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Today's move to cloud computing, versus the move to client-server in the early 1990's.

The technology transformation to cloud is similar to other previous transformation in the past. Indeed, this transformation is similar in the many ways to the last great transformation that I worked on, which was the beginning of client-server computing circa 1990. So allow me to compare and contrast these two epochs of computing history.
The transition from mainframe to client server technologies took places in the early 1990's. Within the course of a few years, the development platform of choice moved from mainframe technologies (primarily from IBM and DEC) to client server platforms (primarily from Microsoft.) That transition was not easy - indeed, it was brutally hard on developers and consultants who had to push through it. Some of the issues we faced included:
1) Code conversion - by the 1990's, there were millions of lines of old mainframe code in Cobol, Fortran, and other legacy languages, that had to be translated to new languages such as C and C++. One alternative was to take the existing Cobol code, and simply "lift and shift" it to client-server platforms via tools such as Micro Focus Cobol.
This approach only worked partially, and sometimes gave inadequate results**.** It was relatively cheap and simple, but only gave a portion of the promise that client-server computing offered. The application that were "shifted" to client server via Micro Focus were often little better than their mainframe predecessors. To get the full value of client server computing, applications had to be re-designed and re-built in modern tools such as PowerBuilder, which took up significantly more time and money. And technical expertise.
In this issue, we see the forerunner of what we face today with cloud migration. There are tools today such as AWS Edge and Snowball, for taking on premise platforms and moving them to the cloud. They can be used to an existing VM on premise, and move it to cloud, with little or no changes to code and configuration. However, these tools do not transform technology, but rather postpone their eventual replacement or retirement. Again, they will give you results that may or may not be adequate.
To get the full value of cloud, applications will need to be rebuilt. This means switching to newer technologies such as Kubernetes, Lambda, Aurora, etc. Again, this will require substantially more effort than simple "lift and shift" approaches. But this is the only way to get full value out of the switch to cloud. Companies who have tried "lift and shift" may find themselves paying for the cloud twice - once to move there, andonce to take advance of the benefits.
Amazon currently publishes their 6 migration methods to move to the cloud. Some companies are using rehosting or replatforming for all or most of their move to the cloud. This can produce some cost savings, but not technology (or business) transformation. You need to perform at least some refactoring of your applications, in order to get the full set of benefits you are expecting.
2) Security. Early client-server computing had really inferior security. This was due in large part to the original operating system that was available for this purpose - MS-DOS. DOS effectively had no security, and any application built on top of it needed custom, bespoke security. This was made even worse by the fact that many hardware vendors were slow to implement their own security. In effect, MS-DOS computing was essentially a free for all - and this inhibited many of the early adopters of client-server computing. In truth, many applications were likely moved prematurely to client server due to the platform's lack of built-in security.
Indeed, many application designers gave up trying to install security at the client level, and simply implemented security at the server level. Fortunately, many of the server level products - particularly Oracle - had these components built in. So the data had to be secured at the server level - and the security at the client level had to adopt that as well.
Later, MS DOS was replaced with the Windows product from Microsoft, and the situation slowly improved. Windows eventually offered encryption, single sign on, and other capabilities that are needed for truly secure computing. Products such as Active Directory finally gave client-server computing the security capabilities that approach that of mainframe computing. Microsoft platforms finally offered security capabilities that mainframe computing realistically never had - such as biometric scanning,etc.
Fortunately, with the transition to cloud, the major vendors recognized this issue from the very start. It would be impossible today to sell a product to corporate CIOs with the security gaps that client-server computing originally had. So the major cloud providers - AWS, Microsoft, etc. - all have implemented security tools that equal, or in some cases exceed, those of on premise computing. Amazon, for example, has its VPC and Directory Services offerings that are as good, if not better, than what is available on premise. Amazon has a marketing slogan that "Security is job one", and they are endeavoring to make that slogan a reality.
In truth, many CIOs are looking to the cloud as a way to get around existing security deficiencies in their on premise environments. Many companies have legacy environments that haven't been patched effectively, or haven't been encrypted effectively - and they are looking to SAAS and PAAS solutions to alleviate these issues, quickly and simply. In short, the issue from the 1990's exists today - but the issue has actually been inverted, so that now the destination technology can address the problems with the source technology.
3) Talent - When client server computing first came into vogue, there was an extreme talent gap. There were nowhere near enough analysts, developers, architects, or managers, with the knowledge or experience in the technology, to deploy it effectively. Many of those who moved into client-server were old-school mainframe developers, who had to be re-tooled and re-skilled, in order to work on the new technology. This hampered the switch to client-server technology to a significant degree. For much of the 1990's, there simply were not enough people to do this job.
Fast forward today, and there is still a skills gap - except that now, it is in consultants with cloud skills. What is particularly lacking are persons with knowledge in cloud architecture; skilled cloud architects are ata a real premium. And as in the past, many of those who are selling themselves as cloud experts are, in fact, individuals with on-premise skills who have repackaged themselves as cloud experts. This skills gap will need to be addressed, as more and more applications are moved to the cloud.
Some cloud providers are actually offering training at discounts, to try to bridge this gap. AWS for one has the Amazon Educate program, to help students make this transition in a rapid fashion.
4) Networking - Networking capacity has seemingly always held up technology transformation. In the switch to client-server, in many cases, networking capabilities simply did not exist, and had to be built from scratch, in order for these client-server technologies to actually work.
In the 1990's, many corporate offices had no LAN capabilities whatever. Client-server and networking had to be deployed in parallel, or in other cases, in close sequence, in order for client-server to actually work. Ethernet cabling had to be strung in order for some client-server projects to actually proceed. Stand-alone desktop PCs needed to have NIC cards deployed, in order to connect to networks on which the client-server technologies had to be deployed. Network routers had to be upgraded, in many cases, in order for the client servers to have enough bandwidth capacity.
Today, many cloud migration efforts are being hampered by networking issues. The major cloud providers themselves are not the bottleneck; in fact, their networking architecture is typically state of the art. Rather, the architectures of cloud customers are often lacking the necessary bandwidth to move all of the content to the cloud. In some cases, petabytes of on premise customer data need to move to cloud - and the existing networking architecture simply cannot move all that data in the necessary timeframes. Again, technologies such as Snowball can help get past the issues with networking capacity - but this can be expensive.
In short, many of the problems of the past have been visited on the technologists of the present. Those technologists should learn as to how those issues were resolved a quarter century ago, so that the issues can be resolved in this transformation. All these issues have to be part of your risk planning and assessments before attempting any cloud migration. How will you transition your code? How will you secure your data? What will be your networking infrastructure? And where will you get your skilled workforce from? Answer these question first.
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