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18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy for Windows (2020)

Wheels of Steel Convoy Free Download PC Game Full Version. SCS Software does not have the capacity to handle individual requests and problems! This is the v1.02 patch for 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy, a value title from SCS Software.

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Wheels Of Steel Convoy PC Download. Thedelouslae's articles tagged "free". The player can travel through 30+ cities and choose from 35+ rigs, 45+ cargoes and 47+ trailers.

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18 Wheels of Steel Convoy (PC). 7350002939048. Read 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy reviews, download trial or demo, see screenshots, FAQs, forum. There are currently no user reviews for 18 Wheels of Steel Convoy!


This is the European version of the popular 18 Wheels of Steel, where we'll have the chance to drive the most popular truck models of the old continent. All informations about programs or games on this website have been found in open sources on the Internet. In the Racing / Driving genre, you may want to play 007 Car Chase, 007: Licence to Kill, 1000 Miglia, 1000cc Turbo, 18 Wheels of Steel: Across America.

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But watch your back - the police are always looking to take a mighty convoy down! Play for free online or without download on mobile! How to Install CrossOver to run 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy Click the Download Free Trial button above and get a 14-day, fully-functional trial of CrossOver.

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Delta Force 2 PC Download Crack Game, Download. Screenshot of game showroom menu - emulated virtual desktop enabled - 1024x768 Run 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS. Heed the call of the open road, throw the gears in motion and take off in a tractor trailer.

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I purchased 18 Wheels of Steel - American Haul recently pop over to this website. Mosquito was a British twin-engine shoulder-winged multi-role combat aircraft. Each host that is attached to the head node can belong to one of more queues 2020-08-25 17 31 20 0 d- D Program Files Movie Maker C Documents and Settings All Users Application Data Microsoft Crypto RSA.

18 Wheels Of Steel Convoy Activation Code (7 Downloads

ScummVM 2.2 Allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games. Four Great Truck Driving Sims in one bundle! Wheels of Steel: Convoy.

18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy - Free Download

Wheels of Steel - Convoy Most game title can be downloaded from Trygames, Yahoo, Gamespot DLX (Almost all title, include Swat 4, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Prince of Persia - The Sand of Time, Evil Genius etc. To unlock Company Boss mode you must have first become a Company Boss by playing through the Owner-Operator mode. Take your show on the road.

Full 18 Wheels of Steel - Across America version for Windows

Empire - Total War - The Warpath Campaign https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=1338. Wheels of Steel Convoy 1.0 Description: Heed the call of the open road, throw the gears in motion and take off in a tractor trailer. ATI and the developer are working together to try to fix this issue.

18 Wheels of Steel Pedal to the Metal (free version

With 18 Wheels of Steel you can lead your own trailer fleet. About This Game Your American Dream Starts Behind the Wheel of Your Own Big Rig! Download 18 Wheels of Steel Convoy RIP keygen by TNT at our cracksguru database.

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Sponsored Links Review Details screenshots comments get Game 1 wheels of Steel: Convoy Review Unfortunately professional review of 1 wheels of Steel: Convoy game is not yet ready. PDT Heed the call of the open road, throw the gears in motion and take off in a tractor trailer. Last Update: Friday, May 15, 2020 Contains: 0161 Games.


All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for 18 Wheels Of Steel: Convoy for PC. Lock and load the big runs.

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Try the latest truck driving game in the reputable 18 Wheels of Steel series, experience the challenges in the life of an Extreme Trucker. Grow your business and your fleet, but beware - your reputation is everyth. VERIFICATION EMAIL (Merge of all email verification.


18 wheels of steel convoy with crack. But surviving the blow is just the beginning for Alex, who could lose his license when he has to report for a full medical test after an incident on his last trip. Rj-rotwk mod for battle for middle-earth rise of the witch king.

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The duo will be showcasing the MakesSense cane at the Global Grad Show during Dubai Design Week later this fall. Latest 18 Wheels of Steel Convoy 1.0 does not contain any spyware and/or advertise modules, allowing installing it with no worries concerning valuable information loss. Toni B (Newbie Central) 23-03-2020 by Toni B. 4: 1, 249 (G) Haynes X1/9.

[Wild Frontier] Ikirouta - Gods' Fall

This is for the [From the Dirt Up] category.
Old legends say the first of mankind came to this world through a rift that connected two very different worlds. Eventually it collapsed, leaving people behind to live their separate lives on this world, where in time, they’d come into contact with alien civilizations that for thousands of years had been ruled by living gods who had descended from the heavens to lead them. Opposite to what one would expect, under their tutelage the world had been driven into a perpetual state of struggle. Bloody wars were waged only to satisfy the endless vanity of gods and so their servants could show their loyalty through their sacrifice and claim glory for their gods through brutality. When the other-worldly Humans appeared, they quickly caught everyone’s attention. Gods and their servants, the Illuvarans soon waged a holy war against the weak and primitive Humans who had no means to defend against the supremacy of Illuvarans who had already mastered metalworking to a high degree. Their steel blades and armour made them nigh invulnerable on the battlefield against the crude weapons of Humans made of bronze and stone. Humanity was enslaved and for the thousand years that followed, there were no free Human tribes or nations, until escaped slaves found a refuge far in the arctic North, around the arctic circle, where the lands were separated from the South by titanic mountain ranges and vast woodlands.
Over time, as word spread and more people escaped and made their way North, they formed new tribes and settlements, which would grow into the first nations that spawned the great cities of North that rose in defiance to the odds raised against them by the many perils and challenges of the arctic north. Kingdoms and empires would rise and fall as Humans expanded, taking over Northern parts of the continent all while gods and their puppets remained ignorant of their success. When their fields would freeze in winter, their livelihoods would come from the seas, where mighty fleets would clash, vying for control over the waters and islands richest with resource. Forged in the fires of war and tempered by the challenges of the arctic, empires of Humanity were propelled into a golden age. With empires seeking to achieve supremacy over one another, their competition spiralled into a technological arms race that lead into many discoveries and advancements both in the arcane and physical levels of the reality that enabled technologies and weapons that would soon eclipse even those of the gods’ favourites: the Illuvarans.
Decades went by and a new world, an entire continent, uninhabited and untouched even by the gods was found in the East over the ocean. Colonies were built to exploit its resources and it seemed like Humanity was about to enter yet another Golden Age, until soon after the discovery of the new world, grim news from the South reached them. Rumours had long circulated of Human slaves being executed in sacrifice to gods by the order of the gods themselves and later when reports from the spies confirmed this to be true, they also found out Illuvarans had been wiping out entire Human slave populations in Illuvaran cities. Free Nations of Humanity had been aware of the horrors inflicted upon their kind by the Illuvarans and their gods, but their policy had been to remain under the radar so as to not rouse the ire of gods. The news of mass executions and outright genocide however inflamed their resentments that had long remained dormant.
A year after the news broke out, Illuvaran cities by the coast saw high masts and great sails slowly rise from the sea’s horizon. A fleet of hundreds of strange ships appeared near the coast. For the first time in over a thousand years, Humanity once more stood against the civilizations that dominated this world. This time it was not crude weapons made of stone and bronze that met Illuvaran steel. For the first time in their ten thousand years of history, they would bear witness to an inconceivable act of defiance and see the death of a god. The godless North had come seeking for the justice long overdue. The skies would glow with their retribution as cities burned, scorched by the combined power of Humanity released unholy firestorms upon them that would spare not even the holiest of temples. Word quickly spread of the Northern devils whose hellfire would rain down from the heavens, immolating cities with infernos that spared no mortal, no god. The death of a god sent shockwaves among the divine, the shattering their long-held illusions of their superiority and immortality was a rude awakening that brought into question their divine right to reign eternal, forever unchallenged, and unopposed.
Fear and insecurity took root in their hearts in realizing their own vulnerability. Only by kindling their already bottomless scorn and rousing their already consuming hatred for Humanity could they hope to conceal their insecurities brought to light by the defilement of their sacred immortality. Alas, gods could not simply destroy Humanity with a snap of their fingers. Humans being from another world had a strange synergy with the world that made them immune to their divine retribution. Their immunity to the direct influence of the divine had been the first seed of their hatred for Humanity and the reason for their enslavement. Regardless of gods’ tenacity and frustration, the waters of the oceans could not be stirred to rise in unnatural tsunamis to wipe out Human cities and the clouds above them would rain down no fire nor acid nor disease. The world around Humans would only obey the strict order of nature. Unable to smite them, gods began carving titanic leviathans out of mountains and raised hordes of cruel creatures from the dark pits of the nether-realms and sent them North to do their bidding that was to bring an end to the great heresy that was Humanity. Only through death and extinction, could mankind atone for their defiance.
A century passed and decades of war against the gods took its toll. Mankind was left teetering at the precipice of extinction as resources were running low and their continental heartlands struggled to fight off the hordes swarming from the South through corridors that had been carved through the difficult terrain over the years by the leviathans. Much of the North had already been overrun and what land was not lost, was in many places left tainted with the corrupting blood of the nether-beings that made the land barren around them when they were slain. Over the years, most people on the continent had migrated to the capital isles further North or gone the new world beyond the ocean. Much of the continent had been abandoned, leaving great cities to rot in the wind as hordes of monsters passed on their way to North. Only towns and cities by the Northern coast still continued to live on in the hopes that the hordes could be stopped by Imperial Arcoliers left defending the frontier.
If it wasn’t for the Capital isles’ reliance for food from the fertile lands of the continental provinces, the continent could have been abandoned long ago and the hordes fought off at sea, but as long as the colonies in the new world were unable to provide for the capital isles, a large part of the population was in danger of facing starvation which would have been the eventual result of over-reliance on fishing. Overfishing was already leaving some areas entirely barren.
Aurora borealis danced in the sky above a wintry forest as a convoy of soldiers and wagons pulled by reindeers marched along a path under its snowy canopy of pines and spruces. Snow softly crunched under their feet and wagon wheels whinged amidst the silence of the forest.
Far in the distance, above the treeline a gigantic dark creature loomed in the horizon. Its eyes glowed as it slowly lumbered forward. Blue lights arching in the skies occasionally fell upon its hide engulfing it in blue explosions. A series of explosions flashed brightly in quick succession, causing the giant to recoil in pain. The air vibrated as the thunder of the explosions reached the convoy like a rolling thunder. Loose snow came falling off trees when the ominous, deep bellowing of the giant soon followed, rumbling like an earthquake.
The 3rd company of Imperial Arcoliers has been on the march for two days after they were ordered to abandon their outpost at the frontier and reposition closer to the coast up North. The march had been perilous, leaving many of them wounded and dead from several encounters with the enemy on the way. The enemy had become more active than usual, with Leviathans appearing in the distant much more often and with enemies traversing far over the wilderness and going deep behind the frontier, there they would harass supply trains coming from the main defensive line and attack villages in the countryside.
Some of the wagons were full of frozen bodies of the dead covered under white cloths, while others carried supplies and wounded, who were shivering as they struggled to stay warm even under thick pelts of fur.
Two weeks ago, after fending off a particularly powerful attack on their outpost, a messenger had arrived bringing new orders from the high command. They had been garrisoning an old keep guarding a mountain pass out in the wilderness for over a year, but with the new orders, the long days in the wilderness were finally brought an end. With the new orders, they were to march to Blackhearth; a large city built on islands and islets in a river delta that flows into the Northern sea. Upstream the many rivers of the delta fused into the great river of Vesine which lead far inland, carving deep into the continent. Having suffered serious casualties recently, the new orders were received with a sense of sombre elation by the soldiers.
Someone behind Hadwin was talking of the city, saying how they'd go to the first inn they saw and order the largest plate of the greasiest mutton chops and the strongest ale on the menu and indulge on the many pleasures offered by the great city. Hadwin could not quite yet share their excitement as he had not yet been out in the frontier long enough to have become so weary of it. It had only been a few weeks since he had been deployed. Thoughts of the city brought him no comfort as he struggled to stay warm despite the fur cloak on his shoulders and thick winter clothes under a loose overcoat. Arcolier’s grey overcoat was like an odd mix of a loose mage’s robe and a military long coat. It was made of thin cloth and designed to be worn over the actual clothes and armour in both winter and summer time, making it a very saggy piece of clothing that seemed to catch even the slightest gust of wind. Hadwin’s overcoat fluttered in the wind that blew snow into his eyes from the top of a wagon moving in front of him. He saw a man on the wagon smoking a pipe and looking at him, while leaning on to a large gun on a tripod.
The glow of embers from his pipe revealed a dirty, scarred face. He pointed the pipe at Hadwin. Puffs of smoke erupted from his mouth and nostrils as he spoke with a noticeable accent. “Hey, kid. Yer one o’ the new guys, aren’t ya? What’s yer name, boy?”
“Hadwin Iscariot.”
“Hmm... Hadwin.” the soldier mused. “From the isles aren’tcha?
“Yeah. Halitona.” Hadwin confirmed.
“I’m Akitona, but you can call me Corporal Akitona” he said with a smirk and tapped a rank insignia on the prominent gorget sticking out between the fur of his winter cloak. He glanced down at Hadwin’s armour.
“Ya better check yer straps. Seems a bit loose.” he said pointing at Hadwin’s gorget.
He remembered the instructors in the boot camp always reminding them double check it before heading out into field. Sometimes they’d have to stand in a formation as sergeants went through their armours making sure everything was secure. If someone had even one loose armour strap, the whole company had to strip their equipment and put them back on. They’d keep doing it until they all got it right.
Their gorget and chest plate were instrumental in protecting arcoliers from being disembowelled and having their throats slit in battle.
Akitona was grinning slyly as Hadwin was checking the straps. Hadwin heard someone walk up to him from behind and put their hand on his shoulder. A short and stocky dark man walked next to him.
“He’s just screwin’ with you, boy. Shouldn’t you be busy fondling your balls, Akitona.” The man gestured at the heavy repeater Akitona was leaning against.
Akitona cackled. “Onri, mate. I’ll have all night for that when we get to Valga.” he said, rubbing a crystal ball the size of his palm encased in a brass frame embedded into the wooden body of the gun.
“What’s Valga?” Hadwin asked
“A village down the road.” Onri answered. “Hey, I don’t think we’ve talked before. I’m Onri the catering specialist. Good to meet you.”
Akitona scoffed “Yer a cook mate. A feckin’ catering specialist…” he said shaking his head and drew smoke from his pipe. “Do they come up with those titles to make ya feel better when you stir the feckin’ pot while others are fightin’.”
“Hey, I have my battles same as you. I cut onions all day, see.” Onri took an onion out of his pocket and tossed it at Akitona “Feckin’ onions.” Akitona chuckled and threw it back. “Don’t ya have anythin’ nice to throw at me for a change.”
“Ain’t nothing for a sleazy bastard like you, Akitona. Ain’t nothing for anybody but roots and turnips and those feckin’ onions. Look my hands, mate.” Omri took off his mittens and showed his hands full of cuts. “It hurts to handle them with my hands like this. These hands weren’t made for precision. They’re made for skewering creeps and smashing heads… or for caressing a lass. Doesn’t have to be a pretty one. I’m not picky these days.”
Onri and Akitona laughed.
“Maybe ya oughtta learn yer way with the knife. You’ve been a cook for a while now ‘aventcha.”
Suddenly the column came to a sudden halt and somebody yelled.
Akitona swivelled the heavy repeater around towards the forest where humanoid figures emerged from the shadows. His eyes began to glow blue after he placed his hand on a crystal on the side of the gun. The wagon shuddered when the gun fired, rapidly unleashing a hail of lead into the tree lines with glowing blue trails in the wake. Blue muzzle flashes illuminated the forest along the road as the convoy opened fire. Creeps were tall, slender and dark creatures that almost seemed like an elongated shadow of a person come to life. They ran with an odd gait due to their bizarrely long limbs that also made it easy for them to charge through the deep snow of the forest floor. Sparks flew and dark blood splattered when bullets struck metallic scales on their hides. Hadwin saw the gaze of one them affix upon him when their eyes met. Its eyes were glowing white, both cold and dead. It charged at Hadwin screeching and snapping at him with a maw filled with rows of protruding, razor sharp teeth. Hadwin struggled to aim with his trembling hands. He felt the warmth of mana on his fingertip and was briefly blinded by the muzzle flash. When the smoke cleared and his eyes readjusted, the creep was still running at him. While others around it fell as blue trails struck them down, the few shots directed at it only seemed to glance or miss entirely. Hadwin panicked, fumbling with his arconette to load the next round but the wheel-lock of was stuck, leaving him pulling and rattling it while the beast drew dangerously close. Other soldiers around him were oblivious of the creep closing in while they were engaged with other targets. Finally, he managed to pull the wheel-lock all the way back and saw a crystal had shattered in the magazine jamming the gun. He tried to clear the jam but the creep was already upon him about to strike. It managed to slash at him with its long blade-like claws on the fingertips just before someone’s mace caught it mid-air, causing its face crumble and cave in. It fell next to Hadwin gargling blood. A dark pool formed in the snow around it. Onri walked over to it and smashed its head once with a mace, making sure it was dead before turning to look at Hadwin who was staring in shock.
“Hey, kid. You okay?”
Hadwin gasped when he remembered feeling the claws of the monster on his chest. He felt a gash on the steel of his gorget. His overcoat was slashed revealing the chest plate underneath which also had a noticeable gash on it. His cloak’s bind was cut off as well, but there was no blood. Looking at the monster’s hand on the ground next to Onri’s foot and seeing the sheer size of the blades on its fingers, he could not help but feel lucky.
Akitona’s heavy repeater soon silenced and the fighting was over. Soldiers walked up to monsters left writhing on the ground, putting them out of their misery, stabbing them with bayonets and shooting them.
Hadwin was startled when a single shot rang out right next to him. Akitona was eyeing at the forest, squinting behind his heavy repeater and then shot again, but this time with a short burst. A screech echoed among the trees. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. No running back, creep.” He said, pulling a handle on his gun that clicked and made satisfying metallic clack when he brought the lever all the way back. He looked at Hadwin and tutted. “’Did they almost get ya already?”
“Come on now. Get up. You’re fine.” Onri grabbed Hadwin, pulled him up and held him by the shoulders looking at the damage on his equipment “Keep your wits about you, kid. You might get fortunate every now and then out here, but if you run out luck once, it’ll be over. So don’t count on it.” Onri pointed at the mace on Hadwin’s belt. “Next time use your own or use the bayonet.” he says and walks away, wiping blood off his mace with snow.
Hadwin stood by the dead creature as the convoy started moving again. Its shattered teeth protruded in its face that was sickeningly disfigured as its skull had caved in. Its eyes still seemed to glow. A soldier walked up to Hadwin and pointed at the corpse.
“Hey, help me move it. We need to get it out of the way.” He gestured at a wagon coming up on the road.
They tossed the carcass by the side of the road and Hadwin jogged back to Akitona who was already smoking his pipe and leaning against the heavy repeater like nothing happened.
A man stood by the road watching as the column moved past him. He saw Hadwin and Akitona approach. Captain’s insignia glinted on his gorget and on his torso hung various pouches and scrolls, including a few webbed pouches with crystal balls within hanging on his chest
Hadwin was about to salute Captain Valos but the captain waved at him to stop.
“There’s no time, nor need for formalities out here, Iscariot. Just do your duty.” He said and walked over to Akitona.
“Corporal Akitona!” He called and started walking behind the wagon next to Hadwin.
“Yes, captain.” Akitona greeted with a lazy salute-like gesture.
Valos glanced at the gashes on Hadwin’s armour. “Looks like you got your first big scare already, Arcolier Iscariot.”
“Yes, sir. I did.” Hadwin said nervously.
Valos smiled and turned back to Akitona. “Corporal. Here. Take this.” he produced a scroll from under his cloak, extending it to Akitona who grabbed it and unrolled it.
Akitona carefully studied the scroll with a map on it.
“Aye… Aye… So, there are creeps in the village.”
“Indeed, and quite a few of them, but only one lich. Keep an eye out for it.”
“Aye, sir. Will do. Can I take the newbie with me? I’ll need help moving this thing.” He tapped the heavy repeater.
“No. Take someone else. Arcoliers Iscariot and Lemas will be coming with me.”
“Aye. then I’ll take Arcolier Torgen with me.” He raised his voice when saying the name as if to ensure it is heard.
A hoarse voice answered behind Akitona.
“I’ll be sucking ale out of a Valkyrie’s teat by the time you get there.” the voice said.
Akitona laughed and walked to the back of the wagon and helped someone up from under a thick pelt. There was a wounded man lying in the wagon among boxes of ammo. Blackened veins criss-crossed under the skin of his face and neck.
“By the Ikko, Torgen. Yer a hardy bastard. I thought ya ought to be dead by now.” Akitona said feigning surprise and helped the man to sit up against the back of the wagon.
Torgen grimaced as he was about to speak. “My soul had almost left for the stars.”
Akitona chuckled and produced a small metallic flask from under his cloak extending it to Torgen after taking a mouthful from it himself.
“Have some spirit before you become one.”
The man emptied the flask in one go and coughed, cursing as black tar-like blood spilled from his mouth.
“How are you, Arcolier Torgen? I hope you aren’t really planning on leaving us just yet. We are almost at the village. There’s ought to be antidote there.” Captain Valos assured.
“I’m swell, but with all due respect captain, if the Valkyries come for me, I’ll not refuse their warm bosoms.”
“They’ll not send Valkyries down to get a dirty ol’ bone like ya. There’ll be nought but a rope unfurled from the stars and old gods yelling atcha “Climb yerself up, ya filthy fuck!” “ Akitona quipped.
The captain smiled. “When you get there, give the old gods my regards, Arcolier.”
“Aye. Will do. Give the new ones mine. Shove my rifle up one's arse.”
“I’ll let them have it sideways.” he said.
“What?” Torgen managed to utter before he went into a coughing fit. The coughing subsided and turned into a hoarse laughter. “Oh… sideways.” Torgen said smiling, with a bloody mouth “That’s better, yes.”
Hadwin was still shaken but he couldn’t help but smile listening at the exchange.
A few hours later when the convoy came to a halt, Akitona was unloading the heavy repeater wagon and saw Torgen lying in the wagon looking up in the sky with glassy eyes and a smile on his face.
Akitona walked over to him and crouched besides him, smiling bitterly as he closed Torgen’s eyes and whispered.
“May the stars guide you, brother.”
Captain was briefing men gathered around him at the vanguard of the convoy. A few kilometres down the road where the surrounding woods would end, the Northern lowlands which were the agricultural centre of the empire, would begin. There’d be an intersection with one road leading North towards the farmlands and ultimately to Blackhearth, while the smaller path to the West would take them to the village of Valga. The village was not far from the road making it an ideal place to stop and rest for the night, but they’d have to clear it first. While the captain was speaking, their scouts returned from the village reporting it had been set ablaze. There had been fighting in the village, even though it should have been evacuated by now.
Captain quickly made markings on a map and explained something to a lieutenant by his side, who quietly nodded and left captain’s side gesturing at some of the sergeants to follow him. Valga was the only village within miles and if they wanted to avoid sleeping out in the cold, they’d have to assault the village before it was burned entirely. When they reached the village and saw it burning, it was a small consolation to see that the village was located right next to a mana swamp which would at least be a warm, if not damp, alternative if there was nothing of the village left when they got there. Mana swamps radiated with warmth that melted snow around them even in the coldest winter nights, but they had their downsides: they were always damp and while they seemed beautiful and serene even with all their light and warmth, they could also be extremely precarious. Not only was the stagnant and warm water rife with disease, but it was also often haunted by malevolent spirits known as Marras that would drag a careless passer-by into deep waters should they wander too close to a “chasm” where the spirits reside. The chasms are dark spots in the swamp where ethereal humanoid shapes are sometimes seen fading in and out sight against the glow of the swamp.
A handful of Arcoliers stayed behind to guard the wagons while the 1st platoon lead by Captain Valos and 2nd platoon lead by lieutenant Gaspartus moved out, taking positions around the village. The 2nd platoon took positions at the tree line right at the edge of the swamp where Corporal Akitona set up his heavy repeater on high ground on top of a tall rock outcrop protruding from the snow towards the village right at the very edge of the swamp.
Hadwin felt his grip tighten around his gun when the 1st platoon started advancing along the road, crouching and running behind the snowbanks along the road that concealed their approached. Meanwhile 2nd platoon moved into their positions among the trees behind the glow of the swamp. It was dark and quiet save for the eerie noises from the village carried by the wind. They took positions along the road in snowbanks facing the village and waited quietly. They watched the village and saw silhouettes running among the Hadwin tried to calm his nerves while his heart was pounding, but his thoughts kept drifting. Drops of cold sweat formed on his temples and his breathing grew heavy. Captain Valos next to him noticed his trembling rifle.
“Arcolier Iscariot.” He called. “Don’t think of what is before, just see it is there and focus on whatever it is you must do. Whatever it is, do it without hesitation. Never hesitate. When the time comes, don’t focus on the enemy, focus on the shot. And keep your wits about you.” just as the captain finished the sentence, a horn blared in the woods beyond the swamp and a rattle of gunfire and blue flashes erupted in the treeline. Streaks of light whipped at the village, snapping and sending splinters flying as they struck wooden walls of the burning houses. Wood cracked and burning beams fell amidst the flames and dark silhouettes of monsters began to swarm out of the village. Some of them ran right into the swamp where streaks of light perforated them while they were waist deep in its water. Their blood, like ink, coloured the water black.
Suddenly several large ice shards flew into the woods from the village. Tree trunks shattered and cracked loudly as they fell from the impact. The heavy repeater directed its fire at the source of the spells among the houses. Clouds of burning embers and smoke erupted as its bursts tore through the buildings and the hail of ice shards soon stopped.
1st platoon watched as a lone creature came running out of the village and started wading across a snowy field towards the road to go around the swamp. It was shorter and paler than a Creep.
Not far behind it, a group of several dozen more ran out of the village following it into the snow. They waited until the creatures were all out in the open and then Captain Valos’ leading shot rang. The head of the one ahead of the group exploded in a bloody mist. A spray of blood erupted from its neck and it disappeared into the snow. Hadwin felt the mana release from his index finger and his arconette fired. A fusillade of gunfire erupted from the snowbanks along the road as the 1st platoon opened fire. A trail of blue left the bore of Hadwin’s arconette and struck an enemy in the leg, almost severing it. It writhed in the snow and screeched in pain until another shot struck its chest. Hadwin’s aim wasn’t quite there, but he managed to keep a steady pace until his arconette clicked. Hadwin reloaded a new magazine and watched the last of the creatures drop dead on the ground as a volley of shot tore through it. Captain blew a signal horn when no more creeps came out of the village. A horn in the woods blared in response and 2nd platoon ceased their fire. Captain Valos motioned for them to move out and lead them into the village. Bestial roars were cut short by cracks of gun fire among the burning buildings as the men combed through the village.
There was a large wooden building with a neat cobblestone foundation at the centre of the village. Its large main entrance had not completely torn apart by something and there was at least several people’s worth of frozen gore littered on the ground. Eerie noises echoed from the dark interior of the building.
Captain Valos ordered two sections to split up from the rest and circle around the sides tp continue sweeping the village while the rest took positions behind porches and corners of the houses and fallen carts and various debris around the building while they listened intently. They listened for the noises coming out of the building for a short while. Bestial grunts and groans echoed from within it. Captain motioned for everyone to stay put and ran up to the house. He leaned by the door and peeked in, scanning the interior before he went in with his gun raised. Inside he saw a small lobby where the shattered remains of the main doors were strewn across the floor amidst icy debris and rubble. A large portrait painting covered in frost hung on the wall opposite to the main door and to each side of the lobby there was a doorway that seemed to lead to a corridor. When Valos walked towards the door on the right the noises grew louder, echoing from a room at the end of corridor where an icy window glowed orange with flames.
He snuck through the corridor, peeking through doorways as he approached the last door. When he reached the door and carefully peeked into the room. He saw the back of a large monster sitting in what looked like a huge pool of red blood and gore. It was groaning as it masticated on flesh, throwing half-consumed bodies around the room. Captain looked behind him to check the corridor, before he took a crystal orb out of a pouch on his chest. He peeked into the room again, making sure there was nothing else there, before he stepped out and stood at the doorway. Gently he tossed a crystal ball in the air where it stayed afloat beside him. Valos’ eyes started burning blue with mana and the crystal’s glow grew increasingly brighter until it burst into a flame. With a swift motion of his hand, he sent the orb flying at the monster. Its scream was deafening when the orb struck its shoulder and exploded nearly severing its arm. The monster was immolated in flames and howling in pain, when felt something move in a room behind him.
Outside, while Hadwin was waiting, he saw Lemus to his right fidgeting behind a porch, trying to get a good shot at the building from behind the fence of the porch. Lemus saw Hadwin looking at him and smiled nervously, giving Hadwin a thumbs up. Hadwin didn’t really know Lemus aside from a few talks he had in passing with him. It bothered sometimes how young Lemus looked. He had just turned 18 right at the end of the training right before he joined the company with Hadwin.
Suddenly, Captain Valos emerged running out of the building with something roaring after him. A hulking monstrosity crashed through the doorway, bringing down the frames of the main entrance. Its skin was dark grey save for its charred shoulder. On its face it had a wide mouth with thick rows of needle like teeth that protruded well beyond its thin lips. Its relatively small glowing red eyes were surrounded by black tear-shaped black shapes that started from the eye sockets and went over its head.
Its arm was nearly torn off from the shoulder, just barely attached by a thin strip of black flesh from a gruesome wound that spilled blood everywhere. It let out a blood-curdling roar before charging at them while all but ignoring its almost severed arm.
Hadwin felt an almost overwhelming sense of dread taking over as he watched the huge monster charge furiously even after sustaining a wound like that. He was about to panic and run off when he looked at Captain Valos and saw him standing defiantly out in the open between him and Lemas, who was cowering behind the porch. Despite the fact that his mind was screaming for him to run, Hadwin stood out and took aim at the monster with the captain and opened fire with the others. Furious gunfire tore the monster’s flesh.
Several shots struck its belly and tore it open. causing it to slip on its own guts. It still got up and kept running even when its organs were spilling out. It only stopped when a concentrated volley of shots struck it in the upper chest and head.
The monster fell dead on the ground spilling its brains right before the captain’s feet. The other newbie, Arcolier Lemas by the porch was staring the dead monster with a look of horror on his face. Shaking and his lips quivering, he looked up with teary eyes and saw him standing before the monster and glancing at him just before a second monster came roaring out of the building
Seeing Hadwin standing by Captain’s side gave him the little encouragement he needed to muster the courage to stand up and bring level his rifle at the monster. The very air vibrated with the monster’s ear-rending roar and then a volley of fire struck it. Shockwaves of bullets rippled on its skin as they tore gaping holes, revealing the black flesh underneath, but it didn’t slow down. Captain Valos crouched on the ground and carefully aimed with his gun. His eyes briefly glowed blue with mana and when he fired the gun, a brief, but bright beam of light erupted from its bore and struck the monster in the chest. A spray of blood and white sparks exploded from its back, leaving behind a big hole on its chest, stopping the monster dead in its tracks. It groaned weakly as blood poured out of the wound. Several more shots struck the monster, and it was about to fall, but managed gather enough strength to send a small wooden cart flying across the air with great force. It missed flying right past the captain and crashing at the porch in front of Lemus.
The monster fell with a thud and a dark pool of blood formed on the snowy ground around the monster and Hadwin sighed with relief.
There was a moment of silence, that was broken when one of the arcoliers suddenly yelled, pointing at something.
One of the Arcoliers screamed running to Lemas who was trashing on the ground. Hadwin followed him but froze when saw Lemas.
The cart slung by the monster had sent a sharp piece of wood flying when it crashed in front of Lemas, driving it into his throat through a gap in the gorget. He was squirming on the ground kicking dirt while others struggled to hold him still. Captain Valos tried to have a look at the wound but the armour was in the way. Blood splattered on the ground with each heartbeat.
“Get the medic, now! He went around the house with the others. Make sure he finds us!” The Captain ordered one of the Arcoliers.
The world seemed to come to a standstill. Voices and sounds around him seemed to become distant until they all but disappeared as Hadwin stared at Lemas who was gasping and drowning in his own blood. Suddenly a hand jerked at Hadwin and pulled down. Captain Valos was looking at him and saying something.
“Did you hear me?! Put your hand on the wound!” Captain guided Hadwin’s hand on to a bloody rag on Lemas’ neck and told him to hold it tight. Hands slippery with blood, Captain Valos struggled to open the leather straps of Lemas’ chest plate. Hadwin felt Lemas grab his arm tightly and looked at him with blood spilling from his mouth.
Moments passed and someone with the golden emblem of Surgeon Mage Order and an insignia of an Adept healer came running to them just as Captain Valos managed to get the chest plate off.
The medic briefly inspected the wound, before drawing out a knife and cutting Lemas’ shirt open. The medic produced a vial from a pouch and poured its contents on the bare chest. “On my mark, pull it out.” the medic ordered.
“W-wait, what?” Hadwin barely managed to utter anything in response before the medic was already casting some kind of spell. The medic’s eyes and hands started glowing and pulsing with white light that spread into the liquid on the chest and lead up to Lemas’ neck. The medic seemed to fall into a trance of some kind until the light faded. “PULL!”
Hadwin jerked out the piece of wood in Lemas’ neck and blood came spilling while the medic started casting the magic again. It seemed for a moment like the wound on Lemas’ neck was closing, then the medic stopped, taking deep breaths before starting again. Hadwin felt Lemas’ grip on his arm weaken and his gaze drifted into eternity. The medic stopped and got up shaking his head. Captain Valos grabbed a name tag from Lemas’ neck and walked away cursing.
Hadwin was left confused looking at Lemas. It was like something was missing; like there should be something more. One moment Lemas was looking at him and then he wasn’t there anymore. It felt like there needed to be something more to this, but there wasn’t; no words, no nothing. Captain’s voice boomed when he began barking orders and they moved on to clear the rest of the village.

Continued in the comments
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311 Tips & Tricks for Last Day on Earth

tl;dr 1 - In this post, I cover almost everything there is to know about the game including the best start, fastest progression, motorcycles, ATVs, etc. (and then towards the end I give a warning) tl;dr 2 - I have made a professional video that has production quality voice & graphics with countdown timestamps here: https://youtu.be/Zmu6awZAaqM But for those of you who don’t like to watch videos, here is my video script:
Last Day on Earth has revolutionized the mobile survival game genre, but almost three years later it is still in beta. I have been a pro player for this game for almost three years, and today I am going to give you 311 tips and tricks for this game.
Before I get started, let me explain real quick some things about the world map and define a few terms we will use later on in the video. When you first get started, you will only see this section of the map, but as you unlock the three different watchtowers, more of the map will become available to you. In this map, you will find five different types of places.
The first one is what I'm calling a “set location” which includes your starting land where you will build your house, Fort Moss, the gas station, the three watchtowers, and the three static AI bases scattered throughout the greater map. Which, while we're on that note, any players you see while on this main map are AI players. There is no real multiplayer anywhere on this main map.
The second type of place are zones. There are 13 zones on the greater map, each of which have a resource that it is especially abundant in and its own difficulty level. The greater the difficulty, the more of that resource in that zone. However, choosing the greater difficulty zones is not always the smartest choice, and as you get higher level, these resource zones are not always the best place to get that resource, but I'll get more into that a little later on. The most important thing to know about these zones is that they reset as soon as you leave them, which means that if you die in one of these 13 zones, you will never get any of your stuff back. If you want to know the most efficient way to farm these zones, make sure to check out my playlist called “the efficacious way.”
The third type of place are what I call “timed locations”. These locations usually include the best rewards, but also hold the biggest challenges. As soon as you undertake one of these challenges, you will notice a timer appear over them, which indicates how long it will be before that location resets. If you die in these locations, you can go back and get your stuff, but be careful not to die a second time because if you do, all of the stuff that was still on your first body will disappear forever.
The fourth type of location are events. Events show up multiple times a day or week and don't last very long before they disappear. They are a great way to get easy loot, but they also require a lot of energy to travel to, so it is important to be careful as to when you do these events. But I will explain more about that later on in this video. Also, there are some events that are triggered by interacting with something in another place in the map. For example, if you see these two guys in your home area, they will kidnap you and then you have to get your stuff back and break out of this house. Here is a list of the nine of these type of interactive events, which I am including with the eight events that appear on a more normal schedule.
And then the fifth type of place are multiplayer zones. All multiplayer zones are found within Sector 7, which requires a significant amount of higher-tier resources to unlock. In reality, Sector 7 is really just a testing ground for multiplayer, so I wouldn't worry too much about rushing to unlock this area. Most advanced players do not find Sector 7 that enjoyable because it requires a lot of grinding for not much reward, but hopefully that will not always be the case.
Alright, now that we've talked about the five different types of locations, let's talk about getting the best possible start. When you first start the game, you will be given the option to customize your character and choose a name. Take a little bit of time to do this right, because once you've made your choice, you will not be able to change your name, appearance, or gender until you build the mirror, and even with the mirror, you can only change your name every thirty days, and it cost coins to change your appearance and gender. When you confirm your character's name and appearance, you will be spawned next to a truck, naked and alone. This is the location where you will be able to build your base.
Last Day on Earth has added text in your starting location to help you get started, so I won't talk too much about this part, but let me touch briefly on the most important aspects of starting out. Using this button to sneak is really important for succeeding in this game. Sneak attacks do triple damage, which will not only make your weapons a lot more effective, but it will limit how many times you get hit which reduces how much food you need. Since your character is immortal, the only cost of dying is losing the stuff on you. Because of this, allowing yourself to die at your home location is a great way to reset your health, food or thirst. However, when you do this, your body will stay there forever so if your body is annoying you, make sure to allow yourself to die again on a less annoying part of your land.
This abandoned base is yours to do with what you want, but you should keep in mind that some of the things in this base are extremely valuable. For example, even though this couch has no purpose, if you wanted to build one yourself, it would require 20 oak planks which is very difficult to get especially starting off, so I don't recommend deleting it unless you are positive that you do not want a couch in your house. And then these stone walls are very expensive to make as well, so it is best to fit them into your base design.
Likewise, trees, rocks, and deer never reset on this location, so if you want to include trees or pets into your home design, then you need to make sure to keep them there. The shirt and knife that you get from the truck is actually pretty decent gear for starting off, so I recommend saving it for later on.
Also, while it is good to collect the resources from your broken walls, don't feel the need to repair them or build any new walls for a while. You just need to build floors and put chests on them to put all of your stuff in. Your base will not get raided until you activate that part of the game later on, so there is no need to protect your stuff. And there is a zombie horde that will arrive once a day that will destroy level one and level two walls, so don't waste your resources on walls until you are ready to start building a base that is good against raiding. If you need help with designing your base, make sure to check out my video on the best way to design your base.
But for right now, gather all of the resources you want to in your home area, which should get you to level three. Build several chests so you can put all of your stuff in them, and then build a backpack which should automatically be equipped, and then leave the area. When you do this, make sure that you have your backpack equipped, but other than that you want to be completely naked.
When you enter your world map for the first time, a crashed airplane event will appear. This is one of the best events of the game, and you will only get to experience this event two times total so you want to make the most of it. In the rare occasion that it does not appear, do not go back into your base yet, or else you will spawn the healer too early. Rather, just sprint to Bunker Bravo and then enter and exit that area so that it will appear.
I recommend using 30 energy to get to this event instantly, and then as soon as you enter the area, go ahead and try to leave the area. When you do, this pop-up will appear, allowing you to make a one-time purchase of a military backpack for $2.00. This is the second best deal you will get in the game because the only other way to get this nicer backpack is to get to level 64 or spend closer to $10 at the shop, but if you are free to play, don’t worry about this, I can still help you succeed. When I started playing this game, the military backpack didn't even exist yet.
Since I'm on the subject of spending money, the best purchase you can make in the game is upgrading to the paid version of the Survival Guide, which is only available to new players. You can access the Survival Guide through the shop or in your inbox which it will always be at the top to make it easy for you. You will also see a task list that you can put in your inventory, but I wouldn’t recommend taking it because you can see all of the tasks by clicking this list button here. As you complete tasks in the Survival Guide, you get points to unlock new levels. Once you unlock those levels, you can claim the rewards of that level. Everyone gets these rewards, whereas anyone that pays the $5.00 gets access to these rewards as well. This ends up being a ton of rewards, but more importantly, paying the $5.00 guarantees you to finish the motorcycle which can otherwise be a huge grind. That being said, I started playing this game before the motorcycle existed and then was able to get the parts for my motorcycle back when it was much harder to get than it is now. So if you are free to play player, just stick it out with me, and I'll help you get where you need to go.
As you are completing the Survival Guide, I have three important tips for you. The first one is that if you were going to spend coins, wait until the last levels because they get more and more difficult to complete. The second one is to keep the weapons and armor that you earn in your inbox. You only have so much space in your base, and you have even less space in your inventory, so being able to keep the items in your inbox will allow you to take them out exactly when you need them. Also, it will prevent those items from getting stolen in a raid when you unlock that part of the game.
Lastly, I recommend saving up your experience books and Vitamin B so that you can use them all together to get the maximum benefit.
So that is a Survival Guide which is only available once, but after you hit Level 15, you will be able to participate in season passes which are very similar to the survival guide. But before you make any of these three purchases on my recommendation, please make sure to watch my warning towards the end of this video.
And then for those of you who are completely free to play, but don’t mind grinding in games for money, you should check out my video on how to get free stuff in last day on Earth.
This brings us back to the plane crash. As you go through the chests of the plane crash, you want to prioritize weapons, armor, and food because those are the hardest items to get at a low level. Be sure to equip items to save room. It is important to know that by equipping food or healing in this slot, it allows you to heal while you are fighting. I am always surprised by how many new players don’t know that.
When you're in your inventory, you will notice a hunger and thirst meter. You will probably start getting hungry and thirsty for the first time during this event. So since you will not be able to bring everything back with you, I recommend eating some of the jerky and water as you loot the area so that you leave with these meters at 100%. You will get attacked by a couple of wolves while you're here, but you shouldn't have any problems taking them out. If you did not get the military backpack, your inventory should look kind of like this when you are done. It might feel like you're leaving a lot of items behind, but all of the items that I did not pick up in this scenario are pretty common items, and you won't really need them until you are much higher level.
Go ahead and leave the area and return home. You can run if you want to, but you should keep in mind that only one energy is restored every five minutes. When you arrive, you will find the Healer. In exchange for watching an advertisement, the Healer will give you some kind of buff. The best buffs to get this early in the game are Muscle Vines, which will restore your energy to 100 and Brainweed Seeds, which doubles the amount of experience you get for one hour.
After you watch the commercial, grab the knife and shirt that you got in the beginning of the game, put some berries in your quickslot and then leave the area. Armor in this game has exponentially diminishing returns so I recommend only using one piece of armor at a time until you have the ability to make armor for yourself. If you ran home, an airdrop should appear. Your first airdrop of the day always spawns after you enter the world map when your energy is below 70. Airdrops are not nearly as amazing as the crashed plane event, but they are still a good event. Try to avoid enemies as you make your way to the middle of the map. You will probably get spotted by one of these toxic spitters, but as long as you have your knife and berries equipped, it will not be a problem. When you loot the airdrop, you will get a weapon and ten refined items. These are really helpful for starting out. You will also want to be on the lookout for any of these rare items that are sometimes found in airdrops. But go ahead and grab everything because at this point in the game, almost everything will be useful to you. And then leave the area.
You can see that I started farming the zone here because I thought it might be efficient, but then I remembered that sometimes stronger AI players will spawn at airdrops and AI players are the number one way that new players die in this game. Now usually that's because they haven't figured out the healing quickslot yet, but I don't care. I do not want you guys to die following this tutorial because dying usually means you lose everything on you so just leave the area and go back home.
Put your stuff away again and then head to the green pine zone. The first time you enter a green zone, an AI player with half health will attack you. When you kill him, you will find a chopper wheel. This is a very rare item and you will never find a chopper wheel in any of the zones ever again so make sure to take this home. After you finish looting his body, a puppy will come up to you. Go over to the puppy and use the interact button to pick him up. This is also a very rare item that only happens the first time you enter a green zone so make sure to bring this item home as well.
After grabbing these items, start clearing the zone by sneaking up on everything in the map. This area is a lot bigger than your home area, and has a few fast biters, but it is still pretty easy to clear with the equipment you have. Your knife is only good for 100 hits even at full durability so it will break before you finish clearing the zone. When this happens, use three wood to craft a spear. The spear obviously doesn't do as much damage, but if you move between hits, you can limit how many times enemies are able to hit you. Once you clear all the enemies, make a hatchet and a pickaxe and then put your character on auto. Auto is one of my favorite aspects of this game because it makes farming the zones relaxing to me, but don't leave your phone completely unattended, because from time to time, AI players will come and attack you as will the occasional wolf or zombie.
Using berries is the most efficient way to heal, but they don’t help your hunger and thirst bar very much, so you will get hungry and thirsty while farming this zone. You can often find beans and water in these chests, but if for some reason that isn't working, just click the shop button and then go to your inbox. Everyday at midnight Greenwich Mean Time, three canned beans and three waters will be added here as long as you remember to collect them. These are really useful in a pinch. They will stop appearing after you hit level 100, but you have a long time to go until that happens.
When your inventory gets full, leave the area. As I mentioned earlier, when you travel away from any of these resources zones in the game, they will be completely reset. This is frustrating when you die because you can't get your stuff back, but this is amazing for getting resources because it allows you to go back to them over and over again to get more of those resources. When you are first starting the game, I recommend spending almost all of your energy and time going back and forth to these green zones because they are the best place to get lots and lots of the resources you need early on. Farming these zones are also the best way to get experience and therefore the fastest way to level up.
Every time you level up, you will get to select new skills. The purple skills are generally the best, yellow being the second-best, and gray being the worst, but that is not always true. For example, the ten levels of the Bruiser skill are, in my opinion, almost always a top choice. The best skill in the game is the extra pocket and the three levels of the Burglar skill are also incredibly important. Choosing the three levels of the quick learner skill early on can make a huge difference over time, and the three levels of the Nerves of Steel make a huge difference against certain enemies. After that, choosing skills is highly based on your play style, especially when it comes to active skills, because none of the other skills can compete with the practical usefulness of the two active skills you start out with.
Early on, you should run into a Destroyed Convoy event. This is an amazing event and I would recommend going to it because it often has a Bunker Alpha access card, but if you are a new player don’t pick up the minigun, because a ton of zombies will appear and the minigun makes you run really slow. However, if you insist, make sure you have another weapon in your other quick slot so that you can quickly switch and run away, but I would still suggest just not picking it up altogether. Or at least going and putting the stuff that you got, including the Bunker Alpha access card back in your base, before going back for the minigun.
These red arrows on the map signify when the zombie horde will arrive at your base. As I mentioned, when they arrive they will destroy your walls. You can upgrade your floors and then walls by clicking on your existing floors and walls while having the resources required to upgrade them. The zombie horde will normally destroy dozens of level one walls or a few level two walls, but they can not destroy level three or four walls. So if you do not build any walls, nothing will happen to your base.
However, exactly 120 hours after you finish your CB radio, a group of three raiders will appear at the bottom of your map. Once you complete their tasks, you will have the opportunity to raid a computer-generated base.
However, once you start raiding you will need to give the raider’s a cut of the profits to appease them, and it will open up the option for some AI to raid your base, so you need to make sure that your base is ready when you do this.
I also have a video on the best way to raid, but YouTube only lets me put the links to five videos in the cards so you will have to find it on my channel. In fact, I have videos on every aspect of this game and I am currently redoing my best videos, so if you like videos with dense amounts of information, be sure to check out the classics or subscribe so you will get to see the newer versions.
Most of your progression through this game will be determined by how fast you are able to level up and build the workbenches in your crafting menu.
The campfire is crucial for making coal, which is the most efficient fuel in the game until you build the ATV, and it can also help stretch how much food you have. The garden bed is going to be your best source of food over the long haul, but it doesn't give it to you quickly. The woodworking bench and furnace are the two most used workbenches in the game, so I recommend building two of each of them and keeping them busy as soon as you can.
The shower keeps you clean, which makes it easier to sneak up on enemies, but dying also resets your cleanliness so I recommend using your immortality to your advantage. That being said, once you build the rain catcher which allows you to refill empty water bottles, it is often easier to shower.
The CB radio allows you to access the dealer who doesn’t really offer that great of deals, and then the Raiders, which is a much bigger benefit. As you can see from the CB radio in your base, many of these items in your crafting tab require you to assemble them after placing them, which usually costs a lot more resources than it does to place them.
The most notorious example of this is the motorcycle because it takes even a really active player at least a month to complete it. And could take a lot longer than that. If you want to know everything there is to know about getting your motorcycle, leveling it up, painting it, and washing it, you should check out my motorcycle video.
The dog crate also requires assembly, but it is not nearly as hard to complete and when you finish it you will be able to release the puppy you got earlier. I also have videos on the best ways to find and breed puppies, which is pretty complex so I recommend checking them out, but again, you will have to search for those on YouTube.
These three crafting tables are really important but also self-explanatory. The doormat allows you to pick your spawn point in your base so that you don't always spawn near the truck. And while it is important to save a place for the garage in your base design, you don't really need to place it until after you have finished your motorcycle.
The gunsmith bench is a huge part of the game, which is why they start you out with one. The blueprints you get throughout the game allow you to assemble weapon modifications here at the gunsmith bench. Once you assemble those modifications, you can add them to any weapon you get of that type. Now I can go into all of the best modifications for each weapon, but you don't really need to know that much about weapon modifications until you assemble your gunsmith bench, so once you do that, come back and watch my videos on weapon modifications.
This brings us to the sewing machine. In my opinion, the sewing machine is your first step into intermediate play in this game. It allows you to turn fibers into cloth and cloth into thick fabric. These are crucial ingredients for so many important items in the game, and I recommend crafting it as soon as you can. One of the most common mistakes new players make is using their resources towards assembling the chopper instead of saving them to craft these important workbenches. It will take you a while to build your chopper, so make sure to focus on everything else first.
The ATV was just recently added to the game, but it is extremely difficult to assemble. In fact, I would guess that it would take a free-to-play player that does not use any exploits roughly three years to complete it. But that won't always be the case, Kefir always makes things really hard to get when something first comes out to get people to spend money, and then makes it easier to get those items as the newness wears off.
The workbench allows you to flatten metal into plates and turn iron plates into nails. It is important to have for intermediate play, but not nearly as important to rush to get as would be the sewing table.
Building, assembling, and leveling up the radio tower allows you to form a clan with friends which allows you to chat with them, but you can not play with those friends until you have unlocked Sector 7, which is still a work in progress.
The Mirror allows you to change your appearance and gender in exchange for 25 coins, and your name for free every 30 days.
The wardrobe manages your underwear and backpack skins, and I have a strong feeling that they will also be adding armor skins in the near future.
The recycler is another huge part of the game. There are some very important materials in this game that can only be obtained by recycling things in the recycler. Your chances of getting the most desired items are based on how much durability that item has, and they are increased as you level up your recycler which will be very difficult when you're just starting off, but as you get to higher levels, you will have a lot of extra resources which makes this a lot easier.
The medical table allows you to turn berries into alcohol, which is essential for creating first aid kits.
Electric generators are important for unlocking Bunker Bravo and the three watchtowers, but it cannot be carried unless you have a motorcycle, so make sure to assemble your motorcycle before your generator. And then by that time you will likely be able to get already assembled electric generators from raiding bases, so I think there is a good chance that you will never have to actually assemble one of these.
The refined furnace is an advanced workbench for this game. It’s main purpose is to create stee,l which is essential for most other advanced workbenches and items.
The kitchen stove is one of those advanced workbenches, and it allows you to create some pretty sophisticated foods.
The blueprint for the Acid Bath will not be on your blueprint list at first. That is because it does not show up on here until you find it on the third floor of Bunker Alpha. The Acid Bath allows you to open infected crates, which is for advanced play, and ore crates once you finish your ATV.
The pressing machine is another advanced workbench which allows you to turn lead into plates.
The chemistry station allows you to craft acid, gunpowder, and anti-radiation pills.
And then lastly, the Hydroponic System allows you to grow the spices used at the chemistry table.
Once you get this far in the crafting menu, a large percentage of these items don't exist in the game yet. Knowing which items exist and which ones don’t is essential for succeeding at the game because it helps you create the right goals. So keep in mind that most items that don’t exist require either tungsten or titanium, which are resources that don’t exist in the game yet.
Getting the resources to complete all of these workbenches also has a typical pattern. As I said earlier, you should start us spending a lot of time farming the green zones. This will not only give you the resources you need to complete your first 13 workbenches, but it is also the fastest way to level up. So other than the occasional event and motel visit, I would stick mostly to the green zones until you hit Level 18 and build your sewing machine which is the beginning of intermediate play.
Once you finish your sewing machine, you will be able to convert all of the extra plant fiber you have collected into armor and bandages, which will make it 10 times easier to take on some of the harder challenges of the game.
At this point you will want to start completing the Farm and Bunker Alpha as often as you can. Bunker Alpha is unlocked using a Bunker Alpha access card, and the farm is unlocked using these resources. To complete these challenges, you will need to turn a lot of the iron, wood, and leather you have collected into melee weapons like the crowbar, shovel, and metal pipe. Saving your armor right before it breaks will allow you to reinforce it which not only resets its durability and increase it’s armor rating, but also increases its durability from 150 to 180. This better armor will be particularly helpful for Bunker Alfa because you need an armor rating of at least 17 to not get killed with one shot by a Frenzied Giant. For more tips on these locations like how to do the wall trick, make sure to check out my playlist with advanced videos for this game. You might find some videos are out of date, but I will work to update those videos as soon as I can.
Doing these locations will give you rarer and more valuable items like the materials needed to finish your motorcycle, but they will also slowly eat through the resources you have been farming, so you will have to keep farming to replenish your basic resources. Furthermore, at this point you will start needing a lot more iron, which will require you to start farming the yellow rock zone as well. Some people like to farm the red zone because it has even more iron, but I would argue that the extra energy cost, Toxic Spitters, and higher chance of encountering the Big One make the yellow zone a better way to get iron. That being said, if you don't farm red zones, it is important that you start attending the oak clearing event as often as you can to get oak and fur.
The main goal during intermediate play is to finish your motorcycle which, in my opinion, marks the beginning of advanced play in this game. Getting the parts to finish your motorcycle is based on an RNG loot system, so some players will get it much faster than others, but on average, a free-to-play player needs to complete the Farm 20 times and clear 40 floors of Bunker Alpha to get all of the parts needed to finish their motorcycle.
But this also means that by the time you finish the motorcycle, you will end up having a lot of extra vehicle parts left over, which allows you to then trade those in at the gas station to level up your motorcycle. But as I said earlier, if you want more information on how to get the motorcycle, the best way to level it up, or how to get skins I have a whole video dedicated to just that.
Once you finish your motorcycle, you also gain the ability to carry an electric generator to a location. Using a generator on this watchtower unlocks the northern area of the map, which gives you access to farming oak and copper zones. Unlocking this watchtower gives you access to the Police Station, which is the best place to get weapon modification blueprints. And unlocking Bunker Bravo allows you to farm for the ATV, which is the current ultimate goal in the game because it allows you to unlock the last watchtower and gain access to ash wood, peat, sulfur and lead.
At this point in the game, you will probably be around level 80, which means that you can craft almost anything in the game as long as you have the resources. This makes challenges like Bunker Alpha and the Farm much easier because you can craft items like machetes and saw blade maces, which are much better than crowbars and shovels. You can also craft more advanced work benches and walls if you have the resources, but getting those resources starts getting a lot more difficult, and sadly this is where I feel like the game starts losing it original charm because of a broken scaling system.
For example, one of my favorite things about Last Day on Earth is farming for resources in the zones and taking them home, because it filled me with a sense of accomplishment as it felt like the reward was worth the work. In contrast, a red winter zone only has three to four copper deposits that only give one copper ore each, which isn’t even enough to smelt one copper bar, which then once you do get a copper bar you still have to mix it with other metals to get a steel bar, which means that you have to start farming the original zones even more just to get that resource. So getting steel requires over a hundred times as much grinding as getting iron and then, after you get 20 steel, you can build one wall. So for me, this kind of exponential scaling completely eliminated my sense of satisfaction for farming, and I almost never farm the winter zones.
Likewise, even though the Police Station is a lot of fun, getting weapon modification blueprints is extremely frustrating because the RNG system allows repeats, making the grind to get the blueprint that you want infinitely frustrating. Meanwhile, getting the resources to complete the Police Station requires you to go back and farm the original zones even more, making the grind even more intense.
And then lastly, while the challenge of doing Bunker Bravo is exhilarating, it requires dozens of guns and advanced resources just to complete an incredibly small fraction of your ATV. So in order to get your ATV, you need to do Bunker Bravo a lot, which means you need to do the Police Station, Bunker Alpha, and the Farm a lot for those guns and advanced materials, which then requires you to farm even more of the original zones, creating an exponential grinding pyramid of death.
Relief from this death pyramid can only come from either cheating, which eventually leads to losing your account, spending money, or using exploits. This has caused a lot of advanced players to be frustrated with the game, which is why you will find quite of few grumpy veterans in the Last Day on Earth community.
So in short, advanced play in Last Day on Earth is very different then beginning or intermediate play, and my recommendation is to play Last Day on Earth until you get to finish your motorcycle. Then unlock the two watchtowers and Bunker Bravo and play all of those challenges until you get bored of them, and then quit the game. If you still want more of this game type, go play Dawn of Zombies or one of Kefir’s other games (listed in pinned post). And if Last Day on Earth comes out with some great updates, you can always come back and play them later. And everything that I just mentioned will be easier at that time because Kefir often makes older things less grindy as they introduce new things to the game.
So that is an overview of Last Day on Earth, but in addition to those 288 tips and tricks, I have 23 more for you.
The machete has one of the highest DPS ratings out of any of the craftable weapons.
The saw blade mace has the highest craftable sneak attack damage
When you are picking up puppies, look to see if their collar is blue or red so that you know what gender they are before you pick them up, and then put your male and female puppies into different chests. That way you can release an equal amount of males and females into your dog pen and avoid wasting a ton of food because of extra dogs.
Don't cook steak because jerky is way more efficient, especially now that they start you out with a meat drying rack.
If you were playing a lot in the very beginning, you might want to use normal wood as fuel even though it is less efficient, because you will need all of your planks for building new workbenches.
Drinking 13 bottles of water will make you need to pee, And Beer almost always makes you pee.
Peeing and getting hit by Toxic Spitters will increase your stink level. Once you hit a red stink level, enemies will see you from farther away and you will not be able to sneak up on them.
If you were looking for one particular item, you can use the split item feature to fill up all of your excess inventory slots and then put your character on auto. This will make your character only gather the items you have room for.
Leaving a bunker floor resets the enemies on the floor, allowing you to get one sneak attack on each enemy, but this does not work in hardmode or at Bunker Bravo.
You can get the Bunker Alpha entry code from your CB radio or this dead guy in the zones.
You can also get it from most Last Day on Earth communities, which I would recommend joining one. There are a lot of really good communities around this game.
Your hunger and thirst meters lose one point every eight seconds. Knowing this allows you to calculate how much time you have to finish farming a zone.
The official Last Day on Earth discord is a great source of news and hosts several giveaways, so I put a link to that in the pinned post.
Farming just the outskirts of zones is a great way to get resources for almost no cost.
AI bases will disappear twelve hours after the first time you visit them, so don’t visit them until you are ready to raid them well.
You can shoot through windows, so keep that in mind when you're designing your base.
Using the honeycomb tactic is stupid because it breaks the game, and I have a lot of opinions about it that I'm not going to share, because it is also a really smart tactic that is extremely effective.
You can click drive on the motorcycle even if you plan to walk or run, and you still get to use it's extra inventory slots.
Even though there is a lower chance of getting items from recycling items with low durability, they still give your recycler the same amount of experience, so it is best to recycle all your low durability items to level up your recycler.
If you get the witch’s head as a trophy, you can keep the horde away from your base for several months by burning only one pine log each day.
In the settings tab, you can change your notification settings.
While you are here, make sure your game is connected to your Google or iOS account.
There's also a lot of other really cool options in here, including the best way to get a hold of customer support.
If you do contact customer support you will need to know you're unique ID. You can find that by clicking on your server on the bottom left. And I would suggest going ahead and screenshotting that number now just in case something bad happens.
There's been a lot of lost accounts in this game and I don't want yours to be one of them
And then my last and final tip for you guys is a sponsored tip. As many of you know, I get a lot of companies offering to sponsor me, but they usually have really bad products that I don’t want to support. So after asking Nubia several times explaining to them how much I love their phone, they have finally agreed to sponsor me. So my last tip is to buy the Red Magic 3s as your next phone upgrade because, in my opinion, it is the best gaming phone in the world, especially when you consider the price. The Red Magic has the specs and liquid cooling system of a small computer, but more importantly, the phone software and hardware is designed around mobile gaming. There are a lot of examples of this, but the most important one is that it has two built-in triggers which you can bind to anywhere you want on the screen. You can also bind the fingerprint button on the back allowing you to use five fingers at the same time. I switched over to this phone two months ago as my main phone that I use in life, my real job, and for this channel and I could not recommend it more. I love this phone. If you want to know more about this phone and how I use it with Last Day on Earth, make sure to check out my last video on how to get more buttons.
...ran out of room! lol (reddit limit)
tl;dr 1 - Last Day on Earth is a mobile survival game where you gather resources and build your house. My channel first became popular because of this game so this video (or post) is a tribute to LDOE. In this post, I cover almost everything there is to know about the game including the best start, fastest progression, motorcycles, ATVs, etc. (and then towards the end I give a warning) tl;dr 2 - I have made a professional video that has production quality voice & graphics with countdown timestamps here: https://youtu.be/Zmu6awZAaqM
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