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Chicken Invaders 3 Xmas. Chicken Invaders Universe Free Download. Chicken Invaders 2 Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1. Specifications Of Resident Evil 4 PC Game Genre: Action, Adventure, Puzzler, Shooting, Survival Horror Platform: PC Language: English, Multi 5 Size: 6.38 GB Publication Type: Repack Languages: English. I love chicken invaders. They are found in-game through destroying enemies with a yellow glow around them, which has a chance to happen roughly every minute.

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You can face the task alone or play with a friend. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Chicken Invaders 3 Christmas Edition Keygen (Download Here. Chicken Invaders 5 APK + Mod - Download Chicken Invaders 5. TV, Movies, Software, Games, Music and More. I got it for free as some kind of Amazon promotion, so I didn t feel like the 5 minutes I spent playing it was a Free download chicken invaders 2 pc game highly.

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Armagedon. (Tales of NoirElDem war serries)

Federal fleet has just scored a victory above a hellish planet of Fertalia a once lush world turned into spawning ground for the NoirElDem empire where they bred slaves and monsters for their conquest of the stars.
“That’s a lot of life signs”
General Jake Abramson said as he was staring at the holographic table at the command and control center onboard Peacekeeper class super carrier.
“Our allies said that this was once a garden world, a bread basket for entire Southern Quadrant. Now it is a biological factory world producing bulk of NoirElDem forces. It still produces an enormous amounts of food but all of it now goes for breeding new slaves”
Admiral Michel McArthur explained to his counterpart in the Federal Interplanetary Army.
“What our scouts on the ground say?”
Jake did not like what he was seeing, as he was looking at massive shields surrounding the breeding centers and unlike their shields which relied on shield generators he knew those were made by NoirElDem mages. This however was unlike anything he has seen before, a single mage can project a rather powerful shield and large shield surrounding an area of 15 meters in diameter and score of mages working together could shield an entire ship but this shields spanned entire continents. The amount of energy required for such thing would be monstrous.
Meanwhile on the surface of the planet Major Raymond Crawford of Delta Force stood with his second in command Captain Daniel Farnsworth staring at the huge breeding field.
“I counted about 1000 rows and by the looks of it is a perfect square that means each such place breeds about a million minotaur’s per litter”
Crawford spoke calmly to his second in command. Farnsworth looked through his advanced optics at the ziggurat in the center of this breeding den. On top of the ziggurat NoirElDem witch was performing some manner of ritual. The red glowing mist surrounded her. This red light was also surrounding all the poor creatures locked in some manner of contraption that restricted their movements and force fed them something. The witch herself was making strange dances around what he only could say was a female minotaur locked in the similar contraption to those minotaurs bellow. All of sudden entire breeding den began screaming in agony as their bellies began to grow and glow with the red light.
“What is going on?” Farnsworth was trying to make sense of what was happening but clearly failing.
“Accelerated breeding by the looks of it. That would make sense how they replenish their numbers so fast and so easily dispose of them. What we saw before was an indoctrination camp, teaching them how to fight and be fearless, with this information it makes sense why they would force them to kill one another”
Crawford remained uncaring by what he was seeing and hearing as he was piecing together how this entire apparatus worked.
“Thousand rows you said and we’ve seen from orbit about thousand facilities like that. That makes a billion… This fucked up sir, honestly this just plain evil”
Farnsworth said as for the first time in many years his enhanced special forces training began to give him a slip. Something his commanding officer has already noticed.
“Tell Farnsworth do you like chicken or some nice steak?”
Crawford was said as he observed what was happening in cold blood.
“Yeah but those are creatures capable of speech and sentience this much was proven”
Farnsworth saw where it was going but still tried to justify his horror and rage building in his soul.
“So now you want to tell me that all those cows and chickens don’t have feelings, don’t want to be happy and live out their natural life just because you can’t talk to them. But they are delicious so we pack them in factories and accelerate their breeding as well, just through more sanitized means I guess. See I like my steaks with just a bit of pink in it to remind me I’m eating some meat and I’m not about to go vegetarian. What about you?”
Crawford spoke calmly as he continued looking at the agonized female minotaur’s as they about to give birth.
“When you put it that way, I’m kind of tempted to go vegetarian but you are right, sir. I’m not about to skip on the good steak.”
Farnsworth already began losing his sympathies towards those things in this factory that was producing enemy combatants.
“You see captain we like to think of ourselves as better than our enemies but the truth is, we are not and no one is the only thing that matters in this morality game is who sets the rules and we decide it by who wins. If you were just another grunt, I’d tell you that you are right and this is fucked up because all the grunt needs to know is that his enemies are evil but you are not just another grunt. I want you to know that because you are spec ops officer of the Delta Force and I expect you to do thing with both eyes open always keeping things in perspective. I don’t want you to see this place as evil or good but as enemy manufacturing facility and what it implies to our war effort like potentially using to our own advantage.”
Crawford spoke calmly through the screams of agony and Farnsworth began wondering if this man he followed for so many years had a soul to speak of but could not deny that he was right. That’s when two other men in black tactical armor approached their well-hidden position giving nervous glances to what was happening.
“Sir, we figured out how they maintain a shields of such size over this place also looks like they are breeding humans as well”
Lieutenant Alexey Stravikov announced to his commanding officer he was clearly somewhat disturbed by what he saw.
“I guess for more all-purpose infantry units than minotaur’s, let me have another guess they are all already of the fighting age”
Crawford turned to his men unsurprised by what he heard since he knew that NoirElDems did abduct a lot of humans in the early stages of the war 7 years ago.
“Yeah you are right sir, as to the shields looks like they force MaxEldem’s to generate this Ether thing to power it and amplify it.”
Lieutenant Juan Lopez explained as he began relaying the images from his helmet camera to his commander’s PDA. Crawford rapidly opened his PDA and started making a complete map of the facilities and how they were organized.
“Multiple choke points, a shit ton of fortifications, with about thousand fully grown dragons, billions of enemy brainwashed warrior slaves, not to mention NoirElDem mages and elite guards, potentially trying to avoid collateral damage for political reasons. This is going to be one bitch of planet to take we should just nuke the whole thing”
Crawford said once he finalized his full tactical report and send it back to the high command via quantum communicator.
Once Jake and Admiral looked over the information he was seeing they were both horrified by what they saw.
“Well my faith in god is gone for good now. So how you want to go about it Jake?”
Admiral said witnessing the horrors that were happening down below.
“Honestly I don’t know, standard orbital bombardment will take months just to break through the shields and I’d imagine it will put our captured allies only at greater agony and I’m not going to launch a ground invasion into this hell hole only to be bogged down for years in the blood bath. Crawford is right we should just nuke it from orbit and forget it like nightmare it is.”
General Jake Abramson did not like what he said not one bit especially since he was one of the survivors of Dargorian War some 27 years ago when one of the human nations instead of surrendering to invading Earth forces decided to go out with nuclear fire.
“In between our cruisers, battleships and carriers we have about five thousand 50 megaton city busters still left after the battle I was saving them if we would face more enemy fleets.”
Admiral pulled information on holographic table revealing the inventory of the fleet.
“it used to be a bread basket, a flourishing beautiful world… It’s like Dargoria all over again.”
Jake turned away from the table to take a look at the planet covered in red glowing lines.
“It was not our crime, Jake.”
Michel started sending out orders to prepare the nuclear payload all across the fleet and arranged targeting solutions for it based on information that now he possessed.
“This one is about to be. Get our men out of there.”
Jake continued to stare at the planet as cruisers and battleships began taking their positions for orbital bombardment.
“They already leaving the planet, I’ll give the order to start launching our nuclear arsenal”
An image of the radiation sign appeared with red button bellow it. Macarthur began reaching for the holographic image of the button only to be stopped by Jake
“No, Mike it is not your burden to carry, ground operations is my responsibility”
Jake explained as he approached the table and with a single push of the button like wrathful god condemning billions of souls bellow to death and curse entire planet for centuries with radiation by the nuclear fire of Armageddon of a human design.
submitted by Firestormecho22 to HFY

Easy prep to do today: Take some time to THINK

This one is kinda long. But this prep is easy, won’t cost you anything and it should spur a lot of thoughts in your head.
Take time today just to think. Think about the following categories of preparation. Where are you good? What areas need serious attention? What causes you great anxiety?
Being prepared doesn’t necessarily mean having 3 years’ worth of every possible useful item. Rather, being prepared is always being conscious of what is happening in your world and the possibilities of how it can affect you and your family. And what you are going to do about it.
It’s probably unlikely that a meteor will strike the earth next Tuesday. But there could be in ice storm the second week of December that knocks your power out for twelve days. I live in Southern California where a meteor strike next Tuesday is more likely than an ice storm. But it wouldn’t really surprise me if there was a huge earthquake on Wednesday. My concerns are not necessarily your concerns, but we all have similar things to think about.
Here is a short list of some random things to just ponder and do a mental assessment. Make a mental note of the areas of concern. Don’t panic. Just take time to be aware of your anxiety level and reaction. That will tell you a lot about where you may need to make more effort:
Basic needs:
Food Yes, we probably all have at least some ramen and cans of mystery meat in a cupboard somewhere. Is it enough for you and your family and those in your circle? How long will it last? And how are you gonna cook it? Does your BBQ have a full propane tank? And a side burner for boiling water or heating up that three-year old can of chili? Where’s that damn can opener? Or are you just gonna go with FEMA or the Red Cross (God bless them) plans?
Water This has been pounded in our heads forever. At least one gallon per person per day. Great. How long can you and yours last with what you have? It’s unlikely that there will be zero access to water. FEMA will come through. Maybe. How long do you want to stand in line?
Shelter What exactly is your plan? Shelter in place? Drive over to Uncle Bob’s? Load up the RV? Head to a Red Cross shelter or to the woods? Then what? Of course, it all depends on what type of disaster happens. At least think about your action plan for real possibilities. Not a reaction plan.
Transportation If you gotta get out of Dodge, how exactly are you gonna do it? When everybody without a plan is jamming the exit routes, do you have another route in the opposite direction where you can outflank all the idiots who have run out of gas and are now blocking the only freeway? Can you get at least 250 miles away if you had to without stopping for gas? Does your Tesla have enough charge? Do you have a destination in mind? Did you bring enough cash with you for a hotel room if you can find one?
Protection Most of us won’t have to deal with rioters banging on our doors. But what if that happened? Police ain’t coming. What is your plan for the angry mob? For the home invaders? For the meth head? I’m not saying you have to arm everyone in your family with an assault rifle. But, what is your plan? Gun? Bat? Safe room? Surrender? Think about it. How does it make you feel? Anxious or calm? What can you do about it today?
The Young and the Elderly The fact that you’re reading this means you probably have people in your life that you are responsible for. You may literally be their only protection against death. You have a duty and obligation to protect those entrusted to you. Family comes first. Your able-bodied neighbors have been on notice since at least March 2020 that they have to fend for themselves; they have had plenty of time to prepare. Their lack of preparation should not be your first concern. They can have your out-of-date ramen. You and your family are your first concern. But your elderly parents? What is your plan? Bring them to your place? Where will they have the best chance of survival? Your kids will react to situations based on your actions. If you panic and flip out in fear, they will have a baad time. If they see you acting with calm confidence, and knowing that you cared enough to prepare for provide in times like these, they too will be your partners in survival. Never speak to them about gloom and doom. Be the example that you can and will guide them through anything.
Heating You may have shelter, but if you got no heat, then what? What is your secondary source of heat if the electricity goes out or the natural gas pipelines are destroyed in an earthquake? Or a truckers strike and no heating oil is available? When my daughter was two weeks old, a transformer on our street blew up one night and there was no electricity for twelve hours. In late November. All we had was a fireplace and a box of Duraflame logs. I huddled with my newborn daughter in front of the flames like a caveman. What are your contingency plans?
Power Face it. Our lives run on electricity way more than we realize. What is your plan when the power is out for three days? Three weeks? Refrigerated food will spoil in about twelve hours. Got candles or lanterns? Got a way to open your electric gates? Or heat that chicken coop? Or entertain the kids? Got batteries? Got a generator? A solar panel? A USB car charger?
Money More likely than a meteor or the Big One is another financial panic. If there is a disruption in banking, how are you going to pay for groceries? Or for a hotel room that won’t take credit cards? Do you have enough cash on hand? Do you have enough small bills or only hundreds? How much is enough? There is already talks about banking “holidays” and banks can always stop access to ATMs. Then what? Will stores accept credit cards? If the power goes out, can they even process a cash transaction? To quote the great philosopher Samuel M.F. Jackson: “What’s in your wallet?”
Mental Health Perhaps the most important thing you can do to prepare is to keep mentally strong. Our friend Mr. Kipling reminds us to “…keep your head when all about you are losing theirs.” Those without a plan are at the unkind mercies of the situation and of those who have their own plan which probably won’t be in your best interests. Surround yourself with rational people. Avoid those on both extremes. Form bonds and create alliances with those who have something to contribute to your network just as you have something to contribute – be it resources or skills or something of value. Always approach everything with logic and reason; never emotion. Talk about your fears and concerns only with those you trust 110%. We can all obsess over being prepared. Just keep it in check. Keep things in perspective. Who is a voice of reason in your life? Add a couple more people to that list.
Obviously, there are many, many other areas in which to be prepared. Knowing we can’t be prepared for every possible contingency should not cause great anxiety. We still live in the most amazing time in all of human history. We have been through worse and we will get through whatever is ahead. And don’t panic if you are falling short in every area. The fact that you are even aware of the need to be prepared puts you ahead of 90% of the population. If you can stay in the 10%, you have the best chances of surviving most calamities.
Life will get back to some kind of new normal. The mentally strong will survive and thrive. Thanks for listening.
submitted by MagicMirror33 to preppers

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