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Diablo 2 26 character key

Key generator diablo 2 Patch 1.14b released

II CDKEY (follow keys are sample) Diablo II: Game Key: D2CR-8MPQ-64CW-AM3C: Diablo II Lord of Destruction: Game Key: 69AH-7YHP-X9TC-6YK7. I download them and go to install and it's asking for a 26 character CD-key. Claim it before it's to late for you. Guide: Diablo 2 Level Up Guide v1.10 - Diablo Wiki. Diablo 2 Lord Of Destruction V 1.13c Crack Serial Keygen. Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Diablo 2 [HOST] Key PC GLOBAL. Diablo 2 + Lord Of Destruction DLC RG Mechanics - 1.77 GB 6: 54 AM.

Diablo 2 Key Generator 26 Character

Diablo 2 26 character key. This product is a scanned image of an unused retail code for Diablo 3 sourced from Europe. Building on the success of its predecessor Diablo, the game was one of the most popular games of 2020. The diablo 2 game that I bought only has a 16 cd key. I have multiple emails about 8 years old with Original/LoD key sequences that is clearly 16 characters. FREE DIABLO II CD KEYS - View topic: : d3jsp try this. I was installing Diablo 2, and it asks for me to input my CD key.

Need A 26 Character DIABLO 2 LOD Cd Key

All retail software uses a serial number of some type, and the installation requires the user to enter a valid serial number to continue. Tversity pro 2.3 keygen Visual paradigm Version 2 may nokia asha 201. The installer ask my name and the 26 character CD key. Diablo 2 Cd Key Generator Crack https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=1401. Diablo is an action role-playing hack and slash dungeon crawler video game series developed by Blizzard North and continued by Blizzard Entertainment after the north studio shutdown in 2020. Anonymous 29 August 2020 at 17: 31. Incredible Fighter - EVC reg crack Dravens Diablo Trainer v2.3 Sniperx play on FSGS servers Diablo v1.09 Diablo v1.0 Diablo v1.0 Diablo v1.07 Diablo v1.08 ENG Diablo v1.07.

Diablo 2 cd keys - Classic Games Tech Support

DIABLO2 CD KEY XM98CC7FTFD6PPB62RHNM726KD LOD CD KEY DIABLO 2. Program name: Diablo II () Diablo II is an action RPG developed by Blizzard North and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2020. The #1 Site For Diablo 2 Legit Items. I hope does still working. The game randomly decides which one to. Topic Archived; More topics from this board. The file download will begin after you complete the offer with valid information.

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[Diablo II] Trying to reinstall and key length is asking

Activity code diablo 2 key generator 26 digit

GAMIVO is a platform to find, compare and buy digital game keys. Classic Games Tech Support. Starcraftskoll: FREE DIABLO II LORD OF DESTRUCTION CD KEYS. Your name (Login to post using username, leave blank to post. Keygen means a small program that will generate.

Season 22 Updated Clone Leveling Guide for PC

Fixer's Written Guide for Shrine Shadow Clone Leveling Exclusive to Season 22's Theme

Goal 1-70 sub 60 mins and Chapter 4 of Journey done 90-120min from start.

Note* the guide is written for new players and advanced players interested in organizing their thoughts for an efficient solo softcore leveling method. For very advanced groups you'll obviously be able to take liberties. In hardcore you'll need to adjust the game-difficulty to be safe.

Stay awhile and listen, Nephalem:

  1. Create seasonal toons, equip pet, equip cosmic wings + rainbow portrait to piss off your friends ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
  2. Complete challenge rift, Here is Rax's s22 CR Guide for easy completion Remember to NOT successfully complete challenge rift until season goes live. You can practice it ahead of time, but never beat the timer until it is officially live. (Takes ~5mins)
  3. Claim cache on lvl 1 character. Cache contains: (475 blood shards, 4.6 million gold, 35 death breath, 100 yellow, 300 blue, 300 white, 15 of each bounty mat act 1-5)
  4. Blood shard at lvl 1 for best odds
    • DH: Bracers > Helm
    • Necro: Gloves > Helm
    • Monk: Bracers > Helm
    • Crusader: Shield > Bracer > Helm
    • Barb: Bracer > Helm
    • WD: Mojo > Helm
    • Wiz: Source > Helm
  5. Rank Black Smith and Mystic to 12. Craft the following but be sure to save 50 yellow shards for cube upgrade:
    • lvl 70 wep with a primary of Life Per Hit and secondary of chance to crowd control (such as freeze on hit)
      • Demon Hunters remember to craft AND enchant your 2h bow on a WD for best odds.
    • lvl 70 cube item (DH Dagger, Necro 2h Scythe, Monk Daibo, Crusader 1h Flail, Barb 2h Mighty, WD Ceremonial Knife, Wiz Wand)
    • later you'll craft leveling weps. These are crafted only up to the level of your reduced requirement weapon (it's optional and can be done as you level up. lvl 8,12,16,22,26 etc)
  6. Reroll lvl 70 wep, remember roll the secondary affix that is NOT the crowd control so you have best odds of getting reduced level req 30, and remember to still SAVE 50 yellow crystal for upgrading your other item at cube later
  7. Transmog all leveling weps so they don't get auto destroyed during salvage sessions (only protects PC players, doesn't protect items on console)
  8. Levels 1-12 start shrine leveling in a Torment 6 game. Careful to not get one-shotted while moving forward allowing clone to kill surrounding mobs. If you die clone despawns until you find a new shrine. Remember to frequently buy gear off vendors. Toughness is king on armors, and overall dps is priority on weps. Check vendors at least every 8-10 levels but don't spend too much time in town.
  9. Buy rings and amulet of wounding off of vendor in town named "The Fence" can be found in town in each act. You may have to remake game until you find wounding affix which we get for an early big damage boost
  10. Once level 12, set game to Norm or Hard Mode and run to cube. Cube is always found in act 3, Ruins of Sescheron on the north-east part of the 2nd level. Back in town, use recipe #3 to upgrade your lvl70 cube item and recipe #1 to consume the item capturing its legendary power. Careful not to upgrade the reduced req item
  11. T6 game lvl 12-70 continue shrine clone leveling
  12. Once you're lvl 70, lower difficulty to Master. Go between regular rifts and Greater until strong enough for T4.
  13. Kill Cydaea and Skeleton King at any level and on any difficulty, Kill Queen Araneae and Ghom once level 60+ on Hard Mode or higher. Kill Malthael and Izual lvl 70 Master Mode or higher. Kill Diablo at lvl 70 on T2 or higher
  14. After 3 greaters you're likely ready for T4 because in gr run #2 and #3 you'll rank up LoD gem. In the T4 game kill 4x Key Wardens and Belial at lvl 70 on T4 or higher
  15. If solo you'll then do bounties and Solo gr rank 20 to complete the chapter 4 journey. The guide is written for solo players, but if you are leveling with other players you will send 1 player to do the rifts and others split up to do bounties. You can teleport to the rift guardian to loot keys after kill, you can also accept the greater rift invite then exit the greater rift and continue to do bounties while it is in progress then once completed teleport to the player that did the greater rift. Note: if you die in the open world during a greater rift it still counts as a death during the greater and you'll have 1 less attempt to rank your gems. Early on those LoD ranks are exponentially important. ***
Important warnings, reminders, and FAQ:


  • This guide is not HC friendly. If you put your game on T6 in HC while self leveling on the opener, good fucking luck to you.
  • Only on PC are you able to start the challenge rift slightly before season goes live. All that is required is during the rift timer, kill the challenge guardian once season has officially started. With this, you can potentially shave off 4mins to min/max your start. I personally play it safe and create my seasonal toon before entering challenge rift. Min/Maxers be careful, we have seen delayed season starts. Again, starting slightly early ONLY works on PC! ***

Friendly Reminders:

  • Save all legendary items to have for Legacy of Dreams at lvl 70 even bad legendaries are better than most good yellows
  • Equipping legendaries = stronger clones. As a formula, Clones do damage based on the # of legendaries equipped and overall sheet damage
  • If you get a bad legendary see if other party members can use it because of the above reasons
  • While leveling, if we ever randomly get shrines effective enough to complete 3 bounties in one act, lower diff to complete the remaining 2 bounties for cache. Note* while you will complete an act for journey, you'll still need 5x Jewel crafting plans which come from odious gobs at lvl 61+ or bounty caches at level 70
  • At lvl 12 clones struggle with damage until lvl 16. It makes a big difference to equip wounding jewelry and those early legendaries
  • In group play you can save rift location progress in rift by "T" back to town then accepting journey-boss fight, after fight use map to get back to town and take your original portal to resume your progress in the rift. You can't do boss fights while a greater rift is in progress in the game.
  • Call out good Goblins while group is split up if they care
  • At around level 61+ start looking out for at least 1 piece of jewlery with an open socket. You'll need 1 open soc for LoD gem for your early T4 viability before you earn your set pieces.
  • Look out for any follower specific item (focus, token etc) as you'll need that to fully equip your follower for season journey. Otherwise you'll have to craft one and craft materials can still be a little tight.
  • Once lvl 70 doing 3x Greater rifts is top priority for ranking the Legacy of Dreams (LoD) gem, which is a guaranteed drop on your 2nd greater. Try to pick a rank that is high enough for gem ups but that can be solod right away. Hopefully Rank 10gr. The first greater rift doing rank 1 is fine because you're just there to get bane of the powerful to drop to get that out of the way so you can get LoD gem on the next run.
  • The static location blessing wells in Act 4 Gardens of Hope level 1 did not spawn clones at the time of my testing. Which makes sense.


  • Q: What even is Shrine leveling, dickhead? You wrote a whole guide without explaining it.
  • A: Part of the Season 22 theme. You simply find and click a shrine or pylon which will spawn a temporary ally to fight by your side which lasts 1 min or until you die. Clone damage scales with your own sheet damage and amount of legendary items you currently have equipped on your own toon. We run around trying not to die and let these powerful assholes do all the work for us. You only get 1 min per shrine so we try to move fast without getting one shot. If in group the person who clicked the shrine must live or all party's clones will despawn.
  • Q: Why do we run to cube at level 12?
  • A: The idea here is to run to the cube when most classes have a movement ability or better aoe attacks to efficiently run a fairly far distance without taking up too much time. Feel free to run to the cube whenever you want. This guide isn't written in stone.
  • Q: Why do you craft Demon Hunter lvl 70 2h bow on a Witch Doctor are you retarded?
  • A: Our lvl 70 reduced req 2h Bow is best crafted and enchanted on a Witch Doctor so that there is no discipline secondary and no dext primary giving us significantly higher chances at the targeted affixes we want (LpH+crowd control). As an alternative you can craft 1h Mace on a DH but take note* 1h maces don't have access to many attacks and you'll now have dexterity on your affix list. At the start of the season every single yellow crystal is precious. You'll only have a few attempts to craft and reroll. I suggest you simply craft the 2h bow on a WD, roll the reduced req, then put it in the bank for your DH.
  • Q: In group when is the best time to split up to do bounties?
  • A: Once you are level 70 and on the highest difficulty you can speed through efficiently. Typically Master difficulty is efficient enough. Remember to have someone running regular and greater rifts while everyone else gets those tedious bounties taken care of. There is another min/max strategy that involves 4 man team 2 teams of 2 in 2x games. 2 players leveling to 70 as fast as possible while targeting finishing all other journey except for the bounties. The 2 other players running bounties in a separate game. When the bounty team finally has a lvl 70 game with all 5 acts done they invite the other 2 geared/fed players. The fed team then get the 1-5 bounty cache and then quickly attempts to catch the bounty team up. Again my guide is written for solo play, true min/maxers won't need or agree with many guides anyway.
  • Q: What are the strongest classes to open the season with?
  • A: Here is my personal tier list sorted by overall feel > character end game power > usefulness > easy to build > best haedrig gift
    • DH, best speeds, very useful, easy to play, best haedrigs
    • Necro, king of season 22, strongest, most useful, fast, but hard to build, hard to master
    • Monk decent overall, great support, fast speeds, strong haedrig
    • Crusader nerfed thorns but still has good meta rift guardian killer build
    • Barb best support class
    • WD chicken molestation is fun for some
    • Wiz blizz meme fails here

Q: Where are the best shrine locations?

  • A: Best shrine locations sorted by act number > shrine proximity > zone danger > zone density
    • Act 1 - Leoric's Manor Courtyard - 3 possible shrines near wp, then head south east gate into Leoric's Hunting grounds.
    • Act 1 - Leoric's Hunting Grounds - Many possible shrine locations, clear the zone going clockwise and finish in the south.
    • Act 1 - Southern Highlands - 2 convenient shrines - 1 in the west nook before crossing the bridge, run to mid zone.
    • Act 1 - Cemetery of the Forsaken enter either fields or weeping hollow. Weeping is safer but fewer mobs. Your choice.
    • Act 1 - The Royal Crypts first narrow hallway room before opening the first gate but beware lots of archers. ~
    • Act 2 - Road to Alcarnus - check behind you as you zone in, 3 possible shrines on the short way up to Maghda
    • Act 2 - Howling Plateau - check left and right in first grid. Run north-west into Black Canyon Mines for more shrines
    • Act 2 - Road to Alcarnus - exit the zone to the north-west into Stinging Winds which has a shrine at the top ~
    • Act 3 - Bridge of Korsikk - check behind you and in front of you near the WP
    • Act 3 - Rakkis Crossing - check area near the WP
    • Act 3 - Tower of the Cursed- check first grid away from WP
    • Act 3 - Tower of the Damned - check first grid away from WP ~
    • Act 4 - Gardens of Hope 3rd Tier - check bottom left under WP then run to the east
    • Act 4 - Realm of Fractured Fate - check near WP
    • Act 4 - Lower Realm of Infernal Fate - Check right at WP and to the west. Note* clones won't enter side rooms easily.
    • Act 4 - gardens of Hope 1st Tier - Check far west just at Rakanoth ~
    • Act 5 is generally too lethal and annoying for consideration. Enter act 5 for journey objectives only.
note* Wells of Blessings in the high heavens do not spawn clones even though they are technically a shrine. Which makes sense.

Hope the guide helps you out,

submitted by fixer_66 to diablo3

Avatar Druid Guide the Master of All Elements (Phys / Fire / Cold) - Pure Flame Dash Build Included

Diablo 2 Avatar Druid Guide by SenpaiSomething / Daemoth

Find my other Guides or Request a new guide here: https://www.reddit.com/pathofdiablo/comments/aj1xb0/collection_of_my_pod_guides_request_a_build_guide/

Or Find me at www.Twitch.tv/SenpaiSomething for any questions.


Q How do you play this build?
A Every 20 seconds you cast Cyclone Armor, Hurricane then Armageddon in that order as Cyclone Armor lasts forever then you cast the next spells based on duration. These spells deal passive damage around you as you telestomp on mobs dealing heavy damage with Flame Dash and Hurricane. You will be using Tornado for Cold + Fire Immunes however If you play the Firestorm version you will skip fire immunes and use Firestorm for heavy single target instead
Q How well does this build perform?
A In my opinion Avatar druid is one of the fastest and strongest mappers in the game however it isn't the safest until you've achieved a lot of gear and can be very expensive
Q Does this build require lots of gear?
A I wouldn't recommend playing this build without a decent amount of gear and would recommend leveling as another elemental druid build and transitioning around level 80+ and 10+ skills unless you are on softcore in which case you can dump strictly in to energy and play the build with a few less bonus skills
Q Why is Energy good in this build?
A Energy Increases the damage of Flame Dash and will be a primary source of scaling your Flame Dash
Q What's the difference between the Avatar Druid and the Flame Dash setup?
A The Avatar Druid deals most of its damage through a combination of Hurricane and Flame Dash whereas the Firestorm version is almost all Flame Dash. The Avatar version also receives a very strong Tornado by scaling Hurricane and because of this it turns into a Phys / Fire / Cold build whereas the Flame Dash scales Firestorm for boss killing and therefore becomes a Fire Build. The Avatar druid is a lot more well rounded and stronger for aoe farming content outside of tier 3s however the firestorm druid is just as fast in tier 3 and can kill bosses much faster on top of having the ability to kill ubers unlike the avatar druid which has mid tier boss damage. If you wish to farm ubers / T3 / T4 then go Firestorm Flame Dash and if you want to farm everything in the game efficiently besides ubers then go Avatar Druid


  • 1.) Gameplay Video
  • 2.) Viability
  • 3.) Early Ladder Setup
  • 4.) End Game Setups
  • 5.) Skill and Stat Allocation
  • 6.) Corruptions, Charm Setup, Maxing Resists
  • 7.) Druid FHR and FCR Breakpoints
  • 8.) Where do I farm?
  • 9.) How to level as a Druid

1.) Gameplay Videos

2.) Viability

  • Is this a good Ladder starter?: Sort of, it needs some gear and levels before you transition to it and can be more dangerous than other builds. I recommend playing another Elemental Build until then
  • Is this build expensive?: Yes it can get quite expensive
  • Can I level as this build?: No
  • Early Ladder Viable: Yes
  • End Game Viable: Yes
  • Hardcore Viable: Yes but more dangerous until it gets gear
  • Uber Trist Viable: Yes with the firestorm skill setup
  • Uber Diablo Clone Viable: Yes with the firestorm skill setup

3.) Early Ladder Setup

  • Lore Runeword in a druid base with bonus skills to Hurricane preferably. We use it for Light Resist, + Skills and mana per kill which is important in this build.
  • Jalal's Mane is extremely strong in this build prior to phoenix because of its bonus skills, resists, faster hit recovery and most importantly mana per kill
  • Ancients Pledge if you need Resists badly (You can acquire all the runes for it from the Quest Rescue on Mount Arreat and a base for it can be shopped from Farah in Act 2 Normal Mode)
  • Spirit Runeword can be very strong early ladder if you need more faster cast rate or resists than lidless wall can provide
  • Lidless Wall is best in slot if we dont need resists early ladder for the bonus skill, faster cast rate and mana per kill which is very important in this build
Primary Weapons
  • Spirit Weapon is strong for the faster hit recovery, bonus skills
  • Earthshaker is strong if you don't need faster cast rate for the +3 to elemental skills and ability to roll sockets for tir runes which gives us more mana per kill
Secondary Weapon
  • Blackhand Key can be very strong for bossing early on for its grim ward charges which will boost your tornado and armageddon damage for single target
  • Any boots containing Movespeed
  • Silkweave Boots are your best in slot if you don't need resists
  • Magefist gloves for the Faster Cast Rate, Mana Regen and +1 to Fire Skills
  • Any amulet with Life, Resists or + skills
  • Any ring with Faster Cast Rate, Life and resists
  • Manald Heal ring for the mana regeneration, life and life replenish

Act 2 Combat Mercenary

  • Mercenaries Hired in Normal Mode have higher stats then those hired in Nightmare or Hell. So once you have leveled go back to Normal Mode and hire a Mercenary.
  • Ethereal Items do not lose Durability on Mercenaries so if possible always use Ethereal Bases for Runeword Items that are meant for Mercenaries.
  • I recommend crafting a Blood Helm for your Mercenary Early Ladder until you get something with better Leech or a Steelshade.
  • Insight Runeword in a 4 Socket Ethereal Polearm will be more than good at this point.
  • If you can try to make a Treachery Runeword Chest for the massive Attack Speed and Fade Proc which will grant him Bonus Resist and Damage Reduction. The base type doesn't matter just use the highest defense 3 socket chest you can find.
  • Duriels Shell is a very strong early ladder option for a Mercenary due to its Resists and Cannot be Frozen

4.) End Game Setup

Note: We aim for 99 fcr in this build.
  • Harlequin Crest Shako is the most well rounded safest helmet due to its Life, +2 All Skills, Physical Damage Reduction and Magic Find, this is our best in slot helmet for Tier 3s as well as the most well rounded helmet option
  • Ravenlore is the highest Flame Dash damage helmet and is our hands down best in slot for Tier 4s because it helps us scale our flame dash high enough to kill high health cold immunes quickly however the damage isn't required at all for tier 3s. This is the only helmet with +3 to Elemental Skills as well as having -Enemy Fire Resistances, All Resist and Energy for Flame Dash damage
  • Nightwing's Veil is the best in slot in tier 1's and tier 2's once its multi socketed with a 10%+ Increased Cold Damage Roll and Cold Rainbow Facets as it will help us clear the fire immunes with a higher damage Hurricane
  • Spirit Keeper is a strong survivability option for the +2 Skills, absorb and faster hit recovery and is an all around well rounded helmet
  • Jalal's Mane can be best in slot if you choose to not use phoenix as it provides mana per kill on top of faster hit recovery, skills, all resist and stats that we can convert into energy which adds a lot of damage.
Note We have many options for this build in terms of chest pieces as almost anything can work as long as it has +1 bonus skill and the ability to roll 4 sockets or +2 bonus skills and some form of raw stats / health that we can convert into energy for more damage. If you choose to not use phoenix you will want to use a multi socket option (preferably Que-Hegans) for the ability to socket mana per kill.
  • Enigma is extremely strong for its bonus skills, large amounts of strength, magic find and damage reduction this is my personal favorite chest when paired with Phoenix however the combination requires very good gear / charms to max your resists on hardcore. Make sure you make it in a base that requires roughly 86 strength or less so that you get the entire advantage of the strength once you reach a higher level
  • Que-Hegan's Wisdom is a competitor for best in slot chest piece for the non phoenix variation of the build due to its mana per kill, bonus skill, energy (which grants damage) and faster hit recovery. Remember you must upgrade the armor base via the Cube Recipe before corrupting in order to roll 4 sockets.
  • +2 Skill Arkaines Valor is extremely strong with four sockets due to its large vitality gain, flat physical damage reduction, 2 bonus skills and faster hit recovery making it another contender for best in slot for both variations of the build
  • Ormus Robes with multiple sockets and close to 15% rolls on fire and cold can be one of the highest damage chest pieces due to the faster cast rate as well as increased fire and cold damage
  • Skin of the Viper Magi can be a strong B Tier option due to its faster cast rate, bonus skill and all resist. Keep in mind you also must upgrade this via the Cube Recipe in order to roll 4 sockets otherwise you will only roll 2.
  • Chains of Honor can be a decent option because it allows you to easily cap your resists with the 65 all resist it grants, +2 skills, damage reduction and 20 strength which we convert to energy
  • Naj's Light Plate would be my least favorite but still decent option for its bonus skill, life, all resist and ability to roll 4 sockets.
Note The most important thing here is to make sure whatever boots you choose also have a 10% Cooldown Reduction corruption as this is the most important thing on the boots and is very core to the build.
  • Aldurs Advance Battle Boots for Faster Run Walk, Fire Resist and life
  • War Travelers for magic Find for the Magic Find, Strength and Vitality
  • Sandstorm Treks for Stats, Faster Hit Recovery and Poison Resist
  • Rare Resist Boots preferably with faster hit recovery and resists
  • Silkweave Boots are your best in slot for the non phoenix version of the build because of the mana per kill however they grant no resists so you may be unable to use them based on your gear
  • Magefist Gloves are hands down best in slot for the Fire skills and Faster Cast Rate
Primary Weapon
Primary Shields
  • Phoenix Runeword in a Monarch base is my hands down favorite shield in this build for the increased lightning and fire resist cap, reduced enemy fire resist, fire absorb and most importantly Redemption Aura which grants us mana and life sustain as we push through maps
  • Stormshield can be a very strong option with multiple sockets as you will be able to cap your resistances, gain large amounts of damage reduction and still have sockets for more mana per kill. I wouldn't recommend this option without a 3 or 4 socket Stormshield
  • Lidless Wall with multiple sockets can be a strong option (this is the least hardcore oriented shield choice) for its bonus skill, energy faster cast rate and mana per kill which is very important in this build. Keep in mind you must use the Cube Recipe or it will not roll 3 sockets
Secondary Weapon
  • Call to Arms for the battle command and battle orders spells which will grant us a bonus skill as well as more health and allow us to dump even more in to energy for damage. I prefer using a crystal sword base so I can easily tell between my hoto and cta while weapon swapping
  • Earth Shifter is extremely strong for prebuff once corrupted for 3 sockets and socketed with 3 hel runes (to reduce the str requirement below our monarchs cost) is our best in slot secondary weapon for pure damage as it provides +7 to elemental skills which grants us an extra +3 over a call to arms and hoto combination
  • Mang Song's Lesson can be used to prebuff your armageddon and hurricane for +1 more skill than a call to arms but grants less health which makes the damage increase mitigated by the fact that with more health you can dump further into energy for damage and in the end it can be tedious to weapon swap every 20 seconds to buff with it. This however is a very strong budget option prior to Call to Arms
Secondary Shield
  • Medusa's Gaze for the shiver armor prebuff which slows enemies that attack you. It's not incredibly useful as you already have hurricane but its just another layer of defense in case you get hit before hurricane ticks after a teleport
Jewelry Setup
Note We must get 19 fcr from our Rings / Amulet unless you are using spirit / skin of the viper magi / ormus robes or que-hegans in which case you need no FCR
  • +3 to Druid Elemental Skills Blue amulet preferably with 10% faster cast rate
  • A Crafted 2 Druid / 3 Elemental skills amulet with 9-20% Faster Cast Rate can be godly when rolled with other mods
  • Mara's Kaleidoscope can be a strong option if you don't need faster cast rate as it provides 2 bonus skills and all resists
  • Wisp Projector is hands down best in slot as it provides around the same damage as roughly 2.5 skill levels through its lifted spirit aura as well as magic find and lightning absorb
  • Bul Kathos Wedding Band is extremely strong for the +1 all skills and bonus Health
  • Rare Rings with faster cast rate and if possible things like life, resist, or stats as any life or stats we get can then be redistributed into energy for even more damage
  • Stone of Jordan can be extremely strong for the non phoenix version to increase your mana pool and grant +1 bonus skill
Required Gear for Ubers
Note This requires being the Firestorm Skill setup as Firestorm is your main damage dealing ability
Uber Tristram Gear
Note You will need either a Lower Resist Wand or Infinity (both is best without high fire pierce) to deal damage to tristram diablo. You will also want 60 resists over cap before fade in order to mitigate mephisto's conviction aura
  • Thundergod's Vigor for Tristram Diablo and Mephisto
  • Stormshield for Uber Tristram Diablo
  • Wisp Projector would be a bonus as well for both Mephisto and Diablo
  • Treachery Runeword to prebuff with fade by standing in the fire beside the River of Flame waypoint until your resists on your character sheet turn blue. This will grant 15% physical damage reduction and 65 all resists
Diablo Clone Gear
  • No specifically required gear here however Stormshield can help mitigate skeleton commander damage and Spirit Shield will mitigate Diablo Lazer as it deals magic damage

Act 2 Combat Mercenary for Prayer Aura

  • Hire your mercenary in Normal Mode because Normal Mode Mercenaries have higher stat values (You can Hire a normal mode Merc at max level it will match your level)
  • Your merc basically can't die in this build once you have gear so just use any leech helmet you can get your hands on. I've even ran entire tier 4's with no helmet or armor on my mercenary just to test the differences and he never died except on the boss while naked with just an infinity
  • Steelshade is strong for the life on hit and fire absorb as well as natural attack speed modifier
  • Vampire Gaze is strong for its damage reduction, life steal and magic damage reduction. Make sure you use the Cube Recipe on it before corrupting or you cannot roll 3 sockets.
  • Fortitude Runeword for the little bit of extra damage while killing bosses and fire + cold immunes
Mercenary Sockets
Make sure you reach 45% or 75% Increased Attack Speed on your mercenary with 15% Increased Attack Speed jewels (If possible get Enhanced Damage / Resists / Damage on the Jewels as well) and then max out his Resists with Runes or Jewels.
Mercenary Attack Speed Breakpoints with a Thresher or Giant Thresher
IAS....Ticks....Attacks Per Second
42......5.......4.16 <--- We Aim for this breakpoint with Fortitude
75......4.5.....4.54 <--- We Aim for this breakpoint if we are using Steelshade and Treachery

5.) Skill and Stat Allocation

Avatar Druid Skill Setup
Note This setup clears all content in the game extremely efficiently at the cost of boss damage and some survivability and is a much more well rounded farmer than the Firestorm setup but a slower boss killer
  • 20 Points Flame Dash
  • 20 Points Molten Boulder
  • 20 Points Hurricane
  • 1 Points Oak Sage
  • 1 Point Cyclone Armor
  • 1 Point Grizzly Bear (He's a strong tank and will help you stay safe)
  • 1 Point Armageddon
  • 20 Points Tornado
  • Dump the rest of your points into Twister
Flame Dash Firestorm Setup
Note This is a pure fire damage setup that still runs tier 3s and tier 4s efficiently while being able to boss rush tier 1s and 2s very well however it does not farm general content as well the avatar build. That being said it is capable of killing ubers EXTREMELY fast where as the Avatar Version is not a strong boss killer (If you choose to do so make sure you use a thundergod's and stormshield as well as cap your resists at 125 above for uber mephisto)
  • 20 Points Flame Dash
  • 20 Points Molten Boulder
  • 20 Points Firestorm
  • 1 Points Oak Sage
  • 1 Point Cyclone Armor
  • 1 Point Grizzly Bear (He's a strong tank and will help you stay safe)
  • 1 Point Armageddon
  • 20 Points Fissure
  • Dump the rest of your points into Oak Sage, Armageddon or Hurricane
Stat Allocation
This is a 156 strength Build so put points in to your strength until you reach just enough for your shield with all of your bonus strength from gear. If you are on hardcore then I recommend putting points in vitality until you reach 1400-1600 life based on your gear and comfort level and then dump the rest in to energy however on softcore you can dump as much in to energy as you want. This is not a max block build as all extra points go to energy for Flame Dash damage scaling

6.) Corruptions, Charm Setup, Maxing Resists

Note If you are not running Phoenix you will want to stack as much mana per kill wherever you can. Ideally you want +3 mana after each kill jewels with things like stats (which you convert to energy for damage), faster hit recovery or resists however +3 mana after each kill jewels are fairly rare so it can be hard to be picky at all
  • Corruptions: 2 Sockets for Shako and 3 Sockets for Druid Helmets
  • Sockets: There are many options here including Shaels for Faster Hit Recovery (Safest), Cold Facets (best for T1/T2 Farming), Fire Facets (Best for T4 Farming), Mana per kill (Best for non phoenix setup) or Ists/Topaz Magic Find
  • Corruption: +1 All Skills
  • Corruption: Physical Damage Taken reduced by 5-6% or 10% Faster Cast Rate depending on your setup
  • Corruption: Anything besides Pierce
  • Corruption: All resist 5-10%
  • Corruption: Cooldown Reduction is almost mandatory for this builds end game clear speed
  • Corruption: If you choose Stormshield you will want to roll 4 sockets
  • Sockets: You can put many things in your shield including Mana per kill Jewels, 1-2 Ber Runes for Damage Reduction, Resists, Ist for Magic Find, Rainbow Facets for Damage or perfect skulls for Flat Damage Reduction
Charm Setup
Note Make sure you have enough 12% Faster Hit Recovery grand charms and 5% Faster Hit Recovery small charms to hit your breakpoint as it is very important in this build
  • 9x Elemental Druid Grand Charms (with life and faster hit recovery)
  • 1x Hell fire torch
  • 1x Anni
  • Fill the rest of your inventory with life / fhr and resist small charms
How do I max out my resists?
Three Sources
  • A) Small Charms
  • B) Rare Jewelry (Crafted Amulet or Rare Rings.)
  • C) Placing 1-3 Um's in your Helmet or finding rare rings or amulets

7.) Druid FHR and FCR Breakpoints

Druid Faster Hit Recovery Frames Human Form
Druid hit by a 1-handed weapon or 2-handed sword held in one hand FHR Frames
42%....8 <-- Aim for at least this breakpoint
Druid hit by any other weapon
39%....8 <-- Aim for at least this breakpoint
Druid Faster Cast Rate Breakpoints
99%....11 <-- We need to reach this breakpoint

8.) Where do I farm?

As an Avatar Druid you can farm everything and anything in the game except for zones with dolls as you will automatically explode them with flame dash.
With Low end Gear I recommend Farming these spots:
  • The Pits found in the Tamoe Highland in Act 1. Use the Outer Cloister Waypoint and follow the path to the cave
  • Eldritch and found beside the Frigid Highlands Waypoint in Act 5
  • Shenk the Overseer found at the bottom of the stairs beside the Frigid Highlands Waypoint in Act 5
  • Once you have a decent amount of bonus skills you can also farm Chaos Sanctuary
  • Worldstone can be a decent farming spot however do not go to the throne on Hardcore as you will die to the first doll you teleport on because of Flame Dash
With High End Gear I recommend Farming these spots:
  • Maps - Kill Hephasto at the Hell Forge to attain a Relic and use it in the Ancient's Temple behind Qual'kehk in the Act 5 town. You will mostly boss rush Tier 1/2 and farm Tier 3 and 4 however you can easily farm Tier 1 and 2 as the Avatar Druid build version
  • Chaos Sanctuary
  • Hell Mode Cows
  • You can farm trav if you want
  • Eldritch and found beside the Frigid Highlands Waypoint in Act 5: https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Eldritch_the_Rectifier
  • Shenk the Overseer found at the bottom of the stairs beside the Frigid Highlands Waypoint in Act 5: https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Shenk_the_Overseer
  • If you are Softcore you can also farm Baal however dolls will kill you with flame dash on hardcore

9.) How to level as a Druid

I personally recommend running a Ravens Druid Build or Fire Elemental Build with a Leaf Runeword staff at 19 however you can level as summoner it will just be slower. Once you reach the Black Marsh find the waypoint and farm the countess at the bottom of the Tower in the Black Marsh until you get both a Tal and an Eth off her. Once you've done that check Charsi's shop and reset the game over and over until you get a 2 socket armor to use Tal + Eth for a stealth runeword armor. You can farm the countess tower until around level 12-14 for experience
Note: You can also level as the fire build just max firestorm until boulder becomes available and then put points in boulder instead of firestorm to scale firestorms damage without increasing its manacost, you will need volcano and armageddon for hell mode.
The raven build would be something like this:
  • 20 Points Ravens
  • 20 Points Cyclone Armor
  • Optional: 1 Point Flame Dash
  • Optional: 1 Point Werebear Form
  • 20 Points Arctic Blast
  • Try to stack as much FCR and mana on this build.
Build by: SenpaiSomething/Daemoth If you enjoyed the build or have questions about it or any other class or build I will be doing more guides in the future and can be found at my stream below if you have more questions! www.Twitch.tv/SenpaiSomething Good Luck this ladder!
Want to request a new guide or want to find all of my guides? Check here https://www.reddit.com/pathofdiablo/comments/aj1xb0/collection_of_my_pod_guides_request_a_build_guide/
submitted by SenpaiSomething to pathofdiablo

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