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Destroy All Humans (Remake) - Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Destroy All Humans! (2020 Remake)
  • PlayStation 4 (Jul 28, 2020)
  • Xbox One (Jul 28, 2020)
  • PC (Jul 28, 2020)
Developer: Black Forest Games
Publishers: Nordic Games Publishing, THQ Nordic
Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 71 average - 48% recommended - 66 reviews

Critic Reviews

Digitally Downloaded - Matt C. - 4 / 5 stars
In some ways, Destroy All Humans! shows its age, being a remake of a game that's now 15 years old, in a genre that's grown a lot in those years. But it's also got a sense of humour and parody of American life that feels more relevant today than when the original game first came out.
Explosion Network - Dylan Blight - 5 / 10
There’s no world in which I see this game attracting a new audience. The humour, references, load times and mission structure are evidence of an old game. Returning fans will enjoy their moment with Crypto-137 once again, but in time to see a fresh entry? I’m doubtful.
Player2.net.au - Matt Hewson - B+
Crypto’s return is a piece of pure B-grade Sci/Fi fun. Come for the one-liners, stay for the engaging combat and cheesy story. The perfect way to lighten your dark and depressing 2020 gaming library.
Stevivor - Steve Wright - 6.5 / 10
Destroy All Humans isn’t bad, per se, it’s just bland; a fresh coat of paint on a dated game, clunky in some areas and polished in others.
ACG - Jeremy Penter - Wait for Sale

Video Review - Quote not available

Black Red Gaming - Benjamin Guthrie - 4 / 5 stars
Destroy All Humans! is a fun power fantasy with gorgeous visuals and fun abilities. It's a bit on the easy side, but I think overall the game is worth its 30 USD price tag.
But Why Tho? - Eva Herinkova - 7 / 10
Overall, Destroy All Humans! is a fantastic remake that I’m sure will please returning fans of the series but might frustrate new audiences. Everything about the game looks great and runs well but since nothing about the core gameplay has changed, it feels stuck in the early 2000s.
COGconnected - Rhett Waselenchuk - 55 / 100
Was it always this bad? Or was the original merely a product of its time, having no business in the year 2020? Either way, this remaster has been the sort of letdown that’s made me reconsider if anything from my childhood was as good as I remember.
Cerealkillerz - Manuel Barthes - German - 7 / 10
Even 15 years after the original release Destroy All Humans! is a great example for satire done right. The gameplay and graphics are adjusted to modern standards but there isn't much more added to the original, which makes the Remake also an diverting adventure, missing its potential.
Cram-Gaming - Robert Cram - 8 / 10

Video Review - Quote not available

Critical Hit - Darryn Bonthuys - 8.5 / 10
It may be a bit of a stretch to see if any game holds up after 15 years, but Destroy All Humans! is still a mindless romp of manic mass destruction that excels in the replayability department. A brilliantly polished slice of nostalgia, Destroy All Humans! knows exactly where to focus its energies with its silly story, updated gameplay and a graphical overhaul that is light-years ahead of the original invasion.
Cultured Vultures - Ashley Bates - 8 / 10
The Destroy All Humans remake takes everything players loved about the original game and refines the formula, making it more enjoyable for fans and modern audiences alike.
Destructoid - Brett Makedonski - 7 / 10
Crypto-137 is hellbent on ensuring that humanity meets a terrible fate. By comparison, Destroy All Humans has met an enjoyable-enough-but-certainly-not-amazing fate. That's fine, but it's tough to not feel as though something truly great could've happened with some more creative license. If nothing else, this remake left me thinking that Destroy All Humans is still a viable property and that a brand new game might not be such a bad idea. But maybe that's because an extraterrestrial has control of my cortex.
DualShockers - Otto Kratky - 6.5 / 10
Destroy All Humans is an endlessly entertaining alien-superpower playground, but tends to crush under the weight of its own structure.
Entertainium - Eduardo Rebouças - Unscored
Destroy All Humans! is nowhere near a mind-blowing experience in any way nowadays, but it’s still a fun and silly game to blow through and have some laughs while at it.
FingerGuns - Sean Davies - 9 / 10
This remake of Destroy All Humans! is really quite incredible and the developers at Black Forest Games should be applauded for what they’ve achieved. The original has been torn apart and rebuilt with the benefit of modern day visuals and game play design while retaining the game’s original character.
GBAtemp - Ben Sellwood - 6 / 10
Scoring around the 7.5/10 mark in 2005, this "Remake" doesn't really improve anything over the original. Yes, the graphics are updated, and yes the HUD and interfaces are decluttered, but the core lacklustre quality of the "exploration" shines through worse than before.
Game Debate - Chad Norton - 7.5 / 10
Overall, the Destroy All Humans! Remake is a fun trip down memory lane, very fun in fact. And whilst the crude and immature humor appealed more to my younger self than now, it's still a ridiculously entertaining ride. The remake's biggest saving grace is nostalgia, and finally bringing this old classic to the PC system. Whilst fans of the original will be very pleased with the nostalgia trip and additional new content, even if it isn't quite substantial.
Game Informer - Joe Juba - 6 / 10
This remake successfully preserves the Destroy All Humans experience, regardless of whether it's fun or funny today
Game Revolution - Michael Leri - 3.5 / 5 stars
The dated DNA is still there in some respects, but the genetic engineers at Black Forest have done some intelligent gene editing to ensure that it is still a subject worth harvesting, which is what any true Furon would want anyway.
GameByte - Oliver Hope - 8 / 10
Destroy All Humans! is such a welcome break from the real world right now. The comedy still holds up all these years after the original release of the game and the storyline is still very solid.
GameGrin - Adam Kerr - 8.5 / 10
Destroy All Humans is a fantastic, faithful experience. Both older fans and new fans will find a lot of enjoyment here and hopefully we will see a lot more of Crypto's antics going into the new generation.
GameSpew - Richard Seagrave - 7 / 10
Overall, then, Destroy All Humans! isn’t going to wow you. It will make you chuckle, however, and frequently put a smile on your face. It’s not overly polished, nor is it complex, but it is fun.
GameSpot - James Carr - 6 / 10
Destroy All Humans is a fun sandbox to wreak havoc through, but it spends too much time on other things.
GameWatcher - Bogdan Robert Mateș - 6.5 / 10
As awesome as it is, the arcade action in Destroy All Humans! is only a part of the experience, struggling to carry its rudimentary stealth missions and hit-or-miss writing. It's definitely a blast to level entire neighborhoods and disintegrate humans; we just wish we had to spend less time impersonating them.
GameZone - Cade Onder - 8 / 10
While it won't be a game of the year contender, Destroy All Humans stands tall against other 2020 competitors by updating itself for the modern age. With smooth and efficient gameplay, across the board upgrades, and a timeless satire on the 1950s, Destroy All Humans almost effortlessly sets the stage to rebuild itself as a prominent franchise once again.
Gamers Heroes - Blaine Smith - 80 / 100
If you have not played the original Destroy All Humans, and the mindless destruction of the human race is appealing to you, the 2020 remaster is a must-play. While some of the gameplay fundamentals show their age, the fantastic dialogue and voice-over work, especially with Crypto and Orthopox, is entertaining, funny, and top-quality throughout.
Gaming on PC - David Dominguez - 8.5 / 10
Destroy All Humans! (2020) is a faithful remake that captures the joy of the 2005 original while at the same time looking and feeling like a modern game.
GamingBolt - Shubhankar Parijat - 7 / 10
Destroy All Humans! has no qualms with being a silly, dumb game that just wants its players to have a good time, and it's better for it.
GideonsGaming - Joseph Pugh - 6 / 10
I think if you had actually played the original, you may appreciate this upgrade on your walk down nostalgia lane. As a newcomer, it just has no proper place to sit beside the games that exist today and there is no room for it on the shelf. It can be an amusing romp, but you kick up the dust of this Dinosaur at every turn, and the new can of paint just can’t hide that fact.
God is a Geek - Chris White - 8 / 10
Destroy All Humans! definitely falls under the 'faithful remake' category, with great humour, short and sweet missions, and lots of stuff to blow up. Blowing things up does become repetitive, but it's still a lot of fun.
Handsome Phantom - Philip Neyman - 7 / 10
Destroy all Humans! Remake is going to be a pleasant time for fans of the series wanting to revisit one of their favorite games.
Hobby Consolas - Álvaro Alonso - Spanish - 70 / 100
Destroy All Humans! brings back all the mindless fun of this series of extraterrestrial action. It might not be the best designed game out there, or the most graphically advanced... But how many games let you throw explosive cows with the power of your mind? Yep, just this one.
IGN - Dan Stapleton - 7 / 10
The Destroy All Humans! remake recaptures the simple, campy joy of of rampaging through 1950s America as an angry gray alien.
IGN Italy - Italian - 7 / 10
Like the original title, this graphic remake of Destroy All Humans! presents itself as a fun title for some gameplay ideas and for its style, without however being able to leave a mark. Unlike 2005, however, the renewed graphic version is not enough to balance a well aged, but still aged, gameplay. Who has never had the opportunity to help the Furon to conquer the earth, could find in Destroy all humans! a pleasant interlude from other more demanding or massive productions. Those who have already taken part in the invasion in 2005, this time may not find a satisfying stimulus to help the imperial cause.
IGN Middle East - Zaher Albalbisi - Arabic - 8 / 10
A carefully crafted remake that brings back the fun of the original title and respects it’s art, with an updated design alongside new futures.
Inverse - Tomas Franzese - 4 / 10
Sometimes games are forgotten for a reason. Destroy All Humans had ambitious ideas, but retreading old ground isn't the best way to showcase them.
MMoinGame - Daniel Garcia Ballesteros - Spanish - 9.3 / 10
We have in front of us the remake of a classic, we recommend this title not only for the nostalgic ones, but also for the players who want to let off steam for a while on foot or in a ship destroying everything that we find and enjoying the foul-mouthed Crypto and its cracks.
Niche Gamer - Fingal Belmont - 8.5 / 10
Destroy All Humans! is as short as the bitter Furon protagonist, but the little package is packed with personality. You are getting quality over quantity.
NookGaming - Thomas Knight - 8 / 10
I really enjoyed Destroy All Humans. In many ways, this feels like what a remake should be – it’s modernized and improved to the level of many current games, but very much kept the original spirit.
While there is some further room for improvement that prevents it from getting a higher score, I’m certainly happy that I had the chance to play this. It’s left me hoping that the other games get a remake or a new sequel is announced.
PC Invasion - Andrew Farrell - 5.5 / 10
Destroy All Humans! has excellent visuals and is fun for a couple of hours. But it's so redundant, uninspired, and devoid of any real energy that I can't recommend it to anyone that doesn't already love the original.
PlayStation Universe - Eric Hauter - 8.5 / 10
With a strict adherence to the style and performance of the original game, Destroy All Humans! brings all the fun of 2005 (and the frustrations) of the original. This is a game that was fun 15 years ago, and that fun still holds up, only now it has a shiny new coat of paint. Though some cultural references are a bit wince-worthy and there are some ridiculous difficulty spikes, in general Destroy All Humans! is a rollicking good time.
Press Start - James Berich - 7 / 10
Destroy All Humans! makes an earnest effort to improve on every aspect of the original, but it’s hard to avoid the issues stemming from the era in which it came from. Despite it’s numerous improvements, Destroy All Humans is still plagued with banal repetition and tedium especially as the adventure draws to an end.
Push Square - 6 / 10
Destroy All Humans is a good attempt to bring back the cult classic in 2020, but it misses the mark in a few key areas. While there are some nice improvements to the core gameplay, they don't do enough to rescue the old fashioned mission design and difficulty spikes. It's a shame, because there's some fun to be found here -- you just have to put up with quite a lot of PS2 era baggage. Fans will be delighted, but this remake is hardly out of this world.
RedTieGuy - Basil Frank - 8 / 10
Destroy All Humans Remake is a blast to play, not only fun and entertaining but reminds about the older days when a game set out to be fun and entertaining instead of trying to be this realistic cinematic story.
SECTOR.sk - DeCain - Slovak - 8 / 10
The Furon invasion begins. Arm yourself with a variety of strange weapons and abilities along the way to enslave the human race.
Saving Content - Scott Ellison II - 4 / 5 stars
This is the 15th anniversary of the original Destroy All Humans! release, and the remake is wonderfully timed and priced for a comeback. Black Forest Games remained faithful to that release, and modernized it in all the right ways to make it even more enjoyable. It’s a much better and richer game experience because of it, and I really hope this paves the way for a Destroy All Humans! 2 remake. Crypto-137 and Destroy All Humans! is the perfect way to beat the heat this summer.
Shacknews - Josh Hawkins - 7 / 10
Overall, Destroy All Humans! does a really great job of recapturing the spirit of the original. But, in a time where we’ve seen some developers take the originals and expand on them greatly, often adding new features altogether, the remake for Destroy All Humans! feels like it missed the boat.
Skewed & Reviewed - Gareth von Kallenbach - 4 / 5 stars
I really enjoyed the upgraded version of the game and hope this leads to either a new game in the series or remasters of the prior games as it would be fantastic to see this series continue.
Spaziogames - Gianluca Arena - Italian - 7.7 / 10
The remake of Destroy All Humans! brings back a little cult classic from the early thousands, with great respect for the original material, a shiny new engine and a couple of QOL improvements.
TechRaptor - Austin Suther - 6.5 / 10
If you thought the original was good, Destroy All Humans! looks and plays even better. Crypto-137 controls incredibly smooth and looks awesome in action. However, an unfixable, corrupted save file, short length and untouched voice acting are quite disappointing.
The Games Machine - Claudio Magistrelli - Italian - 7.8 / 10
Playing Destroy All Humans! is like watching an old alien movie in a summer drive-in. The movie may not be a masterpiece, but atmosphere and context play a fundamental role in enjoying the experience. So the not particularly clever mission design and the not-so-inspired mechanics feel a little less annoying when you are playing a game that makes you laugh, does not take itself seriously and does not require a month of vacation to be finished.
TheSixthAxis - Aran Suddi - 6 / 10
Destroy All Humans is a faithful remake that retains the charm of the 2005 original, while dramatically overhauling the visuals and making some improvements to the gameplay. Perhaps a bit too faithful, with missions that now feel too simple and limited to the point of just being a bit boring.
TrustedReviews - Jade King - 2.5 / 5 stars
Black Forest Games' remake of Destroy All Humans is a worthwhile adventure for fans of the series and those who grew up with Crypto's antics on the PS2 and Xbox. However, you'll need to make peace with its outdated gameplay mechanics alongside tired dialogue and story beats, many of which feature a number of offensive stereotypes.
VDZE Media - Martyn - 6 / 10
Destroy All Humans is by no means a classic, then. It’s showing its age in more than a few ways in 2020, however it’s unique “charm” (read: crude humour) holds up in 2020 and will serve to provide a solid nostalgia trip for fans of the original release. For this reason, it’d be hard to recommend at full price, but if it paves the way for a true, modern sequel with a proper open world, then all aboard the flying saucer!
Vamers - 75 / 100
Given the original title is over 15 years old, the remaster may be forgiven for some of its strange quirks. Although a much longer and deeper narrative or a more streamlined and involved gameplay loop would be preferred, it is a product of its time. This knowledge helps to ease any discontent the title may exude from dated gameplay and narrative elements. In addition, developers Black Forest Games have made some wonderful improvements to the older title, including the addition of the long lost Area 42 Mission - originally cut from the game due to time constraints. Overall, the enhanced visuals, slightly updated gameplay, and old fashioned call-it-as-it-is humour; helps to elevate Destroy All Humans! as one of the better action games of 2020. Granted, it may not be a grade-A contender by modern standards, but it is a faithful and wonderful remake of a classic, and is far better than anyone could have hoped for.
VideoGamer - Joshua Wise - 7 / 10
I would recommend the remake to anyone with a nostalgic thirst for the original, but so, too, to those that like their laughs with a dark bite.
WayTooManyGames - Leonardo Faria - 7 / 10
It’s a relic of its time with a brand new coat of paint and an unapologetically dumb parody of B-movies and Cold War hysteria. Even though it’s riddled with issues that are mostly likely caused by its low budget, I think that THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games’ decision to remake the game as a simpler AA title was a smart move.
Wccftech - Nathan Birch - 6 / 10
Destroy All Humans! is a respectable clone of the 2005 original, featuring impressive visuals and moments of explosive fun, but painfully-dated writing and some frustrating missions bring the game back down to earth. Destroy All Humans! is like a pristine 4K Blu-ray re-release of a campy cult movie – a certain niche audience will appreciate the effort, but many may question the point.
We Got This Covered - Eric Hall - 4 / 5 stars
Rather than completely re-imagining its core aspects, Black Forest Games has recreated the best portions of Destroy All Humans! for a modern audience. Aspects from the 2005 original that have been brought over hold up well, and the studio has introduced a handful of smart, but important, improvements.
Windows Central - Jennifer Locke - 3 / 5 stars
Black Forest Games did a fantastic job recreating the original Destroy All Humans, but its problems run deeper than superficial graphics. Its nostalgia and a few gameplay enhancements, while welcome, won't make this an adventure worth revisiting for most.
Wolf's Gaming Blog - Baden Ronie - 3.5 / 5 stars
All in all, Destroy All Humans is a solid remake of a great little game. Naturally the mission designs and some of the other gameplay elements are a little creaky in 2020, but the developers have done a good job of modifying the core gameplay so that it holds up quite well while still retaining the feel of the original game. Hopefully those who played Destroy All Humans back in 2005 can relive their memories along with a brand new audience who can discover the joys of anal probing.
Worth Playing - Andreas Salmen - 6.5 / 10
If you can put all of that aside or appreciate Destroy All Humans! in a state that is undoubtedly close to how it played back in the day, there is a lot of fun to be in the PS4 remake.
Zoomg - Mohammad Hossein Jafari - Persian - 7 / 10
Destroy All Humans! (2020) is a good remake; Not a perfect one, But absolutely a good. It can't change the fundamental things about the gameplay and let's be honest, that 2005's Game gameplay can't make an excellent impression on the new players. But If you are someone who has memories of that old cult game and wants to recall the memoires, This Remake is worth your time and money. At the same time, if Aline Invasions, Dark sense of humor, repetitive but fun gameplay, and fair games with some problems are your thing, Destroy All Humans! (2020) will get $40 and will give something like 9 hours of forgettable but totally OK entertainment.
submitted by Musely to Games

Thoughts on “One More Thing” — The Ultimate Mac Transition

The Mac is once again in a pivotal moment, starting its ultimate transition. During its “One More Thing” special event, Apple once again showed to the tech world what it looks like when they fully take control of their destiny. Apple kickstarted the transition with the MacBook, one of the primary beneficiaries of the many Apple Silicon feats. By ditching the Intel processors, Apple is starting a new round of innovations for the Mac product line. The Mac is gaining even more traction, in a time where working from home is in full swing, where the very definition of working is having its own pivotal moment. Is the timing perfect for Apple? You bet. Let’s see why.
The original iMac

What were my expectations?

I’d like to restate what were my expectations before this week’s event. As I wrote in a recent microblog post, “On The Mac pivotal moment”, Apple had two roads they could choose from to move the Mac forward with regard to the introduction of the first Apple Silicon Macs. The bolder Apple would be, the better. I was expecting Apple to start from the outside, not from the inside. People, ordinary people, immediately notice a design statement, a turning point from the past. The current MacBook design is based on the unibody first introduced in 2012. Since then, the general allure of a MacBook pretty much stayed the same. Is the Apple Silicon introduction the right time for a design shift? I thought so. Apple is running on an iterative approach with everything they do, but sometimes, there is a stronger beat that marks a more pronounced change, when such a change is mandatory for the next phase of evolution. They did it with the iPhone, they could have done it again for the Mac. It was time for such stronger beat to act as a bold mark on Mac’s evolution timeline.
Microsoft’s Surface portable computer“And, you know, we don’t usually want to just go and change the design just for the sake of changing a design — we have a great platform here, we have a great new processor, we can marry them into something really spectacular. And that was the thinking behind it.” — hardware engineering John Ternus in an interview for the Independent
New materials, new textures, updated tones, thinner bezels, softer edges yet similar design cues could have been the ingredients of a possible refreshed MacBook. Microsoft is trying hard with their Surface, why not Apple? But are these attributes enough? There is one more thing Apple could have done: with the just-released macOS 11 Big Sur, adding touch support to the Mac could have been the biggest surprise, the one more thing. As you already know by now, Apple took the other road, yet, they are scoring big. The M1 processor is the one more thing.

About this third special event

After the conclusion of its 45 minutes presentation, I was thinking that Apple should keep these events around in a post-covid world. I like their general pace and the “studio” where they get produced1. This third edition brought a different twist: no special introduction and a clever recall of the “PC guy” at the very end. It was a joy to watch; it brought back great memories of a past era. I also want to thank Apple for not having included a game demo segment. Instead, Apple chose to let the developers, any kind of developers, speak and express their feelings about how fast these new machines are, how long-lasting are the batteries in a high pace tone. Kudos to them for this decision.
The event was boldly tinted with “speeds and feeds”, very tech-enthusiast oriented, more than usual I would say. It was all about the Mac, nothing like the AirTags or the AirPod Studio to distract from the essential message. For a clear message, it had to.

Starting the ultimate transition with M1

A small wonder: the M1 chip“The M1 puts the Mac in a class of its own in CPU, GPU, battery, and every other aspect of computing” — Jim Dalrymple for The Loop
Apple finally gave a name to its Apple Silicon chip for the Mac: the M1. It marks the start of a new era. You can imagine Apple to come up with an M1X, M2 in the future. This technological marvel is based on the A14 architecture with 16 billion transistors, four high-performance cores, four power-efficient cores, 16 GPU cores and a lot of caching memory. Memory is embarked on the chip package itself.
Three Macs are making the transition: the Mac mini will be surprised by the Mac mini being in the first group of machines to make the switch. I think we may underestimate the importance of the Mac mini for the Mac and Apple’s bottom line. I’m happy to see Apple keep it around. It’s the Mac for tech enthusiasts, the developers, the geeky people. Sadly, this iteration is no longer user-upgradable in any way.
Funny picture of a MacBook kidSome well-known figures in Apple history, like Tony Fadell, are quite impressed, and one question lingered in my mind: how is the Wintel world supposed to compete with this? Apple seems unstoppable, and they are only getting started. I can’t remember feeling so upbeat about the Mac and Apple’s ability to compete and challenge their competitors. I know someone who would smile right now if he was still around.

Going back to reality

Now, let’s go back to reality and be a bit more critical. First, as impressive as these new machines may seem, there is a long list of no shows in them: no touch screen support, no pencil support, no 4G or 5G wireless options, no decent quality FaceTime camera, no Face ID, no glowing Apple logo, no redesign, no slimmer screen bezels, no more eGPU support, no thunderbolt 4.0 support, fewer ports, no 12” MacBook. That’s basically the other side of Apple’s portable story in 2020. Are you still excited? Many aren’t. Apple chose continuity over anything else. What does the M1 chip enables besides big performance increases?
Also, these performance measure increase claims are based on previous generation products, or something else that only Apple knows. It is part of the story yet to unfold. Upcoming reviews in the next few weeks will be interesting to read, much more interesting than Apple’s marketing message.
About this 720P FaceTime camera: why is it so hard for Apple to upgrade this essential feature in the age of massive work-from-home? Instead, Apple will use ML tricks to “upgrade” the quality of the image, thanks to the power of the M1 processor. Providing an updated FaceTime camera with a decent optic would alleviate the need for this ML wizardry altogether, duh.
Here is the thing: the new M1-based Macs use the new “unified memory architecture” that is at the center of our iPhones and iPads. If you plan to buy one of these shiny new Mac, my recommendation would be to go with 16 GB of RAM, not 8 GB. Why? Consider this: Rosetta 2 is a new emulation software layer that will consume memory, something that is not present on Intel-based machines. Moreover, the memory will be consumed for video processing too. My guess is: the biggest monitor, the higher the resolution, the more memory will be consumed. What’s left for the applications? Even if SSDs are fast on reads and writes, application launches are fast, nothing equals the speed of RAM. I’m afraid 8 GB of RAM is the new 16 GB iPhone base memory tier. We’ll see with the upcoming reviews and benchmarks.
Why so little difference between a MacBook Air configurations, CPU-wise, RAM-rise compared to a MacBook Pro? As noted by John Gruber, Apple came out with a new Mac in three different physical incarnations.

Unanswered questions

There were many things to watch for before the special event, as stressed out by The Verge. In a typical Apple fashion, Apple left out many details during their keynote. Let’s try to identify a few important of them.
The Apple’s M1 processorThere is no mention of the M1 clock speed, only the number of cores. The same is true of the CPU found on your iPhone. I think this is a strategic move by Apple as they don’t want people to compare M1 GHz to Intel’s. Lower clock speed doesn’t translate to lower speeds. It is a complex matter as you can probably conclude by reading the very detailed article from Anandtech. In summary, the M1 chip is probably something like an A14X, and is a screamer using very low power.
The other thing that is unclear is about any possible updates to Intel-based Macs like the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro during the rest of the transition. No words on this, but we certainly can infer some conclusions by the fact that Apple introduced three new Macs. Apple wants to go fast with this transition, probably faster than they announced. My guess is that we won’t get any new Intel-based Mac updates starting from now, and we’ll see how long Apple keeps Intel-based Mac around.
“Thanks to Metal and M1, some of the most graphically demanding apps actually perform better under Rosetta than they did running natively on previous Macs with integrated graphics” — Apple exec.
On the graphics performance side of the story: what kind of performance levels should we expect for non-Metal-based graphic applications and games? Does the M1 chip bring the Mac platform into serious gaming? Apple hasn’t been known to build gaming machines, will M1-based Macs change the perception with hard numbers? Will software technologies like Apple’s Metal and Machine Learning really help the Mac to go into uncharted territories?
Software compatibility is probably one of the most critical aspects of these M1-based Macs. For now, the level of compatibility is unknown. Developers using the DTK were mum on specific issues, per Apple’s request. Again, reviews will probably put some light on this potential issue.
In shifting from Intel x86 chips to its own Apple Silicon SoCs, Macs will lose some of the hardware compatibility they gained back in 2006. However, two things have changed since then. First, the need to run Windows has fallen dramatically for many people for whom it was once very important. Secondly, Microsoft itself has developed the native ability to run Windows on ARM. — Daniel Eran Dilger
I’m eagerly awaiting real benchmarks stressing the Rosetta 2 compatibility layer. Back in the days of PowerPC emulation on Intel machines, we could “feel” when Rosetta was launching and starting its magic. It is already known that Rosetta 2 will need at least 20 seconds to start the very first time.
Starting with the low-end was the obvious move for Apple; these machines are not as demanding as the higher end ones. But, how well will M1 architecture scale up to iMac, iMac Pro and the Mac Pro?
At the WWDC conference in June, Apple announced support for virtualization technologies built-in the Apple silicon. We didn’t get any new details on how this translates for the end-user. Is this something that only Parallels and VMware can take advantage of? Probably.
Will there be an invasion of popular iPhone and iPad apps on the Mac App Store? Very early indications are positive. For developers, Apple want’s us to believe it’s only a matter of turning on a checkbox in Xcode. Reality is often quite different. For developers, the prospect of adding a few more millions of avid computer enthusiasts is certainly enticing and make this checkbox tempting.

Looking forward

The entire Mac product lineLet’s face it, Apple is only getting started with this transition. Remember when Apple released their iMac with USB ports? They were tagged as using proprietary ports, yet they started a revolution on the PC side of the world. Is Apple about to spark a similar movement with ARM-based Macs? If Apple can keep the pace and distance itself even more from the crowd, while Intel CPU is still holding back PC makers to achieve better battery life, people will start to notice and could switch to the Mac in drove. Some people are already asking Apple to sell their designs to other companies. It’s not going to happen, for obvious reasons.
Mac mini visual spec sheetOn a more personal note, how affected are my buying plans for a Mac Pro? They are probably postponed a bit. As benchmarks started to show up a few days after the event, still points me to a Mac Pro, not this Mac mini.
That being said, it will be utterly exciting to follow Apple’s next moves for the Mac. They started with the MacBook and Mac mini, I can’t wait to see what they will do with the iMac, which is in dire need of an updated design, not only a more efficient processor.
The “One More Thing” special event was the last of a long series. It was a great Mac-centric experience that only Apple could create. The Mac is creating excitement again. It was long overdue. Change is welcome. A quote from Daniel Eran Dilger writing for Apple Insider:
“By moving future generations of its Macs to its own uniquely enhanced silicon, Apple is again able to benefit from both common economies of scale and proprietary advancements that add unique value. It’s noteworthy that other competitors in the PC and mobile space have tried but failed to similarly do this.”
We’ll see where this all goes from here.
Mr. PC 1. I’m referring to the Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California. 2. I didn’t expect Apple to include the Mac mini in the first round. 3. Surprisingly, Apple didn’t introduced a 14” version but instead kept the 13” in the product line. 4. The MacBook Pro and Mac mini do have a fan in order to help the processor sustain higher speed for a longer period of time. It’s not possible in the MacBook Air. 5. Steve Jobs. 6. Think about under promise but over deliver. 7. Developer Transition Kit based on a Mac mini design 8. The word came from Microsoft. 9. Version 2.0 of Pixelmator Pro improves performance by up to 15 times according a blog post. Again, still unknown is the configurations used to make the comparison.
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