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Subreddit Stats: Nerf top posts from 2017-01-01 to 2020-09-29 01:27 PDT

Period: 1366.98 days
Submissions Comments
Total 999 45565
Rate (per day) 0.73 33.31
Unique Redditors 531 6737
Combined Score 532183 243410

Top Submitters' Top Submissions

  1. 70630 points, 124 submissions: Hotkoin
    1. Cone magazine (1371 points, 86 comments)
    2. Bonk! (1363 points, 112 comments)
    3. Mind games (1141 points, 76 comments)
    4. I have been rather busy lately (961 points, 52 comments)
    5. When dump pouches are too "unrefined" for your tastes (895 points, 73 comments)
    6. Revolving mags, suggested by u/Knight-of-Mirrors (893 points, 65 comments)
    7. Spin to win (867 points, 52 comments)
    8. A request for a double barrel shotgun (852 points, 82 comments)
    9. Topping-off hole (809 points, 47 comments)
    10. Boltcutter (763 points, 63 comments)
  2. 11596 points, 24 submissions: ValourLionheart
    1. P-Chan! (861 points, 130 comments)
    2. Sometimes you just wanna build an Elite DMR (839 points, 61 comments)
    3. Wanted to get a nice shot of her before sending her off to Washington. (589 points, 51 comments)
    4. Love when a fade comes out nice (585 points, 44 comments)
    5. Don't mind me, just another Shotty Boi (570 points, 41 comments)
    6. Finally found a direction for the paint on this after it sat for so long with just tape on it. (543 points, 43 comments)
    7. Nothing crazy, but the depth I added with paint came out pretty good (541 points, 18 comments)
    8. Atari Lynx, pending the shroud pieces (490 points, 43 comments)
    9. Bit of a Deus Ex vibe with this one (485 points, 41 comments)
    10. Pretty serviceable as a pistol. Still gonna use my SPAMF more though (462 points, 40 comments)
  3. 11214 points, 19 submissions: LaserGadgets
    1. NERF BFG prime and fire demo! You guys asked for it, found a converter that works for Reddit MOVS so here we go :) (1099 points, 70 comments)
    2. Finished BFG Nerf Triple Roughcut. All prime at once, fire at once. Cant believe HOW at once actually. One of the pics shows the new trigger and priming knob. Added some lights and hoses, for the visual effect. (1036 points, 152 comments)
    3. DOOM BFG ! Last teaser pic before paint, because the body work is FINALLY done. Next step, colors :> (920 points, 144 comments)
    4. Ever LEVER-ACTIONED a Hammershot? Well I did :> (749 points, 112 comments)
    5. First Nerf P90? At least the first Rival P90 :> no printed parts, handmade. (643 points, 77 comments)
    6. Who said "Never mod a Revonix"? My Borderlands 3 Maliwan Blaster! (643 points, 60 comments)
    7. Most unusual Bullpup I've seen so far. Metal parts added, no printing involved. Borderlands 3 DAHL SMG! Opinions? (616 points, 81 comments)
    8. Rebelle Longstrike Mod...custom blaster on custom stand! The rebelliator... (570 points, 71 comments)
    9. Nerf HYPERION SMG conversion. Former Apollo, still functional. Plus TONS of metal, paint and tears. (566 points, 49 comments)
    10. Since we have so many Destiny fans: My Hopscotch Pilgrum with homemade Dot Sight ! (540 points, 108 comments)
  4. 5548 points, 9 submissions: sweepyP
    1. Nemesis, Centurion, and Zeus integration. (737 points, 95 comments)
    2. Centurion/Nemesis integration (734 points, 78 comments)
    3. Stryfle MK4 kit. Files ready for download. (668 points, 102 comments)
    4. Infinus/Magnus integration (644 points, 97 comments)
    5. Dual stage elongated DemolisheMagnus (595 points, 67 comments)
    6. Kronos + krakens + infernos + solenoid pusher = The Kronomax (577 points, 100 comments)
    7. Painted perses (542 points, 83 comments)
    8. Another long Rayven (529 points, 52 comments)
    9. My Tan Perses (522 points, 77 comments)
  5. 5204 points, 8 submissions: fehdster85
    1. You guys just let me know when you are tired of seeing all these blasters as Phantom Corps (1134 points, 116 comments)
    2. As requested by a fan of my work, here is the Phantom Corps Stryfle. (943 points, 96 comments)
    3. This is my Knockout... There are many like it, but this one is mine. (588 points, 94 comments)
    4. My version of the Saturn stock extension. (550 points, 25 comments)
    5. Phantom corps and foregrips! That's my goal for all of my primaries! (522 points, 37 comments)
    6. I give you the P.va (498 points, 16 comments)
    7. OK.... Now I'm done with my charger (496 points, 33 comments)
    8. Trying to make this blaster worth the money. Extended stock that holds a full reload. Next up is making the fake launcher shoot mega darts (473 points, 30 comments)
  6. 5000 points, 9 submissions: UtterTravesty
    1. Rival Charger MXX-1200 and Rival Takedown XX-800: internal mag bull pub flywheeler and pump action blasters (707 points, 185 comments)
    2. First photos of new ULTRA SEVEN: mag fed ULTRA bolt action springer (599 points, 114 comments)
    3. Nerf Foam Ammo Family Tree Key: Pixel Art! (595 points, 84 comments)
    4. nerf_ukraine shares our first look at the Nerf Fortnite IR blaster: semi auto flywheel infantry rifle (586 points, 103 comments)
    5. You've already beat it to death. Its time to bury the horse for crying out loud (581 points, 58 comments)
    6. Newest look at Elite 2.0 Shockwave: Surgefire successor (563 points, 94 comments)
    7. Nerf ULTRA Sonic Screamers Walmart listing (524 points, 110 comments)
    8. Every time (474 points, 10 comments)
    9. Hot ones (371 points, 16 comments)
  7. 4844 points, 11 submissions: SirScorp
    1. Covered D-Drum for my Longshot (560 points, 32 comments)
    2. A Longshot a day keeps Corona at bay... or at least my mood^ - Day 1 (500 points, 27 comments)
    3. A Longshot a day keeps Corona at bay... or at least my mood ^ ^ - Day 9 (493 points, 34 comments)
    4. A Longshot a day keeps Corona at bay... or at least my mood ^ ^ - Day 7 (467 points, 52 comments)
    5. A Longshot a day keeps Corona at bay... or at least my mood ^ ^ - Day 2 (439 points, 47 comments)
    6. "finished" Nerf Bolt-Pistol (433 points, 33 comments)
    7. A Longshot a day keeps Corona at bay... or at least my mood ^ ^ - Day 11 (432 points, 40 comments)
    8. A Longshot a day keeps Corona at bay... or at least my mood ^ ^ - Day 12 (389 points, 35 comments)
    9. A Longshot a day keeps Corona at bay... or at least my mood ^ ^ - Day 10 (384 points, 41 comments)
    10. A Longshot a day keeps Corona at bay... or at least my mood ^ ^ - Day 3 (381 points, 33 comments)
  8. 4686 points, 10 submissions: MonkeytronCollective
    1. Prop for display and cosplay only. My version of the Blade runner pistol made from an Xshot water pistol. Woodgrain hydrodip on the handle and LEDs inside. For my personal sci fi blaster collection. (778 points, 44 comments)
    2. Started a new project today. Been wanting to build a pulse rifle ever since I started nefing but reckon I could do it justice now. (558 points, 33 comments)
    3. Nice crisp lines. (508 points, 25 comments)
    4. Just finished my new EVA foam Shield build. (428 points, 16 comments)
    5. All three of my recent xshot orbits together. (420 points, 29 comments)
    6. I was asked to make some rainbow mags for a 2nd Degree burn build by @sewwes12 pretty happy with them 🌈 🌈 (416 points, 30 comments)
    7. Finished my Death Trooper Cosplay build. Extended barrel, vortex scope, raider stock, heat scorch on the barrel and finished with 2K lacquer. Stock internals and still fully functional with the lights and sounds. (409 points, 22 comments)
    8. Dedicated my latest build to my favourite drink 😀 (407 points, 57 comments)
    9. Work in progress pic of my Death Trooper blaster, pretty happy with heat scorched effect. (397 points, 20 comments)
    10. ALIENS themed xshot orbit. (365 points, 27 comments)
  9. 4673 points, 9 submissions: muncle-mods
    1. Rapidstrike/rotofury integration. Finally got the body painted. Now for detailing !! (663 points, 96 comments)
    2. More progress on the rapidstrike/rotofury integration. Sorry for such a delay, but works been crazy lately. (618 points, 59 comments)
    3. My “RapidRhino. Finished paint job and internals. LEDs all wired to switch. Voltmeter comes on when rev trigger is pulled. Now I need to paint up the 2 drum mags. (589 points, 74 comments)
    4. Finally finished the internals on the Vulcan integration. More photos on Imgur. https://imgur.com/gallery/r4slgXq (559 points, 38 comments)
    5. It’s finally finished. My “RapidRhino “ build. 2s powered, honey badger pusher motor, 3 position extendable stock, LEDs powered by 9 v battery, custom paint,oscillating barrels. Lots of time and attention to details on this one. (494 points, 34 comments)
    6. Nemesis mini gun integration all put back together. Just need to finish paint details. I’ll post an album in Imgur of complete work in progress (470 points, 25 comments)
    7. My latest integration. Figured I would post it in here as well. More pics in comments. Vulcan/firefly/dualshot/rapidstrike (457 points, 26 comments)
    8. Another mag fed Vulcan integration. Let me know what you think. Almost completed paint job and ready to reassemble. (425 points, 26 comments)
    9. More progress on the rapidstrike/rotofury integration. Just need to fit in a magwell and then I’ll start the body work. (398 points, 71 comments)
  10. 4459 points, 8 submissions: bensheep
    1. Elite 2.0 Commander (761 points, 109 comments)
    2. Dartzone Nexus Pro found in Walmart by @specialblasterservice. Found in Florida. (624 points, 148 comments)
    3. Nerf Shellstrike DS-6 (605 points, 143 comments)
    4. The Ultra Two (573 points, 178 comments)
    5. Elite 2.0 Volt SD-1 and Turbine CS-18. PC to Kang Chae Woo HK Nerf on Facebook (524 points, 114 comments)
    6. Official photos of Ultra 4 and 5. Ultra 5 appears to have a muzzle that was not seen before. (513 points, 66 comments)
    7. Nerf Rival Saturn PC: NERF HK Fans on FB (434 points, 100 comments)
    8. Product Photos of Jupiter XIX-1000 Photo Cred: Spektrum (Youtube) (425 points, 69 comments)
  11. 4075 points, 7 submissions: piggyjj
    1. EVA 01 themed loadout at a local game today (803 points, 37 comments)
    2. P90 variant of Bulwark (802 points, 78 comments)
    3. DevilZ Concept Pistol (594 points, 34 comments)
    4. EVA 01 themed blasters (520 points, 36 comments)
    5. Flypoint (EVA 01) (479 points, 27 comments)
    6. Grass Snake v2 BETA (450 points, 35 comments)
    7. Evangelion themed kriss vector design by heathpants (427 points, 56 comments)
  12. 3985 points, 8 submissions: chills32
    1. Talon half dart drum mag, holds 25, takes a drum spring, glue or screw. (733 points, 89 comments)
    2. MK18 Assault Pistol. Twist on barrels or Break Action add on for shells. Introducing 'Clubhouse' Nerf (558 points, 61 comments)
    3. Meaker MK17 "Huntsman" edition. K25, PVC barrel variant, long rail, eze scar. Hits 190s. (534 points, 46 comments)
    4. Freedom blasters Combat Rifle. Solenoid fed, dual stage (FTW w/HBs(horizontal) to Daybreak w/Valks(vertical)). 3s. Shooting shorts at 150fps so straight it's scary. Feather that 3 shot burst though! (484 points, 49 comments)
    5. Clubhouse Nerf: FLAK. Talon variant. 210fps. Priming with thumb. Not using standard nylon bands. (457 points, 30 comments)
    6. Meaker MK17: "Woodsman Elite" edition (434 points, 38 comments)
    7. A Longshot today makes me smile....Optimus Prime was jealous (403 points, 39 comments)
    8. Clubhouse Nerf: Mkp15; Meaker Arms gear box driven, full auto, mag in grip, full size wheels (382 points, 34 comments)
  13. 3643 points, 6 submissions: Radioactive52
    1. 32 shot Hammershot Mod. Yes. 32 individual shots. Video link in comments. (848 points, 128 comments)
    2. Demolisher Rocket Hammershot mod! Explanation in comments. (792 points, 89 comments)
    3. Prototype 3 shot Rival Hammershot (652 points, 73 comments)
    4. Working prototype of my 3 barrel Rival Hammershot. Link to video of firing in comments. (468 points, 39 comments)
    5. Mega Strongarm Mod! (442 points, 39 comments)
    6. Prototype Mega Hammershots and barrel vs spigot research (441 points, 38 comments)
  14. 3633 points, 6 submissions: DrinkFlexSeal
    1. It’s finally complete (892 points, 86 comments)
    2. Superdrum Tommy gun (726 points, 39 comments)
    3. Mediator pump handle mod (649 points, 36 comments)
    4. Proceed fire with caution (483 points, 22 comments)
    5. Found my old Retaliator, fixed it, and changed the stock (481 points, 45 comments)
    6. I finally finished turning my Thunderblast into a FHJ-18 (402 points, 32 comments)
  15. 3413 points, 7 submissions: Iron_Gopher
    1. Introducing the Wildcat. A 150+ fps Barricade. Full gallery in comments. (828 points, 88 comments)
    2. I have always been in the 'vote with your wallet' camp. If you have the means and this platform interests you, get out and vote. Even its a pack of darts, let DZ know how you feel. Green Bay, Wi checking in. (516 points, 69 comments)
    3. Lets try again... nerf ultra two done up with a rad elite kit, khaos grip, valkyries and worker smoothies hitting 140s. Thanks to everyone for suggestions on fixing it up, the cel shaded look really made it come together for me. (437 points, 39 comments)
    4. I am in the process of renovating my display pegboards, thought i would take a family photo. Enjoy! (430 points, 36 comments)
    5. PSA: hammershot triggers make for phenomenal mag releases. (416 points, 28 comments)
    6. Thought I might throw my hat in the ring for these 'Hush Puppy' type builds. Meet Klutch. (411 points, 43 comments)
    7. The Soothsayer, a hammershot as maxed out as I could go. (375 points, 49 comments)
  16. 3036 points, 6 submissions: catkraze
    1. My Mini Minigun with Custom Box Magazine (593 points, 37 comments)
    2. I just picked up a Nexus Pro. Here's what I learned… (579 points, 191 comments)
    3. Blue and gold just didn't look quite right, so I swapped the gold pieces onto my original blaster (532 points, 20 comments)
    4. Functional Halo MA40 ammo counter test fit (477 points, 22 comments)
    5. Progress update on the magazine conversion for my full auto Charger (446 points, 32 comments)
    6. The Memeblaster 9001 is finally finished! (409 points, 35 comments)

Top Commenters

  1. Hotkoin (5692 points, 902 comments)
  2. UtterTravesty (4028 points, 306 comments)
  3. horusrogue (3587 points, 474 comments)
  4. YaLikeDadJokes (2364 points, 280 comments)
  5. LaserGadgets (2350 points, 742 comments)
  6. flibby404 (1825 points, 190 comments)
  7. chills32 (1720 points, 326 comments)
  8. Kuli24 (1660 points, 143 comments)
  9. ValourLionheart (1429 points, 267 comments)
  10. timkyoung (1391 points, 239 comments)
  11. FoamBrick (1391 points, 167 comments)
  12. Saberwing007 (1321 points, 64 comments)
  13. Nerf-Boye (1262 points, 182 comments)
  14. FelixstoweFoamForge (1198 points, 161 comments)
  15. PotatoFeeder (1138 points, 112 comments)
  16. MeakerVI (1072 points, 192 comments)

Top Submissions

  1. Nerf Attack Drone. Amazing fully functional build by Wren at Corridor Digital. by PattonPending (2114 points, 79 comments)
  2. Video of a campus officer at my university helping me test the custom blaster I showed off a couple days ago by Unlucky1313 (1592 points, 81 comments)
  3. My finished Onyx Blaster build! (From the game Terraria) by moose_sean (1510 points, 84 comments)
  4. I went into this knowing it was a dumb idea... but I’m pretty sure this is full on Rube Goldberg at this point by Valtarius_the_great (1446 points, 56 comments)
  5. When the ammo is more expensive than nerf darts by spikeisgod_5489 (1445 points, 45 comments)
  6. Cone magazine by Hotkoin (1371 points, 86 comments)
  7. Bonk! by Hotkoin (1363 points, 112 comments)
  8. Nerf Strongarm | Fade by polymetrix (1304 points, 68 comments)
  9. I tried to build a Rapidstrike in Minecraft by YaLikeDadJokes (1288 points, 115 comments)
  10. This is why Nerf is losing by Hotdog1352 (1218 points, 176 comments)

Top Comments

  1. 366 points: Gunner-Leo's comment in Germany got shafted
  2. 278 points: PaladinJN02's comment in Meet the weeb stryfe.
  3. 222 points: FoamBrick's comment in i was modding my firestrike, and my mom threw away the plunger tube, cause she thought it was a sex toy. does anyone know where i could find a new one?
  4. 205 points: qewer3322's comment in Found this shopping for Demolisher missiles
  5. 200 points: Saberwing007's comment in This is why Nerf is losing
  6. 189 points: PotatoFeeder's comment in The first shot to begin the Great Office War of 2020
  7. 179 points: RedneckNerf's comment in People trolling Zedtown's Facebook.
  8. 175 points: roguellama_420's comment in Rival Charger MXX-1200 and Rival Takedown XX-800: internal mag bull pub flywheeler and pump action blasters
  9. 171 points: Flingingfoam's comment in What Have I Done
  10. 171 points: NFC_Incedent's comment in The Ultra Two
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