drag them across into foobar2000 (once the .PSF decoder plugin has been installed). Now you can peruse the .PSF contents of the disc and choose appropriate audio for your .PKG. Once you have selected a .PSF file you are happy to use, Right-Click it and select Convert -> Quick Convert. Make sure 'WAV' is selected, then click Convert. Navigate to the working folder on the desktop and select OK. foobar2000 will convert the .PSF to .WAV.
Now, we must convert our .WAV file to a file that the PS3 can recognise when bundled into a .PKG. This file is called SND0.AT3.Extracting audio from a .STR on the CRASH_BANDICOOT disc seemed impossible, and even downloading the .PSF archive for this game did not give me the title music I really wanted for my SND0.AT3. I still ended up here. You know, Sometimes, a good old Youtube-MP3 converter is the 'best' Last Resort. Many of them exist, it really shouldn't be too hard to find one. Do with it what you will, and use the tools I have provided to generate a .WAV file. (Manually converting to .WAV not ABSOLUTELY necessary, as GoldWave can import .mp3 files, this is explained shortly). Generating a SND0.AT3 from our .WAV files: There is already a terrific guide on creating a SND0.at3 file. Go ahead, make an .AT3, then come back here. The guide mentions looping the .AT3. with GoldWave AT3 Looping Tool. I definitely recommend doing this extra step, and making your .AT3 loop. Even if you did not generate an audio file from a .STR file or a .PSF file, you must still follow this guide to create your SND0.AT3. Once you have a SND0.AT3, place it in the working folder on the desktop. Now we have all the files we need to make our .PKG!
The 'Working Folder' on the Desktop we have been using. Here are our generated ICON0.PNG, PIC0.PNG, PIC1.PNG & SND0.AT3 files.
Double-Check, then Triple-Check that all the files you're about to move are to your liking. Then one by one, copy your created ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG, PIC0.PNG & SND0.AT3's to the 'PKG' folder in the the 'Working Directory' that we have been using on the desktop (The one we actually renamed to 'GAMEID') earlier on in the tutorial. (If you're lost, it's the highlighted folder in screenshot above.)
Theoretically, our directory should now look like this: USRDIR, ICON0.PNG, PARAM.SFO, PIC0.PNG, PIC1.PNG, PS3LOGO.DAT & SND0.AT3.
Finalised 'GAMEID' folder. It is very important that this folder is named 'GAMEID'!
Dude, this has been so much effort. Is it even going to look good? For one last check of how our images are going to look on the XMB, we can use the RetroXMB_Creator.exe we downloaded earlier. Open RetroXMB_Creator.exe and navigate to the 'Preview' Section. From here, Right-Click the Background, and options such as SET PIC0.PNG, SET PIC1.PNG, SET ICON0.PNG (Right-Click on the PSX Icon for this option) & SET SND0.AT3 appear. Unfortunately, We cannot preview the .AT3 files here. You can play them back through GoldWave, but remember that because we changed the Sample Rate in accordance with the SND0.AT3 guide, the audio file will sound slightly different to what you're used to hearing when played back on a PC. Do not worry, this difference is compensated for on the PS3 Console & your SND0.AT3 WILL sound 'normal'. Once you are happy with how your .PKG is going to look, proceed to STEP 6:
STEP 6: Pack the contents of the generated folder (In this instance, 'SCES00344') into a PKG with TrueAncestor PKG Repacker: Extract TrueAncestor PKG Repacker.zip to a memorable folder, such as My Documents. Once this is completed, copy the 'GAMEID' folder we created earlier to TrueAncestor_PKG_Repacker_v2.45 -> game. Run 'repacker.exe' with Administrator privileges, and select option 2. Custom Pack PKG. TrueAncestor will then ask you for the .PKG type. Press '5' for 'PSOne Classic'. The GAMEID folder we just pasted to TrueAncestor_PKG_Repacker_v2.45 -> game should show up as Option 1 in the Game Folder List. Press 1, then hit ENTER. TrueAncestor will soon say [\] Please follow this ContentID sample:. Copy the *EXACT** code it provides, and paste it where it says [?] Please enter ContentID / A to abort: Press ENTER, and the process will progress.
Entering the ContentID in TrueAncestor
TrueAncestor will then announce [*] It will take a few minutes, please wait.... Do so, and come back when it's done. It shouldn't take TOO long. TrueAncestor will place a completed .PKG file in TrueAncestor_PKG_Repacker_v2.45 -> pkg. Copy this newly created .PKG (It will be something like 'TA9000-SCES00344_00-0000000000000000.pkg') and navigate to the 'Working Folder' we have been using on the desktop. Create a new folder inside it called PKG_FINALISED then paste the .PKG here. STEP 7: Re-sign your newly created .PKG with PS3 Resigner Master Tool: Extract the PS3 Resigner Master Tool archive we downloaded earlier to a memorable location, such as My Documents. Copy the newly created .PKG we pasted in 'PKG_FINALISED' to the 'input -> pkgs' folder of PS3 Resigner Master Tool. Go back twice, and select 'resign_windows.bat'
Hopefully, you should be greeted with a message similar to this:
After a while, the tool will finalise & sign your .PKG. You will know the file is completed when PS3 Resigner Master Tool reports something similar to: pkg signed!1 file(s) moved.ps3xploit_resign:Output files:PKGS:.\output\pkgs\TA9000-SCES00344_00-0000000000000000.pkg_signed.pkg Press any key to continue . . . Navigate to PS3 Resigner Master Tool -> output -> pkgs. You will notice that '_signed' has appeared next to the title original title name.
STEP 8: Copy the newly created (& signed) .PKG back to the 'PKG_FINALISED' folder we created earlier: For safety's sake, duplicate it once we have pasted it back. Name a copy GAMETITLE_GAMEID_SIGNED. eg.CRASH_BANDICOOT_SCES-00344_SIGNED.PKG. That's it! We're done! Move the generated file we just signed over to your PS3 console via FTP or USB Transfer. Place it in dev_hdd0 -> packages. Go to Package Manager, look for your .PKG and install it.
Once installed, your PSX game will show up in the PSX Games folder inside XMB Xross Media Bar folder.
Have fun booting your PSX games right from your XMB! If you encounter any errors during the installation (or boot) of your .PKG, look back on the compression rates of the files we have imported and make sure they are correct. By default, they should be. Also, ensure the .PKG was resigned properly (Especially for HAN/HEN users). Converting PSX Discs to .BIN / .ISO format can be very finnicky sometimes. Double check the imgburn website to confirm the correct transfer rates and parameters for PSX CD-ROMS. Other issues may be caused by PAL / NTSC indifferences or incorrect .BIN to EBOOT.PBP conversion. For those of you who already own a copy of Crash Bandicoot and would like to try this method out without having to first generate your own files or use the stock ones, I have uploaded the files that were created throughout this tutorial to a MEGA folder here.
For those who'd like to see this process in action, I have also posted a video tutorial here. :)(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grobxkEmR2E)
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