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It's time to try it again. I have spent time on this saddle without wearing full on cycling shorts, and I have to say, it was incredibly. The hand moves and is set uni-directionally via the auxiliary crown located at 10 o'clock on the case. Reverse 1/2 Fly the wrong way for a total of 250/15000 feet. The spec also includes Formula CXR 350 wheels, Kenda Kwick Roller Sport 700/32 tires, an FSA Omega Mega EXO Triple crankset 50/39/30, Shimano SL R440 9 speed shifters, Shimano 105 derailleurs, Tektro Mini V brakes.

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Spirulina, a nutrient-rich blue-green algae, is known for its ability to support a. AudioVideo Keeper 2.1: Name: Omega [Weapon] Code: AVK65-115. Serial Collection: SERIAL COLLECTION. Basic Usage 2.1) Obtaining the code. A custom configurator is also available.

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Our sales and rental inventory includes a wide variety of cinema, broadcast video, lighting, grip, and audio equipment. Stores Hub products for sale.

Learn to Fly 2 v1.14 with Omega Catalog - Arcade Prehacks

Explore the outdoors with our lab- and field-tested outdoor gear for hunting, camping and fly fishing, including everything from tents, backpacks and sleeping bags to kayaks and canoes. This men's t-shirt features Nike's Dri-FIT technology to wick away sweat keeping you cool and dry from the start to the end of your workout. Raichu responded with an extremely powerful Thunderbolt attack that Lt. Surge was sure could defeat Pikachu. All of this is packed into a 39-mm. The Flying Truck Racer game is under the collecting games, flying, html5, mouse skill, platforms, side scrolling, truck games category.

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You were able to learn how to fly, but Icebergs stopped you and crushed your dreams. Series: This game is part of a series: Learn to Fly. Now we present the new version of the tree N-body parallel code FLY that runs on a PC Linux Cluster using the one side communication paradigm MPI-2 and we show the performances obtained. Also, clean the crate with a pet safe cleaner that contains enzymes. Menu Skip to content.

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Slay is an awesome 16bit shooter game with 4 different game modes. The wishlist collection of Banny with 4331 games. Pneumatics, Basic level (Workbook). Video Game Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthroughs. Learn to Fly 2 – Title Menu There is a fancier pre loading title menu before this familiar looking title menu.

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The larger the booster pack, the higher the odds of getting omega card fragments are, so higher story modes are the best. Rob - You have to buy the booster in the bonus shop, then next. This thread is archived. Freedom Compatibility List By toofaces2 https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=1656. But we think we found a couple of sleepers as well.

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Learn 2 fly 2 hacked omega catalog. ASCL.net - Browsing Codes click here to investigate. Diet, fitness, and nutrition resource to help you live a healthy long life. Level Courses - Onboarding. After the terrible finish to penguins last attempts to Learn to Fly he\'s back and out of hospital to have a 2nd go. Help your penguin to fly to the target areas and blow them up.

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Patch play Learn to Fly 2, a free online game on Kongregate

At 2 am every even day, and at 4 pm on every odd day, the watch receives a radio signal and adjusts the time. Neon Race Press the keys: J Add Cash. Diving to 3 feet, the Ripplin' Red-Fin is the bait-of-choice for shallow water stripers, walleyes and all types of bass. It also featured a sleek yet comfortable Selle San Marco saddle. Press that subscribe button and like if you enjoyed the video.

Serial code learn To Fly 2 Hacked - Play Here For Free

Did You Like This Game? This men's Nike shirt features a short-sleeved, modern silhouette that allows for full range of motion. Once you have beaten the game once, you will surely want to replay with the newfound understanding of the game, and Learn to Fly 2 rewards this by giving several different play-through options. Code the Classics - Volume 1 Build Your Own First-Person Shooter in Unity The official Raspberry Pi Projects Book - Volume 5 Book of Making - Volume 2 Find 100s more books and magazines in the Raspberry Pi Press shop. Learn To Fly 2 Hacked Unblocked Omega Catalog – Learn To.

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A Comprehensive Server Guide

Quick note (4/24/19, 11:11 AM EST): I'm going through the comments in chronological order, so if you haven't seen your comment updated to the guide yet, please be patient! I have limited time to work on this thread.
(4/24/19, 9:57 PM EST): I believe at the moment I caught up with the initial flood of comments (there was a lot to go through!), so I'm sorry that it took so long. Please let me know if you have anything else to add, I'll do my best to keep it updated.
I have heard various comments in passing about different servers having different kinds of communities, but there can be questions as to whether or not these assertions are correct. With the upcoming reshuffling of the datacenters, world visit system, and free world transfers, I thought it would be nice to assemble information and have a list of servers, their communities, and what they're known best for!

Please let me know how you feel about the community on your server (Are they casual or serious? In-character or out-of-character?), what the community's focus tends to be (raiding, roleplaying, crafting?), what the economy is like (are the MBs well-populated and cheap, or sparse and expensive?) or any other details or quirks.

Thanks in advance! Information about Japanese and European servers would also be appreciated and can also be cataloged here (language focused servers would be nice information to have)!

Population statistics have been omitted here (as they are likely to change dramatically in the coming weeks), but can be checked out on https://ffxivcensus.com/.

[NA Data Centers]

    • Adamantoise
      • Attitude: Friendly, relaxed, with a small server feel (TheTetraNova).
      • Cultural Communities: Players from the American Pacific Northwest; Potentially LGBT friendly (Andromansis).
      • Hunt Community: Active (MildStallion). Hunt trains organized nightly (TheTetraNova).
      • Market Board: No trouble buying or selling (MildStallion).
    • Cactuar
      • Attitude: Cliquey (Jprime7). Friendly and open, with most players in endgame areas (prefinished). Sense of community (xemyik). Goofy (OlivinePeridot).
      • Cultural Communities: Second-largest Spanish-speaking community in North America behind Hyperion (Raphtaria).
      • Raid Community: 3rd highest in North America behind Gilgamesh and Sargatanas (Jprime7).
      • Hunt Community: Active and organized, quick to excise early pullers (Bourne_Endeavor).
      • Roleplay Community: Present (prefinished). Small (OlivinePeridot).
      • Market Board: Healthy, but crafting bots can make selling difficult; potions are cheap (Jprime7).
      • Other Notes: Active outside the game on social media with a lot of server-oriented pride (prefinished). Novice network is active and helpful (xemyik).
    • Faerie
      • Attitude: Welcoming; laid-back and new-player friendly; socially-focused and extroverted. (Tristianxx1). Quiet outside of Limsa (ChapelXIV).
      • Cultural Communities: LGBT-friendly (topherSG).
      • Hunt Community: Active, with many linkshells (Tristianxx1). Can be prone to sniping (ChapelXIV). Mostly active on weekends; not a lot of tracker usage (arcanaemia).
      • Market Board: Stable, with a focus on glamours (Tristianxx1). Seller's Market (ChapelXIV).
    • Gilgamesh
      • Raid Community: Hardcore (Suzuushiro).
      • Market Board: Healthy, with a good turnover (Darkraiku).
      • Other Notes: Formerly declared the "reddit" server when ARR was launched, prior to the cross-world party system-- still popular with redditors (prefinished). Some of the highest end-game content clear rates (Suzuushiro). Congested (jenyto).
    • Jenova
      • Attitude: Friendly and helpful (RainbowMc).
      • Cultural Communities: Some Australian players (WobblyWhomper).
      • Player Base: Balanced between raiders and causal players (WobblyWhomper).
      • Roleplay Community: Highly active, but relatively private (RainbowMc).
      • Hunt Community: Active, polite, and organized (esjai937).
      • Raid Community: Competitive with Cactuar (MomoGFX).
      • Market Board: Fair (WobblyWhomper).
      • Other Notes: Roleplay Free Companies hold frequent events, coordinated through the server's primary Discord (RainbowMc).
    • Midgardsormr
    • Sargatanas
      • Raid Community: Significant, with a high concentration of FFXIV content creators and streamers (Senorblu, TheHeisenbergJr).
      • Hunt Community: Active, organized, effecient (TheHeisenbergJr).
      • Other Notes: Novice Network is well-regulated, but can get off-topic; it's sometimes used as a makeshift recruitment linkshell (u/Alilatias).
    • Siren

    • Behemoth
      • Cultural Communities: Brazilian players (edkun83); Australian and Kiwi players (xyrfhoan).
      • Market Board: Better for buyers, with rare map and primal drops abundant (xyrfhoan).
      • Roleplay Community: Small (xyrafhoan).
      • Raid Community: Considered to be part of the core of Primal for raiding, with streaming Free Companies (xyrafhoan).
      • Hunt Community: Prone to drama, but currently calm (xyrafhoan). History of players who pull on-sight (skyelfayon).
    • Excalibur
      • Player Base: Hardcore and progression-minded (Skeith253).
      • Raid Community: Hardcore (Demjou).
      • Hunt Community: Linkshell networks with nightly trains (redpandasays). Extremely dedicated with morning trains (Skeith253).
      • Market Board: Expensive, seller's market (Skeith253). Lower compared to Leviathan (Somewhere_Elsewhere).
      • Other Notes: Wondrous Tails community (vxarctic).
    • Exodus
      • Player Base: Casual-friendly (colday).
      • Attitude: Some reports of toxicity (Ipsenn). Friendly and supportive (Switchl).
      • Hunt Community: Sporadic outside of S-Rank hunts; uses shouting more than Party Finder (Jehooter).
      • Raid Community: Sizeable, especially for the server's population (Jehooter)
      • Market Board: Steady, with high turnover (Switchl). High level of undercutting (Eriane).
      • Roleplay Scene: Modest, but continuity-focused (egolds01).
      • Other Notes: Novice Network has recently improved (Jehooter). Upskirting problems in Limsa (Eriane).
    • Famfrit
      • Attitude: Laid back, new player friendly; complimentary of fashion (Teimero).
      • Hunt Community: Patient, organized (chainsawtiger88). Trains 2-3 times a day with increased traffic for S-Rank hunts (Teimero).
      • Roleplay Community: Populous in Limsa (Teimero).
      • Market Board: Stable; undercutting is usually only 5%-10% of the going rate (chainsawtiger88). Competitive (Teimero)
      • Other Notes: Home to a number of partnered Twitch streamers (DM4L). Novice Network helpful (chainsawtiger88).
    • Hyperion
      • Attitude: Usually friendly, meme-oriented (rxplicant). Laid-back, quiet (/uDokoroTanuki).
      • Player Base: Mixture of casual and end-game players (inorikisaki825).
      • Cultural Communities: Largest Spanish-speaking community in North America (Raphtaria). Furry community members (rougetsu, DokoroTanuki).
      • Roleplay Community: Highly active (vremyanova). "Primal's Roleplay Server" (skyelfayon). Erotic roleplaying is present, and prominent (dashuto_, eksby).
      • Raid Community: Active (rxplicant).
      • Hunt Community: Active with linkshell networks, but also communication through Party Finder and Shout (rxplicant).
      • Market Board: Undercutting uncommon (rxplicant). Poor reputation (skyelfayon).
      • Other Notes: Novice Network is considered to be very good; history of drama caused mentors to come together (dashuto_).
    • Lamia
      • Attitude: New-player friendly; cozy (Faeona).
      • Cultural Communities: Third-largest community of Spanish-speaking players, behind Hyperion and Cactuar (Faeona, Raphtaria).
      • Player Base: Casual to moderate (Faeona).
      • Raid Community: Present, but not egotistical (Faeona).
      • Hunt Community: Present, efficient, but wane with the patch cycle (Faeona). Stormblood trains running every few hours (VestigeOfHope).
      • Crafting Community: Present and helpful (Faeona).
      • Other Notes: Home of Youtube channel Free Company and raid team "NEST" (Ipsenn, Demjou)
    • Leviathan
    • Ultros

[EU Data Centers]

    • Cerberus
      • Attitude: Quiet on the overworld (Alia-Sun).
      • Cultural Communities: Russian-speaking players (Sarah-Wong).
      • Market Board: Healthy (Alia-Sun).
    • Louisoix
    • Moogle
      • Cultural Communities: French-speaking players (Sarah-Wong).
      • Hunt Community: Dedicated, with 2-3 trains a day (Larvitan).
    • Omega
      • Attitude: Toxicity reported in public chat (Nyxelias).
      • Hunt Scene: Very active, using linkshells and shouting (eksby).
      • Roleplaying Community: Active (Sarah-Wong). Unofficial European roleplaying server, focused on story and continuity (eksby).
    • Ragnarok
      • Cultural Communities: Arabic-speaking players (Sarah-Wong); French-speaking players (verilyZ); Largest population of Italian-speaking players (FaltraskKvelertaKk)
      • Roleplay Community: Active French roleplaying scene (verilyZ).
      • Crafting Community: Large (hapefullkorset).
      • Raid Community: Highest clear rates for savage raids out of the European servers (LightningBlake).
      • Market Board: Buyer's market (hapefullkorset).
      • Other Notes: Home to "Entropy", a Free Company that regularly competes for World First clears in Savage raids, with relative success. (Sarah-Wong). Known to be congested (kapefullkorset). Novice Network is not only supportive, but multilingual (WilanS).

    • Lich
      • Other Notes: Now a much more active server after a year of preferred status (GarlemaldForever).
    • Odin
    • Phoenix
      • Player Base: Mixed between raiders and casuals, high population (seaabu).
      • Attitude: Friendly, helpful, chill (seaabu).
      • Cultural Communities: UK and Scandanavian players (clicksallgifs).
    • Shiva
      • Cultural Communities: German-speaking players (Sarah-Wong).
      • Roleplay Community: Prominent German roleplaying community (Fluestergras).
    • Zodiark
      • Cultural Communities: Italian-speaking players (Akusun_kira).
      • Crafting Community: Large (Akusun_kira).
      • Market Board: Buyer's Market (Akusun_kira).
      • Other Notes: Large German FC recently opened in cooperation with Square-Enix (KusanagiKay)

[JP Data Centers]

    • Aegis
      • Other Notes: Prominent Lalafell-only Free Company with frequent player events (ritsubel).
    • Atomos
    • Carbuncle
      • Other Notes: Large community of Japanese housing artists (vremyanova).
    • Garuda
    • Gungnir
    • Kujata
      • Cultural Communities: Australian and Kiwi players (Luminiari).
      • Other Notes: Considered an "overflow" server for when Tonberry is closed to new character registration for English-speakers on the JP data centers.
    • Ramuh
      • Cultural Communities: South Korean players (vremyanova).
    • Tonberry
      • Cultural Communities: Australian and Kiwi players (NechRoe). English-speaking Asian residents of places like Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Southern Asia/the Middle East (vremyanova).
      • Hunt Community: Largest hunt community on Elemental, primarily using linkshells and shouts (setsuna73).
      • Raid Community: Active and relatively successful (Jvalz89). Competitive statics that compete for World First clears (setsuna73).
      • Market Board: Supply driven, with low prices (setsuna73).
      • Other Notes: As there is no Australian data center, most English-speaking people in the Pacific area play on Tonberry (NechRoe). Communication with Japanese players using Autotranslate is common (Jvalz89). People wait for party members to watch cutscenes in instances; Novice Network is well-regulated (kaysn).
    • Typhon
      • Cultural Communities: Taiwanese players (vremyanova). Third largest English community on Elemental, behind Tonberry and Kujata (ZeroProtagonist).
    • Unicorn
      • Player Base: Few players in lower-level areas (eksby).
      • Cultural Communities: Very few English speakers (eksby).
      • Market Board: Cheap (eksby).
      • Other Notes: Available housing (eksby).

  • GAIA
    • Alexander
    • Bahamut
      • Other Notes: Popular screenshot editors (defucchi)
    • Durandal
      • Player Base: Rare to see new players, even with preferred world status (Aschetel).
      • Cultural Communities: Very small English-speaking population (Aschetel).
      • Crafting Community: Large (Aschetel).
      • Market Board: Buyer's Market (Aschetel).
      • Raid Community: Decent (Aschetel).
      • Other Notes: Plentiful housing (Aschetel).
    • Fenrir
    • Ifrit
      • Attitude: Warm and welcoming Japanese players (shinjikun10).
      • Raid Community: Average rates for Japanese servers (shinjikun10).
      • Hunt Community: Morning and night hunt groups through Party Finder; map groups also active (shinjikun10).
      • Market Board: Healthy economy (shinjikun10).
      • Cultural Communities: Small amount of English-speaking players (shinjikun10).
    • Ridill
      • Other Notes: Lots of player-run events for its size (defucchi)
    • Tiamat
    • Ultima
    • Valefor
    • Yojimbo
    • Zeromus
      • Other Notes: Large Bard performance community (defucchi).
  • MANA
    • Anima
    • Asura
      • Cultural Communities: Two English-speaking Free Companies (ZeroProtagonist).
      • Raid Community: Some top-tier raiders, but lower-than-average Japanese clear rates (ZeroProtagonist).
    • Belias
    • Chocobo
    • Hades
    • Ixion
      • Other Notes: Frequent community-run cafes and events, with a live art draw every month (defucchi).
    • Mandragora
      • Market Board: Comparatively cheap (defucchi).
    • Masamune
    • Pandaemonium
      • Roleplay Community: Extremely large, notorious for erotic roleplaying (defucchi).
    • Shinryu
      • Cultural Communities: Extremely Japanese-focused server with very little in the way of English-speakers; Autotranslate is not commonly used (okuRaku).
      • Player Base: Leans toward casual; players don't overwork themselves; lots of players using character Twitter accounts or Mirapri (okuRaku).
      • Hunt Community: Two major hunting linkshells that share information, easy to hunt with and grateful if you source marks (okuRaku).
      • Other Notes: Busy, with plenty of people to play with around morning and noon in Japan, with expected increases with the world visit system; Scarce housing. (okuRaku). Formerly the PS4 server (defucchi).
    • Titan
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news Pain thinner in Lidl Gravy - recalled Lidl
nottheonion SLC man spends 6 years rebuilding right-hand drive Honda Integra Honda
Showerthoughts Autocorrect never onows what I'm typing. Google figures it out every single time Google
mildlyinteresting My gym's emergency button looks like a Pepsi can Pepsi
gaming Gamblers Play Casino Gambling 101 Casino
pics My best Walmart purchase ever. A Die Hard coloring Book. Walmart
gaming [River Battle and Retaking Brussels British Campaign
funny Just got a new computer, had to explain this to Microsoft again... Microsoft
LifeProTips LPT - Never send a Paypal Payment to anyone unless you talk to them first and make sure they are not a new seller. Otherwise, you'll have to wait 21 days for Paypal to transfer your payment to the new seller. Paypal
funny How I decide whether to wish happy birthday to some of my Facebook friends Facebook
pics Bing Shirts At Google HQ Google
videos Kids Smoking Weed at Recess? Funny News Blooper - WFXTD FOX Boston 12.17.17 FOX
news China accuses US of 'hyping-up' seizure of underwater drone - BBC News BBC
funny This guy only tweets about how Taco Bell needs to bring back the volcano burrito.. if we can get everyone tweeting this I believe we can make it happen!! Come on all redditors let's do it!! Bell
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does Google know how much traffic is on a road? Google
videos Greg James using a BBC theme tune in a DJ set. Impressively, he had people dancing to it. BBC
worldnews Woman has baby using ovary frozen in childhood - BBC News BBC
funny "Need a HAND?" Tesco supermarket staff go the extra mile! Tesco
Showerthoughts Why does Flo from Progressive need an apron to sell car insurance? Progressive
todayilearned TIL that Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of The United States; was an actor for 3 decades. He appeared on more than 50 movies before becoming active Republican politics later in life. United
todayilearned TIL Google has uploaded "April Fools Jokes" on March 31st for the last couple years in a row. For Example - "Being a Google Autocompleter" in 2011 Google
pics Coal workers in the United States when we had a small federal government, no EPA, no unions, and no regulation. United
gaming Blasted Greenskins! Warhammer Total War Total
worldnews Heimlich manoeuvre inventor dies aged 96 - BBC News BBC
gaming My new Nike shoebox! Nike
worldnews Heimlich manoeuvre inventor dies aged 96 - BBC News BBC
Futurology Why Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all desperately need you to know that the robots are coming Google
AskReddit If Apple or Android developed a smart toilet seat what features would you want on it? Apple
funny Someone on Twitter pointed out to Amy Schumer that she looks like the woman from American Gothic. Twitter
Showerthoughts Just realized that the App Store could stand for: Application Store or Apple Store Apple
listentothis Maggie Rogers -- Dog Years Folk/R&B2016 Rogers
WritingPrompts WP You are a 24 year old Uber driver. Your passenger sits down with an open duffle bag and you see all large bills and an assault rifle. He says, drive now and I will make it worth your time. You head to the train station and hear helicopters in the air. As you drop him off, he leaves you $20,00 Uber
TwoXChromosomes 'Frozen woman' mannequin fools Hudson, New York police - BBC News BBC
WritingPrompts WP "The Flames would rage, the Earth would shatter, the Waves would rush and the Sky was battered. That moment we realized it was true." Sky
AskReddit What targeted ads have you seen from Google lately? Google
AskReddit God gets a Twitter account, what are some of his tweets? Twitter
gaming Can I get any Max Payne game to play on Xbox One/what are some similar games I can play on that system? Xbox
todayilearned TIL that the iconic hump of the 747 exists because Boeing assumed supersonic planes would make the 747 obsolete for passengers. The raised flight deck allows for a large front cargo door. Boeing
funny So not wrestling fans, this random card showed up in the bottom of my son's Lego bin. Lego
Music Shawn James - Midnight Dove Blues Country Dove
AskReddit Why are Manchester United not winning? United
AskReddit What are the best deals you've found on websites like Alibaba and Zapals? Alibaba
todayilearned TIL in 2012 GlaxoSmithKline, the world's sixth largest pharmaceutical company as of 2015, pleaded guilty to promotion of drugs for unapproved uses, failure to report safety data, and kickbacks to physicians, in the United States and agreed to pay a $3 billion settlement. United
mildlyinteresting The license plate on this FedEx Truck in Manhattan. FedEx
Showerthoughts Just watched a Great Dane riding down the freeway in a Honda Civic coupe, head and shoulders out the sunroof, looking happy as shit. I wish I could be that happy. Honda
worldnews Germany threatens to fine Facebook over hate speech Facebook
pics A Christmas Sunset, Newport Beach CA 2016, Photoshop Composition, Original Content Credit to ME Newport
funny I'm not sure if I'm more upset that Facebook thinks I am interested in damnation or being single Facebook
Documentaries Espionage Target You 1964 US Government Film on How to prevent yourself from unwittingly becoming an enemy spy Target
gaming PSA: Lost odyssey is free on the Xbox one right now. If you love classic final Fantasy games, download it! Xbox
worldnews China to return seized US underwater drone, Pentagon says - BBC News BBC
OldSchoolCool Harrison Ford in the set of Indiana Jones, 1983 Ford
worldnews ‘Unpresidented’: Trump corrects Chinese drone seizure Twitter mishap Twitter
pics Aleppo, January 2014 - From Google Streetview Google
UpliftingNews A group of Google employees spent their '20% time' making Google Maps wheelchair-friendly Google
Showerthoughts Quora is really just a dignified version of Yahoo Answers. Yahoo
DIY I Gave An Original Xbox A Paint Job Xbox
worldnews David Remnick: Why Trump’s win is ‘an American tragedy’ - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts The BBC should do a version of The Voice where they find a replacement for David Attenborough. BBC
funny When the UPS guy knows you too well UPS
personalfinance I am a Canadian working the United States on a TN Visa. As tax season is coming up, what are my best options for completing my taxes? United
gaming Will Battalion 1944 live up to the hype, or will it be No Man's Sky part 2? Sky
nottheonion Tom Ford Tells His 4-Year-Old Son His Dinosaur Shoes Are "Tacky" Ford
personalfinance Large Youtube Paychecks - 20 YO in College Youtube
pics This Lego bag is on point Lego
television Norman Lear Sitcoms ‘All in the Family,’ ‘The Jeffersons’ Being Eyed by Sony for Reboots Sony
funny How to beat the Youtube Algorithm Youtube
AskReddit How long do you think it will be before ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft replace 100% of their driving workforce with self-driving cars? Uber
funny The craft aisle at Target today. Target
sports Manchester United fans belt out their song for match winner Zlatan Ibrahimovic United
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Coca-Cola Man Coca-Cola
mildlyinteresting Found this rubber band shaped like a G clef at Target today Target
AskReddit What's the science of Youtube top comment? Youtube
news Police Rescue 'Frozen' Elderly Woman, Only to Discover It's a Mannequin Discover
AskReddit I use Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and other free apps regularly. What does Google get in return? Google
pics What's up with the South Pole on Google Earth? Google
worldnews Time-Lapse Google Maps Show How The World Is Changing Google
mildlyinteresting This Men's Bathroom Sign Looks like the Google Street-View icon Google
pics Lest you think UPS drivers are a breed apart UPS
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Coca-Cola Man Coca-Cola
todayilearned TIL Pepsi admitted that its Aquafina bottled water is not purified water or spring water, but simply plain tap water Pepsi
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