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Ref Review: Stag Do Special

So as the title implies, DrRedorDead is off on a stag do to Marbella, lets hope it doesn't affect his future performance. I've taken it upon myself to deliver the quality refereeing analysis you've come to expect this week.
Before we start, here are the results from last week's survey. As you can see it's tough to be a ref, almost 50% of people would have been disappointed with the Eric Dier decision, and the Kyle Walker sending off was almost as evenly split.

Here is this week's survey

Now lets get into things, do our refs think the right decision was made, or did the ref have a few cocktails at pre-drinks before the game? Here are this week's clips:

Mousset tackle

Ref 1: Foul. Initially, the challenge is legal: he wins the ball cleanly with his right foot. But watch closely. After the ball is gone, Mousset's left foot swings across and kicks and trips the attacker. Yes, he did get the ball with his right foot, but really, I see this as two different challenges distinct from one another. The first (with the right foot) was legal; the second (with the left foot), not.
Ref 2: Good decision by the referee. He only won the ball by first interrupting his opponent's progress by catching the opponent's feet with his feet, and then kicked through the feet to win the ball. The way he entered the challenge, he wasn't going to win the ball without tripping the opponent. Careless foul.
Ref 3: I can see how this would look like a foul from the referee's angle, as he's seeing it from Mousset's side and it would appear Mousset fouled for the trip. The initial tackle itself is clean, but at the very end you can see Mousset's foot come up after he gets the ball. It certainly appears it was pulled up by the trailing leg and not any kind of trip. This isn't a foul for tripping or a careless challenge but I can see why it appeared that way from the referee's angle.

Sterling Goal

Ref 4: I think this is a harsh booking. Sterling scores a last minute goal to win the match and runs to just past the edge of the pitch to celebrate the goal in front of his fans. Just because loads of fans decided it would be a good idea to run onto the pitch doesn't mean it's his fault - if he'd stopped 5 yards back they'd probably just have broken through the cordon to celebrate with him anyway. The fact is that he didn't go into the stands to celebrate, no pitch fencing/advertising boards were passed, and he really did to excite the fans and get the reaction he did was scoring the goal - the method of celebration didn't affect the crowd reaction in the slightest, given they were already on the pitch when he got to them. There is also the matter of extra time played - I didn't watch the match live, but I've heard there was enough time wasting during stoppage time to justify it. So many people forget its a minimum of x minutes added time, not exactly that long, and the referee shouldn't be afraid to play that bit extra if that's what the game requires (although as a fan it would be nice to know exactly how much extra is being added on top of the normal stoppage time)
Ref 5: Definitely would have cautioned. He put himself and the fans in danger by celebrating amongst them. Fans will do anything to try to get close to a celebrity and can stampede over others, cluelessly injuring those around them. Pretty sure it says somewhere in FIFA advice to caution for celebrating a goal by joining spectators.
Ref 6: Here we use our understanding of the law. The laws state that climbing on or jumping over the perimeter fence to celebrate is a YC - that's because it creates dangerous situations with unmanageable crowd rushes. While the crowd was already on the field so he didn't breach the fence, he still contributed heavily towards a very difficult to manage - and potentially dangerous - crowd scenario. It was unnecessary, excessive and created a significant hazard. A YC is a good decision here.
Ref 7: This is the most challenging decision, every rule I can see indicates that it is obviously a bookable offence and that the sending off is fair, however, within the context I would have found it very hard to book him, referees have a role to play in ensuring football remains entertaining and passion filled too and for that circumstance I probably would not have booked him.

Gueye tackle

Ref 8: a hard, straight leg, over-the-ball challenge with hard contact right on the shin. Quite dangerous. I'd accept a yellow or a red here, but my gut says red. I don't think it was malicious, but it only needs to be excessive force or endangering the safety of the opponent, which this was by the manner of challenge.
Ref 9: Studs parallel with opponent's shin with significant force, late and completely missing the ball. In addition, the angle he did it caused his opponent's leg to twist outwards, possibly in a way that could have dislocated a joint (particularly the hip). Definite endangering the safety to the opponent, should be a red card.
Ref 10: Fairly straightforward here. Gueye comes in late and a little high. This one is just reckless. He wasn't out of control, didn't leave his feet in a full lunge and just got there late and too high. It's a yellow card and should be an easy decision.

Alonso Zamora incident

Ref 11: This one comes down to intent. Did he intend to stamp the ankle? It's difficult to say from the replay. From what can be seen in the video we have, he appears to make the challenge before getting back up completely and gathering his feet. Without the full context of the match, it's hard to see this and say it's anything more than just a reckless and clumsy challenge worthy of a yellow card. If there were already issues with late and questionable challenges in this match, especially with either or both of these players, this perspective is possibly different.
Ref 12: the first collision is no foul, but the incident in question? He wasn't kicking the ball - there was absolutely no reason for his foot to go where it did except to attack the opponent. This is a deliberate stomp on an opponent, so it's a red card for SFP for me. I don't think he was going for the ball at all, but with the ball in vicinity I think it's enough to call it SFP rather than VC
Ref 13: Zamora should be off for that. Two attempts in one play and one succeeded. Terrible refereeing to let him stay on the pitch tbh. If you have an angle and see a player do that, you need to rush in with a hard whistle, card already out to get that guy out of there. That's how fights start on the pitch. Not something you can lazily walk up to and brush off.
Ref 14: This one is a bit tricky. Without a doubt, the challenge does not look like a good one when slowed down and zoomed in on their feet, as Zamora's foot stamps down on the opponent's lower-leg/ankle area. But I find it difficult to put too much blame on Zamora, because it looked like he was trying to make a play on the ball (possibly getting position to shield it) that players make hundreds of times each game. From his perspective, it's unfortunate that the defender beat him to it and stuck his own leg right under the oncoming path of Zamora's. You could make the Draconian argument that it doesn't matter what Zamora seemed to be doing and that the nature of the contact itself necessitates a red card automatically. You could also make the pacifistic argument that Zamora was performing an action that occurs hundreds of times legally per game, and that he simply didn't have time to react to the defender's leg showing up beneath his own and that therefore a yellow isn't even warranted. All things considered, I think a yellow card is a fair compromise in this situation.
So there we have it. Another bunch of controversial decisions. Mousset's may have been a foul, but maybe the angle is deceptive. Sterling should have been off technically, but should a ref have more appreciation for the context? Gueye's was on the borderline, but it seems our refs were leaning towards a red. Alonso Zamora seems lucky to have received a yellow, but it depends on how you view his intent.
As always, let me or DrRedorDead know if you have any incidents you want us to place in the review, and if you're a qualified ref send us a PM to join in. Feel free to comment, and have a go yourself by filling in our survey.
submitted by Tim-Sanchez to soccer

The FIFA 19 Unofficial player survey results

Last week I created a survey to gauge opinions and to see where people are with this years Fifa. The response I got was honestly fantastic, over 10000 people answered the survey! So without further ado, lets get into the results...
What Division are you in?
  • Division 5 - 49.8% of people
  • Division 4 - 26.2% of people
  • Division 6 - 11.8% of people
  • Division 3 - 8% of people
  • Division 2 - 1.3% of people
  • Division 1 - 1% of people
  • Division 7/Division 10 - 0.9% of people
  • Division 8 - 0.2% of people
  • Division 9 - 0.1% of people
These results were honestly quite interesting. Approximately half of all Ultimate Team players are in Division 5. And only 1% of people are in Division 1. Make of that what you will.
How many games would you say you are winning in Divisions?
  • Majority of games (6-8 games out of 10) - 45.5% of people
  • About 1 in 2 - 45.4% of people
  • Minority of games (2-4 games out of 10) - 6.6% of people
  • Most games (9-10 games out of 10) - 1.6% of people
  • Rarely win (0-1 games out of 10) - 0.9% of people
It appears from the results that EA have done a good job of putting players in Divisions where they can win more often not which is great. However, we know that higher skilled players are dropping down divisions on purpose simply to get better rewards so this could skew the results a little bit.
What rank did you finish last week?
  • Rank 2 - 36.6% of people
  • Rank 3 - 27.1% of people
  • Rank 1 - 24.6% of people
  • Rank 5/Didn't play - 8.4% of people
  • Rank 4 - 3.2% of people
What I'm getting from these results is that the people on this subreddit are better on average than the regular Fifa player as 24.6% of you finished Rank 1 last week when it is only the top 20% of players, so congrats!
Have you qualified for FUT Champions?
  • Yes - 69.9% of people
  • No - 30.1% of people
Again, interesting that as many as 70% of people have qualified for FUT Champs which I would imagine is a large increase from last year with the Daily Knockout tournaments.
If yes, what tier did you finish last week?
  • Gold 3 - 30% of people
  • Gold 2 - 26.5% of people
  • Gold 1 - 17.4% of people
  • Silver 1- 10.9% of people
  • Silver 2 - 4.1% of people
  • Silver 3 - 3.1% of people
  • Elite 3 - 2.7% of people
  • Bronze 3 - 1.8% of people
  • Bronze 1 - 0.9% of people
  • Elite 2 - 0.8% of people
  • Bronze 2 - 0.5% of people
  • Elite 1 - 0.4% of people
  • Top 100 - Somewhere between 0.1% and 0.8% of people
Nearly 75% of players finished in Gold tier last week which shows how hard it can be for some players to get to these tiers or higher. In regards to the percentage of players who finished Top 100, 0.8% of people said on the survey that they finished in this tier but after looking at their surveys I would say very few of them were truthful so I would put the result somewhere between the two figures above.
Do you find 30 games is the correct amount of games for the weekend league?
  • It's the correct amount of games - 67.3 % of people
  • It's too many games - 31.3% of people
  • It's not enough games - 1.4% of people
Seemingly EA have got the balance of games much better this year, however there is still a large amount of players who find that 30 is still too much. I'm interested to hear the thoughts of the 1.4% of people who think there should be more games, is it because there are too few games separating tiers or is it something else?
Do you think the rewards for the weekend league are fair?
  • Yes - 54.9% of people
  • Maybe - 24.8% of people
  • No - 20.3% of people
I would imagine the 20.3% of people who said no are mostly higher tier players who are getting no one of note in their player picks as I have seen plenty of videos of Top 100 players getting no one over 84. Let me know in the comments.
From the FUT Champions player picks, have got a player 84+ rated?
  • No - 64.4% of people
  • Yes - 35.6% of people
I'm not sure what to make of these results. Obviously you can't have everyone getting top tier players but you would expect a higher amount than 35.6% of people surely?
Do you think SBC's released this year have been worth doing?
  • A few of them - 42% of people
  • Some of them - 40.9% of people
  • Most of them - 10.2% of people
  • None of them - 6.6% of people
  • All of them - 0.4% of people
From these results, it seems like the SBC's have been fairly hit and miss. Some of them have been quite good value I've found whereas other have been complete rip-offs.
Have you found the gameplay this year to be inconsistent?
  • Yes - 63.7% of people
  • No - 23.6% of people
  • Maybe - 12.7% of people
Possibly the most important question on this survey, over 63.7% of people finding the game inconsistent is incredible. If in any other game a portion of the player base that large found the game differed from match to match, people would be up in arms about it. Yet I guarantee you that very few of you will be shocked reading this statistic and that is why things must change.
Have you played FUT Draft this year?
  • Yes - 50% of people
  • No - 50% of people
I honestly didn't expect to see any 50-50 splits in this survey so this was quite interesting. I'm not sure whether this means that more or less people are playing draft but it shows that a large amount of people are still playing it.
Have you played Squad Battles this year?
  • Yes - 71.7% of people
  • No - 28.3% of people
I was expecting the yes vote to be higher as I have found that for the rewards for squad battles can be really good for just playing a few games, it being quite easy to get gold playing less than 10 games. However I appreciate that some people would much rather play against real players rather than the AI.
Have you spent money on Fifa points this year?
  • No - 53.3 % of players
  • Yes - 46.7% of players
EA must be licking their lips at this one. I was expecting less people to have spent money but this result isn't too surprising as it is still less than half of all players.
If yes what was the best playeplayers you packed?
4,738 responses
  • Pogba (67)Kante (62)Salah (55)Mbappe (52)Varane (51)Aubameyang (48)Isco (47)Kroos (43)De Gea (39)Mane (39)Aguero (39)Dybala (39)
  • Lukaku (38)
  • Modric (36)
  • Neymar (35)
  • Sane (33)
  • Hazard (31)
  • Suarez (30)
  • Messi (30)
  • Bale (29)
  • Eriksen (28)
  • Son (28)
  • Oblak (28)
  • Fabinho (27)
  • Neuer (27)
  • Mertens (27)
  • Immobile (26)
  • Marcelo (25)
  • Griezmann (25)
  • Godin (24)
  • Buffon (24)
  • Pique (23)
  • Douglas Costa (23)
  • Lewandowski (23)
  • De Bruyne (23)
  • Martial (22)
  • Lloris (21)
  • Sergio Ramos (21)
  • Thiago Silva (20)
  • Firmino (20)
  • Ramos (20)
  • Van Dijk (20)
  • Coutinho (20)
  • Alex Sandro (20)
  • Casemiro (19)
  • Kane (19)
  • Hamsik (18)
  • Insigne (18)
  • Nainggolan (17)
  • David Silva (17)
  • Walker (16)
  • De gea (16)
  • Fernandinho (16)
  • Perisic (15)
  • Kyle Walker (15)
  • IF Werner (15)
  • Navas (14)
  • Azpilicueta (14)
  • Jordi Alba (14)
  • Matuidi (14)
  • Umtiti (14)
  • Ederson (14)
  • Pjanic (14)
  • Courtois (14)
  • Thiago (13)
  • Boateng (13)
  • Rashford (12)
  • Chiellini (12)
  • Iniesta (12)
  • Rakitic (12)
  • Dybala (12)
  • Handanovic (12)
  • Mahrez (12)
  • Hugo Lloris (11)
  • Gabriel Jesus (11)
  • Auba (11)
  • isco (11)
  • Harry Kane (11)
  • Naingolan (10)
  • Coutinho (10)
  • dybala (10)
  • Kroos (10)
  • Vardy (10)
  • IF Arnautovic (10)
  • Dele Alli (10)
  • Jorginho (10)
  • Aguero (10)
  • Bonucci (10)
  • Christian Eriksen (10)
  • Sterling (10)
  • kante (10)
  • Griezman (10)
  • Fred (10)
  • Ribery (10)
  • Varane (10)
  • Fernandinho (10)
  • Valencia (10)
  • aubameyang (9)
  • Promes (9)
  • IF Ben Yedder (9)
  • Other (2,635)
If no what was the best playeplayers you have packed?
6,400 responses
  • Pogba (89)Dybala (75)Aubameyang (69)Varane (65)Kante (61)Aguero (59)Kroos (55)Salah (55)Neymar (54)Isco (53)De Gea (52)Modric (51)Firmino (50)Mertens (48)Fabinho (47)Umtiti (47)Mane (47)Courtois (46)Mbappe (46)Eriksen (46)Bale (45)Son (45)Alex Sandro (43)Coutinho (39)Griezmann (39)Messi (38)Handanovic (37)Lukaku (37)Sane (37)Godin (34)Casemiro (33)Gabriel Jesus (32)Lloris (32)Martial (30)Fernandinho (30)Lewandowski (29)De Bruyne (29)Hazard (29)Marcelo (28)Douglas Costa (28)Walker (27)Suarez (27)David Silva (27)Van Dijk (26)Kane (26)Thiago Silva (25)Lacazette (24)Benatia (24)Ramos (23)Koulibaly (23)Insigne (23)Pique (22)Boateng (22)Jesus (21)Pjanic (21)Icardi (20)Rashford (20)Lucas (20)Kompany (20)Ozil (20)Neuer (20)Otamendi (19)Ederson (19)Hummels (18)Leroy Sane (18)Cavani (17)Reus (17)De gea (16)Fabinho (16)Buffon (16)Sergio Ramos (16)Azpilicueta (16)Perisic (16)Oblak (16)Griezman (15)Hamsik (15)Immobile (14)Kyle Walker (14)Iniesta (14)Alaba (13)Matuidi (13)Thiago (13)KDB (12)Promes (12)Chiellini (12)Willian (12)Robben (12)Sterling (12)Fekir (12)Harry Kane (12)IF Hulk (12)Nainggolan (11)Bonucci (10)James Rodriguez (10)Godin (10)Mané (10)Ter stegen (10)Davinson Sanchez (10)Naldo (10)Suarez (10)Other (3,580)
There are many ways of looking at these results so I'll leave them up to your imagination but one thing I will say is that Ronaldo appears on neither of these lists. Again make of that what you will.
Has FUT Swap been a good promotion?
  • No - 48.3% of people
  • It's been ok - 42.7% of people
  • Yes - 9% of people
Only 9% of people consider FUT to have been a good promotion. I was honestly surprised by this figure and thought that it would have at least been a bit higher than that. But I suppose it has been a bit light on content.
Has Ultimate Scream been a good promotion?
  • No - 56.5% of people
  • It's been ok - 34.4% of people
  • Yes - 9.1% of people
Considering this survey was started a week ago, this result is fairly unsurprising. Very few of the SBC's had been released and it had only been out a short while so I would say this result is invalid.
Are you enjoying Fifa this year?
  • Yes - 73% of people
  • No - 27% of people
About 3 in 4 people say that they are enjoying Fifa this year and I would say that is about right. It's certainly better than last year I'd argue.
What do you think of the gameplay this year?
7917 responses
  • Inconsistent (249)
  • Shit (197)
  • Inconsistent (173)
  • Good (125)
  • Decent (75)
  • Bad (69)
  • Ok (68)
  • Meh (66)
  • Terrible (56)
  • shit (52)
  • inconsistent (47)
  • Trash (45)
  • Fine (37)
  • Shite (35)
  • Better than 18 (35)
  • Fun (34)
  • Awful (34)
  • Better than last year (34)
  • Average (32)
  • Horrible (26)
  • Better (26)
  • Poor (25)
  • Alright (24)
  • I like it (24)
  • Slow (22)
  • ok (22)
  • meh (22)
  • good (22)
  • Broken (21)
  • Random (17)
  • Okay (17)
  • Great (16)
  • Frustrating (16)
  • Different (15)
  • Average (15)
  • shite (15)
  • Garbage (15)
  • Crap (15)
  • Boring (14)
  • trash (13)
  • Decent (13)
  • bad (13)
  • Eh (13)
  • scripted (12)
  • I enjoy it (12)
  • Rubbish (12)
  • Terrible (12)
  • Buggy (12)
  • Could be better (11)
  • Scripted (11)
  • Inconsistent but fun (10)
  • Worst ever (10)
  • Love it (10)
  • It’s ok (10)
  • Better than last year (10)
  • better than last year (10)
  • Inconsistant (10)
  • decent (10)
  • Shit (10)
  • Not bad (10)
  • average (10)
  • It’s alright (10)
  • Weird (10)
  • Very inconsistent (10)
  • It's alright (10)
  • Better than FIFA 18 (9)
  • Very inconsistent (9)
  • Sucks (8)
  • eh (8)
  • Could be better (8)
  • OK (8)
  • buggy (8)
  • Too inconsistent (8)
  • Needs improvement (8)
  • 7/10 (8)
  • Like it (8)
  • Aids (8)
  • Too inconsistent (8)
  • okay (8)
  • Clunky (8)
  • Bullshit (7)
  • better (7)
  • Fair (7)
  • Dodgy (6)
  • not bad (6)
  • Inconsistent. (6)
  • Solid (6)
  • Perfect (6)
  • Alright (6)
  • Better than previous (6)
  • Strange (6)
  • Interesting (6)
  • Unpredictable (6)
  • Sluggish (6)
  • Wank (6)
  • Annoying (6)
  • random (6)
  • Utter shit (6)
  • Its ok (6)
  • RNG (6)
  • Other (5,536)
Once more the inconsistency of the game shines through in these results. Again it's unsurprising but to see it be the first thing that came to so many peoples heads is incredible really.
Have you played game modes outside of FUT this year such as Career mode or Pro-Clubs?
  • No - 54.3% of people
  • Yes - 45.7% of people
This result is also unsurprising considering how much EA neglects other game modes.
Have you played The Journey this year?
  • No - 84.5% of people
  • Yes - 15.5% of people
A whopping 84.5% of people haven't played The Journey this year! For all the time and money EA must put into making it for only 15.5% of people to play it, makes you think that the work could have been done elsewhere.
Do you think EA puts too much focus on Ultimate Team?
  • Yes - 64.8% of people
  • No - 35.2% of people
I was expecting the yes vote to be higher but as evidenced earlier in the survey, the majority of people play only FUT. It shows that EA still put the majority of time into their cash cow to the detriment of other game modes though.
And finally the last question...
What changes would you make to the game?
5928 responses
  • Gameplay (35)
  • Career mode (31)
  • Improve career mode (23)
  • Better career mode (21)
  • Consistency (16)
  • Pro clubs (14)
  • Everything (14)
  • More focus on career mode (13)
  • AI Defending (13)
  • Improve pro clubs (13)
  • Better gameplay (12)
  • None (11)
  • Consistency (11)
  • Better servers (11)
  • Pro Clubs (11)
  • everything (11)
  • Too many to list (10)
  • Everything (10)
  • Make pro clubs great again (10)
  • A lot (9)
  • Improve gameplay (8)
  • Consistent gameplay (8)
  • nerf AI defending (8)
  • Career Mode (8)
  • Online career mode (8)
  • AI defending (8)
  • Gameplay (8)
  • career mode (8)
  • Ai defending (8)
  • Manual defending (6)
  • Better pro clubs (6)
  • Remove AI defending (6)
  • Not sure (6)
  • Gameplay changes (6)
  • Make pro clubs better (6)
  • idk (6)
  • Make Pro Clubs great again (6)
  • Player switching (6)
  • Revamp career mode (6)
  • Consistent gameplay (6)
  • Defending (6)
  • Fix the gameplay (6)
  • Better passing (6)
  • Fix career mode (6)
  • Fix gameplay (6)
  • More consistent gameplay (6)
  • More in depth career mode (6)
  • Nerf AI defending (6)
  • - (6)
  • ai defending (6)
  • Fix goalkeepers (6)
  • Nerf AI defending (6)
  • Fix AI defending (6)
  • gameplay (6)
  • Servers (6)
  • Less AI defending (6)
  • Career mode improvements (5)
  • Better Career Mode (5)
  • Fix pro clubs (5)
  • Other (5,000+)
Career mode, gameplay and pro clubs seem to be the main things people want to see changed. Again many people mentioning the inconsistency (surprise, surprise)
So that concludes the Fifa 19 unofficial player survey. Let me know what you thought of it, whether this should be something I could do regularly and what questions I should have asked. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that you found it interesting.
submitted by JMAR17IPS to FIFA

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