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Memorex Cd Dvd Label Template Software. Dota 2 Hack, Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Valve Corporation and published by Valve Corporation, Perfect World and Nexon [HOST] 2 was released in on Steam for Microsoft Windows, OSX and Linux.

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The Emergence of eSports Creates Huge E-Commerce

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As a result of these measures, the Company received Rs. 179 billion from the power sector against supplies of Rs. 295 billion in FY11 and Rs. 3.3 billion on account of delayed payment charges out of Rs. Today, the miners added weight and the banks were mixed. Dota 2 hack account receivables. Call Of Duty 2 Patch Install.

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1v1 Solo Mid Tournament - 11-28-2020 - 2PM EST - 1st: $82.53, 2nd: $47.53, 3rd $42.53 (Prize Pool increases during the event)

There will be a Dota2 1v1 Solo Mid Tournament taking place on 11/28/2020 (Saturday) at 2PM EST. Prize is $57.53 for first place ($82.53 if you are an international player), $47.53 for second place, $42.53 for third place. The winner will also receive a Dota2 Pendant, courtesy of Stormforge#2488. If the winner is outside of the United States, the winner will receive an additional $25.00 making their total prize $82.53 for 1st place since we cannot ship this pendant outside of the USA. This tournament is sponsored by Stormforge#2488.
If anyone subs or donates to TheRealDota2Champions Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/therealdota2champions), the prize pool for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places will increase. 100% of the sub and donation revenue will be directed into the prize pool! As you can see, we have carried over $82.60 from last week which is why the prize monies are higher and an irregular number.
There is no MMR cap for this tournament. You must be on your main account. Participants must play the same hero in a best of 1 match. The hero will be chosen by spinning a wheel on-stream or by viewers who sub or donate to the stream. No stream sniping, no poor sportsmanship.
Once we reach the semi-finals, we will do a best of 3 matches per round. EU West servers will be used by default unless both parties agree to change servers. If a decision on the server location cannot be made, a protest can be made and a tournament administration will make the final decision.
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/VQza53s
Registration URL: https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/4101095942692028416/registration/
Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xch2uygbLdQ8F0ZROkihWlHsZdA3PJgnUs8dhyj-wRw/
Live Stream URL: https://www.twitch.tv/TheRealDota2Champions (If you want to cast DM Black#4872) Confirmed Casters for this tournament so far are AnfieldRed7#8501 on discord).
Tournament Bracket Stage: https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/4101095942692028416/stages/4101160280995962880/
The Real Dota2 Champions Social Media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealDota Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealDota2Champions Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealdota2champions/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFRmgBxblGvkGvJrcFSWciw Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/TheRealDota2Champions
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Liquipedia addressing Dota 2 match-fixing schemes

Earlier this year Liquipedia became aware that some bad actors were taking advantage of Liquipedia’s Dota 2 event listing in order to conduct match-fixing. Even worse, we’ve received numerous reports from our volunteers and third parties who have suffered abuse, harassment, and threats from these bad actors after we addressed their suspicious activity.
After investigating these issues and discussing with our contributors, we want to update the whole Dota 2 community on what has been happening, explain how it has affected Liquipedia contributors and put the integrity of our platform at risk, and explain how we’re addressing these issues.
  • We’ve discovered that bad actors are using the wiki to legitimize fabricated events for betting sites, as part of match-fixing schemes.
  • We’ve established new guidelines with stronger requirements and criteria for our contributors to use when assessing new events, to limit the potential of Liquipedia being used to legitimize fixed matches.
  • We are recommending actions for Valve, betting sites, and other Dota 2 organizations to take in order to stem this activity.
  • We are asking for more contributors to help spread the workload of verifying newly added Liquipedia events.

What’s been happening

Almost weekly, we’ve seen submissions of fabricated Dota 2 tournaments, tournament organizers, and teams to the wiki. Bad actors know that having a page on Liquipedia is a stamp of legitimacy and that many betting sites connect to Liquipedia’s open API to track matches, tournaments, and results. This means that all it can take to have a match available for betting is for the tournament to have a page on Liquipedia.
These issues first came to our attention after we received information about suspicious betting activity. To be clear, suspicious bets come in a variety of forms, and they alone are not enough to indict or accuse a team of match-fixing. In many cases we have discovered an inappropriate use of Liquipedia, with it being evident that there are illegitimate tournaments, tournament organizers, and teams being submitted to Liquipedia for the sole purpose of match-fixing.
The worst part of all this is that wiki volunteers and likely other parties (including small TOs and players) are being targeted almost daily for taking down pages or rejecting dubious submissions, or they’re being coerced by bad actors into a match-fixing scheme. We’ve heard reports of volunteers and others being verbally harassed, threatened, abused, and even doxxed by these individuals. As a result, some editors have quit or taken a break from contributing due to the stress this has caused.
While we obviously care about the health of the wiki, absolutely our number one concern is the health and well-being of those who volunteer their time to empower the Dota 2 esports scene.

What we’re doing about it

We’re making our community aware and taking action because we feel a number of responsibilities. We feel responsible to our visitors to display accurate information so that they can trust in the integrity of our data. We feel responsible to the Dota 2 community and the broader esports ecosystem to fight against the corruption and fraud that tarnish esports at large. And, we feel responsible for the well-being of our contributors who have been put at risk as a result of their efforts to fight this corruption. We are also providing support to the contributors who have been working hard to root out this issue and have been harassed and threatened.
Our first step was to establish new requirements and criteria for Liquipedia contributors when making their initial assessment of events submitted to the wiki. Ultimately, the process is left up to the contributors’ discretion, but this is where we start in the verification process:
  • Is there a Dota 2 Ticket?
    • We need tickets to track and verify players, teams, and matches.
    • Unfortunately this is an extremely low bar to hit, as ticket approvals are easily granted by Valve.
  • Is there a publicly available ruleset, roster information document, and schedule?
    • There is a huge problem with terrible rulesets being used, and TOs not following their own rulesets.
    • If roster information isn’t provided or tracked by the TO, it opens the door for smurfs and bad actors to get into their events.
  • Are there official announcements on established social media channels?
    • This shows if a TO is actually running a business rather than trying to cash out on a quick event.
  • If sponsors are listed, are they actually sponsoring the event?
    • Listing fake sponsors for a tournament is one way that bad actors attempt to legitimize the event.

What we want to see from other key stakeholders

It’s not enough for our contributors to keep a watchful eye on Liquipedia and for us to revise our guidelines.
We think there are multiple avenues that all need to be addressed at once for this issue to be lessened in the Dota 2 scene, including:
  • Better vetting by Valve of tier-three tickets. This vetting would include checking for the suspicious indicators we listed above before granting a ticket.
  • More investigation into reports of suspicious activity and enforcement of match-fixing rules by Valve.
  • A collaborative task force or council with a vested interest in reducing match-fixing in Dota 2, if not headed by Valve then at least with strong channels of communication to them.
  • A trusted single point of contact — at Valve or potentially within a collaborative task force/council — where a team or player can reliably report issues or suspicions that they are being forced into a match-fixing scheme.
  • More transparency from betting sites on matches that are canceled because of a suspicious volume of bets, investigations conducted into bad actors, and teams or tournaments that have been blocked from betting because of prior issues. Greater information sharing would shine a light on the betting sites that are being diligent and also shine a light on those that are ripe for match-fixing. Liquipedia would gladly help create a place where this information is collected and made easily accessible to the public, and create a blacklist of known match-fixing accounts and contacts.
  • For sponsors to announce their involvement with any tournament to help make sure which tournaments they are sponsoring and which they are not. Or at the very least, post contact information publicly to help members of the esports scene confirm their involvement.
  • Teams that aren’t match fixing but are still joining these scam tournaments help legitimize them, so we urge teams to do their own research into the tournaments before joining them.
  • More help from the community. More contributors on Liquipedia would spread out the workload of monitoring and verifying submissions, and put more pressure on bad actors rather than the other way around. Additionally, more people involved would facilitate better analysis of different cases. Even if you are only helping out once in a while and not with the verifying directly, it will still greatly benefit the project as a whole as you free up more time for the contributors who are willing and able to. And if you join our Discord server it is easier for us to help you get started.

Where to go from here

We can only address these issues together, and we need everyone’s support and commitment in order to root out these issues properly. We’d like to hear your thoughts on additional actions Liquipedia could take, and actions that you would like to see from other key stakeholders in Dota 2.

Thank you for reading and for helping us preserve the integrity of both Liquipedia and Dota 2.
submitted by Liquipedia to DotA2

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