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Other offices send blood samples to an outside laboratory for these tests to be performed. Chem bio office 13 crack. Fall and/or spring: 15 weeks - 3-3 hours of lecture, 1-1 hours of. JK BIO-CHEM CO, LTD Main product: Ascorbic Acid, Acessulfame-k, Aspartame, Citric Acid, Dextrose, Fructose, Erythritol, STPP, Phosphric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Saccharin, Monosodium Glutamate 99% (MSG), Xanthan gum, etc. Let's consider this scenario which applies to lots of people at one time: 1. You live in Africa, well below poverty level 2. You attend university on. The most important variable to consider in selecting a cell counting solution is the ability to.

Summary For: Weekly Question Thread (3/4 to 3/10)

I ship out for basic this week, for those of you who went to Jackson, tell me, how bad are the mosquitoes in South Carolina.
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Shipping out to basic soon, struggling to figure out which GI Bill to use.
Married with no kids (and don't plan to have kids either.)
Already have a degree so I would either want another bachelors or use the bill to go towards a masters.
I don't have any student loans.
Planning on doing 20 years and retiring, so I would be going to school while enlisted.
Also in the IT field, so I would be having things go towards certifications too.

From my best understanding, I believe the post 9/11 GI bill would be best? Just would like a second opinion.

The only resource I kind of found was www.benefits.va.gov/gibill but there doesn't look like there is a huge difference according to this.
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I'm currently in AIT and got my orders for my first duty station. My medical still shows up as red on my AKO because it says I haven't done my shots or dental even though I did them a month ago. Will I still be able to ship out of AIT to my duty station in red status?
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My friend is joining the army, 68w, and wants to become a ranger down the line. Can he do this with a dutch dual citizenship?
He has visited the Netherlands once as a kid, and has some extended family there. He feels that the dual citizenship is valuable because he could backpack through Europe after his time in the military, and does not want to surrender the citizenship. He also would very much like to become a ranger.
Thank you for your time.
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When getting stationed in the Schofield barracks to work with the NSA (I think) do you have to take a polygraph? And is it the lifestyle one or the counter intelligence one?
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I went to MEPs last week and passed everything except my hearing test, which I failed twice. The Army liaison said they'd wait until they got my med results back and then file for a waiver and I'll get a exam by an audiologist.
Can anyone tell me what I should be expecting the waiver to look like or what the Army is expecting the audiologist to report or are waivers typically case-by-case basis?
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I'm prior service, got out 4 years ago on an honorable discharge as a SPC. I had planned on becoming a pilot while I was in and even took the SIFT (passed it too) but I decided to get out instead. I just got my degree and am looking around for jobs but I've been thinking lately about coming back in as a pilot. Is now the time to come back as an aviator?
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Anyone gone through the IPAP? I have a bachelors in biology, enlisting at med lab tech to reroll to med technology, but definitely considering what I will need to do to increase my chances of a successful IPAP application.
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Does anyone from the states drill in Europe for the reserve? I would think that costs more than the $500 IDT-TR currently authorized. I heard someone say they have their own policy on travel reimbursement but can't find anything on it.
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Does anyone have an example of the why I want to be an officer part of an OCS packet. Googling seems to find me not so good ones.
I just feel like I rambling or fluffing this up to much. If anyone has an example or a link I may have missed to a good one it would be much appreciated.
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What would you do?
Haven't looked up regs so correct me if I'm wrong.
Be me: prior infantry, have that combat patch and rifle thingy I can wear right away...as I will be going back to basic training here in a week. 22 weeks now. Fml.
Do you wear it or abso-fucking-lutely not because you don't want any unwanted attention on yourself?
Same scenario with awards, wear them at graduation or just wear the two you get as a newly enlisted private?
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This might be far fetched, but how likely would an airborne, french speaking, 35M be to get stationed in the 173rd?
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Any IET PLs out there that have started already? What does the day to day look like? Any info about the job’s expectations and responsibilities that are different from a regular PL job would be greatly appreciated.
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Possibly dumb question, but how much "action" does a 35P see? I wanted to be an airborne linguist in the USAF because I love the idea of being a linguist and because airborne linguists go on frequent deployments (AF didn't work out so I am trying Army), but afaik 35P's don't look like they deploy much.
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I recently talked to a Navy recruiter, but want to learn more about the army before talking to a recruiter.
Here's the situation: I went into this knowing I'd need waivers for things, but it was worse than I expected. I had a knee surgery when I was 16, but there aren't any screws or rods and it doesn't bother me much, getting a waiver for that should be easy. However, when I was 13 I was diagnosed with depression and was hospitalized on a suicide watch (it should be noted that this was based on threats, and no attempt was made). I was given medication and counseling. Fast forward to senior year of high school, I was prescribed meds for anxiety, but wasn't diagnosed with anxiety. I saw a counselor for that as well. I have no history of self harm what so ever.
Believe it or not the Navy recruiter was still willing to work with me. I got a 69 on a practice ASVAB, which he said was pretty good. I confirmed that with my cousin who is currently in the Marine Corps. I don't think the recruiter would have given me the time of day if wasn't for that score. He did say that it's very very possible I would get denied due to go my medical history. But he said he's still willing to submit My medical records and see what happens. My mental health has improved a lot since then and I think I could handle the stress.
I'm wondering if its more likely that the army would let me in. Are the medical standards the same for Army and Navy as far as getting a waiver goes? Given the extent of my history I doubt lying would work (unless we got to war with Iran or something crazy like that). I'm just trying to figure this out, any help is appreciated. Let me know if you need more information.
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I just finished MEPS but they said I have an astigmatism of 5.0 and 5.25? How bad will this hold me back? They told me I need to go to get a consultation that they’ll schedule for me. I know people who had astigmatisms and get laser surgery during service. How bad is this really holding me back?
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Right now I am heavily considering joining the army and have been for quite some time (years). I am doing so in hope of gaining a better mentality and as a step in the right direction. To tell you all a little about myself, I am 23 and a sophomore/junior in college (part-time) pursuing a bio-chem degree. I am in good shape and am what I would consider more than ready for any sort of PT or anything. I looked up basic PT requirements (google) and was able to max out on all except running but I am working on it. When I went in for my practice ASVAB at the recruiting office I scored one point below the maximum. However, I do have a criminal background (Minor MMJ possession charge, Traffic infractions), but it has been four years since these events. So I guess my questions would be as follows:
1.) what type of MOS do you think I would qualify for?
2.) what would daily life be like in the army?
3.) should I consider other branches?
4.) what did you get out of the army?
5.) when I go to MEPS, do I have to sign the dotted line then and there?
The only other branch I have looked at so far is the marines. Thanks a bunch!
Edit: Sorry forgot to include this, I would like to get into some sort of combat position, I don't want to sit behind a desk. I was told I can be given an 11x-option 4 (airborne) contract and might be able to work my way into Rangers, which would be my ultimate goal.
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I have some questions about joining. I met yesterday with a recruiter who told me some information I'm not sure is completely valid. I'm interested in joining as an officer as I'll be graduating with a degree and was particularly interested in intelligence at the moment. He was trying to convince me to join as enlisted then apply to be an officer as this would garuantee my position however it seemed to be me like this would be a bad idea as there's no guarantee that I would become an officer and that it would add to my active duty length I think. I wasn't sure if he just had some quota to fill but he was more than willing to help me enlist in intelligence however just not as an officer. He also told me that in basic training that you fill a list of your top CONUS and OCONUS locations and that the top 20% will get one of there top stops to be stationed at however I felt like that was probably not true. If anyone could give me some answers about trying to be come an officer and the other question that'd be great.
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Can I get braces in the Army? Can I join with braces.already on my teeth?
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I was "diagnosed" with ADD by a pediatrician when I was six years old. I took medication for it from age 6 until age 11. (My parents say I may have stopped as early as 10 years old but we have no written records on hand, and as such are unsure.) I am now 21 years old so I have been off the medication entirely for a minimum of 10 years. (Or possibly 11)
Does the fact that I was diagnosed with ADD and took medication in the past jeopardize my ability to join the army today? Do I still need a waiver?
I haven't had symptoms at all in that 10 year period off the meds. I graduated high school with something like a 3.7 GPA with no medication the entire time if that makes any difference.
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After going to MEPS they told me I have red/green deficiency. Obviously this disqualifies me from a shit ton of jobs, especially the ones I want which are 35F or 35M. My recruiter told me that they could send an appeal or waiver to said MOS’s and there is a possibility of them still accepting me. However, the wait time would be 21 days and you can only send one at a time... Anyone have experience or further knowledge of this sort of situation? My ASVAB score is a 92 if that makes a difference.
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2LT about to graduate BOLC for a month. Staying one year at FLW as a BCT PL/XO. Then PCS to Lewis as an ADSO. Considering I am an ADSO and I easily got my #1 choice, how hard would it be to change that ADSO? Is it even worth emailing my branch manager? When I picked lewis my life was completely different than now, and I would like to go OCONUS while I am young, single.
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Wife and kids are staying in hometown while I go active. She is in nursing school and wants to finish.
I can’t find anywhere what BAH I will get. Any help would be great!
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what can people tell me about the chemical recon detachments that are deployed wiht SF groups, and do they go through the same selection as regular SF
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I'm interested in joining the Army Cyber Reserves with the direct commission program and was wondering if anyone had more details about what they actually do and what the selection process is like.

I saw through a quick search that only 2 out of 80 applicants were selected last year and was wondering if they are expanding more and if I would even have a chance. I'm 26 with a bachelors in computer science and a couple years of experience working for defense contractors as a software and security engineer. I have some certifications that the government values too. (cissp, oscp, comptia, etc) and a clearance. Currently working in private sector, but I want to do things with real impact too.

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What does laundry look like at basic? Do we do it ourselves and can pick when we do it?
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I’ll try to post this in the March Recruiter thread if it pops before i can get/ find an answer. I spoke to 2 local recruiters and they weren’t aware of what IMA Slots were. My questions regarding the reserves are:
Since 35L is now entry level, do you still end up as an E4 or E5 when enlisting and completing AIT?
The way I understood IMA slots in the reserves is that you must be E5+. Can you get an IMA slot going 35L? I have an additional follow-up question I’d prefer to PM.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I don’t think this belongs here, but I wasn’t sure where to post...if anyone has better suggestions please let me know!
The guy I’m currently hooking up with is in the army. He’s in the reserves now but have been deployed to Afghanistan and I think a couple other places; not really sure. He doesn’t really talk about his past much, but know from the things he mentions in passing that he’s killed people and it sounds like he’s been in some dangerous situations before. He claims he’s completely fine, jokes that he has better mental health than I do, and doesn’t seem to have PTSD or anything like that, but I’m still worried about him—not in any active sense, but I want to be sensitive about his experiences and make sure I can be there for him. I’m a civilian with 0 military knowledge—he said something about magazines and I thought he was talking about like newspapers but apparently they’re something that’s related to guns(?)—like that’s the level of knowledge I’m operating on. I definitely don’t want to pry into his past, but if any of y’all want to share your stories about being deployed/on the field, I’d love to hear. Also, by “fine,” is he fine the way civilians who have never been near a war zone are fine, or is there a different level/feeling of fine in the army?
I hope at least some of this made sense. I just want to hear stories of what he might’ve gone through, honestly. Please help a gal out :/ Thanks so much everyone!
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I leave for Benning on the 18th.
Any prior service recently went back through basic? Prior service treated differently or do I blend in the ranks and suck it up?
I was 11b 03-07 so I'm sure a lot has changed.
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Hello everyone, I did 4 years as a grunt in the Marine Corps been out for about a year and I’m wondering how the process would be for me to try out for RASP. Would I end up going through OSUT or would I go straight to airborne and if I do well, attend RASP? I’m in great shape, been rucking running and swimming after prepping for Recon/Marsoc but they’re telling me I’d have to go back to line for a while before attending those courses. Seems like Army is a smarter move for me
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Would it be a bad idea for someone who is really socially awkward to join the Army?
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I need clarification for a friend asking to join. On USCIS website they say that during the period of hostilities (Read: Now) it takes 1 active service day to qualify for expedited citizenship. This DoD page says it has an 180 day requirement now. However, both DoD pages it links to as sources 404. Wtf is going on here, which is it?
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I commissioned as a reserve officer, but I have no orders, no duty station, my portal record says nothing. Ive gotten nowhere with a few people. Im in NC now, no PoC should I contact Bragg Human resources? how do i move forward from here? Thanks in advance
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Take a deep breath -- It's here. Mid-Admissions-Journey Crunch Time!

Happy Fall AdmissionsFam!
As we enter the early fall, the mid-admissions-season stretch here in your admissions journey, I wanted to check in with a few reminders. This is basically a copy of the email I sent my private families yesterday, and since I like to provide the same info for y’all as them, I’m sharing with you because I thought the reminders might be helpful for you as well. First, it’s been awesome getting to know some of you and your amazing stories through your posts here on A2C -- often with some of your innermost thoughts and feelings. I know it can be hard to talk about yourself, but doing so whether it’s here on A2C or in your essays, it’s going to make your applications stronger because the admissions officers can get to know you better.
Warning: these updates and reminders are loooooong… and there’s a lot of information. It’s all stuff I --- and many others -- have discussed before, but it never hurts to have some reminders and checkups.
1. SUBMIT TEST SCORES: If you have test scores you want to submit, be sure to send your test scores from the College Board or ACT site if you haven't already. Check on the schools’ websites to see if you can self-report tests, and if not make sure you submit them (if you are submitting this year). Many schools have deadlines, so you need to make sure you are beating those test submissions deadlines. If you have already applied to schools or will be applying to ED or EA, I'd like you to get those scores sent if they need to be submitted. I suggest making a column on your spreadsheet to indicate whether you need to send scores or you can self-report, and then to check when you’ve submitted. (Yes, I shared my spreadsheets with you -- do NOT start writing on it until you've made a copy and changed your name. You'll blow it for everyone if you do)
2. TEST OPTIONAL OR NOT?: If you have test scores you’d like to consider reporting, then be sure to check the school’s Common Data Set to see where your scores lie in their percentiles. You can “google common data set and college name” or you can find the common data set for every school that uses them as a link on my website, www.collegevizzy.com. If your scores fall in the 50% or above, I suggest you send them. If on the SAT, you have over 700s for both tests (or any subject test), I suggest you send them even if your score isn’t over the 50%. If on the ACT, all your scores are over the 30 mark, I suggest you send them even if your composite isn’t above the 50%. If your score is between 25% and 50%, but is one of the top scores at your school, I suggest you send. I’ll be happy to walk you through this if you like, just make sure to book time to do so. I suggest making a column on your spreadsheet to indicate whether a school is test optional or not, and whether you should send or not based on your research.
3. HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELOR: Check in with your high school counselor and make sure they have everything they need on their end from you. Make an appointment to visit with them if possible.
4. NAVIANCE: If your school uses Naviance, make sure that all the schools you're applying to are on your Naviance list that you are applying to -- not just the "thinking about" list.
5. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Confirm that your letters of recommendation are ready to go. Check-in with your teachers and make sure they've sent them or send them a gentle reminder if they haven't. Send them a “brag sheet” or “cheat sheet” if you haven’t already. If your school doesn’t have a form for you to fill out, I have a sample. Be sure to write a thank you note. Sharing my resources with you here if you need them.
6. SPAM EMAIL FOLDER: If you've already started applying to colleges -- or even if you haven't, get in the habit of checking your spam folders regularly. Students often miss important messages from colleges in those folders. If you’re comfortable with it as your parents to help out with this. Often, colleges will send info about specific dates and deadlines that aren't published on Common APP. Also, while we are on the subject of emails, be sure to open emails and click on links from the colleges on your list.
7. INTERVIEWS: Be sure to check on the websites about interview deadlines. For some schools, if they offer interviews, you will need to apply by a certain deadline. Rice and Duke are examples. And then, be sure to check spam folders. Also, make sure you have your voicemail set up. Often your interviewer will try to leave a message. I have a chapter in my book about interviews that offers some questions for practice. And, I have tons of sample questions that I can put in a folder for you in your file as we enter interview season. TIP: Make sure you write a thank you note that afternoon or evening and mention something specific the interviewer discussed. My interview resources are here.
8. EMAIL YOUR ADMISSIONS OFFICERS: If you haven't yet reached out to the admissions officer for your area from your school, I suggest you do so -- especially if you have questions that aren’t answered on the website. Don't be afraid of introducing yourself and asking any questions you might have. And just remember, in general, the admissions office for the specific college you’re asking about is usually the best place to start.
9. VIRTUAL TOURS and INFO SESSIONS: Go on a college tour and info session hosted by the college for every college you’re applying to. Be sure to sign up with your college email. If you’re applying to honors programs or other specific programs, be sure to go on those tours and to the info sessions too if they are offered. Consider mentioning something specific from the touinfo session in your supplemental essays.
10. REQUEST INFO: If you haven’t yet, request info from every college you’re applying to -- also request info from honors programs and specific majors. Use your college email.
11. SENIOR YEAR COURSE LIST: Make sure your senior year course list has all the courses you need for the colleges you’re applying to. Most highly selective colleges like to see: 4 years of English, 4 years of Science (including Bio, Chem, and Physics), 4 years of History or Social Science, 4 years of Math (with Calculus), and 4 years of Foreign Language. If you don’t have these, check the recommended course lists for the colleges you’re applying to. TIP: If you need a course, you could possibly do a one semester next spring either at your school or at Community College, but you’ll need to be signed up for it to list it.
12. COMMON APP, COALITION APP, and APPLY TEXAS (and other school specific apps): Start filling out the basic information if you haven’t yet. For Apply Texas, you only need to fill it out once for your first school, then when you’ve completed that application, you copy it to start your second school.
13. ACTIVITIES AND RESUMES: Start filling out the Activities spreadsheet to get your activities in order for putting on applications. (copy and save that spreadsheet with your name if you want to use it)
14. COVID 19 ESSAY: Should you write it or not? Read this info to make the decision. Tulane Blog, Georgia Tech Blog, My Summary of “Statement from over 300 College Deans,” Common App Statement
15. WHY MAJOR, WHY COLLEGE, WHY EC SUPPLEMENTS: For schools that have why college or why major essays, be sure you are doing your research (professors — maybe even reach out to one, programs, classes, clubs, read the school newspaper, etc. Be sure to read my Supplement Info in your Supplement Folder)
16. SOME OF MY IN HOUSE DEADLINE GOALS (these may or may not be helpful to you, but just thought I’d share):
TAMU (Business or Honors): Next week before October 1 (you need to make sure you have a transcript available (unofficial is ok) to do the SRAR.
UT Austin, Georgia, UNC, Georgia Tech: before October 15
SCEA/ED/EA/Priority Deadlines in November: before October 20
UC Schools/USC/CSU/Priority Deadlines of Dec 1: Before Thanksgiving (November 19 goal)
RD Schools: Completed and ready to go by December 15. If you don’t need them because you get in ED, then no need to send, but they need to be ready.
17. CHECKLIST: Here's a link to a checklist about what you should have done/be doing this fall!
18. RECOGNIZE YOUR STRESS, and begin to accept that you can only control what’s in your realm of control: your college list, your essays, the way you present your activities, how you spend your time, and your grades for this semester. So, yes, the college admissions journey is stressful, for sure, but it can actually be this period of amazing self-growth and development — like no other if you allow yourself to recognize that some amount of stress is necessary and good for your development, and if we acknowledge that there might be ways to reframe our understanding of college admissions by changing the words and phrases we use. When you take control of your admissions journey and you incorporate some mindfulness into your lives, you can grow in self-confidence and maturity as you dig in and learn more about yourself than you ever have. Figuring out what you want in a college, developing a list, and writing personal essays all require deep reflection and self-investigation. Taking the reins and handling the details and difficulties of the application process demonstrates your abilities and strengths. And, no matter the outcome, no matter where you end up going to college, no matter how painful some of this journey might be, this transformational experience, filled not only with stress but also with excitement and joy — is turning you into a stronger human, ready to take on college — and life.
You -- yes You -- you got this.
xoxox AdmissionsMom
Tl;DR: Shit's getting real now. It's time to get started and get organized, but it's definitely NOT too late. Many many procrastinators (and I see you out there and have a soft spot for you) put stuff off and do just fine in college admissions, but it does add to the stress level. So, take a deep breath or two, start making checklists and spreadsheets and whatever else you need to do to get moving. I've shared some of my resources with you.
NB -- If you're still struggling with the personal essay or just getting started, here's my latest post and step by step guide -- but for real, you have to do all the steps -- the personal essay magic doesn't happen without them.
If you'd like some supplemental essay guidance, here you go.
And, if you'd like a more thorough timeline to help you get off the ground (and juniors, this is good for you too), here's my timeline post.
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