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However, as you were clearing out the last of the chicken invaders and were. Read on to discover if this game offers enough variety to make it worth checking out. Chicken invaders 5 full vesion download free here-pc game. Chicken Invaders is a fun, addictive game, that is able to keep you at your computer for many hours. Chicken Invaders II Christmas Edition.

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In this game you are eating at a fast food burger restaurant and a bunch of chickens start invading the solar system and you must leave to save the solar system from the massive army of chickens. Chicken Invaders puts you at the forefront of a battle against invading. Download Chicken Invaders 2 Full Cracked. Download Chicken Invaders 4 [HOST] from [HOST] MB, [HOST] from [HOST] MB free from TraDownload. Guild wars 2 heart of thorns serial key generator.

Game Chicken Invaders 2 Crack

Chickens are invading the solar system and it's your job to save humankind. Rated 5 out of 5 by pennmom36 from GONNA MAKE ME SOME CHICKEN SOUP AND GINGERBREAD COOKIES FOR CHRISTMAS Those Chickens are. Any Data Recovery Pro Serial Key Serial Key Chicken Invaders 5 Malwarebytes Mac Serial Key Beta Serial Key Red Alert 3 Uprising Makemkv 1.10.6 Beta + Serial Key Cyberlink Powerdirector Ultra 7 Serial Key Driver Booster Pro 10 Serial Key Glary Registry Repair Serial Key 2020 Access Password Unlocker 4.0 Serial Key Malware Fighter 4.4 Serial Key Batman Arkham City Serial Key Skidrow Space. December 15, 2020 April 22, 2020 molvi0849 chicken invaders, games, Games 2020, New games, shooting games chicken invaders 5, chicken invaders 5 christmas download, chicken invaders 5 christmas edition, chicken invaders 5 christmas edition free, chicken invaders 5 christmas edition free download full version, chicken invaders 5 christmas. Chicken Invaders 2 download for pc [hacked].

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The game has good graphics and it runs smoothly, even on slow computer. Game chicken invaders 2 full crack. This download was scanned by our antivirus and was rated as clean. The options to play with a friend and upload high scores are great additions to the game. Belonging to the space shooter genre, Chicken Invaders takes you into outer space to fight the most dangerous and unsuspected enemy, the sharp-beaked and merciless chickens!

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Living under our nose while they silently plan an invasion with their extraterrestrial brethren, it falls on you to stop. Chicken Invaders 2 Game Review - Download and Play Free https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=1684. Chicken Invaders 1 Game.

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Chicken invaders uimate omelette. Sarai Reader: 03- Shaping Technologies - PDF Free Download click for source. We Have Provided Direct Links Full Setup Of This Game. Chicken Invaders 2 The Next Wave is a series of Chicken Invaders Video Games for Pc, developed by InterAction Studios and released for Microsoft [HOST] is second series of this action [HOST] released date is In this game we attack on chicken Invaders in solar [HOST] solar have 10 [HOST] Music of game is very [HOST] can easily play with [HOST] side control. Solidsquad Solidworks 2020 Keygen Crack Generator Install Gvlk Key Kmspico Activator 2020 Skin Winamp Keren 3d Pictures Game Yakyuken Special Psx Bios For Epsxe Download Film Anime 18 Subtitle Indonesia Fast Chicken Invaders 2 Christmas Edition Full Version interiorsfasr.

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This game is full of humour (for instance, when a chicken dies, it explodes into drumsticks), and is really fun to do. Well, the first half of the game is, anyway. Serial Key Chicken Invaders 5 https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=1674. Download Download Chicken Invaders 2 for PC for free! Download pc game chicken invaders 5 setup for free (Windows) blog link. Cactus Mccoy 2 Full Game SWF+EXE Full Download; Candy Crash Full Game SWF+EXE Free Download.

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Chicken Invaders 3 latest version: Wacky Fun in Chicken Invaders 3. Chicken Invaders 3 is a. Using warez version, crack, warez passwords, patches, serial numbers, registration codes, key generator, pirate key, keymaker or keygen for ranch rush 2 license key is illegal. Free Download BurstCopy 2.7 Full Version With Key https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=1669. Company Registration No: 7837246 - Company Registered in England Registered Address: Unity House, Telford Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 6YJ. Forget about Christmas Turkey and step up to Christmas Chicken in this festive edition of Chicken Invaders 2. Advance through waves of invading chickens, avoid falling eggs and collect power-ups to boost your spaceship's firepower.

Leaked Roadmap for 2020-2025 from an alternate timeline

The FP developers are getting their act together and making an actual effort to improve the game, to create a realistic real world simulation and economy instead of adding random crap that nobody needs, like fireworks and deck chairs.
  • The main guiding principle in this new approach is that a more complex economy and increased scarcity encourages player cooperation instead of total annihilation.
  • Abundance of resources and quick progression is the main reason why players hop like locusts from server to server, killing each server's population in days after wipe.
  • Scarcity leads to player specialization and organisation into small communities, and eventually to more trade and cooperation on the one hand, and tribal warfare on the other hand.
  • True scarcity of resources, a longer grind and strong player investment is the only way to make players commit to a server for longer periods.
  • Reevaluation of food production and consumption: food needs to be produced or bought, not found on the ground, in boxes, or near rivers. It's too easy to get stacks of pumpkins and corn right now and multiply it endlessly.
  • Food is going to spoil in order to make it more rare and valuable. Requires a fridge to increase it's storage life.
  • Food needs to be valued according to it's nutritional value. High nutritional foods like meat, fish, eggs, milk, wheat (bread), corn, potatoes will be produced with greater effort. Low nutritional snacks like mushrooms, berries and fruit can be found in the wild more easily.
  • Fish traps and passive farming are removed. Farming should be labor intensive.
  • New Weather phenomena: Rain, Snow, Fog, Wind, Storm, Thunder, Lightning and Hurricanes. Strong winds can damage buildings.
  • Weather changes according to a seasonal cycle instead of having only fixed zones.
  • Farming improvements: As an alternative to light bulb farming: Sun light now falls on plants through windows, cell walls and floor grills.
  • Outdoor farming should be possible, but every environmental factor needs to register correctly for each plant. Rain and humidity should water plants in the open. Light and minerals are always available in warm fertile regions.
  • Introduction of animal husbandry: capturing of wild animals, breeding and using the byproducts for further processing: meat, milk, eggs, wool and leather.
  • Animals: cows, goats, sheep, deer, pigs, chickens, turkeys, horses, donkeys, rabbits.
  • Cattle can be bought from vendors as an alternative to capture.
  • Cattle produces manure, which is required for farming. Farming products can then be used as fodder.
  • Wolfs can be bred into guard dogs.
  • Horses and donkeys should be the main mode of transportation in the game. 1 horse should be able to carry 2 people, or pull a horse cart.
  • Aquaculture.
  • Keeping your animals/farms save should be as important as having your main loot secure.
  • More varied wild life: birds, ducks, chickens, turkeys, geese, deer, bees, rabbits.
  • Date trees and goats in desert areas.
  • Marine eco system: deep-sea fish, sharks, whales.
  • Fishing with rods, spears, harpoons, or with nets from boats and the shore.
  • Swimming platforms where players can build small bases on.
  • Rough waves and strong ocean currents.
  • Modular boats, sailing and naval warfare.
  • Underwater bases and monuments.
  • Scientists patrolling the sea.
  • APC and bots patrolling on land and attack random bases.
  • More underground facilities.
  • Re-balance of loot crates and resources nodes. In line with the new doctrine of abundant scarcity, crates and nodes now spawn 50% less often. And high end loot is exceptionally hard to find and well defended.
  • Rework of AI and re-balancing of scientists. e.g. Cargo and oil rig farming is far too easy for its loot right now.
New resources:
  • High grade fuel (Gasoline) produced with the large refinery to fuel boats, helis and cars. Large refinery is either a new monument or can be crafted. LGF is still used in all kinds of explosives and incendiary items.
  • Coal is used for the large furnace, more efficient and hotter fires, and for a new steam engine. Only coal can smelt high quality metal.
  • Quartz for glass. Required for reinforced glass windows, shop fronts and for newly added window walls and window roofs for efficient greenhouses.
  • Brine for tanning leather and cooking food.
  • Cloth is made out of hemp, cotton and wool.
  • Fur and wool for heavy duty clothing in the cold region/winter.
  • Herbs are required for meds and tea.
Status effects:
  • A new status effect: depressed. Mood decreases slowly over time. Only way to increase mood is by drinking alcohol in certain intervals. While under its effect, the player slowly loses health similar to cold, hunger, or radiation. Alcohol can be made out of wheat, potatoes, fruit, etc.
  • A new status effect: drunkenness increases when alcohol was consumed recently. Affects accuracy and speed.
  • A new status effect: Sick. Every player is possibly infected with a mysterious virus, or not. There's no way to know, because there are no symptoms. Still all players have to wear a mask, while farming, killing other players and raiding their bases. Soon after the scientists invade the island with full force and the head of cobalt is revealed to be a super wealthy villain disguised as philanthropist named Will Bates. He rises out of the sea and wants 66.6 M249 and 50 boxes of gun powder from every player or they can't buy or sell at vendors anymore or recycle until 'cured'. Furthermore every player has to get a microchip injected into their wrist or forehead as a mark of the new ruler. Bates uses the inhabitants as test subjects for his plans to cure the world from overpopulation. Failure to accept the cure will result in player outlaw and scientist hunting them for sport until 'cured'. Group play is strictly forbidden during this mysterious outbreak.
  • Server admins get tools for very specific NPC modification. Especially on low pop servers this could bring interesting content and new challenges. Bot-mods have very limited functionality right now.
  • The server browser is getting fixed! It's a shame that player's have to search for certain servers's on external sites! And admins should get the option to describe their server in every detail. A rating system for servers is introduced.
  • Spectator tools for monitoring your own facilities while being AFK or offline.
  • Postponing HRDP to 2045 because of terrible spaghetti code.
  • An actual lore.
submitted by protolux to playrust

Im a ps3 player but i wanted to share this story with the community because its a pretty good true story and we don't see enough of those here. some parts are censored because of the nature of the community but if you want to see a uncensored version there is a link at the bottom. Enjoy the story.

The world was about 90% snow biome. the top sliver being oak wood. spawn is near dead center. its biggest landmarks a massive (CENSORED) that was composed of thousands of cobble blocks, and a massive hole dug by the same cult who built the statue. the ruins of many nations are scattered about the ruins of spawn, leftovers of fools who built to close to spawn.... slowly being entirely buried by the snow that was forever coming down... burying them in a eternal tomb of slumber. this is where we find a young player trudging through the waste land. he is alone, starving, his armor shredded and his nation nothing but a crater in the bottom right corner of the map. it was unsettling and uneasy times... with the fall of the (CENSORED) cult who was the top nation prior to this tale (they named themselves thus purely for the meme) everyone was suffering. hackers were rampant and the people prayed for something ANYTHING to stop the hackers... but in the back of everyone's head, every one knew... that no one was coming to save them.
But back to the player i was speaking of, he was barely alive when he came into my spawn tavern. at this point in time i had unenchanted diamond armor. but almost nothing but a underground wheat farm to my name. the player sits at my counter and tosses a couple pieces of iron on the table. as i give him his bread i speak to him. "rough day huh? you never came in here before so you really must be feeling the hackers tyranny." he looked up at me and stared for a second before talking "sigh yes ... everything i had was in the capital of the cult. im just lucky to have escaped with my life and what i do have on me." he then pulled out a piece of stone brick and stared at it with a sad look in his eye. this is all i have left of my home. this one stupid rock." he threw it in anger and went to eating his meal. when he finished he said to me "life on this server is a living (CENSORED) right now why do we KEEP GOING!?"
i paused for a moment in the middle of duplicating my wheat and thought back to a younger version of my self, on my first anarchy server after my base had been leveled. i was feeling the exact same as he did right then, and he reminded me of a younger version of myself. i then went back to duping my wheat as i spoke to him. "You know, hell is not a place where your eternally on fire." the player looked up at me. "huh? what do you mean?" I continued "hell is a place where hope freezes. it is a cold, cold place." he paused for a minute analyzing what i said before he nodded his head in recognition. "huh, just like our frozen ass world. your right this server is (CENSORED). you have a good point." I nodded and said "you see that torch out there? in the middle of that pond on the tiny cobble tower?" i said as i pointed out of the window.
he turned and looked at it. "yea what about it?" i then began a story. "long time ago, about when this server began a friend of mine placed that torch in the middle of a frozen pond so he could fish from it. it was only one measly torch but it unfroze the whole pond. it kept him fed for many months until he was invited to a base that had a farm. he took everything but the torch. since then many blizzards have come and gone, the water has been walked over by players with frost walker, and the ice kept refreezing. but despite the fact it was abandoned all those years ago it has kept thawing the ice no matter how many times it came back...."
he sat back for a minute and looked at the torch thoughtfully as i continued to duplicate wheat and stache it in shulkers boxes i traded off of a hacker. "so your saying that even hell can be thawed and i should never give up?", "that's right" I said as I began staching my duped bread into a shulker I bought off of a guy who hacked them in. "that's the best and first lesson everyone should learn about life on a anarchy server, Never give up, the three great levelers are thus, time, patience and hard work." he pondered this as went back to duplicating more wheat. he then looked up at me and said "your right. i should not give up. but what should i do now? the base i was living at is a rubble pile, my allies are dead or hiding from the hackers and i have almost nothing."
i smiled as i stopped duplicating wheat and stood at the counter across from him. "Well, what do you have?" i asked him with a friendly knowing smile on my face. he began digging through his inventory and rattled off everything he had. " Some iron, a few pieces of bread, PLENTY of snow balls, some old tools, shredded armor, and a diamond sword with almost no durability." he looked up at me and sighed. "pitiful isn't it? and to think i was once a soldier in the ranks of the biggest nation this server ever knew." he slouched over and hung his head down in shame. but then i spoke up "that's not everything you have." he looked up and gave me a confused look. but that's literally everything i have to my name. what else could i possibly have? is it this?" he said as he pulled out a few wheat seeds. "i mean i did not think they were worth mentioning but-" i then interrupted him, "No not any of that, that is what im talking about" i said as i pointed to the single stone brick block he had thrown earlier. he stared at it for a minute before walking over to pick it up and look at it.
"This?... but its just a single stone brick. what good is it?" i shook my held as i gave him a friendly smile. "think about what that stone block was ounce apart of." i told him. he studied the block for a minute almost as if he was in a trance. he then spoke. "it was apart of a barracks that the cult let me use for a home... with many other stone blocks..." he then looked up at me. "your saying i should build a new base using stone bricks aren't you?" i chuckled as i offered him a pufferfish (our servers version of booze or vodka) "Not necessarily of stone bricks but of whatever you please. the beauty of an anarchy server is that your creativity is unlimited, and anything is possible. with time one day the hackers who destroyed your base and now rule out server will fall and be buried in the growing snow drifts."
He digested the pufferfish as he simultaneously digested my wisdom. after he healed back up from the pufferfish he had a new look of determination on his face. "Your right Mister. as long as i am still playing i can overcome anything. i will do as you say and build a base, one that will stand for ever!" i chuckled as i said "no base stands forever. but it's worth it to try. go out there and show the world your the boss. maeby one day you will even outshine your predecessor." he smiled as he gave me a hug. "you have a lot of wisdom. thanks for the pep talk, i needed that." he turned and walked out the door into the morning light just after the snow storm dissipated. as i watched him walk off that day i knew deep down in my being, that he would be the beginning of something big.
The player walked out into the wasteland of spawn that day a changed man. he walked over to a frozen river and placed a boat on it. he then went ice sailing down the river, further and further from spawn. eventually he came around a bend on the river and found a nice flat area covered in snow. it was bordered on one side with a large hill, on another two sides it was bordered by a snow covered spruce wood forest. lastly its front was bordered by a frozen river running north and south. it was here the player got off of his boat and began to walk out into the knee high snow. he stopped at a short distance from the river and did some measurements from where he was standing. he then took out his single stone brick block and placed it where he stood.
"This shall be my future home and this land is now mine." he told himself as he began mining into the hill. three days pass and the player built a proper mine shaft. it was during this time the player began mining and smelting all of the stone that would found his future. he also invited a friend of his named sink (i will only use the shortened names of these people to ensure no one gets spammed friend requests or hate mail.) eventually the player and sink stumbled upon a zombie spawner that was under what was to become their future base. using this spawner they ground it for zombie flesh and armor to keep themselves fed and protected. it was a couple of days after this when sink came to the player and made a report. "Hey uh dude? there's someone outside." he told the player. so they both climbed back to the entrance of the mine and spied out upon the player in question. it was a naked player who was punching down a tree with his fists for wood.
so the player and sink made their plan and put it into action. they both crept up behind the naked and the player put a sign on the tree the naked was mining while sink menaced the player with his sword and told him to stay put. the player finished typing his sign. it read, "Who are you and what are you doing on our land?" the naked was a mute so he picked up the sign and and wrote back "IM NEW IM NEW! i did not know this was any bodys land and i was just getting wood. some one is spawn killing people at spawn and i'm luck to have got away. Please don't kill me, i will leave." the player read the mutes sign and looked at sink. "hmm well he seems harmless enough. but i think i have a better idea than sending him back to spawn. he turned to the mute and asked "what is you name?"
The mute took down his sign and reused it. "phoenix, i had a mic but it broke. :(" The player turned and thought to him self before consulting sink. they then both turned and the two friends invited phoenix to their base. phoenix was simply over joyed to be receiving any gesture of friendship after only being shown hostility and hate from the moment he spawned in, so he accepted. as it turned out, phoenix was a redstone wiz and the first thing he built in their mineshaft was a super auto smelter. phoenix also built a redstone lighting system and rebuilt the zombie grinder to be able to be automatic.
With these innovations the brick production essentially doubled and it was not long after this meeting they would begin construction on what would be Castle greyhawk. it was also around this time i was raided by the hacker tyrants and i was forced to leave my spawn tavern or let it become my tomb. i left and happend to go sailing down the ice river highway in the heading in the westerly direction, and because of that i accidentally stumbled upon the player and his friends in the middle of laying the foundation of their castle. even though it was just some ground work i was actually rather impressed considering how big this castle was going to be just by its foundation. i was invited to the base myself and with me i brought wheat seeds, duped bread and a ton of books i had purchased off of a hacker.
We did not have access to a enchantment table or a anvil yet so we set the books aside for the moment and dug out another passage into the ground just underneath the castle that would become what we called the catacombs. it was here we dug out a tunnel and in one o the rooms off shooting from the main corridor i built myself a underground garden which i one day hoped to grow all types of plants in the game. some days pass and the construction of castle GreyHawk progress undisturbed and undiscovered. The player who we now referred to as "the leader" was trading with villagers for items in a castle located far back behind the castle. it was here that he was ambushed by the server legend Yt_king.
Yt_king was a unstoppable warrior who had acquired max enchants on all of his combat gear with in only a couple days of the server being released to the public and was known to have never lost a fight. not even the hackers on the server were able to tame him as he killed every hacker he could get his hands on. the Leader and Yt_king battled for along time and eventually they stopped fighting and began talking. Yt_king was rather impressed that any one could hold up their own against him for long much less a player who had nothing but unenchanted iron and diamond gear and some god apples i had gifted to the leader for letting me join the base right after i had been knocked off my feet. the leader was able to convince Yt_king to join castle GreyHawk and Yt_king brought many stacks of duplicated diamond blocks and other precious resources along with a anvil and a enchantment table.
The Bid For Glory
Using these items along with the zombie grinder we made ourselves full enchanted diamond gear and by trading with new players at spawn for apples we were able to each have near stack of god apples. in the bargain we also got a couple of potatoes from a zombie we killed in the grinder which i promptly planted in my garden. At this point the base became known to the public and we fended off multiple invasions and bandits while we were still building up the castle, as our castle grew like a on coming tidal wave more and more people joined, and our ranks grew as fast as our walls were. The hackers who were terrorising the server also took note of the rising group and attempted to launch an assault on the castle to prevent any resistance to their rule.
But to their surprise they discovered that they were to late to stop the castle and the changing tide. their attack was flicked aside by our massive numbers with enchanted gear and after that they had trouble joining the server all together because the castle had so many members that the server was constantly full of either our members or random players. it was one day during our rapid rise to power one of our lookouts named DarkTwin spotted a player flying towards the castle and alerted the other members. we charged out on the battlements and set our bows at the ready. but as the player got closer i realized who it actually was and called for every one to stand down and let her land.
The leader questioned my call because he thought hackers were our enemies. i explained to him that this hacker was a girl named Wolfee and while all the other hackers could be considered tyrants and demons, she was more viewed as a benevolent goddess on the server. she was incredibly kind and fair to everyone and even would stand up to other hackers if they were bullying people when she got on. so she landed and revealed she had heard a lot of commotion from her friends about this castle and had decided to sate her curiosity and check out the place for herself. after showing wolfee around the base and getting to know her the leader had come to like her just as every one dose when they meet her, so he invited Wolfee to the base.
Wolfee was impressed that players who did not use hacks or creative could ever build such a large or beautiful build in survival and on a anarchy server of all places. so she decided to accept the invite and join the base. with her she gifted the base three stacks of bedrock (a rare gift from her indeed) and various other supplies that were incredibly rare and hard to come by on the server. using these items i created a potion brewing area and i decorated with colored concrete and quartz tables naming it "the futuristic meth lab of the future" as a joking reference to a 2b2t base. also the player dark twin lured animals back to the castle and created "(insert animal name) sex dungeon" as he dubbed them in the catacombs.
We also decorated the castle with paintings and other rare commodities and even were able to create a barracks and for the first time in the servers history, sleep through the night. it was around this time that i completed my gardening dream after teaming up with a girl named diamond who made a village on the other side of the frozen river and lived in one of the houses under our protection. perhaps one of the most famous items in the server was also created here. the bedrock thrones. it was a throne made mainly from bedrock, with accents of lapis, snow and cobble. and from a nearby village we found a priest who sold exp bottles for only three emeralds. which we discovered when combined with the emerald duplication glitch, could get you to level 30 in under a minute.
We shipped the villager back to live inside of our massive walls. and by this point the castle was officially complete. and this was truly a golden age for the entire server and the castle. no hackers could resist our might and numbers, invading new players from spawn were met every time they broke in with a diamond sword to the face. and For a rare moment peace prevailed over the chaotic frozen waste land that was our server. but alas, it was sadly not to last, and my words from all that time ago to the leader, "No base lasts forever", came true...
Talks Of The End...
While it was true that no one could stand up to us, we had a problem that would bring about the end of the castle. We argued A LOT, various players in the guild had long standing arguments and problems with other players that were simply never resolved. so they were allowed to build and build and build. I my self remember clashing with DarkTwin as he loved to pull rather stupid pranks on all of us and what really started our personal feud was the day he changed his skin and attacked the castle and severely damaged my farm which i had worked hard to complete and tend to.
Any how one day the bases higher ranking members and wolfee were talking in the dining hall while enjoying some cake (another commodity that was truly hard to aquire on the server) when pheonix brought up the subject of finding and activating the end portal. see no one had ever went to the end before and the only reason any of us had shulker boxes was either trading them off of hackers or being gifted them by wolfee. the conversation went something like this.
Phoenix is eating cake while listening to Captain Sink list the bases accomplishments from a log book we kept of our activities, "...We have defeated the wither about 6 times, we have established a nether highway, and hooked it up to every corner of the world going from spawn and castle GreyHawk, we have repaired the penis colosas landmark at spawn and we have also established a system that prevents the hacker tyrants from getting on the server, and..." Captain sink takes a breath "phew, this is a long list of accomplishments." Phoenix chuckles now having a mic "well looks to me as if the only thing we haven't done is go to the end and slay the dragon. to bad that has probably already been done by someone else." i then sat up and commented "actually, no one ever has found the end portal or the strong hold on this server yet."
The leader sat up, "wait really? i figured with all the shulker boxes everyone has that someone already went to the end." wolfee then spoke up in her ever so quiet and shy way."i'm sorry to interrupt but, i think that all of the shulker boxes have came from me or the hacker azorath." Yt_king took a break from demolishing steak and god apples (he always did like to show off how many god apples he had by randomly eating them even he wasn't needing them) and said "YEA actually what wolfee says is legit like actually legit, i bought all my shulker boxes off of azorath for like 20 stacks of god apples LOL" (Yt_king had the annoying habit of saying the word lol after making a flex. mainly to annoy other people.
Darktwin then said in response to Yt_king's flex "Haha says the guy who begged his apples off of wolfee *snorts, heehee." Yt_king pulled out his sword and was about to threaten Darktwin and tell him his god apples were legit when the leader leapt up on the table and shouted "Stand down! you know he only wants your reaction. remember when he flooded your room with chickens? and as for you DarkTwin that's another week probation." after every one had calmed down he sat back down and said "So any how, now that that is settled, i say we should hunt out the end portal and slay the dragon. all in favor say aye?"
Everyone except me agreed and i voiced my reason "Look i would love to go to the end and reap the reward of killing the dragon, and personally get chorus fruit to add to my garden, it just can be done. the snow is currently at a half slab and enderman cant spawn on half slabs so we would either have to wait another three weeks for the snow to level out and pray we find enough enderman before the next snow storm or dig a massive underground spawn schamber and deal with the lag from so many entities in one spot. on top of that some idiot broke the blaze spawners in the nether meaning that their spawn rates are really low right now. it is simply not worth the effort right now."
One of the lesser ranked soldiers who was attending spoke up, "we could buy e pearls from the xp dude." i then reminded him that some soldier killed him after getting angry at Yt_king and he took out his anger on xp dude. while we were all discussing this and slowly coming to the consensus that it was simply not worth the effort right now, Wolfee was thinking to herself and she smiled. she had decided to surprise everyone by finding and opening the end portal using her hacks.
The End...
It was a few days later and the members of the castle were simply hanging around the server, because they currently had no enemies and their were so few new players on at that point that it only took a couple of people patrolling the castles halls to keep them out. at that moment i was tending to my garden, dark twin was trolling around spawn with his sword named "his cum", the leader was taking a look at a world diorama and was strategizing with his generals about where to instal field out posts to extend our reach over the server and Yt_king was hunting down Phoenix because they had gotten into a argument and Yt_kings natural reaction was to kill, none of this was out of the ordinary.
But then that is when it happened, out of nowhere and unannounced the end portal was opened by Wolfee and suddenly everyone in the world could see the location of the end portal marked on their map. there was no discussion, no planning, it was just first come first serve. Everyone in the entire server simultaneously dropped what they were doing and charged the open portal marked on the map. Yt_king had chased Phoenix down over there and lost him last minute. he assumed phoenix had jumped in the portal to escape him when in reality phoenix had stopped in a side room just before the portal room to re-organize his inventory for dragon combat. and i was basically 1 block behind Yt_king when he jumped in the portal, assuming that he was there for the exp and end city loot like i was.
However when Yt_king had jumped in the portal and found that his prey was not already there he decided he would show up pretty quickly after him and had to stop for some reason. so when i appeared on the obsidian platform only a couple of seconds after Yt_King had jumped in the portal, he did not pause to make sure it was his prey and he just attacked. i put up a good fight for about 2 seconds before he landed one good blow on me and knocked me off of the edge into the void. it was only after he had done that and he heard me shouting at him for knocking me in the void he realized his mistake.
But by then it was already too late to do anything. i was already -179 blocks into the void and still falling and taking damage, keeping myself alive via only the power of god apples. everyone was shocked by my fall into the void and the entire guild showed up in the end and began arguing and accusing Yt_King of trying to hog the dragon loot by killing me. While we were all shouting at each other my mind was racing like a animal trapped in the hunters snare. trying to find any way of getting out of my predicament alive. these were my last thoughts before being consumed by the cold darkness of the void.
"Ender pearl? no to high, i'm already negative seventeen thousand blocks in the void-Water bucket maybe? Nothing to place it on! fishing rod? fishing rods only stretch 50 blocks, drat, GAPPLE! GAPPLE! \pants* that was close, Wolfee maybe? no i'm falling to fast, even at her fastest flight she would never catch up with me..."*
It was then that i realized listening to the entire base arguing and the dragon exploding, that our group was simply a toxic combination and can never work properly. and slowly but surely i succumbed to the infinite void and lost every valuable i had. i respawned in The castle in the midst of a massive and heated argument with everyone shouting and acusing each other of what not and generally confirming my realization. but i stormed about the base in a foul mood ignoring all the arguing about me as i went about making a new set of god armor and weapons. a quick stop in the dupe stash for half a stack of diamond blocks, a stop in the workshop to make multiple sets of armor and weapons to enchant, another one in our treasury for some of the exes exp bottles we had bought off of xp dude before he was executed, and i stormed by every one still arguing in the great halland was headed towards the enchantment library.
That's when DarkTwin made the biggest mistake he ever made while he was a member of the castle, he waited for me to get right in front of the entryway to the enchantment room knowing i would immediately set about making new armor when i spawned in, and placed a piece of bedrock he had stolen from the treasury despite having been punished multiple times for wasting our bed rock to pull useless pranks. i was already in a foul mood when i had respawned in the castle and it only got worse listening to every one shouting at each other, so when he placed that bed rock i just broke and went berserk. i put on a set of diamond armor got out my sword and attacked him.
That was all it took to set every one to fight each other like animals. everyone suddenly began fighting and by the end of it most of the castles members rage quit the game, which let the hackers into the server and they were able to over come the remaining defenders and nuke the castle.
After we all pulled ourselves from the ruins of the castle, we looked around at each other that day, and knew that the castle was simply no more. the next day, the leader standing on the rubble of all of his accomplishments and hard work, announced that the castle guild was officially disbanded. and that the castle was no longer to be defended, and all of the members could carry off any valuables that survived the nuking and that the castle was also open to any new players hunting for loot or shelter. and that was that. we all picked up what we could carry and went separate ways.
if you want to see an uncensored version of this story go here https://www.reddit.com/minecraft_stories/
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