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Patch dota 2 beta keys invites generator

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Here you can download dota 2 rar shared files: Dota 2 beta generator activation [HOST] from [HOST] KB, Dota furion mod dota 2 rar from [HOST] (2 MB), Dota 2 beta key generator rar from [HOST] (2 MB), Dota 2 full pc game with crack downserv com rar from [HOST] (2 GB), dota [HOST] from [HOST] MB. 22 Useful Discord Bots to Enhance Your Server (2020) https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=1612. We are giving away 5 beta keys daily for free! UnKnoWnCheaTs - Multiplayer Game Hacks and Cheats, leading the game hacking community since 2020. The bot will also post the names of the winners, and the users will receive the Dota 2 Beta key via PM. Only accounts created before 04/05/2020 are eligible for the Dota 2 Beta key draw.

SteadyContent - do they enforce video calls?

Hey all. So, after months and months of avoiding the SteadyContent dot com ads on ProBlogger, I decided to apply.
It's a step down from some of the clients I dropped (law content, my goodness I hate law content but the pay was amazing) and I don't really NEED this position, but I want it because I have two with fundraisers for themselves that I want to support more. (One of em is more than halfway to $1000, and I really want it to get there!)
So SteadyContent seemed like a reliable, easy way to get a few more articles in every week, without wrestling with my current clients myself, and without asking for more content at the SEO agency I'm with. No offence to that agency, but I can only mentally handle following their guidelines for up to 10,000 words per week. (The guidelines have a few points it's almost impossible to follow sometimes, mostly for roundup reviews.)
I did some searching on this sub and peoples' main issue with SteadyContent is low pay. I was aware of that going in. I don't care. Any money is more money for friends in need!
But I've been asked to join RingCentral for communication and the auto-generated invite says "create a free RingCentral account so you can easily send messages, hop on video calls, and share your best work without needing to switch apps."
I do not do video calls.
That said, I'm aware this may just be a feature of the app/site that SteadyContent don't use. So before I dive into this, does anyone who does/has work(ed) for SteadyContent know if they enforce video calls? Because if so, sorry to my friends, but I'm out.
I'd like to know before signing up so I don't have to be like "nah, bye" after already committing.
submitted by MR_System_ to freelanceWriters

Looking for a bot that auto revokes 'unlimited uses' invites generated in your server

Does anyone know a bot that monitors the currently active invites in your server and revokes anything that that has unlimited uses?
This wasn't a big deal before since on my server only moderators can generate invites and we had only one public invite in the main channel to whoever wanted to invite people, but recently we enabled Audit Logs to normal members for transparency, and that shows any invites the moderators generate, which is annoying since whenever we try to generate a custom invite, a unlimited use 24 hour one is always generated and we have to revoke them manually (this is a pretty bad design imo). This is especially annoying on mobile where there's no Right Click -> Invite To Server, which bypasses this problem for 1 use invites on desktop client.
I thought this would be easy to find (I remember Polecat's server having a bot that auto revoked and kicked anyone that generated permanent invites), but I've been looking for hours in every bot list out there and couldn't find anything of the sort, anything I found was pretty much all about deleting invites posted to channels/advertising, rather than managing your own server's invites.
submitted by Jirachi_star to discordapp

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