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The importance of speed will include the content that is free and challenges as ever present methods to help you earn rewards in. Need for Speed: Carbon Collector's Edition v1.3 All Need for Speed: Carbon v1.3 FRA Need for Speed: Carbon v1.3 JAP Need for Speed: Carbon v1.2 SPA Need for Speed: Carbon Collector's Edition v1.4 All Add new comment; Add new comment. Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Need for Speed Carbon. The game crashes to the desktop and the message "NFS carbon stopped working" appears. Need for Speed: Carbon Savegame Download 100% https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=1081.

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The AE86 was also sold in Japan as the Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex, albeit with slightly different specifications. Popular racing video game published by EA. Asphalt 8: Airborne for Windows 8. A fun and exhilarating, multiplayer car racing game.

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Download Link: [HOST] save game need for speed most wanted, save game need for spe. Need for Speed Carbon delivers the next generation of customization giving you the power to design and tweak your crew's cars in every way using the ground-breaking new Autosculpt technology. Author: poptart hunter. To install: Copy to C: \Users\User\Documents\Need for Speed(TM) Payback\SaveGame. Since the game has a "my cars" garage, that doesn't involve using career money, normally this isn't an issue unless you want the reward for 1 million cash in your career.

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Forza Motorsport 7 – Photo Mode, Cockpit View, Settings & More (Detailed Feedback)

Hello, my name is Jake and today I have another feedback post for Turn 10 to hopefully see. This includes several issues and things around the game, instead of focusing on one subject, like the atmosphere and lighting from my previous post.
Photo Mode Improvements
As someone who takes a lot of photos in Forza, I believe the photo mode is behind other games. The photo mode in Forza has been largely unchanged since Forza... 4?
My first issue with Forza Motorsport 7's photo mode is the strange depth of field. If you want a highly blurred background, you have little luck. If you turn up the aperture over 20, blur will appear all over the car.
This is what the aperture setting looks like with 100 and 50: https://imgur.com/a/nSzRZy1
The blur is all over the car as well as the background.
If you want a blurred background with no blur on the car, it's not possible. Even with the aperture setting down to 10, blur renders on the back of the car, even though it's very lightly: https://imgur.com/a/jYDjsn1
This issue has existed since FM4, maybe earlier.
The fix for this is to add a focus distance setting. DRIVECLUB does this very well: https://imgur.com/a/5u5Iavo
The objects in front of the green line won't be blurred, and the ones in the back will. It works very well. Here's the photo I took from that exact spot: https://imgur.com/a/4zyk46W
A focus distance settings just like this can fix another issue: not being able to focus on multiple cars at once.
If you want to have a racing photo with two cars in focus, it isn't possible. It's even worse if you want background blur. Even with some nicer photos in FH4, it just isn't possible for double focus: https://imgur.com/a/pOvgAdS
A focus distance setting could fix this. Although, shutter speed on the other cars would have to be fixed as well, not just background blur.
My last issue is the height of the photo mode. It doesn't go up much and there is very little room to shoot on track. Allowing more height (and maybe width past barriers slightly?) would allow for more creative shots as field of view settings would have more purpose and more types of shots could exist, such as trackside and helicopter view.
Cockpit View & sense of speed
If Turn 10 wants to improve Motorsport in Forza like the name says, the cockpit view needs improvement.
First off, the steering wheel animation with the driver's arms do not go past 90 degrees. This has been the exact same since Forza Motorsport 3 from 2009.
Many other games do this properly. Let's compare to GT Sport.
FM7: https://media.giphy.com/media/2UCvNFKqTWHUcUSb85/giphy.gif
GTS: https://media.giphy.com/media/2wgW2nRR7pl6lPtVRG/giphy.gif
GTS's driver turns the wheel much more, looking more like a real turn.
But wait, there's more!
If you truly want to beat the other games at Motorsport, and appeal to wheel users and sim racers, you need to implement more camera adjustment akin to Assetto Corsa or Project CARS 2:
The FoV adjustment sliders from Horizon 4 would be fantastic in Motorsport and probably even more useful. But if you truly want to attract the more hardcore players and setups to Forza the sliders will have to be much bigger and open than they are in Horizon 4, as it's very limiting compared to other games. There are many, many types of setups and not all setups can fit to the small FoV slider.
And a question I have about the current cockpit view position: why is the view in Motorsport lower than Horizon?
I'd expect this to be the other around for most games like this, but I think whether or not we get an adjustable cockpit view I think these two views from both games are good defaults. (adding the second view shouldn't discourage you from making it fully adjustable, though)
The last thing I have to say about the cockpit view for now is the "simulation" camera feature. I know you guys were going for a more intense action-type camera with this... but the way it's executed just makes a lot of people nauseous. It's way too shaky, and other games like DRIVECLUB, Project CARS 2, and Need for Speed SHIFT do this camera style right.
FM7's "Simulation" View: https://media.giphy.com/media/idSIBZbWEIj6eow6a0/giphy.gif
DRIVECLUB: https://media.giphy.com/media/8rEV7aunw1U7LFx4ME/giphy.gif
Project CARS 2: https://media.giphy.com/media/7F1HOLlG4MF5SQhav6/giphy.gif
NFS Shift: https://media.giphy.com/media/3EiNuLQKrQ3afVDmvY/giphy.gif
(I was tapping the throttle constantly in Project CARS 2, so that's why the camera might look it's moving too often)
My personal favorite camera is Project CARS 2. Configurable depth of field, angle, and much more: https://imgur.com/a/3twegS8
Being able to see the helmet like in Project CARS 2 would be a really nice addition in Forza's cockpit view in my opinion.
I think the sense of speed in Forza is something that could use improvement, and I liked that you guys thought about it, but the execution didn't really work out that well in my opinion.
Time of Day settings
One of my biggest pet peeves with FM7 is that when the track condition is set to "Night" or "Day" we cannot change the time of day or weather. I know this is likely because of the reason that the weather system is not dynamic, and only has a few preset conditions when not in rain. Let me give an example:
I race on Laguna Seca a lot, and I've noticed three conditions that show up when loading: Midday, Overcast, and Sunset.
I feel like on half of the races, I get overcast weather which doesn't help with the already grey, bleak tone of the game.
I don't understand why the weather conditions are forced to be random in my own free play session. For day, let us pick from the 2-3 or whatever amount of presets there are for each track, and for night let us pick between early night and late night.
AI options in Online and Free Play
One feature that I'm sure many want back is AI in online, and I'm sure the team has heard about this. I want something else, that goes a bit further. FM4 had AI online, but it let you pick a certain car for each individual AI. Something even as small as this gives more freedom to the playerbase to create their own game modes. Now that we can save setups, this would give us even more reason to use it. (I'll get to more of that later)
My dream though is for selectable AI to come in free play, and let the AI use custom cars from our garage. I remember when I was younger, I would make my own "boss/rival" type cars in NFS Carbon, and I tried to recreate the closest thing I could on FM4 with the selectable AI. With our own cars, it would give way more creative options in the game. You could make setups to recreate races from movies and games with their exact cars, make everyone drive maxed out Reliants, or really anything you wanted.
Per-vehicle settings
One huge QOL change would be being able to have a "real" option for clutch and traction control. If set to this, the car would have the setting that it does in real life. As the manual option is baked in with the clutch right now, I think a good idea would be to separate the clutch from the manual option, for controller users as I'm not a fan of using clutch on controller myself, and I'm sure some would agree.
Many other games have an "Automatic Clutch" option. You could have three settings: Off, On and Real. This would give the most customization.
Trees & PC settings
Slightly following up from my previous feedback post as this has to do with graphics, the trees in Forza 7 are far behind. This was noticed and brought up by Fabriziooo soon after the game was released: https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst104371_-UPDATED--What-s-happened-to-graphics.aspx
I understand having to downgrade track detail due to due to better weather effects, etc. Here's what I'm wondering: if PC is a first class citizen, why can't we get higher graphics settings to get trees and textures more like FM5 and 6? My PC could probably run it as FM6 which looks better ran well, and many other games. My PC isn't near the best rig either. I'd really like if the game could take more advantage of PC power with some higher graphics, like Extreme.
And those are some more of the biggest problems and suggestions for Forza Motorsport 7. I'll probably be making more of these trying to detail other subjects like car sounds, dynamic weather, and other motorsports than circuit racing.
If you read all the way down to this, thank you. I'd love to see your suggestions and what you think of this post. And if anyone from Turn 10 is reading this, thank you very much, and thank you guys for the great response to my last post on Twitter. dacopilot
submitted by jwhite40 to forza

[Review] [Long] A devastating, but fair indepth review article of the Crew 2

The perspective
I believe that a review's important part isn't only about the game, but making it clear who writes the review, where his thoughts come from. After I stopped pirating games more than a decade ago (25 right now), the single genre I did not buy myself into was racing for a very, very long time, and what broke the ice was The Crew. The games I wanted a good successor for were NFS: Underground series, Most Wanted - the first one - and Carbon that I wholehearedly loved back then and still hold onto fond memories of them. And I was very happy to feel that sense of just... sheer overwhelming happiness with The Crew 1 that made me feel like a kid again, looking at something truly new and revolutionary in gaming.
When The Crew 2 was announced, I did not like it for a series of reasons I later learned to change my views on. Where I wanted the Crew's sequel to go is to deepen and horizontally expand the content of the first game's concept: street racing. I was worried that with resources going to create gameplay and models for planes and boats, we may lose body customization of cars for example. I was worried that taking the narrative to legal waters - figuratevely and literally - will get us a GRID-like experience and we'll lose the sense of illegal racing with trafic and some minimal destruction on the streets.
Buying the game for a reason
Having played an alpha, then a closed beta, then the open, I was full of confidence that my concerns were all answered in a very positive way, and everything is there that I was worried would be missing. However these test periods had a content lock on them, which is a common thing to see as understandibly no developer wants to spoil the entire game or allow people to play through it for free, it's business afterall and they have to sell it, which is completely fair.
However, not even in my wildest nightmares I could have imagined how much will be missing that I was not worried to lose because I took them guaranteed after the Crew 1. It wasn't only a realization that the Crew 2 doesn't have these features (that I'll go into detail below) but I had to realize that I myself miss them even if I wasn't particularly a fan of these features in the first game, losing these made me understand how vital these features were to the very core design of the game.
But what am I talking about? Radar stations. Collectible secret car parts. The hundreds of skill challenges that you could find between almost every two crossroads. The mini achievements system broken down to dozens of categories for a little reward that previously I couldn't care less about license plates or the 0.3% bonus of income increase.
I hold a grudge against Ubisoft's open world games for years now because I'm burnt out of MMOlike grinding in a game that is supposed to be a singleplayer experience and quality instead of repeating 5 type of sidemissions over and over (looking at you, Wildlands!) however if there is one genre where this isn't a problem, on the contrary it is expected, wanted and most welcome even by me, that is racing. The Crew 2 and especially it's new motorsport types did sound like heaven the first game tried to make, and to be shared with strangers and friends alike.
Reinstalling the Crew 1 instead after 10 hours for a list of reasons
Which why how much it hurts to say, it is why it feels like such a shocking dream shattering feeling when it sinks in just how many hundreds of steps the Crew 2 took backwards after the Crew 1.
Those things I'm not supposed to like according to my taste of games - finding dozens of radar stations, doing hundreds of repeating challeges and mini achievements, looking for parts of a secret car that I have zero interest in completing were the very meat and foundation of the open world. The vital organs which without the body cannot function. This is how it could happen that I can drive from Miami to Los Angeles across a 100+ kilometers (100 is in flight) and not come across a single thing to do. Speed traps, stay on the road challenges, slalom, something I had the choice to do or ignore on the way gave a gameplay reason to explore. Radar stations gave me a gameplay reason to explore as finding them was essential to revealing parts of the map. I'm not american, so the little sightseeing points that were even considered a good source of income for a while, a reward for exploration that wasn't only measured in dollars but in interesting facts of places I cannot visit in real life, these were unexpectedly important to me even if I did not know about this before having to face the absence of them.
All of this combined and almost entirely missing from the game - what feels like 10% of the Crew 1 - results in the most plain simple dead open world I ever had the misfortune to experience. I look at massive chunks of the map, entire states of the US and all it has to offer is a single plane trick challenge. At this point all the passion, the details, the work that went into creating all the rest of the state is completely wasted as the player has absolutely no reason to ever set foot in there, and worse, when I go there to find and make my own fun, I find nothing to do for the same reason others have no reason to come here. As said, I drive across the continent to make my own fun, I feel my time investment is a waste because I get no positive feedback from the game that it matters in any way. This feeling of wasted effort is how an open world discourages the player to ever bother to explore it and even if the player forces himself or herself to do it anyway, the game will only strengthen the thought that it is not worth the effort to even try.
Which leads the player to do what is listed to do. Putting the open world aside as a disappointment that it is, there is a well organized list of races to choose from and teleport to. Now, I'm a street racer and I make no secret of that which is partially why I felt it is important for you, the Reader to know what kind of expectations I had from the game. I'm on Icon rank 1 at moment, having unlocked all content there is, and after doing what feels like an introduction, a tutorial number of races in other street racing games, I had to face that I already completed almost all the street races the Crew 2 has to offer. 17, seventeen to be exact.
I think after previous entry in the franchise that after my 60 hours invested into it still has an overwhelming, staggering amount of content for me to try for the first time, a sequel is supposed to improve upon that, but you'll run out of firsts in the Crew 2 under 20-30 hours if not much, much sooner if you just power-grind yourself through the new content as it unlocks. I'm past having to accept this what we got, but I just cannot grasp how could anyone in their right mind thought this is a complete game, no, just a complete foundation for the game they'll make out of it with postlaunch updates. I simply cannot see how bi-monthly or even monthly updates would help if I'm not around to play after a few days. For God's sake there were people who earned a platinum trophy on PlayStation 4 with the Gold Edition 3 days early access, a day before the game launched for everyone else.
Under the hood
I did not expect the Crew 2 to be pretty, let's just throw this thought out there. I went fully ready for compromises in exchange for the massive open world the Crew 1 also offered to us nearly 5 years ago which had to make similar sacrifices. However I couldn't be possibly preparted to have it be worse than the aging Crew 1.
The most serious offender here - and my mistake of wanting to save exploring outside cities for the full release instead of giving it a shot in one of the testing periods - is the detail rendering distance. It is so abnormally, safe to say offendingly low with no slider for the player to adjust, that it is hurting gameplay. What I mean by this that high speed traveling became a lottery of crashing into other vehicles that load in late, or objects on the road that load in late. Latter being a huge variety of railing, templorarly roadblocks (mind if I add, exact same spot on the same street as in the Crew 1), boujs between lanes or floating ones on open water that you are easily supposed to see from much, much further away not only because it greatly effects your driving plans, but because they are already in plain sight when the models did not load in yet. A bridge with a wide angle turn in it builds up it's siderails right front of my eyes, and this is much much worse once you get out to open fields of agriculture, where there are no trees to hide the unacceptibly awful looking trees behind them and everything is there for all to see: the flickering, randomly appearing and disappearing 2D sprites that make up the cornfield spanning from the road you are on to even a hundred meters away, while the very edge of it that is right next to the road you are on barely loads in, while the trees you'll see alongside the road from far away will re-render themselves nonstop until you are in crashing distance to them, resulting in a constantly form changing amoebae on a stick that you know is supposed to be a tree but you cannot recognize it.
There was a time when I was driving on a bridge of New York, and a photo challenge which by no means comes even close to replace all the lost content and reason of exploration, popped up. It wanted me to take a photo of the Statue of Libery herself, which caught me by suprise because to the best of my knowledge she is in a fairly far part of the city from where I am. Searching the horizon in photo mode I found her, but amusingly she was far enough for the photo mode to not recognize her even with maximum zoom and the statue itself taking half the screen. Which is you know, a minor thing I would have ignored, moved closer to take a photo and not make a big fuss about it, but when I as the player, to the best of my knowledge not being an AI, could not recognize the Statue of Liberty. The more and more I zoomed in, the more and more she become like a pillar of Stonehenge, a photo I proudly took and uploaded to prove a point. A single, unrecognizeable deformed ball of stone covered in stretched out 1x1 pixel texture on her is the best way to describe it.
All of this on maxed out Ultra settings, with the exception of AA that's just a personal preference for me to not use. I'm giving the benefit of doubt and respect of passion towards his love project when I say I still believe when the lead designer said on twitter no downgrade is allowed from the trailers, instead of assuming it was a lie - Ivory Tower is far more interested in delivering a better game than we are in recieving a better game. Sorry to say it is utter failure.
Now make no mistake, the game can look breathtaking but under very specific circumstances, lighting, weather, enviroment, and while these make a good trailer material, it has nothing to do with 99% of the everyday gameplay we get to experience. What the absolute hell happend to weather by the way? There is no permanent snow anywhere now, all the snowy mountains went all summer green, but when it snows, it snows everywhere, including Miami.
The thought of a technical limitation barring the developer team from giving us functioning mirrors that every other racing game has faded away by the fact that nearly 5 years passed since the first game, we are on a new console generation (and an upgraded version of that, and I kindly did not mention the possibility of allowing better settings on PC). The "bug" that from now on I feel like I must call a feature of laziness even carried over from the first game, that headlights are not functioning and are essentially a somewhat transparent texture we push ahead of ourselves, not a source of light at all. Then we even have some cars where the backlight isn't even matching where the lights are on the car, resulting in reversing lights coming through the body of the car, and the break lights using only half of the lights that are visibly on the car. Speaking of the Aston Martin Vantage S 2012 specificly, which certainly had properly working lights on it's rear back in the Crew 1.
Technical limitation is no explanation when I'm trying to find a reason: why did not Ivory Tower just pick these checkpoints in this race, and placed them further away from each other? Why did we have to lose the 2-3 hours long endurance races, a considerible number of players just loved and obsessed about and spoke of it as a selling feature to friends interested in racing?
The loss of the guiding line above is something in theory I could welcome very much, with a more easily readable GPS highlight it could shift the focus of the player from slightly above the horizon down the beautiful world around us, to breathe it all in, but I have to say with the world we got I want my attention back up on the sky instead.
Just... what happend here? How can the Crew 1 look better most of the time?
What's left to review?
Honestly, I don't know what else to review at this point where I can objectively make and defend a point how the Crew 2 improved upon the Crew 1. Graphics certainly did not . I have to mention the now well known fact that Chicago became such a generalized, devoid of all character city with all it's famous and unique places removed, which generalization seem to shadow over the entire game. It is most certainly a huge positive that the game runs great on maxed out setttings even with a relatively old i7 2600k, supported by 8Gb of RAM and a new GTX1060 Gb. I find the car behaviour adjustment options awesome and something I can see myself adjusting for hours while I'm doing 2 minute drift test runs and you know, be fairly well paid in the meantime. The settings are no placebo effects either, we truly got a deeply adjustable driving profile here and the driving experience is great. Problem is, once I'm done testing on that repeated track, there isn't much elsewhere to go and do stuff with my ride. I'm the type who can look at things the "journey is the goal" way when I have to make up goals for myself, but running out of things to do within mere days isn't making it easy at all, let alone for those who can't be bothered with creating their goals, they want several options given.
The sound design improved a lot, and even if the overwhelming majority of the radio songs is not to my liking, it has to be said that diversity in audio did not lost it's importance to Ivory Tower and they expanded a lot on that when it comes to motor sounds in different enviroments and car types.
I'm sad to say that all the positives are in the "nice gimmick features" area: having a home, an avatar, the ability to fly and to sail the waters on silver bullets are all great features, very welcome features but not a replacement for the missing content. Makeup and wound patches that hide the issues very well before you invest enough time to realize that wound was shot by a tank cannon, taking the vital organs of the body with it, leaving an empty void behind Ivory Tower is yet to fill if they want to have a succesful game and a healthy community in it. Because if things don't change real fast and in a drastic manner, I'm afraid there won't be a community left to play PvP arriving 6 months from now, without a base game that could last for more than 3 weeks, or even 3 months to the most casual players, as it did not last even 3 days for some who burned through it in early access. This dead, empty world just feels even more lonely when you'll realize there is only 6 additional players besides you even allowed to fill it, but thanks to the weird matchmaking you'll be lucky to see 2. At launch day, the hypest day of them all.
How is this possible after the history of the Crew 1?
The future
The Crew 2 is at crossroads. To the left, there is the possibility to expand the content with hidroplanes and new kinds of motorsports as the first free content update, GatorRush promises already. I think this is the wrong direction to take and only adds another thin layer to the makeup, another few hours at best lasting gimmick feature. To the right side at the crossroads is understanding that there is a misconcept, a misunderstanding between the players and the Crew 2's design idea: people bought the first game primarily for cars, and all kinds of street racing. There is a fair expectation from a sequel within the same franchise to deliver that at least on the same level of quality and quantity, and the Crew 2 fails miserably here, regarding content, design philosophy of what an open world to explore should offer to be explored, and shockingly even on technical level. Sugarcoating it got you so far, but word is out and isn't particularly in The Crew 2's favor. While Elite: Dangerous can sustain itself for 4 years now with people repeating the same 5 missions, that game failed to grow into what it was supposed to be, and year after year there were many who expected a breakthrough the next year that never came, and lost faith it will ever come. I feel the road to left will lead the Crew 2 down the path of Elite: Dangerous, without the fanatics fueled by nostalgia for the first space exploration game ever. Hidroplanes, or possible new kinds of motorsports are not going to change any of that, and I can only hope Ivory Tower course-corrects before they crash into a rail that loaded in too late for them to see down the road.
Right now, the safe thing for me to do to avoid crashing into disappointment and the sense of purposelessness while spending time in a racing game, is turning around, and installing the Crew 1.
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