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Ana Bray, Rasputin, Jinju, and nonstop awful discoveries that makes everyone feel awful. Sometimes it's best for things to be forgotten.

This post contains information regarding lore from Bungie.net. At the VERY END of this post there will be MAJOR SPOILERS. They will be marked when it starts, so you are safe to read the vast majority
There is no TL;DR, this is really, really, really long and I even cut out huge chunks of the lore tabs. Yes, really. I highly encourage you read it, not because I wrote it, but because this opens your eyes to Ana Bray and Clovis Bray.
Additional Note exclusive to DestinyLore, this was actually supposed to be way longer. But I decided to cut it short because of how long it was when I finished writing it (fun fact, I write all of these in one go in the reddit text box.) If you feel this is a subject you would like even more information on, please let me know
Decided to post this one early since I have the free time.
Our favorite former Clovis Bray Scientist and her gang decide to go on an adventure, this time looking for the famed Atlas. Atlas was the "journal" of Clovis Bray himself, and is assumed to have every little secret the organization ever had.
With the help of Jinju (her Ghost) and Big Red (Rasputin) they decide to check out a new signal coming out of Mars.
It probably wasn't a good idea.
Legacy Pt.1
This whole thing starts off with Ana walking through a sandstorm (or some kind of storm) following the trace of an energy signature, a significant one.
Upon arrival of the location, they realize there is no one around, no biometric activity. Completely abandoned, and they are surprised by this (and delighted).
They assume the power is being generated through Geothermal means, because of how much it is, and because there is an active Volcano near by.
They get inside, and immediately realize they are at a Clovis Bray site. Clovis-9. Ana is perplexed because she thought she had seen all of the Clovis Bray sites.
They enter a room and notice a vault like door had been blown open. Upon further analysis they realize it had to have happened during the Golden Age, long time ago. The mechanism used had to be very sophisticated to break through the door in the manner that it did. They do another scan, and make the conclusion that whatever did this isn't around anymore.
Their goal at this point is to try and find an access point in which Rasputin can gain access to the facility and the info stored inside, but they can't find one. Eventually Jinju goes and restores power to the building, they enter an elevator and descend deeper into the complex.
When they get down they are greeted with the sight of servers, a lot of them. Ana gets excited because she thinks they actually stumbled upon Atlas. However, the servers were shielded and being powered externally. Jinju makes the remark that it is weird that essential servers would be on auxiliary power.
They enter the "Pillory Mainframe: Paragon", and notice that there had been a gun fight here. But the bullets all went in one direction.
Power is restored, and the door in front of them scans Ana, identifies her based off her Clovis ID, and opens.
Sometimes it's better for things to be forgotten
There's three bodies on the floor. Three exo's. In the middle of the bodies was the Golden Age device used to break into the vault door earlier in the facility. The Exo's were wearing Braytech uniforms, and Ana notices an ID on one of their belts.
They used this ID to enter the elevator and get down here. But Echo Project is not something Ana is familiar with, in fact she had never seen it mentioned in any other Clovis site or Database she had encountered. Now off the bat this whole situation is odd, Exo's in Clovis Uniforms broke into this place during the Golden Age, had a shoot out and died, but their bodies were left here and they had special clearance for this shadow project.
Now at this point this is weird, but then the awful series of events and revelations starts here.
Power turns back on. Instantly a robotic voice asks for their ID. Ana. having no idea what's going on panics and uses the very convincing response of "I don't know!"
Then she says her name "Bray, Anastasia"
They get scanned.
"Anomalous Entity Detected. Rogue Mind Detected"
Now let's freeze frame right here, so we understand why this is weird. There's only one person in the room (Ana), then her Ghost (Jinju), and Rasputin is in her helmet. There's only one "Mind" here, and apparently it's a Rogue one. Hey Ana, some advice, maybe let's not walk blindly into sketchy places. She doesn't take that advice.
Immediately after Robot Voice says it's detected a Rogue Mind, two turrets drop out of the sealing and open fire on Ana.
Ana being a Guardian and very skilled, shits on the turrets with little to no problem.
But the fact she tripped a security alarm is weird. Why? Because she is/was Ana Bray. One of the main figures of the entire organization. It couldn't be her, right? Like I said, there's only one Mind in the room.
Naturally, she decides they need to look for answers. They use the Echo ID to get into the main room and access a console.
Revelation #1: Echo Project has 12 sites, Clovis 1-12, they are currently on 9.
Revelation #2: Echo Project sites are completely removed from Warmind network. They are independent from Rasputin. This is strange because Rasputin is Clovis made, and the best defense AI Humanity has ever seen. Why not integrate?
Revelation #3: The sites are all over the place. Earth, the Moon, Europa, Asteroids in the Tangled Shore, Mars and as far out as Uranus.
One of said stations, an orbital station, has a pending Echo request. There is also indication of a "Redline Protocol" which Ana has also never heard of.
Redline Protocol
In the event of a catastrophic failure, neural degeneration, or loss of containment, herein collectively referred to as a [ROGUE MIND] incident, initiates [WARMIND CEREBRAL PARTITIONING] and [QUARANTINE INTEGRATION] into twelve CLOVIS station(s) within [NEURAL WEB-WAY].
Now in the event of a "Rogue Mind incident", there is the Echo Contingency. The gist is that if they detect a Rogue Mind, Echo severs all connections to not be compromised. Now at this point we don't know what the Echo Project is, but we know that the Redline Protocol happens in the same case. Redline protocol is designed to partition a Warmind's...mind and quarantine it at 12 different locations.
In other words, our friend Big Red is considered a Rogue Mind, and this Redline Protocol was activated, causing his mind to be scattered in 12 different places. We know this because we actually reversed this (unknowingly) when we re-established Rasputin with all (or most) of his fragments. (People consider this a retcon because Charlemagne ended up being just a piece of Rasputin, instead of a separate Warmind. Also they all had individual names, anyway doesn't matter now because they are all Rasputin).
They figure out a way to get Rasputin into the facilities database, so he can look through his own brain, or whatever part of his brain was at the facility. Ana notices all of the connections are one way, and all of them are closed systems. Meaning she would manually have to go to all 12 sites to connect them all.
Hey, wasn't there a site that had an Echo request pending? Well, it just so happens to be falling out of orbit and crashing into Uranus. They've got 42 days to get there and get whatever info they can. The distress signal coming from it was not automated however, it was manual.
Alright, that wasn't the most interesting thing in the world
I know, but it had critical information about the situation at hand. Rasputin was deemed to be Rogue and not functioning properly during the Golden Age (probably during the Collapse). He's still flagged as such.
I get it, but where are all these terrible things you mentioned in the title
Oh boy, buckle down cause shit goes downhill right off the bat on this next part.
Legacy Pt. 2
(The longest lore post in Destiny history as far as I am concerned)
They are on their way to Uranus and talking on Ana's ship. Jinju confirms the Exo's are in fact Golden Age, circa The Collapse.
She also confirms that "Pillory" (has to do with Redline) was made to separate Rasputin in the case he became "insubordinate". Ana says it's "disgusting", but she's also biased.
Probably should have waited for the full explanation before saying that.
“ECHO appears to have been a contingency program that activates afterward. They also had a cornerstone schematic of his brain.”
Ana chews on the information for a moment. “A foundational brain model would help with containment stability after the partitioning process. It’s like a front porch for your brain.”
“It… goes on.” Jinju continues, “Your name is cross-referenced all over this, Ana. Neural Web-way. Psycholinguistics. Exo brain maps with candidate profiles. It looks like Clovis Bray was syncing Rasputin’s basic core with viable hosts.”
Hey remember that "disgusting" thing you just talked about. You were one of the main people who made it.
“Oh.” Ana’s mind races. “For what though? Drop him into containment and clone him? Pretty elaborate restart button. I guess with an Exo you could also make some pretty potent AI with more limiters than a Warmind.”
Then they talk about her friend(?) Camrin, who works in Owl Sector
Ana calling something disgusting and then being involved in it is foreshadowing the fact they are currently talking about someone who is actively investigating the Lunar Pyramid. You don't say? Pyramid?
You wanna guess what happens next?
Jinju perks up, internal sensors suddenly askew. “Something nabbed us right out of our jump. We’re off course by…” Jinju calculates, “…three AU?”
“What!?” Ana manually scans the trajectory equations in the nav-computer. “There’s nothing wrong with the math.”
||JUMP-DRIVE ERROR: MISALIGNMENT|| squawks on bubble speakers.
“Little late.”
Tart synesthetic tickle creeps red and patient. Low and pressing, as not to be heard by those that might be listening.
“Relax. I know we’re off course, but it’s not that far… relatively speaking.” Ana scrunches her face at a nav-screen as it’s overtaken by interference. “Okay, I can’t see where we are. Hang on.”
A slow wrinkle skulks across space. It presses up the fabric. Insignificant points between stars warp and spur small disturbances in the constellational congruence of the galaxy. From afar it is nothing. A flutter of wings in wind.
“It’s dark out here.” Jinju’s voice is distant as she peers outside. Beyond the canopy an expanse without horizon.
“That’s when the stars shine brightest, Jinju. Find a constellation for me so we can get our bearings.” ||GRAVITATIONAL WAVE ANOMALY DETECTED: JUMP-REALIGNMENT REQUIRED||
Knock knock, guess who's here!
“Feel’s strange.” Jinju is distant. “We should go.”
Ana initiates recalibrations on the jump-drive’s positioning solution. “There’s definitely some weird space out there.”
The ship lurches. Ana’s stomach churns. Jinju vibrates violently in place, an outer shell of Light absorbing some form of force.
Red iron needles whistle tea-kettle pressure in white anxiety from Ana’s helmet.
Cloaked Shadows shift through the vacuum an eternity away and all too close; shown only when they wish to, to only whom they want.
Ana swallows to settle her stomach. “What even was that? Did we move?”
“Leave. Now please. Ana.” Jinju presses against the glass of the canopy, peering outward.
“There it is. I’ve got a jump-lock.”
Translation: Bitch RUN
“Again? Then we’re riding this one out of here.” Ana eye-balls adjustments for the gravitational wave into the nav-computer. “Punching jump in 3… 2… 1…”
They slip between folds in space. Formless wake propels them. The ship rides through sub-space at speeds far exceeding her jump-drive's capability. Color dulls in the slipstream. Frisson electrifies Ana's senses into timeless euphoria. The nose of the cockpit stretches ahead, drawn toward some distant vanishing point. She struggles to keep the flight stick straight. Her motions seem small, inconsequential and all too slow within the wave. Fluctuant pockets of drag flex and buck, threatening to throw them off into the unknown. The cockpit twists around her, indicator lights blink in metronomic sequence—purpose and pigment slowly materializing in her mind.
Hull integrity failing. "Not yet."
They make it out of the jump and are in the orbit of Uranus.
Not out of the woods yet
“Those are Warsats.” Jinju breaks the silence, eager to shift her mode of thought far from weird space and gravity waves.
“Finally, some luck," Ana says with relief. "I bet we can daisy-chain Rasputin into the station’s network through the defense system.”
“Oh, they’re powering up. Maybe we—”
Horns of responsive distortion roll across the cabin like a stress wave. Rasputin’s alert pings litter the canopy HUD.
They have to deal with a bunch of Warsats shooting them on site. They shoot "Spikes" at them to allow Rasputin to hack them and use them to help defend. They are successful and are now near Caelus Station, their destination.
Jinju emerges from the gunnery apparatus and floats back to the dashboard. Pho and Deim appear from under her shell. “What was that, Ana? Back there.”
“The Warsats or the freaky gravity?”
“Either… both.”
“Your guess is as good as mine.”
“My guess worries me.”
“Let’s just pull this data and get home.”
Ana hangs her head in her hands and muffles a sardonic, “Nailed it.”
Hey man, I don't know about you, but judging by the way things are going off the bat, maaaaybeee this isn't a great idea to be both this far out and be at this station.
Just a thought.
They got on the station, and it's strange. There are 3 biomes, there are greenhouses. Everything is locked under a file named "Contingency". It seems this place was never inhabited. It exists as a back up. Guess no one made it, right?
Now let's get creepy
The bay is still: a snapshot of countless possible failures in the face of challenge. It holds only one ship. The bulbous craft lay broken, dropped from its support brackets in denial of an attempted launch. Reflective hexagonal plates sparkle like space dust as the station faces Uranus' light. Scorch stains blacken the far wall behind the craft's ruined ion thruster.
"The propulsion system is missing its ion cell. It doesn't look like damage, but obviously a lot went wrong here."
Jinju beams light over the fuselage as they float through the ruptured bay in weightlessness. The reflective hull is filled with Exos. Mannequin cadavers hang frozen on silk threads, surrounded by globular blobs of various fluids. Loose-wire tangle sags around the lifeless many. One or two glides freely within the cabin. Their chest plates share a pristine logo. "Echo-1".
Mannequin Cadavers. Human bodies? Are they referring to the Exo's as Mannequin Cadavers? If one of you can tell me I'd appreciate it.
They find a Frame (think Redjacks, Sweeperbot, etc. Those are Frames), crumpled over, dead. Jinju looks into it and finds out this isn't just some Frame, it's the station manager. So Jinju decides to try and get power to the Frame and reactivate it. Maybe they can get some information.
The Frame sparks to life, looks directly at Ana, and speaks with grating age to its voice.
“Welcome, Ana Bray! Very excited to see a Bray walk this hall again. It has been a long time.”
Ana grasps at words. Jinju shrugs, plugs of Light toss in zero-G.
The Frame stands on magnetized foot cups and dusts itself off, nearly bumping into Jinju. “Excuse me, small servo bot."
“Servo b?"
The Frame turns to Ana. “How may I be of assistance?"
“I’ll unplug you.”
The Frame ignores her.
Ana smirks at Jinju, then looks at the Frame.
"Walk with me," she says, briskly moving deeper into the station.
The two converse with Jinju in tow.
They get to the main section of the station and are greeted by a sign in large red letters
Echo Project: Our Legacy Builds The Horizon
So what's the station for?
Ana stares out the translucent ceiling, wistful as the Frame waits for another question.
“So those crops in the rings are food supplies for a colony mission."
"Yes. Thank you for asking that, Ana Bray."
"Yeah. And the colony ships are full of Exos?"
"Partially. ECHO-1 and ECHO-2 were stocked with Exo unit crews. As you know, their task was to establish and oversee embryonic development at Colony M31, Site-A and Site-B."
"If Rasputin got out of hand, they weren't planning on resetting him.”
"I don’t have access to Clovis 1-12 directories."
“They just assumed he would win. The Pillory is a last-ditch panic room.”
"I don’t have access to Clovis 1-12 directories."
Jinju’s iris flicks back and forth between the two. Her tiny Light-leash hums.
Ana massages her palm. “What was my role in all this?”
“As you know, your work on the Warmind made you a prime asset to oversee applicant selection.”
“I chose the people in there?”
Ana watches the ringlet spin, her mind repeating the statement back to her. Artificial night slips back to artificial day as the station's rotation continues.
“As you know, yes. Additionally, your work on the Warmind, as you know, was vital to the establishment of Clovis 1-12.”
“Do I know where the candidates came from? Did they volunteer?”
“I do not have access to candidate profiles.”
Ana shuts her eyes and takes a steady breath.
Ana is really regretting this decision to come here, and that "disgusting" comment is REALLY coming back to slap her in the face.
“You said I helped with the Pillory stations?”
“How so?”
"I don’t have access to Clovis 1-12 directories."
She nods and lets her helmet slink back to rest on her shoulders. “I think I can piece it together on my own. Is this station linked to any other sites?”
Her gaze returns to the distant ringlet, lit by the recurring planet-rise. Her augmented eyes pick at details.
“As you know, Miss Bray, there are thirteen CLOVIS sites that this station is linked to.”
“Thirteen? What’s the thirteenth?”
Every where it says 12, this Frame said 12, but now there is 13? Well, let's do simple math. 1-12 were satellite sites that were separated from each other so each part of Rasputin was quarantined and cut off from the others. So if 12 of them were parts, there had to be a center for all of it. Cue #13.
The plant life is still vibrant. Regimented
“Paragon access does not permit that information.”
“You hear that, Jinju? We’re all just slaves to circumstance.”
I wonder if that statement will also come back to be a slap to the face? Hmmm.
Jinju chirps. “I’d like to think our choices matter a little. I’d like to think mine did.”
Ana smiles at her. “Yeah.”
“You are a Bray.” The frame pauses.
They lack signs of overgrowth.
Well kept.
“So?” Ana turns to the Frame.
“ECHO project requires a station link with DEAD-ROCK resources.”
Ana eyes go wide. “Jinju disengage that cipher thing.” Over her shoulder, a glint shines from the far central ringlet. Biome 2.
You ever played Battlefield? If you have, you know what a glint in the distance means.
Jinju glides forward. “What is that?”
Ana looks at Jinju. “The verbal cipher.” She pauses and traces Jinju’s eyeline to face Uranus. Ana’s eyes adjust to sieve out the glaring brightness. “What’s what?” She puts a hand to her visor and squints.
An ion lance threads the station from the distant ringlet.
It pierces Ana’s chest clean through.
Oh Ana, let's plan things better in the future. This had bad news written all over it from the moment they walked through the vault door on Clovis-9 back on Mars. This has been an awful experience. And now you just got sniped in the chest.
Surely it can't get any worse...right?
Now, stick with me here, because details matter here.
Echo-1 was on the chest of those dead Exo's on that ship. Pay attention to the headers of the segments. Also pay attention to what I put in bold.
He awakens alone. A fluke. Others hang around Him, but they remain in the dream. Electrical surge prickles through his entire body. A screen in front of his face begins playing a recording complete with visual aid:
"Welcome to ECHO-1. Before your departure, you should have been briefed by a Station Warden If you don't recall your Station Warden, please alert your Crew Captain. Now then, my name is Ana Bray, and you're one of the lucky few who has been selected for the ECHO Project. The future of Humanity rests on your sho—"
The recording is interrupted as emergency sirens blare through the station.
Power failures wrack the station in rolling thunder. The Exo slumps, lifeless until its next reset.
The recording. He finds familiarity in the newness. The face on the screen seems kind
"STATION HAZARDS: ROLLING SURGES IN WARDS 1, 2, 3. Please remain calm."
Thunder. Pain to death. Electro-static purge, triggering a reset.
He awakens to rolling, thunderous darkness and pain. The screen does not illuminate.
Barely audible words form from the air:
"Primary propulsion systems failing. Auxiliary systems near depletion. Planetary impact unavoidable. Distress triggered."
Meaningless. He struggles against chains.
Eons pass. His bonds will not break. His mind fragments and corrupts.
He wishes he could bleed. He wishes he could die. He wonders where the Wardens are.
Short lives of confusion and pain. He grasps at falling in every direction. There is nothing to grip,
Thunder, again.
and again.
Until one day:
He hangs in the futile passage of time.
A creeping madness weaves its way in solitude.
Thunder. Thunder. Thunder.
The Warden speaks for the first time in many storms. Her twisted promises are fresh to His ear.
"When we return." Etched in mind.
Wake and sleep. Struggle. Dream and wake. Struggle. Endless. Innumerable. Stillbirths. Tomb spasms. Thunderous pain. Sweet death.
Thunder, one final time. The storm gives life, but never came to take.
He slips from rot shackles. Worn with age. Weary, they snap at slightest motion. Untold rotations pass without movement. Freedom?
He matures questions. A hunger wells up within him.
He travels the station. From Tomb Bay, to the Mind Shell, to the Sealed Space. In dark, and in light.
The Mind Shell teaches Him the new roads. Teaches Him the majesty of the Rings. Teaches him the key.
He walks the Rings.
He tends to His little freedoms. He cultivates. He grows. He does, unknowingly, as He was meant to do.
The Mind Shell tells Him of the Bridge. Tells him of His ancestors. Speaks of the "ECHO LINK".
The knowledge does not leave His thoughts.
He seeks a meaning beyond routine.
The Tomb Bay kept secrets. He had not returned since He walked the Rings. It is a shallow sepulcher.
Brothers and Sisters dreaming. Never to wake as He had.
He digs treasures from their graves. Digs knowledge from the Prison's many minds.
Picks lies from the bones of truth.
He drinks the memories of Echoes passed.
He finds the Prison's purpose. A Bridge's end. If He holds this end, perhaps the Wardens hold the other.
The many minds. The liar's words. Takers. They would know of his escape.
The Wardens would come to take with fresh shackles.
He prepares. He learns from the Warden's alchemy.
He digs through the carcass of his once-mighty Tomb.
From hollow basin, He seizes Starlight power to wield from afar. From its flesh: adorns Himself with a cloak of lies to fool. He armors his soul against the Thunder that kills.
He opens the Bridge at his end and waits.
Echo-2625 (Present Day)
He walks the ring when She arrives.
The Warden rides in with finality and judgement.
A red-light storm at Her back.
She had followed the Bridge, as He had hoped. She leads many shells, but only One descends with Her.
She brings with Her the Thunder, and He fears its wicked spark. He places trust to his plated frame.
He watches Her trespass in the Tomb Bay. Sees Her defile the Mind Shell's grand hall.
The Wardens reap what had been sown.
As Wardens always do. She comes to collect him.
He raises his Starlight.
But a Warden is not so easily slain, and She has many allies.
A lot to digest here. I know it's a lot, but it is important not to leave anything out. Let's take it from the top. Echo-1 and Echo-2, their task was to establish and oversee embryonic development at Colony M31, Site-A and Site-B. The sites don't mean anything at this moment, their task is important. They were going to rebuild human life, because they expected Rasputin to destroy it all, or let it all be destroyed. That's why the Echo Project was completely independent. That's why it was the Echo Contingency. What to do when we lost, not if.
Ana was one of the main people in charge of the whole thing, and she chose the people here. Now, if they were volunteers the Frame would have probably said. It didn't, and I am pretty sure Ana knew the answer to that before she said it. Sometimes it's better for things to be forgotten.
That being said, she didn't have full access to everything about the project. She had "Paragon" level access, she knew who to choose, where the sites were, but not everything about the project. Basing it off that these people weren't here voluntarily, I'd hazard to say they didn't voluntarily choose to be Exo's. This is Clovis Bray after all.
The Frame can't tell her something and requires Ana to have a verbal cipher to unlock it. Obviously, not being the Ana Bray of the Golden Age, she doesn't know it. But we know that the Echo station requires a link to something classified. Frame could talk about sites 1-12. but not 13. Seems classified to me.
Back in the action Ana comes too, but is losing a lot of blood, and oxygen, and realizes she's been shot.
Rasputin is pissed off at this point and literally deletes everything within ten meters of where the shot came from.
While Ana is receiving aid, she is working with Rasputin to figure out where the shooter is. Rasputin realizes the person has Active Camo.
Echo-2625 (that's a lot of resets), decides he needs to make sure the Warden is dead, and moves for the kill.
A ceiling panel twenty meters from Ana erupts in brittle plastic shards that glisten and spin like tiny neutron stars, catching the last of Uranus' light as the station beings to turn dark. Amorphous form thuds into the floor, shattering tiles in a plume of dust that stretches up into a spire before slowly holding in place. The form tumbles to a stop. It stands between her and the open launch bay and slings a kit-bashed Ion caster aside, depleted. Hexagonal patterns stutter to blend with the station interior as the room rolls into tenebrous obscurity. For an instant, an Exo takes form, and then nothing as its cloaking shroud flashes and re-engages in the dark.
She spins as the Exo crashes through the secondary entrance at her back. The door snaps from its hinges in a torrent of dust and rackets Jinju into glass.
Ana loses track of her attacker momentarily in the darkness before it pushes off from a hard surface, triggering her visor. She spits off rounds from 18 Kelvins. Some find their mark, puncturing the camouflage shroud and revealing her adversary before impotently fizzling on the Exo's outer shell. It covers the gap with surprising speed and catches her gun hand; Ana discharges an arc round; tiny bolts reach across to the Exo’s metal skull in vain as it scorches ceiling.
Bones pop in her fingers and wrist.
The Exo flattens its other hand and stabs toward her stomach.
"Die. Warden."
Adrenal instinct floods Ana's body. She stops it. They lock. Ana’s vision blurs. She gasps for breath. Muscles quiver in her arms, desperate for oxygen. A spark cinders in her.
"Get off her!"
Jinju zips toward the Exo and paddles Pho and Deim onto it with a flick of her shell. The mites crawl under the Exo's exterior plating and send shock-sting bites through its systems, seizing its joints for a few precious seconds.
Jinju rushes to Ana's side. The Ghost deconstructs itself, orbital shell bits swirl around a core of coalescing Light. She fills the room like a brilliant star, overcharging her wayward Guardian.
Ana's crushed bones reforge. Light fills her eyes. Her grip, still holding against the seizing Exo's bladed thrust, liquefies its plated hand to scrap. A glorious crown of Solar flame erupts from her visor and she cracks her forehead into the Exo’s face. It reels, tufts of flame extinguish in the vacuum. Ana kicks away.
Solar might engulfs 18 Kelvins. Ana hammers off two rounds of celestial annihilation. They melt straight through the Exo, puncture the station plating, and scream through space for light years.
The Exo slumps, a molten heap.
It draws breath.
“Resilient.” Ana drops to a knee. Barrel trained on the Exo's head.
She takes a full breath. The Exo’s eyes are unflinchingly locked to her. It refuses to die.
It points to Ana’s badge with its still-blistering hand.
“Bray. Warden.”
She says the only thing the can think to say: “Who were you?”
It hesitates. “Echoes.”
Her head droops. “How many did you live?” She looks to find his number designation, but it is missing.
It looks passed her as Uranus' light once again trickles through the station.** “Echoes… grow… Wardens… keep…”**
“What did I do to them?”
Ana realizes whatever the hell she did was probably so terrible and inhumane that she probably doesn't even want to know. This guy, who lived for eons being tortured, dying over and over again. He hates Rasputin, her Thunder. The Thunder that gives life but does not take. He was a prisoner, and Ana his Warden. He wanted revenge for what she had done, he wanted revenge for his brothers and sisters. Revenge for all the lies.
Ana is absolutely having an awful day. Now it's decision time. What now?
Ana stares at Echo’s husk. The faint glow of the desk's lit console screen grays out her face behind her visor.
She sits dead-still in rotation. She could stare forever, if she only had enough time.
Jinju nudges her shoulder. “I've got the mainframe data.”
Ana is devoid of thought at the mainframe access console. She watches as Uranus comes back into view over and over again. It dominates the station’s viewing port. She maps the movement of the clouds along the surface, but only ever on the surface, and sees how they differ from the previous iteration on their last spin. She wonders if they are different underneath.
Stable major chords strum in Ana’s helmet, getting caught in the cracked visor glass.
She finally speaks, decisive. “Dislodge the other ringlet paddocks. Warsats can tow them back to the Tower. Skim the shadow-networks for anything else they can use. Get some good from this…”
“Ana, the Warsats could haul this whole station as long as we do it soon.”
Caelus rotates away into shadow once again, and the planet’s sheen fades from sight. Ana clicks a spring-loaded slot on the desk. It snaps to, bearing a placard of ownership.
"Clovis Bray"
Ana stands. Steady.
“It’s okay to let some things be forgotten.”
She doesn't want anyone to know who she was, and now she probably doesn't either. She has been trying to find out who she was since she was revived with her ID on her. She thought she had left a positive legacy, played a major part in helping create the single greatest human creation, Rasputin.
Instead, she found out she was no better then anyone else at Clovis Bray. She was no hero. Maybe Rasputin isn't one either, if she was a part of a program made to escape him. Maybe this was all a mistake.
THIS IS NOW THE PORTION THAT CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS, feel free to avoid it if you don't want to be spoiled. This pertains to my post yesterday regarding Rise of Iron and Felwinter's Lie
I just wanted to put this in at the end (of a ridiculously long post) because it was something I noticed last night that blew my mind.
Read this: https://www.ishtar-collective.net/cards/lord-timur?highlight=lord+timur
If you read my post yesterday, that should sound suspiciously familiar.
Now go and read this (only the bottom section, with the Dark Age header): https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/48809
There were comments about how Felwinter's story was a retcon on his character. The first lore tab is from Rise of Iron's release. This story has literally been there since the start. And now that you know everything about who Felwinter really is, it becomes so obvious. I found it incredible that they actually picked up the exact same moment, and added all the depth. The first one is what Timur saw, the second is what Felwinter saw. Two different perspectives on the same story. Timur didn't know he almost died, that's why it's not mentioned in his lore piece. But they line up perfectly.
I don't know about you, but that blew my mind. Really solid work from Bungie.
submitted by BC1096 to DestinyLore

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Tom Clancy's The Division - 100 Intel Credits Uplay Available
Torment: Tides of Numenera Steam Available
Tormentor X Punisher Steam Available
Total War: WARHAMMER - The Grim & the Grave Steam Available
Tower of Guns Steam Available
Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found Steam Available
Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found Steam Available
Toybox Turbos Steam Available
Train Simulator 2017 Steam Available
Train Simulator 2017: Platform Clutter Pack Steam Available
Train Simulator 2017: Town Scenery Pack Steam Available
Tropico 5 - Espionage Steam Available
Tropico 5 - Waterborne Steam Available
Tropico 5 Steam Available
TumbleSeed Steam Available
Tumblestone Steam Available
Two Digits Steam Available
Tyranny - Portrait Pack Steam Available
UFPS: Ultimate FPS Other Available
Ultimate Game Music Collection Other Available
Umbrella Corps™ Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack Steam Available
Umbrella Corps™ Steam Available
Unbox: Newbie's Adventure Steam Available
UnderRail Steam Available
Universal Sound FX Other Available
VVVVVV Steam Available
Verdun Steam Available
Verdun Steam Available
Vertiginous Golf Gift Steam Available
Vertiginous Golf Steam Available
Victor Vran Steam Available
Volgarr the Viking Steam Available
Waddle Home Steam Available
Waking Mars Steam Available
War for the Overworld - Yogscast Worker Skin Steam Available
War for the Overworld Steam Available
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Drachenfels DLC Steam Available
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Item: Razorfang Poison Steam Available
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Steam Available
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Beta Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Beta Available
Warhammer: Vermintide Dwarf Helmet DLC Steam Available
Wasted Pizza Steam Available
Wasted Steam Available
Wasteland Steam Available
Westerado: Double Barreled Steam Available
Westerado: Double Barreled Steam Available
WildStar — Jumpstart Pack Wildstar Available
World of Goo Steam Available
World to the West Steam Available
Wuppo Steam Available
XSplit Premium 3-Month License XSplit Available
XSplit Premium 3-Month License XSplit Available
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Magix Available
Xara Web Designer Premium Magix Available
Zeno Clash 2 Steam Available
Zero Reflex: Black Eye Edition Steam Available
shutshimi Steam Available
uMMORPG Other Available
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