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Final Fantasy fan - New Player perspective on FFXIV

A brief introduction: I'm a new player in FFXIV but definitely not a newbie in Final Fantasy. In fact I'm scarcely one to play MMO games, but decided to give FFXIV a try because I simply love the Final Fantasy franchise and due to steam summer sale.
I gotta say this game is amazing. I had loads of fun playing and finishing up to Heavensward thus far. At first the game welt kinda clunky and combat feels weird. I'm used to the turn based combat of older FF games. I've played 15 and was not very impressed by it. But what kept me going for FFXIV was the nostalgia and familiar feel of the world. This is what I truly admire about this franchise. Each installment of Final Fantasy is in a brand new world, with brand new lore, but that fact never seems to interfere with the familiar feel of the games. I opened the game and entered the world and sure enough, I can instantly feel that this is a Final Fantasy game. The same wonder that I felt with each installment was unmistakable present in this one.
At first, I thought the early quest slog was bad. Combat was at first unfamiliar and therefore intriguing but I wasn't really interested until more abilities were unlocked. What drove home was after the boring quests in the beginning, when the quests becomes truly amazing. Go fetch this, go kill these goblins. It seemed dumb at first, but when the story really picked up, I realized how much I appreciate those old mundane tasks. It shows how far the hero has gone. From helping someone pick scraps to slaying gods and empires. This crescendo in retrospect feels powerful and I'm glad that this was how they introduced new players to the game. The story is some of the best I've seen in a Final Fantasy game. I would rank it somewhere near Final Fantasy VI or Final Fantasy IX. And those are masterpieces in my opinion (especially heavensward, A realm reborn might rank a bit lower).
The only gripe I have with the MSQ is the forced duty finder dungeons and raids. It just seems rather cognitively breaking. I mean we are the "Warriors of Light" but then prior to raiding a dungeon or a god, we have to call upon other people to help, people that I have no clue who they are? And then the game doesn't even acknowledge that haha. I mean you kill Ifrit and everybody thinks you and you alone are amazing, it just doesn't make sense. Along with the invasion of ultima weapon base, you see all these adventurers behind you, but no npc interaction even acknowledges them! It's like they're just a ghost invisible to the Black Wolf, Nero, etc. This issue came to light when I got introduced to Nidhogg's final form fight and you see the cutscene of your character Jojo walking to Nidhogg only to realize its just another trial raid. That really took the winds out of the sails of the titanic that was Heavensward climax. It's a bit immersion breaking, which kind of sucks because its the only problem I have with this game. Everything else is perfect.
I don't care much for graphics, but FFXIV definitely has very nice ones. The freedom of choice for player clothing seems nice too.
The JOB SYSTEM!! YASSS. After FFV, it seemed as if the job system disappeared until XIII, which I didn't really like that much.
Chocobos and Moogles are S tier entertainment guys.
Contrary to what people believe, this is not a weeb game. Nay, I wouldn't say any mainline Final Fantasy game is weeb. Hell at first I thought the Lalafells are just pedo cutsy fetishism but after the red wedding, I realize just how ruthless and maniacal they are lol. This was definitely judging by the cover, the fault lies with me. If anything this game has a lot of mature overtones, like murder, rape, genocide.
Immersion wise, the world truly feels like a full fledged world of Final Fantasy. I mean i didn't know that when you type /sit near a bench or bar stool, YOU ACTUALLY SIT ON THE BENCH/STOOL. That is so cool.
Soundtracks - Final Fantasy is renown for its excellent production of unique scores. This game did not disappoint, there is clearly a unique theme to this game like 6, 7 , 9, 10, 15 to the point if someone would hum each one , I can instantly figure out what game he/she referring to. I don't know if Uematsu is conducting scores for this game, but some of the scores does sound like him.
Character - the most important thing in Final Fantasy -- The cast. This is the essence of Final Fantasy, the thing that makes final fantasy final fantasy- The band of heroes that group up to fight calamities. It's not the best in the franchise, but we can't expect that kind of level of characterization in an MMO, so I can kind of understand why this is the case. Still the side characters like Thancred and Alphanaud are very likeable. Thancred in particular reminds me of Locke from FFVI.
Finally I do have to disclaim by saying I haven't finished stormblood or Shadowbringers yet so I know some of these early judgements will change, but I just want to say I appreciate this community and overall really like an MMO version of "Final Fantasy." It is a lot less heretical than I initially surmised.
TL:DR - This game is amazing. Everything is there for a final fantasy game. Just wished MSQ dutys can be soloed and story important bosses can be soloed, or fought with the npcs in the game so that theres more consistency with the story. Everything else exceeds expectations which admittedly I wasn't very receptive of a "MMO Final Fantasy" but playing through it has made me change my mind considerably.
submitted by Drankthedanktears to ffxiv

On the topic of DmC: Devil May Cry

So. I'm a long-time fan of the Devil May Cry franchise.
Naturally, being a part of that community for long enough involves hearing all the shit thrown at the attempted reboot of the series. Out of a moment of extreme boredom and the desire to stream me playing the game to a friend, I bought and played the game on steam.
And let me stop you right there, that little subsection of people who are possibly thinking this: yes, I know the definitive edition of the game fixed a lot of problems with combat and edited out Vergil's fedora. No, that isn't particularly relevant.
How did I find it, after all was said and done? Well...
I didn't like it. That might not come as a surprise, but I suppose I'll cut to the meat of my argument and stop trying to be coy with it:
DmC comes so annoyingly close to being an actually good game in many ways, which only serves to make the game's failings just that much more irritating. I'll get the obvious stuff out of the way first, and for the sake of brevity I won't go into the pre-release controversy like the Ninja Theory presentation on what Dante should be, as those things have been discussed to death elsewhere.
No, I didn't mind that Dante was redesigned, but I do mind that he lacks that same presence which Dante's always had, especially evident in many cutscenes which I'll get to later. He's not as endearing, and his sense of style does not age as well as classic Dante's does. For those unfamiliar with the comparison I'm making, this was Dante in Devil May Cry 4, the mainline game that came out most closely to the reboot. this is the Reboot Dante.
You might notice right away, it's not all bad, from a given point of view. Reboot Dante definitely looks like he's trying to be intimidating, though, which detracts from the casual sort of self-assured cockiness that Dante was famous for. Ebony and Ivory look much less imposing to me in the reboot, and though this is entirely subjective I will claim that Reboot Rebellion is the worst that Dante's main sword has ever looked. On the other hand, I actually quite like Reboot Dante - oh, fuck it, I'll give into the meme and call him Donte - I like Donte's coat. For my taste, he feels too... grimy. Which, I mean... Let's face it, I'll just show you the game's introduction cutscene. 'Trashy' can be a fairly unavoidable word when it comes to him. The first thing we see this Dante do is come out of a club and bang two strippers. And then he wakes up with a hangover, flashes the female lead of the game entirely nude and gives a pretty limp insult to the tutorial boss.
Ignore the Anonymous-looking bit, I'll get to that.
In all, Donte doesn't win much points in the design department from me, but I can look past that. In gameplay, he still stands out well enough to work for an action game, and that's what matters in the end.
A positive of the game, though, is its environmental design, and honestly a lot of design choices to boot. For this point, I'll just show off the entire Bob Barbas boss fight. Heading through the news' intro as a platforming section, the way you fight enemies on camera, it's great! The dialogue (from Donte's side) is on the weaker end, but in all the entire level shows off some of the key strengths of the game.
Other examples of good visual direction are the Dream World, Bob Barbas' prison, and while it's not conveyed well through a still image, the Nightclub in Limbo. Colours pop, the stages move in interesting ways, it's pretty good! Some of the more blatant and not at all subtle demonic impact font that appears to taunt you during gameplay can bugger off, but that's easily ignorable. And usually funny in the moment, though not in the way the game intends.
I'll out and say it, the writing for the majority of the game is not stellar. Either on the overarching story front or the character dialogue front. But as I stated above, there are some small moments that come very close to being really well done.
I believe the story can be summed up best in a post-mission bout of laughter I suddenly went through that caused my friend to ask me what I'd just thought of. I believe it went something like this: "So, if I've got the story straight so far: our katana-wielding, fedora-toting Anonymous brother has conscripted us into a fight against society, and our two main targets are Coca Cola and Alex Jones, after which we finally go after the big CEO that controls the world with money?"
And, I mean, there's a lot of me being facetious for comedy in there, but that's the gist of it. You and your brother Vergil are half-demon and half-angel (because the themes of humanity in the previous games weren't important enough to keep, I suppose) people called Nephilim. For reasons poorly-explained, only Nephilim are able to defeat the main villain, Mundus, who controls the world through debt and spends a lot of his early cutscenes gloating over his power and having sex with a very unnerving demon woman named Lilith. His tools to remain control are intrusive demon security cameras, a highly popular soft drink spiked with vomit from a Succubus, and a demon news presenter named Bob Barbas.
Does all this sound incredibly unsubtle and in-your-face to the point of being annoying? It is. Extraordinarily so.
The first few missions of the game are essentially one big exposition trip, with Dante re-learning about his heritage and the like because his memories were wiped for his own safety, the same happening to his brother Vergil, who unlocked his memories long before the events of the game.
Oh, Vergil, what did they do to you? While they removed the fedora from his early cutscenes in the definitive edition of the game, that was the version of the game I played through and was obviously their intended vision at the time. And I'll out and say it, he does not have the attitude or appearance to make the katana look work. It might just be my personal bias talking, mind you, but Mainline Vergil just works so much better with it. Probably something to do with the mainline game not dealing with 'we live in a society' plot elements, but I digress.
Vergil's character makes no goddamn sense whatsoever in the reboot. Obvious spoiler warning, but the big twist in the final mission of the game is that Vergil was actually seeking to rule the world the whole time and is willing to fight his brother for it at the end of the game. Now, this twist wasn't entirely unfounded. His attitude shows hints of his dismissive nature toward humanity at several points, but the way the final mission works with it just doesn't work. Watch, and be amazed. His attitude clearly implies that this outcome was always an obvious fact to Vergil, and his confusion is genuine when Dante and Kat start questioning him. If he was completely unaware they would react negatively to it, why bother keeping it hidden in the first place? It never came up, not once? Not in all the time they were in a secret organisation together? Whatever.
To add more insult to injury; the fact that Vergil is even strong enough to be a boss fight, let alone the final one. In DMC3, it's made quite clear that Vergil is your equal and in fact better for the majority of the game. He deals easily with enemies that you struggle against, he handily beats you in your first encounter and draws with you on the second, and still puts up an incredible fight at the end. In DmC, however, none of that is there. The entire game, it is implied that only Dante is strong enough to put up a real fight. Vergil cowers and hides from enemies, Vergil's only real skill appears to be hacking, Vergil needs you around to do anything. Then, in the penultimate mission, he starts showing off some powers he has never had in the game up to this point. He throws summoned swords like original Vergil, he uses Trick teleports like original Vergil againt Mundus. And even then he needs your help to land any real hits. The final fight has absolutely no tension, because by all rights you have proven yourself Vergil's better in combat at literally every step.
But no, he whips out even more powers he has never once shown throughout the game. If you bothered to watch the full fight, you might notice how poorly Vergil's battle plays out. His attacks look weightless, they have no impact, and every time he takes a decent chunk of damage you see a cutscene of him being thrown back and scowling angrily at you. He's pathetic. In pretty much every aspect that matters, the very first Vergil fight in DMC3 outclasses DmC's final boss fight. Vergil's attacks are faster, snappier, and he doesn't even use the vast, vast majority of his moveset in this fight.
To top the rest of that list off, Vergil has absolutely no real basis to think of humans as pathetic and weak in DmC. He's been working alongside a group of humans for a presumably decent chunk of time, and without that secret society support network and what have you, Vergil would have gotten nowhere. Kat's the one who makes the portals in and out of Limbo, Kat's the one who does the planning, Kat's the one who gets you into the places you need to be, Kat's the one who pretty much does everything.
But at least he has a bigger dick than Dante.. Do not ask me why the fuck he possibly knows this, some things are better left unanswered.
Put short, Vergil is downright awful in the reboot.
Back to Donte, however. It's hard to avoid talking about some of his more famous scenes. So here, the legendary Fuck YOU! moment. Can't forget the epic and witty comeback he gives to the game's primary antagonist,, either. I'll admit, that one made me laugh. Probably not for the right reasons. What about the limpest introduction to a new enemy of all time? Or whatever the fuck they thought this line was? I'd cut that last one to just the line itself, but Donte forgetting why he was there despite that information being given to him not five minutes ago is also notable.
It shouldn't take much convincing, then, when I say that Donte cannot pull off taunting like Dante should be able to. He's far too petty and bratty to make most of it work, and when he tries lines like the last one it really falls flat because, while it is a reference to a line from DMC1, it doesn't have nearly the same kind of effect without the endearing hamminess of the original Devil May Cry, or the voice actor's ability to actually pronounce the word 'flock'.
Which brings me all the way back to the main point of this whole rambling, boring-as-hell rant. Some of Donte's moments, particularly with Kat, actually work!
Mission 12 takes place in that agonising little section of the game that is honestly, genuinely pretty good. The stretch between the Bob Barbas boss fight and the Nightclub level are without question the best part of the game. Sadly, that stretch is only between Mission 10 and Mission 14.
Anyway, in Mission 12, your Anonymous base has been invaded by SWAT and assaulted by demons. The building is coming down, you're on a (narrative) time limit, and you've just met up with Kat, saved her, and gone onward to find Vergil. You find him in front of a computer trapped by a single demon (lol) behind a barrier that looks like Kat made it (lol for a second time, Verginia.) After you save him, you get treated to a scene with some actually passable character interactions wherre you don't hate anyone on screen. A rare treat for DmC. After you finish that little scene, skip ahead to 14:12 for the mission-ending cutscene.
And you know what? That last scene? I like it. It shows Donte's growing compassion, there's real emotion there, and the performances on both ends are good!
If only the rest of the game followed that example. Combine that sort of writing with the otherwise good visual design and a better story, and you'd have had yourself an honestly good fucking game on your hands. But they didn't. They missed the mark, and insulted the original fanbase every step of the way while doing so. The smug aura that the game near-constantly projects ruins any kind of enjoyment I could feel from the game.
So yeah, that point took me entirely too long to make.
Some other miscellanious gripes: * Donte's voice actor does not do well with combat shouts and dramatic screaming. Why, oh why, did they make two entire weapons that involve him doing the former? I would show evidence, but I can't find any isolated clips and frankly I can't be bothered to open the game and record anything.
  • Eryx is the worst fist weapon in the franchise bar none. They look like Hulk Hands, and their moveset is incredibly lacklustre.
  • Actually, every weapon's moveset is lacking with the exception of maybe Rebellion. The lack of a lock on button (fixed in definitive edition, I know) means that an entire button is dedicated to a launcher move because you can't do the traditional 'Lock On + Back + Attack' input to do so. In fact, the lack of lock on means that your inputs are so limited, each weapon essentially has two ground combos, an air combo or two, and maybe one or two special moves depending on whether you're in the air or not. Upgrades feel incredibly static, in the sense that you unlock a move and pretty much the only thing upgrading that move does is increase one aspect of it such as range or damage. The mainline games do this too, but most upgrades there have more stages than just one, and the boring upgrades usually only apply to the moves that need them. Stinger or Streak gaining more range, for example. Mainline upgrades tend to be more dynamic. Upgrading Nero's exceed, providing V's summons with more effects to their moves, Dante's everything...
  • Colour coded enemies were a mistake. One somewhat fixed in the definitive edition, but still. For those not in the know, Donte has Rebellion as a base weapon that is always equipped, and then two Angel weapons alongside two Demon weapons. Blue and Red, respectively. There are Red enemies that can only be damaged by Demon weapons, and Blue enemies that follow suit the other way around. Trying to attack those enemies with anything other than the intended weapons will result in your attack pinging off of them and making you stumble. Limiting your weapon choices in a franchise well known for using as many options as you have available to you to fight opponents is not good. The definitive 'fix' is that you can damage enemies with the 'wrong' weapon types, but they will never stagger from the wrong weapons.
  • On that note, enemy variety is really, really bad. You have three different variations of the 'Stygian' enemies, those being Lesser Stygians, Stygians, and Elite Stygians. None of them act differently, really. They behave the same, they seem to have the same attacks, I genuinely never noticed a difference when each level was introduced. The little cupid-type assholes that I never bothered to learn the names of can go die. There are genuinely like five different types of them, and they are so visually indistinct from one another with the exception of their shields that you fight them all in the same way regardless. Dreamrunners are a cool enemy though, I will never deny that. Portal-abusing dual-wielding guys with twitchy movements, they're good. Probably the only memorable enemies from the game.
  • Donte's guns are bad. All of them feel and sound pathetic. They are also extremely boring. Revenant has the default shoot and two other moves, and Kablooey (I wish I was kidding) has literally just the one. Oh, and one of Revenant's two moves is garbage and the other I never even bought. Ebony and Ivory are okay-ish, but both rainstorm variations (both incredibly stiffly animated) being linked to the jump button to input while not working half the time is a crime against humanity.
  • Oh, and the boss fights are boring. Pretty much all of them. They're all set piece bosses, where you fly around platforms on massively telegraphed visual cues for no reason and just wail on them otherwise. Vergil, Mundus Spawn, and the Hunter in the tutorial are the only exceptions I can think of. And only the middle of those two is good, for however gross that entire fight is.
Well, that's my rambling done. I didn't even mention Vergil aborting a demon baby with a sniper rifle, I'm so proud of myself.
My apologies for subjecting you all to this.
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