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He is an expert in English language - a field of study He is expert on English grammar - a specific type of matter/subcategory. In this instance Windows 10 isn't like Yosemite or El Capitan on Macs, where if you installed too early a version of Pro Tools, you couldn't uninstall it. A simple yet powerful tool for your privacy. The Windows 10 for all - while this is one of the more basic versions, the vast majority of the Windows 10 features you've likely heard about are included.

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Post Fatalis meta, which 5th piece of armor?

I'm just wondering what 5th piece of armor are people using to fill up the fatalis set? I've seen Kulve Taroth's wrath beta recommended on recent meta compilations. Pretty good, but lacks the +2 deco slots that a GL would need for capacity boost or guard up, so that means wasting a +3 slot on the dragonbarbs alpha or a +4 slot elsewhere or even a weapon augment slot.
I haven't had time to make new loadouts for all the different monster matchups, but I came to a different conclusion from the meta sets for which is the 5th piece of armor. The following armors all have at least a +2 slot and other useful skills on them.
Rimeguard Greaves gamma+:
Peak performance 3, Quick sheath 2
Total slot value: [12 ~ 14]
The higher slot value depends entirely on whether you value quick sheath in your builds. For wide builds running peak performance or maybe slaplance builds, rimeguard I think provides the best value. Only downside is the lack of +1 slots to achieve artillery 5 without wasting slots, but I've augmented lightbreak GL with slot augment for that.
Brachydium Braces alpha+:
Agitator 2, Artillery 3
Total slot value: [11 ~ 13]
Solves the lack of small slots to achieve Artillery 5 while providing 2 +2 slots for capacity up and or crit boost, guard up, etc... It achieves a 13 value because artillery only comes in +1 deco slots or +4 deco slots. I'm using this on my normal sets. If you already want Agitator 7 on your build, this is pretty efficient if you pair it with the charm.
Garuga Greaves beta+:
Crit eye 2
Total slot value: [10 ~ 12]
Higher slot value of 12 because crit eye 2 on +4 decos, though crit eye can be found combined with other useful skills like evade extender. Very useful for the 2 +2 slots. Does not have a small deco slot for the 5th point in artillery, but I've been using it with Lightbreak GL augmented for another small deco slot, prior to getting Rimebreak Greaves.
Tentacle Coil gamma+:
Evade extender 3, Recovery speed 2
Total slot value: [12 ~ 14]
Slot value on tentacle coil gamma entirely depends on if you value recovery speed 2 on your build, I don't. On +4 decos, evade extender can be paired with attack, expert, handicraft, release, physique, evasion. With silver solbraces I prefer to pair 3 jumping/evasion decos to achieve evade window 5. On tentacle coil gamma, that would change to 3 slinger capacity/evade decos. Both are rather interchangeable since long builds have plenty of space to work with. But tentacle coil is still the superior choice. To achieve artillery 5, augment your Long GL with slot augment.
Silver Solbraces Beta+:
Slinger capacity 3
Total slot value: [9 ~ 11 slot value]
Alternative to Tentacle Coil gamma. The biggest benefit is that you can save up to 3 +4 slot for skills other than handicraft, constitution or evade window. However this benefit is moot if you also have tentacle coil gamma, since those 3 slots go towards evade extendesomething else decorations.
submitted by Safeguard_Sanakan to Gunlance

For all 10 of you who have a 3080, how have you squeezed out performance? Here's my experience with a 3080 FE

Hey everyone, as 3080s (VERY) slowly roll out to consumers, I wanted to see what everyone's experiences were squeezing performance out of their new GPUs. Did you go for a straight up overclock? Undervolt? What is your setup? Not a lot of non-reviewer related content related to this out in the wild yet, so it would be super cool to hear everyone's thoughts/experiences with this.
I'll be walking through my personal experience of tuning my system the 3080. I will be going through ALL the steps I did, from CPU to Power Settings, to finally GPU tuning. A lot of you won't be interested in the pre-GPU steps, as it's quite specific towards Ryzen 3000 series cards, so you probably should just skip to the GPU tuning/benchmarking portion. My goal in mind was to squeeze out as much of a clock/memory speed as possible without hitting the thermal throttle limits. The guides I have seen are mostly about undervolting for the sake of efficiency (and also not hitting the throttling limits) or overclocking (usually reviewers who were able to hit overclock speeds that I have thus far not been able to reproduce on my system -- not sure if this is due to reviewers having different/better boards than the general public?), but I just want the highest clock numbers without throttling; suck all the power you can use, even if its for a 1% performance increase, 3080!
Here's my system: https://i.imgur.com/J4F21KJ.png
*Edit: Just realized that is showing a HUGE VCore voltage. Screenshot was taken apparently right as it was boosting (Ryzen spikes to some pretty high voltages during boosts, but very briefly)... DO NOT set your VCore to that unless you're feeling some Ryzen Toast... The max VCore is very dependent on your physical CPU. Let me know if you want me to add details on how to determine your FIT voltage (in my case, VCore voltages are set to default in BIOS, though I did determine the max voltage if I ever wanted to set it at a constant value is 1.269V for my given 3700x)
Additionally, I run an AIO and a Corsair RM850x. Using 4 x 8GB 3600MHz c14 memory (G.Skill Trident Z Neo)
First thing, running a straight baseline right after plugging my card in, was to run a baseline:
  1. Uninstall old GPU drivers with DDU for a clean slate. This was probably particularly important in my case coming from an AMD GPU (5700 XT Sapphire Nitro) https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  2. Install latest NVIDIA Game ready drivers
  3. Run a quick 3DMark Time Spy benchmark to use as my baseline
Honestly, after this initial baseline I was... whelmed. Especially after all the review specs I was expecting, it was not at all as I expected. I was hitting the advertised boost speeds, but nothing more. After a quick search, one of the most popular responses to the posts around "My 3080 is underperforming" was a CPU bottleneck. This might have been especially true for me, using a 1440p monitor (164Hz refresh). As I have just dropped 699USD+tax on a new GPU, I was not about to get a new CPU, so my first order of business in terms of working on my 3080 performance was tuning my CPU to make sure that aspect of any bottlenecking was minimized. As seen in my screenshot above, I have a Ryzen 3700x.
Pre-GPU Tuning - CPU
Pre-tune, I was sitting at the XMP settings for my RAM, stock CPU voltages, and (responsibly) taking advantage of the PBO "bug" of EDC=1 -- post referenced can be found here https://www.overclock.net/threads/edc-1-pbo-turbo-boost.1741052/ . I was MOSTLY happy with my setup, but one thing I never really put any effort on was pushing the FCLK on my 3700x, particularly to 1900Mhz -- most of the material I read said that 1800 FCLK was the sweet spot, which matched up perfectly with my 3600MHz XMP settings on my RAM. And indeed, after a couple tries a few months ago, I was never able to get the system stable and gave up. Decided to give it more of a serious effort, and to my surprise, I was able to get it stable (this is with a ClockTuner for Ryzen rating of "Bronze" for my given CPU):
  1. Reset back to default BIOS
  2. Set FCLK to 1900, everything else default
  3. Stress test these settings, to see if this FCLK is even possible (a key step I never did the first time around)
  4. Success! It actually didn't crash immediately (well, at least it survived 10 min of an AIDA64 stress test). Let's see if I can get the 1:1 FCLK:UCLK now. I've never gotten this stable above a 3633 UCLK.
  5. Try the Ryzen DRAM Calculator for the 100th time. Up to this point, using the settings straight copy and pasted from there have never worked. https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ryzen-dram-calculato
  6. Pull my RAM XMP data via Thaiphoon Burner (validate all my RAM is the same exact spec/manufacturer, view the report, set timing to nanoseconds, and export complete report) and imported it into the calculator. Plugged in the SAFE values from the first tab that were generated straight into my BIOS
  7. Stress test via AIDA64. Failure after 10 seconds. "Ugh, same shit, I don't know what I expected." But for some reason, I decided to try different combinations of the stress tests, only to find out they all actually ran fine (again, quick tests @ 10 minutes until I'm ready to finalize), EXCEPT for the "Stress Cache". Using this as a new clue, search results told me that this was likely due to insufficient voltages somewhere in my BIOS settings.
  8. Re-checking the ryzen calculator results, I decided to use the MAX values for all power settings rather than the RECOMMENDED. While doing this, I had never realized that the next couple tabs had FURTHER settings. One tab in particular had recommended power settings! How have I missed this... I plugged in all the MAX values, and any other values from the next couple tabs
  9. Another stress test now shows that it actually survives 10 seconds of the AIDA64 stress test before a crash, which is way better than the immediate crash from earlier. Progress! But now I have no idea what else to change. My voltages have either been pulled from recommended values from DRAM calculator, or set to recommended daily maximums, so now I have no idea what else to look into
  10. The next couple links are what helped me tie all the remaining loose ends and finally get it up and running: https://www.reddit.com/overclocking/comments/ahs5a2/demystifying_memory_overclocking_on_ryzen_oc/ reading through this gave me an idea of what the CAD_BUS settings actually were, and rather than plugging in settings from DRAM Calculator, I was able to make educated guesses more relevant to my current set up (particularly the termination impedences), which were further validated with a review of my exact RAM kit and their experience overclocking it https://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/gskill_3600_tridentz_neo_16gb/2.htm . Based on this new info, I turned off RTT_NOM, RTT_PARK (my mind set being that I am already pushing my CPU/Memory quite hard -- maybe the additional resistance is interfering with the signal travel from memory to CPU, but an important note, I am no expert at this).
  11. Reboot, AIDA64 stress test. "Stress Cache" actually makes it to 10 minutes! So onto a full stress test. An hour later, still good, CPU temperatures not exceeding 72 Celcius. Looks good! At this point, I was really impatient and wanted to get to the GPU, so I called it "good enough" -- I'll run a full length stress test over night. Re-applied my PBO "bug" settings, another stress test (this time for 30 minutes, impatience really kicking in hard), saw it was still running with similar temperatures as the last run, considered it good
My Ryzen Master specs after tuning: https://i.imgur.com/33tRKq6.png
Pre-GPU Tuning - Power Settings
The goal here was to find the best power setting for the most balance of multi-thread/single-thread performance. For reference, the list of options I tested against were:
  1. AMD Balanced (included with chipset driver install)
  2. AMD Performance (included with chipset driver install)
  3. 1usmus Universal https://www.techpowerup.com/review/1usmus-custom-power-plan-for-ryzen-3000-zen-2-processors/
  4. 1usmus Ryzen (see link above)
  5. Ultimate https://www.howtogeek.com/368781/how-to-enable-ultimate-performance-power-plan-in-windows-10/
Won't go as in depth here, as this is pretty easy to play around with yourself. I determined my choice by applying the power plan, and running a pass of Cinebench, and then the CPU benchmark via CPU-Z. I ended up choosing the 1usmus Universal power plan.
GPU Tuning
With CPU/power plan optimized to the best of my abilities (I need to mention again I am no expert at overclocking/performance tuning), it was finally time to revisit the GPU. A re-baseline with 3DMark/Time Spy showed much better results with my prior optimizations
  • Boost clock max hitting mid 1900s (Mhz)
  • Clock lows hitting closer to the advertised boost clock (1700s [Mhz]) -- this must be the throttling I've read so much about
For tuning, I pretty much just used the latest beta of MSI Afterburner, and a run of Time Spy and/or Port Royal after each change. Additionally, I used GPU-Z for a more granular live monitor of several GPU metrics. My re-iterate, my goals were:
  • Best average/max clocks for GPU/memory
  • Prevent throttling
  • No consideration for efficiency. If it wants to suck power, I will let it, as long as there is no throttling (which in a way is actually considering efficiency due to the nature of these 3080s... maybe this point contradicts itself)
  • Stability as a DAILY DRIVER. No crashes or weird bugs during the work day, but also be good for gaming afterwards. A professional on the streets, but high FPS in the sheets. So tuning was done with all usual background applications running, as well as all external monitors (2 @ 1080/144Mhz, 1 @ 1440/164Mhz, 1 @ 800x480 (this is my in case system monitor display) )
To note, it's great that the maximum allowed power draw for the Founders Edition is capped at 370w. From my understanding (but please! correct me if I am wrong), the actual PCI-E slot provides UP TO 75w, and each of the 8-pin connectors (via 12-pin adapter OOB) can provide 150w. 370w board limit compared to what seems to be a 375w physical limit (at least without setting my apartment on fire), so no need to look for ways to attempt to modify that on-board max (and I don't even think there is currently a way yet).
For my MSI Afterburner settings, I set the power limit to the max (115%, which is 115% of 320w as per the OOB board limit, equalling the expected ~370w limit set via vBIOS). I also set a custom fan curve in the MSI Afterburner settings. This, of course largely depends on your noise preference. I don't mind the fan running, even at the lower end of the temperature curve. And a cool thing (or maybe its just a bug I'm experiencing) is that the fan curve doesn't actually stick -- it reverts back to the default fan curve the second I close MSI Afterburner. So during the work day, the fan sits at 0rpm mode, and when I plan to play some games, I just start up Afterburner to start up the fans. I did enable the voltage modification settings, but I'm not sure if this is required, as I was going to leave the voltage setting via the main UI at +0, and instead manually create a voltage/frequency curve via the curve editor. For me, I left the core clock setting via the UI as-is (I saw some walkthroughs that lower this to ~-300Mhz, so you can try that if you want). For the curve editor:
  1. Determine your maximum desired voltage and frequency, where any throttling is prevented and there is enough voltage to sustain your target frequency. A good way to validate your settings is to keep an eye on the sensors tab in GPU-Z during a benchmark-- a good max voltage/frequency should ideally show a totally clear PerfCap Reason line through the WHOLE benchmark
  2. After determining my maxes, I opened the curve editor. I pulled the LAST voltage point (right-most) to my target MAX frequency, which in my case is 1980MHz. Then I clicked the apply settings button in the main UI. This should move your whole curve UP. Now, move your TARGET voltage point, which in my case was 900mV, to the MAX frequency. Click apply again, and your curve should appear to ramp up, and then maintain a straight line starting at your max voltage, and should stay straight at the target frequency for every other point after. This is a little different from what I've seen from most walkthroughs of just moving your target voltage straight up to the target frequency from the start -- most of the time, this did not result in a straight line for me, and some points particularly towards the higher end of the voltage curve deviated upwards a little bit, which I did not want, just in case.
  3. After you are happy with your curve, increase your memory overclock value in the main UI. The increase should still show a clear PerfCaf Reason line after your benchmarks.
  4. My resulting voltage/frequency curve and (quite aggressive) fan curve can be found here: https://i.imgur.com/Mc9bUV0.png
Additionally, here is some of the settings set via Afterburner and validated via GPU-Z: https://i.imgur.com/sYIRnac.png
Post-GPU Tuning Benchmarks
After I was happy with my settings, it was time to run my 3080 through a round of benchmarks to determine stability and determine if there is still any throttling.
Time Spy
No power throttling here: https://i.imgur.com/jGLT5ob.png
  • Max GPU clock: 1995.0 MHz
  • Average Memory clock: 876.3 MHz - not sure why I suddenly switched to average here
  • Max Temperature: 65.0C
  • Max board power draw: 363.0 W
  • Max GPU Voltage: 0.900mV
Time Spy Extreme
To my dismay, this did trigger a PerfCap entry, all of them for PWR. As you can see from the GPU Clock row, there is some throttling going on (the curves are not a straight line during the max loads, as with the previous two benchmarks). This can be further validated by the Board Power Draw row, which indeed shows a reading above the 370W max: https://i.imgur.com/1ceDslF.png
  • Max GPU clock: 1995.0 MHz
  • Average Memory clock: 615.5 MHz
  • Max Temperature: 66.0C
  • Max board power draw: 379.9 W
  • Max GPU Voltage: 0.900V
Edit: Re-ran with the modified/lowered max GPU clock as a result of my Metro Exodus tweaking. A LOT less instances of exceeding the power limit -- we can probably assume full stability and no throttling across the board with a max 1950MHz at the current max voltage of 900mV https://i.imgur.com/K1s4N7o.png
Port Royal
  • Max GPU clock: 1995.0 MHz
  • Average Memory clock: 870.1 MHz - not sure why I suddenly switched to average here
  • Max Temperature: 63.0C
  • Max board power draw: 338.9 W
  • Max GPU Voltage: 0.900V
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Finally, some actual games. This was one I really wanted to benchmark, as it is a game I played on both an older (RIP) 1080 and my previous 5700 XT. In both instances, the game was unplayable with any MSAA enabled. Here are the settings I used:
Results @ 4x MSAA: https://i.imgur.com/xGsWNvx.png
  • Max GPU clock: 1995.0 MHz
  • Average Memory clock: 1034.8.5 MHz
  • Max Temperature: 61.0C
  • Max board power draw: 299.3 W
  • Max GPU Voltage: 0.900V
Results @ 2x MSAA: https://i.imgur.com/0TF3tdi.png
  • Max GPU clock: 1995.0 MHz
  • Average Memory clock: 1240.2 MHz
  • Max Temperature: 63.0C
  • Max board power draw: 309.3 W
  • Max GPU Voltage: 0.900V
Metro Exodus
Like Time Spy Extreme, this was the game that required me to go back and tweak my Afterburner settings specifically for it -- this is why it's important to run across multiple different benchmarks, and also actual games! Initially, I experienced consistent crashing especially when entering scenes that were RTX heavy, so I had to tone down my frequency/voltage curve and cut down the memory overclock a tad.
Benchmark result (you can run the benchmark from your install directory. If via Steam, it gives you an annoying warning message every time you start it up). Additionally, as I write this up, I just realized I ran this on 1080... Whoops. Will need to go back and re-run this at 1440p... And I won't be shocked if this results in further curve tweaking :)
Results: https://i.imgur.com/pC9Gh0t.png
GPU-Z sensor metrics: https://i.imgur.com/PRhObhc.png
  • Max GPU clock: 1995.0 MHz
  • Average Memory clock: 919.7 MHz
  • Max Temperature: 60.0C
  • Max board power draw: 319.0 W
  • Max GPU Voltage: ??? - looks like I was tired at this point. Not only did I run at the incorrect resolution, but I also did not capture the max GPU Voltage!
Edit: Re-ran at 1440p and crashed, so I went back and slightly lowered the max clock speed to 1965 MHz. It ran fine after the change, but notice the voltage reading in GPU-Z is higher than the limit I had set in Afterburner. This is the only instance across all benchmarks where I've seen that? https://i.imgur.com/3htp7cx.png
It definitely is a game of balancing maximal performance and power management. I'll be sure to update any changes/findings I have, but please, if you have any input on anything I may have done wrong/inefficiently/can be improved, let me know!
As a bonus, here's my "unrealistic" scenario, where god forbid I don't have all 4 external monitors on and all my background applications closed.
1 monitor @ 1440p/164Hz, no non-essential background tasks on Port Royal -- Able to push the max frequency to 2055 MHz at the same voltage with no throttling/sufficient power: https://i.imgur.com/DO9ZJpw.png
And finally, my PC (yet another Lian Li OC11): https://i.imgur.com/bvBDvjN.jpg
And a bonus pic of my
temporary upgraded cooling solution to see how far we can push the 3080 with air cooling https://i.imgur.com/OEYSWpK.jpg
submitted by ThickSwoles to nvidia

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