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[Gunpla/Gundam plastic models] "Premium Bandai" and why it is the most hated thing in the community worldwide.

TL;DR: Some decisions from Bandai related to model kits of robots hardly makes any sense, affecting even their own possible profits. Annoys the heck out of literal millions of people accross the earth.
Warning: I apologize in advance if some of my writting feels weird. I blame disgraphia and english not being my native language.
I also apologize if this feels more like a quarrel that should go for the weekly post, and the possibility of this matter having been posted already in this sub. I tried to look for it, but I haven't found anything (in fact, haven't found anything Gunpla-related).
I felt inspired to write about this topic once I've noticed the post about the recent bullpoo of a specific model supplies brand, and also the matter with a Jurassic Park toy.
Fortunately the very few instances of drama within this hobby has never got to be any big of a deal. If anything, the collaterals of the circlejerks within the Gundam fandom about "this show bad. I haven't watched it but people says is bad, so I'll agree it is bad" that they suffer so often in our occidental side. (Btw, not everyone onto Gundam is onto Gunpla, neither viceversa. Some people just dig the shows, some people just digs the cool robots.) But I'm digressing. There's just one matter that affects everyone in the hobby, that is a constant to this day: "P-Bandai."
But before I actually get onto it, I'd like to give some more context within this hobby in general, to make you able to understand better why the fuss is, well, such a fuss:

Some keys as to why Gunpla got to be so prominent

Gunpla, short for "gundam plastic model kits" has been going on short after the very release of the first show of the meta-franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam. The show at first wasn't very successful as even for the time it got released (april 1979) its animation quality already felt quite dated even back then. It wasn't until Katsumi Kawaguchi, more known as "Meijin Kawaguchi", felt like building entirely from scratch his own Gundam model (not having existed any official kit as of yet). The model hobby magazine "Hobby Japan" coincidentally was looking for someone that could achieve such feat; contacted Kawaguchi to commission him to make a model of a "Zaku II" (the main mass-produced grunt unit of the antagonist faction of the show).
This ordeal and the great success of the magazines reporting about those two builds got the attention of Sunrise, the animation studio of the show (which also belongs to Bandai). Hiring Kawaguchi pretty much on the spot as advisor (today he's the head of marketing of all related to Gunpla, by quite the merit at that) and trying their luck in creating the first gunpla kits ever; something so successful that it saved the show entirely, starting the snowball effect that would lead to how the franchise is such a phenomenon today, as same as the other phenomenon of the model kits themselves.
There's various merits as to how Bandai got to be so successful with their model kits. Namely, contrary as most of their competence, they produced the molds by themselves, and produced the kits by themselves, and not a random 3rd company somewhere else like likely China. This got them to the habit of keeping the molds of their kits, and never discarding them. So again, contrary to most of their competence, they reprinted their kits very often. No matter how old they were. This principle stays to this very day, in which the very only model kits they've ever officially discontinued were because of them being less-successful recolors of other similar kits, or the so far unique case of one of the respective molds being broken. In fact: today you could buy a freshly "printed" kit of a model that could perfectly been originally produced 45 years ago!
The production of the physical molds of a model kit is the expensiest and most labourious part on the whole development of a model kit by absolute far.
This last bit, and the fact that one of the constants of these models' catalogue is how they're constantly pseudo-perma-available almost any time, are some of the most important bits to take in mind in this whole matter.

"Alright but tell us what the heck is Premium Bandai"

Premium Bandai, more commonly shortened as "P-Bandai", is an exclusively online shop in which Bandai sells predominantly preorders of articles of theirs which, for one reason or another, they've have decided to make limited. Premium if you will. This includes some specific gunpla kits as well.
In principle, their intent with going out of their own norm about the availability of some of their kits was because there's specific cases they thought there'd be a bit of demand, but not quite enough to justify a retail release, like a specific Suit with a model kit already existing but with the color scheme representing a different faction, or the personal colors of an ace pilot, as example. This way they could hype up these releases which under normal circumstances would have likely sold less, and even become "dead stock" in the shelves of some shops, which apparently is sort of a problem within Japan.
Now, in Japan, interestingly, one of the things that people loves the most, is the experience of adventure of going to a physical store, and see all of those piles of literal hundreds of different model kits. Either trying to find the specific one they're looking for, or trying to decide for one among all of them, are like adventures all by themselves.
So as starters, most of the Japanese people that feels that way and values it as a tradition, already suffer a grudge towards having to get a specific kit of their desire by the "lame and soul-less" process as is preordering it and getting it delivered to their homes. But in the end of the day was alright because those recolors mostly only appealed to collectors rather than hardcore modelers. People still was able to take the retail color version of the respective kit, and paint it to those other specific colors, or even their own unique ones of their please.
Buuuuuuut this got worse when the exclusivities crossed the boundaries beyond just recolors. They'd release kits which while based in suits that already got kit'd, would have exclusive weapons, or aesthetic pieces. Now, you MUST order from these limited releases, hardly ever reprinted (if ever) if you want those pieces (That or being among the biggest pros of the hobby and make them by yourself, which isn't precisely an easy task).
Now, we know why Japan has a grudge againts P-Bandai. But what about the entire rest of the world?
You see, P-Bandai.jp only delivers within Japan, and Japan alone. (Eventually China and Singapore got their sites as well, but they're minor compared to the main one. North America just months ago got their own too, but we'll get onto that later)
If you were an occidental "gunpla'er", your usual course of action was ordering your "plastic crack" from any regular japan-based online shop that shipped worldwide, or pay overpriced within your local alternatives. If you weren't living in japan, and there was an exclusivity you wanted, you had to wait for resellers to get hold of it. You're paying extra for rarity, plus the inflation for the benefit for the reseller. A model kit which original price could have been 20$, now hardly ever would be under 45$. And if it was printed long ago, it'd be further expensier.
The whole fandom feels kind of entitled to their kits being cheap, because Bandai sells them for absurdly cheap. They sell the objectively best plastic model kits on earth at the price of cheap toys, because of the bulk. And they make mad cash still. In fact, they're making such money that is making the Gundam franchise grossing more than One Piece and almost as much as Dragon Ball, despite Gundam suffering still to this day the status of 'niche' outside most of the world outside Asia.
But this is only the beginning:

100% entirely new models being premium

May 2014, "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link" gets released, a game for the Playstation 3 console. This game also had a collector edition with a goodie that caught everyone by surprise: a whole model kit based in the most prominent mecha of one of the many stories within the game, the Pale Rider. This model kit wasn't based in any other previously made one. It wasn't a slight re-do of an existing one nor way less a mere recolor. This already got the fandom under the alarms, but ultimately, people didn't mind it much back then.
A year later tho... It would come back, for good and for worse. It would come back as a P-Bandai exclusive. Not only that, but with new unique weaponry as well.
People loves this specific design still to this day, a lot. People can't grasp over their minds still to this day why Bandai is potentially limiting their possible profits on al already beloved design, specially when its respective pieces are from a brand new mold (you know, the expensiest part of the development of a model kit, effort and investment you'd like to profit from as much as possible).
Through all these years, Bandai has reprinted this kit various times. But unlike other regular kits, which you could see being reprinted after 1-4 months (heck, sometimes even twice within the same month), the Pale Rider has only seen an amount of reprints during these years that can be counted with the fingers of one of your hands.
This would set precedent for them to, still within a logic that no one has grasped yet, do the same for other future kits that despite having their own respective unique molds, would be limited as well. In fact, those recolors that were the original reason for this gig to be, hardly ever gets to happen anymore.
Japan felt gradually more annoyed by this ordeal, but hey, they can still buy them by themselves with no problem beyond the boring experience of not going to a shop physically, something occident can't even do themselves. This would provoke the entirety of the occidental fanbase feel quite insulted. They've acquired the general feeling that Bandai explicitly doesn't want their money, because making a kit a P-Bandai exclusive, instantly means they cannot acquire it in an official way. Wound rubbed further in when they're kits quite unique and cool by themselves.
This would become the norm for a handful of years, to everyone's disgrace.
But oh boy it got *worse.

Woundwort, "Half Life 3 of Gunpla", and how to easily anger people across the entire earth

The Gundam franchise doesn't only consist of animated stuff, there's written media too.
There's a specific serialized story that eventually would get novelized, "Advance of Zeta", which got quite the praise due to the remarkably unique and generally loved aesthetic of their mechanical designs, unique within the entirety of the franchise.
The most noteworthy Mobile Suit of said story that people loved the most, was the TR-6 Woundwort. Since it got to be a thing, it eventually became the suit of the whole franchise that was desired the most to be represented in kit format. This snowballing from back to the year 2002.
Bandai sporadically made merchandise of this suit, but never a kit. "Is it too complex?" "Is the copyright of Advance of Zeta different because of it being published by a specific magazine?" We've never got any answer. Despite this going on for more than decade and half, the Woundwort would be quite prone to lead on polls of the Gundam they want to see the most either animated or most predominantly, in kit format.
Due to how long that ordeal has been going on, it was just plainly assumed that it'd never happen, while the wishes still were as alive as ever, if not gradually higher. Reaching meme status even. People made their own unnofficial resin model kits of this particular gundam, even a chinese company made their own ilegal plastic model kit of the Woundwort.
Then one mysterious day, inside the Gundam Base (that place with the real life-sized Gundam being exposed), to everyone's heartstroke-inducing levels of surprise, a prototype of a Woundwort model kit got shown!
The entire fanbase was shaken. It finally happened! And with quite the joy, as they didn't assume this experience would be any tainted.
But... it did get tainted.
They've made a brand new bunch of molds for their peak most asked kit, by absolute far. This felt even moreso of a back-stab because, when Bandai shows a prototype announcing a new model kit, they tell if it is a P-Bandai release or not right away, something which they did NOT do when revealing the prototype of this Woundwort model kit (notice the lack of the P-Bandai tag in that white paper describing the article. You can see an example here on the reveal of this other P-Bandai model kit, revealed almost at the same time.
Imagine how gamers would feel if Half Life 3 finally happened, but only with few copies, available just for sale in a single country, with no shipping option outside whatsoever, being forced to pay the inflation from the modellers which were VERY well aware of how much desired this kit was.
Everyone in the hobby, period (excluding some rich people, perhaps), was noticeably pissed off by this nonsensical decision. Even Japan, which they themselves were the ones able to order them without issue, was royally pissed off. Some people did even bother to calculate how much potential profit Bandai are not getting by this decision.
Short time before the Woundwort happened, and specially after it happened, Bandai kept making more and more unique models as premium, without logic to be found yet, and to everyone's annoyance.

Light inside the tunnel?

There is an american company, Bluefin, which these last years has been managing to be Bandai's main associate at the business of distributing stuff within north america, including Gunpla.
They've been aware for the longest time that bringing P-Bandai kits to america would be a great gig, but it took quite a while for Bandai to bother themselves to allow that, and when they did, they did it with the stuff that was legitimately leftover stock of specific kits they knew right away that wouldn't sell well even within Japan.
Fortunately as years passed, Bandai has been realising about how the potential for the occidental market hasn't even tapped its proper potential, and began to purposely aim to hit more this market outside Asia. They even have started to build a second gunpla factory to boost their production of model kits x2. (There's a lot of reasons as to how Gunpla got to such global blooming "boom" and how it is becoming gradually more popular, but that's another long story, unfitting of this sub.)
So to surprise of everyone, with collaboration of Bluefin, America got its own website for P-Bandai products.
They slowly got to tackle preorders of every new P-Bandai model kit and re-release which has been happening simultaneously as Japan's. Sadly due to the piss-poor timing of certain historical event we all are suffering related to a pandemic, people didn't have much experience with them yet to say how good all is going so far. Covid striked the earth shortly after the website was announced, sabotaging the agility of the processing of the orders and how "early" they would be shipped.
These still has a high price in that site, but at least is finally less than what you'd require to pay to resellers. So some american people remains annoyed, while some others are overjoyed.
Meanwhile... If you are not in the USA, Japan, China, nor Singapore, you're still fricked.
People still has the perception that USA = all of occident. Europe specially, hasn't seen much sight of official support nor providers to this market yet,(only a random lame italian company which everyone hates) while USA has been pretty much working hard from the ground-up to get this to happen.
So, between the negatives of P-Bandai itself, and the fact that more than half of the world still has to overpay for these, this got to be, even if pretty much the only one of this hobby, a drama filled with rage, sadness, frustration, and even motivation for people to leave the whole hobby altogether, affecting millions of people all around the whole globe.
Possible questions:
Some "mainstream" model kits such as tanks or planes costs the average price of a P-Bandai model kit listed on ebay. Is people really whining that much?
Ye. You see, Bandai's model kits are pre-colored, articulated, a nice bunch of the times with perfect part separation with minimal need for masking if you get to paint them, and they don't require any glue whatsoever unless you get some of the very first ones from the '80s. Most people that buys gunpla aren't actual proper "modelers". They build them right out of the box and collect them. They feel like articulated figures right away. Between the price and quality, the whole fandom not only tends to feel like anything that is expensier than what they're already used to pay is, well, expensive, but also does even feel like "mainstream" model kits are lame.
When I click the japanese site for P-Bandai, it tells me that they have international shipping. Why the fuss then?
Because is a mislead that borders the blatant lie. They redirect you either other of their subsidiaries from other countries (list that is extremely limited as told by now), or to other websites that offers proxy-services to buy stuff from japan for you. These proxy sites buys the stuff from japan for you (not only P-Bandai, but anything else from Japan, like Yahoo Auctions, or Amazon.jp). You gotta pay them the shipping from the respective site to their warehouse, and then the second shipping from their warehouse to your house, and of course the extra margin for them to profit from. The difference in base price makes them no different than purchasing from resellers at all.
Hope my writting didn't bore you or made you bleed out of your eyes, and you found this interesting.
Wouldn't be weirded that between my disgraphia and that this took me way much longer to write than anticipated, going down to the wee hours of the night; got this bunch of text to have typos or words missing or something >.>
At least I can fix that with effort (hopefully), contrary as my whims for specific plastic robots without overpaying!
[Canned laughter]
submitted by Blazinter to HobbyDrama

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