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Anything listed in the rc. directories that start with a capital "S" means that the service will start at boot time. Conduct many types of research and analysis with a staggering range of powerful techniques.

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pf monitoring

I hope this has not been asked, I searched a bit but could not find anything.

I am trying to get more versed with pf. Right now, I have a problem that I am trying to debug. I several LANs into my Openbsd (6.3, will update soon) box and a WAN. This box is the second routing, all inter VLAN routing happens in another firewall that delimits the DMZ, yet NAT only happens here.

I have several tables with IP ranges doing blacklisting. I am attempting geo blocking. The tables have a lot of CDIR networks blocking a big chunk of the internet. I also have some tables where brute force clients get sent to.

So I have 1 client on 1 LAN that needs to access an application and it is not being able to do so. I have searched for the application to see what range of IPs/ports need to be open but cannot find any info on it.

What I am trying to do next, is monitor the traffic real time. I am using pfctl, tcpdump, systat and pftop to get the info I want.

almost at the top, I have a rule that matches all traffic that comes from the internet allowed networks and nats the traffic:
match out on $ext_if inet from $internet_allowed_networks nat-to ($ext_if)
Following that, I have all my blocks, starting for the default bloks:
block in log on $ext_if all label "Def Block All In"
block out log on $ext_if all label "Def Block All Out"
Then all my quick bloks from my tables and uRPF. I also block whatever traffic wants to go out ext_if that was not NATed.

then I have:
pass in quick on $int_if from { 192.168.x.x xxxxx.priv.xxxxxx.xxx 192.168.x.x 192.168.x.x } tag IoTs
That tags anything from those specific hosts that come into int_if as IoTs. at the end I have
pass out on $ext_if tagged IoTs

Then I have a bunch of rules, passing icmp, redirecting traffic from outside to some ports, allowing vpn in, allowing some services, etc... for example:

pass out on $ext_if proto tcp to any \
port $tcp_services_allowed_out \
flags S/SA modulate state \
label "tcp services $dstport out"

Now, as you can see, all my main rules, are on the outside side of ext_if... which means that NAT have already happened...

I do not know this is an OK thing to do, but in this way it seems that traffic from all VPNs get lumped into only one rule for filtering, instead of having a filter at the input int_if and then another rule for traffic generated on the box itself...

But this has a problem that I am yet to find an easy solution:

Lets say I am trying to figure out why host 192.168.a.b cannot connect to 130.x.y.z so I use for example pftop and one of the views yields:

tcp In 192.168.a.b:51343 130.x.y.z:443 8294 2897825 ESTABLISHED:ESTABLISHED ... 38

Rule 38 is:
38 Pass In em1 K 110494K 105354M 1687360 all flags S/SA

And that is all great except that is useless to know why the host cannot get to 130.x.y.z...
In the above example, I could filter on pftop for destination on 130.x.y.z, but the reality is that host 192.168.a.b has hundreds of connections and I do not know the IP I am looking for, and it is not feasible to know that IP...

What I would like to do, is to either label or tag all traffic from host 192.168.a.b and then use tcpdump, pftop or any other utility to filter through that information... basically to be able to see all traffic from 192.168.a.b post NAT...

Is there a way of doing this?

Thanks in advance
submitted by tivericks to u/tivericks

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submitted by stroke_bot to nullthworldproblems

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