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Registration key hips 8 0 patch 2 hotfix

Comodo Internet Security Release Notes

McAfee managed products generated Event IDs listed in. Get the most innovative antivirus & cyber security solutions available today! Framework 3.5 SP1 (KB958484) Hotfix for Windows XP (KB952287) Hotfix for Windows XP (KB961118) Hotfix for Windows XP (KB970653-v3) Hotfix for Windows XP (KB976098-v2) ImageJ 1.42q IntelliSonic Speech Enhancement ISI ResearchSoft - Export Helper J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6 Java(TM) 6. Select your region below to view the correct number to call. Solved: McAfee Support Community - HIP need p4. Solved - Updates equal error, part two. my sources.

Toolbar 888/ Surfsidekick3 / Look2me - Virus, Trojan

Kaspersky Suite – KAV KIS KTS (page 6) https://vt-clinic.ru/download/?file=106. Installation information - McAfee Enterprise Security. The Host IPS Hotfix installation does not require a restart but may cause a brief interruption in network traffic. Rendering Ranger R2 that can happen even on real hardware - made the entire window support drag-and-drop for gamepaks and game ROM files - merged the latest release of SameBoy for improved Super Game Boy support [LIJI] - macOS: add hotplug support to IOKit joypad driver [Sintendo] - macOS: fixed a serious issue with the IOKit joypad driver [kode54. Hot Fixes 1 and 2 during post field operations. It is a permanently free and very light but protects your system from various malware such as viruses, adware, spyware, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits and other malicious programs.

Key security Solutions for Business and Enterprise

See KB76593 (Section: Recommended Repository Check-in Procedure) for additional. If you DO have HDLP 9.1+ *AND* the affected VSE/HIPS versions installed on the same system, de-install HDLP. Version 8.52 (April 2, 2020) Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.52 was released earlier today to all customers. Hips 8 0 patch 2 hotfix. It features shiny hot fix studs that run along the sleeves and cuffs, adding a. Crasmaker Note - Anyone know the software Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8 Full + Patch (Consultant Edition).

Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 Patch 4 Known Issues

The all-over ditsy florals pop out against the timeless background colour. Code function: 0_2_726713 56 RtlImag eNtHeader, RtlAllocat eHeap, RtlA llocateHea p, RtlAlloc ateHeap, Rt lAllocateH eap, ZwCrea teIoComple tion, ZwCre ateWorkerF actory, Rtl AcquireSRW LockExclus ive, RtlGet CurrentSer viceSessio nId, ZwSetI. Earl M. Sikora 04/11/2020. For questions visit Customer Services. Get the current hotfix file from the download site. I didn't notice another topic like this or I would have read it, so please humor me. My shoulders pop.

Hacked version numbering - McAfee Web Gateway 8.1.x

McAfee not released a patch version that includes the Hotfix that was released in July 2020? Cracked software download 17. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Unanswered Questions. Application Control and Change Control 8.0.0 Cumulative right here. What type of malware has affected the. McAfee Support Community read here.

Windows Firewall Vista freeware, shareware, software
1 Apex One Endpoint Security Solution (OfficeScan, Redefined 75%
2 McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 Product Guide for use 51%
3 Comodo Internet Security released 57%
4 Solved: KmxCF.sys & exec.exe 18%
5 Suspected Malware - slow responses 65%
6 Nieuws / Releases / Hotfix - ESET Tech Center 27%
7 Broadcom Support Portal 65%
8 System Messages, Event Strings and Error Codes 37%
9 General Game Discussion - World of Warships official forum 72%
10 McAfee Support Community - Unable to install Host IPS 8.0 20%

Compilation of Everything That Broke with the Update! (Add your findings!)

///// Howdy all, I've been seeing a lot of discussion threads about what got broken during the update and I wanted to try compile it all in one place!
Here's what I know so far, feel free to leave a comment with what you've discovered so I can add it to the list. This list has all been tested!
  • Everything seems to have a blue tint, might be dramatic fog. NEW!
  • Rex knees are now broken NEW!
  • Sniffing is slightly different NEW!
  • Huge black patches over the map mesh NEW!
  • Trike animations are broken
  • Rexes now have thinner and wonky hips
  • Rexes z turn is now fast (I guess its not a bad thing but it was a change so I'll list it) FIXED!
  • Trikes struggle to hit utah or dilo sized (and sub rexes too, how wild) dinos while shants cannot hit smaller dinos at all with their headbutt . Shants also struggle to hit things with their stomp. A friend of mine couldn't hit a theri with a stomp that was standing right under them.
  • Theris no longer hit three times with their triple strike
  • Assorted hitboxes have been "adjusted"
  • The testlevel now has a new buggy, jagged mountain, some believe it to be causing lag on DV Testlevel servers
  • Bary and alberto are both bigger
  • No more ambient sounds, except for the occasional bird
  • Lighting appears to be busted in some cases FIXED!!
  • Camas are now a LOT faster, as fast or faster than giga trot
  • There's a visual glitch with the stegos plates FIXED!
  • Some players now cannot find local servers and can only see chinese ones
  • Replay steam ids and usernames no longer show
  • AI spawning under the mesh or in water
  • HUGE, frequent lag spikes
  • Fatal errors
  • Scent is bugged on Thenyaw, where it wont display the compass
Added by random-dude-m8
  • Galli's three call animations are broken, they no longer stomp and their body is static
  • The test level is now constantly night time
Added by Niarah
  • Visual glitches occuring with clouds FIXED!
Added by chaotic-al
  • Visual glitches occuring with trees, causing leaves to lose texture
Added by TenontoTahni
  • Allo's new animations look strange and they appear run considerably slower
Added by Lukatom09
  • Paras suffer from similar hitbox issues to shants and trikes where they cannot hit a utah
  • Sub trikes hitboxes are also busted.
Added by Stormbornmoocow
  • Cama and shant stomps have all had their extra damage ticks removed, hitting only once.
  • Long distance noises are bugged, where they sound like they're right next to you.
  • Gigas can stand on top of trikes without being hit and safely ride them due to hitbox issues.
Added by SusuSketches
  • Thenyaw suffers from extreme graphical issues, not recommended for photosensitive or epileptic people!
  • Some dinosaurs now have blue portions of their bodies
  • Adult carno cannot die from fall damage and will only break their legs
With how much broke, I think I'd take hackers with hypos and dryos crashing servers any day
EDIT 4: A REALLY STARTLING DISCOVERY! Replays no longer show steam ids and usernames, so for servers with reports systems, you can no longer find out who broke rules
EDIT 3: I should be up to date on the findings added in the comments. I'll also be moving the other edits to the bottom of the post for posterity. Will edit this post when new things are found or that hotfix is released.
EDIT 2: I must sleep now it's late but I'll get to adding more things to the list tomorrow and editing stuff in/out of the list depending on how that hotfix goes. Thank you everyone for your contributions so far I'm having a blast documenting this mess
EDIT 1: I am aware of the hotfix that was announced about 2hs after the making of this post. I'll be investigating whether or not more stuff gets broken when that hotfix goes live.
For those wondering I'm not doing this for the drama I'm doing this because it's genuinely hilarious and fun. I find this whole thing amusing. I mean the first update to legacy we get in yonks nearly breaks the whole branch.
submitted by Aeslynn to theisle

The State of Cosmetics: Transmog, Glyphs, and Customisation

I thought I'd voice my opinion, having played this game since Burning Crusade, and having seen the massive amount of feedback on systems and mechanics of the game. I want to point out, I'm not exactly claiming to be a master of any of this by any means, but I do actively work with 3d models, textures, and design. I often don't see much in regards to obtaining cosmetic items, whether it be mounts, transmog, customisation, or glyphs.
Over the past few weeks or so, I've been noticing myself taking mental notes more and more until the point I literally started to put them down, and before I go on a long rant, I'd like to clarify, I love this game and find myself so often sitting down and not feeling motivated to play. I regularly spend 10 hours playing, and frankly up to about 65+ hours in the past week, with each previous week increasing by 16-30 hours. My habits haven't changed drastically because my living situation hasn't necessarily required it change, but I notice in the past month and a half, I've decreased by maybe 5 hours a week or so steadily.
So, onto my main point:


Legacy Loot System

When I initially heard this, I was ecstatic. "10 or more levels higher" than the content I'm doing? That's great! I'm 10 levels above Legion content, right? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but the level cap in Legion was level 110, and we incremented by 10 levels to reach 120, right? Logically, this falls under 10 or more?
Legacy Loot mode doesn't apply to Legion raids. Why?
What is the good in doing this? Or, moreso, what is the bad that can come of rewarding players more - now that the content is retired - to players doing old, soloable content? I've been able to clear the entirety of normal Antorus on my paladin and received maybe 1 piece - and usually those pieces are bracers or cloaks. That's absolute insanity. There's no real form of progression or guarantee that you'll get loot from current Legion raids other than "bad luck protection."
If Blizzard doesn't want us to receive loot at a "too fast pace," then fine. Implement a structure similar to the Trial of Valour questline where you gathered a currency from dead bosses to work toward a particular transmog set.

Class Tier Sets

Ho boy, this is quite a topic to tackle. I know many will disagree with me, many miss tier sets. Keep in mind, I'm not talking about set bonuses. I'm talking about obtaining a class-specific armour set.
When Battle for Azeroth announced that tier armour would instead be raid-themed armor-proficiency tiers, that is to say you'd get 1 set for cloth and recolours for each difficulty with mythic being "superior" looking like in Trial of Valour, I was actually somewhat glad. Ultimately, this meant that this would free up the art department of Blizzard to create more cosmetic content, more armours, and so on. What have we seen so far? Horde Quest tier + recolours, Alliance Quest tier + recolours, Dungeon Tier + recolours, Warfront (which is also rolled into PvP) + recolours, and the 4 armours of raids + 4 recolours. Recolours, frank and simply, are a sad excuse to hyper-inflate the number of sets. It's absolutely not difficult to recolour armour - I know this because I've personally worked with this.
I've not seen or felt good evidence that Battle for Azeroth has been providing "a lot of appearances and differentiation", nor has it been "more options than ever before". I'm just not feeling it.
I'd like to restate, I like that armour sets are raid-themed specifically, truly - but that is absolutely no excuse to drop the ball on providing this statement that there will be more available appearances.

Class Accessories

This feature was one of the many things announced and then never brought to life. Why? We got a taste of it with Legion artifacts, sure, but class accessories by all intents and purposes should be an additional transmog slot. This also requires that you use your Legion artifact to even see it.
Take quivers for example. We have quite a few appearances already in the game to choose from, because we've had various quivers in Classic, Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King - and then some in Legion with Artifacts. Additionally, being able to add arrows as transmog - because there were actually various arrow appearances, as well - would be a great benefit on top of this. The system is there, because the arrows you wield with the artifact weapons are also changed. And, if you're going to add arrows, allow the ability to transmog illusions onto the arrows themselves. It's minor, but I notice it - and that's meaningful. This should be another appearance slot that should be added.
We also have various Librams for Paladins to use included with the artifact - but there's also kind of an existing other thing as well that could be used in its place. Offhands. Where do they go when you sheath them, just into the Nether, never to be used? Considering none of the current casting animations utilise our weapons in them, why not just have them be bound on your hip and optionally allow you to hide them?


They're not great. They're producing issues with some classes. They were so forgotten, they fit into none of the class fantasy for artifact weapons while literally every other weapon type got used by some spec or appearance.
Wands should instead flat out be converted into daggers. Yeah, they'll become a "melee weapon," but who honestly cares? There aren't any caster specs that are benefiting from auto-attack damage, and they certainly aren't benefitting from them if they're causing GCD issues by spells that for some reason seem to activate auto-attack.


The time for demon hunter-specific appearances are over. That doesn't mean make their artifacts account-wide, no. I mean this. This appearance, specifically the appearance that night elf sentinels are known in their entire fantasy for using, is going to go to the one and only class that is shunned from their society.
"Well, what classes can use warglaives," you may ask?
Well, my friend, we've had a list since BC: Warriors, Rogues, Death Knights, Monks, and of course, Demon Hunters.
I'm frankly not sure why they deemed Warglaives would be a new weapon proficiency rather than just have them be Swords, but so be it. If we're going to follow arbitrary weapon rules, then this one should be one that applies to current content.
Additionally, many who were annoyed about not having a weapon drop will now have more loot chances to get some, which seems to be a prevalent issue. When your search results for "weapon drop bfa" in google consistently show players complaining about low droprates, it may be indicative of an issue with weapon droprates.

Daggers, Fist Weapons, and 1-Handed Weapons

I think it's been a bit of an issue as well as of late, between assassination and subtlety rogues being funnelled into 1 weapon type, fist weapons not being transmoggable into anything other than an artifact weapon, and of course the weapon speed / weapon dps dilemma. Daggers are the only weapons that are different from every other 1-handed weapon. They can be equipped by shamans, for example, but nobody in their right mind would use them because you want weapons with slower speed - of which is a stat that exists, like dodge and parry, but has largely become a thing of the past. I also know for a fact that weapon appearances change the animations; the excuse for not being able to transmog fist weapons is entirely false and should be re-examined. Evidence of this is shown in the artifact challenge appearances for Outlaw Rogues and Protection Paladins, and additionally being able to transmog artifact appearances over fist weapons.
So, in essence, just make daggers a true 1-handed weapon now rather than 3 years from now. Save us all the ongoing issues. Adjust Assassination and Subtlety damage and speed by whatever amount in a hotfix after this change is made, considering I've seen it done with weapon damage to numerous other classes before.
And that concludes my section on Transmog and Weapon Proficiencies. Oh yes, there's much more.


The entirety of the glyph system has so, so much potential, and I mean an unbelievable amount. Take for example the warlock green fire questline - it changes literally every ability that was once red fire into green fel fire. Not only did warlock players enjoy having that kind of content available to them, it also provided a means of customisation to spells, even if it was as simple as a colour change.
Considering this expansion seems to be one of racial diversity and faction pride, I can already see various classes being able to learn similar cosmetic choices. And the best thing? This is a large opportunity for scribes.
You see, the item that warlocks learn and start their quest from is a book. Who better to be able to write such a book (and perhaps even make a little bit of a profit off it) than a scribe?
I can already list a number of examples right off the top of my head with pre-existing spell assets:
  • Dark Paladin - Like a shadow priest, but... paladins. Darkness and light, chocolate and vanilla, etc?
  • Zandalari Paladin - Loa-themed paladin abilities for the Zandalari we want.
  • Elune Holy - that is to say, making Holy magic blue rather than gold. Also I'm fairly sure Night Elf Paladins will be a thing someday.
  • Necromantic Warlock - The warlock goes down the path of becoming a Necromancer, summoning undead rather than Demons and using unholy necromantic magics rather than shadow and flame. Same mechanics, different visuals.
  • Blue Fire Mage - Wielding blue fire for a mage. Learn from the blue dragons.
  • Tide Mage - A frost mage wielding water magic rather than frost, similar to a tide sage. I mean, they have a water elemental.
  • Chronomancer Mage - There's two forms of this; the Bronze Dragon magic, and the Nightborne-themed magic, a whole set of assets going unused.
  • Sha Magic - Shadow priests, rogues maybe? There's another entire variety of sha magic assets going completely unused.
  • Nightmare Druid - So, maybe the Nightmare druids were evil and bad and so on. So are the fel-wielding warlocks.
The list goes on, and these are just possible examples. If there's a race with a very specific theme to it, you bet that it would make it here. Scribes could learn the recipes to make such tomes, whether it be obtained from old raids, dungeons, or whatever. The fact of the matter is that glyphs right now are lacklustre and practically nonexistent. There's really just about no customisation options, and being able to learn a tome to change your spells up exactly like glyphs function now would be a great boon to the idea of racial/class fantasy, one that should have tied the expansions of Legion and BFA together from the very beginning. Instead, right now every single class is pretty much homogenised into being one thing. Currently, if you're a Night Elf Priest, you're a Night Elf Priest that seems to have learned all your 10000 year old abilities from a human. The same goes for Zandalari Paladin, Draenei Paladin, and so forth. There's a whole world of Loa out there, waiting to be worshipped.

Character Customisation

For ages, players have been asking for new hairstyles, skins, faces, and every other thing under the sun, and I'm going to nitpick quite a bit of it.


There is a massive lack of options to choose from eye colours. Not only are they unreasonably locked to the face option (as opposed to something like a scalp texture which would make more sense, that is if they had to lock it to something existing right now), but many races don't have options where they should be. Take for example trolls. You may not have ever noticed, but trolls actually only have brown eyes. Mag'har orcs only have shades of brown-grey - and on top of that, their eye colours are tied to their skin colour, not even the face, so if you're a frostwolf or warsong, you all have one type of eye colour. This isn't due to anything other than laziness - somebody copy/pasted a bunch of textures and didn't actually put any work into them, and it really shows when you look at it.
Not only this, but this. The link inside may contain partial spoilers for a questline, and I'm not even going to begin on the atrocious factor of them. Ian Bates sums it up pretty well in his article, but again, spoilers.
The fact that Night Elves get this customisation option before ever getting rid of their gender-locked eye colour customisation is absurd and completely is ignoring the lore, while Blizzard acknowledges Blood Elves acquiring golden eyes from the Sunwell. Do I think the new eye customisation itself is bad? No. I welcome pretty much any new option available. Doesn't mean I'll choose it, but the option is there. However, the fact is that the only reason for Amber Eyes is having strong druidic potential - not to mention Queen Azshara, a featured character of BFA, being a prime example of a female with such eyes - actually makes getting this option feel bad before ever getting any other. Silver / blue eyes should be available to male night elves, and amber / golden eyes should be available for female night elves.
Blood Elves actually have a variety of different eye colours, as well, not just green. That is to say, if the explanation for never having high elves playable is going to be that they're all blood elves, then give the customisation for that to blood elves. In fact, Lor'themar once had brown eyes himself. Sylvanas had grey. According to Ask CDev, as well, it would take "a very long time to wear off", and I think it's been long enough.
There's also numerous accounts of artwork showing many of the races having irises - essentially, there is the sclera of the eye surrounding it, followed by the inner iris with the glowing portion. For whatever reason, this isn't a customisation option, yet I can prove to you that it can be.

My Own Work - Eyes

Earlier, I had mentioned I literally have worked with these kind of things, and I'm not going to go without proof. First and foremost, my most immediate disclaimer is I do not play with these model edits on my game client, and I entirely do not condone model editing the game for the fact that it is against the rules. These are all private use only, and they will stay private unless Blizzard wants me to give them or make them to put into the game files. It is simply to show it in an in-game setting rather than a mock-up photoshop and tricks how it would literally, really look.
Here is an album of my own edits I've done to the ingame models to show that Blizzard could add eye customisation to trolls, yet doesn't: Male / Female
These eye customisation options are tied to the scalp rather than the face, because the customisation to trolls is both very limited and there's only 1 "pretty face" on female trolls that I even like.
Here is an album of Death Knight iris edits I have made.
High Elf: Male / Female
Oh, a lot of you are probably unaware, but there's a night elf male face option that is currently bugged that's supposed to be a blindfold.
Night Elf Female Iris: Amber / Blue
Draenei Irises

Hairstyles & Allied Races

Probably a big one right now that everyone has noticed. Allied races have maybe 5 hairstyles, maximum. I'm not sure why they should be separate at all - actually, a lot of the allied races really shouldn't be. It seems almost arbitrary what even qualifies as an allied race currently. One thing, of course, is for certain - they all have different racial abilities, which produces a possible issue with even trying to revert them back to normal Draenei. Frankly, Blizzard have dug themselves in a hole by creating the concept of allied races. Unless they were to create more poses, more different animations, and more options for all races, both allied and normal, they're only going to make the situation worse. Perhaps instead, they should roll all customisations under the one race - that is with exception to void elves and nightborne - and instead make "race changing" your racial abilities cost gold, have you undergo a quest (like T'paartos did or how Huln was blessed by Cenarius), and place a week or monthly cooldown on switching back to make sure your decision is final. If races can become monks within the time it becomes to be an allied race, they can damnwell exchange their hairstyles, as well amongst their cultures.

Mag'har Orc - What Could Have Been

There's not many words more that I can describe this, except that I simply wish to show a video that Mag'har Orcs could have had so, so much more customisation with just a little bit more work. There's a series of edits I've made that expand upon the potential for facial tattoos for Mag'har. And yes, the male orcs are hunched - this was made long, long ago.


And that's the end of my own rant. Yes, it's long, but there's no better way to make it concise. I am literally giving feedback and suggestions that I can here, as well as making this sort of information more public. I love this game and only wish for it to get better, and I direly hope that Blizzard fix themselves before they lose too many subscribers, because I feel I may be very quickly approaching that edge soon if things continue to be atrocious. Alternatively, I've done a lot of these sort of customisation options within a matter of a few hours to days of work, and I would literally give these sort of artwork options to Blizzard for free if they were able to be implemented in the game. I don't know what's going on in their art department, but if you need somebody who knows your style and has studied it very closely and has worked with it before, I am available.
With that said, I also urge anyone reading this not to take any negativity as personal - this going to any Blizzard art employees. The art team has been fantastic in the work shown so far. Kul Tiras, Zandalar, and the reworks of the warfront-related zones and all the new content looks great. I just wish so much for things to go well and improve, and I hate seeing the ball dropped by a triple-A company.
Edit: There were some additional points I had that I felt may have been repeated too much before, and I simply wanted to not drag it out another billion paragraphs, such as orc eyebrows, beards, scars, tattoos, etc. I feel those points have been very much popularised. I know I went on about eyes in particular for quite a bit. :)
Edit 2: Thank you for the golds! I will value and cherish them - although, I personally think it's better spent somewhere else like a bunch of candy bars or something. ;)
submitted by keyboardturn to wow

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