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/r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 22: ZZ TOP

Sometimes a band gets so big that they somehow outshine themselves. They reach a point in their career where it does not matter if they release a new album or not; fans just want to see them tour. No one gave a damn that Led Zeppelin had not released a new album since the 1970’s; everyone just wanted to see them play again at the O2 Arena in 2007. When The Who played the Super Bowl halftime show in 2010 they had only released one new album in 28 years, and no one cared. And no one cares that Guns & Roses aren’t making new music. They still packed arenas to see how much cake Axl had packed into himself.
We’re going to take a dive into a blues power trio from down south who have zero need to release any new music, since their recording career stretches back over five decades. They had amazing and groundbreaking success in the ‘70s, the ‘80s, and the ‘90s before hitting the max level. Instead of playing to win, they now play for fun. Their sexually charged lyrics and videos inspired generations of teens to both dress better and worry about their fly. And you can bet that their fuzzy, bluesy tight sound had a huge impact on our very own desert dwellers.
It’s time for us to take a walk with That Little Ol’ Band from Texas. This week’s featured artist is the legendary ZZ TOP
About Them
The Power Trio is a tested and true format for a rock band. Lots of examples come to mind: Cream. Rush. The Police. Biffy Clyro. King Buffalo. Them Crooked Vultures. (Wait a sec. Just three members? Clearly, not everything is bigger in Texas.)
There is a member joke there somewhere, but I just can’t get it to come. Hmm. Perhaps it will come if you play with it a bit.
Hey! Stop that. Get your mind out of the gutter.
ZZ Top’s original and founding member was William Frederick Gibbons. Born in Houston in 1949, the front man was originally a drummer but, after studying with Tito Puente in New York City, picked up the guitar at age 13. His dad was a musician in show business, which allowed Billy to get an insider’s view of the industry. By the late ‘60s, he had been in and founded a number of bands and had even befriended the late great James Marshall Hendrix. One of his first bands, a psychedelic/art house band called The Moving Sidewalks, toured with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. This meant that Gibbons was actually mentored by Snagglepuss himself. They also toured with The Doors, where Gibbons saw the legendary self-destructive band somehow manage to rise above conflict and make music every night. The Moving Sidewalks generated a following all of its own with a couple of hit songs, and things seemed to be headed in the right direction.
Things were going absolutely great until bassist Don Summers and keyboard player Tom Moore were drafted into the army to fight in Vietnam. Don't you just love the ‘60s?
Gibbons and drummer Dan Mitchell added a new keyboard player, Lanier Greg, and tried to make another run at it. But the chemistry was all wrong. Gibbons rechristened the band as ZZ Top (an homage to BB King), and declared that he wanted more of a straight up rock approach than the art-house kaleidoscopic sound.
Gibbons, Mitchell, and Greg (isn’t it weird when last names are also first names too?) recorded the single Salt Lick in 1969. This generated a bunch of interest and a recording contract. Decisions over the direction of the band ensued and it quickly became clear that Mitchell and Greg did not agree with Gibbons’ hard rock approach. That ended up being a poor life decision for them, but a great one for a couple of other guys.
Clearly, Gibbons needed a new rhythm section.
Fortunately, he found a package deal.
Dusty Hill and Frank Beard - also both born in 1949 - had been playing together on the Dallas-Houston-Fort Worth circuit in a number of bands, including The Warlocks, The Cellar Dwellers, and a fake cover band called The Zombies. Both the Duster and the (then ironically) beardless Beard also heard the siren call of rock and roll. Hill was classically trained and was an accomplished cello player before moving to his signature bass. Frank ‘Rube’ Beard appears to have been born with drumsticks in his hands (which I imagine might have been uncomfortable for his mom).
Beard joined the band first, along with bassist Billy Ethridge, who had played with Stevie Ray Vaughn. Ethridge balked at signing a contract and so joined Mitchell and Greg on the list of ZZ Top’s former members. Their lineup was set. Hill and Beard anchored the band in a rock-solid, tight, bluesy fashion. Gibbons meshed perfectly with this duo, and his Hendrix-inspired guitar work was on another level. Hill provided backing vocals, and Gibbons’ low throaty growl was an impressive counterpoint to his soaring fretwork. The talent was all there; now they just needed to record some music.
But success was not instantaneous, not by a long shot.
Their first album - appropriately called ZZ Top’s First Album - gives insight into who the band were to become. In this 1971 release, you can hear their raw sound. The record peaked at 201 on the charts, and had only one single - (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree. It did give them material to go out and tour. The boys gelled on that tour and went back into the studio with renewed energy, and emerged with 1972’s Rio Grande Mud. The disc was a step forward in refining their sound. The album almost cracked the top 100, and the only single - Francine - went all the way to number 69.
But the band knew that their third album, Tres Hombres, was something special. It is the epitome of Southern Rock: bluesy, fast paced, sexy, and irreverent, it is just over half an hour of pure magic. And while the album went gold and peaked at number 8 on the charts and is worth your time, it was one particular single that rocketed them to stardom. You know it and you love it, and a-how-how-how-how: La Grange. It is still in heavy rotation on classic rock stations today. And why not? The song is an absolute banger of boogie woogie blues, written about a visit to a whorehouse. What’s not to love?
La Grange propelled them to popularity. Tours sold out. Venues got bigger and bigger. 1975’s follow up album, Fandango!, was half live album (with some covers) and half new material - like an EP with bonus tracks. They covered the Elvis Presley classic Jailhouse Rock, Willie Dixon’s Mellow Down Easy and John Lee Hooker’s Long Distance Boogie. The boys had rock and blues chops, and had 5 years of touring experience. These were bold statements that cemented their musicality as well as honoring their roots. But side two of the disc had another track that you’ve come to love. You ain’t asking for much: You’re just lookin’ for some Tush. Tush was the perfect sexually charged follow up to ensure that they were not one-hit wonders. It was written in a ten-minute spasm of creativity at a sound check, and has gone on to be one of their most popular songs.
While Tush topped the charts, ZZ Top went back into the studio to record their full length follow up, 1976’s Tejas. The name of the album means ‘friends’ in the Indigenous Caddo language, and was the basis for the name of the state. You know what that means? It means that the name of the state is ‘Friends’. Just like the ‘90s sitcom. Don’t mess with Friends. Anyways, this was an album of experimentation for the band, and unlike its predecessor it came out half baked at best. Billy Gibbons has called it a transition album. What actually happened is the band transitioned into a hiatus from touring and recording, taking some significant time off. They had recorded five albums in six years and spent virtually all their time on the road. The latest effort was just not up to their standards and was a step back. It also completed their recording contract.
What was the solution to this burn out?
Facial hair of course.
The boys took a few years off before landing another recording contract, this time with Warner. Over those months, both Gibbons and Hill grew what would become their signature long ‘Texas Goatee’ beards. Frank Beard did not grow a beard (though he did finally succumb to peer pressure from his bandmates in 2013, and his is much more neatly trimmed). So while they were resting/relaxing/getting their groove back/aligning their chakras or whatever, they also started to reinvent their signature sound as the world moved towards a decade of legendary excess.
The first step on this reinvention journey was 1979’s Degüello. The title literally means ‘decapitation’ but idiomatically refers to a fight to the death. Clearly, the band decided to tackle their transition head on. The album was not as successful as Tres Hombres or Fandango!, but it was not the flop that Tejas was. It did spawn a couple of singles - I Thank You (which was a cover) and the signature hit Cheap Sunglasses. Both are staples at ZZ Top concerts to this day. Degüello was quickly followed up in 1981 by the album El Loco. This was really the first time ZZ Top incorporated a synthesizer into their sound. As you know, the synth was THE new wave sound of the 1980s. Gods help us, keytars were once popular. But Gibbons, Hill, and Beard did not abandon their edge. The single Pearl Necklace was an immensely popular innuendo laced tune from this album. And no, I will not explain what a pearl necklace is to you. Ask your mom.
Over the course of their first seven albums, ZZ Top had steadily grown in popularity and become a truly extraordinary live band. More than a decade of touring together meant that they had not just cut their teeth. They had found the Tooth Fairy, beaten her senseless, and added fangs to their jaws. They were ready to tackle whatever came their way.
Their huge breakthrough coincided with the birth of music videos and MTV. 1983’s Eliminator was an absolute monster of an album. ZZ Top were everywhere. They completely embraced the Music Video as a medium and became pioneers in this new genre. They branded their band with a 1933 fire-engine red Ford Coupe, which was on the cover of the album. They even had a signature hand gesture that they used as the car went by. The car belonged to Billy Gibbons and embodied his hot rod obsessions. It was featured in the videos for Gimme All Your Lovin’, Sharp Dressed Man, and Legs. Other singles from the album included Got me Under Pressure and TV Dinners. Eliminator is still the band’s most successful album. They were at the absolute height of their popularity with a massive audience. No doubt the 10-year-old Joshua Michael Homme watched those videos on a small screen in the California desert, little knowing that he would one day collaborate with Gibbons.
Seeking to capitalize on the popularity, the band went back into the studio and released Afterburner in 1985. It featured the signature hot rod on the cover and spawned two more singles - Sleeping Bag and Velcro Fly. Afterburner was not an innovative album by any stretch of the imagination. It simply built on the success of Eliminator and replicated the sound. If you blended the two albums together it would be very difficult for a novice fan to guess which song came from which disc. But hell, when you release the most popular album of your career and are earning millions of dollars for that sound, it is not time to mess with success. Or with Texas. Or with Friends (though Ross was a pain in the ass, IMHO).
That desire to not screw up a good thing was also evident in their next release, the retrospective re-release Six Pack. This was a great way to earn some bucks with a simple repackaging of existing tracks (I’m looking at you, K-Tel ...) and introducing them to another generation of fans. This was not a bad thing at all - you gotta get that green whenever you can, because fame can be fleeting.
ZZ Top closed out the decade by going Back to the Future. Literally. They appeared in the third installment of the Michael J. Fox trilogy as the olde-timey house band (complete with rotating guitars) in the saloon scene. The single and signature song from the movie, Doubleback, appeared on their 1990 release Recycler. The album spawned two more singles: My Head’s in Mississippi and Concrete and Steel. Recycler was not as successful as its predecessors, but it did effectively max level the band. In the 1970’s they were a scuffling bar band that hit it big. In the 1980’s they were one of the most popular bands of the MTV generation. And in the 1990’s they achieved superstardom. They had hit the level where it truly no longer mattered if they ever released new material again. They could simply tour on their back catalogue alone and sell out stadiums.
It is clear that the band realized this as well. In the thirty years since Recycler came out, they have released five albums of new material: Antenna in 1994, Rhythmeen in 1996, XXX in 1999, Mescalero in 2003 and the critically acclaimed and Rick Rubin produced La Futura in 2012. This was equivalent to their output in their first six years.
In contrast, they have released no less than eight greatest hits albums, cover albums and live albums in the same time span. Greatest Hits came out in 1992. One Foot in the Blues was released in 1994. The massive compilation Chrome, Smoke & BBQ came out in 2003, and is a fantastic place to start if you are a new fan. Rancho Texicano was released in 2004, Live from Texas came out in 2008, and Double Down Live hit shelves in 2009. Live at Montreaux came out in 2013 and Tonite at Midnight: Live Greatest Hits from Around the World was released in 2016.
There have been rumors that a new album is in the works for our Septuagenarian heroes. Lord knows the boys from Texas have nothing left to prove to anyone. Fans will welcome any new music they can get (especially if it is as great as La Futura was) but let’s face it: the goal now is just to get a chance to see them perform live before one of them shuffles off this mortal coil. If they release a new album, that means a new tour - and everyone would love that.
Let’s hope it happens. Soon.
Links to QOTSA
The Reverend Billy F. Gibbons was a big part of the Lullabies to Paralyze album by our Desert Dwellers. He played guitar and provided backing vocals on Burn the Witch. He was co-lead vocalist and lead guitar on the QotSA cover of Precious and Grace, which he originally released as a ZZ Top tune on the Tres Hombres album. He also provided the guitar stylings for Like a Drug.
But the connections don't stop there. Billy sang the lead vocal track on the recent Desert Sessions tune Move Together, and he played guitar on Noses in Roses, Forever.
What may be most important to QotSA fans is that Gibbons has teased our paleolithic monarchs' next album. Last summer, he was quoted as saying:
“Just one month ago I was making a record with Queens of the Stone Age...And Dave Grohl was also taking part and he decided to have a big barbecue. So there was this interesting gathering. So, we spent one hour telling stories, great stories remembering these lovely guys.”
Here’s hoping that we also get to see that album soon. Wouldn’t it be great if they toured together?
A man can dream.
Their Music
Salt Lick
(Somebody Else Been) Shaking your Tree
La Grange -- Live on Howard Stern
Jailhouse Rock
Tush -- a fan made video. It is not subtle.
Cheap Sunglasses
Pearl Necklace -- Live
Gimme All Your Lovin’
Sharp Dressed Man
Legs -- the ultimate makeover video
Got Me Under Pressure -- Live at Montreaux
Sleeping Bag -- Let’s go out to Egypt and check out some heads...
Velcro Fly -- also somehow in Egypt
My Head’s In Mississippi
Concrete and Steel -- vintage video
I Gotsta Get Paid -- from La Futura
Show Them Some Love
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Gravity Falls speech patterns of 27 characters

I think every character in "Gravity Falls" has a simple abstract speaking pattern
you can formulate those patterns with the help of a few concepts that I hope will be intuitive enough (let's explore this mystery!)
it's totally major spoiler-free
I will quote:
  • Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Soos (4)
  • Wendy, Pacifica, Robbie, Gideon, Bill Cipher (9)
  • [SPOILER] (even their name is a spoiler!) (10)
  • Blendin Blandin, Toby Determined, Mr. Poolcheck, Old Man McGucket, Quentin Trembley, Shandra Jimenez, Preston Northwest, Ergman Bratsman (18)
  • Abuelita, Grenda Grendinator, Candy Chiu (21)
  • Deputy Durland, Blubs, Summerween Trickster Masked/Unmasked (Summerween) (25)
  • Dipper's New Voice (Bottomless Pit!) (26)
  • Waddles (Little Gift Shop of Horrors) (27)
Beware: it's a highly speculative idea and I'm just your average Joe. May be total garbage... but it's very important for me anyway, it's not some deliberate joke
The idea is to make some concepts you can apply to speech
Then to apply it on different "levels" of a spoken message
And so you get a description of a "speech pattern"
This is as much as I can explain without jumping straight into Quantum Mechanics. (just kidding!))
Let's go:
on low level Dipper adds (>) information and talks about logically (=) connected bits
on high level Dipper talks about conjugated circumstances
  • Man, that kid's an even bigger fraud than Stan! (=)(<) No wonder our uncle's jealous.
On low level (information): Dipper says "uncle is jealous" and adds "why" & Dipper makes a logical deduction
on high level (situation): Stan is in a conflict with another fraud
  • Alright, enough is enough. (=) If you can't break up with Gideon, I'll do it for you.
on low level (information): Dipper makes a logical/strong conclusion
on high level (situation): Mabel can't break up and Dipper has to help
on low level Mabel adds (>) information and goes (-) from topic to topic
on high level Mabel describes the landscape of the situation and (>) what happens on/included in that landscape + the most important event or fact
  • Oh, leave him alone! (-) You never want to do girly stuff with me; (>) you and Soos get to do boy stuff all the time!
On low level (info): Mabel talks about her experience and adds to that
on high level (situation): Soos and Dipper do boy stuff and often leave Mabel alone
  • It's not a date-date, it's just, you know, (>) I didn't want to hurt his feelings (>)(-) and so I figured I'd throw him a bone.
on low level (info): Mabel says what happened and explains it more + also describes the course of events
on high level (situation): Mabel doesn't want to hurt Gideon and so says "yes" + the fact that "this is NOT a date-date"
on low level Stan talks about tied up (,) and logically connected (=) things
on high level Stan talks about the most important circumstances caused by an event or fact
  • Well, don't get too curiousy. (,)(=) Ever since that monster Gideon rolled into town, I've had nothin' but trouble.
  • Great news, Mabel. (,) You have to marry Gideon!
on low level (info): Stan tells about how "getting curious" tied (,) and logically connected (=) to Gideon and troubles
on high level (situation): Stan describes the main situation caused by Gideon coming to town
A side note (1): concepts I describe intersect very much; for a specific quote you often can make multiple descriptions, but if you consider multiple quotes you can see what description "sticks"/"survives"
on low level Soos adds (>) information or goes (-) from topic to topic
on high level Soos describes the landscape of the situation and (>) what happens on/included in that landscape OR his talk doesn't add up to anything in particular
  • Okay, so I was cleaning up behind this bookcase when boom! Mystery door! (-) This old Shack is full of weird secrets.
  • Waddles, you got it good, bro. (>) You got no worries. (>)(-) I mean, nobody thinks it's cute when I lie naked on the living room floor. (-) I wish I could be a pig.
on low level (info): Soos says two not directly related bits
on high level (situation): Soos desrcibes how in a weird place a mystery door was found
A side note (2): markings (_) are just a tool to help you see the patterns
on low level Wendy says conjugated circumstances
on high level Wendy describes the landscape of the situation
  • Hey, Dipper! We're gonna go sit on the couch! (,) Meet us when you're done.
  • So hey, let's say everyone at this party gets stuck on a desert island. (,) Who do you think the leader would be?
on low level (info): Wendy says you can imagine (A) and think about (B)
on high level (situation): people are on an island and somebody is their leader
on low level Pacifica talks about conjugated (,) and logically (=) connected bits
on high level Pacifica describes the landscape of the situation and the most important fact or event
"most important" means that you can easily chop the speech into pieces without losing context or meaning, every bit is a self-sustained point
"most important" also means that the character cuts out unimportant info as opposed to speaking about everything
  • Great, actually! (,)(=) That's the thing about money! (=) It makes problems go away!
  • Dad, I've been practicing for, like, a million hours, okay? (=) I've got this. (,) You'll stay and watch, right?
on low level (info): Pacifica tells a strong reason why she "got this" and adds that dad should just watch this
on high level (situation): Pacifica describes how she sees the whole situation and the most important thing "I've got this"
on low level Robbie talks about logically/strongly (=) connected or equivalent bits or conditions
on high level Robbie describes conjugated circumstances
  • Ha ha ha ha ha. Laugh it up, chief. So Wendy, Nate and his girlfriend are going to Lookout Point this weekend. (=) Maybe we should go too?
  • Huh, weird, Nate didn't show up. (=) So I- I guess it's just you and me. (=) This isn't what I was planning at all.
on low level (info): Robbie makes a deduction "Nate didn't show up = it's just you & me" and talks about equivalent bits "Nate's not here = not my plan"
on high level (situation): Nate is not here and so Wendy and Robbie are alone
on low level Gideon adds (+) information and new topics into conversation
on high level Gideon recaps the situation or tell the most important fact
  • Mabel, when I'm up here lookin' down on all those little ol' people, I feel like I'm king of all I survey. (+) I guess that makes you my queen!
  • I can't quit it. (+) I am speaking from the heart.
on low level (info): Gideon says he can't quit and adds that he speaks from the heart
on high level (situation): Gideon can't quit it 'cause it's honest - and this is also the most important fact
on low level Bill Cipher says logically (=) connected or equivalent bits and adds (+) information and topics into conversation
on high level Bill describes the landscape of the situation
  • Oh, oh, Gravity Falls! It is good to be back. (+) Name's Bill Cipher, and I take it you're some kind of living ventriloquist dummy? (+)(=) I'm just kidding, I know who you are, Gideon!
  • Hah, fat chance! (=)(+) I'm the master of the mind. (=)(+) I even know what you're thinking right now!
on low level (info): Bills tells equivalent info about mind reading and keeps expanding on kids' failure and his power
on high level (situation): Bills describes different aspects of the situation such as "fat chance" and his skill and their thinking
[SPOILER] tells just the most important fact at the moment... a more complicated description:
(a spoiler link ahead!)
on low level [SPOILER] (don't watch it if you don't want to get spoiled!) goes (-) from a topic to a topic or adds (+) on topics
on high level [SPOILER] describes the landscape of the situation or the most important fact at the moment
  • This is my favorite game in the whole universe! (-)(+) I can't believe they still make it!
  • You don't understand. (-)(+) This is the most powerful monster in the game! (-)(+) He can only be defeated by rolling a perfect 38! (-)(+) But the odds of that are--
on low level (info): [SPOILER] adds on topics about defeating the monster or just goes over different things
on high level (situation): [SPOILER] describes the landscape of the situation with that monster or tells the most important fact "Can we win?"
on low level Blendin Blandin says logically connected bits or conjugated things
on high level Blendin's speech don't add up to anything or he describes a situation based around a fact or an event
  • Blendin Blandin, Time Anomaly Removal Crew year twenty sñeventy-twelve. My mission is to stop a series of time anomalies that are suppose to happen at this very location! (=) But-but I don't see any anomalies! (,)(=) I don't know if it's some kind of paradox, or I'm just really tired...
  • Do you have any idea, how many rules you just broke?! (,)(=) I'm asking; I wasn't there with you... (,)(=) it was probably a lot, right?
on low level (info): Blandin says why he's asking
on high level (situation): Blandin describes a situation caused by broken rules and him not being there
on low level Toby Determined jumps (-) from a topic to a topic and adds (>) information
on high level Toby connected describes conjugated circumstances
  • Boy, your little knees must be sore... (>) from jumping to conclusions. (-) Hachacha! I had nothing to do with that murder.
  • Well tonight's the night, but I've been out here for days! (-) The Northwest family's annual high-society-shindig-ball-soiree is here! (-) And even though common folk aren't let in, (-)(>) that doesn't stop us from camping out for a peek at the fanciness!
on low level (info): Toby jumps between facts about today's night
on high level (situation): soiree is happening and there're people and he himself somewhere around it
on low level Mr. Poolcheck adds (+) information and topics into conversation and says logically (=) connected or equivalent bits
on high level Mr. Poolcheck describes circumstances caused by an event or fact OR shares the most important fact
  • Hmm... SPF 100? (+)(=) Good, I like you. (+)(=) But this isn't an easy job. (+)(=) It's anarchy out there.
  • Can you handle this?! (+) I lost my hand to a pool filter. (+) The pool may seem friendly, but she can turn on you in an instant. (+)(=) Which is why you must respect her rules! (+)(=) Do you think you have what it takes, boy? Do you?!
on low level (info): Mr. Poolcheck piles up info about guarding and the pool and uses logic
on high level (situation): the pool looks friendly but can turn on you in an instant + a hand was lost to that and etc.
on low level Old Man McGucket jumps (-) from a thing to a thing and adds (>) information
on high level McGucket describes the landscape of the situation or the most important fact
  • Well, when you get to be an old fella like me, nobody pays any attention to you anymore. (>) My own son hasn't visited me in months! (-) So I figured maybe I'd catch his fancy with a fifteen ton aquatic robut! (-) In retrospect, it seems a bit contrived. (-) You just don't know the length us old-timers go through for a little quality time with our family.
  • Old Man McGucket, local kook. Are the wax figures alive? (-) And follow up question: can I survive the wax man uprising?
on low level (info): McGucket jumps from a fact about wax figures to their uprising
on high level (situation): McGucket describes different aspects of the situations with the figures
on low level Quentin Trembley jumps from a fact/event to a fact/event
on high level Trembley's speech either doesn't add up to anything or conveys the most important fact
  • Wood! My age-old enemy. (-) In order to get out of here, this is going to take the silliest plan ever conceived.
  • Well, we didn't fit through the hole. (-) Let's rebuild the box and try again!
on low level (info): Trembley jumps from a fail to a new idea
on high level (situation): Trembley either says the most important fact "we didn't fit" or doesn't focus on anything in particular
on low level Shandra Jimenez adds (>) infromation and goes (-) from a thing to a thing
on high level Shandra describes the landscape of the situation OR her words don't add up to anything
  • Shandra Jimenez, a real reporter. Your flyers promised free pizza with admission to this event. (>) Is this true?
  • There you have it. (>) Local hero [A] has just exposed [B] as a fraud. (-) Anything you have to say to the town, [A]?
on low level (info): Shandra explains "you have it" and jumps to a question
on high level (situation): Shandra either explains the situation or doesn't focus on anything in particular
on low level Preston Northwest tells conjugated (,) circumstances and adds (+) information and topics
on high level Preston describes the landscape of the situation or a situation caused by a fact or an event
  • Look at who you're talking to, boy. (,)(+) I'm hosting a party for the most powerful people in the world. (,)(+) You think they'd come here if they had to rub elbows with your kind?
  • Enjoy the party! (,)(+) It's the last time you and your kind will ever come.
on low level (info): tells two things about the party and adds a topic about the party being the last one
on high level (situation): describes the situation - the party - based on a fact - it's the last one
on low level Ergman Bratsman adds (>) information or adds (+) new topics into conversation
on high level Bratsman describes the landscape of the situation and (>) what happens on/included in that landscape OR his talk doesn't add up to anything in particular
  • Every one of you should be ashamed of yourselves! (+)(>) Except you, Leggy P. (+)(>) You were really on point tonight. (+) Here ya go, gorgeous.
  • Augh, my throat is killin' me. (+) Can someone get me a lemon water?
on low level (info): Bratsman specifies the "everyone should be ashamed" bit
on high level (situation): everyone was bad that night but Leggy P. was good
on low level Abuelita jumps (-) from a thing to a thing or adds (+) information and new topics into conversation
on high level Abuelita's speech don't add up to anything or she describes a situation based around a fact or an event
  • This is not good. (-) I cannot feed such a big family.
  • I do not want to pressure you, but you are a man now... in a way. (-)(+) It's time for you to start meeting girls. (-)(+) I would like to see you settled before I ascend to heaven and leave with the angels.
on low level (info): Abuelita tells all her various concerns and thoughts about Soos or just a bunch of things
on high level (situation): Soos became a man and Abuelita wants to have time to see him settled
on low level Grenda Grendinator says logically connected bits or jumps from a thing to a thing
on high level Grenda describes the landscape of the situation or her speech doesn't add up to anything in particular
sometimes her speech looks like this [describing a situation] -> , a "command"
  • What's the dealio, Mabel? (-)(=) That evil producer is gone. (-)(=) We have to tell the boys.
  • Mabel's gone mad with power. (-)(=) Save yourselves, Sev'ral Timez! (-)(=) You were better off with your producer!
on low level (info): Grenda says reasons to save themselves or just a bunch of things
on high level (situation): Grenda describes the landscape of the situation or nothing in particular
on low level Candy Chiu says logically connected bits or conjugated things
on high level Candy describes the landscape of the situation or the most important fact or event
sometimes her speech looks like this [describing a situation] -> , a "command"
Candy is sometimes very-very similar to Grenda
  • We are criminals! (,)(=) We will cut you!
  • Remember, eventually we will have to let them go. (,)(=) We have to promise not to get too attached to them. Right, Mabel? Mabel?
on low level (info): Candy says why they gotta let them go or just a thing - a promise - conjugated with letting them go
on high level (situation): Candy describes the whole situation and the most important thing "we will have to"
on low level Deputy Durland adds (+) on topics or goes (-) from a thing to a thing
on high level Durland describes the landscape of the situation or the most important situation based around a key fact or event
  • Are you okay? (+)(-) Can I get you anything?
  • Guys, do you ever think that maybe we're doin' this 'cause our lives aren't special enough? (+)(-) That we use fantasy as an escape to avoid the self-improvement we all need? (+)(-) That maybe we should just go out and grow as people?
on low level (info): Durland adds topics about activities or just goes over different topics
on high level (situation): Durland describes the landscape of the situation with those role-games and what probably causes it
But unfortunately Fortresses can't speak!
on low level Sheriff Blubs adds (+) on topics or goes (-) from a thing to a thing
on high level Blubs describes the landscape of the situation and (>) what happens on/included in that landscape or conjugated circumstances
  • Deputy Durland, maintaining this cover-up is the mission we've been training for our entire careers. (+)(-) Are you ready?
  • The fool thought he could live forever by encasing himself in a block of solid peanut brittle. (+)(-) Smooth move, Mr. President! (+)(-) Finding Trembley's body was our special mission. (+)(-) And now, thanks to you, it's complete.
on low level (info): Blubs adds on topics about the president or just goes from a thing to a thing
on high level (situation): "smooth move" is included in the context of president's thoughts and "completion" is included in the context of the "mission"... and this completion is conjugated with the kids' help
Also conjugated "Hehe, if being delightful was crime, you'd be breaking the law."
Summerween Trickster (Masked) tells just about the most important situation based around the most important key fact... a more complicated description:
on low level Summerween Trickster (Masked) says logically connected/equivalent (=) bits or conjugated (,) things
on high level Trickster (Masked) talks about events included (>) in a wider context of some situation or about a situation based around a key fact or event
  • SILENCE! You have insulted me! (=) For this you must pay... with your LIVES.
  • There's only one way for you to avoid his fate. (,)(=) I need a treat. (,)(=) If you can collect 500 pieces of candy, and bring it to me before the last jack-o-melon goes out... I will let you live.
  • The choice is yours, children. (,)(=) You must trick-or-treat... Or DIE. Bwahahaha.
on low level (info): Trickster tells the conditions of the situation or conjugated things
on high level (situation): Trickster tells about death included in the context of choice or their mission or explains the situation and the key thing it's based around "do or die"
on low level Summerween Trickster (Unmasked) goes (-) from a thing to a thing or adds (>) information
on high level Trickster (Unmasked) describes the landscape of the situation and (>) what happens on/included in that landscape or conjugated circumstances
  • That's right! Did you ever stop and think about the candy at the bottom of the bag that no one likes? (-)(>) Every year the children of Gravity Falls throw away all of the 'REJECTED' candy into the dump. (-) So I seek revenge; (>) revenge on the picky children who cast me aside. (-) I'm made of every tossed piece of black licorice, every discarded bar of old chocolate with like that white, powder stuff on it. (>) You know that stuff!
  • All I've ever wanted is for someone to say that I was... good. (-)(>) I'm so happy!
on low level (info): Trickster adds "hapiness" to "wanting" or just says two unrelated things
on high level (situation): Trickster describes happiness in the context of a wish or happiness conjugated with a wish
Also conjugated "No one would eat me. But now, I'm going to eat you."
on low level Dipper's New Voice says logically connected/equivalent (=) bits and adds (+) on topics
on high level Dipper's New Voice describes the landscape of the situation or the most important fact
  • Mabel, it's me. (+)(=) This is my voice now. (+) I sound awesome. Soouund aaawesome.
  • What gives, man? (+) You guys all made fun of my old voice. (+)(=) I thought you'd like the new one.
on low level (info): Dipper says why he changed his voice and adds many related topics
on high level (situation): Dipper describes the situation with voices or talks about the most important facts
One more character I could've attempted but didn't: Waddles... although why not?!)
on low level Waddles (Smart Voice - or sorry, just Waddles) says logically connected/equivalent (=) bits and adds (+) on topics
on high level Waddles describes conjugated things or the most important fact
  • I'm sorry, Mabel. (+)(=) There is more to life than making fart noises, and laughing at those fart noises. (+)(=) I see that now.
  • It all makes sense now. (+)(=) What good is helping the world if I can't help my favorite person in the world? (+)(=) It's a good thing I built in a dumb-dumb switch.
on low level (info): Waddles introduces different topics and explains why it makes sen what makes sense and why it's a good thing
on high level (situation): Waddles describes conjugated things (being able to help the world - not being able to help the favorite person; failing to achieve a goal - having a way back) or the most important facts
If some descriptions turned out to be identical -- my bad, I didn't intend that
I believe those patterns are thinking patterns, they tell (in an abstract way) on what a character focuses on
You can view those patterns as different "exposition roles", each character tells you something about some layer of the situation
You also can try to "arrange" those patterns in a single global "spectrum"
(I may be unsure how to order all the elements or "blocks")
  • Toby Determined < Wendy < Soos < Robbie
  • Ergman Bratsman, Deputy Durland, Blubs, Summerween Trickster Unmasked, Mr. Poolcheck
  • Stan, Blendin Blandin, Waddles, Pacifica, Shandra Jimenez, Dipper
  • Preston Northwest
  • Mabel, Summerween Trickster Masked, Old Man McGucket, Bill Cipher, Gideon, Quentin Trembley
  • Candy Chiu, Abuelita, Grenda Grendinator
  • Dipper's New Voice < [SPOILER]
You can also view this as the farther you go the more context-independent or conditions-independent or context self-contained or absent of links to outside factors or ""open"" it gets
If those patterns apply to real people & music bands they are very important
I want to attract attention to those patterns and eventually check if they are real
I worry about my health, I'm going to doctors... currently I'm worried about my eyes
I dedicate my posts to real people, to people I know, to old chess players I know and to my love 18 y/older than me in an oppressed european country
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